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Ring - Always Home App

Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone. Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home. Ring Features - High-definition video - Wide-angle camera lens - Two-way talk - Advanced motion detection - Infrared night vision - Video recording - Lifetime purchase protection

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  • Auto anwer 4/5

    By Josebebe84
    It would be great if we had the option of auto answer. Therefore if we decide to use an ipad as a monitor and someone presses the doorbell we would just look at the ipad and see.
  • Constant motion alerts no matter what setting I put it on 2/5

    By hartlessss
    The title self-explanatory I keep getting motion alerts every time a car drives by no matter what motion setting. I’ve tried every single one. I have a couple other camera systems and they work great. They have it to where you select where in the Camera field you want to receive motion alerts. A block grid and you select the blocks you want and the blocks you don’t want it’s very easy. Ring can you please change yours to the system also. Other than that it would be a five star rating.
  • Stop asking user to upgrade 1/5

    By appleseed 7
    I don’t use the app very often. When I do launch the app after a doorbell motion alert, I often got the super annoying upgrade prompt covering the video view. Please stop.
  • App to slow to be effective 3/5

    By Self 2.0
    Like many users, I believe that the app has too much of a delay to be effective. It also takes too long to boot up. It alerted me that someone was at my door when I was not home, and by the time the app booted up so I can see what was going on, the people were gone. If those were packages in the front of my house, they would've got away with them. All my devices are new so I'm certain it's the app that is slow. Please find a way to streamline the app so that it works as advertised. Thanks
  • Delays! Doorbell rings when no one is at the door! False advertisement! 👎🏾🙄 2/5

    By Nee7Nee7
    When I purchased the Ring doorbell, I was so excited because of the advertisement I’ve been seeing all over social media. However 2 months after using Ring I’m very disappointed. And I’ll tell you why. When someone walks onto my property. Say for instance, the Mail Carrier. The camera starts recording after the person turns around to walk away. Never catching the person walking up to my door. The settings for the Ring are all correct, I have fast internet service and it’s brand new from Best Buy. Also it was professionally hardwired to my existing doorbell. There are times where my doorbell would ring but the video Live View shows that no one is ever there. And when checking the door myself no one is ever there. I’m pretty bummed out about this because I was so excited about the device. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s not as good as advertised.
  • Ring Alarm app is easy to use but needs some work 3/5

    By Jloct78
    The app works well but after having the ring alarm install for a day I noticed things that can be approved upon. 1. The default for exit should not be at zero. Everyone needs at least 30 seconds to leave their home. 2. Since we are always logged in , we should have to enter a code to disarm the alarm in the app or have face or finger print authenticator. This could help prevent someone from disarming the alarm if they stole the phone. 3. The apps home and away button should be in the same place as they are on the keypad away should be on the left and home on the right.
  • Great, But Lacking 3/5

    By Kyoteki
    App is pretty good. Lots of great features. Unfortunately, it’s lacking the ability to view multiple cameras on one split screen (if it does it, I can’t do find it).....
  • Since the last update... 4/5

    By Bifferson33
    Seems as if since the last update, if the wind blows it sets off the motion detection and I am now getting alerts all hours of the day, seemingly every 15 minutes that there is motion around the camera, when in fact there is nothing there...any solutions?
  • So much potential, Amazon make it better 2/5

    By rade2049
    I wish the app had more flexibility, for one I wish HomeKit was accepted, and none of this oh its in the pipeline bull crap that they have been giving for over 2 years already just release it! Also please give your customers smart notifications so that we can see who’s at the door. This is the one thing that I feel Nest has over you and it’s annoying that you have to open the app every time just to see what the notification was.
  • Less functionality 1/5

    By Jason Beitler
    Looks like this update took away the ability to mute alerts from the Apple Watch.. any good reason for this or just poor QA? Can’t say I’m shocked after the report about Ring giving employers full access to live video feeds.. I mean really wtaf?
  • Works pretty good. 3/5

