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Ring - Always Home App

Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone. Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home. Ring Features - High-definition video - Wide-angle camera lens - Two-way talk - Advanced motion detection - Infrared night vision - Video recording - Lifetime purchase protection

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  • Haven’t been able to use yet. 3/5

    By ratgurrl
    I started the process to setup the doorbell, but every time I scan the MAC barcode I get a message telling me I need to install the newest version of the app??? I just downloaded it, and don’t see any other Ring apps. I do have the option to skip that part, so I’ll see how that goes.
  • Most videos are blank screen since update 1/5

    By A dead cat
    My videos and neighborhood videos are almost all blank screens since the last update. The new interface is a big step back. Fix the app or it is on to Nest.
  • Problem with getting Live View 3/5

    By kathy48036
    Takes 3 or 4 attempts to get Live View. When you hit Live View most of the time you see wheel going round and round. If anything was going on out thereby the time you get the View whatever was going on would be over. Neighbor alert is good.
  • Average 3/5

    By l;aksdjsf;iasdjfo[
    If you’re going to use a battery be prepared to recharge it a lot. I thought there was a feature where the app emails you that the battery is low. There is not. I don’t discover it isn’t working until I open the app and look or notice the doorbell isn’t working. This is average tech at best. Better to hardwire it if you possibly can.
  • Don’t like the “Device Health” redirect. 4/5

    By Bassman Rich
    I don’t like “Device Health” redirecting you to help and support. I would like to see it returned to the way it was previously. It was much easier to see ring system status, doorbell voltage and Signal strength. Update: It seems to be working as it did before. Glad to see it. So...never mind.
  • Latest update problems 1/5

    By jtothepb
    The newest update won’t allow you to click on your cam and view history. Horrible design flaw and not any kind of an improvement.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By firefighter068
    Garbage is what this is after the update. Can’t access live view. What good is a doorbell camera if you are unable to see a live view. After you receive motion you can not see the video, you have to wait until it processes. DO NOT waste your money. There is no help from the company when you have issues.
  • Just here waiting for the 1/5

    By milostinks
    NEST Camera Floodlights
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By ashiepoo
    Since the most recent update, I can no longer see any of the videos recorded or live view. Such a bummer because we loved the app before the update. Now it’s totally worthless and we can’t use it at all
  • Save your money! 1/5

    By Boys Town 0913
    Save your money! I should’ve listened, but purchased on Prime day instead. Spent 3 hours trying to get this app connected to the Ring Pro. Boxed it up and sending it back tomorrow morning. What good is the doorbell without the app? It’s not our internet- we run 5G. Waste of time!
  • Floodlight 1/5

    By Chourice 2!4
    Floodlight is terrible . I have full WiFi reception on it, the app , and shows full on my ring app. I have gigabit internet speeds . The voice is extremely choppy. The floodlight goes on literally non stop the entire night to the point I have to switch the outlet off. This is not what I wanted to pay over $200 for! I work in i t and have went over every setting including setting it to go off for “human only” and still then same . My ring doorbell works fine no issues .
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Jail this app creator
    No Apple Watch support? Very disappointing
  • S L O W 1/5

    By Super Snarfer
    Like everyone else has said, the app is incredibly s......l......o......w to open when a motion notification comes. Just as bad, the videos from the doorbell pro always seem to have stop and start motion and sound. No, it’s not my internet connection; I stream 4K HDR movies just fine and the doorbell’s RSSI is -37. So please don’t go there. I’m beginning to be very sorry I went with Ring instead of Nest. That can be changed. Are you listening, you geniuses at Ring???
  • don’t waste your money 1/5

    By howmanynicknamescanithinkof
    it’s the biggest waste of money idc what anyone says. anything causes there to be motion even a leaf or a bug you will get 100+ notifications for nothing every hour. the one time someone vandalized my car , i thought the ring would come in handy went to check it and it didn’t catch it. of course. the app NEVER loads when u click to see live view or open the motion notification. seriously stick to old fashioned cameras if u care that much
  • Slow!!!! 2/5

