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Get world news that matters with Reuters. Reuters News delivers breaking news, analysis and market data from the world's most trusted news organization. Explore a seamless stream of articles, pictures, and videos on your iPhone or iPad, updated around the clock by editors across the world. With Reuters you get: • Breadth of coverage: Navigate between stories to explore a wide range of topics from Politics to Markets to Technology and more. • News alerts: Breaking news alerts delivered daily to your device, as well as personalized notifications around topics you care about most, from North Korea to Health News. • Customizable watchlist: Create and edit your personal watchlist of stocks. • Market data: Stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities analysis can all be found within the Reuters News app. • Flexible access: Read online, save stories to read later, and even read in Night Mode. • Video news: Get the latest top news stories throughout the day with a 15-minute Reuters TV program. (Available on Supported Devices and Versions)


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  • Serious power drain, overhear in recent version 1/5

    By Stormwaltz
    Reuters is one of my preferred sources of news - neutral perspective and frequent story updates. However, in recent weeks I frequently see issues where my phone will heat up and ~20% of the battery will be drained in around 10 minutes, in addition to frequent "freezes" where the app won't respond to commands. It's *definitely* the Reuters app, this doesn't occur with anything else. (My speculation is that some ads in the app may link to bitcoin miners, but I don't know how to test that.)
  • Makes iPhone literally too hot to hold 1/5

    By kimberlyNchicago
    I love to read Reuters news app, but the Wire makes my phone too hot to hold, usually within about three minutes. I've downloaded the latest update so that's not the problem. I have the iPhone SE with the latest iOS. If anyone knows how to avoid this problem, please post a fix.
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Jeff.Rowley
    The last two updates to the app have seemed to cause it to freeze unexpectedly. I get through two or three articles and then it freezes. Unusable. Rats.
  • Too Left 2/5

    By Mpredsox
    Reuters is good but are very liberals and like to make anything conservative look bad and anything liberal look good. They are very much contra-Trump which makes them NOT balanced. I keep watching it but knowing they are liberals.
  • Good news, bad app 2/5

    By Dhshchcnsbd
    I think Reuters does an excellent job of investigating and reporting the facts in a relatively non-biased way. It is one of my main sources of news. That being said, the app is plagued with bugs lately. It freezes and crashes constantly and has become almost impossible for me to use.
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Edededttt156
    This app freezes all the time
  • Liberal bias 1/5

    By dragon813gt
    While they do a better job that most news outlets they still lean heavily liberal. They're currently using the tragic death of children to push their anti gun agenda. Using emotionally wounded children to push an agenda is not only unethical but immoral. I expect nothing less from any media outlet these days.
  • Little to any editing 1/5

    By Pat Man J0NES
    The amount of errors I find while reading this company’s articles is embarrassing. Hire a new editor (though I doubt Reuters even has one) or at the very least have the author proof read their articles before they submit them. I know trying to get the news out as quickly as possible is the goal, but having so many grammatical and structural errors in your articles makes it hard to take your news seriously. I will continue to give this app 1 star as long as the editing remained so bad. Really hard to believe y’all are professional journalists
  • Night mode: why the white splash screen 4/5

    By Hp12c1
    I love night mode but why the white splash screen when the app opens?
  • Can’t stop audio from playing 2/5

    By Donotlkjmnubg
    Once you start video playing you can’t stop audio from the video
  • Voiceover in accessibility 3/5

    By Temple Musiq fan 81
    The app should be made more accessible with voice over. When using the app, you can't select an article without moving away from it and tapping the screen. Also the main story at the centre of the app can't be selected with voice over. Please include these fixes in the next update. Thank you.
  • Great app, but uses too much mobile data 4/5

    By Bass_King1995
    The app is great, and Reuters is a highly reliable news source. The app itself is clean and easy to navigate. My only gripe with the app is the lack of a setting to conserve mobile data usage. Those with limited data plans would likely appreciate such an addition.
  • Simply the most comprehensive and nonpartisan 5/5

    By Davidbiz
    I am a self confessed news and information junkie! I have tried literally every news app out there. This is the only one you’ll ever need! There’s an up to date custom video update, wire news ad it comes in, and thorough coverage of everything! If you’ve tried it before...give it another try. The recent improvements are amazing!
  • Badly Bugged 1/5

