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  • Current Version: 5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: RIP N DIP, INC.
  • Compatibility: Android
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The RIPDNIP app is the best and fastest way to shop. Get early access to special releases and exclusive product. Subscribe to push notifications to be notified as soon as new products are released.

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RIPNDIP app reviews

  • Scammed 1/5

    By Urrudeasf
    I ordered a hat almost a week ago and it hasn’t came yet and I paid the full money
  • How Ripndip changed my life forever... 5/5

    By aidenmemes
    i stumbled upon ripndip when my friend was wearing it and i said “hey man i like your fit, what’s the brand” and he said “ripndip” and i didn’t know that one word would make me the man i am today. thank you ripndip i am eternally grateful.
  • Orgasmic 5/5

    By Scorpiaaa
    Every product I’ve received has been 10/10. Shipping is LIT and so is the sticker packs with every order. Thank you based gods. I can sleep peacefully at Night knowing that my outfit cost more than my minimum wage job pays. 🙏🏻
  • Keyboard stickers blocked by annoying background 2/5

    By eandonian
    We love the keyboard stickers but you can barely see them because the background wallpaper is so Busy with flowers and stuff
  • Saved me 5/5

    By Idk🤓
    This app literally cured my depression
  • Good cat 5/5

    By )/$/$/$/$/
    Overall I thought the app was great sure the items were expensive like 80$ for a hoodie and 100 for one with a bear and lord nermal on it but in general the clothes were amazing I'm currently saving up for the hoodie with lord nermal on it but he's a Pokémon and right now they are giving out phone cases for only 5$ which is pretty cool although one problem for me is that there’re barely anything to buy that’s cheap and most of the things that are cheap don't interest me in buying them so hopefully they make more cool cheap items oh and also it would be cool if they kept old items they removed from the store that way they make more money and i can buy more stuff
  • Joey 1/5

    By joey b joey b
    Probably the worst app ever don’t let me use my card
  • Wow 5/5

    By MilesShepp
  • Wish list? 3/5

    By jazmyn24
    The app is good and all but I really wish there was a way to favorite things so I could come back to them later, would have given more stars if so.
  • Shipping is awful 3/5

    By 😃Penguin😃
    Ordered a bunch of clothes (shirts and shorts) and they finally got to my house after two weeks from after I ordered them. I’ve never had to wait so long for something that is U.S. based. Nevertheless i love the brand but online should defiantly be improved.
  • Error 4/5

    By Eduardo Zuniga
    There was a problem with my order because I don’t get a notification when my order was going to come please can you help?:(
  • Can’t use Apple ID 4/5

    By magic_nick12
    I thought that I was able to use Apple ID so I went to the store and bought a card, but when I got home I wasn’t able to use it and now I wasted $100...
  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 5/5

    By jesus is a diciple of ripndip
    I am Jesus and I’m officially converting my religion to ripndip
  • Yeeyee 5/5

    By Deityofmilk
    It’s fire that’s all I have to say
  • Best app ever... 5/5

    By jimmywolfgaming
    PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS. It is easy to navigate through and easy to make an account. You get free stickers too! If you love Ripndip, you need to download it.

    By BAd bone 123
    Guys I’ve been a fan for a while and I have a lot of ripndip, it’s just an all out amazing app and it works so smoothly. Highly recommend this app
  • lol 5/5

    By probablyrandy
    lol download this and you can join my free gift card giveaway, also follow me on ig @oof.randyyy
  • On god 5/5

    By K.O.T.T
    Yall $#👁+ dope
  • smooth af 5/5

    By Loriroar
    nothing wrong with this app. way faster than the site for me. 10/10 ;)
  • Grandpa approved 5/5

    By larrylivinglegend
    I am 69 years old and I love all your funny cat art in your clothing and skateboards. Don’t really know why he is has a finger up or what it means but nonetheless I got this app to get easy access to your clothing line. On god my hip hurts whipping the nae nae so much doe.
  • meh 1/5

    By your boy toddiyo on ig
    eh it aight -toddiyo on insta SYKE: 10/10 worldstar worthy
  • Only cool people rock Ripndip 5/5

