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RoadReady App

RoadReady logs teen driving practice during the Learner’s Permit phase. The app provides an easy, efficient way to ensure teens have enough experience behind the wheel in a variety of conditions before they begin to drive independently. RoadReady allows you to: Log teen Learner’s Permit driving Monitor progress against your state requirements Log driving on several devices Track multiple teen drivers Track road type and weather conditions Export printable driving log Receive suggestions for safe driving Stop logging drive time automatically RoadReady is a component of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, recipient of the US Department of Transportation National Roadway Safety Award. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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RoadReady app reviews

  • I don’t recommend 1/5

    By lydia2003
    The app was doing good the past couple of months, but it deleted BOTH of the new accounts I had to make because it kept saying I had an incorrect login. I went out for a drive this morning and it wouldn’t let me use my previous account, so then I made a new one. The new one was made and I logged my hours in, but it won’t let me log back in due to “incorrect login information.” I don’t recommend this app.
  • Great app for tracking dive times! 5/5

    By Wyatt Stahl
    Hi my name is Wyatt and I have just recently finish my segment one driving Ed class and I needed an app that could track my times. And I found RoadReady. This app is great you can start it and will track how many miles you have drove and will have you fill out what you drove in like the snow or rain and even night. This app never crashes and is always working when I need it to! And when your done with your hours you can even print out a hard copy of your driving hours! Now thanks to RoadReady I can get my required hours in so I can get my drivers licenses! I recommend this app for keeping track of you driving hours and preparing for your drivers license!
  • Customer service was great! Great app! 5/5

    By AQ48
    Customer service came thru in the clutch! App works great!
  • So simple. 5/5

    By crazykleine
    This is a really great app. I’m so glad my son is using it to clock his driving hours. Very user friendly and way more accurate then trying to keep a log. This is a must for permitted drivers!
  • Password change 1/5

    By datadave11
    I get no email to reset my password. Now screwed!
  • Handy and easy to use 4/5

    By Studdly866
    I like this app because it makes it easier to track the timing instead of manually doing. It’s a real timesaver. But one thing I don’t like is that you can’t select more than one weather at a time. Like it can be rainy and foggy but when you finish your drive, you can only select one. Same thing for fog and snow. Also when driving you can only select one road type. Like I could be driving a while on a local road then get on the highway to get to the city but can only choose one road type.
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By Ctctvh
    The app is helping me to get my license
  • Extremely useful 5/5

    By G-man03079
    I am currently going through my learning period of time for driving and found this app. It is extremely helpful to manage my driving time and gives me reports about my driving time during the week. Absolutely recommend this app for anyone in need of a trustworthy way of temporary recording driving time. Unfortunately I did have to manually transfer my writing time to paper so if you need a quick way to record time, start the stopwatch or add previous drive time and view previous logs. All around great design!
  • Fix it! 2/5

    By Zeppchik
    Can you fix the app? Every time I try to log a drive for the past month, it blanks out and kicks me out of the app. Makes it difficult for us who use this to report for driving requirements. We used it a few years ago for my other child and it worked perfectly. Please fix it.
  • Easy & organized 5/5

    This app is great! Just remember to turn it on or it won't log the hours, haha. Then it keeps track for you. No more trying to remember to add your drive to the log or was it day or night. What was the weather? This app keeps track then you just print it out. If you do forget or your child drives with someone else like Grandma or older siblings there is a place for you to add the drive time later. So simple ✅🤷‍♀️ all in one app! Thanks wish I had this for the first kid. 😉
  • Great App 5/5

    By hopeyray
    We’ve been using the app for 6 months now and it works great. We had a minor hiccup- our fault, not the app, and customer support fixed it quickly.
  • Customer Support 5/5

    By Jake 1012
    My daughter did not realize that she needed to keep the app until after her drive test, segment 2 class and getting her license She had deleted the app with all of her hours on it. We could not remember what email or password she had used to sign up with. So we emailed customer support and they responded within 12 hours of us sending the email. They were able to find her account and send me the drive log! Saved me a big headache of having to go back and look for all of the times she drove! Thank you customer support.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By lokinubyffd
    Easy to use and helpful in tracking the required hours. I’d recommend it to anyone.
  • A great app! 5/5

    By KCIV4
    I wish they had this when I was a kid! Easy to use.
  • Great app for your student driver! 5/5

    By Delts are life
    Excellent for tracking my teens driving! Very helpful!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By BDal18
    This app was such a valuable tool while teaching my teen to drive. Having the curriculum right at my fingertips on the phone was a huge help. The ability to print the log and bring it right to our dmv saved the time as well as not having the hassle of having to hand write all of the data.
  • Sure Beats Handwriting Driving Times!!! 5/5

    By rhp8
    I’ve used this app with two new drivers and it is such a time saver. For parents/new drivers who use the process as designed by the DMV (which is for new drivers to drive with experienced licensed drivers) entries in the app are much preferred over pen and paper. It contains the fields required by the DMV. Easy to enter values and easy to print the report to take to the DMV.
  • Locked out again 5/5

