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Ring - Always Home

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  • Current Version: 5.33.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Ring - Always Home App

Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone. Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home. Ring Features - High-definition video - Wide-angle camera lens - Two-way talk - Advanced motion detection - Infrared night vision - Video recording - Lifetime purchase protection

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Ring - Always Home app reviews

  • Dangerous and putting lives at risk 1/5

    By TamamaCandyLover
    The app is not letting me post neighborhood reports because there were strange men walking around my neighborhood taking pictures of houses and license plates. I tried reporting that several times once with a picture and the other 3 times in general and I kept getting emails saying my post wasn’t posted. Nothing I did was against the rules and I put it under the proper report. Suppose they were trying to rob someone? No one would ever know because this app doesn’t work and customer service couldn’t care less and would rather blow off everyone’s potential emergency situations. This could put someone’s life in DANGER! This is CRAP!
  • Overpriced, Missing Standard Features 1/5

    By D1XCRunner
    Ring cameras has come down some in price but they are still 2-3x their competitors and are missing key features. Ring also charges a $3 per month fee to use basic services like recording video or motion notifications, services that are free from other manufacturers. Ring doorbells do not offer 24/7 recording and I found mine will not activate until you are next to it. If someone runs up to your door and grabs a package it will only get the back of your head. A key feature of Ring is being able to post to Ring’s Neighbors to try to help catch local criminals. However, I have had crime occur on my property and Ring does not also the video of the criminal to be posted as it may “lead to false accusations” despite the fact there is a video of the crime. I also use Wyze cams and would recommend those as they have free 24/7 recording with a microSD card (Ring doesn’t have that option) as well as free motion notification w/ cloud video storage. So everything Ring has, but more and for free...also Wyze cams are $25 and my Ring was $225. Definitely not making the mistake of buying Ring again.
  • Live view in app glitchy 3/5

    By Fork07
    Awesome idea but the app glitches and never loads whenever you open live view from a notification. Also sometimes doesn’t load previously recorded rings. Have to close the app and reopen to get it to work. Also has trouble loading live view just normally opening the app. Used to pickup unwanted motion all the time but they fixed that. I hope they fix live view.
  • Useless to see who is at the door... 1/5

    By fdefunct
    It takes so long to activate the camera after receiving a notification it renders it useless for telling who is at the door because they’ll be gone by the time the video loads. For reference, the doorbell has a strong signal (according to the Ring app) and is less than 20ft away from a commercial grade wireless access point. We’ve had the doorbell for well over a year now and the issues are consistent across devices, network hardware, you name it.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By carrgabe
    The times I’ve actually needed the camera to record something it just records it all black. I can’t see the video.
  • What happened to the map??? 3/5

    By SCG421
    When your neighbors posted something, there used to be a map that would show the general area where the incident occurred. Now it’s no longer there. That was useful! Put it back!!!
  • Video is unavailable, Pics shows fine. 3/5

    By ARTeodoro
    I can’t see the neighbors video. Lots of postings is not available, black screen. When people post pictures (of lost cats, dogs, for example), they show fine. Any solution to this? Thank you.
  • Slow and crashing 1/5

    By joaqwgrant
    App is trash, crashes all the time.
  • My Ring 5/5

    By sch1937
    I have NEVER EVER felt as safe and secure as I do now! I love being able to see what’s going on with out opening my door! I have one on the front and I have have the spotlight on the back!! Best thing I have done for myself!!! Plus my kids all feel better knowing I’m safe! I’d give10 stars if that were possible!!! Thank you Ring for making me feel safe!!!**********
  • Just NO!!! One star reviews are all true! 1/5

    By Getrealman
    Ring has more than enough money to hire competent software engineers. Fire them all now for this garbage software and get a new team that can actually make Ring work as advertised! It just gets worse and worse. The live view lag has been there for well over a year with no fix! Zero real-time reliability and if you make any comments with Neighbors about the fact that it doesn’t work right, they get deleted. I could never recommend this product.
  • Not user friendly, does not show live feed and cannot get rid of neighborhood alerts 1/5

