Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

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  • Current Version: 2.4.11
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys App

Join Ricks throughout the multi-verse as they get swept up in the latest intergalactic craze: Morty training. Collect over 150 increasingly bizarre Mortys and challenge rival Ricks by forcing their grandsons to fight. Play offline in a single-player campaign or battle Internet strangers in multiplayer. If you don't have Pocket Mortys right now, your life is probably a husk of what it could be. Play Pocket Mortys. • Over 150 Mortys, including Wizard Morty, Cronenberg Morty, Skin Suit Morty, Pastry Chef Morty, and many more • Train and combine your Mortys to level them up and watch them grow. • Encounter your favorite characters like Bird Person, Mr. Meeseeks and more • Craft items and engage in tedious side quests and tournaments • Prepare your eyeholes for a lot more new, upcoming content Follow Us: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/adultswimgames Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/adultswimgames Our Website - http://www.games.adultswim.com The Terms of Use for this app includes arbitration for disputes – see http://www.adultswim.com/footer/legal/terms-of-use.html


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Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys app reviews

  • Great game but...... 5/5

    By CoolGamingKid70
    It’s just like Pokémon
  • This game was amazing (huge addiction) 5/5

    By SMOORES (seanime)
    It was awesome to play just I'd try to catch a morty and it would RUN away I'm glad Pokémon don't that but the exsperince was INCREDIBLE please make a PocketMorty2 as a sequel
  • Bug 5/5

    By lunyharpy1504
    Every time I try to play it kicks me off. Needs to be fixed
  • Loved this app up until it didn’t let me earn Schmeckles 2/5

    By Liseuphoria
    I don’t know what happened! One day I could earn schmeckles, the next day I couldn’t. Now I’m stuck because I don’t have enough money to buy any items in the Rick store. :/
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Allygirlzzz
    Works great love adult swim
  • Awsum 5/5

    By Yasiris sheila
    Make a pokect ricks
  • Spicy meme natural 5/5

    By memer2298
    If u are not a true rick and mortis fan than this game has to high of an iq for you but you can become a fan I gave this game to my infant son and now he has a degree from Harvard and he has been to the moon to review how long it would take to live there and he concluded that it would take a month but since his iq is so high it would take us a few days but we don’t have the money so donate to my fortnight stream at xXDat-BoiXx
  • Excellent and entertaining 5/5

    By Treyvin Lowry
    I could see people playing this game for hours just like I have and it is so addictive.But sometimes freezes and glitches.But mostly very good
  • Bug Issue 1/5

    By AceDsk
    in the last 15 minutes I got kicked out of the game
  • Read new terms of service! 1/5

    By MOKuser
    Turner Broadcasting and Adult Swim games quickly jumped on the recent US Supreme Court ruling allowing large corporations to force you to sign away your right to join class action lawsuits against them if you want to get a job with them or use their services. Don't really see the need for this clause just to play their video game, but there it is. This is where America is heading now. I deleted the game and will not watch Adult Swim again.
  • Ricktastic Game! 5/5

    By MysticChaddle
    This game screams Rick and Morty, the campaign has got me through so many boring school activities and awkward moments, and honestly the only way this game could be better is with more Mortys and More entertaining online gameplay.
  • Riiiipppp offfff and still a rip offff 1/5

    By Cede have
    UPDATE: My original posts stands. This game is messed up. EVERYTIME I make progress it crashes. But never crashes while your getting beat. Why would you guys be so evil. Many unsuspecting kids play this. ORIGINAL POST: This game is fun for five mins, then as soon s you make progress is begins to cheat and try to make you spend money. Sometimes my turn get skipped three times so there's no chance of winning. This game is rigged for failure and profit. Way to make Me hate Rick an Morty guys.
  • Loving it. 5/5

    By _EvelynThePotato_
    I love how it has a Pokémon game boy vibe from it. Also the commentary is great. I don’t think anything is wrong with it but that might be me because I didn’t finish it yet.
  • I like it but my Morty’s don’t show 3/5

    By Ragamorph
    Playing on iPhone 10 with current firmware. Playing only campaign so far. Many of my Mortys only show up as their shadow while walking around in the game. Also, my pickle rick only shows up as a shadow. Lots of the encounter mortys also only show up as a shadow. I like the game but I’d like it even more if I could see the Mortys and Rick a purchased.
  • The characters won't load. 2/5

    By HomelessOrange
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I just the same thing. I can see when they are talking but when mobbing around I only see the circle shadows. I will change rating if you fix this
  • Sandra’s Review 5/5

