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  • Current Version: 3.2.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Safe Roads Alliance, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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RoadReady App

RoadReady logs teen driving practice during the Learner’s Permit phase. The app provides an easy, efficient way to ensure teens have enough experience behind the wheel in a variety of conditions before they begin to drive independently. RoadReady allows you to: Log teen Learner’s Permit driving Monitor progress against your state requirements Log driving on several devices Track multiple teen drivers Track road type and weather conditions Export printable driving log Receive suggestions for safe driving Stop logging drive time automatically RoadReady is a component of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, recipient of the US Department of Transportation National Roadway Safety Award. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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RoadReady app reviews

  • app not working 1/5

    By unomobile
    i have not been able to log my driving for a week due to the app just buffering everytime i open it. i’ve tried everything to fix it but i’ve gotten nowhere.
  • Freezes ALL THE TIME 1/5

    By Natalya G
    the whole point of the app is to track your driving but because as of late it is constantly in a “loading” state we are unable to use it….
  • Randomly turns off… 1/5

    By PJakeJ
    I like this concept of recording and tracking miles and hours for the driver’s license requirements. The major problem we’ve encountered is that the app stops recording in the middle of drives. It just randomly stops recording. Such a pain!!
  • My app is glitched out permanently 1/5

    By #megajesuslover
    My app will not load it is just stuck on the main screen
  • Not scrolling 1/5

    By unicorn23e33333
    The second screen to fill out was ent scrolling when I tried. But otherwise perfect so far
  • Stopped working so all data useless 1/5

    By MADman1624
    When working, the app was fine. 23 hours into tracking it would no longer open which means I can’t use any of the information that had been logged. I tried everything to get it to work but the wheel just spins and it never opens. So, I do NOT recommend this app.
  • Fail! 1/5

    By BrianL444
    Stopped loading and unable to access 3 months of data. Zero tech support, filled out on line form with no response. There are simpler ways to document driving. If you like headaches, go ahead and download.
  • Never allows me to save. 1/5

    By dreatinker
    Always says network error. 😡😡
  • Good but confused? 2/5

    By SK1LL3R Saint
    Every now and then I’ll drive to log some hours, I drove about 30 minutes to school which was a few miles away but it showed up as 30 minutes done with 0 miles completed? Is this a bug?
  • Required by RMV - Hahahahahahahaha 1/5

    By Niwrik
    If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself using this app, it is imperative that you manually record time and mileage when you start and stop your drive by some other means: notes on your phone, pen and paper, anything else but this app. Failure to do so will result in tears. You have been warned.
  • Awful 1/5

    By hamborgur
    Mindbogglingly bad design on this app. Half the time it doesn’t even log the estimated mileage, even though there’s a meter for that, and, it will completely shut down on occasion when the timer is running and my phone is locked.
  • Bug- lost data 1/5

    By BiaBoulder
    My app has a bug that dont allow me to navigate. I think I lost all my teen drive record 😮‍💨
  • Do not download!! 1/5

    By Cocorora
    This app just stops recording after pressing “start drive” randomly. i’ve lost hours and hours of driving hours on huge busy roads and small backroads. Even when it does “record” the time, it does. not get added to the big number that is all drives combined. For any colorado drivers that understand this reference, i’ve driven through the busy Boulder streets, down highways and small busy roads just to get to my school. Keep in mind i do this drive 2-3 times a week and it takes about 45 minutes. for the past two weeks, ZERO of that time has been recorded which is significant, and i need this time to get my license. In short, the app doesn’t actually record you drive when you press start drive (it might if you’re lucky), and in that lucky scenario that it does record you drive, 80% if the time it will not get added to your total drive time. Awful app. I now have to switch apps and make up all my lost time on this trashy platform so i can prove i drove enough to get my license.
  • Literally worst app and support I’ve ever experienced 1/5

    By AV Guy2
    My son has 11.5 hours logged in the app. It will now not work at all. Spinning wheel of death, no change after app restart and even phone restart. Won’t allow login to his account on his phone, or any other. Forgot password link is completely non-functional. No place on their mobile website to request tech support, or even report a problem. Complete trash. Absolutely zero support available. Log your hours some other way and avoid this App like the plague.
  • Not a very good app 3/5

    By Prepare2🐝Amazed
    I’m too lazy to list all the little problems with this app, but I am going to list a big one. After the new update, my account and all my hours were deleted. I tried logging in with a few of my emails and passwords, but my account was gone. I made a new account with the same email as the old account, as it said it wasn’t in the system yet. The app worked fine before the update, and that’s why I gave it three stars.
  • Useless app cant even log time 1/5

