Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

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  • Current Version: 6.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Rosetta Stone, Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages App

We believe anyone can learn another language. We’re not saying fluency comes easily or overnight (and you should question anyone who tells you otherwise). But we can show you how by making a plan with your motivation in mind. Try it yourself for free. Rosetta Stone has taught millions of people new languages, and you’re next. From day one, you’ll: • Stay focused with a personalized learning plan based on your motivation. • Learn intuitively using our proven immersion method. • Perfect your pronunciation with instantaneous feedback. • Download lessons to do everything offline. • Access different kinds of exercises with our Extended Learning features. • Sync progress across all your devices. • And never see an ad, ever. Choose from 24 languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (American or British), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin American or Spain), Swedish, Turkish, or Vietnamese. Select a subscription: We offer 3 month subscription durations. Subscription Details: • Get full access to all lessons, stories, and audio companion when you subscribe to Rosetta Stone. • Payment will be charged to your Apple ID. • Your account will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. • Manage or cancel your subscription from your App Store User Settings at any time after purchasing. Payment will be taken until the end of the current period. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Enterprise and Education Learners • Unlimited use of Rosetta Stone's mobile app is available for existing Enterprise and Education Learners. • Features may vary for Enterprise and Education Learners. For questions or assistance, please visit

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Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages app reviews

  • Course Reset 4/5

    By David-131
    I love the product, I just wish there was a feature for all devices/apps/online where you could reset all progress for a specific language. This way you could start over and not have to reset. Or if you took some time off from it and wanted to start from the beginning. Also, with unlimited languages I feel you should still be allowed multiple users or at least be able to pay slightly more to add a user or someting. The user interface with these functions need to be improved in my opinion.
  • El mejor Curso 5/5

    By osomoy66
    Este curso de Ingles me a ayudado mucho para superarme personalmente, mi agradecimiento al departamento de atencion al cliente por estar siempre tratando de ayudar al alumno. Tienen un exelente pesonal.
  • Good learning tool, a few bugs 4/5

    By msnadel
    I've been using RS (Spanish) for about two weeks and overall really like it. I was initially using the web-based version, but switched to the MacOS App. Overall I prefer the app - it's faster and easier to navigate - but it does have a few bugs. Nothing major, it just locks up occassionally and certain exercises (the Extended Learning ones) often wouldn't register as completed.
  • very good 5/5

    By Cranh
    i very like
  • Best Methodology for Languages 5/5

    By G-man SA
    I work for the federal governemt and learning languages is critical to my job. Our agency provides us with a free subscritption to Mango which I have. It doesnt compare to Rosetta Stone. Its based on endless repitition and it is not effective. I have used Rosetta Stone since way back when - when they were still on CD rom and I was buying them one language at a time. I learned or greatly improved on a few languages. You may not be able to speak the langauge fluently at the completion of a language program but havinbg learned a few languages Rosetta Stone gives you everything you need. Take that and apply it and you have a beginners degree of fluency. So it puts you right at the doorstep. I did the RS Hindi a number of years ago ( being in the US govt critical language list) and I still remeber the basiscs. I've taken language fluency tests for the government and I use language sin my official capaciity. I have used alot of language learning software and boooks over the years. All respurces ultimately help one learn a new language but if you are going to invest yourself in learningf the language - Roseatta Stone is the only ways to go Its methodolgy works. When you compare it to otehr methodologies - there is no comparion
  • amazing program but 3/5

    By Awesome rep
    Love rosetta stone - the new portal has great features, but I would keep a spanish dictionary near by
  • Excellent program, app needs tweaks 3/5

    By kingoftoad
    sometimes the software freezes on me
  • Great program 5/5

    By jonas???
    Very easy to learn program and great customer service.
  • great way to learn a language 3/5

    By GamersEvil
    The app is beautiful and the method it uses to teach a new language is good. But the Mac app and the iOS app are not always in sync, there are lessons that i completed on the web or iOS but are unfinished here. and the writing lessons are completely gone from the apps and are only available on the web.
  • The Best 5/5

