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Rolling Sky 2

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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rolling Sky 2 App

Hold and drag little prince in touching dream journeys ! We result in the Red Dot Award:Communication Design 2018! Ever wanted a animated film that you can play with? Here comes it ! a fascinating combo of challenges and original soundtracks. Watch out as you are about to fall for this cool new gaming experience it brings! How to play: Hold the screen and drag the characters to dodge obstacles and traps Game Features: ~A musical film that you can play with, a perfect combo of auditory and visual experience ~All original music ~Easy to operate along the beat, but hard to master ~Unique Epic levels and gameplay, various music and stories

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  • Addicted 4/5

    By nice famly
    Since the wizard came out and the instruments came out I was addicted Plus y do the people do summer salts when they land? I made a favorite level Vinicunca Also how do you unlock theft (not prequel).when I got it the modes were all locked
  • Very glitchy 3/5

    By SpuddyBuddy2.0
    Every time I press an “ad” button, my iPad just freezes up, and nothing works. Not even the video. It’s very annoying, so would you please fix this? Thanks!
  • Rolling Dream Re-Review 4/5

    By Dorkfishie
    Thank goodness the update came! I was getting very impatient! Anyway, The idle mode, while it’s presumably one of the weakest parts of the update, is still dumb fun. I got used to the Wizard over time, even though I hated it before. I just wish there was an option to toggle its appearance in levels on & off. And maybe the ability to change languages, too. The actual game (the runner) is still fun. Vinicunca (even though llamas appear & disappear out of thin air) & Theft Prequel (what kind of name is that?) are good levels. Unlike my least favorite level, Puzzle, the Prequel’s model recycling is totally justified because it’s, well, a prequel! The difficulty levels are unlocked by completing the previous level instead of Gems. Home has a great level redesign! I love those round platforms. Don’t keep the game online-only, though. That’s an completely useless feature, & it’s only used for starting games. Anyway, my option heavily changed! Mostly because Home is back. I love it! EDIT: I also prefer the old Crowns & Diamonds over the Moons. May you guys also change that back?
  • Please Revise the Game 1/5

    By OneWithGoodIntentions
    I used to really enjoy this game, as in at least a four star, but ever since this latest update it really changed. I don’t like the new way it works and really think it was better before. I hope the developers see this and revise it. I don’t like the wizard nor how all the previous lines given by the puppet were given to the wizard.
  • Great game 5/5

    By btdaddict
    This was a sequel I was not expecting. If you compare level two in rolling sky 1 and in rolling sky 2 I would not believe that they are the same game. This one has beautiful graphics but a bit too different from the first one. Overall great game
  • Unplayable 1/5

    By PSEmond
    If you want to see LOTS of ads, get this game. If you want to play a game, download something else.
  • Very nice sequel, but aggressive ads! 2/5

    By Seri0us_Man
    For a game with short rounds, full screen video ads are disgusting in a way that I stopped playing after 3-4 rounds. Stop being so greedy and think about your users/players a bit.
  • Ads insanity and almost unplayable: 1 star 1/5

    By _Ender_
    I'm ok with having some ads but this is completely insane. 30s videos before and after each game. Prompts to do microtransactions all the time. Want to recover from falling? Watch an ad. Want to play another level? Watch an ad. Want to go to the main menu after finishing a level? Watch an ad. Want to unlock a new world? Watch an ad. Completely ruins the gaming experience. I deleted the game after a couple plays.
  • I’ve changed from 5 stars and knocked off 2 3/5

    By deern1
    I have purchased this game, which is definitely not cheap, for one specific reason. To get rid of the ads. You’d think after paying $5 they’d be gone. Think again! I’ve “restored purchases” several times, deleted and redownloaded the game, but do you think they’d go away? Not on your life.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By fairies68
    Such a beautiful game. Love the graphics, music and flow of the game.
  • Removal of the adds option 1/5

    By Garthflo
    I’ve some how ended up paying for the removal of the adds when I canceled the purchase and still was charged the $3.99. I’m still having to watch add’s to play the game. Having to watch add’s just to play different difficulty’s or when I’ve fell and start over.
  • Ad overkill 2/5

