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  • Current Version: 23.0.10
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ promotes agriculture by hosting an annual, family-friendly experience that educates and entertains the public, supports Texas youth, showcases Western heritage and provides year-round educational support within the community. Since its beginning in 1932, the Rodeo has committed more than $550 million to Texas youth and education.

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RODEOHOUSTON app reviews

  • Worst app it’s a disservice to the customer 1/5

    By No ñame given
    This app is the worst designed app I have seen yet. All the app is good for is for tickets, half of the functions and buttons do not work. The information is not complete. Important information such as parking entrances, parking fees and what is required is missing, one would think that if I click the “how to get here “ tab, that the required directions would be there, not this app. All you get is the status of two or three lots. Makes for a horrible Rodeo Experience!!!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Jyreka
    Absolute garage. App crashes constantly, have to constantly log out and refresh. 3 different errors popped up, none if which were any fault of mine besides trusting in this pure GARBAGE.
  • Bad service 2/5

    By deadmeatc
    When it got too crowded it wouldn’t loadmy tickets wasting both me and the works time
  • Horrible!!!! 1/5

    By SKFmom
    This app is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!!! Please go back to the coupon books because obviously whoever set up this app for the Rodeo didn’t care to take care of glitches. I can’t log in. My number isn’t recognized. I received a verification code days later and now it’s inactive. This is absolutely ridiculous
  • App does not work properly-need to email them to fix 3/5

    By MC501"
    So if you purchase carnival tickets online you need to download the app and go to carnival and register. The problem is it never sends a confirmation code so you can complete the sign up to officially get your tickets that you already paid for. I sent a few emails and am waiting to hear back. If you only give the option of the app for carnival tickets let’s make sure it works. EDIT- I emailed their info email on the website and they reset it and confirmed everything and I had to redownload the app after they did that and was finally able to get things working. I’m hoping they figure out the problem.
  • Won’t send confirmation text 1/5

    By avallll
    I’ve reinstalled it so many times and have tried on different days and still no confirmation text
  • Not updated 1/5

    By Crusher smith
    Rodeo starts tomorrow and there’s no schedule on the app. Lineup has been out since January but it’s not available on the app. Can’t view or buy tickets. About the only thing that works is the map. Pretty useless right now, which is disappointing because it was handy in previous years.
  • Scam!! 1/5

    By Latte46
    This app will not send the text needed to complete my registration. I purchased carnival packs that I cannot access b/c the app won’t let me complete the registration process. I’ve emailed customer service with no response. Selling tickets that no one can access and having a no refund policy is theft.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By ghjjhffv bbnjj
    It won’t send me my confirmation code and is having me stressed on a Friday night and I just want to go to the rodeo for the first time 😭 Forget y’all bruh
  • Regret 1/5

    By stennfboss
    Doesn’t even send me a code!!! FIX YOUR APP ITS 2023!!! SO UPSET
  • Zero stars!!! 1/5

    By AglicaGiglica
    This app is horrible! I’ve deleted it and downloaded it multiple times. It keeps saying that my number isn’t recognized when I try to load my tickets. There is absolutely no support and no help!
  • I cannot verify half price tickets on app 1/5

    By Kellyc123
    I have tried to verify my purchased half price tickets on the app and I cannot. I tried to verify my tickets but the account I created in the app does not request a phone number. I cannot find account settings in the app that will let me enter phone number details. The email sent to verify tickets requires a phone number. I need this fixed before I can use the tickets I purchased.
  • Can’t access tickets 1/5

    By Byrne it up
    The app immediately crashes when I attempt to open my rodeo tickets. Have restarted my phone, deleted the app and re-downloaded it. Nothing works.
  • Going to be a nightmare 2/5

    By AdeleTx
    App is already running slow on home wifi, what’s going to happen when I get out to NRG! The cell networks out there are usually overwhelmed with the concentration of people & don’t work well, and now carnival tickets are on the app. Ikes!!
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Frustrated Fan 12345
    This app is terrible! I have been trying for a half an hour to find tickets to the rodeo itself, but can only seem to get tickets to the shows. Additionally, it asked for my cookie choice about six times! I don’t allow targeting or advertising cookies, I confirm my choices, and the next thing you know, it askes for my cookie setting again! Get your act together, rodeo Houston! Find someone who knows how to construct a website!!!!!!!
  • Fix update again 1/5

    By Dagamner
    Kick me off after y’all just update the app fix asap!!
  • Absolutely Horrible 1/5

    By Fmlover001
    I would give zero stars if possible. This app is the absolute worse. First off, it’s nearly impossible to access it. Had to exit app several times and retry just to get it to load. Definitely couldn’t access all of the coupons that we have used faithfully in the past. The rodeo carnival needs to do better with network and Wi-Fi signals and educate the people at guest services and the information desks so that they are able to help.
  • Wrong don’t work 4/5

