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Your world, your news. Catch up on what’s happening in the world 24/7 with Reuters News. Breaking news, analysis and market data, completely redesigned with more personalization, better video news integration, catch-up cards and more. • The resources of the world’s largest and most trusted news organization at your fingertips — 2,500 reporters in 200 locations. • Global coverage of everything from Politics to Markets to Science and more. • Alerts for breaking news and the stories you care about the most. • Additional personalization features. • Catch up quickly and on the go with new Editorial Highlights. • Your personal Market Watchlist, plus stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities analysis. • Deeper integration with Reuters TV, award-winning video news for busy people. (Available on supported devices.) • Constantly updated with new features: Save stories to read later, Night Mode,Editorial Highlights, Offline Access, and more.

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  • Better than Blackboard!!! 5/5

    By TheBetterNewt
    Our campus is piloting Canvas this semester (Fall 2018) as a replacement for Blackboard. And, from a student's perspective, the Canvas mobile app and service overall is MUCH more useful and accessible than the other system. Really enjoying it. The layout is intuitive and a delight to use. Mobile notifications always seem to work. And there is continuity between the web and mobile applications, which just makes sense. These things can't be said about Blackboard's apps. Looking forward to continuing to use Canvas as a graduate student. Thank you!
  • Does not work in landscape mode 1/5

    By ItsAllBobbins
    Incredibly, it's September 2018, and the app for the apparently top news outlet does not yet work in landscape mode. Deleted.
  • Delete 1/5

    By Newton acres
    I tried to adapt to the new version. Completely disappointed by the new design. What happened to current news? I’ve deleted the app.
  • Stories not loading 1/5

    By jrmxsoccerx
    Yes, I have service/wifi. But since the latest update, every few stories here and there will not load. Have to restart the app and then it will happen again.
  • Still not better... 2/5

    By Stitch3r
    Listen, as long as there is an ad every four stories and no ability to adjust font size as in the previous know what, no point. Previous layout of this was better in almost every way, trash now.
  • Crashes and No Landscape Mode 2/5

    By Missing Charts
    The new update crashes every few minutes as I scroll down the news articles. Also, very upset that the developers removed landscape mode. Looks like they tried to fix something that wasn't broke.
  • Opinions are not notification worthy 1/5

    By wary trader
    Just received an alert: Some gun toting Texans and something about supporting Democratic gun control... wow did I lose respect for this news agency. Give me the same newsfeed you provide the newsrooms. Don’t kill curate your alerts to satisfy or sway public opinion
  • App bug 2/5

    By Tristanbe
    BUG: After customizing the top menu, the “Science & Space” tab only shows sports articles. The previous version of the app had a more logical, user-friendly layout. The current version has annoying vertical and horizontal scrolling features.
  • Sports News Listed Under Science & Space 4/5

    By Wxmannap
    When Science & Space News is selected, Sporting stories show up. Kind of odd, but they all start with “s” I guess.
  • Notifications Fixed! 4/5

    By Tdogusa76
    (New) Receiving Notifications again. Thank you!!! (Old) Since I downloaded a recent update of this app, I no longer receive Notifications on my iPhone 5c from it. Just wondering why...?
  • “text only” mode gone with update ? Flashing pictures back ? 1/5

    By Angry In KGN
    More flashing pictures.... going in the wrong direction. I want a real TEXT ONLY mode please please. No flashing pictures.
  • PHishing sure 1/5

    By cdshama
    This is NOT RUETERS. It has big pictures because the right wing morons who like fat Alex don’t know how to read!!!!! Only use apps from your Apple apps.
  • Good to go on Update with latest design 5/5

    By Sunbear29
    Update 9.13.18 - Latest update excellent and directly addressed issues with IPad viewing. Go forward and download. The Reuters IT team is to be commended for resolving the complicated visual issues quickly and returning this to a 5 star, go to, news app. Original August 3rd 1 star review - This was a go to app for quick review of the daily news. The update incorporates a very significant layout change with a total different approach to viewing the information presented. Change is always difficult, but this is a completely different product best targeted for phone users. If you use an IPad or other device, this is not configured for your enjoyment and more searching will be required to see daily highlights. I did not realize this was a complete layout change or would not have updated. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • New and UNimproved 2/5

