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  • Current Version: 2.68.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Roadie Driver App

EARN CASH FOR DRIVING, YOUR WAY Roadie is the easiest, most flexible way to make extra cash in the Gig economy. Drivers earn $8-$60 on local Gigs, and even more on long haul deliveries. With no interviews or vehicle requirements, it’s never been easier to sign up for a new side hustle! - Choose deliveries that fit your schedule - See pickup and dropoff details before you offer - Deliver packages, not people - Enjoy direct deposit into your bank account WHAT’S NEW IN OUR DRIVER APP Roadie puts you in the driver’s seat with more control over when and where you drive. Our new Driver App takes that even further by allowing you to: - See more detailed information about deliveries, so you can be prepared ahead of time - Choose your own navigation app - Handle common pickup and delivery issues quickly and efficiently in the app, without a call to Support Download the Roadie Driver App today and provide your feedback at [email protected]!

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Roadie Driver app reviews

  • This app will never side with the driver 1/5

    By RichMoneyTeam
    The shipper and receiver can get you locked out of your account for no reason Do not recommend anybody doing any airport gigs customers will not answer the phone and lie say they didn’t receive there bags and roadie going to side with them and expect you go over beyond for $30 driving 1-2hrs away. I like working and I was dedicated driver over 200gigs did everything right to locked out over he said she said when I uploaded pictures Stuff like this mess up people lively hood cutting of people income for no reason. If you need delivery in Dfw go
  • check the app daily 3/5

    By jdnehfnnf
    and it still asks me to log back in frequently and it gets extremely annoying
  • This isnt a job lol 1/5

    By uwla818
    Its a pathetic waste of time! Go get yourself a real job and make good money. Not wasting your time and making ups rich!
  • Delivery 5/5

    By Dnicewjthdjd
    It’s a great app that allows for a small courier to make some money
  • Feedback of delivery 5/5

    By swparee
    Every steps of delivery was perfect and Everything was done very smoothly.
  • Knocked out on 1st delivery 1/5

    By KTap37
    I picked up my package and the app locked me out. I changed my password and still locked out. Had to call the customer (embarrassingly unprofessional) to get her address so I could complete the delivery. Still can’t get in the app. I did text the customer that her delivery was at her door and took a picture. UNDUE STRESS ON MY FIRST EVER DRLIVERY 😏
  • Dissatisfied 2/5

    By Mameehan
    It took me about a 1/2 hour just to get the medicine. Then, after waiting almost an hour at the wrong building I was told I had to go to the Manzanita building. An hour and a half in this heat is not good for me. I am hoping for a much better tip then whatever you have me signed up to receive.
  • I get paid to drive 5/5

    By EmanGamerMeme
    I like driving things around, I get paid. They handle paperwork well, it’s nice

    By SeanPK72
    This app is a total joke!!!! Can NEVER get anyone when you call customer service. I haven’t gotten enough gigs to do instant cash out. I did a gig this past MONDAY. App says weekly payouts are on TUESDAY. (fine print says, depending on your bank allow 2-3 days) ITS SATURDAY AND IM OUT OF GAS!!!!! I WANT MY MONEY!!!!! NOW!!!! THIS APP IS A JOKE, NOTHING BUT A PAIR OF CLOWN SHOES!!!
  • This is a great app 5/5

    By Jacob49202
    Good app to make some money on the side highly recommended
  • Definitely worth the ride !! 5/5

    By LasheLasher
    I’ve been able to make money while paying for my own gas mileage so that’s excellent for me
  • Locations 3/5

    By FuturisticQ28
    Anyone know if there’s any customers/businesses actually using Roadie in El Paso? I just signed up as a driver. I tried contacting the support email but I’ve gotten no response.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Catfish83
    Love the app it’s great thanks
  • DONT DO IT 1/5

    By twodoggz
    Waste of time for minimal dollars
  • Solid 5/5

    By jskednsj
    Gets the job done.
  • Money move 5/5

    By Davidsonzoe95
    Best app out there ✅✊🏾🙏🏾
  • Worst pay ever 1/5

    By forcing me to enter a nickname
    Considering the amount of time it takes and the miles they send you out wayyyy far and don’t the time or mileage for you to come back to your general vicinity.. They dont pay well at all. I’m fact I’ve tried most gig jobs and this one pays the least out of them all. I make the most with amazon flex. I do not recommend Roadie. I don’t really see how anyone can make money off this.
  • I love Roadie 5/5