    By Ropaswan
    I have 4 cameras around my house and appreciate the multiple view screen so I can see at a glance what’s going on. One of my previous complaints was when skipping through events I wouldn’t know what date/time the current view was from. The new timeline view is nice, except:(1) I don’t like that it immediately goes into live recording and (2) it would be nice to be able to switch between timeline view and list view without having to change settings. Also, I have an Apple Watch. When I get the neighborhood watch messages there is a screenshot of the video, so it would be nice when I get en event notice on my watch (when someone rings the doorbell) if the notification would also include a screenshot so I can know if it’s someone I need to talk to (whip out my phone) or not.
  • It continues to disappoint 1/5

    By Kneeler999
    The ring doorbell was the best of the early entries, but the app has never improved. It’s so sloooow to load and get a connection that the person at the door has left. A hardwired setup should be pre-recording all the time, just keeping a few seconds of video/audio so if there is an event its got that initial data. And the Mac desktop app is handy but crashes and locks up a lot. Please better performance quicker loading on ALL recent phones - 6 or higher - is a must.
  • This app is no good 2/5

    By Shellyrrrr
    The app will only work if I’m connected to WiFi. I have full service LTE and I can not get a live feed. Needs some serious work.
  • Great! 5/5

    By HoneyTender
    Wish my home had this a lifetime ago it’s a lifesaver.
  • Slow - Waste of time 1/5

    By SilvieA
    By the time I load the app to view who is at my front door,... the person is gone. (No .. is not my WiFi, .. nor phone - Issues with droid as well, and no matter where we are)Takes forever to load. Updates have not made a difference. $200+ and you get a crappy app, and must pay monthly just for them to save your videos. Should be disclosed on boxes of your products. It was not in mine. - One star for being able to view things that happen in my neighbourhood.
  • I tried my Spotlight Cam Battery but I don't like it's creepy movie effect 2/5

    By Ye12sheeps
    There was a loud, high-pitched noise when I opened the speaker(It sounded really like a horror movie). And the video turned black and white frequently even in my bright house. Now I would like to return it.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By Steve-O-Rooney
    Need cloud service to see what set off motion alerts. They should be stored for at least a day if cloud service is not purchased. Chime alerts should.be selectable per a linked device. Vibration or silent alert should be an option for people that want Motion alerts captured but interrupted by them.
  • Where HomeKit at, fam? 2/5

    By Waffles was taken
    Why do we still have to beg for HomeKit support after several years of begging? Just let me turn on the floodlights using homekit...that’s at least something...just the floodlights on or off. Hey Siri turn on the backyard north floodlight. See, that’s what I need...nothing impossible. ...also, I don’t care that I can do this with Alexa...I don’t want to use Alexa, I want to use HomeKit like a grownup. If you don’t want to add HomeKit support, how about apple watch support so that I can open a ring notification on my Apple Watch and see the camera? The iOS app design is great, love the recent changes, but HomeKit and/or Apple Watch...please. #stillbegging
  • How do i use the credits earned? 2/5

    By Jv Stormtraker
    The app says that for referral you get 10 dollars and that at checkout the money will be deducted from the total.. but not true. And after talking to customer service twice no one could tell me exactly how to use my credits. I referred and earned some cash and id like to use it, please fix.
  • New update 2/5

    By Grant10315
    I updated my ring app now, it won’t show Notifications. && yes my notifications are on in the phone settings & in the app.
  • Great!! When it works, that is.. 2/5

    By Not so "Prime.."
    I bought and installed two Ring Door Bell 2 devices as soon as I learned about them from a friend. He was thrilled with his and it sounded like they would suit my needs perfectly. I host on AirBnB so I put one on the front door, one on the rear. Initially, they worked great. They needed a bit of tweaking but my first few calls to tech support were awesome and I was able to get the devices working as I had hoped. That said, it wasn’t long before I came to realize that the performance would not remain consistent. To make a long story short, I have concluded that firmware updates while fixing one problem have a tendency to create new ones. I have been more than patient with Ring support for close to a year. I even accepted their offer to swap out one of my units for an upgraded version. While doing so solved one issue, another presented there after. Another observation is that there seems to be a lot of turnover in the tech support department. Each agent has promised to stick with me until the issue(s) are resolved then go on to neglect to reply to future email inquiries. Another annoying tendency is to quickly point to my WiFi connection as being the source of my issues. I have 3 devices that work fine, when they work. The performance, as I’ve stated, however, is not very consistent. I get what I need out of them simply because I have three. I have found that at least one will work at any given time. While two may fail to perform as expected, I’ve never had all three fail at the same time.
  • Takes too long 3/5