    By Javelin200
    Looks like a fun and engaging game but I eventually deleted it rather quickly due to complete and utter ad overkill. I couldn't even look at the settings of the game without having to watch a 30 second ad. 3.99 to unlock the ad free experience just didn't seem worth it as I couldn't experience the game enough without getting frustrated from all the ads. Change the number of ads and I would gladly rate this game higher.
  • Wooooowo 5/5

    By aliteeafx
  • $$$$$ad$$$$$$$ 2/5

    Im not against ads nor am I against paying for quality games. That being said This game appears to be quite entertaining. Problem I am having is that although it seems fun it is quite difficult. And after each fall the options are to watch an ad to continue or watch an ad to start from the beginning. As much as you fall trying to learn this game you have to watch ad after ad after ad.... that’s when I close the game and contemplate uninstalling. So if the intent is to get a person to watch 2-3 ads than bravo. Or u might want to change your strategy.
  • How is this game free??? 5/5

    By This nickname in taken
    Amazing cinematic experience. Absolutely beautiful!
  • An escape 5/5

    By Gregariuos
    I didn’t know what to think. I was just trying to find a game to pass time. I had no idea it would end up being a full on experience. Not much to it yet still very entertaining. Wow. Beautiful music and wonderful graphics. Breathtaking
  • Comment 5/5

    By Thet Naing soe
    Very amazing and I like the sound of game
  • One of the best mobile games I’ve ever played 5/5

    By ajdjlaldld
    This game not only looks great, but sound great! I can’t wait to farther and farther into it because it can only get better!
  • This game sets an awesome mood 5/5

    By DeucePennies
    The music is top notch!
  • Awesome 5/5

    This game is really cool game it’s relaxing the music is awesome I definitely recommend it to everyone
  • The premise and gameplay is great... but about those Ads. 2/5

    By Ethan_04191999
    The game is amazing and it’s very fluid and fun to play. But there are many, many, ads layered throughout the whole game. It ruins even basic aspects of completing a level because you’re stuck watching one or two 30 second ads after EVERY single attempt on a level. Now, whether you want to dish out the extra $4 to get rid of them is up to you.
  • Very bad 1/5

    By lion92626
    It was an awesome and great offline playable game But now you need internet to play You have ruined the beautiful game
  • This is rolling sky!!!!?? 4/5

    By Billyboye
    This is a good game itself, but if it’s was it’s own game and wasn’t rolling sky 2, then I would rate 5 stars
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 甜瘦爸
    I just want to say that this game is the best I ever played.
  • “Rolling” Sky 2 2/5

    By Nasendo1
    First of all there is ZERO ROLLING. If it was called running sky it would be fine, but rolling is just misleading. I was hoping for just more levels but nope the have to have completely different (worse game). This game is also filled with ads and the levels seem way too expensive when bought with in game currency. The first 4 (free) levels aren’t that great and the music is just OK.
  • Rolling sky to is the BEST!!! 5/5

    By Univalible100
    I’ve only been playing this game for a day and it is so fun and I love it so much I hope that people read this and think that it’s going to be a good game for them because I love it and it’s amazing 😉 I am addicted already and have to keep playing this game or I’ll freak out 😂 whoever gets this game I hope they enjoy it as much as I do i people see this Note. I love this game <3 :)
  • Where is lvl 1 (Home)? 4/5

    By Smmuf
    Why is “Starry Dream” lvl 1? I can’t find “Home” anywhere! Please put it back! Still a Great game, though!
  • Omg! So good! 5/5

    By teddybear1017
    I started playing this game on my phone. After the second level I totally fell in love with it, and thought the graphic features were amazing! The game was very fun and I cannot stop playing it. It was absolutely beautiful. The music was great. I think think you should really download this because it’s way better than rolling sky one.
  • The first rolling sky makes more sense 5/5

    By static rubber
    I think that the first rolling sky makes more Sense because there’s actually a ball rolling. So technically the second one should be called running sky sense there’s somebody running and um yeah but it’s still fun though I just think the name should be changed to running sky
  • It’s beyond unplayable on iPad because of the slider bar. 1/5

    By Soe Oak
    Get rid of the restrictive slider bar. It’s unplayable on IPad. You can’t expect everyone to swipe all across the screen. This is ridiculous.
  • It’s alright 3/5

