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Rocketbook App App

The Rocketbook app is designed to work with Rocketbook notebooks including the Amazon best selling Everlast, Everlast Mini, Wave, Color, One, and Rocketpad. Rocketbook allows you to enjoy the pleasure of writing in a traditional paper and pen notebook, while quickly digitizing all notes and sending them to the cloud with your smartphone. The latest Rocketbook feature, Handwriting Recognition (OCR), turns your handwritten notes into digital text and allows you to search them inside the app! Capture your thoughts naturally using pen and paper in your Rocketbook notebook. Then, use the app to digitize your notes and instantly organize them inside the services you use. Simply mark special icons on each notebook page to send your notes to your email inbox or specific locations inside Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, iMessage, and iCloud. The Rocketbook app uses your smartphone camera to “see” your notebook pages and instantly blasts them into the cloud. For more information about our reusable notebooks, please visit Free Rocketbook PDFs and customizable pages can be found at

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  • Great alternative for techy people who prefer to write 5/5

    By JustFoxxy
    I honestly don’t know how I came across this product. It may have been featured on amazon and after reading the description I wanted to give it a try. I love that I can quickly export my written notes to the email address or cloud format of my choice. The primary reason I like it is that I don’t have to charge another device. It’s lightweight and portable. A keeper so far. P.s there was an issue with the auto-send function. Last week I reached out to support. Not only did they respond but the bug was addressed in their next update. This is a mark of a company that cares about the functionality of their product.
  • Great concept 5/5

    By Ian Warner
    I love the app and it works as promised. If you write a lot in notebooks you can’t go wrong with Rocketbook
  • Rocketbook 5/5

    By steven hunsucker
    This book makes it very easy to study anywhere I go. On my lunch breaks at work all I have to do is pull out my phone or laptop and I have access to all my notes!
  • I love this despite the bugs 4/5

    By Greg Nashty
    I’m a college student and take many notes so this was a wonderful thing. However the app is buggy and won’t let me send bundle scans of 8+ pages.
  • Great Product 5/5

    By tech user VA
    Easy to use!
  • Great to go digital 4/5

    By Rubber Doodle
    For years I took notes on steno pads and then attempted to save important notes in a files. Not a very good system, which made searching for the notes (if ever needed tedious). Using the Rocketbook to get rid of all of that paper feels great. The ability to transfer my notes electronically to related files on the cloud makes for a far superior filing system too! I’m also a big fan of to do lists. Using a page at the front of my Rocketbook as an ongoing to do list is also far superior to the paper to do list that I keep and continuously re-write. Would like to see the scanner in the app add functionality to allow easy filing of hard copies of documents and articles. Loving this product. Thanks, Rocketbook!
  • Crashing 2/5

    By hjr6039988
    I try to open the app but it just crashes after like 2 seconds.
  • Needs help on security 1/5

    By JW_007
    Overall I really like the notebook and the application. I think it’s a great idea... I really enjoy the thought of starting each day with a fresh notebook. Unfortunately as an Engineer who is responsible for proprietary information it needs some focus on digital security before I can take full advantage of it. For example: As an end user who is concerned about the security of my notes, I would like the ability to store scans as PDFs either locally on phone or attach directly to mail service of the scanning device enabling the use of my companies mail servers instead of the rocketbook servers. Also: As an end who is concerned about security user I would like to perform OCR without having to redirect scans through application mail service. Users need to know that their proprietary or sensitive information will not be compromised by application or it’s transfer/OCR mechanisms. Thanks John
  • Best tool I use! 5/5

    By Moseylissa
    Using Rocketbooks has changed the way I work. Every day. It melds the best of digital (storage and search) with the best of analog (drawing notes) for outstanding results! I use mine every day and have all the colored markers and pens. Don’t ever want to live without it!!
  • great notebook and app 4/5

    By kikamela
    I really like using the rocketbook notebook and app. we are trying to go digital at work, but somehow i still prefer to write with pen and paper - and this makes it easy to do that and still have all notes digital app UI is easy to use, clear. I like all the options for upload. what would be cool to also have is the ability to upload directly to shared notebooks. We use O365 and have Teams notebooks, and the ability to choose one of those in the settings would be great. At the moment i can also choose the notebook linked to my office account, but not any notebooks someone shared with me.
  • Awesome product! 5/5

