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Ritual.co App

Ritual is your daily companion to skipping the wait and enjoying rewards at the best restaurants and coffee shops in your city. Handcrafted coffee and freshly prepared lunches are right at your finger-tips, and picking up takeout has never been so easy. You can save time and enjoy the most popular food and drinks your city has to offer - burgers, salads, sushi, pizza, and more, you name it! With Ritual, ordering and picking up takeout is effortless, and the best part is - there are never any added fees. Find your cravings via our intuitive search or browse the menus of restaurants near you to order coffee, lunch and dinner right from your phone. We’ll let you know when to leave for pick-up. Your food and beverages are made fresh and ready when you arrive, so you can be in-and-out in seconds. You’ll also collect points on every single order. You can use your points to unlock special offers at your favorite spots, or redeem them for $ to spend on free coffee and food anywhere on our network. Ritual makes it super easy to pay with either your personal or company credit card. Businesses can also conveniently subsidize coffees, lunches, dinners, or treats for their employees through Ritual. Note: Ritual will only use GPS when you have an active order, so you can get your food and preserve battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.

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Ritual.co app reviews

  • Event 1/5

    By Jdgcuosngwupwmveyossnvsgjwvwv
    More events please
  • App doesn't work and customer service is useless 1/5

    By Fraunhoffer
    Have been trying to get the app to work for 3 days, to no avail. It just hangs after I enter my address, on the blue screen with the Ritual logo and an infinite spinner. The devs have provided useless customer service, with ideas like trying to open the app when I have a "better connection". I work in tech and have ridiculously fast internet both at home and work. My connection is not the problem, this garbage app is. Don't waste your time.
  • Obnoxious notifications 1/5

    By A902450928543
    How incredibly annoying, I turn on notifications (so I can have order updates of course), and on the days I’m not ordering food this app is always popping up notifications nagging me to order something. Please note, I am not referring to the app asking me if I want to join on a coworker’s order. These are unsolicited notifications just encouraging me to buy food through the app. This behavior is completely unacceptable.
  • A must have .... 5/5

    By ❤️foodtales
    Excellent app. Convenient. No line pls😜.Saves a lot of time.
  • Need a few adjustments 4/5

    By Deenah44
    Love love love love the app. Def helpful working in downtown Chicago where other coworkers in the building offer to pick up food HOWEVER as being a part of a huge cooperation I don’t know everyone on the app. I think there should be a way to text the person? Or instructions or where to meet? Some way to communicate? Just a thought.
  • Good app for what you get 4/5

    By WingAg05
    Interface is pretty easy to use. Can sometimes be confusing to find perks. I have on multiple occasions not seen a restaurant when searching perks but then saw one had a perk when I manually searched that specific restaurant. The dollar-fest is initially why I downloaded and it really can’t be beat. $1 for lunch at places all week has been great. I do appreciate the rewards program is for a variety of restaurants instead of having to download an app for each different place that might have a rewards program.
  • App is a scam and no customer service 1/5

    By plppplplplpppl
    This app is a scam and the support does nothing. I would suggest using a verified competitor that isn’t trying to steal your money. My favorites are seamless, Grubhub, MealPal, and ubereats
  • Convenient 5/5

    By jshgdyhdyi
    I love being able to visit new restaurants
  • Terrible 1/5

    By _audreyanna_
    The worst order ahead app of all time. Let me place an order at a CLOSED restaurant and never refunded me
  • Dollarfest is a joke 2/5

    By zd328
    Up until this point, I’ve been a big fan of Ritual, however this “DollarFest” promotion seems to be a complete joke. I live right in downtown Boston and not a single location within miles is participating in DollarFest. Feels very much like a trick to generate new users with no real intention of allowing them to get a meal for a dollar. If the argument is “you must not be searching correctly” - I can assure you I followed the online instructions perfectly. If there are participating locations, the UI makes it impossible to find them.
  • What’s wrong 1/5

    By Name1-2?!/
    I get to the screen to select my city and it says something went wrong. I can only hit okay but the message continues to pop up. I have installed and uninstalled several times
  • Only for a few people 1/5

