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Ring - Always Home App

Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone. Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home. Ring Features - High-definition video - Wide-angle camera lens - Two-way talk - Advanced motion detection - Infrared night vision - Video recording - Lifetime purchase protection

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  • Ring customer for life 5/5

    By kashmoney619
    I recently bought a ring pro from a friend come to find out it did not work ring sent me a return label and sent me a brand new one with not cost great customer service work great will be a customer for life now
  • Worse 1/5

    By munger212
    Each update makes this run like crap. Time for a firmware update for the doorbell.
  • Too slow to be useful 3/5

    By Chuck-in-Texas
    I have the Ring Door bell. I have it connected to power. The battery is always at 100%. So power is not the issue. My WiFi is very strong. The router is near the front door. It seems like I’m always recording people’s backs as they are leaving. The only way I can improve the trigger response time is to run the sensitivity up all the way. But unfortunately, I have a street 40 feet from my house. EVERY car triggers the motion sensor. I’ve tried every possible setting. I finally decided to leave the sensitivity up all the way. I set the alert volume very low and I simply ignore all the false triggers. Luckily, there isn’t much traffic on my street. It’s more important to me that everything gets recorded. I never try communicating with visitors. There is too much lag time before the live video stream starts. By that time, people are already leaving. In summary, it’s better than just having a standard door bell. But it’s certainly not what I expected.
  • Updates ruined smart alerts 2/5

    By SalamandraV
    The biggest issue is the inability to be able to select the area where detection should be enabled. Other cameras allow this, but not ring.
  • Improvements needed 3/5

    By Irisheyes🍀
    Purchased three spotlight camera for a vacation home in 2017 and at first they worked really well- clear images, good sound quality, timely alerts. A few months later we purchased the solar panels hoping this would alleviate us from having to go up to the house to charge the batteries (we didn’t want to run hard electrical lines). The panels worked well, for a while.... Pros: - easy to install on your own - aesthetically pleasing - Monthly fee is reasonable (especially if you have multiple cameras) - picture quality is very high - sound quality is good Cons: - maintenance is on your own with some guidance over the phone - solar panels do not work. The battery/camera loses charge even faster than before we had hooked them up to solar. - a black bar appears on the video for the first few seconds which blocks the view of what is moving AND you can’t remove that black bar - the video capture is delayed too long. The time of motion to video capture is too wide of a gap. There have been too many occasions where we’ve missed who ran up to the door and dropped off a package - starred videos are supposed to stay in your queue forever, but they don’t. They disappear after a month. Best to download any videos of interest to store them on your own. With the development of video surveillance there may be better options out there now.
  • Shared users can't control alert schedule on their own phone 2/5

    By lordquibble
    I hate using an app review to contact developers, but contacting support in other fashions was useless. I discovered that the motion alert scheduling and motion alert snooze features are device specific, not user specific. This is so stupid! In my house, I set up our ring devices on my account, and shared access with my wife. We have VERY different work/sleep schedules. What this means is that when I am awake or at work and I want to receive alerts, they are very likely disruptive to my wife, and visa versa. At this point the only option available to us is for my wife to just completely disable motion alerts on her account, which is highly aggravating, because it partially cripples the effectiveness of our devices. Support tried to give me some nonsense excuse about this being a device specific setting for "device security reasons". This is bull for two reasons. 1) the motion alert scheduling and motion snooze settings only affect when alerts will be pushed to the user's phone, NOT if the motion will trigger a recording. 2) the shared user still has the ability to manually turn motion alerts on and off in their account. All these two settings do (or at least should do) is effectively automate changing a setting the user already has access to. Including this setting at the user level instead of the device level doesn't give a shared user any more or less privilege to the device, it only lets them more easily control when they are otherwise nagged with alerts
  • Ring review 4/5

    By thanomb
    I gave it a four because it is sort of slow on opening the camera and seeing what is going on other than that this is a great app
  • Laggy 2/5

    By user1287456728636622
    Crap, simply crap! If someone rings my door and I open the app and it takes long enough for me to see who it is that they get bored and walk away, then it’s crap!
  • App opens up view late 3/5

    By jsalud
    The app is decent. When I try to open up the app, there’s a long delay, sometimes up to 1 min or so. And because of this, I’m delayed in trying to see a live view of whatever motion caused the camera to be activated. Also, why is any captured video only for 30 secs even if there is active motion in front of the camera capturing the motion.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By MattSterg
    The user interface is a little clunky. It just seems very patchy as where very thing is located. The major issue I have is the speed of loading in video. Once you get a notification it take what seem a hour for it to load in and be able to view. Even if you click live view it take a while for it to load. I think once they iron out the speed issues it will be very nice system.
  • Don’t purchase! 1/5

