Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe

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  • Current Version: 1.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Psyonix LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rocket League Sideswipe App

Car games and soccer collide in Rocket League Sideswipe! Multiplayer car soccer has been reimagined for mobile devices by the makers of the hit game Rocket League. Score goals in fast-paced 2-minute games and customize cars in the Garage. Party up with friends or play online games with players around the world. Drive supersonic race cars and hit the soccer ball into your opponent’s net to win matches. Already a Rocket League pro? Fly into the air and pull off trick shots, even a flip reset! Dominate the soccer field and race to the top of the car soccer leaderboard by participating in worldwide Ranked Matches. Just want to relax and have fun? Online car soccer in Casual Mode lets you perform your craziest maneuvers without affecting your rank. Multiplayer soccer games level up with a combination of action-packed soccer and rocket-powered cars. Play online multiplayer games for free and master the game’s intuitive touch controls, perfectly designed for mobile car battle gameplay. Unlock exciting Rocket Pass Cars and Items by playing online and proving yourself in the Arena. Experience online car game action from anywhere with Rocket League Sideswipe. Play together with friends and become a car soccer hero. Good luck, have fun! Rocket League Sideswipe Features: Fast-Paced Car Soccer - Online multiplayer games: Face off in 1v1 or 2v2 car soccer matches - Thrilling car soccer games await: Compete in 2-minute multiplayer matches - Play online games from anywhere. No prior soccer or driving skills needed - Hit the soccer field at any level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Rocket League veteran Redesigned for Mobile Sports Games - Arena car action: With only three buttons needed for control, Rocket League Sideswipe offers easy-to-learn gameplay with room for freestyle stunts - Car battle: Chase down the soccer ball with aerial boost and go on the offensive - Play together in a two-player game and communicate with Quick Chat Stickers - Enjoy matches with random in-game changes in the casual Game Mode Mutator Madness Online and Offline Matches - New to Rocket League? Start with our car soccer tutorial to get you the controls you need - Play car soccer online in competitive team games with players around the world - Multiplayer games in Casual Mode let you have more fun without affecting your ranks - Play multiplayer games offline and hone your skills against bots - Play together with friends or show off your best tricks in Private Matches Rocket Pass and Seasons - Online multiplayer games let you earn free Rocket Pass Items - Play car soccer online and climb the Competitive Ranks with each new Season - Ball game with unique rewards: earn Player Titles based on your Rank - Keep things fresh by playing rotating seasonal Modes Car Customization - Customize cars with Items that you unlock as you play car soccer online - Choose from thousands of customization combinations for your unique sports car - Play soccer with a twist and unlock cars, wheels, decals & more! - Track your in-game Item collection. Can you collect them all? Download Rocket League Sideswipe and meet your fated rivals on the pitch of this next-level sports game. Follow for all the latest news and updates: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: Facebook: Support:

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Rocket League Sideswipe app reviews

  • HEATSEEKER!!!! 4/5

    By Writing a Review Right Now
  • Dude really 2/5

    By AT1Dbeast
    As much as I’ve seen on this I can’t even download it. It gets 2/3 of the way there then stops can somebody tell me why this happens I have more than 10gb of storage left and I can’t get it to download
  • worst game I’ve ever seen 1/5

    By I said gg 5 times
    today I was playing rocket league and someone blew me up in a match in the console I raged and got in trouble thanks to this game. now my mother banned me from playing this game
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Rlgrinder67
    Before I got my new phone I had this game on my super old phone and it was super laggy. But I got it on my new one and it’s AMAZING!! The only thing is it requires a lot of Wi-Fi to load. But overall an outstanding game
  • Ok 3/5

    By 77645;
    This game is good but everyone is so good even on my first game the guy was so good I got beaten 28 to 1
  • Bad game 1/5

    By Mad hi ki
    So dogwater need updated and you can’t go out the map!
  • I love it but 5/5

    By Willthebeast21
    Could you add the kph/mph of a shot like you do in rocket league? I would find it interesting to see that in the game.
  • I love this game, but the lag makes it unplayable at times 2/5

