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Roller Splat!

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  • Current Version: 2.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Roller Splat! App

Grab this unique new exciting painting puzzle game for FREE! Swipe up, down and all around to send your vibrant paintball rolling through the maze as you splash, splat and sploosh color all over the clean white maze. Complete the levels of each puzzle by covering every corridor and corner with beautifully bright paint. It feels so satisfying, who doesn't love a clean coat of fresh paint? Roller Splat! is the exciting free game you'll want to tell your friends about. Which level can they get to?! FEATURES - Unique and fun puzzles levels - Smooth and satisfying ball-rolling action. - Fun and relaxing to play - Free to play - Bright and colourful - Loads of vibrant paint colors - Simple and satisfying - Beautifully clean and fluid paint physics

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Roller Splat! app reviews

  • Review 2/5

    By Torieee12333
    Entirely too many ads, I can’t play one level without an AD popping up
  • Fix the glitch. 2/5

    By 05ness20
    It’s glitching and there is no update for it. You also do the same level every 20 or so.
  • I would play this game all the time if. 2/5

    By Needausername12345
    I like these types of games, but I would prefer this game if I was able to start over a level rather than just skip it. Also, it would be nice to have a menu screen where I can select which level I want to start on (if I've already unlocked the levels). This way I could clear the screen with efficiency rather than having to just swipe around until I figure it out. It would also be interesting to not be able to move on until you clear the screen within a certain amount of moves rather than just having unlimited moves. Overall fun concept and nice brain exercises, but this game could stand to be more navigable.
  • Dumb 1/5

    By 4whokares
  • Same puzzles 1/5

    By Joseidon123
    It’s the same puzzle over and over, and it’s not really a puzzle. All the levels pretty much have 1 direction you can move so there isn’t any challenge. Then the levels just repeat over and over.
  • Lazy. 1/5

    By "Memelord" Murphy
    No difficulty progression, repeating levels, basic idea that’s been done in plenty of Nintendo games. Not challenging in any way unless you’re absolutely incompetent, which the developers seem to be.
  • A beautiful nightmare (review based on day 1) 5/5

    By Privledge
    I just downloaded this game about 24 hours ago and within the first 30 mins I finished 102 levels . I then continued to play for another half hour and am currently on level 203 ! 😍🤞🏾 I love it . Some repetitive levels but that’s when they hit you with a difficult few . Practice makes perfect so keep going . I’ll update in 24 more hours I got more levels to clear 🤪 Oh yeah .. could REALLY do without the ads every level though guys , like come on 🙄
  • Gets boring 1/5

    By Roxola199
    Was fun to start but too much repetition of the easy levels. More ‘challenging’ levels would be much better
  • Too EASY! 2/5

    By Kayla47429
    I’m on level 245 and it’s STILL not challenging at all. A five year old can make it to the same level as me. What the heck!
  • Roller splat 1/5

    By Razzaqi kid
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  • It ok 2/5

    By ngvuybuy
    It get boring sometimes it ok
  • 0 stars 1/5

    This app is terrible. I never even approved for the app to download. It downloaded all on its own. That makes me so mad because it took up all lot of my phone space and in fact I tried this game and it was terrible I am never downloading anything from Voodoo again. I 100% do not recommend this.
  • Roller splat 5/5

    By ugly patao
    Very relaxing
  • 😞😞😞 2/5

    By Ryankr0806
    It’s very boring and there is barely any levels every level is almost the same and I hate the update
  • Roller splat 5/5

    By katyee sandoval
    I mi me encanta este juego
  • Level 1845 3/5

    By Juulie65224
    Hi, im on level 1845. And from that number you must think “hey maybe they like the game a lot” i do not, it gives me something to pass the time with but the level background is extremely boring and i think I’ve played the same level at least 150 times before. I unlocked every single ball available and played every level they have, i got past the notification that told me i got past 1% of what most players pass, and im honestly not sure how i want to rate the game tbh. I wish it was more visually attractive and updated more often, some of the graphics on certain balls also seem very amateur.
  • Roller splat 5/5

    By -babypanda-97
    This is the best game I have played in the world so keep making good games
  • Paint skins 5/5

