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With RoseGal app, you can shop any merchandise you like at anytime and anywhere. You can also interact with over 10,000,000+ fans to share your shopping experience. Keep your fingers on the pulse & gain inexpensive products. RoseGal is a one-stop shopping mall, including Women’s fashion, plus size, dresses, swimwear, bikini, tops, American flag, lingerie, leggings, bras, underwear, shoes, sandals, flats, led shoes, hair, bags, hats, beauty, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, keyring, rings, earrings, body jewelry, Men’s clothing, shorts, shirts, pants, jeans, blazers, tie dye, home decor. RoseGal provides all users with more cost-effective goods. Download our app and become our user, RoseGal will impress you!

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  • AWFUL!!! 1/5

    By SuzzieMarie
    I ordered a bathing suit here more than a MONTH ago and it still hasn’t arrived! You keep giving me excuses like “it’s sold out, kindly wait for it”, you given me this excuse 3 times!!! I specifically paid for shipping that would give me my order in 1-2 weeks, SEND IT ALREADY! I tried to be patient at first but this is absolutely ridiculous!🤬
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Daylo's Wifey
    The worst customer service I have ever experienced with a company. I paid for expedited shipping and over a month later my order was still processing. So I request a refund. Now my order is labeled as “refunded” but this company has not made any payments to my account. I will NEVER attempt to buy from here again. I have been dealing with this since mid April and it’s almost June. I am completely disappointed and irritated at this point. Do not waste your time. There are plenty of other places to buy similar clothing that are prompt and RELIABLE. RoseGal is a JOKE and should be embarrassed with their operation.
  • Unhappy customer 2/5

    By Dynonds
    I order six items and only received four of them. I waited a while to see if the company was going to send me an updated as to when the other two items were going to arrive and I never received a message. When I contacted customer service the first time they claim they would send me a message in my email when my items were shipped. More then two weeks went by and still no email! I contacted them a second time and told them I wanted a refund for the items I never received. They claim it takes 7 to 14 days for a refund! It didn’t take them that long to take the money off my card! This is bad business!
  • Website not updated 1/5

    By dkakdnfeoe
    I ordered a dress almost 3 weeks ago. It never told me that they were out of that specific dress. I ordered it and a week later noticed it was still processing. I contacted them and they told me the dress was on back order and They will get more in between 7 to 15 business days. Like I said it has been now three weeks and they still don’t have my address in stock. So I went and found a different dress and asked to exchange, before I ordered it I asked them to check to see if that one was in stock because it showed all the sizes were in stock and I did not want to wait another three weeks for the dress. The person informed me that once again this dress was out of stock. So I asked for my money back because I have to find a dress by a certain date for my anniversary. They really need to update their website and keep everybody informed of certain dresses that are out of stock.
  • Love the style 5/5

    By Sandra78249
    Awesome styles and good variety of sizes! Good website for someone trying to keep up with the times .
  • Rosegal is the bomb 5/5

    By tinkerbel22
    I loved everything I ordered. Shirts were amazing and the packaging was so great. Love you rosegal and will definitely be a returning customer
  • Irritated customer 1/5

    By Savanna jo
    Will not be ordering from them again, I’ve been waiting on my item to come in for over a month. What’s the point in paying for quicker shipping if it’s not gonna come in quicker. No one can seem to reply to my emails either.
  • Sizing 5/5

    By lmfaoumf
    I usually have trouble buying stuff that fits on clothing apps but this one is actually true to its size. I got a size bigger on a bathing suit I bought and the bottomed fit good but the top is too big. So now I will buy the size I usually am and won’t have to worry about it fitting or not.
  • Clothing 5/5

    By floria 13
    Great value for plus size clothes
  • Rose gal crap 1/5

    By $919
    Never got my whole Order. The most expensive sweater was never shipped. The quality of items were horrid. Nothing looked like the photos. Never order from this site.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By kea1042
    The company will take your money, it will take months for you to get your items (if you get them at all), and it takes weeks for a refund to come back to you. I ordered three items around March 5th. I was under the impression I’d receive those items in 8-10 business days as I was told when I picked my delivery method. Meanwhile, two of the three items were delivery the second week of May. The third item is still MIA somewhere. When I contacted Customer Support they said they were out of that dress despite me having already paid for it. I asked when it would be back in stock and they said they hoped this week. Even if it came back in stock they said it would be two to three weeks for me to receive it. Two to three weeks longer for a dress that I was supposed to have received in mid March. Horrible, horrible, horrible experience.
  • Buy at your own risk! 1/5