    By stephyaaao
    I have over 5 hours of unlogged time because the app just doesn’t keep track of time. It keeps track of miles but it doesn’t show time. I don’t care about miles, I need my time logged. I hate how I can’t manually change the time either. It’s a piece of junk.
  • Not Road Ready - Make Apps Great Again 2/5

    By QuantumSam
    This app has so many issues and bugs. Data entry is poor and the app is entirely dependent on an internet connection. Editing rides is also too difficult. And I'm a bit tired of seeing a National Guard add after every drive. Logging miles should be easy utilizing the data already available on iPhone. My kids most recent drive was never recorded. The app quit. When I tried to manually enter it, the prior trip erased. When I re-entered that the earlier trip was erased. The data should be stored on the phone and then synced with the online date base, not just wait for an internet connection. I can take a walk and know how far I walk, so why can't this app figure out how far we drove?Hire some high school programmers to fix this app.
  • RoadReady 2/5

    By lexi😍❤️_33
    The app no longer shows me how many miles I drove and now the app won’t even load so I can log my hours.
  • Unreliable, crashes frequently 1/5

    By JayEremy
    For no reason, it will start a little loading pinwheel that goes away when you uninstall and reinstall the app. I can't wait to never have to use this again!
  • Good but strange 2/5

    By youjjup
    I like this app it’s really good but when I was almost done with my drive time it suddenly crashed one day and it just loads and I can’t get back into it so I’m just stuck at the time I am right now.
  • bad 1/5

    By Musledrifttruck
    app just stopped working randomly and never saves any on my drives
  • This is the worst part of teaching s new driver 2/5

    By &$?!&$!~>!!\¥€
    I really do not care for this app. My wife and I have had a lot of issues getting it to synchronize drive times logged between our phones, and I have repeatedly had to reinstall the app because it gets stuck in an infinitely loading loop trying to log on. When it does work, there’s no way to pause a drive in case you stop for gas or run into a store quick, and you can only log one type of driving at a time (e.g., city, highway, mountain…) I’m looking forward to my teen getting her license for a number of reasons, getting rid of this ridiculous app is very much one of them.
  • Lost all my kid’s hours 1/5

    By Phil Ruzicka
    Had an account under wife’s email, we needed to reset the password, it just keeps saying “error, please try again.” So now we can’t log in and have lost all my kid’s driving hours and he had a lot. Infuriating. From reviews it looks like others having similar problems.
  • Once a day? 2/5

    By Crazylulu22
    The idea seems good, but it’s flawed. Unless I am the only one having issues, it will only let me log one drive a day. My son drove to work in the morning and I logged that drive, then when he drove home, I tried to log the afternoon drive and it overwrote the first drive. I was entering these in manually, because I forgot to “start” the app when we left, so I don’t know if this is an issue when using it that way. I guess one could add all the time together and edit the log, but this will become a problem when the driving conditions change (ie, daytime/nighttime or weather ). As someone else said, it would also be nice to be able to choose more than one road type. The only thing mandatory in our state is a certain number of daylight and dark hours, but for our (parental) reference, keeping track of road types and weather conditions would be nice too. People rarely drive on one type of roadway when they go somewhere.
  • Don’t rely on this app 1/5

    I’ve used this app for months to record my driving time, but recently it’s nothing but a loading screen. I lost 15 hours of driving time and now have to write all my hours.
  • WORST APP 1/5

    By brot077
    This app logged me off and I forgot my password and it will not let me change it. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Nanci77643
    Crashes, freezes, stops recording without notice.
  • Account creation screen doesn’t fit on iPhone 8 screen 1/5

    By Guys court
    The parent account creation screen does not format to iPhone 8. I cannot complete filling in so I cannot create an account to use it.
  • Can’t create account 1/5

    By DebraMN
    After I input the info for my child’s new account, the “Next” button is covered by my device’s keyboard and I can’t get to the button. Tried on iPad and iPhone, same problem in both places. Can’t create the account. Can’t use the app.
  • Glitchy — won’t load spinning wheel of death 1/5

    By iliketechnology
    Literally terrible — required for my state but it sometimes won’t load. Fir days now stuck on spinning loading wheel and I can’t manually record I can’t click record I can’t do anything! Seems like needs to be updated.
  • Lost all my hours 1/5

    By val165
    I had just started driving and had around 5 hours when the app failed. I was unable to log in my last trip and it just broke the app. Every time I would open the app it would still try to save my last trip but to no avail. I tried resetting the app but that just made me lose all my hours.
  • Like it then I don’t like it 3/5

