• Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Colin Sapp
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
22 Ratings
$ 1.99

RhythmLock App

RhythmLock focuses on strengthening a musician’s ability to subdivide beats by providing a play-along groove and easy visual references to reinforce rhythmic learning. There are over 5000 rhythms to unlock throughout the game - each successful level completion unlocks the next tempo and rhythms to tap along to. RhythmLock is an incredibly fun (and slightly addictive!) way to improve your rhythmic thinking. Features: 5000+ rhythms to practice Real-time feedback on rhythm placement End of round analytics of your performance User can select difficulty level: Easy, Medium, or Hard

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RhythmLock app reviews

  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By polyrhythms21
    This app is SWEET!! I love the instant feedback of how on or off the beat you are. It really gets you to try and lock in with the groove and focus on the rhythm you are playing. Very good for all musicians!
  • Great practice tool! 5/5

    By Guitarafar
    Fun app to practice rhythms. This dropped at a perfect time for me and is making learning fun. Thanks!!!
  • Best Rhythm App 5/5

    By fetchingEllie
    This is the best rhythm training app I’ve found. One of my favorite features is the feedback after a round that distributes your inputs over the whole round in a bar graph to show you how early or late your inputs have been. I love it and am using it daily.
  • Really helps to prevent you from dragging or rushing. Helps internalized the beat better 5/5

    By LouDem
    I would love to see sextuplets and 32 second notes added, and perhaps polyrhythms or irregular notes such as 5 or 7 notes per beat. Definitely lots of room to add great stuff.
  • Legit practice tool 5/5

    By JoBeezy
    As a musician, this ‘game’ is a great way to practice time-keeping in a fun and addictive way.
  • Test your accuracy!! 5/5

    By Mitnikjm
    Love this app!! If you want to see how good you are at fitting into the groove, try this app! I consider myself an accomplished musician. I play professionally in the Los Angeles area for many years. I pride myself with being versatile to play in a variety of styles. One fundamental of being able to do this successfully is to be able to play in time and groove with other musicians. From the moment I opened this app, I realized that I have work to do. It raised my awareness of time and groove right away. This instant feedback of how accurate I am tapping the rhythm is fantastic!! This will be good for beginners just learning rhythm all the way up to accomplished musicians who want to test their skills! Give it a try, it’s not as easy as you think! Totally worth the price!
  • RhythmLock Rocks! 5/5

    By Matt Clauhs
    RhythmLock is a fun way to learn rhythm patterns and build musicianship. The app provides valuable feedback on the accuracy of a performance, and whether the user was playing early, on time, or late. Great for students learning to read music notation and anyone who wishes to improve their sense of time.
  • Perfect tool for measuring and improving 5/5

    By BDLF2009
    What a great little tool for practicing the feel of rhythm — intuitive games, instant feedback, including measurement of how “right on the beat” your rhythm is. Super useful to practice and improve in small doses!
  • Fun and I’m actually improving my rhythm 5/5

    By Fox Run Studio
    I usually find these kind of exercises tedious but it really lets you play without getting anxious or annoyed. A winner.
  • Fun way to learn rhythms 5/5

    By suhrFsharp
    Great way of tying the notation to the feel of the beat. And app works great
  • Fun and engaging rhythm training 5/5

    By TurkOfAges
    Playing RhythmLock ticks all of the boxes for me: practical rhythm training in a fun and engaging game. As a long time drummer, I used to gauge my timing by recording myself playing and listening back to it. Now with this app, I can get real time feedback on my timing accuracy by playing fun rhythm games. Nicely executed!

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