RL Garage for Rocket League

RL Garage for Rocket League

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 2.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Laurids Duellmann
  • Compatibility: Android
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RL Garage for Rocket League App

RL Garage brings the biggest Rocket League trading platform to your phone! With the iOS app, you can find and post trade offers with ease, and connect with other players. This is the official companion app for rocket-league.com - designed and optimized for mobile. RL Garage is the largest trading platform for Rocket League with over 4,300,000 registered users. Top features: * Filter through thousands of active trade offers, and find the items you're looking for * List & manage your own trade offers * Live Item Shop - Check out all current and past Rocket League items for sale in the ingame Item Shop, right in our app! * Message other players to negotiate deals * Browse all available items in the game RL Garage gives you full control over your trade offers, even when you're on the go. You can read public comments or your own private messages and respond to users. We regularly publish news and run contests with fun prizes, which you can follow along with inside the app under the 'News' tab. Get the full experience: We recommend logging in with your existing RL Garage account, so you can experience all of the app's features. If you're new to RL Garage, you may sign up for an account within the app, or via our website: https://rocket-league.com/register We're proud to bring the RL Garage experience to your phone, and we hope you enjoy the app! If you have any feature suggestions, problems, or other feedback, please contact us on Twitter @rlgarage or via email at [email protected] Trading rules: https://rocket-league.com/trading/rules - These rules apply for all trades created on our trading platform Legal Disclosure: https://rocket-league.com/legal Privacy Policy: https://rocket-league.com/privacy Disclaimer: RL Garage is a third party app. We have no rights to the game Rocket League. All material about Rocket League belongs to Psyonix, Inc.

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RL Garage for Rocket League app reviews

  • Sometimes gets annoying 3/5

    By Reilly Royce
    It is very useful for finding trades but when it comes down to actually doing it there is an issue for me. When I try to chat to the person. It tells me that I have to link an account from a platform. When I try to do so, it always comes up that it can’t connect. For example, I hit the button to link my Xbox account and it will just load until it says, “Xbox Live Profile lookup failed”. I don’t get why it how it would look up my account in the first place. I didn’t even put in my email/password? I think, whatever I’ll just log into another platform and just explain why I’m actually on Xbox but it says I’m in pc/psn. Every single platform had an issue and I can’t chat/comment/post trades. I would be nice to fix the log in process or make it so that you can actually do something on the app without having to log in.
  • Bad 1/5

    By 1234FatE
    It’s stuck
  • Digital Diarrhea 1/5

    By Mr Try Apps
    The account link is complete garbage can’t connect anything
  • Slow and needs work 2/5

    By RL Justin
    The app is nice when it works but sometimes it fails to even load the app, and no it’s not my service. The app has the features to post trades but when you go to post one, the screen turns darker and doesn’t allow you to do it. This is frustrating and should be an easy fix. When you can post a trade, it doesn’t allow you to choose color, certification, or amount sometimes. Seems like it just has random bugs that could be an easy fix with a little time and effort.

    By asdffgshsskf
    it literally always makes my phone overheat and i have an iphone 10s, always happens within 2 minutes of using the app, becomes literally unusable once it overheats and laggs and doesn’t let you move the screen at all until you restart the app.
  • Didn’t let me login into my account 3/5

    By jerryofficial124
    So I’ve been using this app for a year and it was good but I was putting my information in the register page and I submitted then I went to verify to activate my account but i didn’t get my account I tried to login but didn’t work so all I have is nothing please fix this or just give my account back please
  • Ehh 2/5

    By spinks1369
    Worked great a year ago before all the pointless new stuff. Now it loads when it wants & works when it wants. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Five stars 5/5

    By no hoodie that's koala
    I’ll give it a five stars because it’s addicted toRocket league and I was so you get to see daily news not I’ll kind of stuff I cannot wait for season five I feel like it’s going to be better than season four and also I’mAI am a super sonic champ and I want to be in the honors so champ so that’s why I’m just to mechanical and I want to put a game safe like the content creators like musty
  • Do not use 1/5

    By starboy in game nickname
    The app works its just really hard to find trades because there is only a 1 minute gap until the game crashes. So i don’t recommend this app.
  • Please read (bug) 4/5

    By N8ster2x
    Great app! I’ve had no problems until their premium update. Although announcement page is stuck on my screen because the X is barely off my screen and I can’t tap it. If it’s a problem with mine then that might explain but I have deleted the app and downloaded it again and it still has this problem. Other then that it’s super easy to use and very helpful!
  • I know it's free but its getting annoying. 2/5

    By OlawdHeComjng
    It's a good free trade finder and most of community is good. But OMG the ads is getting annoying. The mobile app contains full screen unskippable ad with timer and every time you open the app they nag you about the 2.99 per month subscription. On the desktop website they added a subscription ballon that wiggles and follows you everywhere and an timed adblocker detector. Look I know server time costs money but rl garage is only what it is because of the users community. Not every trader can afford 2.99 nor does rl garage help most people make that much anyway. I support rl garage through the itemshop but apparently it is not enough. If you think you are gonna annoy me into spending 2.99/month you are dead wrong. RL garage as is right now is just constanly daring me to go back to discord and insider trade finder. Please stop this.
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By Daibutsu_fat_af
    I was permanently deactivated for having a similar name to a moderator. The app is full of scammers and is dying. Trading post app is much better. Their new update is to late for a dying game. It’s a money grab and they would’ve done better at polishing dirt.
  • Good app 2/5

