Rolling Sky 2

Rolling Sky 2

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  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rolling Sky 2 App

Hold and drag little prince in touching dream journeys ! We result in the Red Dot Award:Communication Design 2018! Ever wanted a animated film that you can play with? Here comes it ! a fascinating combo of challenges and original soundtracks. Watch out as you are about to fall for this cool new gaming experience it brings! How to play: Hold the screen and drag the characters to dodge obstacles and traps Game Features: ~A musical film that you can play with, a perfect combo of auditory and visual experience ~All original music ~Easy to operate along the beat, but hard to master ~Unique Epic levels and gameplay, various music and stories

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Rolling Sky 2 app reviews

  • Game 5/5

    By HuangThong
    I feel i’m falling in this planet, seriously!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By bfbhvbh
    This is trash and I played it for a minute then i deleted the game
  • What the heck happened to this game 2/5

    By BLU3R0S3
    When I saw this on the App Store, I was excited to try it out. After all, it’s a sequel to one of my personal favorite mobile games. But this game...god, this game... Every single level feels like a tutorial level. It’s so slow and boring and completely lacks the sheer speed of the first game, not to mention this game requires no skill, unlike the first game. The first game was fast, you had to have good reflexes and think ahead about where to jump, land, and move so not to get pummeled by a swinging hammer or fall to your death. Here, it’s lacking so much in both speed and skill, that one kind of affects the other. Because this game is so godforsaken slow, it eliminates the need to be good at the game because you can see every obstacle coming from a mile away. And the music and visuals aren’t even that great, either. Sure, the first game had kinda terrible music and the visual department was lacking, this game was certainly a step up, but all the pieces sound the same, just with a different tempo and key. The visuals look like they were developed in some Korean sweatshop, too, it just...doesn’t feel right. This game is a HUGE downgrade from the original, if you want a Rolling Sky experience, stick with the first game, don’t waste your time here.
  • More levels please🙏 4/5

    By Srishane
    Okay so this is a really great game it is my 2 nd favorite 1 st rolling sky . Any ways the thing is that I would love some more levels probably like ten to 30 more .
  • Not te same feel or game play 3/5

    By ShierCard
    The feeling of the game is different I don’t like it it’s weird and not the same they should have made it the same maybe even a story to this game that would have at least been better but no it’s bad and weird.
  • Update 5/5

    By stocks yt
    We have been waiting for the update since many months and it’s still not here we all are waiting please give us the update cuz the game is very boring cuz we have had death book for the past year and it’s not very fun so i don’t rlly play the game so I just play regular rolling sky because this one won’t get the new level BUT in the iPhone 7 it has the update cuz I had a IPhone 7 before it had the update but on iPad or others and I’m tired of it so please give us the update :( its still not here im getting bored i have not played the game in a 1 year in a half and No update im starting not to like this game anymore
  • Please bring back vinicunca😭 5/5

    By taylorleylor
    I love this game but I really want this level back on my iPad. I’d love it if you could do this for me. I would give this game a five star rate but I can’t because of this levels loss
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By VictoriaShadow
    The game is essentially the same as the first, only there is a whole lot more effort and time that was put into this. The music is unique, beautiful, matches the level perfectly, and is often times close to tear jerking. The visuals are gorgeous, lively, appealing, and in my opinion, the best I’ve seen in a lot of games. Overall the music and visuals are masterful. If I wasn’t broke I’d gladly give the developers my money and pay for the gems and probably even the add free thing, not because I’ve ran into any adds, (I haven’t seen an add once yet, except for the shop, if that counts as an add), but because they deserve it. If they spent so much time and effort with this masterpiece, they can have my money. But, I’m broke, so naturally, I’d be totally fine with funding them by watching the adds. Only the adds never load. They just say preparing and I haven’t been able to move on because I have no money, no gems, and no adds to allow me to temporarily ‘own’ the level. I REALLY LOVE THIS AND WANT TO KEEP PLAYING, so if the developers could fix that add/video problem that would be great. Maybe it’s just a problem for me/my phone. Either way, I highly recommend getting this game, it is beautiful and in every way amazing, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Very unique 5/5

    By human with eyballs
    It’s very different to games I’ve played I love the style and atmosphere of the game!
  • An annoying bug 4/5

    By SkylarkFlight
    I really like this game. Since Rolling Sky is constantly getting updated, there is no reason for Rolling Sky 2 to be the same in terms of design. I prefer this beautiful, complex design more, actually. What I like even more is the orchestral music and all the different instruments in this game, being an orchestra person haha. I’ve been playing RS2 since its release to the public, but I’ve stopped a few weeks after Deathbook. It’s my favorite level, actually, but I just didn’t have the time to spend on games at the time. Now I’m back, but there hasn’t been a new level at all??? I don’t need completely new levels; filling in all the slots for normal, hard, and nightmare mode for the currently existing levels should be enough. But that isn’t a huge deal since I haven’t unlocked every level. I used to watch ads for gems, but when I redone loaded the game, the watch ads button is always set at “preparing”, the thing you get for having your WiFi off. But I don’t have it off, and I have cellular data as well, but both won’t work. I’m writing this review after getting that golden music note, which is apparently very very rare to get... which of course I can’t get since I can’t watch an ad. Right now I guess I gotta enjoy playing an ad-less game (no pop up ads even) with wifi on... Should’ve been fun. Please fix :( I also wanna watch ads to get that hourglass thing for Theft’s nightmare mode, even though I’ve passed all the current levels perfectly. It’s just easier for casual playing and still wanting to hear the entire level, and yes, I was bragging. Love this game! Also, I redownloaded Rolling Sky today, sad that I lost the Alan Walker levels that I got for free, but oh well. If you (developers) read this entire review, please add a way to back up everything on that game so I can also play cross-platform.
  • Good game 5/5

