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  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kwalee Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tap and hold the screen to launch your rocket as far as you can, but make sure not to overheat, otherwise it's game over! Upgrade your rocket to reach new heights, break records and explore new planets. Space is waiting for you! Rocket Sky! features: Simple and addictive gameplay Numerous upgrades to keep you exploring Variety of planets and rockets to unlock Colourful 2D design

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  • Do not play 1/5

    By speedyrunsfast
    This game has to many ads that pop up every single minute, plus it’s unrealistic, rockets don't blow up as easily
  • Not only 1/5

    By Klespur
    Is this game unable to be played without an internet connection, it gave me the same broken ad I couldn’t exit 3 times in a row. Which meant I couldn’t keep playing the game.
  • Add more 4/5

    By fourhorseman48
    I’ve gotten up to 595k meters and I have all the worlds and ships unlocked. Add more ships and worlds and ill rate 5 stars
  • Paid to block ads and still get them 1/5

    By Jenn44n
    Try to contact support and link is broken and there's no other ways. My son plays this game and I am tired of the content violent ads that are being shown. Game is great but ads are not for kids. This is why I paid to block them and obviously I got scammed
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By ThatAtlGuy
    Legit has a ad every 25 seconds. Ruined the game play. If less adds it would be a pretty good game.
  • So many ads! 1/5

    By Birdsong of Austin
    It’s a great game, just there are to many ads. I can’t even play without getting ads every second. And I can’t even turn off my wifi to play without ads because it tells me no internet access.
  • Ads Required 1/5

    By the justifyer
    I disabled internet for this app because there’s no reason for it to have access, however that also disabled ads in the game, the devs decided this isn’t ok and completely prevent you from playing if they can’t flood you with ads
  • Well 1/5

    By Funone another
    It’s actually fun. Just too many dam ads. It’s an ad after every level. It’s gotten annoying enough I’ve deleted the app.
  • Update 5/5

    By rrsh007
    Please update
  • My god 1/5

    By Deerslayer1999
    Boy lemme tell ya, there is a hellacious ammount of ads in this game. You cant just close it and reopen the app either they are on there like a buzzard on a gut wagon.
  • Trying it out 3/5

    By Bradley L Scott
    Not yet
  • It’s a very good game but 5/5

    By mistacreed night
    It’s a good game for me to play and have fun but there is one thing that you do need to fix with the money the K needs to be fixed to M for millions.
  • Good 5/5

    By pxigxigxxhstsrskzhslgsif goco
  • The ads are very sexist against males 1/5

    By hgifoutf
    Very sexist
  • What’s the point of your game? 1/5

    By donnieJ1969
    I just started playing it and it’s starting to get boring to me. Do you win any money?
  • Pretty 5/5

    By Doggo187:
  • Ads are a rip off 1/5

    By Thewcb
    I like this game, it’s a very fun incremental game that I would very much enjoy but it has one huge flaw which warrants the 1 star review. I paid money for no ads but every couple upgrades I have to watch an ad to upgrade my abilities more. Why did I pay money for no ads when I have to watch an ad every other minute? Change this to no ads at all and I’ll edit my review to 5 star without question.
  • Ads 1/5

    By dusiishwbw
    What do you know, another game with ads every minute. Getting old
  • Wow, this game is awesome 5/5

    By omosomi
    Am really enjoying the game.
  • There’s a problem 5/5

    By DarkDeystoryer2012
    Can you remove the explode thing and only fuel
  • I LOVE IT 5/5

    By Manofsteele4115
  • Great game needs a leaderboard 5/5

    By penis oh no
    Ok so I like the game but I like leaderboards with people with the highest scores in the game and a keeps your score and next place youll have to reach your score again and I almost have 1M score.
  • This Game Is Just- 3/5

    By Vixwnn
    Ok So I Was Playing And Going Slow With The Rocket Then , AN AD JUST STARTS PLAYING , Like , Really ? I Did Read The Reviews First , But I Didn’t Think It Would Be This Bad , Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Addspace 1/5

    By Vuxito
    More advertisements than NASCAR
  • Update needed 3/5

    By 123 your mom
    It’s too easy of a game, I’m tired of making so much money and I can’t do nothing with it. Please add more levels and rockets.