    By Tyurs h
    But why would I pay to make trading easier instead of just paying for the items themselves. Seems redundant to add premium memberships and throttle the free version for people.
  • Great app but too many problems 2/5

    By 482104
    Their banning system needs to be improved. I got banned last week for no reason and am still waiting for them to respond. They need to be careful in selecting moderators on their app as well. I’ve seen too many unkind mods on the app who don’t care much for their community. The ads are ridiculous and many are extremely inappropriate. Overall app is great it’s easy to find people to message and I love the item shop display but seriously this app needs much more improvement.
  • Some issues 2/5

    By Eggmuffims
    There’s too many issues I have with the app in general but there are two main ones I have an issue with: battery consumption and ads. This app drains phone battery so quickly and it does it for absolutely no reason. It drains battery faster than Snapchat and tiktok combined in a shorter period of time to the point where I can’t even have the app open for more than 15 minutes without seeing a major change in my battery level. I’ve actually checked and it drains more battery than COD mobile. Idk how it’s possible when nothing is usually happening on the screen, except for ads, which is my second biggest issue. There are ads everywhere. There’s nothing else to it. And the ads are usually porn. Thought that last part was kinda important.
  • Scam 1/5

    By torrin rl
    This app is just a scam to steal you account it stolen my account so don’t use it
  • Eh 1/5

    By ImTryingToSaveYou
    It looks like a good app but it keeps crashing and freezing up.
  • So laggy and got banned for no reason 1/5

    By xxanesboixx
    So, this app used to be so good to use, but since the new update came out, the app keeps kicking me out and won’t even let me get in the app sometimes without restarting my phone. Not to mention, I got banned for no reason, and when I contacted the support team to ask why I got banned, they didn’t even help, and I waited 3 weeks for them to reply “after reviewing your account, we have determined the ban will be permanent”. I asked WHY did I get banned, not for an appeal. I have never done anything to go against the rules, but of course the app has to ban you for no reason. It’s just sad how bad this app has become after this new update.
  • Awful 4/5

    By Chris Capp04410
    Ive been banned so many times for no reason once again yesterday! And they wont even respond to my messages and get me unbanned but rl trading post is even worse
  • Super Slow App With Update and Banned Wrongfully 1/5

    By Jaguirre25
    Ever since they updated their app, everything is way too laggy and slow. Also their support and reporting system is terrible. I was banned wrongfully for cursing when I have reported users who legitimately send explicit content and disgusting messages but I am told that they are not able to take action on them
  • Login broken 1/5

    By CEO of Fax No Printer
    I have registered and tried to log onto my account multiple times but every time I just get an endless white screen. Even after trying to delete the app and redos load it, hard reset my phone, and other things it still doesn’t work. Someone please help because I believe I would love the app if this works.
  • Help 2/5

    By 677568988
    I cant find the news or search for info on items. It only lets me trade and make trade posts. Please help.
  • Not good. 1/5

    By AMOS toocleeshade
    Used to be an amazing and very easy to use application, now way more complicated than needed, and constant ads. Strongly suggest a different app. Check out Pixel on YouTube, he is a content creator for rocket league and has developed an app for this specific reason. Anything is better than this.

    Great app for meeting people! Thats it. Your on your own after that. You have to link your accounts but there is no reason for it. You cant do trades or view your items. All you can do as far as linked accounts is supposed search by what you have but doesn't work well at all. In exchange for using the app. Small Ads at the bottom of pages Full Screen Ads with timer to close Handover your gaming accounts and information.
  • Don’t log into your acc here 1/5

    By ciigqrettes
    I linked my epic acc because it was required then weeks later I log into rocket league and all my stuff is gone.this app is using eveyone for there acc to get free stuff this app is a scam
  • great when it works, but barely does. 2/5

    By Are8Eight
    glitchiest app ever. doesn’t even work half the time.
  • Account Deactivation? 1/5

    By Garrett7303
    Dear rlg administrator or developer, around 3 weeks or so ago, I had received a notification saying that my account had been de activated. I had not been given ANY prior warnings and had been on good terms with everyone I had traded with. I was not notified of my reason for the ban/deactivation. I was also never pushed to read their trade rules or acknowledge them when I signed up for an account. As far as I know, I haven’t broken any of the trade rules to get you banned or warned. To add, I have already submitted a ticket about my problem around 3 weeks ago and haven’t received a message or email that was associated with my account. It happened a few days after they pushed the overhaul of an update that, in my opinion, made the usability of the app to people who have used it for awhile now terrible. -goofybanana73
  • Good apps but adds 4/5

