Roku Channel: Movies & Live TV

Roku Channel: Movies & Live TV

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: ROKU INC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Roku Channel: Movies & Live TV App

Stream hit TV shows, movies, news and more - all for free with The Roku Channel app. Access and enjoy our vast catalog of free, live, premium and exclusive Roku Original content including award-winning original series, reality tv, engaging documentaries, comedy, drama, live news, sports, family TV and more. Movie streaming, video streaming, original series, live TV as well as your favorite TV shows - this is TV on your terms. From thrilling blockbuster films to fresh, groundbreaking original TV series featuring your favorite Hollywood stars on demand, plus 150+ free live channels and premium content, no matter your mood you’re guaranteed to find entertainment you’ll love. Why you’ll love to watch TV on The Roku Channel: • Watch free original series exclusively on The Roku Channel featuring Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Liam Hemsworth, Anna Kendrick, Kevin Hart, Chrissy Teigen, Laurence Fishburne, and more. • Enjoy thousands of free, ad-supported movies and TV episodes (with new episodes added everyday!) including live news, comedy, DIY, reality and sports programming • Exclusive unlocked content just for you - that means season premieres from STARZ, EPIX, SHOWTIME and AMC+ and much more • Watch TV your way - on-demand, live TV and premium content directly in the app • Never miss a minute of your favorite TV - get playback controls so you can relive all of your favorite moments Roku Originals – Watch Original TV Show & Movies for Free on The Roku Channel Roku Originals are fresh, groundbreaking TV series—comedies, dramas and reality TV—featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Premium features Roku users who have a premium subscription from The Roku Channel can access their subscription content anytime, anywhere with the mobile app. Download The Roku Channel mobile app from Roku, America’s #1 TV streaming platform and let the binge watching begin today.

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Roku Channel: Movies & Live TV app reviews

  • Can you help 4/5

    By vice 2
    My app keeps saying that their having problems is their a way you can fix this please
  • Good app 5/5

    By Dalvrin
    A lot of shows I can’t get on other streaming apps. Easy to use and reasonable ads.
  • Love the content but not available @ PR 5/5

    By Yuluar
    Would love this app was available to be used at Puerto Rico.
  • Lack of basic expectations 1/5

    By James Trent K
    I’ve tried to sign in, with the app, multiple times and have failed. The screen in locked in the portrait position. Plus the keyboard blocks the screen as I type. When I tried using the “forgot my password” screen, it locks up and will not let me enter my email address.
  • Not iPad size, bad commercial placement 3/5

    By mbumb
    Disappointed to see it's just the iPhone app on the iPad, and not an iPad specific app that takes up the whole screen. 👎👎 Also, they place ads randomly in shows that HAVE ad breaks built in - it wouldn't take much work to insert them in the correct place.
  • Need some user experience fine tuning 4/5

    By traen1
    I’ve really enjoyed some of the free content on here - in particular Magnum P.I. from the 1980s. The commercials are not bothersome as can be with some free content on other platforms. The one feature that would make this a five star app would be connectivity to the native iOS video integration. 1. Most important for me would be the picture-in-picture (PiP) iOS feature that allows you to watch while still browsing. 2. Ability to cast content from iPhone onto my AirPlay TV feels like either an obvious miss or an intentionally poor decision. It’s possible to do this with airplay mirroring but limits use of the device. I realize Roku devices are being pushed here, but even Apple TV subscription content is available on other competing TV devices. 3. Nice to have: integration with the Apple TV app. Sometimes I forget to watch Roku Channel content as I’m looking for things to watch.
  • No landscape mode. 2/5

    By TBWW
    iPad must be used in vertical orientation. TV screens are landscape. If there’s a way to switch, it’s well hidden.
  • Don’t open in my mini iPad 5th generation 1/5

    By Judge2012
    I don’t understand why is the reason I have a Roku tv and I watch the Roku channel but in my iPad say not available or apply in my region it not make any sense at all. I have my Android phone and I can see it.
  • Resize for iPad 1/5

    By Emerson Atomic
    The app view is sized for a phone not a bigger display like on a iPad. Please resize.
  • Landscape and My Channels 3/5

    By OGrayM
    Would be excellent if for iPad the app had a landscape feature. AND… a really must-have is a way to access the content/subscriptions paid for on my device in the app.
  • Please 3/5

    By bluefaceravenqueen
    Can you guys pls get every anime in the world for free on this app and get more Disney and Cartoon Network and nick and qubo shows on here and also pls put miraculous ladybug on here
  • Don’t get for IPad unless you don’t mind portrait mode 1/5

    By Agitated in Aurora
    I’ve experienced this problem, ie, app only works in portrait mode on my IPad, with a couple of other streaming apps. I complained, they fixed it, and now I can watch them in landscape mode. Please Roku, fix this. It’s stupid.
  • Mobile Only Video? 2/5

    By Kwalshyall
    Look, if you're going to buy up all those Quibi shows that failed because they were on Quibi, maybe don't use the same insane copy protection that stopped people from telling their friends about the shows on Quibi. You seem to be mostly limited to watching on a mobile device, but cannot screenshot, or record clips to share. And the app itself is a buggy mess.
  • Great While It Lasts 1/5

