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Your world, your news. Catch up on what’s happening in the world 24/7 with Reuters News. Breaking news, analysis and market data, completely redesigned with more personalization, better video news integration, catch-up cards and more. • The resources of the world’s largest and most trusted news organization at your fingertips — 2,500 reporters in 200 locations. • Global coverage of everything from Politics to Markets to Science and more. • Alerts for breaking news and the stories you care about the most. • Additional personalization features. • Catch up quickly and on the go with new Editorial Highlights. • Your personal Market Watchlist, plus stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities analysis. • Deeper integration with Reuters TV, award-winning video news for busy people. (Available on supported devices.) • Constantly updated with new features: Save stories to read later, Night Mode,Editorial Highlights, Offline Access, and more.

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  • Aligned with Russian state news 1/5

    By Stormwaltz
    As of June 2, 2020, a mouthpiece for Russian state propaganda. For neutral world news, I recommend the CBC or NPR apps instead.
  • End of my use of Reuter’s App as a trusted news source 1/5

    By *RW
    This —> TASS News Agency joins Reuters Connect
  • Biased 1/5

    By Corvus.Corax.
    No coverage of protestors who are injured
  • NO RUSSIANS! 1/5

    By LWooCU
    I deleted your app, because I just saw your announcement that you’ve merged with Russian media.
  • Inelegant, and rarely works 1/5

    By MrZaius
    The Reuter’s TV app had a simple elegance to it: This throws all of that away, taking three extra clicks through content I do not care about to get to a video feed. Not the end of the world, but annoying. Much worse, though, on the same device and same fiber optic internet connection, this broken new app almost always fails to play any video. “Audio only” until my connection improves? If you want to be a poor NPR One competitor, I’m going to uninstall you. Goodbye.
  • Solid 1/5

    By jay5r
    Great reporting but horrible ads. They kept showing me pictures of dead rats. After about the 30th time reporting the ad as inappropriate I finally had to just delete the app. In the future I’ll read Reuters on Apple News without the dead rats.
  • Not willing to give up privacy to watch videos 2/5

    By Fihfdstggts
    I'm a long time user of the Reuters app and the Privacy Pro app. Recently when I go to watch videos on Reuters the video never loads. Privacy Pro says it's because of all the trackers that the Reuters app tries to load. If my cost of privacy must be devalued to watch Reuters videos, I'll simply move on to another an news app.
  • Apple TV 3/5

    By Rabes762
    No App for Apple TV. I appreciated the option to choose how much time you had, wish it would come back. It would also be nice to be able to cast from the phone to the Apple TV until an Apple TV app is out.
  • It was better when Reuters TV was its own app 2/5

    By julius_caesarrr
    Will the features of the old Reuters TV app be added to this one? I used to use the Reuters TV app every day because you could choose the amount of time you had and then cast the videos to watch on Chromecast or Roku. It's so hard to stay informed these days, and I'm really disappointed that an app that had become part of my daily life is now very difficult to maneuver and use as I once did. Please bring back the time limit and casting capabilities!!
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By GreedyDog
    I’ve enjoyed this app for some time. It’s been my main source of video news, but over the last 6 months it’s become almost unusable due to the fact that both the iOS app and Google Home version are buffering/pausing far, far too often. Typically once or twice per video story. I have no idea why this is happening. I’m not seeing it on other apps like Netflix, Spotify nor Disney+
  • Awful: Added pop-up videos 1/5

    By HeadGame3
    About half way through almost every story, a video pops-up that auto-plays. This is the most annoying thing an app could do and looks to me like a really greedy move. I'll get my news elsewhere from now on.
  • The best news I have ever seen 5/5

    By Minamzm
    I like it
  • Popup videos? 1/5

    By Markmcak
    Apparently popup videos now required? Deleted.
  • Random blank video?... 3/5

    By Campnurseg
    What’s with the random (blank) video that opens every time you get near the bottom of an article? Quite unnecessary. The first time it happened, I thought I’d clicked on something to cause it, but it’s been almost a week and it is still happening. Time to fix the glitch guys.
  • Pop up video 1/5

