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  • Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Safe Roads Alliance, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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RoadReady App

RoadReady logs teen driving practice during the Learner’s Permit phase. The app provides an easy, efficient way to ensure teens have enough experience behind the wheel in a variety of conditions before they begin to drive independently. RoadReady allows you to: Log teen Learner’s Permit driving Monitor progress against your state requirements Log driving on several devices Track multiple teen drivers Track road type and weather conditions Export printable driving log Receive suggestions for safe driving Stop logging drive time automatically RoadReady is a component of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, recipient of the US Department of Transportation National Roadway Safety Award. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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RoadReady app reviews

  • Terrible... 1/5

    By CPOP2003
    I’d love to use this app but, it’s been frozen since I tried to enter my sons first trip. Don’t waste your time on this app!!! I cannot believe the book we received from the DMV even suggested it’s use!!! Needs a ton of work... starting with you know the ability to even use it! Zero stars...
  • Major issues 2/5

    By {Swagger!!!}
    The app works great when logged in, and is basic enough for everyone to use. The issue I have is that I forgot my login, and there is no support for the app. No visible email, developer or any means of contact. This makes people loose their progress, and needs to be solved. I believe that the email has a caps issue where you need to match the exact combo you entered to get back into the app.
  • Not that fun of an experience 2/5

    By Kennè03
    I frequently caught myself being logged out of the app, when trying to drive. It’s been almost a month and I still haven’t been able to log back in. Maybe it a bug but it need to be fixed
  • DO NOT USE!!!!! 3/5

    By Lawdog0010
    My son is having trouble logging in and there is ZERO customer support. I emailed them weeks ago and received no response. I emailed them again, no response. There’s no phone number or other contact info. Without their help he will lose documentation of his progress so far, and he was over half done. I recommend using paper logs because the developers will do NOTHING to fix issues that could cause you to lose all your documentation. Update: contacted them through their Facebook page, finally got a response and they helped fix the issue.
  • Login bug! Can’t get to my logs now! 1/5

    By [( Blank )]
    Having the same issue as everyone else. App logged me out, now refuses to let me log in again, and says my email and password is wrong. I know it’s not wrong. And when I try to reset my password, it says my email address is invalid. I only have two email addresses, so I think I know what my email is. The app has a huge bug that needs to be addressed ASAP. We have 20+ hours logged in this app, and I can’t get to it now. The developed needs to step up and fix this terrible app. Everyone else, do NOT use this unless you want to lose all of your logs, until the developer fixes this.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Ssssky
    This app is handy for logging drives, but I don’t trust it to accurately track. I have frequently found it to have stopped mid trip, forcing me to manually track drives anyway so I can log in and edit the tracked drives when they are completed. It’s also terrible tracking distance, so I’m glad that doesn’t have to be accurate. Our last trip was recorded as 18 minutes, but only 2.92 miles. It was an almost 15 mile trip. We have several 0.01 mile trips as well.
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By dscott5377
    Recently the app has been very unreliable. Over the past 3 weeks it is questionable if the app will log in. Instead I get a message that something went wrong. This is concerning since my child has 46 of 50 hours logged. How do I know it won’t fail when it’s time to print and take the records to motor vehicles? I am using an iPhone 7 with iOS 12.4.1 (I tried to message support, rather than leave a poor review, but it wouldn’t allow me to, it told me I had to leave a review). Customer support for this app is extremely lacking.
  • Logged out 1/5

    By kevin aka death
    I had 43 driving hours and I’ve had this app for months now it seems like a lot of people on this app like me can’t log back in to their accounts
  • Regularly hangs 2/5

    By Salmotruttafario
    This is a super app which unfortunately is hampered by the fact that it seems to hang every time I need to add a trip that wasn’t collected on the phone. It is a great idea which is very helpful for monitoring a drivers progress but unfortunately fails to deliver with this bug.
  • app stopped working 2/5

    By It's scary LlL
    i had 9 hours on my driving log and all of a sudden yesterday i got logged out and it won’t let me log back in because it’s saying that it’s incorrect but i wrote down my email and password but it still doesn’t work so i’m really upset bc i lost 9 hours
  • big bug 3/5

