Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Vector Unit
  • Compatibility: Android
825 Ratings
$ 2.99

Riptide GP: Renegade App

"App Store Best of 2016"! Experience the future of illicit hydrojet racing, where armored riders kick out death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls, dodge cops through public waterways, and boost at breakneck speeds across surging waves. You are a hydrojet rider, framed and cast out from the Riptide GP league, forced to race illegally through city waterways, flooded ruins, and churning factory machinery in an effort to reclaim your reputation and your title. Play through the single player career to unlock new vehicles, playable characters, and customization features as you take down bosses and build your crew. Then, take your skills online for the ultimate test as you battle opponents around the world in 8-player online matches. Challenge your friends for leaderboard supremacy in the ghost-racing challenge mode. Featuring thrill-ride race tracks packed with shortcuts, secrets, and interactive obstacles, Riptide GP: Renegade is the action-arcade water racer for a new generation. "Riptide GP Renegade delivers one of the best arcade racing experiences on iOS whether it’s on land, air, or sea making it a must have. " - AppleNApps (4.5/5) "Riptide GP Renegade is a really fast, fun, and robust racing game." - 148 Apps (4.5/5) • • FEATURES • Thrill-Ride Environments - Blast across floating factory platforms, brave hurricane-strength waves, and infiltrate a military base in the midst of battle. Every race track is packed with interactive set pieces, dynamic obstacles and secret shortcuts. • Deep Career Mode - Battle your way through a variety of races and boss fights to reach the top of the underground hydro jet racing circuit. Earn cash and experience to upgrade and customize your hydro jet, unlock new stunts, and increase your rider's performance. • Online Multiplayer - Compete online in thrilling 8 player matchups against the best players from around the world. • Challenge Mode - Take command of the leaderboards and test your skills against ghost recordings of your friends' best performances. • Transforming Vehicles - Collect and upgrade a garage full of blisteringly fast hydro jets that transform while you ride them. Win money to upgrade and customize each one. • State of the Art Water Racing - Riptide GP: Renegade brings dynamic water racing to a new level of excitement with breathtaking water physics, splash-tastic spray effects, and more! Every race is different because the surface you race on is always changing. • GameCenter and iCloud - Compete with your Game Center friends on leaderboards and unlock challenging achievements. Plus keep your game going from device to device with iCloud data syncing. • • CUSTOMER SUPPORT If you encounter a problem running the game, please visit: Be sure to include the device you're using, OS version, and a detailed description of your problem. • • MORE INFORMATION Be the first to hear about updates, download custom images, and interact with the developers! Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter @vectorunit Follow us on Google+ at Visit our web page at

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Riptide GP: Renegade app reviews


    By Marshmello alone
    Omg this is phenomenal! 🤗 I love ❤️ playing this game When my dad bought this game I played it all the time!!!👍🏼
  • I like this 5/5

    By artyhomework
    I like this because it has a throttle. It gives you power of how fast you are going and how you turn corners
  • Difficult to control 1/5

    By Caspazza
    For $2.99 they should make the controls easier. Waste of money IMO.
  • Fryta 2/5

    By angry lil boi
    Fryta is a facking batch!
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Wispy12
    This game is a lot like hydro Thunder. Edit: I was playing Hydro thunder on my Xbox one S and realize that both games were created by the same company. I’m glad that hydro thunder is backwards compatible.
  • Refund wanted 1/5

    By rafi372
    I any my money back. Not any better than the free games
  • Why it gets a three 3/5

    By walrus lord oblivein
    I like most of the game and recommend it but hate one feature freestyle I hate it
  • Fun 4/5

    By Rambo8649
    This is a fun game, far from perfect, but not bad. I find I enjoy the game more when using my Steelseries Nimbus Bluetooth game controller. One complaint I have would be the inability to pass through some screens... I don’t want to waste time with the story, let me pass through the conversation, I just want to race.
  • WOO!!! 5/5

    By 🐯 The White Tiger
    After all these years, this game is STILL amazing!!!
  • Console Quality 5/5

    By Dillasaysgo
    Love this game. Great gameplay, visuals and animation. External controller support also. Many different modes to keep you interested. Excellence in iOS!
  • Great game 4/5

    By TiMeRy.
    I love this game because there is no in app purchases and premiums. Also, there is no ads and it does not require cell service to uses. The only thing this game needs is higher resolution and more detailed textures. This game needs new people to play so I can play multiplayer.

