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Rivercast App

Rivercast™ puts the river level data you need at your fingertips with its intuitive and interactive maps and graphs. Rivercast™ Features Include: • Official Flood Warnings & other alerts from the National Weather Service • River stage height in Feet • River flow rate in CFS (when available) • Indications that a river is at or approaching flood stage • Current observations and recent history • NOAA river forecasts (when available) • Map interface that shows where river gauges are located geographically. • Search interface to find river gauges by waterway name, state, or NOAA 5 digit station ID. • Interactive graphs that you can zoom in, zoom out, or pan. • Customize your graphs by adding river levels that are relevant to you. • Favorites list for locations you care about the most. • Share your graphs via iMessage, Email, Facebook, or Twitter. • Today Widget to monitor your favorite locations at any time. Rivercast's map not only shows you where the stations are, but color codes them when it can to give you an indication whether the location is at normal levels, approaching flood levels, or above flood stage. You can get the latest observations from the map, search, or favorites. With an additional tap of your finger you can get a detailed interactive hydrograph. You can zoom in, zoom out, or pan with your fingers to find the exact information you need. If you "tap and hold" on the graph you can view the crosshair "bubble" text to assist you further. To customize your graphs for what's important to you, you can add your own level lines to mark things like sandbars, rocks, bridges, safe conditions, or whatever you would like. And you can add the streams or rivers that you would like to regularly monitor to your Favorites list for easy "at a glance" viewing. Rivercast™ uses the latest observation and forecast data available, and requires an Internet connection for use. We recommend 3G or better for optimal performance. Favorites, Map "Instant Observations", and Hydrograph data is viewable in feet or cfs (when available). All observation and forecast data is in your local time (per your device) for your convenience. A handy tool for boaters, fishermen, property owners, paddlers, scientists, and the curious. River gauges reported are USA only. * * * * * * * * * * * * * Some Frequent Asked Questions: Where does Rivercast™ get its data? • This app uses NOAA and AHPS (Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service) for its raw data for our custom graphing and mapping solutions. There are a few locations that are available via other government agencies (including USGS) that are not available via this app. Why does Rivercast™ sometimes show slightly different flow data (CFS) than USGS? • CFS is a calculated estimate derived from stage height. NOAA and USGS estimates may sometimes slightly vary due to using different data models. Variances are usually within a few percent, but can sometimes be larger. Stage height should always be identical between USGS and NOAA. Designated flood stages are based on stage height in feet in the USA. Why does Rivercast™ show only observations, but not forecasts, for my river? • NOAA issues forecasts for many, but not all, rivers it monitors. Sometimes forecasts are only issued seasonally, or during times of flooding or high water. My river gauge was there yesterday, but its gone today! What gives? • River gauges have a hard life. They occasionally have technical problems transmitting their data, or can even get washed out during extreme flooding. NOAA is usually pretty good about fixing them in a few days. Can you add location xyz to your app? • We wish we could! If NOAA is not reporting it, we unfortunately are not able to add it. We include all stations that NOAA provides for public use. We take our accuracy seriously! If you have any questions (or complaints!), please email us.

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Rivercast app reviews

  • Good to have during hurricane or flooding. 5/5

    By Kennyboy1019
    I used this app while going through Hurricane Barry to keep up with river forecast to know if my home would flood. It has been a handy tool and I highly recommend it.
  • Top notch 5/5

    By mt owen
    Excellent app!!!
  • Great 5/5

    By Tattoo oilman
  • Keeping track of fishing/hunting spots 5/5

    By Dmash7
    Worth the money! Sure the trend line is great but being able to mark important water levels is what makes this app so great! These levels are included on the graph of river level for ease of comparison.
  • River cast 5/5

    Thank you very much for a very valuable service for people living on the St Lawrence.
  • River Gage 5/5

    By iowaboater
    Gages are easy to choose and easy to get info.
  • Rivercast 5/5

    By Bayou Photo
    This is the most comprehensive river level app. It’s a very good planning tool for commercial and private entities.
  • GREAT APP 5/5

