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Rocketbook App App

The Rocketbook app is designed to work with Rocketbook notebooks including the Amazon best selling Everlast, Everlast Mini, Wave, Color, One, and Rocketpad. Rocketbook allows you to enjoy the pleasure of writing in a traditional paper and pen notebook, while quickly digitizing all notes and sending them to the cloud with your smartphone. The latest Rocketbook feature, Handwriting Recognition (OCR), turns your handwritten notes into digital text and allows you to search them inside the app! Capture your thoughts naturally using pen and paper in your Rocketbook notebook. Then, use the app to digitize your notes and instantly organize them inside the services you use. Simply mark special icons on each notebook page to send your notes to your email inbox or specific locations inside Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, iMessage, and iCloud. The Rocketbook app uses your smartphone camera to “see” your notebook pages and instantly blasts them into the cloud. For more information about our reusable notebooks, please visit Free Rocketbook PDFs and customizable pages can be found at

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  • Great App 5/5

    By Avocadopacman
    This app has so far worked seamlessly and beautifully for me. The scanner is pretty good despite my phone camera having a somewhat low quality. Uploads very quickly, always in under a minute.
  • Works as ext 4/5

    By HB_2019
    I’ve been using CamScanner successfully for years and I was very excited to learn about a product that took it a step further with a notebook. I bought, and like, the notebook and in the beginning the app worked ok (good, not great) as it was temperamental (it would take several attempts to get a successful scan). But it works.
  • This app along with the Rocketbook are amazing 5/5

    By adne1045
    Highkey recommend both the app and the Rocketbook. The notes come out clear. I personally use Dropbox so that I can access my notes from any device at anytime. It’s great!
  • nice 5/5

    By emmy_27
    fun and useful
  • “ Notepad & Pen just stepped into the future “ 5/5

    By USA Traveling Machine!!
    Listen, my wife got me the Rocketbook Everlast for Christmas, I’m telling you now best gift ever. Once I looked into how Rocketbook worked along with the app. It was a mind blown experience. The app is flawless, it works perfect. The Notepad & pens are absolutely amazing. I never would have imagined paper and pen could jump to the highest level it will ever be. I now own every size Rocketbook and all the pens and highlighters. It truly will be the last notepad you will ever need. You could pass this notepad to your grandchildren one day. If you don’t believe me just try it for yourself!
  • Great for Business Needs 5/5

    By IowaDan4
    I am a business professional with a heavy travel schedule. My previous approach to organizing the outputs from meetings consisted of an elaborate (albeit effective) nest of hotel note pads and PostIt notes. I tried several paper notebooks with mixed results. I also found myself questioning what to do with old notebooks. After seeing a colleague with a Rocketbook, I decided to try it. I have been using Rocketbook for several months. It has completely changed how I organize myself. I can track my to do list easily and upload it to my email when needed. Meeting outputs can be immediately forwarded to my team for follow-up. I don’t worry about losing PostIt notes or little notebooks. I have found a self-contained notebook with the feature set I need. Rocketbook has the potential to offer substantial benefits to business users. I recommend it without reservation.
  • Awesome notebook 5/5

    By Erkbae1
    I am someone who makes a ton of lists and just writes down random things that I need to look up later in the day and this notebook is so convenient. Instead of having a lot of scraps of paper just floating around in my purse I can jot everything down in my Rocketbook notebook and scan it to the app for later. The ink does take a few seconds to dry but it’s not a big issue. I currently have the mini but will soon be purchasing the executive. I am currently waiting for the new product for the whiteboards and I’m excited to be able to scan our whiteboard ideas/ drawings to the app as well. The quality of the scans is really good and I have a couple of apps tied into the Rocketbook app where I can send my scans as well.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By codycody255
    This is the most incredible notebook I have ever seen! I like that it comes with a microfiber cloth and pen. It is easy for me to take notes and do assignments. Amazing and efficient way to scan and send your pages. Erases perfectly with water. All in all AMAZING!!!
  • RocketBook is the Future of Writing Things. 5/5

    By Dustinfghtf
    Best invention since the internet.
  • Scan stopped working 1/5

    By MojoThinkTank
    The rocket book was working the first few times I tried to scan pages— and now nothing, it no longer recognizes the pages when I try to scan. Very disappointed.
  • THE BESTT !!! 5/5