    By Owesome30
    I really enjoy sideswipe, I think that it was a great way to bring rocket league to mobile. However, I cannot see this game becoming a big contender among games being plugged into a mobile version due to the lag. I have a high end spec phone and the WiFi I use is enough to support games on pc like CSGO and Val. but that doesn’t keep it from causing games to just be completely lost due to losing connection. Love the game, and am not sure how fixable this is of an issue, but can’t give it a better rating because of this issue.
  • Bad 1/5

    By GillyG17
    The game is so laggy do not play
  • Please make it so this game is only accessible by mobile. 4/5

    By yingling31
    This game is great. But, the problem is the platforms. There is players stall resetting in silver-gold (mechanic) and it’s so confusing to play against them. Please fix it. Computer players can play the 3d version.
  • Fix your ranking system 1/5

    By Truth teller+1
    There are to many people that lose over and over again to rank down to beat the people who aren’t good at the game or maybe they are good at the game but they are champs vs bronze at this point.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Creative distraction
    Gameplay I broke a iPad but still a great game
  • nice 5/5

    By IbisPaintFan
    5/5 stars for this masterpiece. great alternative if ur too broke to afford a device compatible with the ACTUAL rocket league
  • It’s trash 1/5

    By idkkdkdkdd
    This game is so annoying you can go to one rank to a lower one into a matter on snap it’s annoying that there is people playing in silver and they play like there in gold I drop not one but 2 ranks because your game was filled with people way beyond my skill level fix you game
  • Terrible teammate’s 3/5

    By gold_gamer48
    Every time I go into a ranked doubles I always have to carry my teammate and the opponents are always toxic, please pair me with better teammates, I can’t stand these toxic monkeys
  • Nice game 5/5

    By 233434343544
    I love the game it’s very fun to play but idk why but I wish there was a event themed goal explosion or items
  • Public Matches 2/5

    By mnbvcfhurs
    Can i stop getting teammates who just go afk or players who keep own goaling or- just bad players
  • Glitch problems 3/5

    By jfhrnxie
    Great is great but it has a huge problem with glitching during a game I can’t even begin to explain the amount of times I’ve lost a game due to my game glitching my internet is great so it’s not me because I play the game with multiple people and they say they have the same problem so do you think you can fix those bugs please
  • Match Making 1/5

    By undeadnecromancer
    I am trying to get better at the game but the match making system keep matching me with these people who are hitting the craziest shots I’ve seen in my life and are definitely out of my ranking, I went from platinum 1 down to gold 3.
  • worst game 1/5

    By gudheqa
    This has to be the worst game ive eve played. Forst off it makes me float in the air for no reason. boost wastes. cursor arrows are inaccurate. i do certain things but then it does the opposite of what it should do. ball flings up in the air for no reason when i tap it.
  • Lagging 1/5

    By fourhorseman48
    Y’all need to fix the lagging system im in a good spot to play but every time I do I get major lag spikes that makes me really hate this game and I play every day fix it
  • lag is unplayable 1/5

    By OoooooAo
    game is fun but the fact that u will always be lagging every game due to bad servers makes it impossible to play and every game is based off luck
  • Fix your game 1/5

    By :) Sam :) :)
    Ok at first this game was good but now I can’t play it anymore like me and my friends can’t invite each other and nothing but Smurf’s in GOLD AND SILVER . But why is it when I hit the ball to the left IT GOES RIGHT, please for the love of god fix your game. Sam
  • Terrible game waste of space 1/5

    By hhalfkfjabqnkf
    The physics of this game are terrible, you hit the ball straight and it hits a wall and goes down? Or you hit a ball from the top and it goes straight, i would not recommend this game to someone that wants to have a good competitive game because its not a good game
  • Hi 5/5

    By Alexjsbdlsjaosvd
    Is good but I don’t know how to play it
  • banned? 3/5

    By offbrand game
    i was banned for lagging and i couldn’t play and y’all said it was due to inactivity.
  • Solid Gameplay 3/5

