RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP

  • Category: Business
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  • Current Version: 21.4.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: RingCentral, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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RingCentral MVP App

Get messaging, video and phone on one simple app. RingCentral gives you the freedom to grow and run your business from any device. Get started for free with RingCentral Video™, or sign up for RingCentral MVP™ and bring your modern PBX business phone into the new era of voice. Are you new to RingCentral Video? Create a free account to access your all-in-one communications platform for smart video meetings and integrated team messaging. How RingCentral makes it easy for you to connect and collaborate: - Video meetings that let you connect with up to 100 people with the free version - or upgrade to host 200 people - 24 hour duration—that means your video call lasts for an unlimited amount of time - plus it’s free! - Built-in team messaging to chat with others before, during, and after the meeting for easy business communication - Free—no credit card required. Upgrade to RingCentral MVP at any time Already on RingCentral MVP? See what you’ll have access to with the app: - Superior team messaging with file sharing, task management, and a shared calendar - Smart video meetings with screen sharing, chat, and markup tools for real-time collaboration - Cloud-based phone with carrier-grade reliability to take and manage calls, voicemails, faxes, and business SMS on any device - Schedule and join meetings with one, simple click - Easily switch between your mobile and desktop app to message on-the-go - Auto-attendant and advanced call management features for streamlining processes - Out-of-the-box app integrations to boost productivity - Centralized, portal-based access to your system and robust, in-depth analytics reports and dashboards A RingCentral MVP™ (formerly known as RingCentral Office®), or RingCentral Video™ subscription is required for certain product features. Features will vary by product and plan. A free subscription is available with limited capabilities. Download RingCentral today and say hello to possibilities.

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RingCentral MVP app reviews

  • Best Business Mobile App 5/5

    By VerifiedUserChad
    Ring Central hands down wins for best mobile and desktop app.
  • Great service 5/5

    By RealMusica
    I like the features. I run my law firm from it. Separate lines is clutch, I like the texting feature from the main line. Very professional.
  • Very useful! 5/5

    By BadGrid
    Great app, thanks! I love the messaging and simple easy to use video meetings!
  • Be careful with scammers 1/5

    By VCerv13
    The app itself is fine but I was contacted for a job from a company called Exelon Corporation and they were claiming to be yves Balmann. They wanted to scam $6000 for “materials”. Be aware
  • New user 4/5

    By Genesis006
    So far it is working well. I have been very good with the set up process and any help you need to make the system function as you need it. The support haven’t rate 5 stars. They were helpful in the process of walking you through how to set up the system or doing it for you.
  • Allows Scammers On Their Platform 1/5

    By Kyli C
    I was invited to this app by a “company”, which turned out to be a scammer. I thought I was applying for a job at the company, but instead, the person tried to scam me. Now I just want to delete my account and move on with my life, but there is NOWHERE on the Ring Central app for me to delete or deactivate my account. It won’t even allow me to change the name of the company I’m associated with. So my name is forever associated with the scam fake company on the Ring Central app. I tried to use the “chat with support” option to see if I could speak with someone to see if maybe they could delete my account for me (since I’m apparently not allowed to do it myself), but all I was allowed to speak with was a chat bot. When I asked for a live agent, the bot told me that only company administrators are allowed to speak with live agents, and that I would have to speak to my “company administrator” for the issue. But the problem is that the “company administrator” is a SCAM ARTIST! I literally just want to delete my account. I don’t understand why this is so difficult. I don’t want to be associated with these scammers. I can’t believe they would make you jump through hoops to delete your account, yet when it came to creating my account, I was able to do so in seconds. DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!
  • Worst phone app I have ever used. 1/5

    By tgvfiubdyvhfsinkpfcshb
    Fails to connect when attempting to make a call 90% of the time. Drops the call once connected 90% of the time. During the rate call that connects and remains active the sound quality is so poor you can’t even hold a conversation.
  • The phone feature is non existent 1/5

    By nickname taken 232323
    This app does not seem to have the phone for normal calling in it. I was forced to change from the great RingCentral Phone app to this one and I can no longer receive or dial out on the app. Huge disappointment. I hope this is resolved swiftly as I work remote from time to time and would hate to have to travel with my physical desk phone.
  • Forced to use new app 1/5

    By DaveO1221
    I was forced to install the new app which is terrible. Despite turning notifications on, I am not getting a notification when someone calls or texts. Despite spending hours online with technical support, the still has not been resolved.
  • Love it 5/5