    By thelivingpepper
    Amazing game, add som skins for the paint
  • Ads 1/5

    By Boo to ads
    This game is full of ads! Long ones at that! Super annoying! Not even worth playing! You’re literally watching an ad more than you’re playing the game! Not for me! Deleted!
  • Game black screens 2/5

    By miyo sypher
    Every time an ad completes the game black screens forcing me to close the app and reopen it to continue to play. This occurs frequently is unavoidable, where I have encountered it 5 times. I am currently playing on a iPhone 8 Plus, and although I downloaded this game to play mindlessly on my down time. It’s not worth closing the application so many times in order to play.
  • Ads causing app to crash 1/5

    By CuBe8021
    After every level it plays an ad but the app crashes after the ad plays.
  • The first levels are not challenging at all. With there was a way to skip them. Deleting the app! 1/5

    By Hate zyngya
    The first levels are not challenging at all. With there was a way to skip them. Deleting the app!
  • Amazing but.... 4/5

    By bubbles380
    Hi I love this app but there are problems first, whenever I get on a big maze there’s always a add and I hate it like is it too much to ask for? Second, I’m on level 97 and I was enjoying it until I couldn’t get out of the space I was in I went left right down and up and I STILL couldn’t get out I got frustrated now every thing else is okay but just those two nd that’s it but once again I do love this app but just these two things now if you are reading this have an amazing day🤗
  • So many ads 1/5

    By MeganMcKenna29
    Saw an advertisement for this game on Instagram and I thought it looked like fun so I downloaded it. Literally within 5 min of downloading I deleted. There’s an ad between every single level which makes it annoying to play.
  • Good but not so good (READ) 3/5

    By good ideas for game
    It’s a great app don’t get me wrong No but the problem is that when I finish a level I get a ad but that’s not the problem the main problem I have here is that every time the ad finished it blacks out and i closed all ,y tabs and every time the ad finished it continues to black out so every time a ad finishes I have to close the tabs and play it so now when I play it again and finish where I left off it gives me even more ads so now I have to continue sly close the apps tab then replay it and it gets annoying but over all it’s a good game I would give it a 5 star but the ad thing is getting outta hand!!!!💀also the levels keep repeating over and over it doesn’t get any harder it barely gets harder and it seems like the lower levels were a little harder than the higher levels it’s weird and plus it gets annoying just repeating the same thing or level over and over like please change it and the ads are also a huge problem I understand your trying to earn money but at this point it’s like you don’t see us as people who actually wanna enjoy the game you just see us as “I wanna make money of these people” I get it you need ads but not a lot its to much ads to the point were when I finish a level I get a ad I finish another level boom!another ad and ads just keep coming same with the levels it keeps repeating but like I said great game and very cool just wouldn’t give it a 5 stars because of the problems with this game if you like satisfying coloring games like this then this is for you but it’s not all for me.
  • Issues 2/5

    By Wesley Sliger
    After every ad the screen goes black and I have to restart it. ...deleting it. First 12 levels were fun?...not really. I’m an Unblock me fan.
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By NelsKN4125
    I downloaded this game for a total of four minutes. Besides the fact that the levels don’t seem to get any harder, the amount of aids that pop up every other second is ridiculous. This game is not worth the storage space on my phone.
  • Wth 1/5

    By Mortomous
    Awful easy levels and froze after every add which was after every level that only took 5 seconds to beat
  • Glitches 2/5

    By Tashialem
    I have been playing quite awhile. On level 900 and now it’s glitching and has a pop up to congratulate me but it won’t go away long enough to play the level.
  • To many ads 1/5

    By Pawl615
    This game could possibly be fun but there is an ad after every single level. Uninstalling
  • Paint dash 5/5

    By UnionRep
    Use paint to create shapes OMG that is so satisfying Swipe to leave paint behind When you swipe the ball It leaves paint behind
  • AWFUL must read!!!! 1/5

    By Telly Tubie👍🏻
    If you are getting this because you saw it on an app advertising Roller Splat, it looks very fun, FALSE ADVERTISING!! First of all I never write reviews but I don’t want anyone wasting their time on this. If you are getting Roller Splat for a child, DO NOT I tell you, it has very inappropriate ads in it and they are definitely not for children. Also the levels are way too easy. I got to level 28 and it is as easy as level 1, no joke. This app is awful. It I could put zero stars I would. Do not get this app!
  • Glitches. 2/5