    By Growelove
    It does the job of giving you a way to keep record of driving times for your teenager but it’s faulty in how it saves data. You have to make sure you press “Save” then “Done”, and then then data yet not saved at times even when you do that. But as far as it detecting “night vs day” or “clear vs raining”, it does an okay job. You have to enter the type of road such as highway, major road, etc. I also wish it would detect the number of miles traveled. Oh well..
  • Great until it doesn’t work 1/5

    By lditn
    I loved just having to click a button and it records my child’s driving time. However, since it updated two days ago, it just spins and I can’t log in. I’ve contacted customer service, but haven’t heard any response.
  • Doesn’t load 1/5

    By Carnc1
    I would not recommend the app. When I downloaded it, the app worked pretty poorly but now it has just stopped working entirely. I was lucky to also write down my driving info on a paper log but if I didn’t I all my information would be gone. If you’re reading this I would say that you should just use a paper log since it is more reliable. Hope this is helpful and have a nice day.
  • Great app! I’ve used for 2 drivers and I’m on my third. 5/5

    By Tuesday2805421
    Thank you for fixing keyboard except that it doesn’t work on the sign in page. Please fix the mileage. It wasn’t working the last month. I love this app! It is so easy to track mileage.
  • terrible 1/5

    By gensnvzisneshsj
    it doesn’t even log any of my hours. the most useless driving app ever!
  • Useless- 1/5

    By Genevieve101
    Not sized for an Apple SE- the enter button is below my screen cannot log in.
  • Keeps deleting hours 2/5

    By :) no name
    Frequently when I log a drive it deletes a previous one and replaces it. So if I have a one hour drive one day and then log a ten minute one the next, the hour long drive will be deleted and I will have 50 less minutes than I started with. This glitch doesn’t fix until keep relogging all the deleted drives multiple times, so I have had to start writing everything on paper. This needs to be fixed because I need to be sure of the correct amount of driving hours.

    By Puzllvr313
    Fix this app PLEASE!! Read the reviews. All the negative reviews are true. Won’t log previous drive Wont save edits Can’t save because the save button is covered up People are using this app for very serious real life logging of driving time for earning a drivers license.
  • App just spins 1/5

    By avery13478635
    After logging over six hours of drives, suddenly the app started failing to initialize. The loading spinner just perpetually spins and renders the rest of the page useless. It’s impossible to log any additional hours, and even worse impossible to extract the log of the hours already driven. And it’s even more impossible to reach anyone who supports this terrible app.
  • Constant buffering 1/5

    By NotPastaNoodle
    Ive been using this app for about 18 hours of driving or so. I love using it and it does really well. However in the past few days it's been constant buffering every time I launch the app. I can't start a drive. I can't view my log to write down my drives. I can't sign in after reinstalling the app because it gives an error every time I try! I just want to view my log. Update: I was able to log in and it wiped everything. Every single hour and minutes gone.
  • No longer works properly 1/5

    By SunnyDayNoWind
    No longer tracks mileage. Sometimes it doesn’t even record the time, or doesn’t save the drive. Recent app update did nothing to fix these major issues.
  • ZERO STARS 1/5

    By lablag
    App is locked with spinning wheel of death. My daughter is 9 hours from completing driving for her exam. I have tried everything. No way to contact app for help.
  • app is frozen 1/5

    By alexysrae0
    the app is frozen and is constantly loading. cannot access account or driving history. total waste if we cannot use to track time spent driving ...
  • Bad 1/5

    By _ŒÂ◊
    Phone has to be on and app running continuously during the drive. Mileage tracker no longer works.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Jesus4life21
    This app is crap. Most of the time it doesn’t load and when it does, it crashes and doesn’t save your data. How is Colorado pushing an app that won’t track your child’s driving hours accurately? Please fix this.
  • Can not access 1/5

    By New Driver16
    Ever since the update, I’m not able to access anything. As soon as the app opens it freezes. I recommend looking for a different app if you need to keep track of your driving times.
  • using location to record mileage doesn’t work 2/5

    By dave.70s
    it worked in earlier versions but no longer works. my student driver skipped the school year and is in no hurry so i can say it works last september 2021 hasn’t worked as of june 2022 when we got back to it
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Oticonshouldbeashamed
    We’ve used this app to track hours for our kids. It just randomly stopped working a few weeks ago. We’ve done the updates and still nothing . So now we’ve lost our detailed log we needed.

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