    By snowycow
    I have been using my Rocketbook for about 3 weeks now. I will advise not to use the eraser on the Frixion pens on the Rocketbook, as subsequent uses of that section of the page seem not to take the ink as they should. Otherwise I have had no issues whatsoever and am so delighted to have an eco-friendly way of keeping notes. Also, the tips shared by the developers via frequent emails are super helpful for finding new ways to use the product. Two thumbs way up!
  • Game Changer 5/5

    By Xphys
    This is a game changer for people like me who like both old school notebooks and new tech.
  • Teacher here 5/5

    By Tina s7979
    I love this product! All the trainings and meetings I have to attend make for lots of notes. I used to shove them all in “files” which get lost. Now, I create folders in my cloud accounts and easily store my notes from my Rocketbook!
  • So useful 5/5

    By Hpmoon
    I’m outrageously controlling over what content goes into what book. At first this made me feel uneasy, as everything can go into one book, but after my first delegated scan I felt so relieved that everything went to the proper internet resource. So so so so satisfying. And then I had to erase the pages, which almost broke my heart until I looked at my previously scanned pages on my google drive and felt so much better knowing everything was perfectly organized. Such. A. Great. Buy. I’ve bought colored Frixion pens and highlighters to further satisfy my organizational needs, and it scans just as well. (Purple is a little dark, but still good)
  • not a gimmick 5/5

    By hoover2199
    this notebook and app are actually pretty useful. the automatic sending to a cloud service, searchable pdfs, renaming the file when you save it, all really cool. i just started a job as a software tester and i take a lot of notes, draw diagrams, etc. using desktop apps like onenote are only useful so far, half the time being able to jot stuff down is more useful, but you lose the convenience of automatic filing in a cloud folder. this notebook does both, and pretty well
  • Great App 5/5

    By Asielias2912
    Just a genius idea, I’m a landscaper and I used to use a lot of paper notebooks wasting a lot of money on it and paper folder as well to file my notes after every meeting I had, With Rocketbook I save money, time and everything is organized in the app - I LOVE IT!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By therealrocketmaniac
    This is so good fro takin notes. It’s so convenient to have them all on my phone where I can access them all. And it’s sooooo satisfying to erase the entire page when I’m done
  • Great product 5/5

    By 24 PD Vet
    I’m a police officer. I use the smaller Rocketbook everyday for notes, and when scanned I can attach them to reports if needed. I also use the larger Rocketbook for more in-depth investigations and note taking. Great products
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Oracle7
    I really like the App and my Rocketbook. Like being able to write and scan my notes then send them to any platform I like all built into one App.
  • logins 5/5

    By Blood, Sweat, and Sears
    i’ve logged in on one account in three devices, and my folders are only saved onto the one that i set them up on. i can redo it all by myself, but it should be able to remember which folders i’ve set up for my notebook. otherwise, everything else is great!
  • Convenient versatile 5/5

    By lyonzhrt
    I love my new rocketbook everlast! I can take notes for class and upload them to my class folder. I can erase them and reuse my pages to jot a recipe to upload to my email. When my class is over, I can rerout my icon to a different folder for my new class. Easy to erase. Once dry does not rub off. Frixion pens smear a little for me as a left-hander, but they also erase very well once dry, at least on the rocketbook pages. Highlighters don’t work as well on the page or on the uploaded images, but the colored pens are crisp and clear. Great Idea!
  • Great for productivity, Awesome App! 5/5

    By QuaidMWA
    I can upload handwritten notes right to CRM, this is really useful.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Brandonmarkb
    Received an Everlast for Christmas. I really like it. I personally like a thicker line so bought some .5mm FriXion pens and it’s been amazing. The app works well, is fast, and my scans come out very clear. Integration with services is great.
  • Fantastic for Work 5/5

    By Tcbisthewaytobe
    I use these notebooks constantly for work. So simple to use and keeps me very organized. It also saves my butt as I can find notes quickly and easily should I need to prove anything to anybody regarding what I have done, what I was told to do, or just simple referencing. App is simple and easy to use. I use it at home even because there are so many available places for upload. I’m buying more ASAP.
  • I Love Rocketbook 5/5

    By bees favoite service
    Wow amazing!!! I really love being able to organize my work, building onto a platform that allows additional info and deletions without complications. Thanks Rocketbook people!!!!🙏
  • Excellent writing experience 5/5

