Roku TV Remote Control: RoByte

Roku TV Remote Control: RoByte

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.23
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TinyByte Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Roku TV Remote Control: RoByte App

RoByte is a simple and easy to use Roku remote control that works with your Roku Player or Roku TV. Features: • No setup is required. RoByte automatically scans your network to find your Roku. • Easily change channels with one tap • Adjust volume of your Roku or Roku TV • Use your keyboard for quick text entry for channels like Netflix or Hulu • RoByte is designed for iPhone as well as iPad • Easily navigate without looking at your phone using the touchpad • RoByte pairs with multiple Roku players. RoByte Free features: • Roku remote control • Play/pause, fast forward, rewind • Pair with multiple Roku devices RoByte Premium features: • Channel Switcher • Volume Control • Keyboard & Voice Search • Touchpad Quick Tips: • Most problems connecting to your Roku can be resolved by simply reinstalling RoByte. • RoByte can only connect if you are on the same wifi network as your Roku device. In order for RoByte to talk to your Roku, the following must be true: 1. Your Roku must be connected to your home's wifi network. 2. Your iPhone or iPad's wifi must be turned on and connected to the same network as the Roku. In most cases, RoByte will automatically scan and find your Roku device but there is a small case where if you have a more complicated setup, you may need to manually enter your Roku's IP address to connect. If you're still unable to connect to your Roku, theres a good chance there's an issue somewhere within your network. Most common cases are Roku devices getting disconnected from your home wifi if it gets unplugged. You can also try reinstalling RoByte to do a fresh scan. Shoot us an email if you're still having trouble. Email Support: [email protected] Handcrafted by two brothers in San Francisco & Illinois. We call ourselves TinyByte Apps.

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Roku TV Remote Control: RoByte app reviews

  • Great app 4/5

    By rockingwell
    Really helps when you can’t find your actual remote, I love it.
  • Save money live better 5/5

    By pumpkin💙
  • It hurts 4/5

    By ItsmeJasonfan20
    It is ok but I have to look at the phone wall I look at the tv and it hurts my neak
  • Free Remote my A** 1/5

    By BigFam
    Basic download is free but if you want to be able to use volume you have to pay an extra $1.99 Roku channels another $1.99. Got suckered. My bad
  • I hate it doesn’t even work🤬🤬hehehbrbrbdbb 1/5

    By fhhsbshs
  • 1Big1FM TV And Roku A Hit 5/5

    By Chap Oscar
    Really enjoy listening and seeing my favorite Channels on Roku. A 5 Stars Review well deserved. Pastor O. Smith, Nashville. TN
  • Great Interface 5/5

    By John D. Gosslee
    The app remote works better than all of the other remotes and is simpler to navigate.
  • TV TURN OFF 1/5

    By %#'hj
    every time I put sling tv from the remote stay good for 2 o 3 minutes , after that tv turn off it self. Is only happening with sling tv.
  • Drains battery Fast! 1/5

    By Fun456654
    Paid for full version. Still get pop ups every use about rating the app. Rated it while back and still getting it. Drains battery is an understatement! Had iPad at 80 percent 30mins later was at 32 percent. It was the only app running. Thought it was a fluke so I tested this 4 more times same thing. How can an app that’s suppose to be staled when not in use drain the battery so quick! I then went into root system of tablet. Found out this app is collecting and sending info from your tablet to who knows where. Screen shoting this so when they delete this I can then contact and file a complaint. Also 4.5 rating is false. They generated most of there reviews. Shady company
  • Thought I needed a real remote 5/5

    By Jenn-Nova
    I ordered two different remotes after mine got water on it and neither worked.....I downloaded this and I feel like I wasted my money on an actual replacement when this works just as well and you never lose it :) win win
  • Good app 5/5

    By I Wrote a Review?
    It works well, no set up required, and it’s free as long as you don’t want the fancier, unnecessary options. Overall, a good app.
  • Never works. 1/5

