Rolling Sky 2

Rolling Sky 2

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.20
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
6,357 Ratings
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Rolling Sky 2 App

Hold and drag little prince in touching dream journeys ! We result in the Red Dot Award:Communication Design 2018! Ever wanted a animated film that you can play with? Here comes it ! a fascinating combo of challenges and original soundtracks. Watch out as you are about to fall for this cool new gaming experience it brings! How to play: Hold the screen and drag the characters to dodge obstacles and traps Game Features: ~A musical film that you can play with, a perfect combo of auditory and visual experience ~All original music ~Easy to operate along the beat, but hard to master ~Unique Epic levels and gameplay, various music and stories

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Rolling Sky 2 app reviews

  • ):$-& 3/5

    By (/)/&-'
  • This is my new favorite game!!! 5/5

    By SophiaNB
    I live this game!! I can’t wait until you add more levels!! I’ve won them!! It would also be nice if we could get this game on Android. I would love to play it on my larger Android tablet! A great game!! I love it even more than the first Rolling Sky.
  • Rolling sky 2 5/5

    By joelenp
  • That music is to relax 5/5

    By Quis Gibbs
    Marquis G.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Nathan11405
    This is a calm and addictive app ever play this I dare you
  • Thank 5/5

    By ninj is gay
    It is so much fun
  • Nice... with enormous flaws 2/5

    By SkylarkFlight
    I love this game; a very unique twist on Rolling Sky, with very realistic designs. And somehow I am better at this game than I am at the original. Edit for when I spot a glitch: With the recent Jazz update however, the watch ad button doesn’t always work. When I have WiFi off and I run out of hearts, I turn it on or use cellular network, and I tap on the watch blue Watch Ad button, but as soon as I tap it, it turns gray. This is so frustrating :/
  • Remove adds did not work 4/5

    By michaellong120
    Remove adds did not work, but great game.
  • Review 5/5

    By bugga dugga ding dong
    Very interesting. Keeps you on your toes. 🎵 🏃‍♀️
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Encinito33
    Wooouuuuwwww these game is 5 star

    By That. chicken is trash
    Ok to start off I don’t like how the revives don’t work at all. Second can you please make the game easier for people who have anger problems . That’s all for now I guess. Please answer this and fix these problems.
  • Ok 2/5

    By gbinf
    I can see why people say nothing beats the original I was expecting a much better game but that didn’t happen the first one is much better and I would recommend it
  • Ruined by ads 1/5

    By Kevcaedes
    I have never seen a game with so many ads. It completely takes over the game in ruins the entire experience. You can be playing a beautiful level with beautiful music and really getting into it and then suddenly you’re interrupted by a 30 second ad. And it’s after almost every single level that you’re required to watch an ad before you can play the next level. Shame on the makers of this game. I want to play it ever again because it’s awful with the ads
  • Nice. 4/5

    By Royalflush735262
    I played the original Rolling Sky on an IPad at my school. It was great, the colors were great, and the music as well. Flash forward few years, and I’m losing down, and i go to download the game. Then I see the sequel. I download it, and it’s everything the original was, but 50 times awesome.
  • New level 5/5

    By Fabiluli
    Please play this level called jazz now
  • Sell the soundtrack 5/5

    By DoingItForTheCoins37261
    Please please pleaseeeeee put the music up on iTunes. I’d be the first to buy all of them.
  • Nice game 5/5

    By Shayanshz
    خیلی خوب و سرگرم کنندا و سخت و البته با موزیکای فوق العاده👌🏻
  • Bad 4/5

    By donald ronald trump
    It’s just so good idk it’s just good like it’s the new Minecraft to fortnite and sheiks per kill its Minecraft’s 10rh anniversary on May 7th and no one cares😰😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
  • One thing 5/5

    By thunderboltPIKACHU5
    I like the new jazz update but please change the music back on “nightmare” (now pulzzel), starry dream, and fanista. and don’t even think about changing the home music
  • Booty 5/5

    By nigherboy
  • Nice 5/5

    By drawing fantic
    I really like it and it sounds very peaceful and it kinda blocks out everything like my parents.
  • The Best Calming Game 5/5

    By Dorothy Liang
    First it was nice and slow it was also calm the music,game,and everything!
  • Good but lots of ads 4/5

    The game is smooth but I hate how there is so many ads interrupting the gameplay.
  • Soothing 5/5

    By HonestLee1979
    This game has the ability to transport you for a brief time to a place filled with wonder. While engaging, it is equal parts tranquil and in mere moments it helps me to escape the mundane stress of the daily grind. 5 stars indeed!
  • Game play 5/5

    By BodGod9
    Great game play! Fun graphics challenging but peaceful and enjoyable to play
  • Weird and short🙁😒 2/5

    By moxielove
    It is just that it is not really rolling sky😕
  • Amazing game! 5/5

    By Alisha Aliceian
    When I downloaded this game, it had very calm music that I like.And it also has this very smoothing/calm scenery for you to be EXTRA calm.So if your angry or in a bad mood, I prefer you to play this game!
  • I recommend this 5/5

    By majadingosnuresry
    It is relaxing 😎 I don’t know why there are bad reviews! No ads.
  • This game needs some help! 1/5