    By jY2Z Reporting
    Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware. Roku is great as long as it works. When something goes wrong, you may as well eat the cost and buy a replacement. Customer service is a nightmare to deal with. Their role, in my case, was to obfuscate and frustrate until it wasn’t worth the cost of a new streaming device to continue to argue for a replacement. The nominal cost of buying a new streaming device isn’t worth the trouble of trying to deal with Roku.
  • No search function or watchlist; annoying black bar 1/5

    By NJacuguy
    Horrible features. Never heard of a streaming app or platform with no search function OR a watchlist. I guess you can search from your stick search function but not only is it a hassle (and time consuming, considering how long it takes to switch between windows) but the results don’t even show apps on thr Roku channel, just the individual apps. Lol Also, EVERYTIME you pause, rew or ff there is this black bar that takes up the bottom 1/3 of the screen. Moreover, it takes 10-15 seconds for it to fade. LOL
  • If it's free and working don't complain 5/5

    By Bkrenfro
    Never understood why people complain about ads when that is what makes it free. If there are tons and tons of intrusive ads then just don't watch and they will eventually get the point that nobody is watching. But to complain about something free and continue to use it is hypocritical. Thanks Roku for putting out something for those who might not have a ton of cabbage to afford/get Netflix and Hulu.
  • I’ve got some issues with this app 3/5

    By Do you really need my name?
    I have a few problems with his app. It works in that you can stream shows and movies. But the interface is terrible. For starters, this is an iPhone only app, so if you load it on your iPad, it won’t show full screen. Come on! For a video streaming app to not have support for screens larger than a phone is ridiculous! And then, you are locked on the orientation. Only in portrait mode to browse. And only turned one way for landscape video streaming. But, what really takes the cake is when you go to watch a tv show. Sure, it displays the shows you’ve recently watched. But when you open the tv show page, you have to hunt for the last episode you watched. It defaults to suggest playing some random episode from season 1. (If you are actually on season one, you *might* be ok) So you have to hunt through the seasons to find which episodes it’s shows you have watched. But the purple progress bar at the bottom of the thumbnail to show you how much of the episode has been watch, it’s either all or nothing. So if you watched part of an episode, it shows all purple, and looks like you finished the episode. And when it’s done with the episode, auto play is hit or miss. It seems to randomly either play the next episode or exit to episode list. Which defaults back on season 1 again. About the only thing that I like about this app, compared to watching on desktop, is that there is a skip forward (15 sec) button here, in addition to the skip back button. Which is super helpful. But I would still much rather watch on my computer. But I am stuck with this while my computer is down. This is not an app I would use if I had another option readily available. But for a temporary way to watch a few shows, I guess it is ok. But I will be deleting it as soon as my computer is fixed.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By babycomeBEK
    Every time I click “See All” to access all my subscriptions the app crashes. Deleted app & redownloaded & it still didn’t work.
  • Needs updating 3/5

    By tao-c35
    The app is content full, but trying to watch a movie or show on an iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard is just not possible. Roku should very easily enable the app to go into landscape mode when the tablet is used on it’s side. This should be at the top of the priority list for a mobile device. Will give 5 stars when this issue is resolved.
  • My phone or Roku 3/5

    By Dissappointed recipient
    In all fairness to Roku, I honestly can’t figure out why that once the commercials start, they just keep coming and coming…one after the other after the other. The only way to stop them from continuing is to literally delete the Roku app and then re-download the app all over again. Very unusual.
  • Chelsea 5/5

    By chelsea doucette
    Can you put. Family ties the tv show thank you
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Ben in San Diego
    I can’t get this to work right. Watching Eureka tv series. Plays fine until it comes to a commercial, then it freezes. Wait but nothing changes. Try hitting back arrow when this happens but it makes things worse. It only allows access to previous episodes. Present and future episodes disappear from scroll so can’t return where I left off. Have to close and restart app. Sometimes it then resumes okay but just as often it returns to the commercial and freezes all over again. It’s too much trouble. The Android app works better. Also, interface for free offerings is utterly opaque. Trying to search or return to what you were watching before is just weird. Why doesn’t it show what you were watching last on the opening screen? Why is everything so much work and hit or miss? I appreciate you letting me view shows that would cost me on Amazon, but if I can’t navigate to them it’s kind of like not offering them at all. You really need to lose this interface and start from scratch.
  • Can’t cast from app 2/5

    By rawknob
    We’re in 2021 now. You’d think that there would be a casting option in just about every streaming app these days, but no, this app is unable to cast content anywhere.
  • It says I cannot watch 2/5

    By Campbellkidz1
    It tells me that I have to disconnect from my VPN to watch and there ain’t NO way in this day and age that I will run without my VPN I have had my life threatened more then once because I did not run a VPN it will NOT happen again, I love Roku but you have to do away that that stupid stipulation in order to watch it is so outdated! It should be based on a persons zip code in there mailing address! Not forced on us such a outdated thing! Almost everyone I know RUNS a VPN I will not disconnect from it, sorry I would love this, but I cannot sacrifice security!
  • Not ready for prime time 1/5