    By MackenzieEstes
    I downloaded this app so I could start logging my drives. Everything was working and perfect the first day I had it. When I went to open the app (second day of having it) it said I had no connection and it was not letting me log in. I gave up and I tried logging in on a different device and the same error came up. “wrong email and/or password” “no internet connection” so then I thought I just had forgotten my password, so I clicked on the “forgot password” and I entered my email and it said that my email was incorrect? This app needed a bug fix. I need to log my drives and this is the only app I can use to do so.
  • Malfunction?! 3/5

    By Maizie :D
    I got the app about a week ago and it was working fine until today. It logged me out of my account and when I try to get back in it says “ERROR Something went wrong, please try again.” And now I can only log my drives by writing them down 😒
  • Logging in 2/5

    By frustrated payer
    Been experiencing log in issues Says can not connect to internet I have internet capabilities Not sure issue
  • Please help 1/5

    By Belle Newton
    My app has locked me out for no apparent reason. I’ve tried every possible password, I’ve hit the send me an email to reset password and they haven’t sent me one. This is extremely frustrating I’m almost done with my hours and less than a month to get my license, I need to get back. I’ve had so many problems with this app, but this is the tip of the iceberg.
  • Help please 2/5

    By uhhithere1234
    I started using this app to keep track of driving. But just today it stopped working from an “error”. I deleted and reinstalled the app, and it logged me out of my account. I tried logging back in but it always came up with error. I tried using the support website thats shown on the app page here and it didn’t work either.
  • Fix the app! 2/5

    By nehiwjwbdeind
    This app is frustrating. It could be so good if the developers would fix the login errors. 😖
  • Don’t bother 2/5

    By shelly kr
    Can’t get on this app most of the time. Will never establish an internet connection even though I’m on WiFi and also have plenty of cell. Now I can’t even get the driving log exported. Sad
  • It works...until it logs you out and won’t let you log back in 2/5

    By Lainey Bradley
    The app WAS wonderful, it was easy to access hours and log them and you could even adjust the settings (type of roads, time, mileage etc) however you pleased. BUT, one day I was with my mom and I was about to start driving when all of a sudden it logged me out of my account and I’ve tried all various passwords I know and it always says error and I haven’t been able to log back in since then and I don’t know how most states do it but in VA you need 45 hours with 15 of those being night hours and I had 20 and I’m quite annoyed that I have to find another way to log the previous hours I had already driven 😡
  • Review 3/5

    By natashamcgraph
    It is good when it lets you look all of my driving hours have been lost due to the fact that it will not load
  • Trouble staying logged in 3/5

    By KruSwe
    Today when we went to log a new drive the app wouldn’t log us in. I then tried adding my username and password and still cannot get in. The app should keep you logged in so you can log a new drive without a lot of hassle. We frequently have to wait for the login to log a new drive. Being distracted by the app login problems is not how you want to start supervising a drive with your teen.
  • App Completely Down 1/5

    By stellaStan
    App logged me out and we cannot log back in with correct login information. Please help.
  • Doesn’t let me log in 1/5

    By RobertBobert22213
    Constantly says error every time I try logging in and I already have 30 hours so there is no way to prove it to my instructors.
  • Ummm is the app down? 3/5

    By Brokegspecddosvsk
    I tried logging in hours but it keeps saying something went wrong or that I need to connect to the internet, but I am connected to the internet and the road ready site won’t even load so I can get app support. I thought for a moment maybe it was my phone but every other website I push on loads. Can I please get some help!
  • Error Messages 1/5

    By Txpark
    All we continued to get was an error message when trying to save today’s trip into the ap. We will be logging hours via pen / paper.
  • trash 1/5

    By Kill_boy
    The app logs me out and wont let me log back in
  • App Error 2/5

    By CheekyMomma
    Hi - I tried to contact app support both through the App Store and your website - the app is not launching and email does not seem to be working. Can someone please let me know how to get in touch with support, please?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kkiillaass
    The worst app I have ever used. After my first three drives. The app locked me out. And every time I try to log in. Is says error. I can’t believe that this app was recommended to me. And no wonder it only has 3 stars!
  • It stoped working 1/5