    By badgolferman
    Really dislike the new app design. It is so much more difficult to configure it to my liking. I hate the new menu bar at the top that requires side scrolling to find a feed. I tried adding the Wire feed as suggested in the new app description and it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t want images in the headlines and want the most information in the least space. Why do newer apps have to be scrolled so much? Not sure why you had to redesign an app to make it more difficult to use. I don’t bother anymore and get my news from other sources.
  • Cumbersome 1/5

    By der Heilerin
    Why limit the information I want to browse? The new version requests that I choose which topics to build my feed. That’s essentially dis allowing curiosity and random news browsing. It also more or less creates a news bubble. I’ve deleted the app because of this since I value casual browsing of news media. I value Reuters as a source, and emailed them directly regarding this topic. I hope Reuters streamlines the next revision of the app.
  • Bad "upgrade" 1/5

    By Bozata
    What I loved about Reuters was the clean, no nonsense, to the point, view of the news. The app was awesome! It was easy to use, without clutter and with tightly packed information. The new "upgrade" is just the opposite! It seems more oriented toward delivering commercials than content. A lot of empty space (absolute no-no for a small screen device like smartphone). The stories seem all over the place. It is such a pity because Reuters was a major new source for me that I could trust. Such trust is hard to build, especially today. Update: The app is getting worse. After the latest upgrade articles are not always complete - just a paragraph or two and then white screen. App restart sometimes help.
  • Missing “The Wire” 2/5

    By fionaslater
    I used to only use this to quickly scroll through the wire section and now it doesn’t appear to exist anymore.
  • The Wire 1/5

    By Kaliandarau
    With the wire section missing there is virtually no use for this app. Delete.
  • Right Direction 4/5

    By RJ Turing
    Overall, the new update is great. Improvements, however, can be made. First, there are often multiple articles covering a specific event. Grouping these related articles would make the feed more organized. Second, the pictures in the articles and headlines are distracting, at times. Although four different types of “feed styles” are offered, further improvements can be made. Third, it would be great if the ads could be removed from the app and website by purchasing a subscription. Fourth, having an account associated with Reuters News would benefit many users who use the app and website across many devices. The customization settings and saved articles, for instance, could be synced. And fifth, the website,, needs a new design that better organizes the articles and content.
  • Miss The Wire 3/5

    By Adverbly
    *updated after the developer response (and I think the version updated too)*. You have the topics you pick, maybe with an algorithm. It tends to drop off half the content I need & until I saw the developers response , and searched for “the wire” , lost a critical feature from the ap - to know what’s going neutrally - not just favorites. Will add top stories too - but I like the wire which seems not to filter topics. It’s better than the AP news ap.
  • Don’t Update 1/5

    By hamcap
    This premier news agency had a 4.3+ rating before the “new app” released. Why change it when it ain’t broke? It’s like they got a bunch of millennials together in a room and decided it was best to make changes for everyone without any consideration of their legacy readers. Now the application is directed to younger (and dumber) users. My rating went from full stars to the lowest rating I can give. At least I have the BBC, AP and Bloomberg Professional Service.
  • Stopped using it after latest update 2/5

    By klumphr
    The new format is unusable for me. The single column vertical format does not allow me to scan the page for the articles that interest me. The previous layout was much more useful. As a result, I no longer use this app - which is disappointing because it was my favorite news source. I’m not ready to delete it yet, hoping it changes in the future.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By dangreally?
    Couldn’t leave well enough alone. Another quality app ruined by trying to make it ‘better ‘. It’s not. I use this app very little since the update; probably will delete if it’s not ‘downdated ‘.
  • Nice but some adjusting needs Some tweaking 3/5

