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Roku App

Turn your mobile device into the ultimate streaming companion with the free Roku® mobile app. Stream hundreds of hit movies, TV shows and more on the go with The Roku Channel, use it as a second remote, enjoy private listening, and more. The free Roku mobile app makes it easy and fun to control your Roku player and Roku TV™. Use the Roku mobile app to: • Control your Roku device as another remote • Stream hit movies, TV shows and more on the go with The Roku Channel • Enjoy private listening* with headphones • Use your voice or keyboard to search for movies, shows, actors, and directors • Cast videos, photos, and music to your TV • Add and launch channels on your Roku device • Enter text on your Roku device easier with your keyboard To use certain features of the Roku mobile app, you must connect your phone or tablet to the same wireless network as your Roku device. Certain features require a compatible Roku device, and may require logging in to your Roku account. Feature availability: · Searching by voice is available in English in the US, UK, and Canada only. · The Roku app is available in English only in Mexico. * Mobile private listening is available for Roku Express, Express+, Roku Streaming Stick (3600, 3800, 3810), Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Ultra and Roku TVs. ** Subscription or other payment may be required to access certain channel content. Channel availability is subject to change and varies by country. For more information and troubleshooting help, go to

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  • Ruku 5/5

    By triededout
    Think you for helping me cut the cord on cable. Just one thing. Keep the movie update. But I seeing the same thing on some channels. That keeps your customers happy to keep the channels update. Think you ruku
  • Sorely disappointed 2/5

    By La}£¥10
    I would love to give the Roku app a 5 star, for the function of it and the apps you can download within are absolutely great, however the downfall/downside was unfortunately having to terminate my services. Customer services was the part that was highly disappointing. After terminating my services, I also needed to terminate the 3rd party apps purchased within the Roku app, sadly I learned the hard way. I canceled Roku first, thinking everything would be terminated. Then tried to terminate the 3rd party app with the actual company/manufacturer, but was instructed by the app developer that because I didn’t actually purchase app directly through their company, that I would have to terminate through Roku. Well, since I had already terminated Roku, everything became a huge problem, Roku gave me the runaround, I sent countless of emails, I waited no less than 30 minutes per call each time I called Roku, and was instructed to provide my credit card number that was being charged, and a series of other information in the email correspondence, which they should have had, since I did everything in a span of a day, I asked to speak with a supervisor several times, but that question was avoided each time, I asked for additional email proof, by the time I hung up, after the representative stated my issue was resolved and that I would not be charged for anything else or any 3rd party apps, she sent me an email saying my issue would be looked into. So basically, she lied to me on the phone, as did the first representative. All in all, buyers/renters beware. I don’t recommend that you purchase through 3rd party apps unless you’re absolutely sure everything is legit. I instructed that I better not be charged by a single thing after being instructed that I would not be charged. Also there’s a robo message before your call is even answered that all calls are recorded, so there’s my proof, and I mentioned that to the rep as well. How come it’s so easy to purchase, but seriously difficult to disconnect? Rhetorical. I don’t appreciate the lack of choice freedom to stay or leave, if this had not occurred, I’m sure later down the line I would recommend using the app, but not after this, I also felt this call was latched to another country, even though it’s states contact number is LA based. I apologized to the woman rep several times, because I felt she honestly did not understand me, and I told her that too. I was never disrespectful, because I know business is business, humps and bumps in the road do occur, but Roku, you must change some of your policies. Just because someone terminated their account, it does not mean they won’t come back, but hiccups like this, kinda makes it feel a slight fraudulent.
  • Roku remote control does not work well 1/5

    By MSGdreamer
    It’s always reconnecting itself and 50% of the time unresponsive. I’ve had better luck with after market roku apps. Good luck controlling your roku tv after you’ve lost the remote
  • Audio issues. 3/5

    By yamnitz1
    Cannot get roku to sync with voice correctly! HELP
  • Roku for the rocks 1/5

    By home383
    After spending mucho dinero for a Roku TV, try changing the volume
  • Crashes 1/5

    By AlmostHeavenWV
    Was a must have for Roku devices but now the app just keeps crashing & won’t launch
  • Buggy service, I’m switching to an alternative 1/5