    By SB's Mom
    I got to level 1200 something (maybe higher) and the game started glitching horribly! After every ad the screen goes black and you have to clear completely out of the game to “fix” it but it would just do it again the next time it played an ad!! The design of the game is addictive, but there are only about 20 patterns so they just keep repeating over and over, which is very disappointing! Also, the only other incentive for passing the levels is to get new balls... not much of an incentive. This could be a really great game if the developers would put a little more time into it. Please improve this game soon, I would love to play it again!!!
  • Super fun 5/5

    By Joyce9331
    This game is so fun I just downloaded it and I’m on level 113 already
  • So addictive but please read this 5/5

    By gracie137
    I downloaded this game yesterday and I’m already on level 345! This game is so fun and addictive. I can barely stop playing it. Something that I really like about this game is that when every you reach level 100,200,300..., the game encourages you saying that only certain people can get as far as we did, which makes me want to keep going to be the 1% person to complete the level. I love this game but there are some things that could be improved. 1: adds. I get that adds are important and sometimes introduce fin new games, but I don’t need to see an add every other level. 2: repeated levels. I also understand that creating new levels for every time is difficult, but can you please not repeat the really easy levels so much. I could do those with my eyes closed. 3: no music. Some people don’t like music, but it just feels off to play a game that doesn’t have any music. Can you please add sounds at the very least? Thanks. I get that making a game can be hard, but please try to do something about this. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!
  • Fhjfg 3/5

    By LukeeCharmm11
    I like it but it is a little annoying because every time you finish you have to watch an ad
  • Adds 3/5

    By WalterKim
    There are too many adds in which you cannot skip
  • Ads 1/5

    By Becca6113
    The ad shows in the middle of the screen and will not go away. You can’t even see to play.
  • Sucked 1/5

    By nomnom_fan
    Literally didn’t load for the first three minutes. Then when it did load, it lagged like crazy and then proceeded to give me an ad on top of all of that. This game was terrible, I thoroughly do NOT recommend.
  • Fun game but it needs work 3/5

    By Xxx TALIYAH xxX
    Ok so I am on level 900 and it said only 2 percent made it this far. But i’m still working on it . Then the same thing kept on popping up and it make me mad. THERE ARE SO MUCH MORE SO FIX THE GAME!😡
  • Makes my phone Hot 2/5

    By bluerose710
    Maybe it’s just iPhones or maybe not but playing this game after a little bit made my phone extremely hot. The game is repetitive and not the company’s best. It’s an alright game to pass a short amount of time but not something I would spend more than 10 minutes or less playing.
  • The game and ads 2/5

    By gamer.exe433
    I got the game thinking it was going to be challenging but I am at level 100 the day after I got it. It isn’t very satisfying . But that is not the bad part. There are too many ads and it the playing experience impossible to enjoy. Please consider remove most ads to play levels and improve the levels to be harder then they already are. Also one more think. Please improve the graphics and include more gameplay for example a shop to get skins or power-up and a way to gain coins to spend at said shop. Please consider these examples and try to update. Thanks!
  • Bored 2/5

    By adb61994
    Very easy and not creative. Glitches every time an ad is shown (which is usually every other level). I have to close the app and reopen
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Gmoney19651965
    Screen goes black after ads, pretty annoying, you think the bugs would have been worked out
  • ADSSSS 1/5

    By Ophelia jeaan
    It’s an add after EVERY LEVEL i don’t like that
  • Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads 1/5

    By Voodoosoup
    The sheer amount of ads in the regular version is enough of a turnoff that I’m not remotely interested in paying for the ad free version. Instant uninstall for me.
  • Review 4/5

    By :)22127
    Hello developer (s), I am pleased with the game that you have designed, but it is contradicted. For as I feel as if some days there is more ads than other days. In fact, my internet is the same and works just fine. I would appreciate an understanding of why this is occurring? Overall, this game is successful and also is my go to game if I get bored. Thank you for your design! :)
  • No sound 4/5

    By good quality but no sound
    This is a fun way to by past time, and it’s a really good game but it has no sound can you plz put some sound in the game.
  • Issue after Ads play 4/5

    By JussQuazae
    I have experience issues after some ads play where it goes to a black screen and does not come back unless you close the game completely and reopen the

Roller Splat! app comments

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