    By USPrivateer
    For clear, concise, brilliant presentation of the news, nobody beats Thompson Reuters. Having said that, this application is seriously bugged up. I am on a new iPhone 8, and the Reuters application makes the phone radically heat up, and then the application will crash. I know that it’s the Reuters application that is doing this, because most of the time there are no other applications even open in the background. You folks really need to get this fixed. I reported the issue to Reuters via email, and got the standard automated canned response back from them. But no news since then. I will certainly revise my rating once they fix this problem.
  • Support democracy. Read hard news. 4/5

    By misslejoie
    I studied journalism in college but chose not to pursue it. The industry lost it’s focus on reporting facts as a result of online blogs hijacking news consumption. Frankly, I became lazy and sought news aggregators to help me sift through constant information delivery in our digital age. Then the 2016 election happened. In order to walk the talk, I deleted apps which only reinforced my own perspectives. Doesn’t do much for healthy, intelligent debates with co-citizens, does it? Given the lack of hard reporting found in our social media feeds, but the influence these mediums have on our voting, policy making and relationships, I chose to download Reuters. Hard facts, folks, that’s what I want in news. If you don’t want the facts, and want to remain in your safe bubble of personal perspectives, read the HuffPo, Breitbart, or Drudge and enjoy the bots and stress.
  • Almost 4/5

    By maclands
    Excellent journalism. This is my go to news app. However, I have a brand new phone and it still has choppy scrolling inside this app. Please optimize the table view to scroll more efficiently.
  • Market Data Flawed 2/5

    By flyingdutch18
    While the reporting and the news section of the app is top, the maintenance of market data like currencies, commodities and stocks on a personal watchlist is awful. In many cases prices are several days old, and none were current as of this morning.
  • Good news app 3/5

    By realitycheckinc
    Thank you, Reuters! I like to read the news and not have to watch videos. This app makes it easy to scan world news headlines every day. Sadly, the new update doesn’t seem to send stories timely anymore. Yesterday I was dumped 3 days of past news all at once. Often there's nothing new for a day. Performance has suffered over the past three updates. I’m still hoping the app gets its act together since I really like it.
  • Loved it until it went passed the news 2/5

    By ThomBrown
    This was my go to app for news because it was just news. Today that changed...If I want opinion pieces in my news feed I can always go to the other garbage sites like CNN and Fox. Please stick to the news and keep the opinion pieces for a different platform. Stay neutral and just report the news please and we will form the opinions.
  • Notifications? 3/5

    By Tdogusa76
    Since I downloaded a recent update of this app, I no longer receive Notifications on my iPhone 5c from it. Just wondering why...?
  • Thanks 3/5

    By yousefmoh204
    I want add Arabic language plz
  • No Notifications 1/5

    By redsoxallstar
    Not sure if this is iOS or Reuters, but this app doesn’t provide any breaking news notifications of any kind. Can’t recommend.
  • Reuters App! 5/5

    By Wrbellsugar
    Love the Reuters app!
  • No Longer Crashes On Startup 4/5

    By Trilogite
    The previous version crashed on startup. Kudos to the develops for fixing the problem. One of the fastest newsfeeds out there.
  • Amended review 5/5

    By VictorianDavidJ
    The bug fixes of the most recent update do indeed solve the issues I had. This is a pleasure to use again. [Original Note] This [previous] update makes it nearly impossible to get a smooth feed of news. Scrolling down ‘the Wire’, whenever it loads new stories the display scrolls wildly and then you have to go back up and try to figure out what you were looking at previously. Could you just go back to something that actually works?
  • Great news app, but getting jumpy 5/5

    By ghillerson
    Update 11/22/17: They listened to our complaints, and they fixed the display bug introduced in os 11 that several of us had complained about. I’m happily once again making this my primary news app. Reuters has become my favorite news app because it's more world-wide, less US centric, and seems less biased. A refreshing change from apps like the AP and Apple news ones.
  • It's good 5/5

    By Cladbicycle
    There are plenty of articles to look at
  • Great app 4/5

    By heyoni
    The newest version auto plays audio sometimes for no discernible reason, over the speaker...despite the phone being set to vibrate.

