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Ring - Always Home

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  • Current Version: 5.54.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ring.com
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ring - Always Home App

Watch over your property from anywhere with Ring Video Doorbells, Security Cameras, Alarm systems, and Smart Lights. Ring Doorbells and Cameras can send you instant alerts when someone’s at your door or motion is detected. Keep an eye on what matters with live HD video and greet visitors with Two-Way Talk. With a compatible Ring Protect Plan subscription (or free trial), you can review, save, and share Ring videos. Ring Smart Lights let you control and schedule lighting easily. Some models can even notify you about motion nearby, and trigger other compatible Ring devices to record. Ring Alarm systems let you monitor entrances and indoor spaces, and detect certain safety hazards. Enroll in Ring Alarm professional monitoring (compatible Ring Protect Plan subscription required) to request dispatch of emergency responders when your Ring Alarm is triggered. Whether you’re halfway around the world or just busy with the kids upstairs, with Ring, you’re always home.

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Ring - Always Home app reviews

  • why 2/5

    By ThemApples
    please remove the 14 adds at the bottom of the app
  • No live view 1/5

    By Rocco.poco
    Unable to see Live view on iPhone 13. Deleted and reinstalled the App no help Have been using Ring for many many years Very disappointed there is no assistance
  • No Motion Alerts after iOS 16.1.1 Update 2/5

    By LalaAvis
    I no longer receive motion notifications after updating my iPhone! Please Ring, work with Apple to get this figured out! With the holiday season upon us, the last thing I need is for my motion notifications to not be working. With all these porch pirates this is very concerning! Plz, plz fix ASAP!!
  • Video Doorbell Pro 2 no long works 1/5

    By twilightfan24748
    I can no longer open the doorbell when someone rings it, which defeats the purpose. It was working fine up until the last update. Also the WiFi keeps dropping on the Chime and Chime Pro. Please fix the issue and I didn’t even update to iOS 16 yet
  • Hard to update and constant logging in. 2/5

    By ChrisSantiago81
    I’m trying to add my phone, using the App, to the ring device my mom set up at her home. She installed the ring device with out giving me the code and I don’t have the crazy star driver to unscrew it. I tried in connect to it wirelessly and I keep getting a message saying I need to update the App to get it to connect to the device. Although I can’t find an option in that allows me to update the App. They are missing an option to “search for updates” in the App. Then in order to search through all the menu options, I had to log in over and over again. Not the best execution of what should be a good concept.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mikel27
    There’s no excuse to use Ring. They invade privacy, make you jump through loops to get out of a subscription. It’s a paid app and below average technologies. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO THE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR VIDEOS. If you’re using Ring still with the plethora of more quality options, you’re retarded or ignorant.
  • App no longer does motion alerts on iPhone 1/5

    By jesus everything is taken
    This has happened before, and app updates fixed it. This time, I upgraded my phone, but this didn’t start happening for at least a week. What happened? I live in an awful neighborhood and I NEED to know when someone is on my porch. This isn’t something I do for fun. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • Very slow app 1/5

    By N. Cox
    I came on here to read the reviews to see if I was the only one experiencing the glitches and how slow the app is. Glad I’m not alone! I’m looking into other security systems.
  • Widget please !!! 3/5

    By stephjusko
    When a widget on Lock Screen ? And live when you see the dashboard ? For that only 3 stars
  • Outdoor siren hard to access 3/5

    By Pianomichelle326
    We get prowlers overnight. Whenever I get an alert, I find myself fumbling to activate the siren. I wish it was just one simple button accessible from the live view screen rather than having to hit settings button, then hitting another button stating that you agree to end live view, then the siren button on the screen. When you are panicked and in a rush, that is way too many steps. Especially without glasses on.
  • Larger Preview Please 4/5

    By MiddlingPants5
    I like the idea of having a preview image show on the Lock Screen, but it’s too small to be discernible. Could you please make it as big as possible?
  • The hype is over 1/5

    By janbree
    Not only has this missed some important events that happened in front of my home several times . Everytime the subscription goes out it doesn’t just say hey you need to pay this to continue it automatically deletes everything. Everything all events recorded has been deleted. Avoid at all cost and go back to regular systems put money into that because you wouldn’t lose out on everything recorded with those.
  • Refused to ship purchases, refused to refund 1/5