    By Username part
    I am looking forward to using the app. However it does need some adjustments and I cannot figure out how to make. The fonts are far too small. At the time where home is the other subjects are not the ones I chose. Ask me what I’m interested in and then put them in the tub or I can use them makes no sense. I have tried pinching and scratching the screen but that there’s no perfect. Thank you
  • You ruined the best news App! 2/5

    By BZ123ZZ
    You had the best news app out there and now you ruined it! It was so easy to review all the headlines stories. If you wanted more depth you offered it on the Wire. It was unique quick and informative format! Now you are no different than my local news app, be a App leader not a follower. Please go back to the old format!
  • The latest update tho 3/5

    By gojumpyay
    ‘You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone...’ I loved being able to toggle back and forth between what was trending as headline and what was happening as it happened. The latest version beats Google news in trustworthiness but otherwise it’s a pain to navigate for news the way I like. Not updating my tablet version for that reason.
  • Well-made app, but the content is lacking 2/5

    By Mercury713
    For whatever reason, what was previously a fairly balanced, quality news source has increasingly had difficulty maintaining a neutral tone. Nakedly partisan content may be an effective strategy for new media outlets, but one would expect a venerable, respected source to present facts and analysis in an even-handed manner. Sadly, the ways in which stories are framed and the tone in which they are presented indicate an execrable shift away from privileging facts over political concerns.
  • Don’t upgrade if you like this app 1/5

    By Techno hippy 1970
    Unfortunately the new version of this app is a tragedy. Previously the settings allowed you to tailor your experience by indicating what kinds of news you want to read, presented in a normal linear fashion. Now, not only doesn’t the selection system work correctly (if I turn off everything but world news, 2/3 of the news feeds from US news) but you cannot unsubscribe to the market reports that they automatically subscribe you to — as far as I can tell. None of this ever happened with the old app. Additionally they’ve gone over to some weird interface that scrolls horizontally at the top but only includes Reuter’s suggestions. You have to scroll down to get to news that isn’t days old. Sadly, this was a 5-Star app before. Now, I’m giving this one star before I delete the app. Just sad. I used to read Reuters 4x/day before this new app was released.
  • This version still not as good as last 2/5

    By Txz28
    This new version is too heavy into photos. They finally made it easier to change this configuration. Major flaw in this version is if you want to add more “feeds”. I only want curated feeds. There appears to be no directory to add them after initial setup.

    By AreJey
    I have been a fan for over 3 years and read Reuters nightly. Sad to say that the new version is a big disappointment! Not as compact and much more difficult to navigate than the prior version.
  • Can’t adjust font size? 4/5

    By Z26y25
    As usual, Reuters does a great job with its reporting. However, the app doesn’t seem to have a way to adjust font size, and articles have ridiculous side margins. This combination makes reading on an iPad mini somewhat frustrating.
  • Don’t update 1/5

    By realitycheckinc
    21/8: I’ve tried to be patient with this new app. I have spent many years enjoying Reuters coverage and their prior apps. But I give up. Only the World news is updating. As of today, the most current news I have for US is over a day old and I got no news over the weekend. Science, Life, are more than 2 weeks old. I see some pictures with more current dates,but I don’t have time to click on pictures to decide if the news is relevant. Goodbye Reuters. It’s been a good run. Previous: Wastes a lot of screen space on my iPad even though I have set to Compact. Now I have to scroll across the top of the screen to change news sections - much more difficult than scrolling down left side which is now blank white space. I guess there is no landscape optimized app for Reuters anymore.
  • New version more flash, less substance 2/5

    By crusty39
    Too much emphasis on video. Slow to load/play. I prefer reading articles for news.
  • No more news feed? 2/5

    By Fhofzvkkdaxhkp
    News feed has completely disappeared from new version of the app. This was my favorite feature and he unavailability of it is making me quite sad. The new app looks very clean but now functions basically just like all the others after redesign. Bring back the feed!
  • Too heavy on graphics 3/5

    By Tenxes
    Ditto previous comments concerning excessively graphics-heavy presentation. Also object to the necessity to preselect news categories before accessing any content. Don’t need cheap stock photos to get the news, folks!
  • This release can’t support screen read function 3/5