    By Zagar_Actual
    Absolutely the best platform to learn on!
  • Learning Sapnish.... 5/5

    By Playa to low
    I've tried other tools, such as Duo Lingo Rosetta Stone, if by far a much better teaching tool, I guess you get what you pay for. Sometime it does get frustrating (of course, learning a new language is frustrating), but revisiting the lessons a couple of times makes the grammer sink in. Let me put it this say, I've been using Rosetta Stone for Spanish for about two years. My daughter has been studying Spanish in school for two years. She does not have near the voculabary nor the ability to put togeter more comples sentences. Great job Rosetta Stone.
  • Second time 5/5

    By cdr369
    This is my second time to try Rosetta Stone. I've been using Pimsleur for many years now... and I decided to give Rosetta Stone a try again, since the pricing seems very competitive to me. I've been pleasantly surprised. I've been studying both Russian and German and have no complaints so far.
  • the best 5/5

    By tuco62
    i have used rosetta stone to learn french and chinese mandarin..... the new interface has some issues and bugs, but i still think it is an amazing tool to learn a new language and higyly recommend it.
  • Great Learning Tool - Glitchy App 3/5

    By Gametymer21
    The tool is great; but, the app constantly glitches. The PC based app is better than iPhone or iPad but all of them crash daily. They require a shutdown and restart everytime I use them. Often have to retake completed lessons.
  • Good App 4/5

    By klramaman
    I "own" 5 languages & app is a great way for me to access them conveniently. Have had some technical issues in past with conversion from CD Rom to digital format but they've been finally resolved. Technical support has become much more responsive to my great pleasure. As its track record lengthens, I'll add the fifth star. Jeff Washington, DC
  • voice recognition is poor 3/5

    By SuperSnowLeopard
    i'm using headset but is like exactly understanding my voice. Furthermore UI is not work sometimes and not fit my monitor whenever resizing window. I hope that the app is improved future.
  • should be cheaper 4/5

    By moebly12
    It's a bit expensive (especially considering how prolific free alternatives are, and the growth rate of that group), but it's effective.
  • Simple and Effective 5/5

    By TreyJohnsonMN
    I love Rosetta Stone and am all in on it!
  • Good... but not perfect 4/5

    By EyeTechGuy
    The computer vision seems to be buggy on the navigation controls. Glad it is now on the App Store.
  • good 4/5

    By א"ש
    The way it teaches is very, very good, but the software is very old-fashioned. The idea of this is good
  • aprendiendo 5/5

    By 135amrhs
    creo que es una muy buena aplicacion para empezar aprender ingles, suerte para quien la utilize saludos
  • Good Start. Needs More Work 3/5