    By jescs
    The restaurants are all in one small neighborhood. Maybe if they venture beyond Dallas’ Central Business District I’ll actually be able to try them out.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Jd0pe
    Signed up with a Referal code from a friend ... and can’t get past the location. Keeps giving me an error message
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Laxgirl22418
    I don’t understand what all the high reviews are for. I signed up with my email and a friends promo code and it brings me to a blank white screen with nothing. No fix in days. Deleted the app.
  • Worst app I have ever used 1/5

    By hrkeksvdhzhzjwo
    Found several bugs in the app: 1. When I try to create my account, it asked me to turn on location. I turned it on, and then it end up in a dead loop of “Sorry, something went wrong” 2. Then, I tried to disable location and entered my address manually to proceed to the next step, but instead of sign in, it actually log out my account for me. Is this app ever tested before launch? BTW, I’m using iOS 12.1.4
  • Fun 5/5

    By lollmaolevi
    Lots of yum fun
  • The Food Ordering App That Shares The Wealth 5/5

    By bgrojr
    Unlike all the other food ordering apps out there, this one actually respects your time and appreciates your business. Ritual has a very responsive and informative progress reporting system that keeps you updated on the status of your order. It will tell you exactly when to leave to pick up your order, so that you don’t end up waiting around for your food. And even more impressive, Ritual has a really awesome point rewards system which rewards you every time you place an order, pick up an order for a co-worker, write a restaurant review, or invite a co-worker to join the app. All of these reward points add up to actual dollars which you can use to make purchases. I’ve gotten many literal free lunches from this app, because Ritual actually makes it worth your time to use it. Which is just the way things should be 👍
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By jludddddy
    I’d love to use the app, however when creating my account you have to input a number and receive a code in order to create the account. Every.single.time I put in my number and it says it has “sent” a text with the verification code I haven’t received it.
  • Ritual makes my day so much easier. 5/5

    By michael2032
    I live for ritual
  • Requires your cell number 1/5

    By La Familia Sperl
    I like the concept, but the phone number requirement means it’s dead to me. Get rid of the phone requirement, then we’ll talk.
  • Not Food Allergy Friendly 1/5

    By td8675309
    No option to add a comment to an order or layer on an option to your profile to specify that there is a food allergy. There is also limited information on food ingredients for most restaurant options, and no allergy information. I personally think participating restaurants should be required to include major allergen call outs. Long story short, if you have a food allergy you can not use this app. Better to go get food yourself than risk your life. Shame since over 17million people in the US are diagnosed with food allergies...
  • App is broken, won't let me open it 1/5

    By Saleen S7 TT
    Used to like it. But ever since I tried to add my company, it won't work. Even after reinstalling it. Also, the perks were great for a while, but now they hardly ever add new ones. I likes using it to get some good discounts, but all I have left available to me are coffee places and subway.
  • Never being informed on changed order 1/5

    By sunsungrass
    It’s already the second time that Ritual never bothered to inform me about cancelled orders and I just walked over to the restaurant and being told they already called Ritual about changed orders. The whole point of ordering on app is the convenience. Seems not Ritual’s concern.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Hshvhbbhbzvx gcxvfbb
    Seriously a great app, able to get good food for a discounted price. Along with not having to wait in line. Highly recommend
  • Ritual 5/5

    By Lluna167
    Pretty user friendly app.
  • Requires location services 4/5

    By Big, Big John
    The app is ok, but cumbersome. Most annoyingly to me, it requires location services to be enabled. I know where I am. I know where the coffee shop I want to order from is. That should be sufficient. Even the Starbucks app lets me do this. Please correct this oversight. Also, I have a discount card at my coffee shop. This app doesn’t utilize it.
  • Great app for city living 5/5

    By Justseennddittt
    Great app with great promotions. Works with a ton of company's around my city and makes it easy to order a coffee quickly before work.
  • Unable to use 1/5

    By 4DuCharmes
    I tried to place an order and the restaurant I chose was listed as "closed" 1 hour prior to the actual closing time. Could not find anywhere in app to report this error or even contact someone.
  • Excellent!! 5/5

    By 1stWife514
    I truly enjoy this app!!
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By galaredapples
    Customer service is unresponsive and unavailable if a restaurant messes up your order and overcharges you.
  • Best app of 2019 5/5

    By ljberg21
    This app is great. Excellent reward program to give you discounts and expands lunch options if you only get a 30 minute break because you pick up food when it is ready. No waiting for order, prep, or payment.
  • Complete scam 1/5

