Robinhood: Invest. Buy. Trade.

Robinhood: Invest. Buy. Trade.

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  • Current Version: 7.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Robinhood Markets, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Robinhood: Invest. Buy. Trade. App

Invest for free. Invest in stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies, all commission-free, right from your phone or desktop. No fees. No commissions. No problems. We use technology to cut the fat that makes other financial institutions costly. Then we pass the savings on to you in the form of no-commission trading. Invest your money in the markets, trade stocks, shares, options, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) without any commission fees. Plus, get instant deposits up to $1,000 or more with Robinhood Gold. Invest wisely Robinhood helps you invest in the markets responsibly. Before buying a stock, coin, or any other investment option, read information on your investment portfolio. Access real-time market data for a specific stock, options, and cryptos, and get notified about changes. Endless investment options No matter what you want to trade, Robinhood has it. From a crypto coin like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETC), to stocks and options, your chance to invest is now. Simple and intuitive With no complicated paperwork, signing up for Robinhood is easy. Robinhood integrates with 3,500+ banks including Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. Secure and trusted Investor security is top-of-mind. Robinhood uses cutting-edge security measures to protect investor assets and personal information. Disclosure Investing without fees means that Robinhood Financial LLC receives $0 commissions on self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade U.S. listed securities via mobile app or online. Relevant SEC & FINRA or other fees may still apply. Please see Robinhood’s Commission and Fee Schedule at to learn more. All investments involve risk and the past performance of a security, other financial product or cryptocurrency does not guarantee future results or returns. While diversification may help spread risk, it does not assure a profit or protect against loss. You can always lose money when you invest in securities, cryptocurrencies, or other financial products. Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing. The cash management program is expected to be offered by Robinhood Financial LLC. The cash management program, when operational, will be an added program to Robinhood brokerage accounts and will not be a separate account or a bank account. Robinhood Financial will provide additional information on the cash management program once it is operational to help customers, including those with “early access,” to determine if they want to add the program to their brokerage account. Robinhood Financial LLC and Robinhood Crypto, LLC are subsidiaries of Robinhood Markets, Inc. Equities and options are offered to self-directed customers by Robinhood Financial, member of FINRA and SIPC. Cryptocurrency trading is offered through Robinhood Crypto. Cryptocurrencies are not stocks. Any information about Robinhood Crypto on any Robinhood website, platform, emails or other communications, are for informational purposes only and not intended as a solicitation or advertisement for Robinhood Crypto.

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Robinhood: Invest. Buy. Trade. app reviews


    By Uptp
    They took 2,000 dollars out of my bank account without asking. I upgraded to Robinhood Gold and said i would be paying $6 a month and said nothing about taking $2,000 dollars off. So unprofessional and I would like that transaction taken off my account
  • Fun 5/5

    By Bugsy1959
    I may not get rich but I’m having fun trying
  • Great App 5/5

    By Kanaan1
    I’m new to this but I’m learning. The simple fact that they don’t charge you anything to trade or maintain your account is what pulled me in. I don’t expect to be a millionaire with this but it sparked my interest.
  • Application review 1/5

    By freebird1955
    I signed up 2 months ago and still say application under review and will not let me make deposit keeps showing error not sure I want to entrust my investments with this company
  • Locked out 1/5

    By Mountainman2323
    Attempted to add bank account kept getting an error message that I needed to log in to my bank separately to find out what I needed to do. I do so and nothing appears that has anything to do with this app, so I attempt to go back to the app and now it wants a PIN; what PIN? I was never given one, my email doesn’t have a message with one. Glad I’m locked out after having provided my social and bank info though. It’s quite reassuring.
  • Great way to lose money 1/5

    By OneStumpMan
    Allows you to trade options. Good luck with that
  • Invest with kids 5/5

    By Ruthann Lentz
    A great way to actively invest with my kids. We just use bday money and allowance.
  • Not good for start ups 1/5

    By DanRP200
    Robinhood does not contain a full range of stocks. Several publicly traded companies with new tech do not appear.
  • Junk! 1/5

    By Kashyg
    The most user unfriendly app ever. Can’t even look at the contents of my account easily. A confusing lay out which maybe good for a A beginner or a little kid. I just transferred all the money out. Bye
  • Funds being taken 1/5

    By KngSDgmR
    I understood the first time when RH took 9.00 because of a reversal but this time I’m sure I made no transfers and they all of my money even my stocks value I am very upset and confused! Before these incident I very much enjoyed the app it would have been 5 stars but on the account of the deductions no stars. The deductions were unmitigated.
  • Poor performance and glitchy 1/5