    By micheal g scarn
    I saw an ad for the game and then I saw it and played it there was one ad after I the first launch then there was an ad then I played again another ad piped up I turned airplane mode on it will not let me play then I played more there was ads every time I was done a launch
  • I basically broke the game 2/5

    By mikeyp_gh145
    I finished it in 2 days because I found a glitch (I’m not telling because then it will get fixed) where I can make infinite money. I have unlocked everything which leaves me to nothing else. Until they add more I just keep breaking my own world record!
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By musicalongoni
    Played the game for like 5 seconds and then got a 15 second ad. Deleted immediately
  • Was good... 3/5

    By Memes are cool AF
    I used to play this game on my spare time quite a bit and wasn’t really bothered by the ads until you needed internet connection to play.
  • Payed for no ads, still have ads 1/5

    By Kael1210
    This game is filled to the brim with so many ads, its near unplayable. I payed for no ads and yes, it turned off video ads after every round, but there are still popups on the menu and “optional” ads that give you a free upgrade. These optional ads block you from progressing unless you watch them or play again and hope the upgrade you esnt isnt blocked by another ad. Horrible game all around. Also kills battery life like nothing i have ever seen for no reason. My phone is so hot and at 5% after being plugged in for 45 min while playing, and no its not the phone itself or the charger. DONT BUY THIS GAME
  • It is ok 3/5

    By mom super star
    Hi I just finished my lunch I like the game
  • Good but.... 2/5

    By waffle -_-guy
    Look so I’ve been enjoying the game but every single time I launch the rocket it has a ad, also I can’t even level up without a 30 second ad.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Jay$33
    WAAAAAAAAAY too many ads dude ya need to check that. I can’t play the game because of the ads and I that I need pay to take them off like dude ya are actual pricks
  • Lvl am a boss 5/5

    By Blank_NL
    Update I finished the game within 2 weeks
  • Sooo many ADS that prevent you from playing the game. 1/5

    By shrrodkfnfnrsfjybsjf
  • Game ruined by afs 1/5

    By bjhoop2
    Game ruined by ads
  • Game Ruined After Update 2/5

    By Pbireta
    I’ve had the game installed since September. Despite the ads I enjoyed the rest of the game even though it wasn’t complicated. I have maxed out all upgrades to the ship waiting for new planets to be added. Update came out and I got to the next planet. After I got to the next planet, the goal for the next planet is well past my max score and I am unable to upgrade my ship to reach it.
  • Adds to many 1/5

    By UncausedPizza20YT
    Every time I play right after I fly it gives me an add ITS SO annoying!!!!
  • Russophobia marketing 1/5

    By slavic squatter
    Anti Russian propaganda in advertisements for the game.
  • Broken 4/5

    By Addicted squirrel
    Once you max out on everything you can’t get to the planet at 402,000
  • Why .-. 3/5

    By why to many ads!?!?
    There are too many ads once you tap your finger on the screen a ad finish flying the rocket a ad there even more ads then that :/ please lower the ads that pop up
  • Update killed ability to fly... 2/5

    By Plukas35
    I used to Max out at an altitude of 775,000... but being as though I started from 200,000 it wasn’t a big deal. Now that they added more planets, I can’t go from 775,000 past 783,000 and that is with EVERYTHING maxed out. I do enjoy this game, I just hope the developer fixes this issue so that I can continue in the game, because as it stands right now I will never hit 805,000 (the altitude required to hit the next planet)
  • Download if you love ads 1/5

    By Mike Burgio
    All you do is watch ads.
  • Lvls and planets 3/5

    By 3di3
    There needs to be more levels and planets once you reach max with everything there’s nothing else to do no more

    By No Longer Loyal Fan
    So I just got this game. I’ve been playing for a few hours hours now. And in that hour was 30 minutes worth of ads. Now I’m not happy with this at all because I love to play games but when ads come around it gets me mad. On the good side, other then the millions of ads, it is a good game and definitely a challenge.
  • THIS IS NOT A GAME, Issa AD commercial 1/5

    By BlackWithClass
    STOP IT WITH ALL THE FCKN ADs!!!!!!! Tooooooooo many fckn ads!!! They force you to watch them by making you click the “free fuel watch video” instead of letting you buy it!!!! Ruins the game!!!
  • Ads ruined this game 1/5

    By actualpersonthatsnotabot
    It’s a shame that ads are insanely more important more than the game itself now days. If you’re into just watching a stupid ad for all of eternity though then this is your game
  • Game is super fun but is a ad playground with ads popping up every second 1/5

    By James2453
    It’s is a ad playground
  • Horrendously Terrible 1/5

    By allnamesaretakenbruh
    Played one minute, got six ads. At some points forces you to watch an ad to upgrade to progress.

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