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Ring - Always Home

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  • Current Version: 5.51.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ring.com
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ring - Always Home App

Watch over your property from anywhere with Ring Video Doorbells, Security Cameras, Alarm systems, and Smart Lights. Ring Doorbells and Cameras can send you instant alerts when someone’s at your door or motion is detected. Keep an eye on what matters with live HD video and greet visitors with Two-Way Talk. With a compatible Ring Protect Plan subscription (or free trial), you can review, save, and share Ring videos. Ring Smart Lights let you control and schedule lighting easily. Some models can even notify you about motion nearby, and trigger other compatible Ring devices to record. Ring Alarm systems let you monitor entrances and indoor spaces, and detect certain safety hazards. Enroll in Ring Alarm professional monitoring (compatible Ring Protect Plan subscription required) to request dispatch of emergency responders when your Ring Alarm is triggered. Whether you’re halfway around the world or just busy with the kids upstairs, with Ring, you’re always home.

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Ring - Always Home app reviews

  • The ring motion 3/5

    By Kiarrance
    My ring was working good i know when anyone pass my house was out near the house now it picks up when it wants to i just had someone drive by and when i check my camera cause i got no alert it caught me off guard.
  • Neighborhood safety alerts are THE WORST 1/5

    By bythebay10
    Amazon Executives: FIRE YOUR RING PRODUCT MANAGERS. The neighborhood alerts you rolled out have no clear way to disable and I don’t care to be alerted every 3 minutes when someone reports a stolen package in the major metropolitan area I live in. COMPLETELY ABSURD that this feature ever shipped with no opt in. I’m making a list of ring team who may have worked on this feature and blacklisting them from our company. Sincerely, a tech executive.
  • New update is bad. 1/5

    By Adrii713_
    With the latest update we’re getting neighborhood notifications with no way to opt out of it. as soon as you open the app to check your cameras it glitches. goes to neighborhood post , opens a post and when you try to go back to YOUR cameras it takes several taps on the back button to actually get to it. at least let us opt of those notifications and don’t immediately open that tab when we get on the app.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Dtmacneill
    App updates itself. Ring app no longer recognizes my camera. I tried to start the process all over again, had to physically remove the camera from the exterior wall, reset the stupid camera and start the process with the new app. The new app says “sorry an error occurred please try again…” I try and try and clearly the software is broken on their end. So I try to reset the account and password. I enter my email- the app says “sorry am unexpected error occurred please try again…” so basically the app is broken and the camera is useless to me at this point. Customer service is unreachable.
  • Unable to login 2/5

    By Yawneazy
    This app stopped working for me about 3 months ago. It doesn’t let me login, and then when I try to reset my password, the app just keeps saying an error occurred. I have reset the app. Please fix this because i really need this app.
  • Sensor tampered 3/5

    By JesseMK
    Happens all the time. Good Wi-Fi signal, but regardless they are “tampered”. I used to go and reset them but now I am tired
  • Not good 1/5

    By Samah123
    I don’t like ring door bill any Moore it’s not helpful ease moneyEvery time somebody ring the doorbell try to answer it’s a freezing the video stop I can’t speak and it was time my money
  • timeline not working 2/5

    By smatt16
    I can view my 2 cameras and my doorbell camera with the iPad app but only 1 camera is working with the timeline. The other camera and the doorbell cam are not working with the timeline. Really annoying.
  • Kids 5/5

    By my dug
    As a minor I love this app for the reason of being home alone and not knowing who is ring my bell
  • Powerful app that needs more polish 4/5