    By lkijnhyhg
    App is too slow to open. By the time the app opens you can’t see any motion. Sure it records it but would be nice to see it live
  • Live view doesn’t work anymore 2/5

    By Baqwan
    This app used to be great but it is horrible now. The previous format was easy to use and made sense. It’s annoying trying to use the live view as it rarely if ever opens. You would think that a service you have to pay for every month would work but that is not the case with Ring. I can see videos in the “neighbors” section with ease but my live camera is basically useless at this point. Used to love this app now I HATE it.
  • Volume out of control 1/5

    By Mhoelzli
    No matter how I change my volume the chimes could wake the dead. So loud so annoying. Let me control my own friggin volume!!!
  • Horrible!! UPDATE***** 4/5

    By Lorily74
    UPDATE**** The Ring Team reached out to me via email. They had me delete the app and basically start over...and it worked! I am now getting all my notifications. *****If I could give this 0 stars, I would. Since the last update, I am no longer receiving notifications, even though all my settings indicate notifications are turned on. There is a huge delay in recognizing motion. Please fix!!!
  • Warning - Major Security Flaw!! 1/5

    By Mr.rich boy
    Warning, Ring has a major security flaw!! Anyone can easily take over your device(s) leaving you unable to control them or even see them on your dashboard! They can in effect “steal” control of your system. This is unbelievable! And it’s not difficult to do!! Ring is aware of this breech of security, and major product flaw, yet has not fixed it. A user doesn’t have to be invited by you to join your system! They download the app, sign up with a different email than the one you invited them to share with, (with or without calling Ring support), and re-set your device giving them FULL and TOTAL control and eliminating yours completely!!! Tenants can do it. Air BnB visitors can do it. Employees can do it. Family members can do it. Criminals can do it. On YOUR system and you have been immediately eliminated from having control over YOUR device(s) while they have FULL administrative control over it. What kind of security system allows such a thing. It needs to be fixed immediately. No excuse for it. We also need the option as system owner who NOT to let on our system!! Some random person with any email address can be added BY THEM to your address, reset the device under their email and your system is worthless!! How could Ring justify this is any type of a security system with such a blatant hole in their security technology!! Ring, get it fixed immediately!! Who wants a system where someone else can take over control of any device, all devices or any part of it we have NOT given permission to do so!! It’s unfathomable!!
  • Too long to connect 1/5

    By Weather mannn
    Ever since update, the base station takes too long to connect. Many times I have to open and close the app 5 or 6 times to get it to finally connect. This is a pain as your about to walk in the house and have to stand outside and wait to get your alarm to disarm before entering. Wife did not update and hers is instant connection. Please fix!
  • Fail 1/5

    By daddy.warbucks
    This app is now failing to notify me when there is motion and not recording the events. My motion detection is ON, which means it should be working... no excuse for that.
  • Decent app but the header to toggle the alarm modes is inaccurate 2/5

    The header that shows the alarm mode is slow to load. I’ve thought I’ve disarmed my alarm and then opened the door and set it off a bunch of times. Deep linking is broken for motion sensors. If the app is open and there’s movement at your front door, it opens the live view. Display a toast alert if the app is open. Don’t interrupt the user. It should only happen if I select the push notification. I’d throw shade at the engineers but we all know they were rushed to build this feature. Pouring one out for you fam. (Also please fix these features. Sorry product, your roadmap is going to have to wait.)
  • Meah 2/5

    By dmgls
    It’s not very reliable. Connects sometimes but not all the time.
  • USELESS after updates 1/5

    By Kika_love
    The ring worked perfectly when we first purchased it. After updating it a few times it was useless. We contacted tech support and was told we needed an extended. We purchased it. Still not working. Then we contacted tech support again and were told that we needed to up our internet speed. We did that. Now, we get the alerts and can view the videos however the Live View does not work at all. I feel like we were sipped and the Ring purposely sends updates to make you think the device needs to be upgraded for you to purchase more accessories. I knew all along that it was the updates that started the trouble. Please fix the bugs or we will have to go with another service provider.
  • Everyone should just get along. 2/5

