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RingCentral App

Get messaging, video and phone on one simple app. RingCentral gives you the freedom to grow and run your business from any device. Get started for free with RingCentral Video™, or sign up for RingCentral MVP™ and bring your modern PBX business phone into the new era of voice. Are you new to RingCentral Video? Create a free account to access your all-in-one communications platform for smart video meetings and integrated team messaging. How RingCentral makes it easy for you to connect and collaborate: - Video meetings that let you connect with up to 100 people with the free version - or upgrade to host 200 people - 24 hour duration—that means your video call lasts for an unlimited amount of time - plus it’s free! - Built-in team messaging to chat with others before, during, and after the meeting for easy business communication - Free—no credit card required. Upgrade to RingCentral MVP at any time Already on RingCentral MVP? See what you’ll have access to with the app: - Superior team messaging with file sharing, task management, and a shared calendar - Smart video meetings with screen sharing, chat, and markup tools for real-time collaboration - Cloud-based phone with carrier-grade reliability to take and manage calls, voicemails, faxes, and business SMS on any device - Schedule and join meetings with one, simple click - Easily switch between your mobile and desktop app to message on-the-go - Auto-attendant and advanced call management features for streamlining processes - Out-of-the-box app integrations to boost productivity - Centralized, portal-based access to your system and robust, in-depth analytics reports and dashboards A RingCentral MVP™ (formerly known as RingCentral Office®), or RingCentral Video™ subscription is required for certain product features. Features will vary by product and plan. A free subscription is available with limited capabilities. Download RingCentral today and say hello to possibilities.

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RingCentral app reviews

  • profile pictures! 1/5

    By Luv this game44
    the app is great but i wish everyone you message could see the profile picture you set! it seems that i’m the only one who can see the photo i chose. please fix this!
  • Makes my life easier 5/5

    By Clint Compy
    Love that my company uses these guys. Pop in my air pods and answer all my stores calls via my personal. Love love LOVE this app
  • Stopped sending messages 1/5

    By b(eat)niks
    I can no longer send messages from the app. Everything fails. I’ve had similar issues with the desktop web based and desktop app based clients. So beyond frustrating.
  • Customer service is horrific. 1/5

    By iOS 3.0.1
    I won’t make this too long because I don’t care to spend any more time on a company that does not value a well trained cells and support staff. If you value transparency, honesty and authentic support this is not the company for you. Let’s just say I’ve never had such a hard time trying to give a company money. I had to speak to four different agents to get two questions answered, fairly simple questions to be fair, and four hours later I still am unable to sign up. I asked several times for a senior leader to be able to assist me but all I got was defensive agents trying to cover up the web of lies they originally created. In case you’re wondering, all I intended to do was sign up for an annual plan through their website but due to some technical issue I was met with several errors. At no pointed did any of the agents try to solve my problem, but instead focused so much on upselling me the bigger package. How hard is it to answer a couple of questions and help a customer sign up for an annual plan? The answer is still unknown. Not only was their customer service horrific but I was left with such a terrible impression that even if they offered me a free account I would absolutely never take it and trust them with my business. An absolute failure on management and leadership all around. I was told I would receive a follow up call from a senior leader as well and, spoiler alert, no one has tried to call me or email me regarding my issues. To be clear, I did not raise my voice or used any explicit language to any person I spoke to. This is just a reflection of how incompetent they are at understanding what responsibility, let alone accountability, looks like. Best wishes to anyone who thinks anything will be different.
  • Fraud and Scam 1/5

    By La' Tells the Truth
    This company emails you that you have received a fax, allows you to register and enter your card information. After doing so I never received the actual document faxed and can’t get back into the account to delete my card info. Tried to reset the password and it sends me a reset password email but when I click on it, it doesn’t work. Have tried multiple times and by using the app as well as in the browser and to no avail. Now I have to call my bank to do a stop payment
  • Not the best app to use, I would recommend more side line 1/5

    By ChrisM234
    This app was helpful at the beginning but when I stopped using it it was a pain to cancel it, no one answers the phone. When I acquired their services they made a extra charge on my card and again, it was a pain to cancel. Wouldn’t recommend this at all
  • Notifications 3/5

    By wtfkindofnickname
    Notifications are on in settings, yet I don’t get notifications when messages come through. Detrimental to my job.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Medtre Zumbi
    I have been using the service and l love it.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By DaveSRCA
    I’ve been a Ring Central customer for 15+ years. The service is glitchy and the app is too. Don’t rely on it. Double check that messages actually went out. For some reason the app doesn’t show the same activity as the online admin portal. The call log doesn’t match, or is delayed by 24-48 hours.
  • Scammers making money on renewals 1/5