    By ralph7up
    This is my go to app when the rains really come. Much more detailed and less sensational information than you will find from the TV weather guys.
  • I like it! 5/5

    By GI Joe 78613
    A good app. I’m in this business and use it.
  • Rhino 5/5

    By movella
    I love this app too check out the dog river too see how high the river is and how fast it’s falling out great app too have if u fish on small rivers
  • I like it but it seems to have some data glitches 4/5

    By jmc03307
    Soucook river pembroke NH has a flood warning and the warning text says flood level is 7 feet. The app chart shows a flood level of 11 feet.
  • Larry 5/5

    By bite and hook
    Love this app, just wish it would show more history… I use this app for planning my salmon and steelhead fishing trips. No one can predict very accurately where river levels will be more than a few days to perhaps a week ahead. But seeing more history would be very handy as well… So I can go back and see where the river level was when we had a great day.
  • Great, informative App!! 5/5

    By pstut1
    Love all of the features!!
  • Great App For Fisherman To Watch River Levels 5/5

    By JR4AL
    This app is the real deal! I had an issue that was quickly resolved and I stand corrected and I do apologize for suggesting any ill thoughts about this app or its developers in a previous post. Cory (a developer) reached out to me and the issue was a glitch either on my end or theirs but nonetheless the issue was resolved efficiently and professionally. This is a great app and I would encourage anyone to subscribe for the premium content especially fishermen that need to know what the river is doing so they can plan their trip accordingly. Get this app. Great information and class acts running it!
  • Better than the news feed. 5/5

    By trbenke
    I’m so tired of refreshing my news feed searching for some happy news that I just gave up and read the river levels now, so much so that my wife asked me last night who I was texting.
  • 3 day forecast 4/5

    By river/rat
    Wish it gave the day before and the day after forecast also
  • Thank y’all, 5/5

    By Trucking the USA
    This app has been a great blessing especially during the recent flooding here at Drop Anchor RV Park. I’m so glad I have it during this. Thank You Very Much!!
  • Jim 5/5

    By papajimmyt
    It’s great to be able to see the level of Kaw Lake and it see if it’s on the rise or fall
  • Cumberland River 5/5

    By Dixie's Down South
    Thank you for this app. Living on the Cumberland keeps you on your toes as it fluctuates constantly 5’ to 10’ on many days. During possible flooding times this app will be priceless. Betty
  • Invaluable Fishing Aid 5/5

    By Jimlusch
    I live an hour+ from my favorite fishing spots. I always use Rivercast before I go or days in advance to see what is in store for me when I get there. Saves me a lot of time.
  • Handy 4/5

    By Kempla
    I have recreational property subject to flooding from time to time based on surrounding river stages. This is far quicker than trying to get around the NOAA site. This would be a 5 star if it provided the same historical river flood stages provided by NOAA, particularly with the premium version that I’ve purchased. Perspective is valuable.
  • Captain 5/5

    By dodbado
    Works great fast and easy to use
  • Vital information!!! 5/5

    By beeSue53
    This app is extremely useful for anyone who lives near rivers. We live in a flood prone area, after storms this app makes it easy to see the water levels of river crossings. Flood stage is marked for all and when possible a future trend is included. This is not only interesting, it is vital information!!! Great for boaters too.
  • Very convenient app 5/5

    By Bulldogsmsu
    This real time data is extremely helpful for working in the river bottoms.
  • Best river app out there 5/5

    By AK4U
    I’ve tried a lot of river apps and this is by far the best. I really like the ability to set up custom river levels in the graph. Living near a river that floods every winter I use this app a lot. I wish there was an ability to set up a custom alert when a river hits a certain stage though.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Big River 111
    This is the best app I’ve found for getting water levels all across the country. It’s a valuable tool for tournament fishing and hunting.
  • Increase data to 1 year oh history!! 3/5

    By GravMan
    I would gladly give you the money if your app could give a years worth of history, makes predicting historical so much easier. Please add!!!!!!
  • Wish I could see more gauge history 5/5

