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Ring - Always Home App

Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone. Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home. Ring Features - High-definition video - Wide-angle camera lens - Two-way talk - Advanced motion detection - Infrared night vision - Video recording - Lifetime purchase protection


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  • Started great, fell short. 1/5

    By aplpi
    First edit 24 May: They are currently sending me a replacement pet, and we will see how that goes, I’ll update accordingly. Original review: The ring was great at first but after some updates we stopped being able to see video when the doorbell is rung. Alerts are delayed by 2 minutes and everything is slow now. We have a great internet connection and power is good as well. Gigabit service and a wireless speed of 150/40 at the doorbell itself. Software updates ruined a great product. All of my neighbors have the same issue as well. Don’t waste your money until these issues are fixed.
  • Faster to go to the door than open app 1/5

    By The Guy Behind The Guy
    Ring needs to come in like a video phone call like Skype does rather than a notification. Otherwise, it’s just faster to go to the door than open the app. App takes forever and doesn’t even open the video most times.
  • App Stinks 1/5

    By rvalenta
    This thing doesn’t work very well at all. Every time I get a ring, it doesn’t connect fast enough. Also, they don’t show up in history fast enough. It’s more of a gimmick than a security feature. Waste of money! 5/23/18 Update - I appreciate the response but you’ve tried to help 3 times. My WIFI is literally 10 feet from the doorbell with only the outside wall in between. I also have the latest high end top of the line router. Ring is the only device I have issues with. My pool controls use the same WIFI and they’re at least 50 feet away on the other side of the house with several walls in between. Not a single problem for 2 years. Ring has been a problem since day 1. You can’t fix it because your product doesn’t work properly.
  • Live View 2/5

    By Linda-Wetmore,MI
    Would like to be able to click on live view and just view what is going on without recording. To hit record if I need to. For instance, to check on dogs, property etc. Most other cams allow it except Ring. My husband has sever cigarettes outside the door, we go out to get in our car, etc. Going in and deleting 20-30 motion detections all day is getting old. You should be able to view without recording like other cameras. Or be able to turn off recording. You can turn off notices but all those clips still exist.
  • Not as expected 1/5

    By Ungrateful grands
    It’s okay
  • It has a mind of its own 2/5

    By kcrkcr
    At first I liked the “security” device and what little it does. Get the bugs out before you try and sell it, that would be a good start. OK, the # 1 thing I hate about this device is that you have idiots that censure the neighborhood postings and comments. I can understand if you curse, bully, post something that has nothing to do with what this neighborhood watch is supposed to do, whatever it do, to get you censured. Comments like “if you leave your bags on the poach at night someone will surly steal them” is a little direct but some people need it like that. My comment was removed by a Ring “monitor”. Idiots and bad people censure the truth. #2 every time I view my backyard at night the lights are on. Its set for a 3 minute on period when activated but they don’t turn off unless I do it. This is a major issue. #3 the app uses a lot of phone space/data to run and I don’t have the space to give, ITS A DATA HOG!! #4 unless you sign up for their monitoring service you won’t get to record anything. If you’re robbed, you won’t have anything to show the police. SO, if thieves come to your home you can watch them and call a neighbor and you need evidence. That’s the reason you buy this thing, for the evidence. But until you fork over the money all you can do is tune in and watch your stuff go bye bye. I contacted Ring. The one good thing I can say about it is that they have a fantastic customer service, not that my problems were fixed! Keep up the good work Rung. Also, you cannot use your iPad or Mac Desktop or any Mac computer even though they continue to advertise that you can. Hey Ring, remove that lie.
  • No outgoing audio 1/5

    By bkrrrrrrrrrrr6
    Yes, my microphone is turned on in the privacy settings. This is my second one in the last 3 days. I even ordered a WiFi extended to see if it would help the audio not working. Nope. The amazon guy was standing at my gate. I tried to yell “leave it behind the pot” but he just stood there. My son came home from school and it alerted me he was walking up. I said “hi honey!” As he walked by and he didn’t notice. He said he didn’t hear anything. So I had him go back outside and try it again. No luck. Returned it. Got another one. Deleted the app and prior device. Nope. Still no audio. I’ll be calling ring in the morning, but this is so frustrating for something I paid over $100 for and pay monthly for the cloud.
  • Still No HomeKit 1/5

    By tacogy3
    Where is HomeKit? Never coming and the company lied for years. Loads slow and full of bugs. Get a Nest Hello. Much better.
  • Was great! Instead of getting better it got worse 2/5

    By Krissycam71511
    I really think they should have kept it simple. All these extra features really killed the app. It’s so glitchy I can’t even see the videos anymore. Useless!
  • Location software out of date 2/5