    By NYC Cre8ive
    Signed up for this a Furious Spoon. Promised $10 credit. Links never worked. Never got my credit. Complete scam!
  • Exceptional 5/5

    By Han Solo 93
    You guys have been on top of it whenever I make my order from the app. But quick question: If i were in Cobb county and wanted to use this app, would it work there?
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mizzpatate
    Excellent customer service

    By CC_86
    I don’t write reviews but I’ve never dealt with such incompetent people making outright accusations all because they don’t want to fix their issues and honor and rectify a situation especially as a new and growing business. I really thought it was a clever idea as I work in the heart of Seattle. Then I referred a friend as I would receive a bonus. It never came. A pain but I submitted an issue for it. Ritual’s response: you’re already a user so you don’t qualify. Of course I’m a user. That’s the point. My friend signs up with my referral link. So I had to resubmit. This same Ritual person, says I registered with the same account, and saying that my friend and I were one and the same!!! Sooooo needless to say he and both won’t be using the app and we both will not be recommending this app to anyone. In addition, I used my coworkers referral link and she nor I got the bonus either and she is having the same issue, as well. We understood the kinks but the handling of the situation was worth the effort to let others know to avoid this company.
  • I’m not in Jersey City 1/5

    By cfarley89
    The app doesn’t know where I am. Currently located in Philadelphia but the app shows me options for Jersey City. I can’t use the app if it doesn’t give me the options close to me
  • If you’re eating anyways 5/5

    By yehyehyen
    Ritual is a nice way to lower you meal cost and wait time at tons of places you already eat at. Challenges happen often that it makes the app rewarding to use. Only caveat is it has to be a Ritual metropolis.
  • Questions 5/5

    By na nauna
    Do you have to pay real cash when your food arrives

    By Better Life 2019
    I have never seen an app where you have so many food options with awesome prices. Once discovering this app I have not only motivated to try different foods, but I love the deals you get at times.
  • The best app!! 5/5

    By ethbau
    I use this app to order food with my fellow employees at work. They give great discounts for certain restaurants. Will definitely use more in the future!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 23456asdrtt
    Best app ever I refer all my friends and strangers as well.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Liono786
    Great app that utilizes game-like data science techniques with rewards...
  • Pure Awesone Sauce! 5/5

    By homechef99
    I’ve discovered so many new places to eat in San Francisco, in just a short amount of time, it’s incredible...and all with discounts!
  • Beware -- privacy violations! 1/5

    By mkrigsman
    A merchant sent me text message spam even after I set No Notifications for the app. There seems to be no way to opt out of spam text messages. Avoid this app and stay away from this developer.
  • Useful when it works 2/5

    By Crossroads44
    The most recent update has rendered this app unusable. When I place an order, the app simply takes me to the checkout screen an pinwheels with a translucent view of what I’m trying to order. Also, what other users pointed out about perpetual location access is somewhat disconcerting.
  • Time saving perks 5/5

    By Voguedodie
    The best part about Ritual is the time you save and the rewards you get back. Feels like you are dining hassle free and NO WAITING IN LINE❤️😋😎
  • Saving me money and a pleasure to use 5/5

    By Tomedical
    I was hesitant at first when I saw another mobile app for ordering food as the market is pretty saturated. I tried Ritual anyway because of the $1 “food festival” and now I’m hooked. Discovery and browsing are sometimes difficult but the design and usability of the ordering process is top notch. What’s keeps me using the app, however, are the promos and loyalty rewards. It also seems like Ritual spends a lot of time on marketing and merchant integration. They popped up out of no where in Philly and now they have a mini kiosk at tons of restaurants. The experience using Ritual seems more streamlined than some of its competitors. Looking forward to seeing what they do to keep users in their app as this space is getting very competitive.
  • Referral code doesn’t work 1/5

    By greg-greg son
    I have received a friends $5 referral code. Unfortunately, even when my cart total is below five dollars there is only the option to add payment instead of check out using my free food credit. On iPhone 5s.
  • Location Services Required 1/5

    By Mundangerous
    App requires users to enable location services. There’s no way this is necessary for the app to work because it’s not required on web... just a blatant attempt to gather extra user data to sell that burns battery and degrades performance. No thanks.

Ritual.co app comments

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