    By Worleyboy
    I would like to see an Improvement in the loading image when motion is detected. By the time the right g notifies you and you press it takes too long to load on the phone. By the time it loads whoever is there has left your doorstep. Also, the answer button freezes alot when you try to answer the door bell ring through the phone
  • Last update terrible 1/5

    By Kim0605
    Update has created nothing but problems... don’t update if you haven’t yet everything is slower and up and down on connections.. Not happy...
  • Tricky 2/5

    By knight mechanical
    Pretty tricky ring, little did I realize that after a year if I still wanted to be able to use my Ring camera that I would have to pay. Don’t put that on your tv ads.
  • Very useful buggy 4/5

    By Marty List
    This app is great for most things but has several annoying bugs. The main complaint I have is that it stops the music playing when I launch it. The dashboard just updates a thumbnail it doesn't play any sounds so it shouldn't take over the sound output. When I view new events then return to the dashboard, it still says I have new events, I have to view the events a second time if I want the dashboard to be correct (what kind of junior dev & testing team does it take to miss that?). Quite often I don't get notifications even though the doorbell shows it's connected to WiFi and other WiFi devices have great internet access. Quite often the missed motion event video shows nothing, I have the motion zone tweaked just right so there aren't any false alerts, but some videos show nothing moving so I'm guessing the video started recording too late after the movement had passed (others have reported this).
  • Great product - needs broader integration 4/5

    By yogidre
    Love everything it does. Needs integration with Google ecosystem - namely Google home hub.
  • G. green 1/5

    By G Gree
    While the product works well, the fact they charge a monthly subscription is a joke. Even asking if there was additional fees and receiving a “No” answer they now want $10 a month. Most of the other like products have no monthly. The product does work in a limited way if you don’t subscribe, but is poorer product. If I wanted a monthly fee I would stay with the standard alarm companies at $25, but include door and window alarms, audible alarm, door bell camera and in house camera.
  • Ok when it works 3/5

    By So. Cal. Girl
    Love the ring idea. It's fine when the app actually works. However, for months now even after a re-boot, app updates, and contacting tech support the app only works when it wants to. I've tried multiple times to view my neighborhood activity, it tries to load the video/camera footage, then it boots me out every effen time. I hope someone from ring is actually reading this. I'd hate to have an actual event taking place on my property and not being able to see or respond because the app won't load!!!!
  • Not the best 1/5

    By just an ok product
    I have set the motion sensor as close as possible and it still catches traffic in the street. It often goes off with nothing there or maybe it is too delayed to catch it. I wouldn’t buy this again.
  • Why? 2/5

    By GoRizoGo
    Last update complicated everything...but why? Just put it back and stop jacking with stuff just for giggles.
  • Video recording needs to start more quickly 4/5

    By Maranatha8888
    Video recording needs to start more quickly. Had a delivery a couple days ago and I never saw the guys face. The recorder only shows him wAlking away. Most often the recording begins when the figure is almost totally off the side of vision span and only the sound allows you to know there was something there that tripped the movement. I’ve adjusted the settings numerous times to no avail. Love the system. Just that one issue bothers me. Maranatha8888
  • New preview function is great! 5/5

    By Louisfain
    The new feature is awesome it saves the snapshot of the camera when the motion is triggered. It saves you the pain of going to the live view and by the time it finally loads the person already walked away, then you have to go to recording to find out what actually happened. And it’s especially useful when your reception is not good enough for live view. Good job Ring Team.
  • Such great equipment and idea but poor app 2/5

