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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rider App

Get ready for some flippin' action! Perform insane stunts while you cruise through the never-ending world of Rider! Grab your motorcycle and start flipping like a maniac! ◉ Complete 100 Challenges ◉ Collect 40 Awesome Bikes (including 4 Secrets) ◉ Receive Daily Rewards ◉ Complete all 32 Levels ◉ Unlock 10 Themes ◉ Compare your highscore with players worldwide ◉ Make insane stunts! Download now and push your skills to the limit in Rider!

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  • Would have done 0 stars if possible 1/5

    By Hdkeyeoshend
    Super buggy and broken. Don’t get this game
  • Data just randomly resetted 1/5

    By Jonathan5454B
    Just launched rider today and all of my data resetted (6000+ runs, 150k+ gems, and all cars lost. Complete bs)
  • H 5/5

    By brennan humberston
  • iPhone X? 1/5

    By Jake20002
    I have an iPhone X and I can’t even load into the game let alone play ??
  • Great game but needs fixes right away 2/5

    By greenninja2987
    I love playing this game but now when I open the app, a black screen pops up making the game unplayable. I miss playing this game and would love to play it again. Please Ketchapp, get a fix out on this!
  • Best game 5/5

    By Surfingfish
    Best game ever! Usually I get bored of my games in about a week but with this game’s levels I don’t
  • Do it 1/5

    By dkjiekdkcmfms
    Try level 48
  • More to do after obtaining all the vehicles! 4/5

    By #culoman
    Put a replay ability!!

    By xccffff
    Open it Says | \/ ?:-1: attempt to index a function value BS I’ve downloaded this before, had no problem. It was a fun game. WAS
  • Omg the bugs and glitches 2/5

    By cejohe
    I love playing this game but the bugs and glitches are killing me. Half the time I can’t even open it and I get an error message saying “run time error” I just want to play one of my fav games. Pleassssseeeee fix this.
  • I think I am giving a 900000000000000000 5/5

    By Zackary attac
  • THE LEVELS 5/5

    By YO TENGO XD (real person)
  • Luv it 5/5

    By Jlash62
    Crazy fun. Much harder than it looks. I really am enjoying this game. It's nice that they don't kill you asking for more and more money. I know they need to charge something or they couldn't keep making games, but this one is not squeezing you for every cent. I've been searching for more games by this maker. Great job guys.
  • Fix please 3/5

    By Jama1810
    Game keeps slowing my car down, while the environment is at normal speed
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Kyliiiiieeeeeeeeee
    This app is so addictive, I play it all the time! If you’re ever bored, this is the app to get. 👍
  • Fun 5/5

    By 08cameronw
    This is a good addictive fun game
  • I love it but it keeps crashing 3/5

    By sophiee sabinn
    every time i open the game it crashes and it takes a few tries to open and sometimes i have to restart my phone. can you fix this?
  • Glitchy but still great fun 4/5

    By Brondell Swash
    Yes, it is glitchy. Yes, it is still great fun. When it goes into glitch slow motion though, I have to put it down.
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By dhhrjdhfhfj
    There are way to many bugs that you really need to update it! I can’t stand it having way to many bugs
  • Ads 1/5

    By nurvyb
    Ads make me want to kill myself
  • Have sex with me! 5/5

    By N04hs!
    I look sexy I act sexy and ah by the way JK! What I was actually going to say was.........."......"............good game five stars.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By M Schliep
    After a few rounds of playing this game is started glitching. The bike now moves very slow and it’s very hard to play.
  • Awesome game!! a few glitches though... 4/5

    By Ultrawolfgirl🐺💕
    I honestly loooove this game!! It’s so fun and unique!! There are a few glitches though. First of all, something that has happened to me a few times is my bike would randomly fly through the air when ever I held down to make it go. 😐 Second of all, a few times my screen would black out and I would have restart the game. Lastly, it gets kinda boring after awhile, with all the bikes collected and going through the same obstacles. Overall I love this game and totally recommend it even though there are a few glitches. -Ultrawolfgirl🐺💕
  • Awl some 5/5

    By WoodyWood22
    Flip whoosh awsome
  • Rider- 4/5

    By Big HP fan
    I LOVE the game so much but it is really annoying, because sometimes when you go into the game it will just exit you out
  • Review of rider 2/5

    By mmmiiiiaaaaa!!
    It has way to many glitches, and is always making you die for no reason. One of the biggest reasons that I am going to probably delete rider is the glitches. 9 out of the 10 times I try to play it fails I suggest that the glitches are fixed or many people will probably delete it. Right now I do not recommend rider.
  • Remove ‘Episode’ ada immediately 2/5

    By Kaiser17
    This is a fun game that I let me kids play - they are 11 years old. Ads promoting Episode have no place here - if they are not removed, we will remove this game. Disappointing that someone believes these ads are ok for a young audience. Please fix.
  • Rider is ok 3/5

    By Luke The Lobster
    It’s a great game in all and is super fun especially if you get the customizable cars or do the challenges but after a little while the game just gets boring and not that fun to play because if you get all the cars there nothing much to do anymore so that’s why this is a three star review but I do recommend at least trying the game
  • Me 5/5

    By 93748039
    This game is great I’ve been playing for a while now. But by the first week you get almost all the bikes and the challenges are a little to challenging if that makes sense. It would be fun if they added a few more bikes of maybe races with your friends but besides that this game is fun and is nice when you have nothing better to do.

