Route: Package Tracker

Route: Package Tracker

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  • Current Version: 2.68.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Route App LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Route: Package Tracker App

Route is the premier package tracker for all of your online orders. Join over 50 Million people who have tracked their orders with Route. Route connects with millions of online stores and over 600 shipping carriers worldwide, including Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and more. Get shipping notifications that give you real-time status updates on any delivery! NEVER MISS A DELIVERY The Route App brings package tracking and delivery to life. No more wondering where your package is—has it been shipped? Is it stuck in transit? Delivered? Now you can visually track your package’s journey from checkout to doorstep, review previous online orders and handle delivery issues (lost, stolen, damaged) all in one app. “Shopping made simpler” - HYPEBEAST “Your go-to package tracker” - NBC News WHY YOU’LL LOVE ROUTE Track all your packages in one place - Stop searching for tracking numbers in your inbox. Track every order automatically by connecting your emails to Route. Visual Tracking™- Hate searching for tracking numbers? Us too. Route seamlessly connects to every online order and makes package tracking a breeze. Real-time push notifications - Route syncs in real-time with shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS and USPS to provide shipping updates that keep you informed from the minute you checkout until your package arrives safely on your doorstep. Curated Product Discovery - Find the next brand you’ll fall in love with. No more knock-offs. Buy direct from brands you trust. Follow Your Favorite Brands - Never miss a product drop. One-click Order Resolution - Your package never showed up? Damaged? We got you. File a claim in one click from one of our 11,000+ merchant partners and let Route handle the rest. Universal order history - Gone are the days of digging through emails to find old online purchases. Route automatically stores and organizes every order (including Amazon) for quick review and reorders. Unrivaled privacy - Don’t worry, the Route Bot pulls only the necessary information to track your packages, and never shares it. WHAT OTHER SHOPPERS ARE SAYING GAME CHANGER “100% a must have for anyone who shops online” INCREDIBLE! “I love not having to sift through emails to find tracking info. This app is amazing!” PEACE OF MIND “Super convenient to have an app to track all packages from different sources. No more stress over missed deliveries.” Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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Route: Package Tracker app reviews

  • Hot trash 1/5

    By ysysysysysydysysysys
    This app is extremely useless. A vendor required it to get shipping information and there wasn’t really an effective way to add the order without giving it access to your email. The app review team needs to look into these kind of scams closer. It’s unclear how this has 4.8 stars while clearly being some sort of identity scam.
  • helps so much it’s great ! 5/5

    By TictacFlako
    it updates you about your package and gives you notifications for where your package is at its very helpful
  • Notifications 2/5

    It updates me on my packages too late. If I never would of checked the tracking number in a ups website, I never would have known that my package was already delivered. I have it now, but this app didn’t tell me until hours later; 5 hours to be exact.
  • Tracking 5/5

    By Pappydog69
    Excellent tracking and info
  • Forced 1/5

    By Jamesk91
    I don’t like how you’ve inserted yourself into this transaction and really only provide value for yourself. I was forced to download to have my order shipped and I can’t get any information on the actual delivery. You don’t even try to hide that the intention of the app isn’t to provide a service but instead to force people to have their consumer data farmed. These developers are very disingenuous to even make this app in the first place and arrogant to not even provide the advertised service. I believe I’m going to call Apple tomorrow about this app and what it’s actually doing. If enough people are willing to do this then this app could be removed from the store.
  • Possible Identify theft 1/5

    By Geo Weaver
    So I downloaded this app to check tracking on an online order I made from a reputable website and immediately after I had my email sending me notifications that someone from Iraq twice and London once all within a 4 hour period tried to log into my email account, I myself live in the United States soo major red flag. Legitimately right after I verified my account on this app to use it to track my order. I didn’t use my email to sign up anywhere else or for any other reason recently so it’s either someone got my email and waited until I conveniently downloaded and verified for this app or this app is the culprit. Either way I cannot prove it this app was the reason or not but I’m definitely uninstalling and will not recommend you or anyone else to use this app just in case.
  • Hi 2/5