    By Wdegarrett
    I am honestly shocked, the ring is the biggest name in smart home security right now so I expect the best equipment, best app, best customer service, etc especially for the price I pay. I have no complaints about the equipment and customer service (which I’ve already had to call) but the app is a disaster. App crashes all the time or claims that my equipment is offline or gives an error message when trying to use the apps functionality. My fiancé accidentally triggered my alarm and when I attempted to disarm remotely, I got ANOTHER error message. So when I need the app to work like it’s supposed to at its most dire situation, guess what? It didn’t. This worries me for the future when a serious situation happens and my technology fails me. Ring, you are the big dog of this industry and you should really act like it and optimize your inconsistent band buggy app.
  • Bad business model 2/5

    By Flying Duetschman
    The video doorbell camera is OK, but Ring only allows you to save videos to the cloud, instead of saving them locally. What if I don't want to save my home security videos to the cloud? Their devices are generally incompatible with any other smart home devices besides Ring devices. Also, even with a paid subscription, all security videos have the Ring watermark. The doorbell chime in the house is delayed about 1-2 seconds after the button is pressed. Most of the time, the app takes about 5 seconds to alert me to movement in the designated zones. Sometimes, the app does not alert me of movement until after the person has rung the doorbell and left, so how am I supposed to communicate with them? Also, to avoid erroneous movement notifications I have to keep my porch light OFF or ON at all times-- kind of inconvenient. The app allows you to designate movement detection zones of varying sensitivity. The Neighbors widget is pretty worthless, and does allow you to filter or refine results besides location. Even so, I get erroneous and old news relating to areas well outside my designated "neighborhood". This app is only a small part of a money pit for you and a money pile for Ring. Avoid.
  • Don’t waste your Money 1/5

    By Jsales7
    The reason I gave RING a 1 star is that I have to pay monthly just to see a previous event. It doesn’t record activities if you don’t subscribe to them, compare to ARLO will give you a week to view previous activities for FREE at no monthly costs. Or at least give me a 24 hours to view. I would not recommend this product (RING) to anybody. I’m taking it down and want my money back. I’d rather get me an ARLO. Free is always good. I was exited but now hated it. Arlo is better. One time payment for life is always the way to go.
  • Reliable and Effective 5/5

    By crazydom117
    This tool came to stayed. Affordable and a genius instrument for surveillance.
  • way too slow, just doesn’t work that well 2/5

    By oldschool1975
    my ring devices and app NEVER work when i really need them to. i’ve had my ring doorbell and driveway floodlight camera for over a year and i still have not even once been able to answer the doorbell ring with my phone. at least ten times i’ve pulled out my phone to see ‘someone was at your door’ or ‘you missed a ring’ or some other nonsense. i bought a new iphone and router when i bought the system so it’s not my phone or connection. it’s like another review says maybe it’s the way ring buffers when it opens? i don’t know about that. and also, seems like it only records motion i don’t care about. every time i want to see who got out of an unknown car in front of my house.....nothing. and the neighborhood comments are only good for spreading fear. what a joke. we are creating a society of worried watch out for that car driving by your house nellies. ‘reports of a fire in the area’. okay, don’t we have a fire department? like, reports of clowns running around the neighborhood. there were no clowns people. i have countless hours of recordings of random cars driving by my house. when i really want to see something....good luck, the ring misses it. ring is just another frustrating phone app.
  • Great app but notifications noise too loud 4/5

    By Tomp99
    Can’t you make a feature to allow us to control the volume of a notification?! I want to know when I have movement in front of my house but it’s way too loud and annoying.
  • Slow to launch 1/5