    By spratdog
    I ordered 10 items from the ring.com website. They shipped 6, didn’t ship 4, including the alarm to tie together all the other products, thus making them useless. After spending 2 hours with online customer support, they refused to ship the alarm unless I paid more. BAIT-AND-SWITCH SCAM. Then when I asked them to send me return boxes for the items they had delivered and I had already installed, to get a refund (literally dozens of times), they refused every time, and told me I had to call on the phone to speak to a supervisor. I called, and they refused to let me speak to a supervisor. I had time to uninstall the ring doorbell and install my old one while they refused to send me a box 5 times over half an hour. For hours they threw useless questions at me. Had to verify my identity 5 times. Needed my order number 4 times. Couldn’t handle a return with just the order number, needed my “tracking number”. These are constant trickle friction interruptions requesting useless information they already had to try to get me to stop asking them for a refund. Clear sign of a scam operation. It’s too bad, too, because their stuff is nice, assuming they ever send it to you. I am also reporting their scam to my credit card company.
  • Crashes on iPad 16.1.1 2/5

    By Shawn.Wong
    Crashes too often.
  • Not 5 stars 3/5

    By LJB2017
    We have used the ring for over a year. Works well but not great. Many times we have ppl upon our doorstep before the ring records. Also, several times we will get an alert and only see a gray screen before it starts playing the video or only a gray screen. Currently, we have one positioned in front of a trap to catch our missing kitty. We will see her at the trap, but not prior, to see which direction she came from. Overall, I would recommend the ring camera, just do not expect total accuracy or record time.
  • Lousy and more expensive than their competition 1/5

    By Fototico
    I figured out what is going on (see review). Ring now is having problems with me using an VPN to protect my privacy. If unscrupulous companies did not shared and sold people’s personal information, people would not have to use VPN’s to protect our privacy. This is such a cheap move by Ring. It really shows what the company (Amazon) and the app are all about. Shame, but when you have no moral principals, what can one expect? The hide behind the lie of “we are trying to protect your account.” There are many way of protecting an account that blocking VPN’s. Plus I travel a lot too. If I was paying for their service I would be making a call to my attorney. But since I don’t, I will update my reviews of Ring in every platform that I can. —/— Recently the app has been giving me an error message when I switch between one location and another. It says that “can’t load your location. We’re having trouble loading your location information. Try again.” The prices of their subscription have gone through the roof. And of course, they force you to subscribe is you want access to the recorded videos. Dzees and other similar services (such a Wyze) don’t need a subscribe view videos. Their cameras have a memory stick slot, so the camera can store videos locally. No need to pay to record or view the videos. Paying gives you functions such as AI, zone setting, and so on. If you don’t care for that then you are good to go. Their subscription is 30 bucks per year for up to ten cameras. And their cameras are much cheaper too. Less than half the price of Ring cameras. All my Ring cameras have been either replaced or will he replaced with other competitor's cameras. Specially as more 2K cameras become available. Some are out already form other companies (and they are still cheaper than Ring’s cameras), but I am waiting for Dzees to come out with their own. They have one 2K already, but not the one I want. Wyze also makes good and cheaper cameras with memory slots, but their subscription is more expensive, but not as expensive as Ring’s. The only thing that is OK with Ring is their alarm system. I don’t subscribe to it anymore, but for my purposes it’s good enough. When the time comes to replace it, I will look into other manufactures to compare. The only good thing left about Ring is the app. Compared to Dzees’, the Ring app is a lot better. Well, was because like I wrote above, I am getting error messages now. But in features, video playback, and other functions, Ring’s is better.
  • Very satisfied 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5

    By AppleFan2003
    Had a problem with my doorbell and a stick up cam, Ring replaced both with No Problem at all!! Great customer service teps!!! Thanks much 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Ring 1/5

    By ChristopherBeley1
    Ring app not very good neither is the ring doorbell 3
  • I can’t receive voice and video calls 3/5

    By qpmcd$72
    Everything is alright except that I can’t receive calls both voice and video.I wish that you can help me with that
  • Can’t display live view 2/5

    By BrooklenDW
    Kind of an important feature to have…
  • Not 100% 3/5

    By Oshsus
    Misses sometimes and takes video of something I don’t have it within the parameters
  • Good, but 3/5