    By British-Man
    Love the app for work. My whole company uses this program for business lines and group chats. I do wish we could put profile pictures on groups. Make it more fun, and polling options in groups for admins.
  • Invasive 1/5

    By JumpmaNO3L
    Required to get this crap app for work. Now the app pops up on calls to my work line. Stupid program
  • Not good at all !! Dont use it!! 1/5

    By שלו חזיזה
    0 star
  • Owner 1/5

    By coffeebryant
    I want to upgrade my services but cannot find where to upgrade in the app and asking for help, I get no help. Got to be easier than this. Bryant
  • Terrible Service, Misleading Support 1/5

    By cor4947
    This company is no different then the other ones. Hours on the support line. I have also suffered loss of revenue and time due to the failure of my number and text messages being ported over. You are better getting a land line or using one of the major cell phone companies. Save yourself the headache!
  • So many issues 1/5

    By Sedona26!
    Calls never are forwarded when set up to do so, I am constantly being locked out of my account. When sending call invites the attendees are prompted to download ring central to even jump on the call.
  • Excellent video and audio quality, ready to beat Zoom and Slack 5/5

    By tommyhuangli
    RingCentral MVP is one the way to beat Zoom and Slack to become the best video and audio/phone service with so much integrated features.
  • App Keeps Coming Back After Deleting and Hiding It 1/5

    By samknight0823
    I initially got this for work, thinking it might be a good idea to have the text feature when I work with clients. I then decided it was not the best thing for me (keep work at work), and I deleted the app. Then, it came back, adding itself back onto my phone without my permission. I went into my purchase history to remove it, but I can’t because it was free. So, I hid it. Despite it being hidden, it has come back anyway wanting to download then update. Ring Central, get rid of the feature that it can just automatically download after deletion because I need to keep my work at work and not take it home with me.
  • It won’t delete off my phone!!!! 1/5

    By calebaby25
    It won’t delete off my phone!!!!
  • Spot on 5/5

    By curved4life
    Great service to run a business very affordable
  • Scam 1/5

    By Arking1995
    Do not trust this app. Can’t even delete my account.
  • Admin setting & menu descriptions 2/5

    By 411LH
    Admin settings are limited which is frustrating. Also it would be nice to have a pop up with a brief description of the menu options
  • Amazing product 5/5

    By smartjlw
    This application is amazing, messaging, video and calling in one place! I recommend the RingCentral app to everyone.
  • iPhone Memory Hog 2/5

    By Just-a-Thinking
    I just want to use the soft phone on my hand-held device. This app is chewing up 1-1/2 GB! I was about to swap it out with RB Phone when I saw that the phone only app is being discontinued. I’m sure many want the full function app, but many others of us want focused/ streamlined functionality. Please give us the option to have the phone-only app, or opt out of features in the full app to streamline and save memory.
  • Calls dropped 2/5

    By userjlr
    Recently when making calls through the app the calls get dropped and an “unstable network” message is given. No other devices on the same network seem to have any issues. Often during calls there is also an echo.
  • Really like RingCentral 4/5

    By Katie L. - RI
    As the title says: I really like RC. On occasion it drops calls, or, I make a call and the individual on the other end can’t hear me, but overall, if I had my own company, I would use this program. The functionality is great: you can text, fax, call, all through the same number; you can change your working hours to allow or not allow calls during certain times ; you can opt out of the call queue with one click; your voicemails are transcripted, and also sent to email, and much more.
  • Jean Moïse Merci 5/5

    By Djo Moy
    it's really simple with Ring Central, calls and text messages go very well
  • Meeting Navigator 5/5

    By Randican
    Very efficient. Just works well every time.
  • One of the worst apps on my phone 1/5

    By Rene7
    Of the dozen or so VoIP apps I have installed, this is by far the worst one I have. What good is a phone app if it doesn’t sync with your phone’s address book? It used to a few years ago, but while everyone has complied with Apple’s CHANGING security requirements, RingCentral hasn’t deemed it a sufficient priority to get it done yet! Unless you work for a big company who maintains a central address book, DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS APP! You will simply be frustrated never having the latest updates of your data. As far as the UI is concerned, do not download this unless you have perfect reading vision because it does not respond to the iPhone’s different font sizing! It is for 20-somethings only! If you’re color blind like one third of American males, then you’ll also hate the minimalist interface even more as it is totally confusing and poorly laid out. To add to the confusion, it is one of the best examples this decade of bloatware! In other words, an app that tries to do so many things without proper presentation that it gets nothing done properly – even simply calling someone you know! I still have it on my phone only because my company uses RingCentral. Otherwise I would have deleted the frustration a long time ago! It reminds me of when all the MS geeks would try and port their DOS apps to windows! To RingCentral, be on notice that I will be looking for a company to replace your company’s service across all of ours with one that has a usable app. Get your act together before I find it! Yes, it is that level of GARBAGE!
  • Scammed 1/5