    By Not Happy w Ring
    If you have an Android don’t purchase this, purchase an Arlo instead. Ring does NOT work with an Android at all. Could NOT DOWNLOAD and COULD NOT INSTALL the RING APP on our Android phone. Had to use my young daughter’s phone as the first main person to be the person in charge of this alarm doorbell device-not ideal. Signed the Android up as a shared user but RING still won’t let the Android open up to view captured motions. So so so frustrating and worthless w Android devices. Beware!
  • The App is Junk 1/5

    By edwinfrieden
    Every time there is motion on any of the cameras, I try to open immediately to talk and I just get the spinning circle. The video feed doesn’t load EVER. Waste of money.
  • ring door bell 1/5

    By Gergrous555000
    my door bell is not real time I get someone approaching or rings the bell I get the videos 5 minutes or so later I have the highest wi if available from optimum I think I will contact my alarm company they offer a bell really disappointed
  • Ring lag tie 2/5

    By Chatty Sewing
    We purchased two Ring’s, one for the front door and one for the back, neither one works right. We have not been able to get the pictures before whatever is/was at the door. Have not been able to use the voice since there’s no picture until the person is walking away or gone. Sorry not the best product.
  • Failed 1/5

    By TekTeacher48
    Had a pro and elite. When I really needed it it failed.
  • New update stopped doorbell from ringing 3/5

    By Redrockerluvr
    Love the camera and sound options but the latest update two months ago caused the inside doorbell to stop ringing. Now we don’t hear at all when someone is at the door. I suspect you did this to force people to leave their notifications on. Very disappointing and ready to yank our Ring out because of it. Also wish you monitored what neighborhoods post. I don’t want useless alerts every time someone’s pet is missing or a salesman comes to a door. Common sense people.
  • Ring 3/5

    By bonsmi
    My ring sound is terrible. So sounds garbled. Can’t understand people outside or on my end.
  • Setup 2/5

    By disappointed leah
    Not allowing me to setup going to try to return this is ridiculous
  • Very disappointed. 1/5

    By TSBrunson
    The WiFi extender can’t be connected, constant motion alarms yet nothing is happening. Doesn’t give a notice when something is happening. I submitted requests and all I ever get is call us when you are with device. Just not what I expected from all the hype about how great they are.
  • Just ok 3/5

    By NoneGiven1981
    Performance has been getting bad. Amazon needs to beef up their servers.
  • Spotlight and doorbell 3/5

    By DustyJay
    I have both a spotlight cam and a doorbell cam. Both have issues picking up cars. Always the same box truck or fire truck, it’s consistent at least... the spot light cam has more customization in regards to the customizable area that you can set where it picks up motion. The doorbell cam is too simple and not customizable enough which is weird because naturally that’s where more vehicle movement will be.. the flood light cam was worth every penny even though I can only use on about 25% sensitive due to said issues, it still picks up everything I need. The doorbell cam I’ve actually considered removing other then it offers one simple function, when someone rings I can talk to them. Other then that I’ve turned it’s sensitivity all the way down on the doorbell, I don’t need to know every time a box truck or the mail man goes by. All in all the floodlight cam is worth the money! The doorbell would probably be worth it if you lived in a quit neighborhood will low traffic. I would also love if the loading time to get into the camera after it spots motion would speed up, sometimes it takes up to 30+ seconds before my view of the live footage is available. Add more functionality to doorbell cam, speed up connection times and I’d give 5 stars.
  • Love it 5/5

    By lilich13456
    I really like my ring cameras and doorbell only problems I have is with ring spotlight battery camera sometimes live view don’t work just black screen
  • Love The Ring but door bell needs modifications 4/5

    By Muffinman2010$$
    Overall love The Ring Security. Hands down the best security out there. I’m selling it to all friends and family. The one down fall is The Ring Door bell has a problem with the picture getting to much white light and I lose the picture. Need fix the video going white. Can someone help me?
  • Ring doorbell is slow 2/5

    By Getittogetherring
    My ring door bell has become extremely slow. When first installed I would open the app and it would show right away after a alert what was going on. Now if i get lucky it will show me what happened like 1 minute after it already happened, most of the time it won’t even open the view of the doorbell. Get it together guys.
  • Update? 3/5