    By Dill05
    This app is terrible. I bought a ring for the first time a couple of days ago and I’ve had so many issues with it. First the app is not user friendly. There are way too many settings to figure out not to mention the annoying unread notifications for different app features. Second, my ring won’t show me a live feed and is stuck on the activating device screen. My WiFi is 300mbs...I tested it. To top it all off I cannot get rid of the neighborhood alert push notifications. I even called ring, was on hold for 30 minutes, downloaded and reinstalled the app and guess what notification I see an hour later? I will probably return this piece of junk and buy a different brand. DISAPPOINTED
  • Latest Update Messed everything up! 1/5

    By Kaceeraelyn
    We’ve had our ring for well over a year and it has been fabulous until the latest update. My husband and I have had the app on both of our phones with individual logins. Now it made us choose an owner and make the other the shared user. We find this unacceptable. We are equals and want equal access to our devices. Also, when the app was opened previously, it would bring us to the page with history allowing us to quickly search. Now it brings up a different screen requiring multiple steps to see previous activity. I am very sad that we have purchased additional item and already prepared them for installation. I don’t get why you folks would want to screw up a functional app under the pretense of improvements.
  • Total disappointment 1/5

    By AS Dhindsa
    customer care service on phone is terrible.i have very bad experience with my ring doorbell pro. its scary. sometime it goes offline and bell starts ringing in night. ring doorbell camera goes offline in night times when i need it the most
  • Shorter alert tones 2/5

    By Moosejr222
    We need some shorter alert tones. All the ones you have are too repetitive and long they get way too annoying and disruptive went out in the public or in the workplace. Possibly just one or two tones that just have a simple short Single beep.
  • Lack of Support 2/5

    By David.88
    Despite Ring being owned by Amazon, you can’t expect the same level of customer service/support. First off, the customer service chat interface (powered by Kustomer) is unreliable. Secondly, the customer support takes a long time to respond, due in no small part to the front line support technicians having to always run everything by their supervisor. Thirdly, a faulty product takes a week to replace! That’s right, you can buy a new Ring doorbell and have it delivered overnight—but if your doorbell is a lemon or breaks, Ring takes an entire week to replace it. In regards to the app, it’s still quite slow on the latest iPhones, but it has been improving. But at this point, Ring should’ve worked out the issues with their current line of products—instead of constantly launching new models with their own issues.
  • Need ability to customize notifications 2/5

    By analytics U.S.
    The Ring camera and native app function of showing who is at our door in real time is perfect. The app also notifies you of Crimea in your area. Unfortunately, more than half of the posts in my area are people asking their neighbors what is going on when police cars or fire trucks go by, or asking whether the noise they heard is fireworks or gunshots. Notifications should go out only when someone is posting a “crime” with a video or data from their camera. Text only posts should not get a push notification. It would be even better to make people who post on the hopes the victims or police will respond and provide details on the crime have to opt in or indicate they are not reporting a crime.
  • My ring stoped working since Saturday 1/5

    By vintagebella
    I don’t know what happened but recently it stopped working . I was blaming it on the internet but I just found out that is the app . Please fix it because it’s not cool that my parents are paying for a service that it doesn’t work .
  • Most recent update: video broken, crashes 1/5

    By noodleznow
    Suddenly the neighbors video is just black, but does play in previews. Click the video, it crashes every time.
  • Iphone 12 mini (zoomed mode) 4/5

    By t0lkman
    The app is good, but not optimized for iphone 12 mini zoomed mode
  • The best-selling security device available 5/5

    By Rick R........
    I've had mine plus a few other Ring devices since day one and couldn't be more pleased with overall performance and customer service.
  • No Geofencing! 😱 1/5

    By Captain Fava
    I was astounded to discover that there is no geofencing to automatically change modes as you arrive or leave home. I admit my mistake for not checking before buying the cameras, but it is such a no-brainer feature that one kinda expects as standard. Upon investigation I learned that this has been a cause of complaints from users for years. If I had known this I would have gone a different way. Other than that, no problems.
  • Freezing 2/5

    By HZeledón
    App is okay. Keeps freezing up every time. I try to see who’s at the door. I have to wait about a minute or two to see the recorded video👎🏼
  • Ring doorbell stop working 1/5

