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Get world news that matters with Reuters. Reuters News delivers breaking news, analysis and market data from the world's most trusted news organization. Explore a seamless stream of articles, pictures, and videos updated around the clock by editors across the world. With Reuters you get: • Breadth of coverage: Navigate between stories to explore a wide range of topics from Politics to Markets to Science and more. • News alerts: Get breaking news alerts delivered daily to your device, as well as personalized messages around topics you care about most, from North Korea to Tech News. • Customizable watchlist: Create and edit your personal watchlist of stocks. • Market data: Find stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities analysis within the Reuters News app. • Flexible access: Read online, save stories to read later, and even read in Night Mode. • Video news: Get the latest updates on top news stories throughout the day with a 15-minute Reuters TV program. (Available on Supported Devices and Versions)


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    By Akron Archon
    Please discard Reuters feature tease pop-ups like “North Korea Summit” which appear in the middle of reading a non-germaine article with no means of dismissal other than to close the app. What were you thinking?????
  • Great unbiased source of news. 5/5

    By bro12345621
    Reuters has some of the best and most accurate news coverage while being careful not to insert opinion into their reporting. I highly recommend.
  • Reuters stole my Sudoku 1/5

    By Rrpemike
    My Generia Sudoku app invited me to get Reuters Now I have lost the Sudoku Not the way to get 5 stars
  • Excellent 5/5

    By flyingdutch18
    The best business news app that you can get for free - and way better than the Bloomberg app which just recently increased the paywall (articles are not free anymore if you want to read more than ten a month). The watchlist you can create for stocks is very good, too, though from time to time not with prices that are up to date. But this is a minor annoyance compared to what this app delivers for free.
  • Best news app around 5/5

    By 7777777635125447882
    I’m the first to admit that I’m a news junkie. I love being kept in the loop about everything happening all the way from my backyard to the far corners of the world. No other news organization covers more and has a higher, fairer, better journalistic standard than Reuters. Could not recommend this app highly enough!
  • Distracting notifications 1/5

    By sludge
    The Wire’s “New” notification is bright orange and huge, overlaying the story titles and so distracting you can’t continue reading anything else until you scroll back up to make it go away. Purposely engineered nonsense refreshing. I’d rather use the website.
  • Good enough is great 5/5

    By Boil G
    A little slow on some stories and a little thin on coverage but overall a great window on events
  • Awful Push Notifications 2/5

    By Jfdybc
    Not the worst news app but not great. I wanted to use it to get notified of important news events but instead I get a push notifications telling me things like Oprah is giving a commencement speech. Stick to news and don’t bombard me with BS. App deleted.
  • Actually tries report unbiased facts 5/5

    By factplease
    One on the least biased news sources available.
  • My go to... 5/5

    By Jojobahati
    ....each morning. 👍🏽
  • Balanced reporting 5/5

    By ButchMF
    Through the years, Reuters has proven to be the best source of news around the globe. The Reuters app is the leader in the online news platform segment. It is easy to navigate with a ‘finessed layout‘. The Wire tab gets constantly updated and is the best and most unique feature in an application dedicated to news.
  • Unbiased news in nice app 5/5

    By Del Mar, CA
    Factual reporting without bias. Important in these polarized times of alternative facts. App is straightforward to use. Great job.
  • Critical resource 5/5

    By Yoyomahhh
    One of a handful of critical news sources. I will always suggest comparative reading not only for bias but for coverage. Be informed
  • The proper way News should be served 5/5

    By not_stickman
    I’m especially happy I don’t have to suffer the ‘personality’ of people reporting the news.
  • Keeps me up to date! 5/5

    By JLW-123
    I really appreciate news that just gives news and not the opinion of this person or that person, this ‘expert’ or that ‘expert’. Thank you!
  • Reuters news app 5/5

    By britbat1
    Complements my other news apps to give a broad view of world events, we’ll done
  • Straightforward 5/5

    By Yuhhhhhh69
    I have always found Reuters to be an excellent news source that provides the facts of stories in a straightforward manner. I think that with the proliferation of overtly biased news sources, this is about as close to one gets for just honest news.
  • Excellent news app. Reuters is REAL news. 5/5