    By Nimshi
    The lack of iPad landscape mode is a deal killer. Deleted.
  • Not scaled for iPad 1/5

    By MP261
    Title says it all. Only designed for the iPhone screen, not the iPad. Really frustrating.
  • Stay out of politics 1/5

    By DustinMarc
    If I see one more Tucker Carlson advertisement, I will throw my Roku stick into the trash. This is NOT Nazi Germany.
  • Ads volume 2/5

    By Jaye2kay
    I never expected much by way of content on this app, and no one else should either, and that’s not actually a problem. The content that’s there is a lot better than what they had before so it is an improvement. Even though I will never like ads, I don’t find them unreasonable on this app. So what’s the problem? The volume of the ads compared to the volume of the shows and films. It’s as though every show/film is at 25% volume and the ads are at 75% volume. I constantly have to turn up the volume of a show because it sounds like they’re whispering but then have to turn down or mute because the ads are screaming at me. This makes me not want to use this app and there’s actually some decent content on it.
  • Doesn’t resume to where I left off 3/5

    By JAS diamond member
    After finishing season one of a series, and watching episodes in subsequent seasons, if I pause/ close the app with reopen later, I have the option to resume on the same episode I was watching but it always points to season one with my episode number and not the actual and correct season number of the series I am currently watching.
  • No iPad app = worthless 1/5

    By Enthous
    If I can’t watch this content on my full iPad screen, this is worthless.
  • Roku 1/5

    By cnt sep o app
    My phone is in a speak English help
  • Can you please add iPad and landscape mode 2/5

    Can you please add iPad and landscape mode and make the screen actually fit an iPad. And also add a live tv channel guide like you have on actual tv please
  • tvOS Support - Apple TV 1/5

    By skottles
    No tvOS support. I’d like to watch television shows on a television please.
  • Concern 1/5

    By damadelalba
    Why does the Puerto Rico region not have access to this application?
  • Content good, no chromecast bad 1/5

    By Sparkybarr
    Cant figure out how to chromecast from this app. Useless without a Chromecast option. :(
  • A good start but needs work 3/5

    By enoughgarbage withthenick
    I cannot fault the content available for free - a good bit there and the ads are reasonable. The app functions but needs some fine tuning. I agree it needs a landscape browsing mode so you can brwose, select, and watch a program without flipping the device around. Having a watch list would be nice, as well as an option for multiple users in the same household (my daughter and I have very different taste in TV but use the same devices).
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Jaymcclain
    Ever since last update, hockey streams won’t work when broadcasting to Roku tv although the stream plays fine in browser. Fix please
  • Love 5/5

    By princessladybyg
    Love it
  • Good app 4/5

    By MylennaSR
    I was trying to binge watch Xena and couldn’t find it anywhere for free, and I really didn’t want to pay for it on Amazon. I came across Roku channel and was pleased to see I didn’t even have to login to watch it. Plus there’s a pretty good selection of movies and TV shows. I just wish the app was properly compatible to iPads, since I mostly watch using mine. So that’s my only complaint really.
  • Doesn’t Recognize My Login 1/5

    By KMac6800
    Doesn’t recognize my login even though I have a roku stick and have used roku since 2013. So I tried to sign up using a new password and that didn’t work either. So much for that.
  • Absolutely worthless with accessibility. 1/5

    By Mr. forgetful.
    This app does not work with accessibility, i.e. voiceover and voice guidance. The search works but then once you find what you want, the player is not at all accessible with voiceover. What kind of discrimination is going on here with that? Do you think blind people don’t watch TV? The fire stick app is even more worthless, it doesn’t work at all with accessibility.
  • Not designed for iPad 3/5

    By IU KSOB 94
    I guess I shouldn’t complain about a free app, but this was clearly designed for the iPhone and not for the iPad.
  • I don’t like this 1/5

    By diks,skskdjsk,wksks
    All I wanted to watch was Henry danger but it does even have it on my TV and I tried it on mobile but I need a subscription this app is so dumb
  • Old stuff trash on IPad 1/5

    By Toot2121
    Bro get lost
  • Love the content, but no Watchlist 1/5

    By PhotoTX81
    ONE STAR MEARLY TO GET DEVELOPER’S ATTENTION. I’ll give it 3 stars, truthfully. Loads of older, less popular (but still great) content, but without a way to save interests to a Watchlist, unlikely to use it very often. If you have an Amazon streaming device (Fire Tv, etc) you can add the Roku Channel for Amazon and save things. But not from a Roku branded tv... Fix this, and it would be 4 stars easy!
  • ? 1/5

    By Awe
    Cant even sign up
  • Nice App Just a Few Bugs 4/5

    By Tom2072
    It needs Landscape Rotation and for whatever reason it crashes after a moments of watching some programs
  • Not "Anywhere" 1/5

    By Buadhai
    The opening blurb says something like "Watch entertainment and drama anytime, anywhere." Not true. I live in Thailand and find that the app is not available "in your region". Why lie?
  • Not supported in Puerto Rico!! 1/5

    By Carmen Amaral
    We are part of the United States, and after downloading the app, it sayas it doesn’t work in my region! Really???? Can you please make it available???