    By OperaLove
    The visit CLE video ads are driving me crazy. You reach the bottom of an article, just before the ads, and boom! A blank video window pops up out of nowhere over the whole screen, and without you even launching/clicking on a video link. I don’t mind ads. I just hate intrusive ads that interrupt what you’re reading.
  • Reuter’s briefing video works again, hooray 5/5

    By Chris Port"
    Update: a friend with previously the same issue of briefing video in the Reuter’s app not working anymore told me to give it another try. To my delight, my phone app plays video again (and in great quality). Thank you for fixing the issue!!! Old review: Apple iPhone 11 with the latest iOS updates. As of February no more ability to watch the briefing on the phone. Sure, i can watch Reuter’s video on the desktop or laptop with the same WiFi connection, or even by using my cell connection as a Hotspot (which the Reuters app falsely tells me it’s not good enough to watch video!!!!), but the briefing function is only available on the app. It’s now middle of April and the video still does not work. I’ve moved on despite still believing in your neutral reporting— many negative reviews about your content is from people that don’t realize how far to the right their other consumed media has pushed them.
  • Full screen garbage 1/5

    By Anton Rang
    In the middle of reading news, perhaps while scrolling or just looking at the screen, you’ll suddenly have a full-screen ad blasting loudly at you. If you enjoy that experience, this is an app for you.
  • Modifications? 2/5

    By gdahlby
    Reuters App seems to have disable IOS capability to copy and make notes from text inside stories. Unable to highlight a word, phrase or sentence. Why?
  • Blank videos at the end of articles 2/5

    By OwlExtermin8r
    At the end of every article the screen enters into a blank video. Will not continue to use if not fixed, a basic UI error like this represents a poor overall experience. Particularly when auto play videos has been turned off
  • Unbiased news and app to be improved 4/5

    By Hao Q.
    I used to be paid users of FT, Bloomberg and other major financial news outlet. These media all seem to be slightly biased, though better than CNN or FOX. I canceled all my subscription once I switched to Reuter’s. However, the app is slightly unhandy, it would be nice to be able to switch between different editions without having to reset everything, smoother news loading is also a mandatory, customizable bottom menu and watchlist.
  • Please modernize and ad a reading bot 3/5

    By Xymfladerst
    I try to have a reading bot read loud but it is extremely difficult to copy or move the article in to an online reading software. Great news but only three stars as there isn’t a reading bot connected to the articles. At least add a copy all function
  • SW Bug? 4/5

    By Msdio
    The app goes to video mode with a blank black display automatically and randomly while the app is opened for news reading. Perhaps a promotional link opens itself without clicking? Please fix the bug. Good investigative journalist work by the way.
  • Why axe the best feature? 2/5

    By Brett M Turner
    The ability to watch a 5 minute or a 25 minute video summary of current events was the best feature of Reuters TV. My app is stuck at 10 minutes, but my partner’s app is stuck at 20. No rhyme or reason, super weird. Please give that video length slider back to us, thanks.
  • Best world updated 5/5

    By watcher us
    It is
  • Amazing Journalism...Poor UI design 5/5

    By SPell1245
    Love Reuter’s and the non biased, facts based news you get. My only complaint is the UI design. It is very hard to skim headlines due to so many images. As a reader, I only care to see images on a headline I’m interested in. I don’t need to see them all the time. Not enough of an annoyance to remove a star though.
  • One star for killing reuters news on roku 1/5

    By waffles in texas
    I’m still looking for a good news app. My wife and I would mainly get our updates on the Reuters news app on roku because you could set it to 5,15,or30 min for how much time you had. Great app! Sadly this app is just like every other out there. Reuters please bring back a roku app.
  • How unfortunate for future generations 2/5

    By Bimmerguy20
    Is there any source bias free news??? Please Report facts not opinions. Leave the opinion for the reader.
  • Opening sequence is ridiculous 1/5

    By ffifgaifjai
    It clogs the rest of news. No one asked for it, and many have deleted the app because of it. It cannot be disabled in settings either. Just disgusting!
  • Click bait 1/5

    By Ivubsoisxn
    Just a bunch of click bait
  • Shame on you! 1/5

    By Ratibor80
    This is pro CNN democratic instrument of propaganda.
  • Unusable App 2/5