    By Raptorsh
    Usually I always use iPhone screen read function to read articles automatically.Its really convenient cause my eyes is not good. But recently I found Reuter app can’t support this function. I wish the developers can recover it. Thank you very much.
  • Disappointing Update 2/5

    By USPrivateer
    Fixing what isn’t broken is never a good idea.
  • Old version was better 3/5

    By jd7434
    I do like Reuters as a better source of news without having an obligatory four pages of Kardashians. However, their previous version was better as it had a shorter synopsis and was easier to scan through to find an article you were interested in. This version is formatted too much like Google news or Yahoo.
  • Regret to update 1/5

    By Sjduakmsksjsk
    The new version most of the time fails to load news and is stuck in loading phase. This app used to be my favorite news app. Now after the update, I cannot use it any more. It seems that Reuters has bad quality control on this app and neglects the user experience.
  • Solid 5/5

    By jay5r
    Have to say I didn’t like the change to the new format at first, but now that I’ve gotten used to it, it’s quite good. Still the same great Reuters news ;)
  • Top Notch..... 4/5

    By Ejaazi
    I like the new layout. If you want to scroll less, you can switch to compact view. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it needs to get better with notifications and Reuters is overdue for a widget.
  • New version is a waste. 1/5

    By Aggie4gom
    If you like to look at pictures, you may like this version. However most of the page is covered by pictures and the text news is gone. The Wire is gone with its excellent breaking news summary.
  • New Version Ruined the App 1/5

    By Gamer-365-24-7
    I see others have the same issues. The new app only fits one to one and a half stories on the screen. I used to like to browse through the list, but this version makes that inconvenient. Time to find another news app.
  • Was One Of The Best 2/5

    By JoeDierte
    I used to love this app with the integrated share button. Now I am forced to use their website to have access all stories. In their attempt to add an a la carte news experience in the app, they missed the mark by removing most stories found on the website. This new version should be seen as a "lite" version. Not as robust as before.
  • The wire 1/5

    By SMMG88
    The new version of the app lacks some of the key features of the old one. For example, “The Wire” is no longer embedded in the app. Furthermore, the subsections (eg “Deals”) is no longer available to view on its own. Overall I’m troubled by the new app interface. In fact I’ve switched back to using my browser and Hope it can be fixed!
  • Where did the region versions go? 3/5

    By Irvdbdoqabd
    I tend to agree with many reviewers that the new layout is shiny but less functional for a quick scan. What really irks me however, is that there is no longer an option to select your region. The main annoyance is that people living in Europe are bombarded with American football and baseball stories in a section entitled “global sports”. I and most other non-US based people have zero interest in these games. Less trivial is the skewing of the news stories we see: it was nice to get more stories that reflected the interests of the international audience rather than being somewhat US focused. Still, Reuters is one of the few sources I go to for quality unbiased news.
  • Don’t waste your time on this 1/5

    By Cosmostarrr
    The app sets itself up to predetermined news feed no matter what you do. For instance; if you set “World “, “US Politics”, “Market Watch” it throws in for the good measure topics of “North Korea” and “Stocks” and other links I could care less about. I have tried many times to set it right but wasn’t able to. It always went back to predetermined news feed setting. For real? Speaking about readers mind control aren’t we? Shame on you Reuters...
  • Pitiful 2/5

    By Alboreira
    Give me the old app. Please. Too many pictures, too much picture space, not enough text and substance. Instead of a pick of relevant cross-the-board news, you give me a jumble of choices of subjects and force me to pick each in turn - irritating to say the least. I was looking for something that looks like a newspaper - for example the NYTimes - not like a superficial, picture intensive magazine.
  • Best 5/5

    By HBakiIz
    Well designed. Control over display made me switch from Google News app.
  • Major step backwards for us 2/5

    By iPadMom622
    This news source had been our news app of choice until these last couple of updates. Now we are unable to use the app in landscape mode as it seems to stay in portrait. It would’ve been nice if the update summary had mentioned this. Our iPad covers don’t stand in portrait. C’mon, guys...

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