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  • Current Version: 3.1.1
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The Rocketbook app instantly sends your Rocketbook pages and whiteboards enhanced with Beacons to your favorite cloud services. Access and share them anytime, anywhere! The app has a unique seven-symbol shortcut system that gets your auto-cropped and high quality scans into the cloud faster than any other scanning app. Using our Handwriting Recognition (OCR) features, you can search your handwriting inside the app, use your handwritten text as the filename, and get a full-page transcription via email. The Rocketbook app is designed to work with Rocketbook products including the: - Everlast (endlessly reusable notebook) - Everlast Mini (pocket sized version of the Everlast) - Wave (microwave-to-erase notebook) - Color (reusable kid's coloring book) - Whiteboards enhanced with Rocketbook Beacons (adjustable whiteboard attachments) - One (single use notebook) Enjoy the pleasure of writing and the efficiency, organization, and shareability of digitization. Write freely and use our shortcut system to send your scans as PDFs or JPEGs to specific locations in Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, iMessage, iCloud, and Email. For more information about our reusable notebooks, please visit Free Rocketbook PDFs and customizable pages can be found at

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  • Overall amazing! 5/5

    By JohnWill52
    I’m late on my review, but here’s my experience with Rocketbook: it’s amazing! I’ve had it for about 5-ish (maybe a little less) years. That was when I was a college student. I majored in communication, so it wasn’t the most useful thing for school (I finished all my gen. ed. classes.) Since then, however, I have been a high school biology teacher, and it was GREAT to upload transparencies, and draw and breakdown concepts and upload them into my PowerPoints. Now, I have left that field, and am becoming a software developer, and I’ve been using this thing like crazy! To sum it up, I’ve been using this thing (the Everlast) throughout each phase of my professional life, and I don’t see an end in sight. Spoiler alert: The board markers are my next acquisition.
  • An Innovative Way to Store Notes 5/5

    By Dr Critic
    Rocketbook has all of the features that you need to store notes online. The format is easy to use, the notes are clear when they are taken properly, and the notebook that the app is associated with looks sleek and professional. I can’t say enough about how helpful Rocketbook is for anything from sketching a design, to taking notes at a seminar. I strongly recommend Rocketbook.
  • Works as advertised 4/5

    By 110788??!&,!/hga
    This notebook is amazing. If you are a note taker who needs to share your notes or drawing late with others or just like having electronic copies then it’s absolutely for you. The ONLY issue so far is the transcription function when dealing will bullet points and the inability to identify indents in paragraphs and lists.
  • All is fixed 5/5

    By BTarno
    Rocketbook was very quick to solve the crash problem. I'm back to using the app.
  • App crashes when I try to send scans 1/5

    By Jayfi12
    I’ve had my Rocketbook for about six months and have loved it until recently. For the past month or so, I haven’t been able to send scans. The app photographs the page, and when I tell it to send to the specified destination, the app crashes. I thought it was just my issue (tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail), but some online sleuthing tells me that others are having the same issue. I could not find any support or recommendations from Rocketbook to fix the issue. Without the ability to send scans, the notebook is completely useless. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!
  • Perfect for note taking 5/5

    By Drinkie
    This is a perfect way to take notes, especially at conferences and meetings
  • Nice Product and App but crashing 2/5

    By TX-Tate
    I’ve loved using Rocketbook and the convenience of the App but recently it is crashing when I try to send a batch of scans to their destinations in the cloud. Even tried resetting everything to default to see if its due to destination file issues and it just keeps crashing. Disappointing because that kinda shuts down my ability to use this system.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By The Only Skyrim App I Use
    The app seems to have difficulty scanning pages outside of an extremely controlled setting. For example, I was trying to scan my notes from a conference, and it took 10 minutes and multiple scans of the same page.
  • Great idea, horrible execution 1/5