    By jithr
    Ring doorbell stop working when I arm the Ring security system to home mode. Happened twice in the last week. I had to open the ring doorbell and press the button inside to connect again. Really frustrating.
  • Slow to respond 2/5

    By rokureallysucks
    It takes forever to load camera view. By the time it takes to actually show something your package is gone with the thief.
  • Now worthless 1/5

    By Dungeon Master 32
    When first purchased the live view actually worked. Now it never works, app hangs when trying to answer doorbell. We bought the Chime Pro and that actually made it worse. WiFi signal in my house is a super strong mesh system with 2 additional access points. Laptop gets fast signal from way out in backyard. Ring doorbell is 10’ feet from router can’t even show live view or answer doorbell in a reasonable amount of time. Save your money and look elsewhere!
  • The app is terrible and products are subpar 1/5

    By Mikel27
    I’ll continue to update my reviews as they continue to delete them. I’ve them saved locally at this point. The app and accessing the camera is terrible for any type of security measure for a home or business. The notifications never line up with alerts, almost complete opposite. And the load time plus cool down period are a disaster for any type of security. The Neighbors portion is just useless. Nothing like alerts at 3a from someone miles away because they heard something outside their house or someone drove down their road. Last - once I opted out of data sharing features and auto-enabled features Ring and Amazon tried to get away recently with my app no longer works.
  • Not all what you think 1/5

    By Pdogg616
    I bought five cameras because I thought it was good considering the ratings... but if you want to zoom out it’s blurry and you can’t make anything out such as description of people license plates.. so basically anything that you want to zoom out on forget about it..
  • Not working 1/5

    By gnevel1
    My ring app does not work at all.
  • last update 1/5

    By Dislike New App
    please fix the issues from last update. it absolutely takes forever for anything to load 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Would love to review 1/5

    By Dontclickonme
    But it won’t even let me create an account. Every time I try to make a password. It says something went wrong. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, and restarting my phone, nothing. Please let me know how to fix this and maybe I’ll give a higher review
  • App constantly glitches 1/5

    By Sir Mr Nico
    Video doesn’t play properly. Just a black screen when playing it a second time. Switching to the comments for a post stops video from playing just a black screen. App makes phone hot then app shuts down unexpectedly
  • Honest assessment after 2 years 4/5

    By zmyers19
    The good: - I love the recent addition of rich notifications. Great improvement. - I love the reliability of the system. It definitely gives me a notification every time. What can improved: - I don’t understand the device health. What is RSSI? Make this simpler and tell me if I need more bandwidth, better signal, etc for better performance. I need a simple gradient: poor, ok, good, excellent. - we need a WIDGET. With the new “modes” feature, I need a widget to quickly set them without opening the app. I set my home alarm this way. I’d love to have a ring widget right beside it. - I have great internet. But when I get a notification and press on it, it can sometimes take 5+ seconds for the live view to come up. That’s too long to be able to do anything sometimes. And then I have to wait like 5 minutes for the video to upload to see what actually came into view. Make this faster or give us a Device Health meter that will show us how to improve this time.
  • Defect 1/5

    By The Days Between
    The latest build only plays wind chimes for notifications and does not honor if you have chosen another sound. Frustrating.
  • Good but not great 4/5

    By Angrychet13
    This app is handy for monitoring your front door and the area beyond. Keeping a record of the motions is also a very good idea. However, it’s utility as an actual monitor of who is at your door is limited by the excessive amount of “ processing” time the motion video takes. You always have to answer the door without seeing who or what set off the Ring.
  • iPhone good, iPad not so much 1/5

    By I think I like it!
    App works great on iPhone 8 and 8 plus, all features included. Works OK on iPad 4 but neighbors feature does not work. Also struggles with screen rotation. Update: Keeps loosing login on iPhone. Videos will not always play. Getting worse with each update.
  • Better get a dog 1/5

    By bloodfire373
    We got a ring for free and I was skeptical at first and now I know it’s just awful. Have eufy cameras and about to invest in more of them instead. Don’t waste you money.
  • Neighbors function randomly crashes 1/5

    By JC98031
    When viewing post within the neighbors function, the app randomly crashes. Also cannot play video posts in full screen. The video will open to full screen; however, hitting the play icon doesn’t start the video.
  • 1 year and now it won’t charge 1/5