    By Master3540
    I have used this app for over 2 years now and I personally haven’t had any problems with it I play rocket league on and off so I’m not on it 24/7 but I recently got on it and then I searched for a item a add, y’all were doing so well with the little adds at the bottom they didn’t do any harm, but when I am trying to get a item fast after not having to worry about adds for 2 years is heartbreaking for me I just don’t think mid search is a good way to put a add maybe when you first load up the app but there isn’t a good time at all I can understand adds and why they are there but in the middle in the way and very annoying is not the place for them good app the good job devs :)
  • Problem sending messages 1/5

    By Dark Desiigner
    I don’t know what did you do but now I can’t sent any message and this happen after the last updates
  • Don’t work 1/5

    By carlos pivaral
    I been trying to make an account but it keeps on saying that my username is taken and the same thing with my email address all the good reviews are robots don’t believe them I recommend this app to nobody
  • Me 2/5

    By nsnskasbvs
  • Works pretty good 4/5

    By Leander2555
    Honestly ill give this app a 4/5 because it dose what it set out to do with helping out fellow traders also there are awsome giveaways every now and then the reason i dont give it a5 is because there is room for improvement in everything and its nice to have the extra room for being free one ofthe best maintaned apps out there
  • App is way less buggy than before 5/5

    By LoloRun
    The app now works as it should i haven’t run into any problems in about 4 months so good job devs
  • This App Is Great but… 4/5

    By $avageBoy
    Ok this app is awesome. Especially for Rocket League players. It’s a place where you can trade, check and get items for the Rocket League Game. But the only reason I’m giving it 4 stars, is because when I try to open a notification. It doesn’t work so I can instantly go where I want to be. Please RL Garage Creator. Fix this Problem
  • Banning system is better than rltp’s, but needs some work. 1/5

    By Nightmare428984
    Dear RLG staff, I have been blocklisted for no reason whatsoever. My first warning, I do admit, was my fault, but I had shaped up after that as I am already banned from rltp (but you know how they are). I was trying to sell some white zombas when I was notified that my account had been deactivated by the admins. My only guess is ScReaMSiLenT443, who has misidentified me as a scammer who took a dissolver from him. I have never traded with him and have never owned a dissolver. Please contact me or reactivate my account, I need to sell my zombas. Thank you in advance, Nightmare428984
  • How am i supposed to exit the update pop up 4/5

    By BeanosBeanosBeanosBeanosBeanos
    The app is great but when I try to do things the update pop up shows up and I can’t see part of what it says and I can’t exit it
  • Unlucky i guess 1/5

    By Julian Twedell
    Got banned for reasons i have no clue. Cant find a way to get unbanned so just not gonna use this trading platform. It was good while it lasted but so long:(
  • Push notifications broke 1/5

    By durty lowe
    This app has begun abusing push notifications. I have a notification every day, and yet when I try to click on it… nothing. Either your sending fake notifications to get attention or the app isn’t showing me these alleged notifications once opened. Either way, it’s annoying enough to consider uninstalling.
  • easy to use and makes trading so fast 5/5

    By Cooner feeny
    this is one of the only trading apps with a big enough community on it to actually find stuff to trade. never had any problems with the app at all, has helped me expand my rocket league garage. not to mention that the design of the app is really well done, was not expecting it to be so easy to use
  • Good idea but bad 2/5

    By Ennisimo16
    It’s so laggy I can’t even get into the app sometimes, the servers/ or whatever it is are terrible
  • New update is ok 4/5

    By itsBadger
    I got on rlgarage and I was like oh a new update so I downloaded it and it did not load fast I was like ok maybe it’s Bc it’s the first time opening the app in the new update but I was incorrect the loading screen takes FOREVER but other than that the new update is good
  • Horrible 1/5

    By thereporterofalls
    Now that the new update has came it dosent even want to load up I tried red pen loading it and restarting my phone and it don’t work
  • Update 3/5

    By AlmightyJustin
    Great app but the update ruined it the app won’t process it takes over an hour to open
  • Please fix it 2/5

    By darklegend 9944
    The 6th update is really bad i keep getting error message and not receiving important notifications to trade and I can’t even chat fast i have to wait or close the app and open it again to chat with people
  • The only way to trade 5/5

    By Lampito9879
    So I’ve been playing the game for quite awhile now and I didn’t start trading until after a year or two. I’ve used RL garage every time and it is so essential to getting the items you want. I’ve had my fair share of scams and set backs but once you report that trader they will most likely get banned if you have the evidence. I found the mobile app about a year ago and it is the best thing ever! It’s so easy to use and quickly get around. And it’s really cool to think that it is ENTIRELY community ran. Love this app, keep it up guys!
  • lance too freshs review 5/5

    By lance too fresh
    If you use group posts on xbox, then come to this app. Easy to trade. If you have a rare item thats unlikely to be traded away, you will almost guarantee finding someone who wants your item.
  • Good app 5/5

    By by me the awesome one
    Dang they really stepped up there game
  • Bad 1/5

    By imagn6426
    Banned me for nothing
  • Great, but some bugs. 4/5

    By Your Boi Derek
    The app is nice, I like it, however, when a notification comes in with a text message, there will be symbols in between words. Example: Sure, I will%+#?!)& be online ^*{^!>!*} today.