    By 84.Arod
    I have had multiple orders sit without fulfilling, and miss my windows to make a successful investment. Customer service is non existent. I will continue to hold what I have, in an attempt to break even. But I will not be continuing any further deposits on this platform. My orders have not been fulfilled on time on several orders, consequently costing me a significant loss.
  • Simple app 3/5

    By Goharashraf
    Simple trading app . Not at all for professionals trading . Does not even allow to place order at limit price . The only good thing about Robinhood app is free trading
  • Great idea but lousy service 1/5

    By Sneeze stu
    I have been using this app for about a year. I have used e trade for many years but wanted to save money on my trades. The app works fine. The company however is very shady. On more than 1 occasion the trade price increased right when i bought it. Every time I end up paying the difference. The customer service is horrible you can’t talk to anyone and it’s all generic email responses that don’t even respond correctly. Just recently I signed up for their Robinhood Gold which is their margin account product. It was initially advertised as use it and they will charge $15 a month if you have a balance. Then it changed to $15 a month if you have a balance or not. I have been trying to cancel it for 2 months now. I’m still getting charged $15 a month for nothing. There is no way to call in and the robot emails from customer service are programmed to refuse any inquiry that involves a refund. I like the price but with the hidden charges every where and the lack of caring for their clients I might go back to e trade. Free trades sound good but obviously they need to make money so they have a business plan of hidden fees and secret support that you can’t talk to a live person. I wouldn’t trust this site for your entire portfolio.
  • The Best 5/5

    By The Slient Wizard
    It’s user friendly, not complicated and has a beautiful user interface... but there’s always room for improvement.
  • They Sell My Shares at Whatever price 2/5

    By LDP 0778
    It’s happened several times now that they will sell my shares at whatever price suits their algorithm or however they determine the price. REGARDLESS OF SETTING LIMIT ORDERS. Their customer service is very dense when it comes to asking for help often copy and pasting the same answer only to have he 7 th rep discredit all the copy and paste info you’ve already received. Recently I placed a sell limit at $1.25 and it sold for $1.35 (the price before I set the limit was dropping from$1.40 to $1.35. The price that day never dipped below $1.30. The reps kept telling me to set limit orders to ensure price, kept repeating that my shares sold at $1.25. Until the last rep just said yep... you specified $1.25 and it sold for $1.35 explain when you set a limit order if will sell at that limit price or higher. 🤷‍♂️ so what’s really the point.
  • Warning do not stock and then cancel! 1/5

    By Aerigot
    You won’t receive the stock and the money will be taken out of your account still. I talked to customer service and they just gave up on my case. I tried to tell them I don’t have the stock to sell back and they just threw their arms up after asking for more information and pictures. So basically I lost money and I don’t have the stock to sell. Forget the buying power I want to cash out and forget about this app!
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By kibortr
    It is very difficult to navigate around and find the information you are looking for. Get rid of black background and make it easier to look at charts and numbers, like Ameritrade. Side note - get rid of “nick names” to submit this review. Keeps telling me “nick name is taken” and I have tried 3 different names
  • Very basics trading 3/5

    By Arigala
    Could improve better
  • RetroDigital 5/5

    By From the Starwars Generation
    Just a massive thank you. I needed a way of being able to invest a small amount of money to with some personal effort hopefully, play a big part over the next 7 years helping me fund my kids colleges. My first real job was a commodity broker. It was always the cost of transactions that lead to almost all my clients loosening money! What RobinHood allows the honest hard working American to do is enter into the stock market. Most importantly you can start with say just the take out money you were going to spend for the month. That’s all I have done. Once again thank you RobinHood :-)
  • Good trading app but bad GUI 4/5

    By Dee8806
    There are times when my phone locks and I can’t fully open my phone bc the app was left open and ask for facial recognition through app while phone stays locked. (iPhone)
  • So easy!!! 5/5

    By hayden9713
    Didn’t know anything about stocks and Robinhood makes it so simple to invest!
  • Ipo’s 2/5

    By mtmnam
    I couldn’t find any ipo’s. I’m new to this, so still learning. I wanted to invest in ipo canabis stocks. Do u have any learning video for Robinhood?
  • Orders and charts 4/5

    By @DJ_JunyPR
    Things that you should implement to be perfect are: Advanced charts for studying, OCO orders and a way to put limit and stop orders from the chart itself (like Thinkorswim), for a faster experience.
  • All my respect 5/5

    By moe's money
    Thank you 🙂
  • Poor service 1/5

    By Tiazn
    No telephone number listed. No email address. Web site is made by an IDIOT. Difficult to find tabs to BUY. No Tab to SELL. Claim to have a upgraded security privacy but where is it? It should pop up immediately , but NO. Join TD Ameritrade Join E Trade Join Schwab All professional trading sites are very easy to use. The people at Robinhood are so unprofessional and stupid they can’t even copy a great site like one of the above.
  • Options 3/5