    By BigCrazyManiac
    Alexa, Nest, Ring, MyQ, Harmony... whatever. At some point these last couple months it seems all smart home products decided to not talk to each other unless it’s their own brand. I wouldn’t invest in one anymore until they work it out and get along.
  • Updates... 3/5

    By Twinn2Vision
    Everything works except live view... not sure what happened with this...
  • Gone from good to bad!!!! 1/5

    By Slick Silly Willy
    This app just keeps getting worse with every update.You would think since Amazon bought them it would improve but it’s got way worse.Come on you’ll can do better than this!
  • Ring app 2/5

    By DavMan99
    Ring application takes to long to initiate, by the time it loads about 10-12 seconds later I see no one in sight. I have to wait till video processes and view the recording.
  • I’VE HAD IT !!!! 1/5

    By 2hellwthisapp
    JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK!!! I loved it prior to the last update because it actually worked. Now, it does not. I just had my landscapers at my door for 10 minutes, they rang my doorbell twice. It literally took me 20 minutes to get the live view to work. It started working once the videos of them ringing the bell uploaded. Someone needs to do something about this app!!!!! Seriously!!!!! Fix it!!!!
  • Live view barely works. 1/5

    By NesrienO
    After the last couple of updates I haven’t been able to use the live view feature. Also, when someone rings the door bell I cant get a live feed. I am not really sure what the point in having the camera anymore.
  • Floodlight Camera 3/5

    By Monolids
    We have had our floodlight camera for less than a year. It had some troubles with going offline, and having a red picture with strobe effects, fading in and out. For the summer it’s been manageable until a few days ago where the playback recordings were black screen for about 7 secs (just long enough to see tail lights or a person’s back for half a second—useless. Intermittently, it would correct itself only to see the video recordings and hear it but would be frozen on the first still until the object or person moving was gone, and then record as normal. What the heck, Ring? Please fix this ASAP. The entire reason for buying your product was to be able to manage the security of my property, which is not what it is doing at the moment.
  • Version 5.15.1 Broke My Doorbell 3/5

    By GeeMoney57
    So after most recent update doorbell starts ringing by itself - called tech support and did factory reset which seemed to fix issue. This morning same issue - waiting for callback from advanced tech support.
  • Trash....absolutely tradh 1/5

    By CGRuel
    Don’t buy!!! Not worth it. Even if it was free I wouldn’t take it. It’s only still on the door because I haven’t bothered to remove it. Times out a lot. Don’t expect to connect on mobile data....at all. I get notifications for maybe half of the activity that occurs.
  • Continues to go downhill! 2/5

    By 1MovieGirl
    I used to be happy with this app, but it just keeps getting worse. I’m ready to get a new system. When I get an alert, I expect it to open RIGHT to live view like it used to so I can see what’s triggered it. Nope!! It now opens to the last recorded event! What!? I have to jump through several steps before I get it to live and then it takes at least a minute before it opens!! Garbage!!!!
  • IPhone locks up after latest update. 1/5

    By Jkmarshall27
    Clicked on the privacy zone setting in the door peephole cam. Phone freezes and locks up.
  • Bug with iphone app 3/5

    By iPhone User27
    ever since the latest update, my ring app experiences lagging while looking at a recorded alert. the video will freeze for about 5-10 seconds and then continue. these are issues I didn’t experience before the update. also, everytime I open the app after receiving an initial motion alert, I receive the notification again once I open the app so essentially I receive duplicate notifications and it is driving me NUTS. It’s been a few months like this and I’ve called customer support about 4x. They said it’s an issue with the iPhone app but they don’t have a resolution date or just any date that the issue can be fixed. My mom has this issue with her app as well.
  • Doesn't work the way it should 2/5