    By pebbles the hamster
    I love the graphics and music it is stress relieving and high quality
  • nothing worked 1/5

    By Theo Mines
    My name is Teddy. I have been playing this since Puzzle came out. Ronin has been released, BUT I STILL HAVE DEATH BOOK AS THE NEW LEVEL! Worse thing yet, I can't update it. Obviously i hate this game. There should be more updates right now seriously. Also I want a bonus for Theft and Ronin named Illusion.
  • Great game 5/5

    By kaptain kid
    Awesome game with a good soundtrack. But it needs an update
  • In app purchases don’t work, what a junk! 1/5

    By USER1653
    In app purchases don’t work, what a junk!
  • ads doesn't play 4/5

    By alexpretty good
    Why the ads doesn't play.? I can't get to another level of the game
  • Where is the new levels 2/5

    By sebatian235
    I downloaded this thing like 2 months ago and I still don’t get levels. Please fix for me. 😡😡😡😠😠
  • App deleted. 1/5

    By Dorkfishie
    I said if you don’t update by the end of April, I’ll riot, but I’m going to say this right now instead; CM, why didn’t you update the app with Ronin first BEFORE porting it to the Switch & Steam? Also, since nobody really liked them, why are the Moons back? Finally, why isn’t the idle mode in the Steam version, despite clicker games being perfectly fine on that platform? P.S: Can you make the Diamonds & Crowns return and make silver-colored Moons a third collectible instead? (There will be 1 moon per level.) EDIT: It’s been seven months? What are you doing?
  • Reminds me of 5/5

    By Dezonly1ofthem
    WOW a part in Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp Beautiful
  • 评价 3/5

    By 螺旋升天偷瓜猹
  • Adventure time 5/5

    By Jett and Abbie
    Its so adventureous 🤗.#l.o.l & #😸.
  • This isn’t really Rolling Sky 2 3/5

    By MobileRoman75
    This isn’t rolling sky... Rolling sky has blocks as obstacles, a controlable ball (witch is the player) This isn’t rolling sky 2 okay If you make rolling sky 3 do what I said just please! It’s to different!
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Gradualgolden1
    They have outdone themselves with this second installment!! So much fun great music
  • Incredible in every single way, for all ages approved! 5/5

    By Atakefman28
    Hi I’m Addison, and even though I just got this game I can tell you it is amazing! The graphics are so beautiful and impressive, and there is nothing inappropriate about it! Although it’s probably just me who things the puppet guy is slightly scary, drifting away into darkness, that’s what makes it so unique and special! It’s like you’re guiding a puppet slave to freedom! I’m probably just overreacting and getting dark though XD Though yeah, I’d totally recommend it! And the best part is, it’s free with a share of adds, and you can play it anywhere, at anytime! And it doesn’t need WiFi and doesn’t take up space! And no, this was not a sponsored review XD
  • TOO CREEPY 3/5

    By Yzoo😻
    It’s a nice game but it is to creepy my sister was going to play it but she didn’t want to play it so she said it’s to creepy I agreed so we didn’t play it but sometimes it gives me to creeps when I pass it in my home screen please fix the problem then I start to have Nightmares so we deleted it so I hope it will be less creepier
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Angiedove
    I usually wait for a pop up message to appear while in the game asking me to rate this game but I couldn’t wait anymore when I started playing the game I came directly here to write something about it. This game shows so much efforts put in it. A mixture of adventures, classic, just sounds like a beautiful dream with its music. I appreciate everything about it, it’s features are amazing and so real, am fan of adventurous games and I know how to recognise good one...Rolling sky 2 is great. Thumbs up to these team 👏🏽
  • Pretty good but I don’t understand something. 4/5

    By Moolight the Gamer
    Why the HELL is there a Switch version?!? I got the same question for Rolling Sky 1 as well. They’re both just simple mobile games that you just kinda pick up and put down anywhere. They don’t need ports for a console which, yeah you can take anywhere, but it doesn’t make sense to have these apps unless you got like a Switch Lite.
  • worst game 1/5

    By shlee000
    Don't download this game!
  • Great music 5/5

    By 18$376431731
  • Fun 5/5

    By Epsilon/Delta
    It is fun, but can you add more levels
  • ??? 1/5

    By 2sgzzsasxzz
    Why is it named death book
  • Detail 5/5

    By ttvclaxi
    It’s crazy how you guys made a way better and detailed version of rolling sky. It looks beautiful.
  • Ok but sad😢 4/5