    By Ctritabaugh
    I’m really enjoying the Rocketbook notebooks and app. I’m a lefty, so if I have a complaint, it’s in having to be careful not to smear the ink. This is the only reason for a four star rating. The features are five stars. I enjoying writing by hand, but was often left wondering how to save the things I’d write. Rocketbook has been the perfect solution. I’ve enjoyed it so much that after just a couple weeks I purchased a second exec notebook and notepad in order to have one at home and work.
  • Love It 5/5

    By Slackhalyard
    I love rocketbooks and the app. I use both everyday. Whether you just want to save paper or want to capture your writing in your notebook of choice (I use Evernote) this is the best system out there.
  • really helpful! 5/5

    By independent clause
    i got this from a friend for christmas because we’re both rly into finding cool sustainable stuff :)) its been really helpful and easy to use and the design is so nice!!! definitely would recommend :) it’s a little difficult if i have several classes in a day with long lectures to find time to scan and erase the book since our passing periods are only 10 minutes, but it’s worth it to save the planet :D it also means i don’t have to have a bunch of notebooks and note paper in my bag which is very nice! i just wish it was more widespread so more assignments could be digitized
  • A streamlined way to send and capture handwritten notes 5/5

    By 4shores
    It works great. On carry a small booklet, use gel pens then either text/email someone and save them to cloud storage.
  • OCR issues 4/5

    By CeceR1
    I love the app and my Everlast notebook and was thrilled to see the OCR addition. However, every time it tries to transcribe something it fails, saying I don’t have an internet connection. On the next step, however, it sends the document to my chosen location without issue, so my internet connection is fine. Please help!
  • Stellar Product 5/5

    By stella school
    Using it for school and I love it. I have wowed all my peers with my tech prowess (as well as with a notebook that erases with water and doesn’t soak the page 😂). I have noticed that some people lower the rating by saying that they can’t put all of their scans into ONE pdf file but in reality they CAN. Go to any of your destinations and when it says “Bundle Scans” turn it on. Now, you can scan multiple pages and it will be in one pdf file. In love with this product I always joke with my friends about how this is my new love life because of how often I use this and rant about this! The new OCR feature is super helpful and amazing. I’ve also used a sharpie to permanently etch a monthly, weekly, and daily planner into my rocketbook and now I’m so much more productive than I normally am!!!!!!! This tool is absolutely ingenious and I will continue to use this product. Definitely purchase!!!!! My one complaint: I am a teenager and with the vast amount of writing I do I believe that the frixion pens are a little too expensive. But really that’s a complaint to Pilot and not a complaint to rocketbook. I end up going to amazon and buying the pens in bulk via refills and just reusing the barrels because buying 20 refills is around $20 on Amazon which makes them roughly $1 per pen and totally worth it. But there are other options that are still cheaper in the long run.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Alisonb73
    The app does not reliably upload to destinations.
  • My penmanship is improving 5/5

    By CandaceSoVan
    Digital living had ruined my handwriting. I comforted myself that I wasn't wasting trees or paper, but I missed being able to jot things down -- or doodle! Now, I hand-write two to-do lists each day (one personal & one for home & family). I scan and preserve each both in the morning and at the end of my day (with check-offs, additions, etc.) It gives me a daily journal of both my accomplishments and my aspirations. And those unexpected things that come up. Why does this work better for me than all the lovely to-do apps I've tried? Dunno, but my handwriting is getting better. So I use my wee, pocket-sized Rocket Book every day. I haven't done much much with the larger one yet, but I'm sure I will. The app makes it very easy to send notes to different places or people. It's very cool and I've become a big ol' Rocket Book fan.
  • Wave 5/5

    By kylorentintin
    Really great for studying. I used it to study for several series tests. Great paper, pen flows nicely and best part is it’s reusable so we saved some trees.
  • So far so cool!! 5/5

    By Juliafromscratch
    Just got the smaller notebook to keep with me at all times & it’s fantastic! Have y’all thought about integrating with GoodNotes??
  • Rocketbook 5 stars, app 3 stars 3/5