    By jose0980
    I just download this app and try to pay two times for 200 tickets in it doesn’t show my account now I wonder if I’m gonna get my money back or not
  • Can’t plan with this app 1/5

    By jbaaaze
    There isn’t any basic information such as: buy this ticket to see this artist and the gates will open at this time; the rodeo will begin at this time; the concert will begin at this time….
  • Refunds? 2/5

    By MizzABT
    Will tickets transfer over?
  • The rodeo 1/5

    By bhuf u g
    We herd that you are closing
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By nudnick712goat
    I bought 6 half price books so trying to navigate all of those coupons was difficult. Once the coupon was used, it should have disappeared from my screen. Instead I had to guess each time which one to use and it was so time consuming.
  • Keeps shutting down at the rodeo 1/5

    By Agold10
    Making it completely useless.
  • Times are wrong 3/5

    By Nece1117
    The app has the Junior Market Lamb & Goat shows listed at 8pm instead of 8am under the schedule portion of the app. Times are correct under the live stream.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Madmom07
    Go back to regular tickets. Takes forever to download and doesn’t work properly once it finally loads. Now everyone must carry a smart phone to ride or to buy food if they have a carnival pack. Bad idea.
  • half-baked 1/5

    By plchouston
    why don’t the coupons disappear after they’ve been used? why is there no way to organize the coupons?
  • Updates need to be made 1/5

    By thekidwithproblemswithyoapp
    If you buy multiple packs of tickets you should just have it on one scan code not 10 of them it takes a lot of time trying to find tickets. Also you should be able to delete things you don’t even need such as a refill for free exc I don’t use those I just use the tickets or at lest separate them into different categories.
  • Spotify is a problem 3/5

    By Erika24789
    The app works pretty well so far this year, but the Spotify playlist at the bottom of the screen takes up half the screen. So... you can’t see half the screen. Can you please minimize Spotify or just remove it?
  • Update on delete 1/5

    By Jodi_was
    This needs to be updated for 2020
  • The parking app has no parking 2/5

    By Mark of Nar
    Why does the parking menu not have any parking lots listed?
  • Was useful for 2018 2/5

    By dyluck
    I used this app last year to answer everyone’s questions about the rodeo last year. Was very thorough. Especially the foodie searches. But for 2019 it seems they aren’t going to update?
  • Useless 1/5

    By Donniesd
    Why have a parking lot feature if it is never going to be updated?
  • Remove the parking feature 1/5

    By Gruensbdhekd
    If you can’t populate the parking map with availability information, please remove it....of course a better solution would be to fix it so it works!
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Mchmer2
    Static map.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Jdjohnson1913
    This is such a great app to have for the Houston Rodeo! I love how you can set a up a schedule, how you can see all the events, and where to park! This is so useful! If you are going to be at the Houston Rodeo, you MUST download this app!!
  • Parking map unreliable 3/5

    By Dhizz
    I like the idea of this app and all of the schedule information, but the parking lot maps do not accurately reflect how full lots are or if they're even open.
  • Which ones faster, standing inline or this app 2/5

    By strikingloud
    Standing inline!!!!! Ridiculous amount of prompts to go through. Then trying to get tickets to get in takes for ever. And the interface is so huge you think your zoomed in. This is crap.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Tony60Jr
    The new update made this the worst app. No longer are the times and scores posted for each contestant. Plus it is virtually impossible to switch between events. You are stuck with just reviewing tie-down roping. Seriously?
  • Parking lot 2/5

    By HLSR Vol
    Parking lot percentage full is only showing in one and sometimes two or three lots. Does not help for those planning to park in other lots.
  • Super great app. 5/5

    By Enrique MrSold Escobar
    Great application to follow the events and promotions. Yehaaww!!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Shoeba4328646
    Love the app and used it everyday during rodeo.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By ssgtserrano
    Incredibly helpful!
  • Penny S (GNO😃) 5/5

    By Penny76484
    Having a blast with GNO at the rodeo. Waitin for BP.
  • Try it!! 5/5

    By Dgpf
    Wonderful app. Easy to use. Convenient for purchasing tickets. Nice photo frames.
  • Helps a lot 5/5

    By Jctofly
    I'm always wondering stuff about the rodeo and this app actually helps me
  • Very Helpful 4/5

    By KohakuOtaku
    I loved having a representative of the Rodeo Committee right in my pocket or purse with most of the answers to the questions that I had.
  • Great and easy to use! 4/5

    By SxyLatina77
    Love it!!
  • awesome 5/5

    By Bonniemybaby
    very helpful and I can stay up to date on rodeo winners 😊
  • Awesome App!! 5/5

    By Bellaspecas
    So easy and convenient!! Loved it.
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