    By Narwhal Heaven 826
    I used to adore this game! It had such cool levels and a unique gamestyle! Soon they had an update with a prequel of theft and another new level! I was so happy but soon they took away the levels and went back to how it was before the update! I was really sad that they took away the levels for no reason! If they brought the levels back and maybe even added a new level,I would give this 5 stars. Bye!
  • Me encanta este juego 5/5

    By merfany
    Me facina
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Mariam_Melik
    This game is astounding. It reminds me of Sky but the music is so calming and I’m so glad I found this.
  • Not updated 4/5

    By icee3170
    I like this game a lot but it just didn’t update in a long time! I’m hoping for a update soon.
  • Money stolen 1/5

    By Triforcegod4713
    I bought the ad removal and yet im required to watch ads to play a song and retry. What the heck? Who do i talk to about refund or what lawyer is good to get onto this company thats all i wanna know.
  • Awesome music, amazing graphics 5/5

    By JK Barnett
    Okay so the first few levels are pretty cool and challenging at times, but the level I love the most is fate. the song goes so great with it and the actual level is just amazing. you guys did an awesome job with this game I cannot wait for what the future holds for this game.
  • Why the flap, after I die, not restart immediatly? 1/5

    By Illiss
    Why is there not an option to immediately restart when you die? Instead I have to wait the longest three seconds of my life... every time I die.... either watch an ad to revive, or use a instant revive, with no option to immediately restart. The wasted time ads up and makes this game less enjoyable for me. I already paid 4 dollars for no ads and 4 dollars for hard mode theft map.
  • Ads 4/5

    By canary123987
    I love this game it’s great but every time I pass a level it there’s an ad waiting for me the paper airplanes are not helpful they lead me the wrong way
  • Masterpiece however 1 tip 5/5

    By BlitzenLeaf
    This game is an amazing well designed masterpiece however i hope the Developers read this.So you know how when you lose there is a “revive now” sort of 3 second timer where you can revive with gems or watch an ad.can you guys put like an x on the top right corner because most of the time i want to restart and i have to wait the 3 seconds.If you guys put a x to skip that timer thatll be great because ads arent annoying at all.i payed for no ads so thats set.Other than the timer this game is Outstanding and i hope to see the game grow as the years pass by. Thanks Cheetah Mobile for making this masterpiece and my new Favorite game ❤️
  • Highly disappointed 2/5

    By RedditMan808
    Nothing like rolling sky one and it’s so boring like whyyy
  • Wow 5/5

    By Zzzoie
    Love the design - music - colorful 3D effect...I don’t even care if I get the stars bc this is done sooo beautifully I just love the different worlds in how magical they are...I’m glad they have an easy button bc the 1st game ( rolling sky ) was way too hard that I’d get frustrated to even play where as this one is more soothing & fun graphics are AMAZING
  • Not the same 2/5

    By mermaid7735683
    The first rolling sky was so much better so original. The new one is just nonsense and that is why I just stick to the first one the first one is amazing so much better and that is why I delete The second Rolling sky and kept the first one
  • BS 2/5

    By DiPhi374
    I don’t mind paying for a game, but I hate having to still look at ads after I’ve paid for it. Almost unplayable with the constant ad watching. Bait and switch. Wish I could get my money back. What was the point of paying?
  • It’s okay but 3/5

    By stardust625
    The animations feel very, idk, I guess incomplete. They’re not smooth. They feel rigid. And forced. The animations are incredibly awful and take away from an otherwise beautiful game. And stop cutting corners by making stuff low poly. This game could be amazing, but ur just goin low poly and it looks god awful
  • Relaxing, GreatGraphics, 5/5

    By ariannaxoxo
    One of the best games I have across
  • 😻 5/5

    By pusheen:3
    Great!! But how do I turn on music ?
  • What is going on? 3/5

    By CalSowX
    Context: If you don’t know, basically Cheetah Mobile made this update to the game that had a new idle game along with new levels for the scrolling game. These level included Vinicunca, Theft Prequel, and more difficulties for already existing levels. Anyways, due to some idiots rating the game bad just because the gui of the previous update looked weird, they restored the previous version with an older one, removing the new levels and the idle mode. Now, at first I was really mad since i didn’t want to update it, but the phone automatically did it. I worked so hard on the wizard and also loved the Theft Prequel level. It’s been 3 MONTHS now ever since Cheetah Mobile has updated it, and people are starting to get angrier. They have been updating other games like Rolling Sky 1, and Dancing Line, and yes even though it may take some time, It’s still annoying how The company hasn’t given us anything about tHis particular game. I wish the idle mode and new two levels were back, but knowing that Cheetah Mobile won’t see the reviews this is what I can tell you: Yes, do download the game since it’s really fun and something that will test your reflexes, but if you finish levels of the game or get bored with the simplicity of the current game version, don’t expect new content at the moment, since for some reason Cheetah Mobile has been unresponsive about the game. I wish I could play theft prequel once again. ;/


Rolling Sky 2 app comments

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