    By joy&whimsy
    Vs my arlo system - the ring is more complete for my needs at home. (Arlo does what I need where it’s at just fine as the simple there is good). Ring needs to make device sharing better. Want the kids phone to have control of the lights? They have to be logged into the main account, can’t just share access to control the switches on the lights )= also- WAY SUPER MISS the ability from Arlo to mute notifications for a defined period of time. Sometimes I want the system to be armed and record but I know the contractor is here and don’t need a buzz every few minutes. Just let me mute for 10/30/60 mins then notify me again - if I mute them via a toggle I forgot to turn notifications back on. Anyhow - overall it’s a good app even if the complexity can get to a place that I wish I could use my computer to navigate the app with multiple panes as is common with VOIP phone and other Commerical level security systems like Entrapass Web - those tools let you go look at other places in the settings so you can make complicated mappings between features of the system easier to duplicate or change vs tap-tap-tap put then tap-tap-tap to see some setting elsewhere then tap-tap-tap back to the original setting place to finish the setup. #eyeroll
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Hycghhn
    Terrible connection to the ring! Or lagging issues and doesn’t always pick up when someone is at the door! Waste of money
  • Doesn’t work with vpn 1/5

    By ShaynaIhatethisgame
    Bezos want your blood type. No warning. He wants to control our lives. I didn’t get an option to not update. When this dies and it will last one only lasted 5 years I will be going to a company that doesn’t spy on its customers and I will cancel my monitoring. The video doorbell alerts you after the event. It used to be perfect until they sold to Amazon. You get alerted of motion 30 seconds after event. This thing worked beautifully now your lucky if it loads at all. All delays. And doesn’t work with vpn so I am left vulnerable so Amazon can spy more on you. I am getting g alerts a minute later. This app has gone to the dogs. How am I supposed to be on public WiFi without a vpn? How can I check my delayed alerts? I just cancelled my plan.
  • Apple Pay 1/5

    By Meh 3685
    Can you add Apple Pay to subscribe??
  • Works well 4/5

    By C MF DUB
    Every so often the app crashes
  • Spam update 1/5

    By usulnet2
    Oh look, a suspicious person walking around a neighborhood four miles away. Thanks for letting me know are 2am.

    By Marcus Anderville
    Ring started automatically notifying me about ALL “Neighbors” posts in my city. I’ve tried turning them off twice in the settings and yet they continue. First, it’s unacceptable that they turned these notifications on without asking me. It happened to my wife as well, so this isn’t just my issue. To this point, settings in the Ring app are among the worst I’ve encountered. It’s very difficult to find anything, especially when it comes to managing notifications and setting for devices. So confusing and it just keeps getting worse.
  • Can’t figure out how to add ring protection 1/5

    By Sundulos
    It tells me I need ring protection to have this feature but does not show me how to add ring protection this app could help a little easier with adding features that I want to upgrade to
  • Review 4/5

    By Nassawadox12
    Slow response time

    By Nimalajia
    STOP SPAMMING YOU STUPID IDIOT. No one need to hear your stupid local news, STOP ur stupid notifications on my phone
  • Knowing what is outside our doors !!! 5/5

    Just love them ! The reception isn’t the best sometimes - but they do get the job done for us most of the time !!!
  • APP FAILS, does not connect to the internet 1/5

    By Ironsheik
    This app cannot connect to the internet. My device has no issues connecting otherwise. Some update with the last few versions makes it unusable. My guess is it no longer works when I’m connected to my always on VPN. If they want to block VPN access, include an option for users to opt out of this “security” upgrade.
  • False alarm on animals 1/5

    By Uninstall now
    Been using doorbell pro n flood cam for 4 years. Yet still no intelligent detections on human only alert?!
  • Only 20 feet range 2/5

    By life-Short
    I have Ring Door Bell Pro and it works good most of the time, once in a wile won’t detect me leaving though it’s right next to my door, and sometimes takes up to 10 seconds before I get alerted. There’s been times when it will get activated by a spider or cricket though I have it set to people only. I also have security flood light wired Plus. I get alerts from my dog, spiders or bugs that fly by, though I have it set to humans only, the range is only 20 feet anything further won’t detected and that’s a problem to me. Resolution is not so great and The Whole color night mode is horrendous looks black and white. I also have a flood light solar security cámara. Biggest issue is the range 20 feet, resolution not so great and night color mode looks black and white. Once in a wile it has wifi issues and will disconnect without notification though I have wifi extender 5 feet from it. This products aren’t cheap and playing yearly subscription is not cheap either, we are in 2022 and technology has advance enough that I should not be having this issues. Resolution should be better than it is, range should detect further than 20 feet, should not be activated by my dog or bugs when I have it to humans only, and should detect me when I leave my house and not give me notifications 10 seconds later. I’m very disappointed with product .
  • Good till it went over board. 1/5