    By Bigfdskjfddh
    I like the ring devices and what they offer. So long as they work. Twice now over the last year or so, alerts just get intermittent or stop altogether. I find I have to blow away the app and redownload it in order to get it to work. As if the updates makes it stop working. Very disappointing. Setup can be a pain as well.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kiloshaniko1
    I am not surprised that the ring does Not work half of the time and when someone is screaming about someone trying to murder them and your ring camera/app didn’t work????? I am going to purchase another brand. Your company should be ashamed selling products that don’t work even when someone comes to my door! This is unacceptable and will warn everyone I know lol I am the world’s best at gaming and you should not honk about that! Good bye to you for such a bad product that doesn’t work when I need it to
  • Need to show battery percentage all on one screen 1/5

    By WowANestOwner
    Please add a way to view all the battery percentage on one screen.
  • Ring 5/5

    By ms bag
    I love my ring doorbell I feel safe leaving my home know I can keep a eye on my house anywhere wish I had brought it along time ago I trade in my adt for ring spend less money a month and still get your money worth it a win for me I will never trade it for anything else thank u ring for protection I need so far I had it for 3 months no complain it has not act up and it keep all the creepy people away lol had the creepy maintenance man with sticky finger away I hope I won’t get hacked I read all the things to do so I won’t get hacked privacy is My main concern about this doorbell happy customer love my RING doorbell
  • Nightmare!!! 1/5

    By Photo Alex 123
    I tried to upgrade my doorbell and found myself going around in circles tapping at a “cow” for 20 minutes. This app needs serious attention. Now (2 months later) I don’t get the alerts, the power is on and Wi-Fi is working. Here I go again, waisting my time!!!
  • Ring 5/5

    By go to xyz
    How do I make each video longer?
  • The ring app is no longer accessible 1/5

    By blind smoker
    This app no longer reads with voiceover on iOS 16 and up. I work in the assistive technology industry, and can no longer promote this app as accessible. This app has been rendered useless for all blind in the vision users, who rely on voiceover on current version of iOS. element, menus and dialogues are not recognized or spoken. The ring app is no longer accessible.
  • Okay app 2/5

    By Adrianinri
    The integration into neighbors is terrible and doesn’t work. The recording features don’t work very well when you want to have it record people and get notified, the people can walk by one camera and not be seen and then a shows up when they walk back to it. Not impressed.
  • Recording Time 4/5

    By Aldorsie500
    I would like the cameras to record longer for the battery cameras.
  • Ring stick up cam battery 3/5

    By jrtnskie
    I WOULD BE 100 % satisfied if only the camera quality was better. I love the app. I love the ease of use. Ease of installation, love the notifications sent to my phone, BUT for gods sake it’s 2022 1080p is borderline unacceptable these days. Please ring people! We want 4K. JOSEPH RUTINSKI.
  • Connecting to wifi 3/5

    By lottabiscuit
    No matter what I do my doorbell won’t connect even putting it next to the router.
  • Won’t detect motion at night 2/5

    By alexandra4JC
    I have Wyze and Blink Cameras and for some reason I thought the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery would be better than the Blink cam but for some reason it will not detect motion at the main time that I need it. During the night! And I don’t have any schedules set up. I returned my first camera because I thought that particular camera was defective and exchanged it for another but it’s the same thing. The live view will show me my yard but my blink camera (which doesn’t produce clear night footage and less distance) picks up all sorts of things that the Ring camera only detects during the day. It really feels quite useless if I can’t figure out how to get it to pick up motion during the night. I thought maybe it doesn’t see well in the dark but for some reason it will pick up my dog at 5 or 6 in the morning yet it won’t pick him up at 7 or 8 at night. And both times are dark. Any time my dogs go out during the night or a cat walks by the blink camera picks them up but the Ring camera won’t pick up anything until around 5 or 6 am depending upon when my dog goes out. I don’t understand why this is happening and I had a tech support guy on the phone for 20 minutes trying to help me figure it out. If the Blink camera had better night footage and a wider range and didn’t have a delay in recording I’d just get more of those.
  • Great System 5/5

    By JOHNA-313
    I’ve had a full ring system for the last four years on Ashore property in New Jersey where I’m not there a couple of days a week. The Ring app is so user-friendly and makes you feel like your property is safe when you’re away it’s a very safe & comforting feeling, knowing your property is being watched.. it definitely keeps people away when they see the cameras and the motion lights kicked on. John Antolino
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 1/5