    By Sashie9125
    I paid for all of the features in this app and they almost never work. I wish I didn’t waste my money.
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By KajunKathy
    Wish I could rate this 0 stars! Download REAL Roku App, it’s FREE
  • Roku 4/5

    By Stacc_a_holicc
    No complaints downloaded the app yesterday as of right now works great. I’ll update my review as time progress.
  • Good 5/5

    By 109474264
    Good if you lose your remote
  • Like! 5/5

    By benhenry007
    This app responds well and the large control buttons make it so you don’t have to constantly look at your phone rather than the TV.
  • Ok 1/5

    By Who do you
    It ok
  • Brian Lenhardt 1/5

    By mkhgbbfdjjkhf
    Made me pay $2 for the volume feature that doesn’t even work
  • Control remoto 5/5

    By Yeoshen
    Tenía mi control remoto dañado y con esta aplicación resolví el problema lo único es que no puedo apagar el TV con ella de resto trabaja genial
  • Review 5/5

    By Kristin Geary
    Love it ♥️
  • This is great 5/5

    By olivighinjds
    I love it. We download it when we can’t find the remote. The one downside is you have to buy some of the buttons 😞. But without that we love it!
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By Cosmetic concerns
    I paid an additional 2 bucks for a volume control that absolutely will not work properly. Absolute garbage.
  • Not worth a dollar 1/5

    By Jim Overpar
    Can't figure out how to get it to work. If your looking for a keyboard get out your credit card.
  • SCAM!!! 1/5

    By Byroncg
    I paid $3.99 to have the features it claimed to provide and it did not! It’s a scam! Don’t download this!!!
  • Best app for roku 5/5

    By Dr.patt
    Super convenient definitely made me like my tv more app is very smooth got the discounted upgrades and unlocked the best app in the store for iPad in my opinion I tried just about every one
  • Works perfectly BUT 3/5

    By jewel game fan
    For some reason every time I open or use this app on my iPhone 6s Plus the app somehow automatically turns my phones volume all the way down, every time! I have to manually turn my volume back up and if I forget than I miss a call, this is quite annoying and wish it could be fixed, it’s the only thing I don’t like
  • Works but... 4/5

    By Roadwarrior2000 add me
    Not user friendly hard to figure out how to do stuff
  • Do not download! 1/5

    By BethR04
    This app does not work! Even after purchasing the in-app upgrades, every direction on the remote only chooses the option I'm on, not moving up, down, left, or right like it's supposed to...
  • Roku 5/5

    By zoku1971
    I am very impressed with your app. It works very well.
  • 105 5/5

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jsisjdk
    I paid to be able to use the volume, and every time I try to use the volume, 1. It doesn’t work. 2. It then freezes all the other controls. I want my money back
  • Don’t Work! 1/5

    By Crosseyed122
    I got this app to work with my Roku TV, which you did but in order to get the functions I was looking for you had to pay for the premium version’s. I did that however the ones I wanted to work most like the keyboard, there’s nothing on the Roku TV. The only thing it does better than the free ones is you don’t get the ads but it is definitely not worth the money, so don’t waste it on this app.!
  • Absolutely 1/5

    By Cloud Belmont
    Absolutely retarded I have to pay two dollars to unlock the volume control feature.
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By El.M93
    The remote won’t connect to my tv
  • Useless 1/5

    By raytagle
    The app was useless, and they charge you to use basic features.
  • Basic Controls 3/5

    By GCoronado
    I shouldn’t have to pay for basic controls. (Volume/CC)
  • Don’t work 1/5

    By Shop alot
    I have downloaded this app for a month or two now and it still do not work with my device.
  • Don’t download... 1/5

    By SavannahAlaniz
    This is a third party app and requires you to pay $2 to use the volume feature. (Don’t be like me and actually purchase it 🤦🏽‍♀️) I highly suggest downloading the real roku app and using the remote from that one as it’s free to use the volume and everything else..
  • One HUGE problem... 3/5