    By Guy 198
    When I went to scan and ocr my page, I was left with an illegible final product. The app was not able to read most of the words and transcribed a bunch of gibberish. From a pure notebook perspective, I guess I can simply use it for the recyclable feature but transcribing is out of the question.
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By TimRightHere
  • Love! 4/5

    By orchidgurl
    I love this notebook, I have several. They all work great! I wish I could find a frixon pen that wasn’t fine point. Sometimes the pens that come with the notebooks barely write, so make sure to get a pack of the frixon gel pens with your order. I prefer the 05 to the 07 fine point.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Imnone
    I love the rocket book, I just wish there could be ways to send to more different locations by different QR codes on the book. Like I’d buy another one so that all of that notes can go to different destination of where mine are set at currently
  • Well implemented but not feature-rich 3/5

    By Math teacher in WA
    The basic functionality of Rocketbook is excellent. I’m still practicing at it but there aren’t many features to master. I wish there was a better feature to store the output on the iPad itself. Rocketbook doesn’t seem to have its own folders or let me store in Photos. The organization features are really deficient. The review process groups things from entirely different days with different titles as though they are a single document. The icons at the bottom of the page to auto send to selected locations don’t seem to do anything - though that is unclear. I wish there was a cleanup feature to let me remove stray marks. I wish there was a way to group several items I scan on different days (perhaps there is). I lowered my rating after using Rocketbook awhile.
  • So so helpful 5/5

    By i8lutfisk
    I love being able to capture meeting notes or brainstorming sessions from my whiteboard. This is an incredible time saver.
  • Everlast a Blast! 5/5

    By Dkunard
    I’ve been using the Rocketbook for half a year now and I love journaling with it and using it for work notes and everything in between. It makes transitioning everything to digital format fun, quick and easy! Thanks to the team who worked on this and created a cool product
  • Great for students, adults, ecofriendly folks 5/5

    By julia-pruch
    I love my rocketbook! Received it as a gift and started using it to keep my notes for studying for the MCAT. It’s easy to use, reduces the amount of paper I use drastically, and allows me to access my notes online anywhere without a large notebook. My mom saw me using it and asked me to order one, she loves it now too! I recommend buying an extra pack of frixion pens, the color pack if you like colors, as the one pen that comes with it, runs out quickly. Great way to stay organized and not have a bunch of papers floating around. The app is great to upload notes directly to google drive in different folders.
  • Highly satisfied 5/5

    By master_jedi_james
    Found a Rocketbook at a local superstore, and took a risk on it. Very glad I did. The app itself is simple to use and virtually glitch-free. The handwriting recognition works well, if not perfect, and the versatility of the destination folders makes this a great app for anyone working on more than one project at a time.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By AlisonTM
    App and notebook are both very easy to use. I no longer need to carry heavy notebook or worry about where to retrieve written notes when I’m on the road.
  • Great organizational tool 5/5

    By Another_EdgeGuy
    This app and related product have helped keep all of my business notes organized - thanks Rocketbook!
  • Incredible app & notebook 5/5

    By Turtl3skulll
    Greatest notebook purchase I’ve made & the app makes it so easy to to send all my files to where I need them to go. Best app experience & incredible tools! If you haven’t gotten a Rocketbook get one and get the app. No other experience like it!
  • App overcomplicated 2/5

    By juwanhoward
    All I want to do is scan my entire notebook into a single PDF -- no OCR, no multiple destinations -- but it can't seem to succeed at that. The app mistakes my writing at the bottom of a page for marked symbols.
  • Great app and notebook! 5/5

    By Keep politics out of it
    I’m a teacher and attend lots of meetings! This is a great way to keep all my notes organized and have a digital copy of them! Love it!
  • Please add more functionality 4/5