    By fhjffhjujhfjj
    Ring location has my home 10 miles from where I live. I get neighborhood updates that have no relevance. It won’t recognize my house number I’ve lived at for 30 years. I wonder if they know of Google [no affiliation}
  • If someone’s at my door , I can answer the ring 1/5

    By frusterated with doorbell ring
    My door bell ring does not work on the app it’s such a slow delay. It won’t show till the person that at your door is gone. If there’s motion. It’s a very late delay also. Look at other door bell security cameras!
  • Like it but... 3/5

    By Patrish#2
    Very glitchy, takes forever to load to give me feed, I have no luck answering a ring, when bell is rung. Mostly use to check activity periodically. Kinda dumb that’s its easier to go answer the door 😩 defeats one of the reasons why we got it.
  • Doorbell Rings For No Reason 2/5

    By chsro128
    Can you tell me why my doorbell has rung three different times in the middle of the night when there is nobody there? I bought the Ring to feel safer, but if it continues to ring on its own , and especially in the middle of the night, what good is it?
  • Better than most 5/5

    By Profyi
    Yes it’s not perfect but they are always improving and fixing there software. We have all there cams don’t have the alarm service yet it warns everyone we chose to get a warning that someone’s on the property and they also get the video. I got to says my favorite is the Flood cam having at lease one of every cam they all have a job and together we don’t miss much.
  • simply doesn’t work 1/5

    By Dm9226
    installed and immediately had issues, was told i needed to get a chime pro, that didn’t work.
  • I like the devices - app needs work 3/5

    By Bschult22
    A lot of times when I get a notification that there’s motion, I open the app but I can’t view the video. I have to open the previous video, close it, then open the latest one. Not very handy when you want to see what’s going on outside quickly.
  • The app is becoming over complicated 2/5

    By Doofevilinc
    It used to open more quickly but with all the stuff is quite slow to connect now. Also support can change your settings without your authorization. It stopped ranging our in home doorbell within about 7 months. I don't care about the neighborhood stuff. I don't want people to know my business and I don't want to know theirs. I wish there was a lite app that was fast, then for those who want all the nosy stuff they could use the slow one.
  • Ring Solar 2/5

    By Eric'sMacBook
    I had high hopes for the Ring Solar. I bought two and when my front doorbell couldn’t hold a charge (you have to still plug in the battery every week.) I tried to return my second solar. Tech support said ship it back. Shipping cost almost $40. No thanks. Don’t waste your time on the Solar, unless you want to have to unplug and charge the battery. Lastly, to properly use Ring you have to have a $30 subscription a year. If you buy multiple devices it’s $100 a year! Buyer beware! Great hype, but falls short on delivery.
  • Ring goes off randomly 3/5

    By super soccer chick
    Door bell rings randomly when no one is at the door. Is the worse In the middle of the night because it alarma us all. It really has been such a pain. We live on a secluded neighborhood so there’s not much happening outdoors. Please advice because I’m really disappointed
  • Faster app load time needed 3/5

    By Tank8008
    I love ring and all the added security that comes with it, but when I get an alert, I want to have the app load quicker for an intended response from me if needed. If someone’s walking around my property, by the time the app loads, and I click the camera that alerted me, the live feed is WORTHLESS, unless the intruder is still dumb enough to stand there. I say that because by the time the app records the triggered alert, I have to wait up to 1.5 minutes to review the footage. RING get it together! The response was way quicker a few updates ago.
  • Needs some improvement 3/5

    By Andieisme
    Thankfully the motion detection is adjustable, otherwise I’d have my doorbell sending notifications every five minutes. The night vision camera isn’t as good as some other doorbells I’ve tried before. This is disappointing considering the higher price tag and cloud requirement for storage. My battery was holding fairly well until the update previous to this last one. Let’s hope this update fixes this issue. Overall this is a good product and app, but I’d like to not have to charge the battery on my doorbell every month or so. Perhaps there is a higher capacity battery available as an upgrade?
  • Washed out 1/5

    By Citrus-guy
    I have the original ring. You can not see the people’s faces and my front yard is all washed out. The lens can not close off so everything is over exposed. It takes several minutes after someone rings the doorbell for it to activate. By that time the person has left. I bought their recommended WiFi repeater but does no good. My WiFi service is fiber optic so it should be super fast yet slow to activate.
  • Not working as promised! 1/5

    By Miche user
    I’m constantly getting alerts but when I go to view it lags so much it stalls out I have to go back & view AFTER the event has happened & I know it’s not my connections because they are top notch. Also, when I do live view, sometimes it works & sometimes not but it ALWAYS LAGS! This is ridiculous & I’m paying you for service. I have Arlo cameras as well & most of the time I switch to those to see what’s happening in real time at my house WITH NO LAG & IT’S FREE!
  • Older flood cameras, 3/5

