RoadWarrior Route Planner

RoadWarrior Route Planner

By MapQuest Holdings LLC

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  • Release Date 2015-03-04
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Create reliable multi-destination routes with your trusty copilot, RoadWarrior Route Planner. Designed for drivers, couriers and traveling professionals, RoadWarrior gives you a customized route based on real-time road traffic, client availability, and your own busy schedule. Last mile drivers and dispatchers can optimize hundreds of stops, customize routes and sync between web and mobile experiences. Road-tested since 2013 and recently partnered with MapQuest to leverage tremendous capabilities in terms of maps, mapping, routing, fleet management and logistics planning. Join thousands of drivers who save time, money and gas by relying on RoadWarrior Route Planner’s best-in-class optimization and driver-first design. Who can save time with RoadWarrior? - Professional couriers and delivery drivers: Drivers for Fedex, UPS, OnTrac, DPD, Amazon, logistics managers and many more! - Flower and gift delivery - Insurance agents - Fleet managers and dispatchers - Sales reps - Pharmaceutical sales - Landscapers - Realtors - Food delivery - Small businesses - Logistics workers - Motorcycle trip enthusiasts - Groups planning a roadtrip - Local running groups Download RoadWarrior Route Planner router now to get started with fast routes. Fleet managers can pair this app with the RoadWarrior Flex web product to manage multiple drivers. RoadWarrior Features - Plan delivery routes with multiple destinations - Optimize your routes for fast, gas-saving routing - Navigate using your favorite navigation app such as Apple Maps, Waze, HERE Maps, and more - Upload addresses in bulk via RoadWarrior’s quick upload tool - Even faster address and manifest file upload for FedEx and OnTrac drivers - Drag and drop your stops to adjust your route in seconds - Enable “Round Trip” options to create a closed loop in our route planner - Add availability time windows to arrive at locations during their open or delivery hours - Track your progress on your route by checking into locations - Send ETAs to clients on your route with Glympse integration - Search for addresses from the web, your contacts or simply click on the map What RoadWarriors Are Saying… “Lifesaver! Increased my number of deliveries by 40%” “Off the chain… as a Fedex Ground Contractor, this helps TREMENDOUSLY!” “I absolutely love this app, as a realtor it has saved me countless hours and gas.” Route Tracker For Pro Drivers The RoadWarrior Pro Route Planner upgrade unlocks premium features and increased capacity for optimization and smooth navigation. All the tools and reporting you need for logistics and last mile planning and reporting. RoadWarrior Pro is available as two auto-renewable subscriptions: 1) $14.99 USD per month 2) $100 USD per year Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your Apple account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel your renewal at any time on this App Store page. We’ve Got Your Back Learn more about RoadWarrior Route Planner at: If you encounter any issues or questions, please reach our friendly RoadWarrior customer support team here: [email protected]. For the Geeks (TSP) RoadWarrior solves one of the most complex challenges known to computer science, the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP, TSPTW). RoadWarrior elegantly solves the TSP with a custom genetic algorithm specifically tailored for the professional driver/courier. Large transportation and courier companies (FedEx, UPS) have used this type of logistics productivity software for decades to optimize routes for high levels of efficiency. For the first time ever, RoadWarrior makes this powerful TSP software available to iOS drivers. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use