    By AlexanderB37
    Need more purchase options also a different browsing search engine
  • No free stock for me! 2/5

    By King Whiz
    I would change my rating to 5 stars as soon as I am able to get my free stock. For whatever reason I’m receiving an error when I try to retrieve mine. Used my friends link and everything. What gives?
  • They don’t honor the free stock promotion you hear everywhere... 1/5

    By Veronica Vivian
    They advertise being the perfect interface for someone who isn’t already part of the stock trading scene. As someone with zero experience looking to learn how to manage a portfolio, I was interested in redeeming that free stock promotion for which every single popular podcast seems to have an ad. At no point in its advertising do they male clear that the promotion expires once redeemed. I signed up with the promotion, was not able to navigate the app well enough to redeem it, and submitted a couple customer service inquiries to help. One representative said they reactivated it for me and made it seem to me that the app would prompt me to redeem it once opened. Since I still did not know how to redeem the offer, I submitted another inquiry. Another representative showed me where to find it, at which point I found the “expired” stock which I had not seen in my account previously. I submitted a third inquiry to help reactivate it, was told, “That’s too bad. Well you can still get referrals!” At this point I expressed disappointment and requested an explanation as to why I could not redeem the offer I never had a chance to redeem. It has been nearly a week and at this time the Robinhood team has still not responded even though in every other instance my inquiries were answered within 1 business day. Unless you’re already stock savvy and looking for a clean app, I would not recommend this service.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jose C Bueno
    I am a beginner but I feel very well being a member of Robinhood’s family
  • Great app. A few bugs. 5/5

    By zachfilms
    Great app. But if you lock your phone with the app open on iPhone XS Max, it glitches and you can’t always reopen your phone.
  • Individual investor 5/5

    By G Gekki
    Best broker ever! Thanks!
  • Crypto chat needs a mute or to be gone altogether 2/5

    By Runforestrun3352
    Been using this for awhile can honestly say the crypto chat is just about pointless for anything other than trolls trying to make people lose money or scammers spamming stuff 24/7.
  • Slow, not accurate 2/5

    By Loyally bummed
    But no commissions so, I live with it.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Bang boom bang!
    Love it!
  • Trying to take your money like a bank 1/5

    By Lance Araque
    This app is completely garbage and un organized customer support is horrible they are trying to hit me with fees on something that’s not my fault go to Ameritrade people !! Even if you are a beginner
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By thisappscuck123
    I have had this app for a few weeks trying to link my bank account, but this app does not let me link it. The service is awful considering you can only email. It is obviously a bot sending you back messages. I am switching apps because of how difficult it is to get it to work. Don’t use this app if you know what’s best for you
  • Freaking Sweet!! 5/5

    By RattOnTheRun
    I have learned so much about the market and how to invest money ... and what not to do ... yeah, I’ve lost some money too. Overall I love Robinhood and how it has allowed me to get into the market without getting the ‘tools’ of a broker!
  • Very easy stock app 5/5

    By trademark617
    If your not familiar with the stock market this app is pretty easy to use. I would always ask someone that has knowledge of he stock market to help you first though.
  • Keep it great! 3/5

    By Tom 56565646
    App performance seems to be degrading lately. Slower performance, refreshes. Increased lag times between executions and notifications.
  • Ugh! 3/5

    By TxMadeGyrl
    I hate this new font in Robinhood, it’s hard on the eyes. Also, bring back being able to swipe through your stocks. Now I have to exit the stock and click the next one, this takes away from the simplistic ease the app use to have.
  • so hard to use 1/5

    By 幽雅少年
    so hard to use
  • Freedom 5/5

    By IshmaelGS
    Robinhood has allowed me to become financial free from the restraints of a dead end job ...
  • Excellant 5/5

    By kdrye
    love the platform, streamline, very simple. Perfect for newbie trader
  • Awesome 5/5

    So underrated, the most fun me and my friends have had in a while
  • Invest 5/5

    By kg1128
    Great app for all investment
  • Great App 5/5

    By Darley777
    Great starter investment app. Love it so far!
  • By far the easiest stock app I’ve ever used 5/5

    By RevlisaPhD
    Love it
  • Best trading app ever!! 5/5

    By AGBdigi
    No fees, amazing trading features and lovely ui! Love this app, beyond words!!
  • Dont be deceived by the “free stock” 2/5

    By johnmkelly89
    I was given a Groupon stock with $3.00 even though it advertised a free Apple or Tesla stock 😕

Robinhood: Invest. Buy. Trade. app comments

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