    By ......Truth
    I signed up for the app to communicate with a ‘potential employer’ from Indeed. Turned out to be scam and now I cannot delete this account because their automated message is saying I am not the administrator of my account. Which doesn’t make sense since I’ve gone through all my settings and theres no one listed as my administrator. I don’t even have a business / company name. I just want to delete this account, but I guess the scammers own this company as well.
  • Really nice app and program 4/5

    By Lawgirl2000
    Great for working remotely. Would love some more features in the video app portion of the program. If the video portion of the app was competitive with zoom I would give five stars.
  • Rip off Company 1/5

    By ryko0000
    Ring central almost doubled my rates from $270 to $443 without approval for services I didn’t ask for or need. After I contacted to cancel, they offered a slight discount which I didn’t accept, they then refused to give a refund of $443 saying that they don’t offer refunds.
  • Option to upgrade 2/5

    By al_car
    Where’s the option to upgrade? It keeps popping but no instructions how. Smh
  • Forced to update to an unstable version 1/5

    By Tito Barros
    The old version of the app worked just fine, but they straight up FORCED US to update to this new version full of complications and bugs (horrible to work). New versions should be made "optional" (If the newer one is ACTUALLY better, you wouldn't need to force us).
  • Convenient 5/5

    By lightingchic
    Easy remote access on the go!
  • New to the service 5/5

    By One Stop Household Services
    I love using Ring for my small business. The quality of the service is great and the best part when I travel of I can still connect with my clients.
  • Confused on how to set up talk to your admin 2/5

    By broke listner
    Setting up was difficult
  • Run from this app 1/5

    By Iphone petarda
    Worst app ever!!! All the time some issues
  • Zoom is better 2/5

    By gavrielle91
    You can’t mute yourself. When deciding to use my computer instead of the app on my phone for a meeting that didn’t require speaking to the person I had no audio to be able to hear unless I had a microphone. Not head phones, a microphone. Makes no sense. Zoom is better. You can mute and still be able to hear the meeting on a phone or computer without a microphone.
  • Terribleapp1 1/5

    By tirfbdndjd
  • Scam 1/5

    By ChrisCatMention
    I was told to sign up for this app by this company for an interview. I never received an interview. They are getting people to sign up and leave fake reviews!
  • Cannot call its unfair 1/5

    By stinglirt
    You cannot call when you are using its mobile application.
  • Very buggy and clumsy 1/5

    By frank Sh
    Forced a new app on us that wasn’t quality checked. Texting is very flaky and navigating around is cumbersome.
  • Has some perks! 4/5

    By AdamStinks2
    I love having access to my work phone 24/7. I can make calls from my personal phone without giving away my home number. The technology isn’t seamless though. It can be cumbersome at times with horrible connections and calls drip periodically. I definitely out way the good with the bad.
  • Cost keeps escalating 1/5

    By Dr Galen Cole
    Even though I have been a customer for years and need minimal services RingCentral continues to raise prices to the point that it’s cost prohibitive.
  • Give me the old version RC Phone app back! 2/5

    By mfcboy123
    Really headache I got from new app, it doesn’t even show phone icon! I contacted support many times, uninstalled and reinstalled many times, no luck, just no phone icon…. And fax history was missing too, I don’t what heck the developers are thinking of releasing such crap to long term user like us.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Martika76
    I can’t even send text to my Customers, and this isn’t the first time. Already submitted two work orders. Already on the third day. Very disappointed!
  • high quality phone services 5/5

    By rain gutter systems
    super satisfied.highly recommend it
  • Worst costumer service ever! 1/5

    By AndrejaE22
    I have 6 numbers (so i know im unimportant) but like seriously they transfer u 5 times and everyone of those 5 people asked me info about account (really?) At the end they hung up so than somebody called me and than 1 minute later guess what hung up again. ill go to other provider good luck with this amazing and best ever app (you wish!)
  • No iOS notifications since latest update 3/5

    By Mike LaBarr
    Updated to newest app version 6/2021 and now no longer get iOS notifications from anything within Ring Central. Have already restarted device and ensured that notification settings are enabled. Please fix because everything else works great!!