    By Darkinbad
    The app is flawless, with fine print and video news journalism.
  • Twisted News coverage 1/5

    By warrenbkhorse
    Many stories are far left leaning and printed in an angle to make President Trump look bad. Although Reuters is better than totally fake AP coverage.
  • Say goodbye to trash news! 5/5

    By burkenstockade
    Clean, well written, facts based articles. Consistently the best news app I’ve used
  • Excellent News Serice 4/5

    By Bellatush
    This is my go-to news channel on my Apple TV. My only annoyance- the background music is distracting and annoying. Please remove it!
  • Reuters is great; they do not bug you like other news sites 5/5

    By Hvaishnav
    I like Reuters a lot.
  • Shameful 1/5

    By Nerakus
    I used the app for awhile til I read the article about how a pesticide company did their own study on their own product and no surprise found it to be so super safe. Then author praised it and when I looked at the actual study it was garbage. The authors of these articles don’t know what they are taking about most of the time find your news somewhere else.
  • Big improvements... 5/5

    By Surfchingon
  • No bs politics. Just the news! 5/5

    By Mac7171
    Doesn’t get political. Just news!
  • If you’re looking for unbiased news, you found it. 5/5

    Reuters is about as close to being completely unbiased as a news source can possibly get. It’s easy to spot extreme bias (ie Fox News or Huffpost). But what’s a lot harder to spot is bias in which stories are being reported on, or which views are being explained. If you find that you just can’t understand the other side’s position, or that the only possible explanation is that they’re stupid and/or evil, you need a better news source. And Reuters is it. They’re consistently rated as one of the most unbiased news sources available. Not only are they’re stories written to give both sides a voice, their choice of stories does the same thing.

    By allways alert
    I find Reuters an objective and informative information source on finance, world news and political developments. What a refreshing experience seeing honest and balanced reporting. What more can I say? Reuters helps me in the Washington DC area keep my sanity.
  • Upto the minute news 4/5

    By Bay Ridge, NY
    Up to date news - but limited coverage for some parts of the world and for some issues
  • doesn’t work with ios update 3/5

    By Nightliker
    This app broke with the latest ios update, along with apple’s “podcast” app. Curiously, I cannot review apple’s app which says it has “no reviews”. When I press the same exact place on the Reuters app, here I am! Free to express myself. Every time I press play on a video the app just blinks off and I am on the home screen. I am not on wifi. I just reset my network settings and hard rebooted my phone. same.
  • Liberal bias has gotten worse 1/5

    By dragon813gt
    Changing my review because they've gone full on libtard over the last few months. Like any media outlet they're alienating half the country. Keep the editorials in the editorial section. I simply want the facts. And that means posting articles about both sides of an issue. They've gone so far down the anti-gun rabbit hole it's pathetic. And not that I need to qualify this. But I'm neither a conservative or a liberal. So I'm not blinded by bias.
  • Newsworthy app 5/5

    By Patrick Hale
    Delivers a great perspective on relevant domestic and international news.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Coolsxm
    App with news that around 90% are not politically biased... that is are rare treat in a modern fake and biased news world...
  • Balanced reporting 5/5

    By Little Rhodie
    Happy I found a news source not being politically biased.
  • No audio in written article clips 3/5

    By adamonboart
    Great way to get a good sample of hot topics in the news. One issue -- there are video clips at the top of a bunch of the written articles. When I try to play, there is no audio. I think it has something to do with it wanting to play an ad, but the ad can't load in-app. When I look for the article on the website instead, the ad plays and the audio works.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By TonNekat
    By far the best made app for reading news. Content seems informative and current and fairly unbiased. Great way to keep up on National/world news!
  • TV App Doesn’t Work 4/5

    By T-DOGG25
    I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app multiple times but there’s a huge bug in the TV app that won’t allow for any news to load.
  • Bad, but not the worst. 2/5