    By Dexmach
    The first issue is I tried to set up shared users. I had set it up or properly, and then I put in a new device. I wanted to be able to share the new device with my family, and could not. I deleted the share and tried to put it back and I could not. I called support a week ago and they cannot figure it out.The other issue I have is how long it takes to see a live screen. People have come and gone without being able to see anyone. My final complaint is that where is no cache on the device. If anything happens to your Internet, you’ve lost the ability to see what’s going on. I can understand this for power, but there’s no excuse for Internet.
  • Dashboard is Frustrating 2/5

    By Cleen22
    I had SimpliSafe prior to this and was very impressed with their app, sad to say I should not have assumed the same would come from Ring. I like the system, but the app is too slow. It takes a couple minutes for the app to connect to the base station, and if it does then it’s very slow to let me arm/disarm from the dashboard. Another frustration is when I’m away from home and pull up the app, the dashboard will show the system as disarmed for a minute or so, this always makes me think someone has entered my home while I’m away.
  • Slow. goes off all the time 3/5

    By Carter0127
    I am so frustrated with this thing. When it works it’s awesome. But too often it just doesn’t show that something or someone is there. Or it spends forever thinking. I got it for safety but I’m pretty sure while it was buffering, my whole house could have been robbed.
  • Ring 5/5

    By Guitar Hero 97
    Had about a month and like it so far. Bought an Apple Watch yesterday and discovered ring app can give notifications on watch but the app itself isn’t compatible. Is this something that will be available soon? Hope so. Otherwise all good.
  • False advertising and doesn’t work as promised 1/5

    By Pensacola DL
    EDIT 7/14/2019: Lag is still present with internet speeds of 300x20Mbps. I increased speed as Ring rep said that will help the video upload/lag... didn’t help at all, just another bill increase. Hence I went back down to 100x10Mbps with same results. RING NEEDS TO GET IT TOGETHER, just because Amazon bought Ring doesn’t make it better although I was actually hoping since Amazon bought Ring that they would put more effort in fixing issues. So far all they have done is build a fancier app (which is progress) and just roll out more products without correcting the main underlying issue of lag. Still stating one only needs a speed of 1-2Mbps to operate a Ring device, false advertising once more. I’ve started to move towards the “Blink” (also owned by Amazon) system cams as there is 0 lag and great app. Only drawback is it’s one way voice (you can hear others but no option to speak to them, hopefully something to come in near future). EDIT: Increased rating as Ring seems to listen to and implement things needed to make app better. After contacting Tech level 2 support as suggested by Ring App Police below, several hours wasted with no resolution. Tech does not follow up as said nor return my emails. I report issue again and the tech ask why am I reporting the same issue rather than continuing to work with Tech 2.... really? Is there not a RELIABLE ticket system? Is anyone accountable? Thinking/Hoping it was going to get better, I purchased 2 solar/battery spotlight cams for side of house. Might as well return them and save my $350. FYI- RING WAS AWESOME AT FIRST. THEN CAME ALL THESE UPDATES (which many were needed and many do make the product better). SINCE ALL THESE UPDATES, MY RING VIDEO PRODUCTS HAVE CONTINUOUSLY HAD VIDEO LAG (ironically the audio would continue to record perfect even as video froze). PLEASE INVESTIGATE AND FIX! AS YOU CAN SEE FROM ALL THE RATINGS AND EVEN ONLINE 3rd party REVIEWS..... EVERYONE IS ESSENTIALLY HAVING EXACT SAME VIDEO LAG OR FREEZE. ALL OF US CANT BE WRONG OR HAVE A BAD ROUTER OR SLOW ISP, ETC. RING SERVERS ARE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR! I’d be happy to work with a tech to find issue and resolve for all but I refuse to spend hours going in circles then the rep ( two level 2 techs so far) stop communicating most likely due to fact he’s out of answers. Seems first thing support does is analyze your home network and assign blame. 20+ IT Admin, BS Degree, certified in network, security, cyber security, etc... Not today I know it all obviously as Ring techs know their products better..... but I do know networks, network issues, bottlenecks, etc. RING PLEASE REVIEW AND HELP US! -Some may not even notice the lag/freeze until something critical happens then I promise they will chime in fast. ————— I’ve had Ring doorbell since it came out first in 780MP. It worked great. I loved the new products (cam floodlight and cam spotlight) but after using them , they are garbage. Ring is trying to grow to big to fast which hurts their products. The video has lags/freezes all thru it at critical times. I’ve worked with Ring support for months on end after I bought 2 cam floodlights and 2 cam spotlights to cover each end of house and have a “Ring of security “. It does no good if the alerts to phone are delayed and the video lags even if you don’t answer and just playback. We have tested my network speeds with Ring and they were way above the 1-5Mbps needed (I have 100x10Mbps fast fiber connection). I signed up for the Ring info emails and get at least 1-3 a day about Ring had identified a problem and is working on it, the problem 95% of time has to do with video recording uploading playback,etc. I’m an IT person and from my perspective, Ring has grown to fast and sold to many products which connect to their servers and have not grown their server to keep up which causes all these issues. A few of the info emails were they were having server issues of high use(basically it was maxed out or overloaded and shut down). If they ever slow down and get back to where they was, they will be awesome otherwise these other companies with good reps and products are going to take over the market then Ring will just be expensive floodlights for me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upgrade and keep up with what your selling Ring. Don’t let tour business go down the crapper as I know you was once a great fast reliable service but now I can’t depend it anymore for Home alert security. EDIT 5-9-18: Just getting worse with each update. Lag/Freeze issue has been an issue for long time. Spent hours troubleshooting with ring reps. Finally got an answer on paper/e-mail that ring “designed” the devices this way using a security protocol and claim its better to at least catch a frozen face than nothing. Who ever said nothing was an option? BLINK cams are going to be the ones who put ring down the pipe. Their first version is even better than rings current and getting better. Hey guess what... NO LAG OR FREEZE... Hey ring Tech..it wasn’t my network after all! Will laugh as Amazon just bought them few months ago for pretty much a tax write off as it continues to fail.
  • Too many updates 1/5