    By Toomanycats305
    I keep getting a notification that there’s an update available but it only takes me to the App Store and tells me to open and it’s a vicious circle. I know it didn’t update because I would’ve found it in my updated files. How are we supposed to update?
  • Doorbell and motion light/camera 3/5

    By Mona72866
    I feel safer having these installed on my home. However, there is a delay on being able to see the motion triggered event and when I talk to people at the door their voices are garbled and difficult to understand.
  • Ring 2 doorbell 3/5

    By eanders364
    I like the doorbell but would like allot more if it didn’t take so much time image to connect lag time to long. Maybe update can fix it
  • New updates 1/5

    By Teeitduke
    I DO NOT LIKE the newest update to this APP. It was much easier to view event history prior to the update. Also, the screen always went to full screen. Now even that has changed. Give me the option for the old version.
  • Works when it wants too 2/5

    By Nikki345
    I had such high hopes for the Ring Door bell but it falls flat. When the app works, it’s a great thing to have to check on the house when I’m not home. That’s the issue is “when the app works” My internet works fine where the ring is set up. The app works properly every now and then, with the issues of the live view constantly loading and never coming up. Or the voice doesn’t work when someone actually is at the door. Or how when there is motion at the front door and it’s in my memory it’s a black screen. These issue will hopefully be resolved one of these days. But the developers cannot tell me this is an issue with my WiFi when many other reviewers have made the same comments. I really want this to work and work right, so please fix these glitches. The app has not worked all day today at all. It won’t connect to the camera and show the live feed. My WiFi is fine because I have tested my phone and laptop and brought them outside to the area where the ring is and the WiFi signal is fine. If you could please fix this issue.
  • Don’t waste your money! 1/5

    By 3hourlunches
    There is a delay that makes me miss everyone that comes to my door! I jump on immediately when my phone chimes and delivery people are driving away! If i actually had a person try to break in they might be in the door before I’m notified and I’d have no video! It also goes off for motion like trees blowing 365 times a day. So frustrated and disappointed with this app. It’s not cheap and it doesn’t work as described. Don’t waste your money until they can fix these things. PLUS you have to pay a minimum $30 subscription to be able to view a video! RING, FIX YOUR APP AND THE CAMERA!!
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By ndendeg4
    The 30seconds recording is screwing the performance of that device...if someone shows up for 30 seconds just to run down the recording then do what he has to do the ring does not record that...plus the resetting of the device for the next recording made me miss a lot...except if the live view mode fixes that flaw since I did not enable that mode...
  • Delayed detection motion rings constantly 2/5

    By Ahorsesstar
    I’ve had my ring a couple years...used to be on battery, we moved now connected by wired doorbell...in February the 24th actually the motion went off constantly firing the night...now the last week, the motion ring has started to go off constantly again, all settings are correct..there is nothing that should set it off. In addition when it needs to be detecting motion, it does not..people are at my door or leaving before I get a motion detection ring...the motion detection should be going off as soon as someone starts walking up my walkway...no deliveries are already at my door and they are leaving...the live isn’t loading...my ring used to detect actual motion before they got to my door and not detect phantom..as it is doing. Something needs addressed and quickly...can see purchasing more if I can’t trust what I have.
  • Half as good as advertised 3/5

    By myopinionsotakeitornot
    Great idea, average performance. Too many, too long delays. In 2019, we should not have to pay monthly service fees for this product to save data and therefore work as advertised. Without paying the fees, product is useless, acts like a peephole. I would suggest you doing more research to get a different product. Again, great idea, it made the creator a billionaire. He can afford to remove the monthly fees now.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By alohabailey
    Very frustrating that the app takes so long to open. Not only does it not come on automatically when the bell is rung. By the time it opens the person is walking away.
  • Love the cams. Hate HAVING to pay for cloud storage. 2/5

    By TMonje
    After a year and a half, and having set up 3 different cams. This DIY option is great until you have to consider paying for proprietary cloud storage. Only being able to access live stuff happening at the time, with the just under $1k investment in equipment makes me want to consider other options that do not make you pay a fee for cloud service that makes the cams continue to be useful. Will not continue to be recommending these products to my friends.
  • Big improvement 5/5

    By Jaaag
    I used to say there was a problem with WiFi connection, there would be a delay to the video. But it turns out it was the bugs your developers fixed with this new update. Can get on camera instantly now, thanks for the update :)
  • The ring app pro 1/5