    By mcirigna
    I love the app, but I have a recommendation to make it more useful. Problem: The issue I have is that the pen ink takes a few minutes to dry. When I move on to the next page I often rest my left arm on the previous page which smudges it. When I go back and scan my pages to combine them as one pdf, some of the pages are smudged. To avoid this I have been scanning each page after I’m done, but then I can’t combine the pages as one scan. Recommendation: I would like to scan pages and store them in the app without having to upload them to iCloud right away. Then I would like to be able to access my stored scans and combine the related scans into one and upload them to iCloud. As a college student, this would save me a lot of time and frustration. I hope you consider this recommendation, it would incentivize me to continue using this great app!
  • No paper? No problem! 5/5

    By adamfell12
    I have, or had, a yellow legal pad I used at work for notes on my sales calls that day, voice mail messages for call backs, research i had done, etc. I would always have to go back to those notes later that day or even days later to recall a detail or call a customer back. This forced me to keep these sheets for days, whether loose on my desk or still attached to the same pad. With Rocketbook, no more papers and that pad is gone. Plus, with the tricks for naming files and title codes, i I can find those details, weeks later, within minutes. It took a week or two for RB it to learn my chicken scratch and decipher in into English for the “transcribe” feature. I bought 4 as gifts already. -Adam F.
  • Lefties 2/5

    By gradyswim
    Love the concept, but anything I write smears because of the pages and because I am left handed.
  • Simply.. Amazing 5/5

    By Mike Danes
    I do design for a living, and I’m constantly meeting new clients and taking notes and doing plan drawings of rooms. In the past by the end of each week I have piles of paper to go through, take photos of and upload to the cloud. Now, I scan first thing as I leave an appointment, and move on to the next, and no longer have to carry paper around. This product is amazing.
  • Loved it at first, but needs a few tweaks to keep it useful 3/5

    By AnotherNicknametoo
    I was initially very excited about the Rocketbook. I prefer to hand write my notes, but want to have them with me on my devices. I like the reusability of the Everlast pages. I would like it if you made these pages with 3 holes punched in them for use in a 3-ring binder. I have used an Everlast page for my To Do list at work. I cut the rough spiral edge off and glued a page to part of a sheet protector to make my own. Unfortunately, I have to glue it again every few weeks. I also would like to be able to scan directly to my Files on iCloud. I don’t want to have to download/move files from email or the Rocketbook folder on iCloud. There is a different scanning app that allows me to save PDFs directly to my Files. Then I can have them in the folder I want on my Mac and on my phone.
  • Rocketbook is Great for the Tiny Living 5/5

    By littlerivertami
    I have lived in a tiny space for the last three years. I aim to have more experiences than things. My Rocketbook has replaced almost all my paper notebooks. So much easier to store and search my past notes. - Nick Kaufer
  • Cheap Notebook. App is fine 1/5

    By Aynomanous
    The notebook broke after 2 weeks of use.
  • College Student 5/5

    By rednight73
    Love it
  • More features desired 4/5

    By ByteMei
    I’ve only been using the book for a few weeks and it’s really nice, I wish the app gave you a little more to work with like changing saturation or maybe color coding things. Also some different styles of paper like graphing paper would be nice.
  • Great Product! 5/5

    By mrehmbo
    Other than the limiting factor of pens you can use on the RocketBook, this product is excellent. I use it every day. I never run out of pages and it is extremely easy to clean. I just wish I could use highlighters and markers on them freely. The app makes it very easy to organize everything.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Wooster9
    Used it for two years without a single problem
  • Was great for a long time then all of a sudden became terrible 1/5

    By Blackwing380
    Look I’ve been a fan of Rocketbook for a long time and have been using my Rocketbook Everlast since I started college but now almost three years later the app is useless now. While it still scans and stores the scans on the app I’m unable to send scans to my OneDrive or any destination I set!! And I’ve logged out, deleted the app, reinstalled it again and still nothing. This problem has persisted for several weeks now and has caused me major problems in organizing my notes. And I can’t seem to find any post on your website offering any type of solution to this problem. Please fix this as soon as possible!!
  • Awesome concept turned reality 5/5