    By lilfeet123
    Makes everything nice and organized and all at a convenient space.
  • All Around very cool 4/5

    By alexm2016
    I think it’s a great app, the text reading is useful and the way it sends your notes to different locations is awesome! However I would like for the color recognition to be a bit stronger and for the software to recognize more than one title, between pages, rather than stopping the scan and rescanning for a new, separate file.
  • Work Within the App Constraints And You Will Be Satisfied 5/5

    By User Experience Guy
    One thing to keep in mind is this is a new workflow to adopt and you need to have a little trial and error to use it effectively and efficiently.
  • Best Idea Ever!!! 5/5

    By student reviews
    I just got the notebook today and it is so cool! At my school we use laptops, and we can’t write notes on laptops unless you type them. I just got this notebook and it is awesome! I can save everything to my laptop and be able to write notes without ever running out of room! This is the coolest invention ever and I totally recommend it for everyone. It also saves paper and could definitely be the future way of taking notes all across the world! The app is also so easy to use- all you have to do is scan your notes and send them to your chosen location.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By H3id1:)
    I tell everyone about how much I love my notebook! I use it for my notes, drawings, and my kids sometimes draw me things in it too. I love that it makes converting my stuff to digital so easy and it erases. The app makes saving my stuff, where it is easy to find and use, so easy! Did I say I love it? Well, I do!
  • At work 5/5

    By Norman Finkerbeanclachance
    I use my Rocketbook at work. I was using it in a kickoff meeting and my boss wanted a copy of my notes. I had already setup a group to email, the star as the icon, and was prepared for the project. I scanned and emailed to the group. Everyone was very impressed. The, in front of my boss, I started to wipe the page clean. He barked at me that he wanted copy I told him that I have two more meetings on another project and needed to be ready. Then his phone beeped and saw the email with a four page pdf attachment. He wanted to know how I did that. I just told him, "I don’t mess around, I’m here work". Later I showed him how my Rocketbook works and he bought three. Other employees asked accounts payable to order them. Rocketbook made me look like a hero.
  • Great 5/5

    By Kitty lov'r
    This notebook and app makes my backpack so much lighter and it’s so nice to have so many color options
  • I Love Rocketbook 5/5

    By Jiles Bishop
    I build Horror special effects. I do all my plans and materials list on Rocketbook. I love the squares because I can assign a measurement to the square so I’ve got a scale for the build. But the best thing I’m not carrying a pad shopping. Rocketbook allows me to send it to my phone. “Best app ever” comic book guy on the Simpsons voice. Happy Haunting!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Sexy Rexy13
    I’ve been using Rocketbook for half a semester now as a college student and I would recommend it to all! It’s simple and easy to use and correlates well with google drive so you can have a virtual notebook and find your notes on a specific lecture a lot quicker. It works just like they advertise, no false advertisement here
  • OneNote Integration Fails 1/5

    By Tom Stubbs
    I have tried to get Rocketbook to work with OneNote for over six months and it has never worked. I have followed every suggestion in online help and they do not fix the problem. Rocketbook just always says that it cannot access my notebooks. It has permission to do so, but it still does not work. The list of notebooks is also bizarre, but there is no way for me to figure out where Rocketbook is looking to identify my OneNote notebook library. Support is very weak, as well. I have seen folks for whom it works, but it has never worked for me.
  • Good notebook, poor scans 1/5

    By cheregamerfemme
    When I got the notebook for Christmas I was overjoyed. The notebook is fine and the pen works well, but my issue is with the Rocketbook app. I turned on a light, I held the notebook up straightly, and scanned it with the app. It sounds simple, but just you try to balance your hand on some hard surface, get the pin points to stay still, and the scanning to be complete. The result is a scan with poor quality. If you are an artist then I suggest looking elsewhere. Using a printer or the default camera app on the iPhone to scan my drawings is much easier and results in a clearer picture.
  • Educator’s dream 5/5

    By Satisfied listener 2012
    I learned about rocketbook from It is an amazing tool. I use it personally, professionally for planning and note taking and in class with students. The OCR ability is the difference maker. It is easy to use. Easy to clean and maintain. I was surprised by the low price point for something that can last years. Pro tip-the best deal on the needed pens is at target.
  • The concept is great, execution/support not so much 3/5