    By Morachd
    Liked the app ti it started forcing these neighborhood notifications on me. I have to have notifications enabled to know someone is at my door. I don’t want crap from around the neighborhood. Make it so I can turn that off or I’m finding a new doorbell
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By AppStar90293
    Live feed is down. Sometimes it simply goes dead/no power.
  • Poor instructions and no way to get a human. 1/5

    By PepperM
    Too complicated to use. I can’t figure out how to change the incorrect Kyle identified doors-no editing power. Just absolutely hate it and am looking for something easier to operate.
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By KalElofLE
    Those who monitor and ignore the Feedback Community are the ones causing this low score. A request for a ‘Silent Exit/Arming’ feature was presented two years ago and for two years, Ring has ignored their us. That is just poor customer service. Epic Fail Ring!
  • Not working 2/5

    By btrugger14
    After the update my wired camera won’t work unless I’m on my wifi it only displace recorded what I supposedly watched but it only displayed the sound while the video was loading
  • NO notifications means no notifications 1/5

    By i-dave-123
    I set no notifications, then I get a notification inviting me for neighborhood notifications. And it was attempting to scare me by stating there’s a “homeless person prowling” basically 1/2 mile away in another neighborhood.
  • Terrible connectivity 1/5

    By Dann757
    I cannot connect to my cameras from my phone. Also it is extremely laggy. And I am paying for this it’s terrible. I have the latest update my phone works I have strong connection to the Internet both phone and camera. What’s the excuse for such poor software? Get better developers.
  • works as advertised 4/5

    By Enter 😷
    Is a good device and provides my family an additional peace of mind while providing the necessary security we need. Strongly recommend it! 🐶
  • App is confusing 1/5

    By Bungleteuropa
    What a poorly constructed app this is. I have discovered this during a recent move in which we took the cameras with us. Transferring has been impossible and the customer service response (offshore it seems) has not been clear or helpful. I am disappointed.
  • Last update made it bad 1/5

    By Jerry872005
    The app was working great until the last update. Now when you go to review video, it jumps backwards hours and then you have to scroll over and over again to get to the time of the video you wanted. It never used to do this. Also, the video quality has drastically gone down with this update. It’s so odd where now when you watch videos or even try to zoom in, it’s unclear and pixelated. I’m just disappointed.
  • Motion Snooze 1/5

    By Rwmullis79
    Really wish it would motion snooze when I ask it to. Don’t need 30 notifications when I’m out cutting the grass. And yes, I know it only snoozes on the device I select. I like disarm, but wish it gave me a timer like motion alert. I always forget to rearm. Great try, but feels like it was implemented in a beta stage.
  • Longer videos 4/5

    By buffalorocky
    Some times a car pulls in you get 20 second video... then may have movement up close but no video
  • Bad cam 1/5

    By k @s
    I don’t like it you can’t save anything and you have to pay monthly or yearly
  • Vital 5/5

    By Dt405
    Love the app! Couldn’t imagine life without it. Being able to have live video when I’m away from home is amazing. I’ve used this app for about a year or so and no real problems.
  • Please add location-based Auto-On/Off! 2/5

    By jdotreach
    I had to switch to something else after having an Amazon Cloud Cam for years, and Ring was the best option. Amazing app, and easy to setup. Love the quality overall! However, PLEASE add an auto on/off feature when a user leaves the area with their phone. Cloud Cam did this and I never had to manually turn the security cameras on or off when I left home. All it did was use my phone’s location. It was amazing. I refuse to let the camera record all the time and ping alerts when I’m walking around my home. I just want the system automatically armed when I leave, and disarmed automatically when I come back.
  • Ring 5/5