    By Ali Almahbashi
    I hope they can work more in California
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    I love using this app. Easiest 100+ dollars a day I ever made
  • Barley any money 1/5

    By potsgrl
    They want me to drive over 50 miles for $40? No thanks. The amount of money it pays for the distance traveled is ridiculous. It wouldn't even pay for gas. There will be lots of people that wont do the math but youll lose money doing this.
  • Not worthy 1/5

    By Joeldto
    The Ryde don’t pay enough to even cover your gas
  • Great app 5/5

    By bench1928
    Great app very easy to use. I love how flexible it is so I can raise a family an make extra money on the side.
  • Worse app!!! 1/5

    By yhfgvc
    Worse app for courier and gig driver! They take all the money for them and give you penny! Avoid at all cost driving from them! Try curri app or AxleHire they're alot better. Btw with roadie it doesn't matter how far you came to pick the item, if anything wrong happens from their said it's $4 courtesy pay you only getting. I was paid $4 for waiting over 1hr!! Void please!!!
  • Constant Offer Not Accepted 2/5

    By Eman Jerg
    I start a roadie roughly about three months ago I would say, and honestly my experience wasn’t really the best. You’re kind of confused on why your offer was not excepted but then after a while, I started to see that my offer was being excepted. It’s hard sometimes doing roading when you think that you’re going to get accepted for a gig but then you find out you weren’t accepted for the gig. The thing that I didn’t understand is how is it that they want you to get gigs but when you’re new becoming into this for the first few orders, all you do is get rejected because someone else has better experience than you I will say that as time goes on and you start to pick a game you do start to see that you are excepted for a lot more offers the more you put out there, but sometimes I still feel like the system is rigged in some type of way because regardless of how far you are from picking up the game if you saw that it popped up first and you put in your offer why is it that you get rejected and someone else gets excepted forward because they are closer I mean, that’s quite confusing. It’s like I’m trying to understand is are you trying to tell us to hover around these businesses or these places where people order from just to be the one to pick up a gig which that would be absolutely insane yet alone you get charged 1.99 service fee for cashing out so instead of you making what you thought you made off of doing that game you actually end up losing out because of their 1.99 service fee I really hope Sunday that if I am still running games for them, did they make a huge change in that process and how it’s chosen individuals that are accepted for games, and they wipe away that 1.99 service fee
  • Enjoying my experience 5/5

    By edeal1
    I’m enjoying the new experience, the gigs are good and pay well, gig instructions are clear and precise. Eddie Deal
  • Run bro !! This is a no go 1/5

    By h_thepharoah
    I bet you these 5 star reviews are bought :) They might aswell close down. Been robbed by them to get a $80 order to drive and hope to get accepted then get there for them to tell me order has been picked up. Then gave me $2 cause I drove there. When I give a person 2 quarters.. u might aswell as kept that roadie 🥸
  • Instant cash out fee 1/5

    By JyveEmployee
    I have literally paid hundreds of dollars in fees to get paid. I don’t know why they need a charge two dollars. Most apps only charge $.50.
  • App constantly logs out on iOS 1/5

    By nefirebuff
    App constantly logs out despite iOS update. Constantly have to log back in. Until it gets fixed I am using another service to have deliveries completed.
  • Long driving, less pay 1/5

    By isssa ibrahim
    You better sell water in the street than work with this app, You may spend two hour of going to pick up and deliver the deliveries and spend a lot of money on gas and stuff, by the end you get very low pay. It is not fair for the driver who uses his own car, who drive for miles and miles and etc and may made around $20-40 for two - three hours minus the gas and the effort you spend on this order.
  • Great Money 1/5

    By J Dolla Sign
    I Love this App I had to quit my job I was making so much money making deposit
  • Low pay 1/5

    By ssd924672015
    Not working out the way I thought. Don’t get orders when I put offers in and they take longer than 15 minutes to get back to me with a decision. Pays aren’t worth it for the distances I have travel. No tips on Home Depot orders and low tips from customers
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Megaton123
    Awesome app!
  • Get order 4/5

    By 199095
    Wasn’t easier to get order making money but still better than other app
  • Been doing this app for year 1/5

    By real.fact
    Doesn’t appreciate it take forever to get any gig and alway say another driver took it not a happy driver. Not worth the time
  • Update messed app up 2/5

    By DocDaone
    App need update again
  • Roadie takes the whole cake and eats it too 5/5