    By Japheth16
    Roku used to be good. Now, it’s basically partially or totally incompatible with multiple channels, making its use cumbersome and annoying. Many channels are buggy and hitch and hiccup; I can no longer watch anything on amazon prime and many other channels are unusable. Roku was great back in 2016. It’s awful now.
  • Just what I needed 5/5

    By JaeJae$$
    Absolutely love The convenience of always having my remote with me while I’m in motion ... a lot easier to find and simple to use.
  • Roku covers it all 5/5

    By D-rew-J
    Roku brings all of our streaming videos to one place; so convenient.
  • roku 5/5

    By cnsngnsmfj
    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Roku review 3/5

    Roku works generally well. Seen to get pauses and load delays when using YouTube TV. Voice remote only works at top level. I would like it to work inside a particular app. Don’t like volume control on the side. Buttons for Netflix, ESPN, HULU, Sling useless take up too much real estate on remote. Should be programmable at minimum. Amazon fire stick does the same stuff, remote a little better.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By dodknuckle
    It doesn’t work
  • FIX THE BUGS 1/5

    By Aba903
    I have had this app for a while and I loved it. Especially the private listening. But for a few months now, it’s been glitching and closing literally 2 SECONDS AFTER I OPEN THE APP. Very frustrating when my remote doesn’t work and I can’t even open the app. The only thing that solved the problem was uninstalling and reinstalling. But even then, it only works for maybe a week.
  • Wouldn’t pair 1/5

    By R Clow
    This app would not pair with my Roku stick. I deleted and reinstalled several times, even tried manually connecting to my IP address.
  • Just discovering 5/5

    By mercygirl67
    I’be had Roku since August. I’ve just started exploring all the fabulous channels. I have one request please please get the Game Show Network! It’s my passion to expand my mind. I miss it terribly. I hate late night talk shows and that’s what I did every night was turn to GSN. Also vs. you make a remote that lights up? When I’m in bed and lights are off I fumble with the remote and have a hard time selecting the right arrow buttons. Please.
  • new sound bar 5/5

    By jscjr
    replaced my yamaha bar with new roku and couldn’t be happier. at best buy for $179, they didn’t have a display so i took the chance and like all roku, easy setup, built in streaming services all in one remote which controls my 3 yr old samsung too. connected via hdmi or optical, very easy to use, roku is highly recommended!
  • Love ❤️ 5/5

    By jennifers12356
    Love ❤️
  • Roku variety 5/5

    By Stepaulm
    Love the exceptional variety and quality of the Roku Express streaming device. Really live the compact size of this device and the ability to use the self adhesive tape to attach it to the TV set. I purchased 3 of the Roku devices and may purchase another one in the future.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By lordmats0o
    Connecting to the Roku is retarded very confusing, not user friendly. Remote is poorly designed. Arrow buttons are too big so you accidentally press other buttons, very hard to pay attention to the screen and pressing remote buttons simultaneously. Learn from Vizio app they use a swipe style for their in app remote.
  • User Friendly 5/5

    By RKB
    Easy to use and great program to enhance our TV and iPhone.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By pupmonster was here
    I like this app because it has no adds
  • It was fine yesterday 3/5

    By pixiejacqueline
    It won’t let me use it today, it keeps quitting every time I open the app. And I don’t have a real Roku remote bc my toddler lost it. Please fix this!
  • This remote is a life saver! 5/5

    My kids lost my remote somewhere in the abyss of the toys and the couch 🤦🏻‍♀️ I searched to see if I could get a remote on my phone and omg this app works!!! Saved me from having to watch kid shows 😂 Thank you Roku!!!
  • Newest update 1/5

    By Ivory queen 4
    I have used this app for over 2 years. It has always worked great for me until recently. All of the sudden when I’m in private listening it drops every two seconds!!! So annoying! What’s the point of having private listening if it refuses to stay connected! (Yes, all Wifi, internet, phone etc are the same as always). I believe it started with the new big Apple update.
  • Force Close 1/5

    By ThusFarJai
    App force closes or crashes upon starting.
  • Work in progress 2/5

    By Thomas O'Grady, PhD
    Every once in a while, there is a spinning circle while the video catches up and I’ve checked repeatedly. It’s not my gigabyte internet connection. Also, when it’s on for awhile the sounds gets scratchy and unintelligible.
  • Screen mirroring 5/5