    By Sky guy 525525531366
    This app is a total inconvenience it constantly requires an update which slows down my functionality. When I open the app it tells me I need an update when I need to look at my front doorbell stop with all the updates! STOP THE UPDATES
  • Bad update 2/5

    By MS Worley
    I agree w/previous owner.. everything now is after the FACT... makes Zero sense. I want it notifying BEFORE I DONT NEED an ALARM After AN INTRUDER?? Fix this please Cars going by... parking ...leaving.. all in a ZOOM MOTION Update is not good
  • Update broke it 1/5

    By Jfeathers6
    Nearby incidents just freezes the app now
  • Too slow to be useful. 1/5

    By fdefunct
    App is so slow you’re wasting you’re time if you want to see who is actually at your door when they’re at your door. This is with an iPhone XS and a professional grade wireless access point installed about 10ft away (with the device health check showing perfect signal).
  • Worked fine until recent update 2/5

    By Saeferth
    This worked fine until a recent update - now I can’t watch the video clips (when they play the only have audio and show a black screen) and live view doesn’t work either (just shows a spinner for minutes). Please fix.
  • Good when it works 2/5

    Inconsistent. Takes a while for app to load. pretty frustrating.
  • If time travel were possible this would be a great app 1/5

    By Breaking News Story
    The app is so slllloooowww that by the time you can view the live feed you’d have to travel back in time to see it live. If I’d known the Ring app was such a poor performer I never would have invested in this system. It’s a joke.
  • Live View is defective 1/5

    By hummingOwl
    v5.15.1: Live View continues to not work in this latest update. Live View load times of 20-60+ seconds are inexcusable. Load times should be between 0-3 seconds to be useful. Enable LAN streaming already. Also quit nagging to update to the cloud service. That ruins the UI and UX.

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