    By s t a r g i r l
    I don’t think it was anything like the original, but other than that it’s a pretty fun game and I recommend it to anyone who wants a change in rolling sky. If you are looking for it to be alike, please don’t buy this app! Thanks for reading!
  • Why 5/5

    By memesanicmeme
    They didn’t add a new level. They lied.
  • Oof 5/5

    By warriormoon1
    Why was Home removed? And please, please, show me where you get the songs from, I love them so much and I can’t find them, and please tell me what the upcoming song is
  • Unique 5/5

    By Sia Kia
    This game is so pretty and it is uniquely made!
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By izzybellybooyt
    I have only played the first one but so far it’s pretty good I love the soothing music it makes me feel adventurous And a little stress when I have to keep replaying the same Level. It all blends in perfectly I really hope you make a part 3 Great job on making this game
  • Great Game Ever!... Just need the sound effects from Rolling Sky 1 5/5

    By jaydenmonoblanco
    I love the graphics in there and the graphics I am talking about are that the human it replaced the ball, Just... try not to “lose” your head! I just need the sound effects from rolling sky one
  • Could've Been In Rolling Sky... 5/5

    By Giorgio Greggio
    When I heard the news of Rolling Sky 2, I first thought "How can this be any better than Rolling Sky?", but I was very impressed with the quality of this game. Other people have troubles with ads or falling through the floor, but this game works perfectly for me. But as I played the levels, I thought to myself "Why didn't they just make these levels into Rolling Sky?" When I say that, I don't mean for you to just move the levels into Rolling Sky, but make them into Rolling Sky form, for example: In Fate, in the part where the piano keys rotate into place, you could make them the turning blocks from Castle in the Sky. I hope you understand what I mean. Overall, this game is very clever and ingenious, and definitely deserves a five-star rating from this review. I hope you could at least make one of these levels (Plz do Fate) into Rolling Sky form.
  • What the frick is this!? 1/5

    By Crystalizer66
    So, I LOVE rolling sky. It is a good game with a great soundtrack. When I saw a rolling sky 2, I had to get it. Boy, was I mistaken. How do go from a charmingly simplistic game about a ball rolling through obstacles to... WHATEVER THIS IS!? This does not feel like a sequel. It feels like a map pack.
  • I think it’s the prettiest game in the AppStore, but 3/5

    By i alone
    The developers are the greediest I have seen! Ad after an Ad after an Ad, it really just makes stop playing because of how sick of the ads I am. And even though it’s really pretty and well designed, I won’t pay that amount of dollars for an phone game which I will only use 1/2 hour max per day! And every thing costs cash, and the levels are extremely hard on purpose so you buy powers which costs a lot, like you need 5 dollars to just clear a level, while watching tons of ads.. Overall, amazing game.
  • Rolling sky 2 5/5

    By unique golf
    This is a great game so far
  • The best 5/5

    By player7624
    I just love the game
  • Watching ads more than playing 1/5

    By Noor Karzon
    That’s what I got to say. I’m watching more ads than playing the game. Beautiful game but the prices and the ads are good enough for me to delete. Thanks anyway and I wish you could modify your strategy better. I don’t even get the chance to play it well..
  • Meat 5/5

    By prestoni the poni
    So relaxing the first one is easy but this one is hard witch I expect thank u so mush rolling sky to make seconded one p:a so realaxing:) •~• •~~~~~~~•
  • Gmae 5/5

    By puzzle lover101
    It’s a good game ok people
  • Rolling sky 2 5/5

    By robby richerd thompson
    I really injoy playing this game but it is hard because you have to move all over the place for the game
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Jacob Mejia 1122006
    The game itself is ok but I feel like it has nothing to to do with the first Rolling Sky game. I was hoping to use a ball that’s what I liked in the first game and the art style is so different. I also do not see a link to this game and the first game.
  • Upset 1/5

    By lilmarcy18
    Upset because it don't work an iPad's 2 and 3.
  • Go back to minimalistic 1/5

    By RYgamer1
    You killed the first one and you took everything you learned about making a good game trash, and made this.
  • WORST GAME 1/5

    By Yeshua Montoya

Rolling Sky 2 app comments

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