    By JaneDoe789
    Update: Jan 14, 2019 It seems that previous bluetooth issue has been fixed, although there was no note of that on the update description. The biggest problem with this app now is incorrect map & slow launch of the app. (Live view is too slow to start up. By the time I’m able to view what’s going on, it’s too late.) Update: the most recent update made the app to constantly ask me to turn on Bluetooth. This, is problematic, because there are one extra click to get to the live view! It should be a one time setting to turn on/off Bluetooth (with option to change when we feel like it), and once we choose NOT to turn on Bluetooth, honor it. I registered my home address and it shows incorrect address. I tried registering via GPS, and it shows completely different written address. When I contacted the customer service, first person didn’t even understand my issue, and the second person just said “it happens when GPS isn’t on” when I already told him that GPS was on! I like the Ring front door camera and what app is capable of. It’s just that map within the app is so off, I find it hard to find security alerts in my neighborhood.
  • Installed new version - lost all settings 2/5

    By Boomer495967201
    I installed the new version in 2019 and I lost all installed devices. Have to go through the painful process of adding all my devices again. That means working on the doorbell outside in freezing temperatures. Tech support on previous install was useless and gave me all the wrong answers about blocked ports (they were not). Don't seem to understand their own software and error messages.
  • If it ain’t broke 1/5

    By Mannyleon
    Whatever you keep trying to update has made my service worse. I have invested a lot of money in your cameras and am starting to seriously consider giving up on them. My doorbell has been disconnecting since the last update. Really frustrating.
  • Can’t save video without paying for Bezos divorce 1/5

    By j jo jn
    Like I said, the camera and everything seems great, but the app and user interface initially seems like nothing but an information farm for amazon and there is absolutely no way indicated to save or view anything other than a live feed without paying for a service. All it needs to do is have a temporary storage in your phone, computer for you to review and save. These cameras are most often hardwired into the house, with WiFi and full connectivity, yet there is supposedly NO WAY the hardware and software can handle a cache of events without ‘e-mailing’ the feed to corporate before ALLOWING you to access it. A high schooler could probably retrofit these cameras to more adequately match the needs of the common consumer should you be so inclined.
  • Will not download 1/5

    By Lowstars
    App will not download.
  • Not worth buying. 1/5

    By Twistedcreations
    We ended up buying this setup for our home and my ring doorbell keeps losing WiFi connection each and every night. We figured it was faulty so we replaced it and still having the same problem. We checked the wiring and still loses connection and the ring customer service can’t even give us a solid answer on why this keeps on happening. We checked our WiFi and other devices connected to the internet and have no issues just only with our ring Video Doorbell
  • Terrible update 2/5

    By Paladin057
    I love Ring. I have five (5) cameras. They were working well until the update. When I open the app, it tells me that it can’t find my location. Ring has access to my location always. Once I get in after a few times, I have problems accessing my cameras. It takes several attempts to access my cameras. I have the doorbell, doorbell 2, floodlight cam, spotlight cam, solar spotlight cam and the chime pro. Please fix it!
  • Preview 2/5

    By .Madrone
    We don't need a preview of the last few minutes we need to see current view from ring camera. Don't fix whats not broke. Take us back to original ring!!

    By Xazilizax
    NIGHT VISION is HORRIBLE!!! I switched from Arlo camerasto the Ring Stickup Cams since I have the Ring Doorbell. What a big dissapointmentwhen it comes to night vision. Arlo is so much better. Because of this, I regret switching to the stickup cams. Please fix!!!! The night vision is sooo dark, you can hardly see anything in the video. FIX!!!!
  • Not what I was expecting 2/5

    By annoyed typer
    Exceedingly long lag times from the time the door bell is pushed to the time I am alerted. Just as long of a wait to actually connect. Roughly 20 seconds total. And it’s not the WiFi. We tried turning off all WiFi devices so it was the only thing on our network in a WiFi rated house. Now after a power outage we are having nothing but trouble reconnecting and the company is nothing but useless as far as trouble shooting. They want to claim its faulty wiring in my four month old house. We will probably be uninstalling it and just putting a regular door bell and a motion activated camera up in its place. This is nonsense
  • Can’t read the Crime Report 4/5

    By >^._.^<
    Can’t see the full crime report. It’s cutoff and there’s no way to read the full report.

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