    By Poptropica10
    It’s really just like Pokémon
  • bug involving the new exotic mortys 5/5

    By sovereign straws
    ive been playing this game for about a year now, and with the somewhat recent addition of the rarities of mortys, ive noticed that none of my exotic mortys show up in the overworld, instead being replaced by a circular shadow thing. the npcs are affected as well. there must be some sort of fix to this, as ive tried almost everything to fix it.
  • Not working now 1/5

    By nyice
    Been playing for months and App does let me can’t open it up. Tells me I need the new update.
  • Download it 5/5

    By Incorrigable
    It’s ricktastic
  • Got boring.... 1/5

    By mermaid
    I finally got bored of this game, due to LACK OF FREEDOM to go to new places because of the stupid level cap to go to ONE new place being level 10, and deleted it.... would have been more fun if I had more to do than just wander around the same area searching for other players who would barely challenge me, or look around for new Mortys or needed items to craft things needed, due to the Wild Mortys not dropping Flurbos after the update that changed that.... sorry guys, but over time I got sick of it, and had enough.
  • An awesome game 5/5

    By MobzillaLongTail
    It is a great game but you should be able to take your original morty out of your deck in campaign mode
  • Voldemorty 4/5

    By Serpelion
    I’m waiting for the day that they add this Morty into the game
  • amazing, but makes me motion sick 3/5

    By Mattie243
    I love this game SO much. But I realized that the more I’ve played, the more it makes me motion sick. The scrolling backgrounds on the battle and dialogue screens are what do it. I would really, really appreciate if you could add a setting that allows users to turn off the background motion. Please. So I can keep playing this.
  • What happened to this game? 1/5

    By harmontheleader
    I played this game a few months back and now it is completely different. I don’t understand is there a completely different version on android. The campaign was part of the multiplayer where you ran around with a bunch of people and you caught mordys in the grass.
  • Fun concept 3/5

    By James T. Lockhart
    Don’t get me wrong the campaign is fun as hell but the multiplayer has some serious issues
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Giati
    Switched phones tried to log in with my user name and tells me the name is already taken like no duh it’s taken by me so why can’t I sign in
  • Pretty good- luckily it’s free. 3/5

    By EMans247
    Love that this has a campaign. Wouldn’t be near as interesting without it. While I’m only a couple dimensions in, I still have one complaint that is unfortunately holding me back from truly enjoying this venture- the animations. They’re basically are none lol. Which is surprising considering the developers have a treasure trove full of source material to pull from. Battles are fairly boring for the most part. You essentially see the same animations over and over again, even across different Mortys and abilities. Shame too, cause I thought this game was going to be well done having read other reviews, but it seems the app was released in a hurry. In one instance I do enjoy the simplicity of it all, but in another it really detracts from the thing that holds the game together- the battles. Luckily there is some strategy involved. My attention is held for now, just because of the campaign, but if the battles continue this way throughout the story, I don’t expect to be playing this for long.
  • Egg MoRTy? 4/5

    By Killer Kyle 40
    Wonderful but i never got an egg morty... i did the mission
  • Great game 5/5

    By Flyingpizza10
    Read morty #13’s description though
  • Enjoyably 3/5

    By UNDEAD_Reaper
    The game is fun but when I downloaded the app I went through a 6 hour update then I started playing. For some odd reason I have to update it again and now I can't play the game. I updated the game and it keeps saying that I need to update but if I try it just stops the progress and I have to constantly restart. Still a good game while I played it.
  • Update gone wrong 5/5

    By Akitz1
    This last update has left the app unable to even open. I'm afraid to delete and reinstall for fear of loosing my progress.
  • Good But 4/5

    By Locustmage
    This game is great. Single player is very challenging until you get into the swing of things. Multiplayer, for the most part, is easier if you’re mainly concerned with collecting Mortys and Leveling them. The multiplayer is pretty good, except people like to sit in the spots Mortys and items spawn at and ruin the whole game for everyone. Basically long story short, unless you want to get totally frustrated, don’t play multiplayer during peak hours. It would be nice if the developers were to give players more of an incentive to move around the map to cut back on the amount of camping. Possibly some form of quest where you turn in items to an npc, or maybe have a guy who will buy a “Morty of the Day” which will have people looking all over the map for even common Mortys (which won’t be so common during their day)
  • Where did Mr Jellybean go? 5/5