    By Lirpax789
    Upgraded my phone and once again the app doesn’t work. Tells me my password is wrong. Can’t change password. Contacted customer service and they got me back into my account and back up and running really quick. Great customer service.
  • Needs a PAUSE button 3/5

    By itty bittys Mom
    Have only used for a short time and like the app so far for the most part. It would be VERY helpful to have a PAUSE button. If you are doing errands and making several stops throughout the day it is a pain to have to start a new drive every time we stop. Did see a response to this same request that you took it off because people were forgetting to un-pause it. What is the difference between having to un-pause it and starting a new drive? You still have to remember either way and you wouldn’t have a ton of short drives for one day. Please add it back!
  • I would use paper don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Dr.cosy
    I lose hours about every time I log in it just gives your a ad for State Farm every ten minutes it’s got to many bugs to list
  • Not working 1/5

    By Sperry15
    I was using the app for a while but then when I log in it says that something is wrong. I used to be able to get it to work but now I can’t. Please fix!
  • Lost All Data 1/5

    By CBSouthie
    Boo. Lost 2 months and dozens of drives totaling over to hours. Look elsewhere for a reliable log. Spreadsheets don’t advertise!
  • Horrible tracking even with full battery and plugged in 1/5

    By mholder718
    On my daughters first full day driving for her Level 1 Permit we started the driving log and placed it in the center console while driving with no one touching the phone. About an hour into the drive I picked up the phone to find that the app had shut down at 7 minutes and we had lost all data from the full hour drive. There is no way to edit or restart the log unless you save that short drive and then go in and edit it. However, you have to manually edit each part of the drive and piece together the drives if you want an accurate record. Horrible GPS tracking and timing out does not make sense.
  • Internet, REALLY?!?!? 3/5

    By #EndFortnite
    As I started using this app I liked it a lot, but as I continued to drive it began to give me more and more of a hard time. I live in an area that doesn’t have the best service for a phone to work in, and apparently the app needs good service. A glorified stopwatch should not have to connect to internet every time it is in use. This problem took away a couple of my driver hours too.
  • Help me!! 2/5

    By Sidekicks jam
    I tried to get in my account and it stated that my password is wrong. I tried the many other passwords I could’ve made and they didn’t work. I then tried the forget password option and says that my email is wrong. Pls help me.
  • Close to worthless 1/5

    By Ughfhgfvhfhgfj
    Application assumes drive is over when caught in rush hour stop and go traffic. It classifies every road as “local road” including interstate highways and rural roads and highways. Also shuts down assuming driving over when student driver practices parking manuevers.
  • Hmm hi 1/5

    By jmmjo
    I used this app for my daughter 2 years ago and it was awesome. This time for my son. I keep getting the engine signal, I can’t save his drive. I have deleted it twice but I am still getting the same glitches. Not sure why it is not working.
  • Can’t reset password 2/5

    By rockstar_not
    Would get 5 stars but app does not work for password reset.
  • Mediocre 3/5

    By paulwentrunning
    The app does the simple task of logging driving hours and prints a log which is acceptable for the DMV. There are just a lot of annoyances. First is the constant interstitial ads for State Farm. It takes multiple screens to save the drive. I already have State Farm insurance. I don’t need an ad after every drive. The app also always requires a data connection presumably to load the ads. This can be very annoying if you are trying to start a drive from a dead zone or parking garage. There is no way to remove a driver. In NC after you get your provisional license you have to log another 12 hrs to get your full license. We tried to create a new driver log but the app kept hanging. As a result we wound up with a bunch of new driver entries and there is no way to delete them. The app is easier than logging hours on paper but you will hate the app by the time you are done with it.
  • Too glitchy unreliable 2/5

    By Game review masts
    Do not recommend. Very glitchy. I have tried signing out and signing back in. I have closed out the entire app and tried to restart the app only to get error messages. Hours of driving time have been lost.
  • lost hours 1/5

    By joennicrn
    I tried to log in knowing my username and password but it would keep saying it was incorrect and when i tried to do forgot password the email wouldn’t work either so i checked my email and i had old reports from them so i knew i was imputing the correct one, i got frustrated so i tried making a new account with the same email and it let me, so now allll my hours are gone yet i still have the email that gave me a report so i don’t know what to do
  • Worked fantastic until 2/5

    By Ethan Gresham
    This app worked amazingly and solidly logged my 70+ hours without a flaw... until I had tor reset my phone. Now I cannot even get into my account. I have tried every email and every password combination I have used in my life. And it still says “incorrect login”. My drivers test is in 2 months and I really hope they fix it before then
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Htuvaacb
    I am very disappointed with this app. Because if the lack of verification needed, as a result I’ve lost all my driving hours the week before my permit test. This is incredibly frustrating, and now I have to relog all my hours.
  • Not good 1/5

    By asadafus
    There is no way to cancel a drive if you start one accidentally. You have to save it then delete it from the log. A drive stopped on its own and didn’t log at all requiring me to enter it manually in the log. With these two glaring issues this app is therefore rated J for Junk. Developers need to get the core functionally correct or the entire app is worthless.
  • Great customer service! 5/5