    By 123jamingo
    So excited to finally be able to play from my iPhone to my rock TV without another device! Just made a video for a friend who is retiring from all the coworkers wishes and pictures from work! She will be so excited to see it tomorrow!
  • It was great for about two days... 1/5

    By Jmmjrac
    Then it starting telling me my Roku TV was in echo mode. I googled it to figure out what it was talking about. Apparently you need to turn off something for power saving and then the app is supposed to be fine, well it wasn’t. It still continues to tell me my Roku TV is in echo mode and won’t work or it will say my tv and phone aren’t on the same network. I’m home on my WiFi when it tells me this. So annoyed. Yes, the app is free but what’s the point of it at all if it’s only going to work for 48 hours.
  • Connection issues with iPhones 2/5

    By TanManGoHawks25
    All the iPhones in my household can not establish a good connection with our roku express anymore. It goes in and out every five seconds and it drives us insane. Weird thing is is that the Samsung phones are all working great.
  • Great app. Has bugs. 3/5

    By tmcguire94
    I really appreciate this app. I love the private listening because I can watch tv without waking my roommate. The problem is that the private listening is buggy. It experiences an error every time a new episode and I have to restart the audio stream. Other than that I love the app.
  • Why isn’t there a power button?! 3/5

    By Mumma2004
    The knockoff apps include a power button, just like the actual remote has (the real remote we have is broken, yay). Why does this Roku remote app not have a power button??
  • Roku express 3/5

    By TheJSchafs
    Seems to be ok just seems to buffer some.
  • Great!! 5/5

    By nrtijerina
    better than using an actual remote
  • Wow 5/5

    By TimGebhart
    This is amazing hardware and software!!
  • Can’t use it as a remote...won’t connect. 1/5

    By rcalman421
    I have downloaded it multiple times. Checked to make sure it’s the same WiFi and network as well. I also manually put in the IP address and can’t get it to connect.
  • Fails 1/5

    By ndkdndidoe
    Has yet to find any roku device. Of no use to me.
  • Wow and all I can say wow 5/5

    By gra756
    Wow and all I can say wow like you guys got it going remot and Roku camel you guys are amazing and I love you so much I just want to give you a kiss mmhhhh
  • Tech support 1/5

    By Cmw0617
    I need tech support and would like to talk on the phone before I purchase a new stick. If I don’t talk to a live person I look into getting a fire stick
  • B 5/5

    By fhehla
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By hi.lalas
    None of the new channels I add show up on my tv. The ones that do take for ever to load or they don’t load at all and have an error. Yet all the other apps on my tv work fast and without errors. Roku is a waste.
  • Great app 4/5

    By lilwolf.
    I use to use this all the time but since we got rid of our house WiFi because we mainly use our cellphone unlimited hotspot sadly I can no long use the app being I connect my tv to my phone hotspot so it says they are not on the same WiFi being weird since the tv is getting the internet from my phone and connected to my phone. This app always made logging in and searching thing so much easier on my tv then my remote. Maybe one day it will change and can use it once again.
  • Great Device 5/5

    By Book boy 2
    Love my Roku’s—have them all 4 of my tvs. They make your smart tv smarter!
  • Review 1/5

    By grgdjsusvwdifbwvfbufbab dif
    For one I do not like this app it is not listen to what it to do it won’t even connect to my TV it says that my TV is turned off even though it is not it does not let me Connect to my TV on my phone as a remote so for one I really do not recommend this app
  • Always Improving - Love Watch ⌚️ Support 5/5

    By lotsacaffeine99
    This app has always been rolling out new features and stability improvements - Just like the TV software as well - Made it a point to leave a review now that Roku has added support for Apple Watch! Love it! Keep the good work coming.
  • Roku tv 5/5

    By Gearl789
    I am so very pleased with the verity offered. The difference between Hulu and Netflix is your quality.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By djhdhztsgxusjchisudgwurhd
  • Great app 5/5

    By Queen Corrupt
    It’s much better using the app it seems like pointing the original remote button right at the roku to get the channels to turn can be irritating and frustrating and the app gives u a bigger range and gives more setting and can even turn the volume up with it
  • Don’t work 1/5

    By Southerngal26
    It has never worked and still don’t work even with the updates...I don’t recommend getting it!
  • Pathetic support 2/5

    By JD Small
    I’ve tried to get support for months. There is no support. If you can’t get it to work, you have a new paperweight because no one will help you.

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