    By Iz Goy
    With macOS Catalina (10.15), Apple dropped support for 32-bit applications. The old Rosetta Stone macOS (OS X) application was 32-bit, and even though Apple warned developers years before macOS Catalina was released, Rosetta Stone developers didn't bother to recompile their Rosetta Stone application as 64 bit compatible. Rosetta Stone pretty much abandoned their non-subscription model a while before macOS Catalna was released and instead is selling monthly, annual, or two-year subscription to Rosetta Stone. Occasionally, Rosetta Stone runs specials when they offer life-time subscription. The problem with that is those who bought Rosetta Stone courses on DVDs were not grandfathered in, so they couldn't use the web-based and iOS-based learning without paying Rosetta Stone for the new subscription-based courses, but at least they could still use their old DVD-based courses in macOS; that is all the way through macOS Mojave (10.14). With the upgrade to macOS Catalina (10.15), the old Rosetta Stone application no longer works. Originally, this created a lot of negative reaction among old Rosetta Stone clients, but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise for macOS users. Before macOS Catalina was released, Apple announced the new framework called Catalist, which allowed applications written for iOS to be easily compiled for macOS Catalina and later versions. So, since Rosetta Stone developers never bothered to compile their macOS application for the 64-bit-only OS, they jumped on the Catalist framework and quickly compiled their iOS Rosetta Stone application for macOS Catalina. This solved the problem of not having a native Rosetta Stone applicaiton in macOS, but that still didn't resolve the issue of the old Rosetta Stone clients who bought their DVD sets some time ago for hundreds of dollars to be able to use their licenses with the new iOS-based macOS Rosetta Stone application. Fortunately, the Rosetta Stone leadership came to their senses (probably after thousands of complatints from their old clients) and agreed to migrate the old DVD-based licenses to the new-style licenses that work with web-based, iOS-based, and now Catalist-compiled macOS applications. Send a Private Message to Rosetta Stone on Twitter, and check their response within a day or two. They will let you know what needs to be done to convert your old DVD-based license to the new style license. Alternatively, you can call them and do this over the phone. *************************************************** The Catalist-compiled Rosetta Stone application for macOS has some glitches. One of them is that the sound that prompts you for a response breaks up, and it's pretty annoying to hear this broken sound over and over again. I am running this application on the 2018 MacBook Air, so it's definitely breaking up on my computer. Additinally, this application doesn't work with Bluetooth headphones, but neither did the old 32-bit application work well with Bluetooth headphones. It appears to me the voice recognition engine is either not as good as it was in the 32-bit Rosetta Stone application for Mac or it became much more sensitive than it used to be. My pronunciation gets rated much lower when I set the sensitivity for the maximum accuracy, so it's more frustrating to complete the lessons. Whether the voice recognition engine is much more sensitive in this application than it was in the 32-bit application or this is a result of a programming bug - I can't tell. All in all, this process of migrating Rosetta Stone from DVD-based licenses to the new web-based /iOS-based licenses has not been easy. Even though the Rosetta Stone's reputation was saved by the Apple Catalist framework, which allowed Rosetta Stone to simply recompile their iOS application for macOS, the current state of this application is very basic and lacking in features and polish. It works just OK for now to tie us over, but I would highly encourage the Rosetta Stone developers to put in some effort into improving this application and to work out the bugs.
  • Best method for me 4/5

    By pat17rick
    My wife and I tried evening school classes twice and left because our progress was impeded by others who didn't do their homework and needed constant review, which cut into our learning time. I have tried other apps and found this works best for me. It allows me to work at my pace and, while it moves quickly, circles around often enough for review that I learn by repitition, without dwelling too much on one thing at a time.
  • Doesn't work with Apple AirPod or AirPod Pros 1/5

    By JDevereaux
    Seems it cannot listen via the AirPod family line on the Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air models.
  • The new Experience 5/5

    By Courteous_tech
    the experience i have encounter using this app this amazing. Beside its sound quality and accessment it stand out on interactions and quality pictures that help in memorizing more easy

    By coelhinho
    I have the CDs software that i got a few years ago. Unfortunately i had no time to enjoy it but now I just tried to use it a messaage pops up on mac saying to contact the developer c'se it needs to be upgraded. I had an acount so I tried to download my CDs and I opened my acopunt on this new aplication. It is asking me to pay, AGAIN? Are you serious? Please! I have already paid more than enough for the whole learning software! I am looking somewhere else, WHAT A SHAME!
  • faulty app 2/5

    By James J. esq.
    the program itself is nice but after every time logging in to the app. on my Mac. it's a 10 min fit to "pick a program" and it doesn't save my progress. logging in the website and my phone works fine it's just the mac app that its an epic fail
  • Excellent way to learn a language 5/5

    By MsMt.
    The format is great..You pick things up fast..just stick with it!!
  • Great program, tech needs help 4/5

    By Dunn124
    This is a really great way to learn a language but the software seems to have some glitches in it. Even with the software problems it's a great tool for language learners.
  • FIX PLEASE 1080p HARD to see 2/5

    By HenriqueSR
    In the Hebrew course it has been impossible to see which vowels are being displayed. The font is way too small and there is no way of making it bigger other than changing the computer screen resolution. Could you guys fix that? Take a look at HEBREW in 1080P. Thanks guys
  • Love 5/5

    By Loskyy
    I love Rosetta Stone.
  • Spanish 5/5

    By ahdjdjxixjdndnfc
    the spanish is good. customer service for Rosetta stone is excellent. this is worth the money.
  • Nice but super glitchy 3/5

    By SixthSamurai
    Good program for quickly learning vocabulary and pronounciation. But the app is very glitchy...gets hung up often, fails to advance, drops out audio at times. It's frustrating at points as it just freezes and I have to restart, losing my progress.