    By MichaelPerkins77
    Solid gameplay but the duplicate rewards get super annoying.
  • Game rigged 1/5

    By joshuaDasdy
    Game lagging
  • Amazing Game 5/5

    By Benny43276
    Good graphics
  • Game is terrible lol 1/5

    By ChaseGames28828228288282
    I hate how this game involves so many mechanics that require no skill and bots like players who will automatically make you lose on purpose without even trying. Never download this terrible ever!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By L5YM
    Too many try hard 9 year olds
  • Bugs 1/5

    By bruh caudnd
    Some how I keep losing to some bugs: for example: when I block the ball I scored like how?!!??
  • Gameplay 1/5

    By Walter’s methylmine
    So trash always frozen and my rank doesn’t change after I wjn
  • trash 1/5

    By fw.infa
    W safest a;:w and
  • Bad 1/5

    By yhyrbtyrrytb
  • Games bad 1/5

    By Rick MoMa
  • A bunch of retards 1/5

    By do jgg he rhhs
    Like why do creators have to be this retarted. They’re just a bunch of retarted Down syndrome 5 year olds. Like if there’s a jump button make the car jump retards. Like how do you get this retarted.
  • Good game but 3/5

    By Aaron G PT
    I really liked this game at first. It’s still really fun but I hate the new update. I don’t like that it puts down your rank level if you lose. I raged after I went from silver 2 to silver 1. I’m probably going to play this game less often now.
  • This is bad 1/5

    By Dannythatboy11
    Every time I join a match a person like shoots the ball through my car and I tried the old block stuff but did not work, so I’m just not really happy at this.
  • Drains your battery 3/5

    By katia0951
    Great game is so addicting. But one thing about it is that it DARINS your BATTERY so bad. Also your phone heats up really bad within two or three plays.
  • Everybody is right about matchmaking ITS BROKEN!! 1/5

    By FAKTS!
    You can just be starting off at the game and will have to play against a thousand try hard and not to mention it’s gone glitch glitch glitch GLITCH GLITCH then glitch some more too
  • worst game ever made 1/5

    By andy15r
    worst game ever made.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Carlos Reyes 17
    This Is A Good Game To Play With Friends. But I’m Training When You Verse Expert In Normal Soccer They Non Stop Score. Like You Can Score But It Is Rigged So I Prefer Not To Install This Game
  • Game Design 2/5

    By qkglwlqksnfkv
    This game does not work in a 2d setting.
  • Great game but too laggy 1/5

    By STR3EM
    So when I go into a normal match the game is so good I get no lag and delay but when I go into a ranked match it all just goes bad and I get so laggy to the point where I am teleporting around the map and I changed my wifi like 3 times and I realized it wasn’t my wifi but the ranked system for ranked is not the best and needs too be fixed because if they don’t have a phone how will they be able to play ranked undisturbed. Other than that the game is very good and very fun. I come from rocketleauge and I love that game too. But pleasee if you guys can fix the problem with mobile lag and glitchyness in general. Thank you and have a good day.
  • Can not play 1/5

    By Hektik Mayhem
    Tried to quick join and it says I am joining but leaves me on the main screen and says that I couldn’t join because error? It’s been happening every time I try to join and it’s been doing this for days so I have not been playing
  • Camren review 5/5

    By Camiscoolbro
    This is the best car game ever invented Bro I love it so I’m happy there’s no ads in the game like the best car ever invented
  • People who make the game unfun 2/5

    By TusKenraider484
    The game is fun two play but ones you play for like a few days you just get matched up against sweets that you have no chance at beating and it makes you want to kill your self. It makes the game unfun and rl needs to put some m type of rank thing in casual bc I just want to play for fun and there’s people that have to play every time the no matter what you do the can score of of it. I wish could make it so you can forgot right away so then you don’t have to play against people don’t want to play against.
  • Matchmaking 2/5

    By Among us 8377473
    I feel like there should be skill base matchmaking in competitive, because I will randomly go from platinum 3 all the way down to gold 2. Sorry if its a little confusing.