    By jara david
    This game needs to fix the game revaluation and game graphic’s because it just looks the same and the levels are too short because the original rolling sky has long level’s and short ones too. So just copy off the rolling sky you know and make improvements to the new one you have here. Thanks for reading this review!
  • Ads Everywhere 4/5

    By Popnuggets
    Don’t get me wrong I get that games will have ads but come onnn... I literally can’t even play this game if I don’t have service because of the ad rule you guys have. Why can’t we just watch the ad the first time and have the song unlocked for good. I can’t even scroll through the menu without getting a ad. Not to mention when I die I have to watch two 30 second ads to start playing again. Great game though.
  • Problems I have with the game 1/5

    By problems with your games
    1. There’s too many ads, I understand if it’s an easy game but it’s very hard and you have to watch an add for everything. 2. The game is too fast, like the floor with change at the last second so you fall. 3. I feel pushed to buy things from this game, like lives, or gems. 4. This game makes me feel very anxious. I don’t hate the game but I don’t like I hope the creators see to understand why people don’t like the game very much.
  • Nightmare 5/5

    By OldManFruity
    When is nightmare hard mode coming out because I got every gold trophy on every stage other than nightmare.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By a😀w😀e😀s😀o😀m😀e😀
    Ok, so I’ve noticed bad reviews on this because it is not like the original rolling sky, but I’m the opposite. I think having a second game doesn’t have to be like the original and it has the same concept! Now, I have been enjoying this game a lot recent and it is super fun! I was so excited when I first heard of the game coming out and I am still happy that the game did and that I downloaded it. This has been my favorite game and I’ve been playing it 24.7! Please make more levels soon enough cuz I can’t wait for more!
  • ............. 1/5

    By ih h ihk. b hkkbj jb
    Hi I want you to know that I hate you and your games. I am very angry that I cannot get past fate. In the first game, I had to delete the game a lot of times. I don’t like the games that you create. I need a good game that I can get past for at least two times. This game is what causes trouble for me. This game should also not get the Reddot award for 2018.
  • This is epic! 5/5

    By Despairandpleasure
    I have never played a game so awesome in my entire life. There are no flaws in this game. Nothing can compare to how amazing it is. It is clear that the creators poured their hearts and minds into making this, and I’m proud because of it.
  • ADS! ADS! LOTS OF ADS! 2/5

    By Vortex vernon
    Lots of ads! Please fix this because I really like this game and rolling sky. The ads make the game very laggy for me thats why I deleted it for now until there were less popup ads! I really like playing this game since it was beta and I’m one of the beta tester, please just fix the ads, it makes the game VERY LAGGY :( :(
  • Overall good 4/5

    By UR MAM0182838281
    the game is really fun, i fell in love to the music and kept playing for a while. but there were just WAY to many ads. esspecially if you die very often. every time you die you get an ad. and then they want you to look at an ad to get an extra life, or to unlock another level, otherwise you have to pay 100 or 200 gems to get another level (which is difficult to get since they give you like 1 at a time.....unless you watch an ad) so overall its a good game. just get rid of all the ads.
  • Ehh 1/5

    By Alyssa~a annoyed customer
    I’ll keep this short and simple. I hate the character design and the first one is better.
  • HOLY SH*T 5/5

    By Funtime Foxy 131
    Okay, I did not expect to see such stunning graphics! Amazing!
  • Find the poop emoji 2/5

    By lol king man
  • Whatever..... 5/5

    By theowl123412341234123412341234
    When I downloaded this game I was not at all disappointed with the music and graphics... or I wouldn’t be could PLAY THE GAME!!!!! Every time I played the very first level, just after the 25 percent checkpoint, my device would turn of, then turn on again! So I completely shut down the device and tried again the next day..... except it was still glitching!
  • Poop 5/5

    By jsjsjsjdjxkjdskw
    I Love ❤️ rolling sky 2. It’s sooo better than the 1st one
  • Una actualización lamentable 1/5

    By Xticlo
    Antes podía jugar las dos primeras historias sin ningún problema, ahora en el momento que empieza el juego pierdo automáticamente o avanzó un poco y pierdo. Es lamentable porque era uno de los juegos que más me gustaba; tengo un iPhone 5, si es por el celular debían hacer la app para iPhone X para adelante.
  • The app crashes 2/5

    By milatin-x
    This app is really great and all but, every update I make seems to make the app worse. Because ever since I updated the game, it trips and closes unknowingly. Really need help, and increase in app performance.
  • I love this game 5/5

    By gtv thv
    It’s so asome
  • In love with the songs 5/5

    By AndieMi
    This game is SO adorable! And relaxing, all the songs are beautiful. Great game!
  • I’ll Tell You the Good and Bad 4/5

    By Therice5
    First of all, the game is AMAZING. The music is really nice and I guess... soothing. If you’re playing a level with AWESOME adventure music, it gets you in the vibe! The levels are also very creative with great designs. Now, the negatives. In my opinion, there is only one negative, ads! I understand that ads help someway in money, but they’re really annoying. Finally, the sequel to Rolling Sky is really cool. To anyone who wants to try it out, DEFINITELY. Just mind the ads.
  • Advice 5/5

    By kferas
    Please add some more levels
  • Awesome but hard 5/5

    By lkw999652
    I love this game but it’s just a little hard with some of the jumps I definitely recommend this game to people with rolling sky 1

Rolling Sky 2 app comments

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