    By Never use it!!!
    It doesn't work on mac at all. I couldn't even log into it, always loading, I installed it several times but couldn't fix it. And I couldn't log in on the offical website, couldn't open the window of online chat.. So nowhere to apply refund! SO DISAPPOINTED!
  • Able to transfer from my CD Rosetta Stone Program 5/5

    By malfrisch
    When I updated my Macbook, I was no longer able to use my Rosetta Stone program that I had installed. Customer Service was able to get me an account with the new Rosetta Stone App, so I could continue learning without having to re-purchase it! I like the more modern layout and the Extended Learning section.
  • what about older OS 3/5

    By promyk
    I can't use this version on my computer because i cannot update to catalina. where can i find older versions? i look on the website and it doesnt seem to exist and in my purchase confirmation email i just got a link to mobile apps.
  • why not the 5th? 4/5

    By Lexa Yeymely
    the setup of the program is wonderful the reason i dont give it 5 stars. is because I feel the program is very expensive
  • Pretty Good 5/5

    By Andre610
    I like the app! I've been wanting RS for a while and was happy to see an app. The reminders aren't annoying and they allow you to try multiple times on the same phrase or word.
  • Excellent program, loading issues 5/5

    By Frank Montgomery
    I have had this program for a couple weeks now, and I am so glad to have it! In a home where no Korean is spoken, the immersive program will be so helpful. And many forms--reading, speaking, grammar--are all covered. It's a great program...if it would load properly. Perhaps this is a problem on my side, but I find that frequently the program will load slowly or jam. I will select an answer and it will take a minute or several moments for it to move on to the next answer. Sometimes I will have to restart it (it almost always saves my progress, which is nice). But otherwise, this program is awesome so far, and I look forward to learning with it.
  • fun 5/5

    By Heymif
    I sat down to look and before I knew it it was 2 hours later
  • honestly one of the best 5/5

    By jamaica121289
    I have had nothing but good things to say about the app and Rosetta Stone. I got a new macbook pro and it wouldn't work due to app store issues. I called and within 5 minutes they had granted me full access to the online verson. Awesome customer service and program.
  • Writting 4/5

    By Amirkaka
    Rs app doesnt have writting,please check it
  • The same trick AGAIN! 1/5

    By Mr. PPD
    Apple must pay attention to how App is presented in their App Store! Lots of them saing FREE. But they are free for download ONLY!!! Not for use in ANY way. Just zero! You download, click here and there and finally understand that without $150 or more you, in fact, have NOTHING! Thanks Rosetta...
  • Apprendre de efficacement 5/5

    By Luc Asosa
    des ressources et une approche excellente pour chauque personne, selon ses besoins! Je recommande Rosetta Stone pour quiconque veut apprendre la langue anglaise.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By LoudSigh
    I like the app, and can continue my learning from past purchases on CD-ROM. I don't think it's intuitive about how to switch between languages that I've purchased. Rather show me what I already own, and let me click them in the app. I don't want to visit a website to active them one at a time. The app should make these things seamless.
  • Great experience! 5/5

    By Tic tech toe
    I find that language learning with Rosettat Stone is exciting and effective. I highly recommend it.
  • best traing 5/5

    By مدشوش
    best traing
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By Cole Age:11
    This Is very helpful. Not only do I learn, I have FUN
  • Crashes before even starting 1/5

    Starts and displays an error "Please try again (Rosetta_Stone_Learn_Languages.CourseStoreError - 0)". Blank window, nothing to do except exit. Useless app.

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages app comments

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