    By Ring app user 001
    Delay in sending notification. When answering the ring it takes forever to connect or it gives an error to retry
  • Awesome Customer Service & doorbell 5/5

    By Cffeenut
    So I purchased the ring pro a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t get it to work correctly. I kept getting false motion alerts due to headlights at night. So when ring asked for my feedback I gave them a four out ten. To my surprise, they contacted me the next day and literally helped me with the settings to get it tuned into my environment. They even followed up for two days and monitored the ring to make sure it was working correctly. From what I learned, I helped configure my parents ring as well. Now they have two happy customers. It is very rare nowadays to experience customer service at this level. Thank you again ring team!
  • It has been marvelous 5/5

    By JamesMonroeLenox
    Many of my friends relatives are actually seeing how mine works and they are buying ring. I think I must be the best salesman they have. ( of course ring really sells itself) I have had the light over the garage and not only do I feel safe but my neighbors get a sense of security from me having it too. Jim INDIANAPOLIS 46256
  • Very disappointed 2/5

    By zoie2114
    The first week my Ring worked great. It was downhill after that. It goes off inadvertently when nothing is there. I have adjusted the radius numerous times to no avail. I have also had several deliveries right to the front door that should have been picked up but weren’t sometimes I get an alert but cannot get the app to show who is there. It just continues to spin. This would have been a great idea if it worked. All in all this is a total waste of Money.
  • Takes too long to connect to device 3/5

    By Vwbh
    In theory, I really like this product. In practice, however it takes so long for the motion alert to reach me after somebody has been on my porch, that they usually are gone. Or when we use it ourselves, coming and going, we often are already inside the house, in the middle of the house, before we even get any notice of motion. Likewise, when we are out of the house and get a notification it may take 10 minutes to get the picture and connect to Ring.
  • Don’t buy the ring 1/5

    By Nellster1
    I bought this almost 2 years ago and the device has been so glitchy! I also bought one for my parents and they have had the same issues. Both of ours stopped charging. Different homes different devices same issues. They also charge you every year to store the recorded videos. I have home security systems that do this for free! I’m now going to look for another door device that actually works!
  • Not worth it. 1/5

    By Dallas TX Ag
    Picks up every car that drives by despite changing the distance setting and paying for the cheap plastic wedges Ring recommends to fix the problem. But at the same time it doesn’t pick up people walking to our door but we see them walking away! Battery drains quickly since it picks up every car. Would never buy this product again.
  • Great, but recent update has it lagging hard. 1/5

    By Ebba095491
    Although when I initially purchased the doorbell it had some lag time from the time a person came to my door, and when Ring actually started recording. Now with this new update, I never see a person. I only get notifications about motion, but never see activity. Sounds like the doorbell isn’t recording on time like it should. Should have listened to the poor reviews before I bought the door bell. It REALLY is just a door bell, and a live view function built in that only works when it wants to, not when you really need it to.
  • A little disappointed 3/5

    By jonirena
    At first I loved my ring doorbell. I felt it added a sense of security to my home and person. When I bought another house in another state I brought it with me. The inside doorbell hasn’t worked since and refuses to accept the new internet provider. Then my contract ran out and I searched high and low for a way to renew my contract. Couldn’t find one. Then, the video stopped working so I couldn’t see who was at my door. And last, I just received a text message from a friend who had just left my house because I wasn’t home. I was sitting in my sun room with my phone just two feet away. My RING doorbell that doesn’t chime or video is now on my kitchen counter headed for the trash can.
  • Alerts??? 1/5

    By KyraElyse
    Alerts are so delayed that they are worthless. They’re more like “Histories”. Very disappointed. Though daylight video is quite nice.
  • Delay 3/5

    By cecbennie
    I like the concept but by the time the picture comes on my phone or iPad the person at the door is already gone.
  • The app is terrible 1/5

    By HBOfail
    Not only is it fairly difficult to navigate, but it only works about half the time. My doorbell (the new Ring 2 version) is set up in a place where it has an excellent wifi signal with nearly zero interference (according to the tests within the app). Even with an excellent connection to the camera, and an excellent signal on my phone, the app fails to connect to the camera’s live view nearly every time I try to use this feature. When you pay $200 for a cheap camera in a flimsy plastic box that you could smash with your bare hands - you would at least expect it to work properly. Would not recommend this app or this product.
  • Mine doesn’t always work 3/5

    By mewithsprntservice
    It works when I’m at home and 60% of the time when I am out doesn’t work something with the data

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