    By Robertam54
    Yes I thought ring was going to be the result of all my issues I have had the same issues you have had. Not only I got them really early 6 no less, and have replaced one as I upgraded my WiFi, and another of my older cameras will not turn off, and I have done everything turned off all my breakers and they still will not send me a replacement. It’s not my WiFi or installation, the other new one works now great and have had no problems. I have recommended these cameras to all our mothers and household in the hill, and now I am sorry cause I am sure some of them have some of the same problems. I even removed my alarm system in the House! When you travel I thought I was going to be able to get the updates or open the cameras from abroad, but that is not the Case I get announcements of people coming around the house, but can’t see them until later. Some of hear issues need to be resolved quickly.
  • Love it but hate it 3/5

    By berniceoldham
    I love my Ring doorbell but HATE that it takes forever to load. If someone came to steal my package, I wouldn’t be able to yell at them. I would have to wait till they picked up the package and left, till I was finally able to see what was going on. It’s extremely annoying. I get stuff delivered all the time and I get notices after they’re gone, or if someone’s at my door, I try to open up the app to see who it is, and it just loads and loads and doesn’t work, then loads again and loads and finally 3-5 minutes later, I can see. But there’s no point at that point. I like the concept more than the product. I hope this problem can get fixed soon because that’s the whole point of it right?
  • Time to switch to Arlo?.. 2/5

    By Meddimi not happy
    The ring doorbell use to work flawlessly. Now if someone rings the doorbell they are long gone by the time the app opens and connects to the camera. I have changed my wireless router and switched to faster internet service (50mbps) and no change. If you are looking for something that will allow you to review video from the past ring may work but if you want to have instant live connection that you can use to greet your visitors or guests consider another product.
  • Front door 5/5

    By Skeet 25
    Great I love seeing people walking up to the front door, clear and colorful sound is great. When I test the ring product I see what’s going on in front yard 👍
  • Fantastic idea - yet falls short 2/5

    By chipscan
    Love the idea of being able to see who is at the door, however the setting of the sensitivity (zones) just doesn’t work. We have the sensitivity set to approximately 5 feet (the lowest setting) and only in zone 0. Yet every time a car or truck drives by (over 20 feet away) there is a motion alert. It is so bad we turned off the motion alerts. Rings only solution is to install wedges to angle the camera down - now a video on ones feet is not really helpful - and certainly doesn’t help the Police or neighbors if there is an issue...
  • Too inconsistent... 2/5

    By BigBadAssBob
    Funny how I pick up every trash truck that drives down my street, even though I have the motion settings on a very close/5 foot distance. Sometimes doesn’t even catch the mailman putting mail in my mailbox, LOL 50-50 whether it works or not, And about 50-50 whether the cameras will even load when you get an alert, Internet speeds are fine, I’ve even bought a Wi-Fi extender, which seems to do nothing. My five year old outdated Nexia cameras work better
  • Take note. 1/5

    By Crimech
    This app on android does not work, so please fix it, it takes forever to load or it just does not load, i know this is from iphone, but this is not my everyday phone.
  • Subscription?!?!? 1/5

    By Signumc240
    I do not like the fact that they want you to pay a subscription to watch video recordings. My phone has plenty of storage space to store these videos. Had I known for this beforehand, I probably would have gone for a different unit, or waited for someone do develop a similar item with no gimmicks.
  • Mad as hell again 1/5

    By gggijkkk
    Don’t do it!!! It’s a trap!!!
  • Takes too long 2/5

    By Momtophoenix
    When I hear the doorbell ring, I expect the ring app to open rather quickly so I can see who is there. It takes on average 30 seconds. Way too long! Half the time the option to see what is going on outside your house does not work. Ring has a lot of kinks to work out before they can get a better rating.
  • Can we add a charger? 4/5

    By TNTsMom227
    I love my ring....when it’s charged!!! It needs to be charged every month or month and a half. I wish we could just plug it in or add a battery and have an alert that it’s low on a charge!!!! Help!!!!
  • Good Idea 5/5

    By 👩 👙 👠
    Had Ring Doorbell Pro for about 9 months. Worked great at first then it started locking up when someone rang doorbell. We put up with this for several months. Finally, we called Ring Support and stayed on phone for quite some time to diagnose problem. They sent us a new unit and now seems to work ok. If you have a problem, don’t wait to call them. Also make sure your doorbell location has good WiFi signal. They are very helpful over phone.
  • Post what town it is in!! 3/5

    By Mos20
    Showing a little area map does nothing for anyone if we don’t know what town it’s in. I’m tired of reading “where is this?”, “what town is this?”, on every post.
  • Getting worse by the day. 1/5