    By Riptide pro
    I used to play need for speed no limits but then found this game which is not boring and is fun forever definitely get this if u like racing especially stunts
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Jpoiuytrew
    Yes. It does cost a few dollars. Consider, however, how hard it is to find a GOOD mobile game without in app purchases. One of my favorite parts to be honest! But the graphics and game play are super fun. If you like racing games, instead of getting one youll end up paying money in anyway, pull out the few bucks and enjoy!
  • Amazing through and through. I’m a real person too, if you like this type of game 5/5

    By Ant. From. Az
    The only thing I would add to this game is an option to control the throttle, for instance, throttle button bottom right, directly left place the brake button, bottom left a left arrow and a right arrow side by side or even better a equally sized steering wheel and the ability to change the size of both the throttle buttons and steering buttons vertically and horizontally and the ability to slide them wherever you want in screen.
  • ZpK3F6VG 5/5

  • Like it but the last 3 levels are not available. 4/5

    By Tasimon
    I really love this game but I have passed all the levels but the last 3 are not available? So I’m kinda confused.
  • Great Family game 5/5

    By NYTimesHunter
    This has been a very entertaining game for me, My wife and our 9 year old. We got our first Apple TV game controllers this summer and this game is great for them. It’s been difficult to find a good follow up multi player to this one.
  • A great game from start - esthetics, game fluidity and physics are spot on. 5/5

    By CalifOSO
    Great game, installed it based on the great reviews and a recommendation from an online blog. Hate playing games where someone else with a credit card gets ahead. This levels the playing field and I believe is well worth the price. I’m always on the lookout for new apps, not big on racing games ... more strategy then anything. But it’s simple and complex enough that just about anyone would enjoy it. Graphics are refined but not overbearing or so intricate that they render odd or drain your device resources .... gameplay fluidity and physics feel great. I’m particular about that as I’m a fan of flight and simulator games. Decided to install today and found my self playing until my “low battery” notification made me realize how long I’d been on. Im not a big gamer, but this truly is a classic arcade style game I want to keep around.
  • Best Wave Race game for iOS!!! 5/5

    By Nickybob83
    If you loved Wave Race for N64 then you’ll love this game!!! You won’t regret it!!! Well worth $2.99!
  • Quite Possibly the Best Racer 5/5

    By Kayliana™
    What makes Riptide the best? — NO F2P OR IN-APP PURCHASES! Yay!!! — Easy to pick up and play — Controller support — Great graphics — Great physics — Good upgrade system I can’t stress enough how important it is to me that this game is NOT Free-to-Play. I understand how difficult it is to have a profitable and successful game on the App Store without resorting to a F2P model with in-app purchases, and I am glad Vector Unit has not done this with this game. Quality games on the App Store are severely lacking, especially games with controller support. Vector Unit, if you keep producing games like this, I will keep buying them. I wish these devs made an arcade car racer. I would be all over that! To Apple: Please stop allowing in-app purchases for games! YES SERIOUSLY! It’s predatory and you’re part of the problem.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Chananow
    This is a great game. Easy to maneuver and great upgrades to make playing fun and rewarding.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By progammerdude11
    This is like an arcade game it’s so cool
  • Fresh and unique game. 5/5

    By Al1885
    Lots of fun. Make you want a real thing.

    By SAMSNe
    Bar none this game gives u exactly what your looking for best graphics almost as good as PlayStation COMPLETE control extreme speed I can’t believe this game is on my iPad love it needs a part 2 already ✌🏿👍🏿👑💨
  • Wow it’s Awesome 4/5

    By Supa242
    Awesome Awesome
  • Wonderful, Limited 2/5

    By twodogsnamedbob
    I enjoy this series, though I have zero interest in the “stunts for boost”, I can still play them as a racer. but in this edition you can’t work around the stunt ‘freestyle’ events like you could before. It’s a shame, because the courses look interesting. In this episode, you can’t race unless you dance.
  • Super Fun! 5/5

    By huntoi
    Paying on my iPhone 6S Plus and I absolutely love it! Definite recommend.
  • Local multiplayer fail 1/5

    By Psyttachotic
    Purchased this game for family to play on projector using Apple TV. I have 3 devices controlling the Apple TV just fine but the game only recognizes one remote. Great! we can each watch each other play one at a time. Fail. Gorgeous game is useless nobody else can control. Excellent water physics, only one player. Update: while it is a menu option the developers don’t support split screen multiplayer on iOS. Lame when iPhone can function as a controller...
  • Great game but dead servers. 5/5