    By Hunter Holder
    We used to watch Reuters on Apple TV every day. Since the Apple TV app no longer exists, it’s only possible to watch it on iPhone or iPad, which isn’t how anyone wants to watch 30 minutes of news in the morning. There is no option for Airplay, so news is stuck to your portable device. Unfortunately, this means we’ll no longer be able to watch Reuters in the morning.
  • What this isn’t free?!! 1/5

    By Cha-Cha Mermaid
    I was searching for an app with solid news so I touched this but then it immediately said- “You’ve been charged.” There was no price listed in the App Store. I cannot trace and undo it and haven’t read an article yet. How to undo this?
  • Clunky app, no AirPlay 2/5

    By Bobloblaw99
    I love watching the 30 min segments, but wish it worked over my AirPlay. Since it can’t play in the entire house I end up using other platforms
  • No casting -lost a user 1/5

    By Chrisra
    The TV app that allowed casting was amazing. I was a Reuters addict. This new app does not allow for casting or if it does the UI needs help. Lost customer because you took away the feature that mattered the most
  • Can’t choose and look up words in dictionary 4/5

    By Time-to-be-angry
    Please revert this feature back, so that easily for non-native users to read the news well
  • Reuters Tv bring back 1/5

    By Diego puerto rico
    The ability to select the amount of time to view the news was great for me. Now this app is just like any other news app.
  • Good but not great 4/5

    By Kena2mi
    I like the collection of articles. What I find frustrating is that notifications don’t link to the stories. I get the notification, click on it, and it takes me to the general news screen, with no sign of the story they sent me the notification for. And often the news there is outdated. Example- I get a notification that Congress has passed the stimulus bill about a little while ago (it’s 2pm). Click on it, the app opens, and the only thing in the list of stories is one from 6am saying it’s expected to pass today. Had to go to the CNN app to find an actual news story on how it went down and the outcome. I’m turning off notifications because they’re worthless.
  • Removed Apple TV support 1/5

    By Tranceunta
  • Please include this Reuter’s TV feature 4/5

    By shazbot89
    Love the consolidation, but the option to specify how long I have to dictate which segments make it in was amazing. Please consider bringing that over 🤓🥺.
  • Has problems with notifications 3/5

    By Honlstuenkel
    A good app, but the push notifications don’t always lead to a story—especially regarding updates about coronavirus, you can follow the notification but it only takes you to the coronavirus live updates page, not the story from the notification itself
  • Bring back offline ReutersTV 2/5

    By KK1882
    Why would this app take out the greatest feature of the app it replaced? Offline viewing of ReutersTV was amazing and they took that feature out. This app is also way too cluttered for the generation of people using smart phones. Please bring it back or make it a feature on this app.
  • Can’t play video 2/5

    By useless app after update
    Since downloading the new Version I’ve been unable to watch the 15 min video briefing. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app twice and still no luck. Bring back Reuter’s TV
  • Great App 5/5

    By SS-MM-00
    A flexible way to ingest news. Especially love the ReutersTV integration. Would appreciate Dark Mode support for the iOS widget. It’s the only widget I have with a light background. Edit: Also want to note that the font in the widget might need to be bolder. Currently too bold to be body text, and not bold enough to be a heading/headline.
  • Politically neutral since the start of 2020 5/5

    By b.e.wilson
    Seems to me they’ve taken the personal political bias out of the headline news starting 2020. I hope it lasts.
  • Reuters is No Longer Trustworthy 1/5

    By Fuzzy Reviews
    The day after the U.S. Senate minority leader verbally threatened two sitting Supreme Court justices, this hugely important story is nowhere to be found in Reuters. This story was purposely ignored because Reuters is no longer unbiased. That’s all you need to know.
  • Used to like Reuter’s, but too many push notifications 1/5

    By assdfghksstvbboe rev Bi
    On Super Tuesday I received at least a half dozen push notifications from this app. Overwhelming!
  • Negative news 1/5

    By Devang Vyas
    You only cover negative news about India. Not a single positive story? Please stay away from my phone
  • No way to report an error w an article 4/5

    By 767Kai
    I see an article that has a blatant error but no way to report via the app
  • Love the app, just one suggestion... 5/5

    By bmcch
    I love this app and the layout of my favorite topics on my homepage. The only suggestion I have is that I would love to see an app available for my Apple Watch!

Reuters News app comments

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