    By emmabud11bklyn
    The remote itself works just fine. I use it when I can’t find my roku remote, and it does everything I want it to, which is not much...I can get to my home page, I can choose my channel, I can choose my show or video clip, I can go back...I can pause and play, I can both “rewind” and “fast forward”... All good. Now...THE VOLUME. I don’t control the volume of my tv w this roku RoByte app (thankfully, from everything I’ve read) bc I have a separate tv remote that controls the volume. No, this is about what the app does to the volume ON MY PHONE while I’m using it... As soon as I open the app, my phone’s volume immediately and automatically gets lowered by half. I thought it was odd, so I tried to raise the volume back up. Again, I don’t need it for my tv, but I though it was weird that just opening the app would just lower my phone’s volume w/o asking me if I wanted it to do that, etc... Anyway...when I started pushing the phone’s volume up button, it didn’t raise the, it instead immediately brought me to the RoByte screen telling me that if I want volume, I need to pay $1.99 to upgrade. Ok...well, that’s stupid and annoying...but, as I said, I don’t use the app to control the volume on my tv. HOWEVER...I DO use the volume on my phone when I open up another app to watch something. And, as a general rule, I like to be able to HEAR the words that the people are saying. Ah, you say, but the app only lowers the volume by HALF when you open the app, so you should still be able to still hear the show you’re watching! But NO!! I discovered that when I hit that volume up button after the app lowered it by half as soon as I opened it, the app automatically lowered my volume the rest of the way, all the way to silent. How did I figure that out? I later went to watch a YouTube clip, and...SILENCE!!! So I hit the volume up button, and presto! No problem. I can hear all the words the people are saying. Yay. Look, I get that it’s not a REAL issue for me since, again, I don’t use the app for my tv’s volume. But COME ON!!! Why do you make this app lower my PHONE’S volume???? There is just no reason for it!!! Why would you have that as a feature of your app?? Do you you think I somehow ENJOY IT?? Do you think I downloaded your app bc I wanted you to screw w the volume on my phone, for absolutely NO reason??? Do you think I will recommend this app to someone else?? No. No I will not. You fix that “feature” and I’ll sing your praises to the ends of the earth. But having your app do things to my phone, things that I do not want, things that have NOTHING to do w the function of the app (for me), and wo my I’m sorry. It just REALLY BOTHERS me, and I felt the need to express my displeasure. Also, as much as I like the actual app itself, I can’t give it 5 stars. Or 4 stars. I WANT to give it TWO stars, but...since I don’t need your app to control my tv volume, making this problem just simply REALLY IRRITATING, I’m giving it 3 stars. Fix the problem and I’ll give you 5 stars and a brand new, glowing review!
  • Can I reorder the channel list? 5/5

    By Cawildflowr
    I have been using RoByte on my tablet for a couple of years, love it and have recommended it to others. My only question is can I reorder how the channels are listed in RoByte? How is the order set? Because it isn’t the same order as it is on my tv screen
  • Charges for individual features. Not that useful 1/5

    By redit is better
    Not any better than the remote itself. The keypad only works on the Roku search screen not in the apps. That’s why I bought the app. Wasted money on something that didn’t do anything useful.
  • Sync problems 2/5

    By DJKannoyed
    Synchronization issues! I have to unplug the roku then replug and wait every time to make it work. It’s annoyingly slow and frustrating
  • Awful SCAM 1/5

    By mdog1120
    It charges a fee just to use the volume button and when I typed in my ip address the remote didn’t even work on my tv!!
  • Bad 1/5

    By septman312
  • Horrible 1/5

    By 23tot23
    Doesn’t work and has all these extra fees. Waste of time
  • Can’t get it to work 1/5

    By Environmental Engineer
    Tried this app with two different devices but it doesn’t work
  • No sirve 1/5

    By cardenas olivares
    No se contesta
  • No tiene volumen 5/5

    By rogelio royer
    No tiene para volumen
  • Keyboard doesn't function. 1/5

    By robytesux
    Keyboard doesn't work for YouTube

Roku TV Remote Control: RoByte app comments

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