    By The Ripndip Addict
    The day was May 12th 2019 inside the LA Ripndip store....... when my life changed forever. I thought the only thing I was meant to do in my life was to mindlessly eat ramen noodles until Ripndip came Into my life. Now I scroll through instagram seeing if Ripndip has released anything new. Thanks to Ripndip I know what I was meant to do for the rest of my boring life.
  • Ripndip 5/5

    By 😂 😂 lol
    Lord nerm and jerm have changed my life before I had ripndip I was stupid and ugly but then I baught a shirt and I was suddenly popular now I spend all my money on ripndip thanks jerm and nerm
  • The reawakening 5/5

    Life.. I couldn’t even grasp the concept until my eyes set foot on this app😭 just seeing the illuminated nermals blast into happiness put a beat into my once empty heart. Thank you
  • My wife came back 5/5

    By Khalil The Meal
    After downloading the ripndip app all the items I could only have gotten in my dreams were now possible. My ex-wife used to say that nothing could bring us back together, but this app saved our relationship. After realizing how cool and stylish I was she came back to me, unfortunately the kids have now spent all of our money on the ripndip app so now we’re going to have to become homeless. But that doesn’t matter because our lord and savior Lord Nermal will always be with us and watch over our every spent penny.
  • penis 5/5

    By []{}#%^*++==_\|~<>€££¥
  • You know that whole religion thing? 5/5

    By certainly not god
    Until ripndip I didn’t have a Christ however when lord nermal came upon me I knew I had a purpose in life far greater than I ever could have hoped. To say that women flock me now is an understatement. To say that I no longer feel anything but pure love is blasphemy! And the night vision was a great super power. @stupidd.cupid
  • THE GOD OF APPS! 5/5

    By Shsnbaashianwbw
    This app will forever top all apps. This app will absolutely change your life. You will suddenly start to feel very happy and all of your life problems and sadness will go away. This app is just an absolute miracle. Ripndip=the best. ‼️‼️‼️😭😭😭😍@_heathersprivateacc_
  • I’m in love. 5/5

    By truckeps
    as soon as i see lord nermal, i just feel so nice and warm and bubbly. it has a certain calming effect that you cant find anywhere else. my depression is cured and the last time i was this happy was in nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hell in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer’s table.
  • Why use dating apps? 5/5

    By Joshua Duarte
    Been using dating apps since I was 18, no success. I opened up the RIPNDIP app and had to get an Uber xl to bring all my new lady friends home. #mustbenice
  • YESSS 5/5

    By SykoChi
  • I lost my V card because of this app 5/5

    By Jazzyjman---
    Right as I downloaded this app like 12 girs knocked on my door. Right as I open the door they asked if I downloaded the RipnDip app. I said yes. Right after I said yes they all went on top of me. I’m so happy and this app changed my life for the better. Thankyou RipnDip❤️
  • Are you a depressed loser? 5/5

    By 28magro
    Then this is the right app for you! This app cured me from being such a lonely, depressed, loser. The minute I downloaded this app, my dad came back. Right when the RIPNDIP app installed, I got a girlfriend.
  • Fuckkkkkingggg AMAZING 5/5

    By Savannah51013
    I loveeeee buying from RIPNDIP!!! Thank you guys for making the app!!! The app makes things sooo much easier. RIPNDIP is MVP🙌😼
  • My erectile dysfunction is cured 5/5

    By RijumW
    RipNDip has eased all of my troubles. I no longer cry myself to sleep. I have recently come into contact with a small fortune, as well, and I believe it is due to me downloading this app
  • Best. App. Literally. Ever 5/5

    By 2944771918337
    I was an outcast, unloved, broken, when suddenly I got an add for this app, with all hope gone I thought why not, so I started to download it when suddenly I was abducted by Lord nermal and his friends, they said not to be afraid and they’ll explain everything, so I listened, the information was so great suddenly my head started to swell up like a ballon. And when I arrived back on earth I become the smartest man alive, all thanks to this app📌
  • Best app eva 5/5

    The ripndip app is the convenient way to access your favorite brand. If it isn’t downloaded on ur phone, ur doing something wrong. Deadass nothing is better than lord nerms app.
  • Thank you Lord Nermal 5/5

    By Wendalooch
    If it wasn’t for this app I would be lonely but after I downloaded it I have the best life
  • I love my new life 5/5