    By JASONumd
    As a international student I highly recommend this app. It is free, you can determine by yourself how long the video content should be, most important, it has caption!
  • Very Good 4/5

    By Bennytriad
    Unbiased reporting and less bs fluff stories. Ditched Flipboard! App looks and works great on iPhone X.
  • Jumpy app 4/5

    By tuso2
    Great, the most unbiased (contains some bias but MUCH less than most other news media) reporting of national & world news. Although I’ve really enjoyed the Reuters news app over the last few years, the last update has caused the app to be jumpy. In the wire section, selecting “20 new” to call up the more recent news causes the app to close. A fix would be appreciated.
  • New story updates disrupt reading 3/5

    By vonlost1
    When new news stories are received, there’s a flash which makes the story I’m reading disappear. Please fix this.
  • Music 1/5

    By Chui50678
    The music in the Apple TV app makes me very anxious. Please change or let me turn it off. Thanks.
  • Crashes at least twice a day... 3/5

    By BobP63
    With the latest update the app crashes on me at least twice a day when I try to view latest news on the wire. This wasn’t an issue before, hope it gets fixed soon.
  • Not current 1/5

    By Not Romney
    Often waaaay behind what’s going on.
  • Drains data after update 2/5

    By IvansBet
    I used to like this app, now however after reuters added advertisement and changed layout, it consumes too much data
  • Update 4/5

    By TN787
    The wire suddenly jumps when scrolling through. It didn’t do this before the most recent update.
  • You guys were good until... 1/5

    By reviewerjjenn
    I really liked your news until Trump became president and now I see how biased you people are. ALL I want to know are the facts about what's going on in the world. I don't care to hear biased news stories passively aggressively bashing Trump. Frankly, I don't care about your opinion, all I want to know is the actual NEWS going on in the world. You used to be my favorite news app, now I can't stand you people.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Al::he
    I'm a news buff and this app is up to the second. International news, US news, financial news, you nematode it is all here.
  • Outstanding App 5/5

    By L'il Sparkey
    Very comprehensive, smooth and natural interface.
  • Crashes All the Time 2/5

    By JohninMontereyCA
    I can’t get this app to stay open for more than a minute before it closes down on me. I like Reuters but the developers need to fix this.
  • Real news--not fake. 5/5

    By Reuters reader
    Appreciate this app.
  • Love this news source! 5/5

    By gofhotog
    Just the facts. Concise and simple
  • no nonsense news 5/5

    By Jim in King
    When I want news that cuts through political noise, and gets to the heart of the story, I turn to the Reuters app, and their channel on Roku. They never let me down.
  • If only it would stop crashing 4/5

    By SewHelpMe
    News is great. Simplicity of app is great. But after swiping to next article, eventually it crashes. Irksome and tiresome.
  • Great real time world wide news 5/5

    By Buylowandselllow
    The app provides everything anyone would ever need for staying up to date on our planet ! Great for economic news, politics and global country specific news events!
  • Best current news source 5/5

    By LRM - California
    Best news source on the Internet & easy to use.
  • A daily check 5/5

    By John C. MTHS-78
    Reuters is a bench mark in reporting world news.
  • Highly Recommend 5/5

    By Kdhrisvdbrudbeks
    The news in this app covers a variety of topics and has worldwide coverage that is unbiased, factual and frequently updated. The app itself is clean, well organized and easy to navigate. However it can be improved by adding new features such as a section dedicated for photos taken by photojournalists, the ability to play videos in the background(once the app has been closed), and more information in the market data section specifically, better stock, currency, and bond tracking. Having the Reuters TV app integrated within the Reuters News app may be beneficial but, the current design in having just the Reuters TV Now section in the news app is effective as well. As a frequent user who uses this app it would be great to see a feature that removes ads by having the option to subscribe to a paid version. Overall, this is a great app with many unique features and excellent reporting. Looking forward to future updates this app will receive.
  • Truth 5/5

    By Rhythmatician1
    The whole truth ... nothing but

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