    By ArchDemon0013
    Where is he now? I miss him...
  • Awesome but... 5/5

    By Mr.Awesome1.0
    Awesome but it needs one thing Controller compatibility cause I have a game vice and I would like to play it with it
  • It was a cool game until Egg Morty didn’t spawn 3/5

    By vgarciasaldana
    I was working on the quests step by step but when I got to the part to get Egg Morty I gave the character the item needed and the character said an Egg was found and was going to give it to me to care for but then nothing happen. Now I feel like the game is missing something for me and I lost interest in the quests.
  • Was slightly addicted but... 1/5

    By sidneyetienne.com
    Really lame now that there isn’t offline mode. Deleted from my devices since I’m mostly on the road. Too bad
  • steep learning curve 3/5

    By celinexion
    the amount of money given by defeating an npc is so unfair. 90 is not enough to buy a serum, plus you got huge amount of npcs when you enter the portal. its sometimes very ridiculous of how much serum youll buy in one portal.
  • Apple Watch app? 5/5

    By Nick2672015
    I would i to see a version for the iwatch This game is pretty fun reminds me of “pocket monsters”

    By Hoesey
    I wanna be, the only Rick... Like no Rick ever was! Catching mortys is my real test, but betting on them is my cause! Teleporting in and out, *burp* far and wide Mortys span the universe, I’ll find them when they hiiiiiide! POCKET MORT! Ganna chip em all! (Your opinion wasn’t, a part of the deal) POCKET MORT! (Oh, we’ll save the day and YOU’LL FIGHT AGAINST YOUR WILL)
  • 5/5

    By CarsonDoggy3213
    This is one of the best games I’ve EVER played in my whole entire life and I’m not saying there’s anything bad it’s so fun. This is one of the games I’ll never stop playing until I finish it. That’s all I wanted to say!!! -GREAT-
  • I like it a lot but when I play multiplayer I’m the only one so please fix it 5/5

    By trutlesareurboi
  • Pay-2-Win? 3/5

    By Bung_The_Booce
    I have a really good time playing this game. However, the game seems really pay-to-win with how bad the drops for tickets are. That game makes it clear that you have to spend money in order to get the best Mortys.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Swiftrider
    Gets annoying how against you this game is. Over and over again my attacks miss, even though I may raise my accuracy or even if my attack is already at 95%, it doesn’t matter. Your attack will be 50/50 and you will lose with two Mortys vs one Morty. Repeatedly.
  • Loading 3/5

    By Macho Nacho Man_357
    Great game so far. I’ve finally earned tickets to win a new Morty but the screen will switch back from the loading screen to the screen to win another Morty over and over again. Tried deleting the app once but it still happens.
  • Rick and Morty Pokémon 5/5

    By Karl Roland
    No need to say anything else
  • Needs to fix bug 3/5

    By LordHelmet04
    I just started this game and was really enjoying it, until I reached a certain point in the campaign. So I had just gotten an eighth badge and beat the second council member and saw the Masy Kallerax quest. This quest requires you give him a purified fleet and in return he will give you egg Morty (which hatches into The One True Morty). After completing the quest I got the bit of dialogue that said I received the egg. However, I am really frustrated because no matter where I look I cannot seem to find the egg or where it went. And i looked up online and others seem to be having the same problem. I do really enjoy this game and hope you can fix this bug so I can continue playing.
  • i found a $20 on the street today 5/5

    By Guy Fieri's Cooking
    anyways fun game I like rick and morty
  • Great game for everyone who wants to play it! 5/5

    By HeyesDoesLife
    It is a little repetitive at times with the course of actions needed to move on within the campaign. However, it intrigues me, so I like definitely like it. I recommend this to anyone who wants a new game to try out (unless you like adventure games with in-depth stories like Legend Of Zelda) because it does not make it so that fairly new players cannot do anything important until they have been progressing for a while.
  • 😍🤩🙌🏾😩 5/5

    By QueenNirvana♥️🦄🧜🏾‍♀️💦
    I already beat this game about a year or so ago but I’m going to download it again idgafff Ricky Ticky tavi biiiaaatttcch😭😭😂😂🙌🏾LOOOOOOVVVEEE rick and morty💕🖤🖤rick and morty is life I just wish the game had another chapter /second story line
  • I freaking love it, but... 4/5

    By MrCarpenter24
    This game is great. That's really it. The campaign is long and enduring (yet slightly repetitive), however the multiplayer seems to lack in content. I haven't gotten far yet, so I guess I'll see. Oh, also: I completed the side mission for Egg Morty and did NOT receive and Egg Morty. I am very sad.

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