    By #587543
    I’ve tried all the GIG platforms in different kinds of jobs grocery shopping package delivery you name it medication delivery hospice delivery Roadie by far is my favorite one reason is I think they have the best amount of gigs and the set fees are the best. The whole time I’ve worked for roadie I’ve never had one logistical error no confusion or malfunctions happening I think they have their API perfected and the platform mastered. Good job Roadie you all deserve a big pat on the back I hope this company continues to grow and give plenty of other people opportunities to work. Thank You, Roadie Driver Austin Ciulla P.s. when is there going to be Roadie Shirts for purchase we are highly lacking branding gear.
  • The app does not work 2/5

    By FláviaTav
    I installed the app and until today I couldn't get any delivery, when I'm out of the house the app doesn't even open!
  • The Freedom is priceless 5/5

    By Smokennhot
    Choosing my own hours and working when I want is a great gift. It gives me time with my family, school, and taking care of personal errands alongside delivering products for my customers and making them happy and able to free up part of their schedules. It does not get any better than this! Thanks Roadie!
  • La mejor app para trabajar 5/5

    By mhr2510
    100% recommended
  • Trash 1/5

    By azvan786
    Why this trash pay app has almost 5 stars???
  • Worst driver app out there 1/5

    By ArtisticHighs
    Not first come first serve so drivers will lose most of their offers to other drivers. Drivers have to sit around waiting for 15 minutes to see if they get accepted. Do not waste your gas and time trying to head toward the pickup hoping you will be accepted. A lot the offers drivers do get “accepted” for, get picked up before they get to the pick up location and then have to cancel. And hopefully you don’t get a grill from Home Depot that has been assembled if you have an suv because it likely will not fit after assembly. They do not update the dimensions in the app after assembly, and drivers do not get to see what the item is when they offer on gigs, only only an interpretation by the customer as to what size they believe it to be such as “small” “large” etc. Drivers can offer on multiple gigs, but cannot do more than one at a time, even if they line up perfectly I.E. one drops off where the next one picks up. Every now and then something works out, but Roadie is definitely not near as reliable as other apps.
  • Driving with Roadie 5/5

    By gerardogera
    I enjoy working with roadie delivering the large and huge gigs, I purchased a High roof cargo van to accommodate and serve better Roadie customers.. It is a fun way of making money. Thank you. Gerardo
  • fix it please 2/5

    By __low
    i don’t know what’s up with this app sometimes. an offer sitting there all day you try and put a offer & 20sec later it says someone else got the offer. you could be right next to the location and it will say it gave the order to someone else. they have so many that make you go over the GW bridge and give you and offer for like $22 .. the GW is $16! i’m going to burn that $6 profit in gas alone sitting waiting to cross that bridge. you finally take one to go over the bridge and decided i’ll work in the city then like 10 new offers pop up in new jersey soon as you get accepted for the nyc offer. i could have stayed in NJ! you ask for instant pay and sometimes it will put it to payout on tuesday instead and then take like 20min for it to realize you asked for instant pay then you have to wait again like an 1hr for the $ to come through. they need to sign up with more companies who offer same day delivery. the first two weeks of this app i didn’t have any problems now i use it more it’s like all these problems with the room start to happen.
  • Loving roadies 5/5

    By Honeygirl53
    I love meeting people and like to see the smiles on their faces when I deliver their things ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Hi 5/5

    By Misscna79
    I enjoy working for This App& assisting Customers
  • Worker exploitation!!! 1/5

    By Dgjota
    I install this app thinking I could make some money with my truck. After a grueling check-in, I start getting the delivery notification: It asked me to pick up an order for $55 and I said to myself: Not bad. Result: $55 for loading approximately 4,900 pounds! I don't know how they allow this type of application that is a mockery of all of us who earn money honestly
  • Delivery driver 5/5

    By Carebear Happy
    Been with Roadie for a few months now. Support is very helpful when needed. platform works great pretty much all the time I haven't had any problems so far. Gigs are all legit and pay as explained per gig. sometimes it's hard to get a gig but once you get going I'm pretty fair about dolig them out.
  • Delivery service 5/5

    By Jessievance
    I really enjoy delivering for Roadie I think it’s a wonderful service that they provide. I like helping people get packages delivered directly to them.
  • Better support 4/5

    By Riskeypro
    Has been a great delivery platform. Needs more love support. Can’t get in touch with a live person for help in the event of delivery pickup or delivery options

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