    By my buyers remorse
    I ordered items based on the size chat provided and while some fit, 2 of them were extremely larger than what I can wear, I tried to return them because after I received the items, these 2 were just not flattering unless I wanted to look like I was wearing a tent. I tried to return them as I not only found they were too big but the style looked better on the website than in real life. There’s no way of returning it, but I could pay extra to send it back for an exchange which leaves me still paying money to not wear something I don’t like. Also, one of the items arrived damp...I tried to again see about returning a damaged item but because you can’t take a picture of a damp item to show proof I’m once again stuck with this item. When purchasing clothing online the customer should ALWAYS have the option to return the items if it doesn’t fit right or if the item arrives damp-which I consider a damaged item as who knows how long it’s been like! I’m very dissatisfied. My order was also split into 2 different orders... I have no idea where the second order is or when it is being shipped. Very dissatisfied with this site and will never order from it again.
  • Horrific return policy/customer service rep 1/5

    By howareallythenamestaken
    Never again will I order from this site. The return policy is so outrageous. I called to see if I can get a return / exchange order in process because the size was too big. The first rep I spoke to said I had to send an email along w the order number along with pictures of all the items I’m returning. Waste of time! And really I think it’s their way for us to not return the items and for folks to deal with it. Sorry not me. So I went and let them know this process was awful and there needs to be a better way. The rep then hung up on me thinking that was going to stop me but it didn’t, so I called back and got a nice gentleman. He said a picture was not needed just the explanation of the return and order number. Still though, this process is dumb. I been in the customer service field and never heard I had to email someone to return the item, what’s the point of having anyone on the phone line??What a disappointment. I never want to deal with these people ever again. I’ll stick with the Rainbow clothing store, at least I can return right at the store. If I could a zero to the first rep I spoke too I would because she does not deserve the 1.
  • Not worth it. 1/5

    By Pmac10381995
    I love deals so normally waiting isn’t an issue for me. I placed my order almost 2 months ago. Still haven’t received it. Customer service hasn’t responded to any of my emails.
  • Best app! 5/5

    By Yaneli Vega
    I really love this app and the people from the customer service are so awesome and patient. They have been able to contact right away and can always help me. I already ordered three dresses from them and they were beautiful. My third item didn’t in with my other two orders and I was worried so I contacted the customer service and they told me it was out of stock (it wasn’t when I ordered it) but they said I could wait, get a refund or change it for another one. I decided to wait and it was worth it because as soon as it was back on stock I got my dress. You have to be patient and understanding about the people who work for this company because they have to answer to everyone who uses this. Not everyone will be as lucky as me but I really do recommend this app. Thank you Rosegal for your amazing service. Will totally be buying more things! 💕
  • Horrible Service 1/5

    By XxDreamyLuckxX
    I have been asking for a refund because my item has been returned but all I am being told is to state my address and go to local postal service. I can’t return my item, not going to buy from again.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Mightymom74
    I ordered and paid for 2 dresses and a teddy on 4/10/19. One of the dresses was supposed to be for my daughters graduation on the 19. For some reason they were split in 2 separate shipments and delivered on 2 different days. The graduation dress arriving on 5/7/19. Almost a full month after I ordered it. I went by the sizing on the site for the plus size I would need and the dress looks ridiculous. Now I’m left with a dress that looks like a friggin tent and I’m sure not gonna try to replace it. I only have 11 days til graduation. I won’t order from here again. Should’ve read the reviews.
  • Awful 1/5

    By mays123456789
    They were very hard to deal with and I didn’t get my orders on time. I wouldn’t recommend using them
  • Bad bad bad 1/5

    By nolivares
    I had to at least give a star for reserving some of my products ordered,, payed extra for shipping and still waiting for my order to arrive,,I’m so annoyed by this company and the service 😒😒
  • Swimsuit 1/5

    By Trisha99999
    I ordered a month ago and my order is still processing. I’m so disappointed. I’ll never order through them again.
  • Highly clothed 1/5