    By 7Tango
    Rocket book has tremendously enhanced my note taking ability by capturing an electronic version of my notes & the beta transcription is reducing the time I spend typing them up! I look forward to them improving this functionality & I look forward to buying another Rocketbook to use in another functional area. Thanks for a great product!!!!
  • Good way to save trees 4/5

    By BigTex007
    Eliminates need for paper for note taking while still providing a “pen and paper experience”. Neat concept to automate file transfers. Hand writing recognition is not great but then my hand writing is not great either.. :-)
  • Crash 1/5

    By -concerned customer
    The app is crashing after time I try to send scan
  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By AnnBest
    My daughter introduced me to Rocketbook via a friend. I was trying to type notes in my phone during my husband’s stroke diagnosis and recovery. What a nightmare! Rocketbook was the answer to my prayers. I’m now keeping detailed notes concerning medications, insurance info, etc. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Nateoo
    This is app is great! It’s a fantastic way of quickly quickly saving hand written notes to iCloud.
  • Impressive 5/5

    By RMaidla
    Fantastic image capture and optical character recognition. Very easy to use and works great with the companion notebook. Would highly recommend to anyone - especially those looking to transcribe hand written notes
  • Great meeting tool. 5/5

    By Winston Will
    Great way to make your notes electronically searchable while still being visibly present in meetings.
  • Look no further! Rocketbook is the digital notebook you need! 5/5

    By Cabu2
    I love my Rocketbook Everlast. I took much time trying decide on a digital notebook product. I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made! Don’t let the price fool you, thinking more expensive products like Bamboo are superior. Easy set up, great app, and reusable; all at a bargain price. Great for school, work, or personal transcription. Even my 6 year old loves using it!
  • Love this app and the notebooks 5/5

    By JBHKY
    Has totally changed and improved my workflow.
  • Help 4/5

    By Moni_6273
    It’s a little confusing for me to use, not sure if it’s just me
  • Useful! 5/5

    By SwordInTheLight
    I usually don’t write reviews unless I’m upset with something, but this app is an exception! I bought a Rocketbook recently to help me take notes for books I’m writing (I’m an aspiring author) and it’s really useful how everything is saved in the cloud. Since I pay for iCloud storage, I naturally would like to have things saved there, but I can’t choose the folder it saves to. Of course, I would like this feature, but I know it’s an apple-related security issue and the problem isn’t with the app itself. I completely recommend if you find yourself wanting to take paper notes but still have the advantage of having it saved In the cloud. Thanks for reading!!
  • Handy Tool- looking forward to future upgrades 4/5

    By Phee-Boto
    The notebook and app have been great for big projects at work. I can take notes and send them to myself and team in minutes. One thing that would be great to have added is the ability to add new scans to bundled pages in the history. I frequently work on longer term projects and like to clean up the physical notebook after a couple weeks. I don’t have an easy way to add later notes in to the existing scans except to send them to myself and use a pdf tool to merge. Less efficient that way.
  • Good, but missing features 4/5

    By aciaroch
    This is a very useful app, with a few additional features it would be awesome! - The OCR is horrible (could be my penmanship :-) ) - it would be really helpful to be able to crop the scanned images, since I’m using the 8.5 x 11 format, and don’t always need to upload the full sheet. - More mark-up capabilities would be great. Right now the only one seems to be the title of the scam.
  • Fascinating Concept and Great Integration 5/5

    By prchr2000
    Rocketbook is my go-to notebook because the app works so well! Feature rich and intuitive to use with my physical notebooks. I have tried plenty of paper-conscious approaches to notes and this is the best!
  • Easy to set up, easy to use! 5/5

    By Hboo36
    Love the app! Been using the Rocketbook for a few weeks now. It's easy to set up or change the destinations. Pretty easy to scan as well. Already have this on my kids' Ipads as they await their own Rocketbook to use for homeschool or recreation.

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