    By Angelsue21
    I throughly enjoy my ring and app! Lots of fun to look at! Also a feeling of security! Would hate to live without it!❤️
  • Ring app solid. Alarm needs work 4/5

    By AppleA00
    Alarm contact sensor needs snooze feature or a way to say if open to long then notify me…(like myq) Also link individual sensors to individual cameras Front door open turn on side camera for example… Thank you
  • Waste of time, energy and money 2/5

    By kerbearbell
    I’m seriously disappointed in this doorbell camera. I specifically went with the Ring 4 bc of all the added features it has, especially the ability to create your own motion detection zones - I live in the city on a very busy/high traffic street (both for cars and people walking by), so I didn’t want a camera that sends alerts every 5 seconds. I thought this would be perfect, and I was VERY wrong! No matter how much smaller I make said motion zones to stop the constant alerts, it makes zero difference. It still catches all of those things I was trying to avoid…but even worse than that, it alerts for all that stupid stuff, but has missed several major events like someone coming into our yard and up onto our porch!! That’s the sole reason for getting a doorbell cam, so I can’t for the life of me understand how that can happen. EVER. And not just to me, I’ve seen a ton of ppl saying that’s happened with their Ring products. It’s not every time, but prob about 35% of the time – for how much more expensive this camera was than previous versions, I expected WAYYYY better. There are also a ton of other issues: it constantly disconnects itself from the wifi, even after I bought a range extender; when it is connected, the connection isn’t the best (50 or over); and not once in all my research did I find anything stating that the battery in my WIRED camera can’t maintain its charge despite it being connected to a constant power source (our original doorbell) - I STILL have to take it out and charge it, especially when we have extreme cold or heat (which happens a lot). That’s ridiculous!! That’s another feature I specifically wanted in a doorbell cam, and I thought I was getting it with this one! It’s also ridiculous to offer us the 5 second pre-record feature for alerts, but the playback for those 5 seconds is of terrible quality, it’s very blurred and you can’t make out any level of detail in that section. I honestly wish I’d gone with Nest.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By nickfukinnameless
    The Indian call people with their ridiculous security make this a garbage product.
  • iPhone 11 no longer receives motion notifications no longer 3/5

    By Breadsoup2k13
    The hardware definitely is not causing this as it does record motion except the software is no longer alerting me on my phone. I have the Life360 app and I know when a family member left the house yet I received no motion alerts and I know they drove our car out of the driveway. I checked to see if any motion alerts were snoozed but they are not. Something broke in the last update. Fix it!!
  • Slow to respond 1/5

    By tkopp2
    This app is so slow to respond and then to open. I have had people stand at my door 15 seconds before I get the notification. Then the leave before the app opens and allows me to talk to them.
  • Pretty Much Worthless 1/5

    By Adam Topping
    Deserves no stars as the main purpose of ring is to see who’s at your door. Every time I’m alerted, I hear the chimes I go to open the app and get a spinning loading wheel. By the time you actually get a live view the person is always already gone. Pure junk.
  • Doesn’t save video 1/5

    By ajmesch
    I don’t know why they’re raising the cost of this when it doesn’t save video at all. “No video exists”. Then give me my subscription money back or fix it. I’m tired of this.
  • Comprehensive and well designed 5/5

    By Eaa167
    Easy to setup. The phone support is great if you encounter any problem. Camera resolution could be improved, with better detection algorithms, but overall I’m very satisfied of this security system.
  • Philippine resort 5/5

    By shawn Michael's
    It’s such a good service that I can look on my phone in a couple seconds and talk to whoever is there Technology is crazy halfway around the world and still works in seconds if I could give 100 stars I would
  • No 1/5

    By finn wolfhard is hot
    Why cant i download it without it asking for my card info. IM BROKE