    By tentfy
    very ordinary clothes of poor quality, the most common fabric of all, the dress I ordered lacked a ribbon of a sleeve, the asymmetric pants equal to poor quality fabric, the clothes very ugly and very expensive not worth it,! horrible
  • Love the store 5/5

    By hotmama_18
    I love the great options of clothing and styles
  • Regarding my order 1/5

    By tyrgb
    Horrible service I waited over a month for my order only to receive the wrong order. Terrible service
  • Not in USA 1/5

    By sleeperc3ll
    I wish they would be straight up and say where they are..
  • Plus size clothing that fit 5/5

    By sami maire
    Plus size clothing that fit and actually make you feel beautiful. I absolutely love everything I bought from here, and will continue to keep buying clothes and swimsuits. Also my delivery was way earlier then I expected it to come, which also made me extremely happy.
  • Don’t care about customers time 2/5

    By Friedtacoclaudia
    I will no longer order from this website. If an item is out of stock, TELL YOUR COSTUMERS. I understand things run out but why let costumers order it any way. In your FAQs it says most items ship within 24 hours but some will take 3-5 business days. I placed my order over a week ago and received no type of notification that it would take longer than that. Very disappointed.
  • Not Worth It 1/5

    By Kburr03
    While the app has great prices, it is not worth your time. The deals are nice and they have a lot of options; however, that is not important when you do not receive your order. I was supposed to have my order over a week ago (after choosing expedited shipping), and the only thing I know is that one of the four dresses has a shipping label made. It said my order would be shipped within five to eight business days and it has been 15. I have no idea what is going on with the other three dresses, and at this point i am just very irritated. That is why, i say this order is not worth it. Hopefully I can save someone some time.
  • Fake website! 1/5

    By Erin0224
    I placed an $80 order two months ago(68 days), was supposed to be delivered 45 days ago and have not received anything. I contacted customer service who seem to know nothing of what it going on. Will be disputing my transaction with my bank and filing a report on this company.
  • Change of address 1/5

    By Velvet1az
    I moved from Arizona to Utah 10 months ago so when I was gonna place a order I tried to change my address on my account and couldn’t so I emailed them and gave them my new address well that didn’t make any difference they still sent my order to my old address and now who knows where it is and I just bought someone some new pretty things and they still keep telling me that the order has been shipped and the address can’t be changed
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Vanessa Cooney
    my mom and i ordered two swimsuits and sunglasses. as we put the card info in our bank said it’s to risky. so my mom got a call from our bank not even 3 minutes later saying we had two payments one $46 and then $48. so this app is a scam and tries to steal your money. DONT BUY FROM HERE i am extremely sad that i cannot get my items now❌
  • Clothing and size very unhappy customer! 😢😢😢😢😢 1/5

    By lk🦋
    Never order from this company please, I ordered my size and it was still too big and they are wanting me to pay to have it shipped back to exchange for a smaller size. I have also had a problem with receiving my order they keep telling me that almost everything I ordered is out of stock, so I called and replaced the items with something else and was told it would be shipped out immediately & now there telling me the same thing that it’s out of stock I will never order from them again! They do not match to the American size believe me! I will only order from company’s in the US. I even paid for priority mail and it’s still been a month and they will not give you any discounts.
  • The most awful company i have ever dealt with 1/5

    By 2nd chance queen
    Sizing chart way off it took a month and a half to receive my complete order everything was so big i could fit 2people in each tried contacting cs what a joke just given the run around not one helpful person is employed by this company i will never order from there again nor would i ever recommend them not even to my biggest enemy save yourself alot of frustration and time do not order from here
  • Shipping takes forever 2/5

    By Sp1c3_W0lf
    I ordered some things last week and paid for faster shipping. They just now are getting shipped!!! What’s the point of me spending the money to get faster shipping when they won’t even get here when I need them. Also while they were in “processing” I couldn’t edit my order. I grabbed the wrong size of one thing and tried to remove said thing from my order, since it hadn’t been shipped it shouldn’t have been a problem but it wouldn’t let me. I was super excited when I found this app now I’m just disappointed
  • Useless 1/5