    By kierwill71
    I am very disappointed I had 40 plus hours and it all got deleted one day because the app deleted my account
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Pine Time.
    The app tracked my time and distance, but when it came time to save the information it kept saying “error try again”.
  • Can’t log in to my account 1/5

    By Jluddy11
    I downloaded this app and it worked great for the first time I used it, but I couldn’t log back in after that. I would really like some assistance with this, could someone from the RoadReady crew help me with this?
  • Ok 3/5

    By Jbsmompa
    Been using this app for about 10 months. Lately I’ve been getting an error and can’t log in 90% of the time and need to manually log trips when I’m finally able to log in
  • No data cashing 2/5

    By bjwest3
    No data cashing. Every time there is poor cell coverage it just stops the drive and you have to restart it. A new drive should not have to keep looking at thier phone to see if thier drive is still being logged. Keep the app running offline and log it when it hits reception again.
  • Not useful but meets state requirements 1/5

    By scottnap
    The app requires you to create a child and a parent account, but there is no way to link the two, so as a parent I can’t see how many hours have been logged. I have multiple teens and now my oldest has been driving for years and there is no way to delete a driver as a parent,, Wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t state approved
  • Pissing me off 1/5

    By thisupdateiswack
    Your app is PISSING me off rn!!! I have done so many drives and I might have lost them all. I got logged out and now it won’t let me log in and I know my email and password. GOSHHH!! IM SO ANGRY
  • Major concerns 1/5

    By w_fam
    I have 2 major concerns with this app. First the health of my phone and secondly privacy related to my son’s future. As background, my education was in Computer Engineering and my trade has been Software Engineering. I’ve developed multiple iOS apps. My oldest son just graduated Segment 1 on Friday and we’ve logged a number of trips this weekend with Road Ready. Yesterday after one of our drives I noticed my phone was extremely hot when we arrived. This served as my reminder to stop the drive in the app. We had been using Google Maps and Road Ready. This morning we logged a trip without Google Maps. On the way home, when we used Road Ready and I had some music playing. Every 30 seconds or so my phone got interrupted by Siri asking what she could do for us. I never had this happen before and I rebooted my phone with a hard reset. The problem continued. I closed all apps on my phone except Road Ready and the music app. The problem with Siri continued. I closed the Road Ready app and took the case off of my phone. I noticed my phone was extremely hot. The problem stopped. We continued to listen to music during the drive for 10+ minutes with no issues. I started up Road Ready again and the music cut out every 30 seconds or so. I closed Road Ready and continued home with no more issues. As an iOS developer I know they have some serious issues with the app code. There is no reason the phone should get hot like that, even with GPS usage. ...let alone confuse Siri (probably overheating related). My second major concern is privacy. Yesterday we got an email saying that my son earned a “Rush Hour” badge since he stayed within the speed limit. It was already on my mind that this app is sponsored by an insurance company. My son is VERY responsible so I have no concerns with needing to “hide” his record, but I also know how big companies work. None of us are perfect and kids should not have big corporations spying on them and building a database about them. If you read the Privacy Statement (apparently only available via a visit to the App Store), it may sound ok...but eventually it states that Road Ready may be acquired or be part of a merger and the use of your private data may change. That’s why people should be concerned about companies (FaceBook, Google, whoever) collecting their data. We’ll be logging his trips another way.
  • Lost Previous Driving Logs 4/5

    By 1$8"/
    When I went logged out of the app after a couple of months, I realized that I had lost all of my previous driving data.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By staceyjanis
    I have twins- and this app can’t seem to figure out how to link our accounts, drives aren’t shared between us and myself along with one daughter have been logged out randomly and lost all saved data I am not sure I’ve used a worse app Great in theory dismal in application
  • No customer support 2/5

    By Iphonz4all
    I lost my son’s entire driving history after forgetting my password for this app. The password reset function did not work, and my requests for tech support have gone unanswered. Now I am in the uncomfortable position of having to tell the state DMV officials that he did complete his required supervised driving, but I have no records to back up this claim.
  • buggy 1/5