    By BabiJerm
    Ever since i discovered ripndip a couple months ago i’ve been a whole different person i’ve been happier and my life has been easier thanks to nerm and jerm i love y’all (my insta @ is rip.babi)
  • cancer cure 5/5

    By haileyjacksonnn
    i had stage 69 cancer in my left arm and now, after downloading this app, i am cancer free and have sick shirts to wear out. i also got 1 billion dollars and i now own 21 percent of ripndip. thanks, your boss, @hailey.jjj
  • 10/10 5/5

    By plooooob
    Basically free penis enlargement pills
  • This App Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me 5/5

    By Big fat cheese
    When I downloaded the app I started to feel something. When I opened it up the feeling started to get more intense. When I looked down my penis had grown 4 inches. This app is amazing!
  • Wow😳 5/5

    By rip n dip is pretty epic
    Before I downloaded this app I had depression, I lived on the streets, and had no chicks, but as soon as I opened it, my worries went away, I know live in a mansion in Beverly Hills and can get as many women as I want, this app has changed my life and it will soon change yours. I no longer have 16 STD’s. Thank you Nermal for once again changing peoples lives for the better. Plus, my dad came home! He brought the milk with him to! So if this app changed my life, it will also change yours.
  • Completely Changed My Life 5/5

    By Goog Gane Biys
    Before installing the RIPNDIP app, I was in a bad state. I had no money, ICE took my gardener who was working with me for 10 years, my crush dated another guy and things were not going my way. I decided to turn my life around. Minutes after downloading the RIPNDIP app I received multiple DMs from girls I’ve never met, I received a call from work saying that I’ve been promoted, my crush broke up with her man, and my parents texted me telling how much they loved and appreciated me. I couldn’t handle all of these great things so I went for a walk outside. I got stormed by many people greeting me and asking if I was that guy. I decided to spend all my money on RIPNDIP clothing just to show how thankful I was. Now my life has never been better and it’s all thanks to this app.
  • Showing Me What Style Really Is 5/5

    By Zangooseboy12
    Before downloading this app I did a lot of dumb things. I drove 5 miles over the speed limit, went on the internet without my parents permission, but worst of all had no sense of fashion whatsoever. After downloading this app and accepting Lord Nerm and his two companions Jerm and We Out Here into my life I now still do those same stupid things. HOWEVER, now when I get caught I get many compliments on my appearance due to the mass amounts of Ripndip apparel I wear. Now I know when I get in trouble, I’ll look breathtaking while doing it.
  • The story of how my life changed forever 5/5

    By Infinity151
    This story starts with me scrolling through my Instagram. As I was aimlessly scrolling through the infinite cesspool of my feed, I noticed that Ripndip had posted on their story. Excitedly I opened it. The story was a challenge to write a clever review, and that the winner would win a pack of stickers sent right to their door. The second I saw the word “stickers” I knew I had to win. My whole life had led up to this moment, and I made it my goal to write the greatest review on the App Store ever know to man. I slaved away for hours writing, rewriting, editing, and proof reading my master piece. At last the time had come to post the review. My hands were shaking as I inched my finger toward the send button. My mind raced as I hit the button. Would my story be chosen? Would my text please lord Nermal? What would I do if I didn't win? I realized that if I didn't get these stickers, My life would become meaningless. Ever since I’ve been anxiously staring at the ripndip Instagram page, waiting for them to post my review on their story and for the mystical pack of stickers to finally be mine!

    By 10enom
    Every since I’ve gotten this app, I’ve gotten hella lucky!!🐱👽
  • thank you 5/5

    By Albertsstuff Fan
    I used to suffer from severe anxiety, but once I opened this masterpiece of an app and gazed into the eyes of Lord Nermal, I was cured. Lord Nermal washed away my sins and flaws, and has saved me, redeeming me a spot in heaven. I now no longer worry about my clothes, as long as I’m wearing Ripndip i know I’m looking fresh and totally hip. Thank you Lord Nermal and Ripndip for turning me into the hip and radical person I am today
  • Doctors hate it! 5/5

    By Josh the skin cancer free man
    This app cured my skin cancer as soon as I opened it. I looked 20 years younger!! I’m only 16! This app will definitely satisfy you and will improve your sex life dramatically! Would recommend Nerm/Nerm