    By Arougthopher
    They state to contact them if you have ideas for more destinations. So I did. I wanted Amazon Drive or AWS WorkDocs. Their response was that they are not adding more destinations, which was just contradictory and not helpful. They also said they would update their documentation, great, but not helpful. They did state you can share to those destinations on the iPhone from scan history. The history remembers the tag placed on the scan, but you can’t filter by it, nor include it in the file name, so that information is lost when sharing, reducing the effectiveness of the app. The app then becomes no more useful than any of the other document scanner apps, like Office Lens by MS. If you don’t have security concerns about sending private information through Rocketbook or any of their current destinations, this might be ok for you, but my company has strict policies to not allow this, and it makes the app useless for me and the 500k+ other employees I work with in its current form. The only benefit I see for me is the pages are reusable.
  • No Paper, no need to recycle 5/5

    By Gemsguy2
    A fantastic way to be able to hand write notes and/or drawings and save them electronically (to wherever you chose) or email them to colleagues.
  • Great start! 4/5

    By Nonya b
    The opportunity to write with a real pen and notebook and then easily transfer to my notes is awesome! Would love to see the transcription do a little better job and handle formatting better.
  • I use this every day for my college courses! 4/5

    By Babablacksheep120573
    Upgrade for using iCloud would be a great improvement. Choose what folder and everything like you can do with google drive.
  • Totally a lifesaver 5/5

    By LucioRenfield
    I love this thing! I’m an aspiring writer and honest truly I spend hours during the week taking notes on paper and then typing them back up in my laptop in the evening. With the text transcriber going to my email and a cloud with just one scan is a lifesaver! I can’t tell you how much work I’ve lost just because I forgot to back things up on a cloud storage right as my computer dies. If you find yourself writing throughout the day like I do I highly recommend this. It’s made my life a lot easier and I don’t have to carry multiple notebooks with me. When I fill up this book I can clean the pages and start over fresh with the previous pages already saved and backed up.
  • Best of both worlds 5/5

    By caiblack
    It’s configurable, reusable, flexible, convenient, lightweight, What a great blend physical and virtual.

    By Maec
    Save The Trees! Rocketbook and the uploading app... rock. Best way to stay organized, save some $€£¥ and not poop more on the planet.
  • Loving it 5/5

    By G-Tex Designs
    Got the rocket-book for Christmas from my wife. Loving it. All my notes are in one location and i can send digit copies when i want to save them. Thank you for an amazing product.
  • Rocket book is GREAT for school 5/5

    By Rocketbook Customer
    I am in the 8th grade and I bought a rocket book thinking that it could save me when I needed to store my notes somewhere. I could save it directly to my google drive and have them saved for later. I recommend this product to anyone who takes a lot of notes!!!!!
  • When the app doesn’t crash 2/5

    By SociologyMajor
    When the app doesn’t crash, this is a great product. However, every time I want to upload my work, I cannot, it crashes or stalls. This is the only app that has this issue on my iPhone X. Please revert back to a version of your app that works, because right now it’s trash and I’m fearful that I’ll lose my unloaded work if I uninstall. Fix this!
  • Life saver 5/5

    By jarana070
    I used to have so many note pads for the different programs that we have in our agency. With the Rocketbook I do not have to keep up with all those different note pads. I sectioned off the notebook and all my notes are in one place! Being able to scan and send the notes to my files in my computer eliminates the step of typing my notes to save them for later and being able to find them easily!!! The only thing that makes this less awesome is that the pens’ ink does not last very long.
  • This is what makes Rocketbook shine! 5/5

    By J3rry367
    Such a great app really cool features and its so clean simple and easy to use.
  • Love Love Love 5/5

    By jssck19
    I love how light the notebook is. How organized it keeps me. How much money it will save me in the long run. And the best part is how many trees it saves on paper notes that usually get tossed in the trash in the end. Now there’s no need to carry around a separate notebook for each class. I’ve already told everyone I know about this product! In this digital age, the rocket notebook is perfection.
  • Won’t scan 1/5

    By chr1shamm0nd
    Won’t even take a picture to upload. Tried for over five minutes
  • Love my notebook! 5/5