    By Vagoopy
    Yearning for a news source to just present to me 'what is' in the country and world without insidious tricks to sway the mind, I at first thought Reuters was brilliantly unbiased. Perhaps at one point, such as a couple of years ago when I downloaded the app, they were. Still, some attempts at neutrality are dealt successfully. The front page though, in a heightened way as of late, has been narrative push after narrative push. I'm absolutely sick of being browbeaten. Isn't just about everyone else?
  • Serious power drain, overhear in recent version 1/5

    By Stormwaltz
    Reuters is one of my preferred sources of news - neutral perspective and frequent story updates. However, in recent weeks I frequently see issues where my phone will heat up and ~20% of the battery will be drained in around 10 minutes, in addition to frequent "freezes" where the app won't respond to commands. It's *definitely* the Reuters app, this doesn't occur with anything else. (My speculation is that some ads in the app may link to bitcoin miners, but I don't know how to test that.)
  • Makes iPhone literally too hot to hold 1/5

    By kimberlyNchicago
    I love to read Reuters news app, but the Wire makes my phone too hot to hold, usually within about three minutes. I've downloaded the latest update so that's not the problem. I have the iPhone SE with the latest iOS. If anyone knows how to avoid this problem, please post a fix.
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Jeff.Rowley
    The last two updates to the app have seemed to cause it to freeze unexpectedly. I get through two or three articles and then it freezes. Unusable. Rats.
  • Too Left 2/5

    By Mpredsox
    Reuters is good but are very liberals and like to make anything conservative look bad and anything liberal look good. They are very much contra-Trump which makes them NOT balanced. I keep watching it but knowing they are liberals.
  • Good news, bad app 2/5

    By Dhshchcnsbd
    I think Reuters does an excellent job of investigating and reporting the facts in a relatively non-biased way. It is one of my main sources of news. That being said, the app is plagued with bugs lately. It freezes and crashes constantly and has become almost impossible for me to use.
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Edededttt156
    This app freezes all the time
  • Little to any editing 1/5

    By Pat Man J0NES
    The amount of errors I find while reading this company’s articles is embarrassing. Hire a new editor (though I doubt Reuters even has one) or at the very least have the author proof read their articles before they submit them. I know trying to get the news out as quickly as possible is the goal, but having so many grammatical and structural errors in your articles makes it hard to take your news seriously. I will continue to give this app 1 star as long as the editing remained so bad. Really hard to believe y’all are professional journalists
  • Night mode: why the white splash screen 4/5

    By Hp12c1
    I love night mode but why the white splash screen when the app opens?
  • Can’t stop audio from playing 2/5

    By Donotlkjmnubg
    Once you start video playing you can’t stop audio from the video
  • Voiceover in accessibility 3/5

    By Temple Musiq fan 81
    The app should be made more accessible with voice over. When using the app, you can't select an article without moving away from it and tapping the screen. Also the main story at the centre of the app can't be selected with voice over. Please include these fixes in the next update. Thank you.
  • Great app, but uses too much mobile data 4/5

    By Bass_King1995
    The app is great, and Reuters is a highly reliable news source. The app itself is clean and easy to navigate. My only gripe with the app is the lack of a setting to conserve mobile data usage. Those with limited data plans would likely appreciate such an addition.
  • Simply the most comprehensive and nonpartisan 5/5

    By Davidbiz
    I am a self confessed news and information junkie! I have tried literally every news app out there. This is the only one you’ll ever need! There’s an up to date custom video update, wire news ad it comes in, and thorough coverage of everything! If you’ve tried it before...give it another try. The recent improvements are amazing!
  • Badly Bugged 1/5

    By USPrivateer
    For clear, concise, brilliant presentation of the news, nobody beats Thompson Reuters. Having said that, this application is seriously bugged up. I am on a new iPhone 8, and the Reuters application makes the phone radically heat up, and then the application will crash. I know that it’s the Reuters application that is doing this, because most of the time there are no other applications even open in the background. You folks really need to get this fixed. I reported the issue to Reuters via email, and got the standard automated canned response back from them. But no news since then. I will certainly revise my rating once they fix this problem.

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