    By Security view
    I bought this a year ago and now it won’t work. The hard wire wont charge it . I check the power supply it working but it won’t recharge it
  • It worth the money 1/5

    By sellsje
    Choppy playback, sensitivity adjustment is not good for sidewalks 25 ft from door. It either triggers every car going by or it won’t trigger til there on your stoop. Lame.
  • Works great! 4/5

    By DogInTheBathtub
    Overall a very good interface. A couple of areas for possible improvement: 1. In order to hear the app audibly notify you when someone rings at your door, the volume on your phone needs to be raised, which can be a distraction when ads or other app notifications pop up at a very loud level. Would be nice if the app notify volume could be tied into the ringer volume instead of the speaker volume. 2. When adding another user, the first step for that invitee should be to download the ring app and then create an account. Currently, it has the invited user create an account through its online website and never has them download the ring app.
  • Update 4/5

    By steve catalano
    Keep saying fresh new update but it’s always the same
  • Bad business 1/5

    By Ejapippy
    Thanks for making me reset my password and making it go through my email which I can’t check on my phone. I need to check my house right now and have no ability to do so thanks for that. I should get to choose when my password was reset and I should be able to do it from the site
  • Clean UI 4/5

    By G_m0
    This app has a very clean user interphase. It delivers as promised and I have not experienced any glitches. What I’d love to see is the incorporation of scenes and thermostat integration.
  • I want to really like this, but... 3/5

    By TheIversens
    Why, oh, why are you not integrated with HomeKit?!? Some of us cannot and will not ever use Amazon Alexa or any other smart home integration system besides HomeKit. We want to be able to use HomeKit to control lights without some super slow third party thing like IFTTT. Please, please, consider integration with HomeKit or partnering with Ring and Wemo. I read it was coming and this is why I bought what I bought, but there will come a day when I eill look elsewhere. And it would be nice if my community could be my community and some weird location 5-6 miles away. I’ve had tickets open for that, which I’d love to see fixed, too!
  • Bloody hell 1/5

    By Lisad67213
    Ok. The double and triple notification is getting on my nerves. First notification tells me I have an alert, mere seconds later, I get another showing a quick snip of what tripped it. I have to now mute my phone at work and when I am sleeping - so what good is it???? It is constantly giving me double and sometimes triple notifications!!!! Each and every update, seems to break the app even more. If you are smart and read the reviews before you buy, run to another product because all this is going to do, is piss you off.
  • Ring doorbell 2/5

    By Just another Angie!
    Takes forever for the video to load, to view it in the moment
  • Poser Leadership @ Amazon 1/5

    By Zombie!Pig!
    Nothing about Amazon-Ring is worthy of giving a positive review. 1) The app (especially the latest release this week that crashed everyone’s Ring settings) is near useless for actual engagement with anyone at your door in a timely manner. 2) To be told by Lameazon support our wifi network has issues is a complete cop-out. Basically, the entire company fails, end to end, to take ownership of ANY reported issue. 3) It is very evident they (Amazon) assume the end-user (customer) is an idiot. The company, Amazon, as a whole could use leadership lessons from companies like Chick-fil-A who respect and honor their customers. Hey Amazon, try servant leadership principles instead of socialistic/dictatorship style hammering!
  • Spam in the app!!!! 1/5

    By Dhhhhug
    They keep showing a “red dot” on the menu bar to show there is an issue (update needed, etc.). When you click on the menu it takes you to spammy links to Amazon where they are pushing more stuff to buy. You can’t make the red dot disappear unless you click on each add (over 10 each time). Honestly, I already pay for monitoring a don’t need more spam. I talked to their support and they basically said “too bad”.
  • Sorry I bought the ring doorbell 1/5

    By 2009accountant
    I am extremely sorry that I bought this ring doorbell. I constantly get alerts that there is someone at my front door. And there is nothing to show on the video. I had to uninstall the app once since it didn’t work correctly, it stated my battery level was 0pct and now it is 100pct. Makes no sense As I am Tupi g this I got another alert there is someone at my front door and again, nobody, not even a car passing by. This is the Worst product I have ever bought in my life