    By M-J-S-M
    Use it for quick sketches and notes on the job. Everyone wants one.
  • Great and almost perfect 4/5

    By Pedro.15.0
    It’s super easy to use. It’s more useful than I thought it would be. It was given as a gift. My only request would be to make the gif play faster. They are very slow and not that useful. It would have more use if they ran faster.
  • I don’t get it 1/5

    By Budjim
    I just bought this with some deluded expectation that I would just press a button in the page and the content would be stored in my drop box. Now I realize that need to photograph the page and it’s sent to my drop box. It’s just as easy to use scanner pro, so I don’t get the fuss. Maybe this is all the rage with students who are taking a lot of notes and want to conserve paper. While I applaud that, I find this cumbersome and impractical in the professional world. Maybe I misunderstand or overlooked something. If somebody can show me the cutting edge aspect of this app, I’m all ears. I also have found that it doesn’t always erase. I am dumbfounded why this app has so many positive reviews. Maybe the founders have a big family that are writing them because I don’t see it.
  • Great Concept and Great Customer Service 5/5

    By Mfromhamburg
    I’m someone who has saved all my work notebooks - going back 20 years and through 5 different companies- boxes and boxes full - taking up space in the garage, so it’s not easy to go back and find those notes from years ago. But no more - Rocketbook makes it so easy to keep a digital history if all my notes - and with OCR, it so easy to retrieve what I need. Thanks for such a great, earth-friendly solution! And their Customer Service is fantastic- I reported quality issue with one notebook and they replaced it promptly. Really cool concept and great product!
  • Sync 1/5

    By Acenbee
    such a unreliable app, i haven’t been able to sync my notes to my university onedrive account.
  • Love my Rocketbook! 5/5

    By elizmcp
    I love Rocketbook so much! I use it for all kinds of things. It is easy to use and helps me stay organized. I send my scans to OneNote for the most part, but because the scans are also available on my phone I can also send my scans to other people easily by text or email. The notebook is great and wipes clean. I have used it for about two months and it is still as good as new.
  • Quite nice 5/5

    By W. B. Rogers
    Works well, can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve. Has helped me stay organized at work.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By ScamaMaximus
    I’ve set it up to send to folders in one note and it fails almost every tome. Additionally, the scans cut off some of my writing non the pages and I wish the pages had actual lines or the dots were a tad darker because the spacing between them is supper tiny
  • Love it, but problems with Onedrive 5/5

    By BittiestRei
    I really love this app, but unfortunately it has problems with onedrive. Now, I tried fixing this but there aren’t even any help forums in their help section for this issue, making it very frustrating. The only reason this is such a big issue is that OneDrive is the main thing I use. If I get it working however, this rating will be five stars because this app is otherwise amazing.
  • Truly Life Changing! 5/5

    By Psychomom3168
    I’m a math teacher, and these notebooks are wonderful for classes where working a problem uses an entire sheet of paper. I write out my notes and example problems, scan them, then pull them up to show in class. My students can do their work, then scan it and email it to me for grading. They also use their notebooks for taking notes on the current chapter, which they can scan and keep for reference. They get the writing exercise to help them learn to do the problems (instead of just punching buttons on a calculator), they can find their notes, and they don’t lose their homework before turning it in!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Piesle
    I can’t change to bundle unless it is to be sent. Lots of trouble making it work.
  • The greatest invention since college ruled paper! 5/5

    By Nikotabman
    I have been using Rocketbook since the start of the year and it is simply amazing. Rocketbook is helping to keep me organized and I’m assured everything I write is easily backed up. There is no way I will ever go back to using a paper notebook!
  • Used for document development - professional 5/5

    By Dkm09
    This is been an amazing product. I am a technical consultant with multiple customers at a time. In my work, I was taking extensive notes on legal pads. I used to need a pad for each document I worked on. Even with that method, it was hard to find the information I needed and keeping track of all those notebooks was very hard. Now I can take notes, snap the picture, the document is automatically named and sent to the right folder on Google docs. I can search the document for the information I need because of the ocr functionality they use. Really great product. BTW, I have tried using an iPad for my notes a couple of years ago and went back to the old fashioned way. Rocket book works much better.

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