    By Mofo614
    The more people that get a ring the less happy I am with the service. The delay from starting the app to getting to the live shot is wayyyyyyyy to long. I have 100 mbps speed so it isn’t my connection it’s the app ! Also there should be a button to turn off night vision.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Bic161
    Not happy that have purchase a plan to save videos My other prodtno plan purchase necessary It works good no trouble with hardware. Can you add to the app a option to delete all videos at once no individual.
  • How Do I Download The Ring App On My MacBook Pro? 5/5

    By DADRUMMER1977
    Search For Ring App In The App Store On My MacBook Pro To Download It & Its Not Their For MacBook?
  • App needs serious updates 1/5

    By Drdoom182
    I’ve been a ring user for quite some time. I’ve also been a (drop cam) nest user for a long time too. It’s sad that ring seems to be focusing efforts on neighborhood users/network features (which is kinda cool and marginally useful), but they haven’t bothered adding a simple feature which would boost sales: .gif notification. Nest has been doing it forever and it’s amazing. I don’t have to open the app and wait a millennium to see the “motion” that triggered the notification in the first instance. Ring. Get it together. Add this feature. Don’t make me log into the app every time. Just to see what I should be concerned about in the first place. C’mon. Really??
  • I want my cameras back 2/5

    By BuckSr
    I have 2 ring cameras, a doorbell & a stick up camera. They are generally slow to respond, but most of the time they do eventually. The doorbell goes off line if anyone uses it. However right now I can’t respond to alerts or live views. I first have to put in my address, get an account and agree to their Terms of Service. I do not use their cloud, mostly because I had to pay twice for storage. I have purchased the cameras but now I can’t access them. I’m not interested in joining some neighborhood watch, I just want to be able to use what I paid for. R. Buckingham
  • Repeated logins 1/5

    By Mike123452123
    The app does not remember your credentials and you must enter your email/password every time you want to answer the door. Not really worth it
  • It’s okay but.... 2/5

    By becknalc
    At first I loved it but then it got really annoying that it would only work during the day. Many occasions I’ve had people come up the the door when it’s dark and the doorbell doesn’t alert me or record anything. The whole reason I got this was to make me feel safe at night but now it’s not making me feel safe at all. Now I have to wonder whether or not it will alert me if someone is going to try to break in while I’m sleeping. No matter how many times I changed the motion sensitivity, it just doesn’t work right during the night time.
  • Not at all what you see in tv 1/5

    By Av8n
    When I purchased the ring doorbell, no where in the ads or packaging did they tell you about paying for the monthly service. Without it you have a slightly fancier doorbell and no access to the video file. On that same note...the video ALWAYS locks up when someone rings the bell OR you try to talk them! They only good....the motion video is nice...although somewhat delayed by the time the app loads up. Nothing even remotely close to what you see in the TV ads.
  • No sound 😡 1/5

    By J.G.M.
    Set this up and seemed easy enough. Sounds and microphone worked day 1, then both stopped. Video worked fine. A day or two later sounds worked again, a few days later stopped again. Very frustrating. Going to return to store at this point. And it’s not the WiFi signal as I tested this already. Buy a different camera.
  • Update: Impressed at the great customer service! 5/5

    By Holodoctor1
    I was having some issues with my original ring, but Ring customer service (Hi Alexis!) fixed the problem and made me one very happy camper!! This is a company who cares about their customers. Ring is a great value and very high tech... I’m a customer for life now thanks to the amazing support and great app! Love ring! I hope they only get better with Amazon!
  • Upgrading my previous rating 4/5

    By mrbbking
    It’s been a growing process but the app works pretty good now. Still, there is problems keeping the unit charged in extremely cold weather conditions (below zero) but other than that, I’m satisfied now.
  • Slow motion 3/5

    By acabe9883
    Needs to play on slow motion and snap pictures
  • Can’t even get in the app 1/5

    By not happy with ring doorbell
    I purchased 3 of the ring app pro thinking woo this is great. Well I added to app and it doesn’t work. I contacted customer service. They suggested to delete the app and reinstall the app so I have 10 times now. Still can’t get on. I will be returning these back to ring. Crazy how can u feel secure when the app doesn’t even work and u asked for help from this vendor and they keep telling u to delete and reinstall. Hope this glitch is fixed for other new or existing customers. But I won’t be one anyone.
  • Works great on WiFi, cellular not so much 3/5

    By evaDSc
    I have to assume it’s the iPhone app because my wife does not have this issue on here Android phone. When I access the app (when not connected to WiFi), the video freezes after 1 second. I still have audio, but no video. All I see is the frozen video.

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