    By Can't mobile order
    I spent over a half an hour on the phone with support and they were unable to fix my issue with not receiving motion alert notifications on my iPhone. They told me to contact Apple. Apple couldn’t help me and told me to contact the app developer. I now have a camera that’s useless to me if I don’t receive notifications from it. Someone please help me with the technician issues.
  • Event history 1/5

    By shawn89711
    Why did you change the event history lay out I hate seeing all my motions with screen shots make it the way it was before this latest update or give us a choice to change it. The screen shots are way to big making it a challenge to see everything in a days event history. Fix it
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Yo mamma 12
    You can only view the feed in 3 minute increments so if the app didn’t pick up the motion you won’t be able to view anything. If it does pick up the motion sometimes it won’t show anything before it either. Also I have the Spot light one for the back yard. The light goes off at random times in the middle of the night and it won’t show as motion detected on the feed and again it only shows in 3 minute intervals so you can’t even check the recordings.
  • Very buggy 1/5

    By StarJumper3456
    Motion events, take forever to load in the app if they ever loaded all. The camera itself is fine, but the app is so bad, it’s making me consider finding a different brand. This issue happens over and over.
  • Notifications No Longer Working 2/5

    By Eric9923
    Ever since the latest update, notifications are no longer working. This is very frustrating. Hard to believe with such a popular app, that something like this was missed.
  • Get ready to rebuy this 1/5

    By Bbbrrraaaiinns
    Just so happens your rings warranty will expire just months before your device dies. My suggestion is go with your camera from your security provider.
  • Update 1/5

    By Nicky_B01752
    This app needs an update. Dies not work sine the new IOS 16 update. This is getting tiresome waiting for the Ring Team to figure this out. Get on the ball and update this.
  • If You Are An iPhone User.....Be Prepared 😂 1/5

    By scv91355
    If you are an iPhone user be prepared that the ring app will not show badges on the application. Other notifications will come through, but after years of comments on the Ring Website, they refuse to fix the problem. Again, this is a known problem that goes back, at least until 2019. I don’t know about you, but I depend upon badges, so I don’t have to clutter up my screen. I suggest another doorbell product by all means.
  • Snapshot detection area smaller then live view 2/5

    By ezwicke95
    Recently updated and now when I want to select the area for motion detection it is missing the top portion. “Snapshot” is way smaller then “live view” is the changeable in the app or a bug in the software? Please fix so I can select the area I need. Thank you!
  • Worst User Experience Award Goes To Ring 1/5

    By JoeFriday
    There has to be minimal user experience research going into the app. Want to review your videos and quickly wipe them, forget about it. In the latest update now you go from one side of the screen to the other to accomplish this. It’s multiple steps that are on different sides of the screen. Want to send the feedback from the app? Forget about it. You get directed to chat with a bot. I was frustrated before the latest update, but this update took it over the top. It looks like developers are leading the charge for updates with little regard of what users experience.
  • I don’t care about your missing pets 1/5

    By letmebeanonymous
    This app is full of boomers asking for help locating a missing cat or dog. So annoying.
  • Clicks to go live 3/5

    By pepehd
    Really should I have to make so many touches to go to the live screen on my door cam?
  • Garbage!! 1/5

    By lightenin
    This app runs inefficiently and SLOW!!!
  • No to Ring.com and No VPN 1/5

    By tatertex
    I was excited to install several Ring products to replace my expensive ADT security system by taking advantage of Black Friday deals, but I decided against doing this for two main reasons and a third. First, Ring does not support the use of VPN’s on its mobile app, tablets or computers. So, it doesn’t work if you use a VPN. There’s no work around other than being forced to not use a VPN. Secondly, all of the recent reviews for the Ring.com app are terrible! The reason vary, but there are so many that it’s not worth the risk. Amazon owns Ring and having seen how cumbersome and confusing Amazon’s Alexa can be with some features cause concern. So, not doing Ring. Amazon is facing some financial struggles and bad products like Ring are not helping.
  • The best security system! 5/5

    By mirform92
    After going through some stuff with a crazy ex showing up at my house, I bought a doorbell and a camera for my living room so I could see if anyone came in my front door. After an incident last month with someone getting in, I bought cameras for every room. I love that I get alerts on my phone and Apple Watch whenever there is motion and that I’m able to see all of the cameras on the dashboard and see what’s going on in each room. I’m a lot more comfortable now knowing that I can see what’s going on in my house at any moment and I love that I can check in on my cats and talk to them through the camera. I have and will continue to recommend Ring to everyone I know!