    By SperSoccerDude19
  • Super fun! But... 4/5

    By Gffxffshhsbx
    This game is really fun but it's got some lag and there is a lot of ads I think this cool game needs some improvement then I think I would give it five stars.
  • Iove 4/5

    By uiokhybni
    I love it
  • Stop the ads 2/5

    By _Kaedon_
    This game will give an option to watch a ad and a second life but it won’t give the second life there are just so many ads on this game it makes no sense
  • I’m confused. 3/5

    Okay, so I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I love it. I had around 90% of the vehicles and I had around 30% of the challenges complete. But it reset everything. I beat my score yesterday and now it was 140 but when I opened the game today I started from the very beginning. This has happened to me before but I thought it was just my phone. But I had 22,000 around there of the gems! I’m confused and frustrated because now I have to start over again!
  • Trash 1/5

    By fsggdhhxhxhch
    This game is worst than wave
  • Fun but too many ads 3/5

    By asdkjklsj
    This is a fun game and I enjoy beating the challenges but there are just So. Many. Ads.
  • Reset 1/5

    By dalialah
    The game reset in the middle of me playing and I had over 12,000 diamonds and around 15-20 cars but it brought me back to ONE car and 200 DIAMONDS. I am very angry. All of the levels I played and all of the challenges and secret cars are now gone. THIS GAME GOT ME SO AGGRAVATED AND I AM ABOUT TO GO EMAIL THE GAME!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By bdiensh
    The worst game I have ever played
  • Rider 4/5

    By Leo[23]
    This is a good game but it is freakishly frustrating👺! But this is an overall good game. Nice job people😎!
  • Amazing game. Pop up Ads killed it. 2/5

    By ninja-artist
    In the midst of a nail biting game, trying to complete this super hard challenge. Just as you are about to complete the most awesome jump quad flip... an ad will appear right under your thumb forcing you to click it the ad and COMPLETELY RUIN YOUR GAME!!!
  • too many ads-dont download it! 1/5

    By Listen up heads
    this app is so annoying. everytime i die i have to wait until the thing goes away that u can get another life. then u HAVE to watch an ad. theres no "x" out of it. they are also very very long and nothing i wanna see. not only that, but theres ALWAYS an add on the bottom of the screen. i clicked on this game to play it not to watch people sell things. i know many many people who are deleting this app because of this reason. i am one of them. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!
  • Glitches and erased my data 2/5

    By Lana Harley
    While I was playing this game, I unlocked a lot of vehicles and challenges. For some reason out of the blue, it started to glitch and the app crashed. When I went back into it, it erased all my data from the game. So I was upset but I continued to play it to get my items back. When I left the app to do something else, it erased my data again when I went back to it. I didn’t even delete the app and this time the app did not crash. Please fix this issue it’s a good game but I can’t enjoy it when it keeps deleting all of my data. 😢
  • Used to Love This Game 1/5

    By MotzyD
    This game used to be fun and slightly addictive. I’ve given it only one star because in the recents weeks it has been crashing from the start up. It used to only happen once, and then after refreshing the app it would come right back up. Now, it won’t even let me open the app. Gives me different “runtime errors,” each time. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling (and losing all of my progress!) the app but it hasn’t helped. Can’t even play it anymore. My phone is up to date, and there aren’t any other apps having this issue.
  • This used to be my favorite game. This is why I deleted it. 1/5

    By Cloud 9 Studios
    Rider has been my favorite phone game for the past year. I was making great progress and would play this every morning. But, today, I had to delete it. The game now just has even more flaws. Sometimes the car randomly flips when I’m not pressing, causing the car to crash and explode. Also, in the bumpy obstacle, the car stands on its side and I can’t move it any further. Now, the app won’t even open; it just crashes and takes me back to the Home Screen. I deleted the app because I’m tired of these bugs that haven’t been fixed in years. 👎🏻

    By pleasereaddddddddddddd
    sorry if the title was a bit dramatic. i used to love this game. it calmed me down cause it was a satisfying, simple game. now i cant even go on because it says “attempt to index a function value”. i cant even run the app without it crashing for 2 seconds being on it. i’m deleting the app because i really have no use for it
  • Read review 5/5

    By 30MVP
    Great game, you will have fun and it is easy to get good at.
  • This game is the best 5/5

    By I love rider
    I love this game because of its satisfaction, it’s very satisfying with all the flips, until you die of not flipping right😂. Over all I loves this game.
  • Game Resets My Stats 1/5

    By Diego.Sanchez
    After playing this game for a while i’ve enjoyed it but it glitches me out sometimes but today it glitches me out and then reset all of my stats i had half of the bikes and 16,000 gems saved up and they all disappeared randomly.
  • Help 1/5

    By hiphopninja10
    On my device I used a revive and when I was finished with the ad it dropped me from the sky right into whatever that stuff is under the track. I’ve also experienced a lot and I mean a lot of glitches the past few days. So if you can fix it I will bring it up to five stars. Thanks have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!!!

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