    By Bre0
    it doesn’t even let me see my total hours. i don’t even know if it’s tracking my hours at all. i can’t troubleshoot because the buttons don’t work. get a different app.
  • Does the basics... but nothing else 3/5

    By RN Jess
    At first sight, this app seems great. Upon examination however I found some flaws. For one, all it auto fills in is the time and distance travelled but not anything else. This could be improved by having the app automatically fill in the weather for how the forecast is in the area. This would be great. Secondly, when you are driving it asks you to fill in what type of road you were on and then there are different options to select. You can only select one. On a usual drive most people drive on more than one type of road and so this causes an issue for me as I am not sure which type of road to select. This could be fixed by adding a function that allows the user to select/add multiple road types. Also, in the types of roads list there is no option for Freeway which causes an issue because then I don’t know what to fill in after logging time on the freeway, I have been forced to resort to the highway option. Please add this. If these things were fixed I would give this app 5 stars, however, these issues are holding it back.
  • Want us to log? At least make it decent 2/5

    By TACOS FOR ME!!!!!!
    Hello, At first everything was great. It was easy to log drives, there’s a timer wow so perfect. Until it stopped timing my drive all together. At first I was like, it’s ok I’ll just do it manually. Then it completely crashed and won’t let me back into my account. At first it was ok I’ll just make a new account, even tho I already have 3 hours for the day driving and 1 hour for the night driving. But after all of this it just stoped letting me add times and kept crashing. Seriously, how do you guys expect us to use this app you all recommended, yet let it act out like this? Here are some recommendations from subtle to fix it. 1) add more than one weather - Michigan weather is bipolar it can rain snow and be sunny in the span of 10 seconds. I know for sure this ain’t the only state. 2) Improve the timing - make sure it times you even if the phone turn off. 3) Please stop the crashing That’s all bye.
  • What about older drivers 1/5

    By SirSteveUK
    This app will not work for adults born prior to Jan 18 1989. At least that is the oldest date of birth it defaults to. Do you have one for older drivers?
  • Fails to Record Nighttime Driving 3/5

    By BeastRiderGamingYT
    I find this app handy as an alternative to recording on paper. It is true with daytime mileage and time, but here recently I’ve discovered that it fails to switch from daytime to nighttime driving, which resulted in the full hour driven brig recorded as day driving, not night. Pretty bad for an insurance company running this app, and not having the app recognize one of the easiest things ever, which is the difference between day and night.
  • It works 4/5

    By just-floss
    I use it to keep a log of my teens driving hours. I have recommended it to other parents. I agree with other reviews that the State Farm Ad is a bit annoying every time we use the app. The badges earned, the mileage and the notes to keep track are a plus
  • Great app for tracking driving hours 5/5

    By MamabearKCL
    I love how easy to use this app is. Hit a button when you and your teen start, hit it again when you’re done. I don’t want to keep the paper version and try to add it all up. This app does the work for you. And it’s free. Win-win. Myleah T.
  • Does exactly what it says 5/5

    By :(!:(!35&25&&/4
    Now the ads are less annoying. Easy to close. It doesn’t come as often as some people described in the other reviews. This app works for multiple drivers and does exactly what it says. It’s the official app endorsed by the state of Massachusetts and many other states in the US.
  • Glitches too much 2/5

    By jazmingarcia07
    Great app BUT.... too glitchy. It always lags and it is super annoying🙄🙄
  • doesn’t let me use the app 3/5

    By cripcripgoblin
    when i first opened the app, it said that my connection wasn’t working so i tried to open the app again but it still didn’t work. it’s been about a month since downloading it and i’ve tried multiple times to use the app but it says the same thing everytime.
  • great concept, one issue 4/5

    By Coke Elliott
    it’s a great app, it works well and is easily customizable. however, my only issue is when I add comments to my drive (something I like to do for all of them) they text is displayed weird. I cannot see if there is a space to type, as it displays your words but when you hit the space bar it doesn’t display the space. it make it very hard to type.

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