    By Nate
    The Rocketbook itself is amazing (5 ⭐️s), but the app isn’t very good, though it gets the job done. It feels like it’s made to work on both Android and iOS, and it lacks polish. Standard iOS features are missing. There’s no Touch ID or Face ID (and no other password-protection). The “Back” gesture isn’t supported; you have to stretch to tap the back button. The app also doesn’t work in landscape, which would be natural for “sideways” notes (although you can manually rotate pages). The History view can only be used in large thumbnail mode, and it doesn’t have a list view that you’d see in Files and similar apps. I couldn’t find a way to rename files after saving them. Action buttons are poorly designed. A “feedback” button when viewing a scan is far too prominent — it’s one of only four buttons at the bottom of the screen, and it’s closest to your fingertip. It sends a copy of your scan to the app’s developers. The tiny symbols for selecting destinations don’t look tappable. Buttons elsewhere, like the “Free Rocketbook Pages” screen, are hard to read and do not appear tappable. At other points, the app uses developer jargon like “app onboarding”. In “What is Rocketbook & How It Works” -- the topmost item in the Help Center -- we learn how much money the app raised on Kickstarter, but not how it works. A video, which initially is wider than the page, plays an ad for the product. I expected to see basic instructions like where to write on the page, how to mark your destination, how to scan, and how to wipe the page clean. As a Kickstarter project, the product and even the app are very impressive. But to take it to the next level, it needs a native and polished iOS experience.
  • Great App for college students! 4/5

    By Thatswhatsup19999
    I love this app as well as the notebook! However, I do wish there was better ways of organizing the information. The new update is supposed to aid in the problem, so I’m interested to see how it is!
  • Fast and simple 5/5

    By vladislavkorobov
    Awesome notebook and the app. Very simple, reliable and fast. Love it.
  • Needs improvement for iCloud 4/5

    By Dlicea2512
    It would be helpful if they integrated a feature to create iCloud folders within the app for Apple users
  • Everyone is getting one for Christmas next year 5/5

    By jenken2015
    As a college student I love it! It makes it super easy to send notes to each other over email and save it to my own folder! It’s great for people who want to save paper. My mom does a ton of charting and she’s a paper and pen girl so this is also amazing for her! My dad wants one for at home projects and I have to say I think I’m getting my siblings then next year for Christmas for school. I will be buying more of these in the future for myself and for family!
  • Awesome. Need Separation of Lines! 4/5

    By TheManS
    This is an amazing product. If the handwriting to text transcription feature can recognize separate lines then this would be something the company I work for could have invest in.
  • Great but File names? 4/5

    By Climber87
    This is an amazing product, but i would prefer the option to choose the file names based off the destination selected.
  • Perfect for bullet journaling 5/5

    By 5280Rates
    Keeps pages together like todo page, months, daily logs, etc. I use it for work, school meetings, and home life. Like others have said, “it just works.” I’ve had a Rocketbook and currently using an everlast book. I’m an Evernote user and it works seamlessly with the app to save and make my notes searchable.
  • Life changer 5/5

    By prophetkristy
    Saves me time and paper! The OCR isn’t perfect, but it is still pretty amazing and definitely saves a lot of time!
  • Rocketbook App 5/5

    By iron_richard
    This app has made it so easy for me to keep and organize electronic copies of my written notes. The OCR feature is awesome, even with my only halfway decent handwriting. I have quickly come to love this product and app!
  • It just works 5/5

    By Dan Amos
    Set up your apps for connectivity, scribble some notes down then use the app to send the notes to a single place or everywhere. It’s worked well for me every time with speed.
  • Making My Job Easier 5/5

    By KYSeattleLex
    I’ve always taken notes in staff and project meetings by hand. Before Rocketbook, I’d have to spend forever going back looking for something. Now with the OCR scanning and uploading to Google Drive I can easily find what I’m looking for. Only downside for me, I wish it would work with OwnCloud.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By smalltowngirlpcl
    I love this product and app! I’m a social worker and take MANY notes so I’ve always used a lot of notebooks. It’s hard to keep up with so much paper! This lets me send notes to a persons file and stay much more organized!
  • Very Useful - Notebook Rings Break Easily 4/5

    By SirNick80
    I love the concept of this app and has been working well for me so far. It imports my notes and keep my My only gripe is that the notebook rings are very cheaply made and break quite easily - after putting the enclosed pen in the rings. This breaks several of the rings and unfortunately has caused the notebook to fall apart. So I’ll know this for the future - but just if you purchase a notebook be mindful not to disrupt or put anything in the rings.

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