    By 75378 the truth
    My sales rep no longer works for the company, my AE no longer had my account. By the time I got to the right person to cancel my account I was 7 days past the renewal and told I would owe $6k for the 24 month renewal period as a penalty. No notifications that account was going to auto-renew. I called in a week later and was told I’d have to pay a $6,000 early termination fee. Four months later I keep getting routed to a call center in the Philippines that RingCentral hides behind. Always promising they will look into it and never a call or email back. They lock in your payment options so no way to stop them from hitting my account. RingCentral, you would be so much more successful if you offered a good experience for your clients and ran an honest business. Unfortunately, I’m sure it’s more profitable in the short term to do it the wrong way.
  • Still not optimized for iPad 1/5

    By A.Hirz
    I don’t understand why, as a messaging app in 2023, RingCentral still doesn’t support multi-panes. Is it so hard to put message threads on the left and the open thread on the right?
  • Full of Scammers 1/5

    By krunchly
    Do NOT download. Extremely full of scammers.
  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By TripleFiveSoul
    If something goes wrong good luck they don’t want to and won’t help you they will always direct you to the admin portal instead of just correcting issues they also glitch have bad reception don’t offer text when they say they do they don’t offer credits when they mess up and do not care about their clients in anyway
  • Freedom to Move 5/5

    By Dana in St Louis
    Are you a RingCentral app on my personal cell phone even when I am in the office. I appreciate the flexibility to physically bring my MobilePhone to a coworker when they are better suited to answer a customers question. I also appreciate being able to have access to my work phone from home or elsewhere when needed.
  • Scammers on platform 1/5

    By shawneevee1
    I had a “job interview” this afternoon. I soon realized that it was a scammer. Why is there no option to delete my account??? I want nothing more to do with this service!!!
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By CJ Mayer
    Terrible experience. Phone couldn’t dial outbound and never got text to work after waiting forever on the phone with tech support. Gave up and cancelled. Can’t believe they make it so hard to sign up and use their service. Not sure what the positive reviews are saying.
  • Absolutely fabulous 5/5

    By Domiknitrix
    I love this app! All the features really enhance my ability to meet my customers however they need, messages, video meetings, phone calls, texting. ♥️
  • Beware 1/5

    By BJ121294
    We were not informed that in order to enhance texting abilities it requires an additional 7-10 days of docking after our numbers were transferred. I mean what kind of business in 2023 uses a phone system without texting? Absolutely incredible that we were not told this from the jump. Especially considering we made inquiries on different texting features besides mistakenly making the switch to this platform. This has made us lose business, frustrate our clients and slowed down our internal communication. Ideally, I’d like to cancel my service and transfer back to our old provider but at this point it would just hinder our communication that much more. We’ve also been promised updates on where we are in the docking queue, which has turned out to be a lie. ZERO STARS so far.
  • Call volume is very low on iPhones 1/5

    By bd bdine idjbebe
    Call volume is low. Also; when on a call; iPhone screen will go blank and you can’t switch to another app, sometimes you have to play around with it. Very frustrating.
  • Perfect for Business! 5/5

    By coconutpistachio17
    I use RingCentral for the company I work for. It’s incredibly user friendly and allows you to keep your work & personal life separated in an organized yet professional way. I love that I can use the app on my phone and computer simultaneously.
  • Stinks 1/5

    By helloisitmeyourelooking4
    Horrible service- our business has suffered from using Ring Central and app
  • Horrible company 1/5

    By crrider999
    Do not use RingCentral they will screw your 6 ways to Sunday, they change your SMS limits after they get you under contract then renew your contract without contacting you and lock you in for another 2 years of horrible service. They will then request you to pay $1000 to cancel your service when you want to cancel the horrible service they provide that they will happily overcharge you for. Go with any other company and save yourself from these scammers.
  • It’s my work phone 4/5

    By godisall3
    It’s cool. It’s just that sometimes my calls go straight to voicemail and sometimes people can’t hear me think there needs to be an update.
  • Good, but…. 4/5

    By Brie114
    The app is good but it would be better if they add an option remove a photo from your profile. I initially added a photo but decided later I no longer want a photo to show but I only have the option to replace with another photo.
  • President 1/5

    By boom100000pow
    They are the worse phone company out of my experience don’t make a mistake and sign up with them
  • Support stinks 2/5

    By Reunionmanager.net
    Support stinks. Don't even try to use their bought for Support just keep sending in circles and never get you a live agent when you ask for one.
  • Can’t get new calls to clear off of banner 4/5

    By Max headroom 1
    The Ring Central banner shows 5 new calls. You go in and review them yet the app won’t disappear. It shows 5 new calls for a long time.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Mirgrass
    Ring Central makes working at several locations so much easier!
  • Wasted money 1/5