    By Slipknot530
    I love this game but I bought it because I was excited to check out the online multiplayer because I thought it would be awesome but to my dismay I can’t find a single server with one single player......:( maybe consider making the game FREE TO DOWNLOAD but allow us to buy vehicles and gear and cash within the game and it would allow people to play it before they purchase anything and in return bring more new players to your awesome game and bringing the online multiplayer servers back online and alive again.
  • Completely Worth it 5/5

    By Dobbydobbs
    Such a feat of graphics and physics
  • Finally! 5/5

    By Prof. Dr Bozic
    Finally a quality game that you pay and thats it, no aditional expenses, no money hogging. And those water physics... Amazing!
  • Jet moto is that you? 5/5

    By Ohmygod 10101
    Reminds me of jet moto . And that’s a good thing !
  • LOL... terrible 1/5

    By Whiteout2012
    This game is awful. I literally have never written a review of a game but this one was so bad I just had to. Controls are complete garbage, graphics and sub par. This game is so, so bad and every 5 star review was either a designer or developer trying to plug this garbage.
  • Love it 4/5

    By YATSIP6
    Just like jet nitro for the PlayStation
  • Classic gaming is back 5/5

    By Jc555432
    Classic gaming is back... none of this “buy” your way up to a top level. Bought the game once, and thats it. No 99cent upgrades. No $5 double points nonsense.
  • Fun for some, not all scenarios 5/5

    By Sweaty baulz
    Riptide is an amazingly stunning performance of how terrible i am at eye/hand coordination. The graphics are beautiful, and it flows with a force similar to a Japanese tsunami. This game crushes all other racing games. 3 situations i would not play this game, 1) while heavily intoxicated 2) while sitting on water bed 3) while riding your girlfriend. Other than that, this is one epic step away from reality. Oh and maybe not while driving either.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Hsudbdjsjsbsbx
    This game has the absolute worst handling. It almost impossible to not crash into walls. There is no option for touch screen steering just phone tilt. The graphics are cool that about it. This game misses the mark. I thought it would be more exciting too. Huge let down.
  • Can’t stop playing!! 5/5

    By Cdwel24
  • Hot Battery Drain 2/5

    By Phat Mhan
    Nice game but it makes battery hot like fire 🔥 and really really drain battery. Bad phone performance. Don’t know about others but am currently using 6s plus and it has a bad performance on my phone.
  • Very disappointed: Constant crashing 1/5

    By Muath2000
    It doesn't load. Constant crashing on my iPhone X running latest iOS 11.2.2.
  • Speed! 5/5

    By Lighter Massive
    For an iPhone game, this is pretty diesel folks. Great physics. And most importantly, fun. Definitely worth it. Just make sure your phone fits the specs.
  • Fun game! Ad said 99 cents, store charged me $2.99. 5/5

    By MadFranklin
    Great extension of Riptide. But when an ad says 99 cents, you expect to pay that. I bought it anyway, but why bother with a special and then not give it to the customer? You guys just get out of Advertising school?
  • Awesome!!!!! 5/5

    By Jebandpooky
  • Gamevice review 5/5

    By Qubop1320
    I play this with a gamevice and although sometimes the steering is frustrating I enjoy and recommend playing this games if you like racing games and good storylines.
  • Riptide GP Renegade 5/5

    By Berndog33
    Great game! Fantastic graphics. However, there are two things I wish this game had. These are very minor because it is already a perfect game. A free roam option so you can spend time exploring the highly detailed courses. The developers spent a lot of time creating this world, it would be nice to see it without the pressure of racing. The second thing is a simple stunt practice course with no time limit or other riders so you could perfect jumps and tricks. I also enjoy playing the game without having to spend a lot more money on power ups like so many other games require you to do now.
  • Review 5/5

    By dn2144920
    Awesome game lots of fun
  • What racing games should look up to 5/5

    By Smiles6111
    Just 100% this game today and played for about 7:30 hours in total, this game is absolutely amazing, and the mechanics are smooth, tricks are easy to execute without issue, water physics are fair, and the difficulty is right where it should be.
  • More 5/5

    By TMerges
    Awesome game but needs more rides
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Baseballbuck
    Amazingly fun

Riptide GP: Renegade app comments

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