    By StewartLamb
    I like looking back to a time when I know something was flooded, like my favorite duck hole, then I can reference what the gauge level was back then and compare to now - Rivercast doesn’t allow you to look back more than a day or so :/
  • Marine Construction Great APP 5/5

    By rpoche Ricky
    My company operates 15 tow/push boats, 3 barge staging fleets, and 7 marine crane barges for construction. Most of our construction projects on the river is driven by the stage of the river, so we have no choice but to monitor the river levels and forecast daily. This is a must have app if you’re in my line of work. Some of our projects can only be started or completed if the Mississippi River is at an 3 foot rage at the N.O. Gauge. We need to know what the river stage is doing daily in order to schedule some of our construction projects. This app is a great tool for work, fishing, hunting, and monitoring the water levels around our fishing camp. Gives me an idea of what’s going on around my fishing camp even when I’m not out there.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By 5gcat
    I can see current river levels by tapping on map data points great for planning when to go floating!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jinglejacktictactoe
    Works great
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Big Dog Tenn
    Great way to check flooding
  • Rivercast maps 5/5

    By Flfrankieboy
    Great job!
  • Paid but no access 1/5

    By Biged2111
    Paid but no access
  • Love love love 5/5

    By xnajiwi
    I LOVE this app!!! Keeps me updated so I know when I can or can’t go kayaking
  • No temps 4/5

    By shomp103
    Doesn’t show water temperature
  • Right on the money 5/5

    By coyner3
    This app really works I live on the tippecanoe river so I can look at this app and look at the river and see that this app is right
  • River stages 5/5

    By Sbeanie76
    Love this sight!! Living on the Illinois side of the Mississippi, we rely on accurate information and the TV station doesn’t provide that. So I do for the people in our area!!
  • Run the Ohio River 5/5

    By qcaptain
    We have cruised the Ohio all the way to Pittsburgh. Rivercast dose a great job of illustrating river levels. Also like the CFS info on flow rates at given locations.
  • Would be nice if it UPDATED during an actual flood. 2/5

    By Durak36
    Would be nice if it UPDATED during an actual flood.
  • Guide use 4/5

    By Mahigan Outdoors
    I am a fishing guide in Minnesota and have been using this app for a few years now. Can’t live without it! I fish a lot of different rivers and streams and this app helps me do a lot of scouting without having to get eyes on. Love this app. Pass it on to all my clients.
  • Good app 4/5

    By UN18limited
    Good simple app.
  • Waste Of Money 1/5

    By DaBunkster
    Paid for premium to see forecasting of river at my cabin knowing a flood was coming. Premium gave me no additional data!!! Pretty bad when another free app included the forecasting data as provided online by the Advanced Hydrolic Prediction Service. Complete waste of $5 for me and a reason why we should be allowed to try apps before buying. UPDATE: This app developer took two weeks to respond with a lame blanket statement that provided no help. Another River app developer contacted me in days and worked with me via email to identify the issue with the missing data.
  • App review 5/5

    By capt n rivers
    I’m a river boat pilot and this app is very helpful to me and is all so accurate thanks Rivercast
  • One of the best! 5/5

    By mjanau
    I use this all the time for water levels / flows / etc. puts me in the fish 95% of the time
  • Mehhh 4/5

    By Ajmglassworks89
    I had a great river app that let me store many favorites and was extremely valuable to me. I did not have to pay anything for it and after a few years the app was no longer supported. This app would be great but I’m not going to pay win this information is free and easily gathered from the USGS sites.
  • Fellow waterman 5/5

    By WakeDick
    Boater, Mississippi river front land user conservationist Steward hiker paddleboard & labrador retriever aficionado. I rely on this appTo give me timely and accurate no nonsense Raw data. it does exactly that it’s worth it’s money in knowledge
  • It needs to be better 5/5

    By tylerdunham
    The graficty on it's good the prim needs to be free
  • Great app 5/5

    By watershy
    We live near a river. It is so helpful to be able to check river levels up the river and of course the river level near you. Easy to use. It helps you know if you will need to evacuate

Rivercast app comments

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