    By SNRBandit
    Really loved the customer service I received when I accidentally deleted the app then couldn’t log back in because I’d mis-typed my email address. They were able to find my driver so we didn’t lose any data! The other great thing about this app is the ability to use the same log in on multiple phones so my teen can have his drives logged even when he’s driving with his grandparents! I was really concerned when I found several durations of 0.0 miles when I exported and printed the log. I figured out though the the 0.0 miles were when we lost GPS on my phone (not unusual in Montana) and the app easily lets you edit the drives.
  • Delete Driver 2/5

    By FrustratedAndAnnoyed33
    Autocorrect missed my son’s name and there is no way to correct it or delete the teen so that I can properly input it.
  • It logged me out and won’t let me back in 4/5

    By jsh312
    It says retry and it’s been saying that even after I retried it like 100 times someone help pleeeezzzaaeee.
  • Excellent...except 4/5

    By nealc104
    This app was really great in most respects - easy to start and end drives, logs miles, times and day/night. Only issue - when the app logs “night,” it does it at the official sunset time. Problem with that - if your state defines “night” as 1/2 hour after sunset, you may be logging the day/night improperly. I suspect most states, like ours, define it this way. As such, unless they fix the software, you may be improperly logging night hours, when the state well defined them as day hours. When we did the log we did not pay attention to the start time, assuming that night meant night. In several cases our night rides started just after Sunset and therefore did not count as a “night“ right. Other than that the app is excellent.
  • So perfect! 5/5

    By TLCMichigan
    I LOVE THIS APP! We have not one or two but FOUR drivers in drivers ed at once. Why, is a different story but trying to keep track of a total of 200 required hours would have been a nightmare. Even if I had a single driver I would love this app as much as I do. So easy, pick a driver you have made a profile for & hit start a new drive. Done! You can tweek weather, road type & other details if needed. Note space available if you want to comment on where you went or what skills your driver worked on. You can add previous drives as well. Simply export and print for Segment 2 or other classes that need proof of your drive time. Could not have been easier. I needed to use custom Er service once as I added a driver twice. They responded immediately and solved my problem cheerfully. Thank you Road Ready!!
  • This app is terrible, do not use this app 1/5

    By 4bmommy
    I had over 47 hours of driving logged just on this app. Just recently the app started glitching out and would not let me log previous drives or drives that I had just went on. It would crash right after you hit save. I logged out and restarted my phone and when I logged back in everything was gone. It said I had zero hours. Now I am panicking and do not know what to do. This app is terrible and has cost me a lot of time. Do not use this app
  • It’s missing one thing 4/5

    By Npaverico
    I just barely download this app yesterday. I feel that it’s useful. It needs a pause button during drive time. Yesterday I had errands to run and stopped at two stores. I was literally in a store for 1 minute and left to the next one and it was like 2 minutes to get to the next designation, in there for 10 minutes and then proceeded to home. They are three separate logs because I’m not going to give her credit when we stop somewhere even for a minute. But the lump some drive time for that trip was 30 minutes.
  • I need to erase 1/5

    By shenboii
    I cannot delete one of the drivers as i added the same person twice. i need this resolved
  • Motivational 5/5

    By fan1243
    This app has definitely help with motivating my daughter throughout her practice time. It was very informative, rewarding and most importantly it provided my daughters driving status including driving time to meet state requirements. In addition it showed us all of her achievements. Awesome!!!
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By lorilei287
    I like the concept of this app, but every time I try to save a log, I get an error message. When I first got the app, I would keep trying to save it only to see that it logged the same driving session several times and I had to delete them. There have been several driving sessions that I had to discard because it would not save them. I am going to delete it and try again. I hope it works because it will be more convenient. However, so far the “buggy” aspect of the app has left me using the pen/paper log way to often.
  • Nv dmv and road ready app 4/5

    By micalekev
    This app was very useful in logging all driving practice time. Nevada accepts this log. The only thing I caution is that night time driving logged using the app does not match the sundown chart that the dmv uses to verify the night time driving. Son almost did not get to take the test because there were several records that showed “night” but based on sundown chart it was actually daytime. So make sure that you track a lot more hours at night to be safe. Overall, I highly recommend this useful tool.
  • Glitchy, lacks features 2/5

    By allifam1122
    App frequently lock up requiring a restart. Doesn’t allow you to delete drivers which is a bad design flaw.
  • Not Useful 1/5

    By ThoroughlyPissedOffMomOfThree
    This app is awful. We don’t have consistent cell phone coverage where we live, so we can’t track drives real-time because we always get errors. When I go to log a previous drive, the app freezes up as it’s saving a drive virtually ever time. So annoying.
  • What a Great Tool for new Drivers! 5/5

    By Mr. Solow
    RoadReady is an amazing way to track all the hours I spend teaching my teenage son to drive! I love how it allows you to log what conditions you drive in, that way I can make sure he’s getting experience in all different conditions.
  • All information lost 2/5

    By Needtogain
    This app is great and easy to use when it works. Have been keeping track of my daughters driving for over a year. Now when she logs in everything is gone. I tried emailing through the feedback option within the app and the email comes back as not being able to send. Really unhappy to have lost all is the driving information and having recreate it manually.

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