    By Jazzyfayee60
    Yes I give them credit for discounted clothes but it’s been almost 30 business days since my order was placed and I haven’t received my items and they only shipped part of my order because one of the dresses were out of stock. Don’t do it. Because now I am getting a run around about the dress. And I’m ready to cancel it to have my money returned. This is the worst customer service and company I have ever dealt with, along with them not having a supervisor on the call center floor to speak with.
  • Mad customer 2/5

    By Ashmiesterr
    I’m a good customer either in my account or my daughters My packages came in multiples 3 things are too big No number to call... then when they finally answers email ... they say it’s past 30 days Some items didn’t come D after 3” days of the order... not my fault No more!!!!! Not cool at all.
  • Dress 5/5

    By Haileigh2002
    Love the dress i got and fits great
  • Wait time 1/5

    By bsjdkdoosjxjfnsoxn
    If you’re purchasing something, make sure you don’t need it right away. I’ve been waiting for my delivery for almost a month, with no update on where it’s at or if it’s even been delivered at all. Estimated wait time was between 7-15 days, I am way past that. I have tried contacting for update and nothing. Will update review once I receive my items.
  • This company is horrible 1/5

    By Quatropinta78263)4&"'h
    Ordered product on 3/21 on 4/18 I initiated a chat and was told it was a hot item and would not ship. I had even paid for expedited shipping. This is the worst service I have ever experienced and I will never purchase from here, will also be reporting to BBB. Giving 1 star only because this makes you, doesn’t even deserve that
  • Amazing Plus-Size Selection 5/5

    By Jdkdksnsbanaocivkfj
    I normally don’t write reviews for apps but I went out of my way to write one for Rosegal because that’s just how awesome it is. FINALLY a clothing store that has the same styles in plus size as they do in regular sizes, just in a larger size. I’m sick of the clothing stores that have a tiny selection of plus size clothes that are uglier while the people who are “regular sized” get the cute clothes and a huge selection. Thank you Rosegal for being so inclusive!
  • My Order 1/5

    By luisitanina
    I order a dress on 4/2/19 pay more for shipping before my trip.. try to contact the costumer services sending emails no answer still didn’t receive my dress I don’t think I will order from here anymore...
  • Sunglasses 3/5

    By tickedlady
    I ordered 2 pair of sunglasses a month ago and still haven’t received them. Very disappointed.
  • Bathing suits 5/5

    By Miracle "Not"
    Great selection. Better prices. They fit well are so cute.
  • I love this company 5/5

    By bettybellaflower
    There are so many choices. I enjoy how you cater to the larger women. I have a company I can “window shop” and not feel guilty if I change my mind. Thank you Beth Smith
  • Never ordering again 1/5

    By rinaazs3
    I never got my makeup brushes, it’s been A MONTH. SMH
  • Review 2/5

    By g366bhjjxxxx
    I’m just soooo happy i read the reviews before ordering..this sounds so awful wrong sizes poor quality... i was really excited seeing this app with cute stuff for plus size woman but with 90% of customers complaining i won’t give it a try!!! Gave it 2 stars for the clothes they display
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By speedwayistheonlyway
    Downloaded this app because it was advertised on Instagram for plus size swimsuits. I start browsing and notice the sizing. It said a 5x was a size 22. And some items only go up to an xl which is plus size to China but it was not plus size in the American sizing. False advertisement and a waste of time.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Brandyce32
    Took 3weeks to get here when website states 10 max. Terrible quality Doesn’t fit the way the photo depicts Asked for a refund and to return product was told I would have to wait 3 weeks and would be responsible for shipping g costs (I’m in USA item shipped from CHINA) would not recommend to anyone at all. 0/10 stars.
  • Horrible Service and Horrible Product 1/5

    By Maddharlequin
    First, I had an issue about not all my items not being delivered together. There was no email sent to me with the delay. The first agent I spoke to was rude, unprofessional and did not seem to care about my issue. Tried to speak to a sup but she said none were available. Didn’t hear back from a sup. Then when I decide to just try the leggings on without my complete outfit, the leggings were already torn. The 2nd agent I spoke to about this was not even paying attention to my messages and was doing something else like track the order when that’s not what I said at all!!! They do not care for your concerns because they already have your money. Horrible product and horrible service.
  • Notifications 2/5

    By Kasicanis
    I can’t make the notifications go away. I have clicked through everything. I can’t just be stuck with a little red number, how do I make it go away?

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