    By -Всевышний-
    Not competent technical support, You have to wait a day or two for an answer. They say they did everything, but nothing works. Always deceiving. Money wasted!
  • Allows scammers 1/5

    By hibahusein
    This app allows scammers to scam people on their platform!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! after you get scammed they do not even let you deactivate your account !!!
  • Incompetence at best 1/5

    By Hometown!?7272???1/$
    Nothing is more satisfying than uninstalling and reinstalling an application multiple times a week while you are busy and it is the only form of communication. Dealing with echo and loud background noises are a pain. Also, clients can hardly hear me and complain that I am breaking up due to lack of connectivity. Bottom line, horrible app. Do not recommend. How many nicknames are taken just to submit.
  • Horrible support 1/5

    By Jgffhgfdg
    The auto response “chat” just continues in a loop. The system does not provide any real service.

    By Sabrina Johns
    This app allowed for a scammer pose as Innovative Integrated Health and interview me. Needless to say they were insistent upon information from me and 100% turned out to be a scam in the end. Do not accept any interviews from this company.
  • Doesn’t sync with RingCentral on my laptop 2/5

    By scscscsvsvsvsvs
    The username and password I use to sign into my app does not work when I use the exact same ones on my laptop. RingCentral is not exactly a central hub.
  • An amazing, nearly flawless product 5/5

    By spidervick
    Wow! What a game changer. I sell insurance and the RC app is directly responsible for me earning nearly 3x the amount i was beforehand. The audio is crystal clear, amazing tech support and the ability to record my calls is one of the most useful features. Ring Central knows how to make a killer product. Rock on!
  • Gives problems with iPhone Mini 3/5

    By Coolsville99
    I’ve been having a few problems but now I can’t even log into the app
  • Great for insurance agencies 5/5

    By expertcharles
    Ring central is cheap and effective for my insurance agency. The text, fax, and contact book features is really useful. The in house messaging system isn’t as useful as I don’t have staff. I love ring central but this review is bias as I as hold shares of RingCentral. Regardless I love the service and the customer support as they are easy to deal with
  • Unreliable with cell phones and CarPlay 1/5

    By DougM-RN
    I’m on the road, so I only use RC on a cell phone. In that context, the app is useless unless you have a strong 5g signal, which is rare for me. It also doesn’t work well with CarPlay. If I hit to accept a call, ring central will hang up the call more often than not. The only fix is to have RC forward all calls to my cell phone and bypass the app completely.
  • Outdated 1/5

    By Tattttt2
    This application cannot keep up with any iOS version. It drops calls, and sometimes you don’t even get the calls. I would suggest going to another app.
  • Owner - Boon Self Storage 5/5

    By Dave Boon
    Ring Central allows me to remote manage my business and fits great for my busy lifestyle. The product is easy to setup and use. Their customer service has been very helpful and great to work with. I would recommend for anyone looking for an affordable, flexible phone system that can scale with their business.
  • User friendly 4/5

    By Saitama Shib
    Very easy to navigate. Love it.
  • Working remotely 5/5

    By billthe surfer
    Has been a game changer for working from wherever I am. Well done guys! And girls! Pretty sure there is no in-between.. for those who are of the sane sort that is .
  • Horrible software ! 1/5

    By renardnior
    I never write reviews - that is how badly I dislike ring central. Constantly needs rebooting
  • Phone app does not ring across all devices 2/5

    By Murse-inator
    Biggest issue is some devices not receiving calls. Second is poor service and dropped calls. Troubleshooting guides and chat/calls are not helpful. This list revenue and we have lost customers due to the poor service. At first I thought this was just voip. But after having used other services, this isn’t normal. It’s hard to switch once you are imbedded in the technology and want to keep logs and records etc.
  • The very best in class 5/5

    By korene carter
    I love it you will love it too get it now
  • It would be great to hide the email them outside of RingCentral. Have that as an option. 5/5

    By MattBoogie
    We were using another service that was really expensive and moving to Glip/RingCentral has really helped cut down on costs. The ability to drag and drop an image file would be awesome. And the ability to use emojis rather than just a like button on messages would be nice.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Lilzayzay
    Beware of this app ,it’s a way for scammers to use a real company in order to scam you with that company I almost got scammed ,good thing I found out early on before it was too late
  • Slow speed on message 4/5

    By Mr. Tin Nin
    Speed loading in each team alittle slow. You should make a faster.
  • Dark mode does not allow to see the chat 3/5

    By 91772jajhkw
    When we are in a call, and the phone is in Dark Mode, chat text is unreadable for a user