    By 1981 503
    Needs options to cancel orders
  • This app is bad 1/5

    By redguy_0925
    I’ve been trying to track my order and here’s how it went 1. I live in Texas but for some reason it puts me New Mexico ? 2. It won’t even let me see my order because it’s saying I never did order anything. Please fix your app
  • Microsoft account will not connect 1/5

    By RioSilasMcDowell
    Recently had to change my Microsoft account password. Since then, the app is unable to connect and track orders and instead of customer service outright explaining they’ve had these complaints before, they asked if I’d like to delete my account to set up a new one. I did. Had my account permanently deleted, or so I thought. Tried to remake a new account using the same email I place all my orders on, and still there is a failure to connect. Might as well just call it useless at this point. Unfortunate.
  • I don’t like this app! 2/5

    By Antique Teacher
    I don’t like this app! It lists every package I’ve received for the past two months. I have to go through and attempt to delete a bunch. Then, I’m not able to delete some of them. Who wants to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get an app to do something?! Not me. What works for some doesn’t work for others.
  • Forcing access to email 1/5

    By Jeanisis
    Just downloaded this app because an order keeps pushing me to it when I want to track it while on my iPhone. I download and it tells me I must give it email access or put in a tracking number. But the tracking email I got from Route didn’t have a tracking number, only a Route order number. So that’s a no-go. Of course I don’t want to give it access to my email. So just ended up deleting the app and emailing the store owner to inquire on the tracking status instead.
  • Easy tracking 5/5

    By LTC (Ret)
    This app makes it easy to track all your packages.
  • Happy 5/5

    By Gin Gin - OK
    Found this easy enough for a grandma (without reaching out to teen grandson, my tech support). So easy to check status and very accurate.
  • Too many errors 1/5

    By DSR3152
    I downloaded app a week ago. It now shows one order is being shipped to Uruguay. Another from a company that I have not placed any orders from. To try to resolve it with the app is impossible because it’s all automated. Horribly frustrating.
  • pretty cool 5/5

    By elenaboi101
    pretty cool
  • Not functional 1/5

    By m.vegan
    I’ve tried to use this app several times to track items after ordering online. Each time, I follow the link provided by the vendor to Route app, which then finds nothing. No way to add the tracking to the app, no error message, just a blank order history. Each time I delete the app in frustration, forget about that experience, and months later I’ll try it again and then when it doesn’t work the exact same way, I remember why I had deleted it. I’m caught in an endless cycle of wanting to trust it and being betrayed. Thanks, Route.
  • Route❤️ 5/5

    By Trin71
    This app is awesome! I love it! ❤️🥰
  • So Convenient! 5/5

    By Remyrene23
    No longer do I have the hassle of searching back and forth through multiple emails for tracking numbers!
  • The app needs all access to your personal data /contacts just to track a package no thanks 1/5

    By Jduxkoff
    Why does a tracking app needs all this access to your personal account /emails/data etc , dirty app plain and simple refuse to download.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Elise Rv
    Please don’t order from Hue. I’ve called three times and left 3 messages because my order was never delivered. They never respond. Horrific company!!!
  • don’t like being forced to download apps 1/5

    By matthewuzhere2
    i don’t care how good this app is, i don’t like that im forced to download it instead of just being sent to a website and having the option to download it. i’m always going to be less willing to give a product a decent shot if i literally don’t have a choice whether or not to use it
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By NathLV
    Let’s me tracking all my packages at once in an orderly manner. 10/10
  • works great but why do you need so much info 4/5

    By greased piggy
    this app works great but why do you need to know passwords for my email and google accounts. This leaves uneasy
  • Snooping tool 1/5

    By Lead eyelids
    0/5. In what universe do you need access to not just my email but my entire google account for me to track a package. Disgusting.
  • Very convenient ! 5/5

    By ReKliSMiNd
    I only downloaded the app initially to track a package because I had to through the merchants website but immediately I was struck with how easily it linked to the pertinent accounts and automatically tracked my packages. Super user friendly, taking literally seconds to set up.
  • UX needs to be rethought 3/5

    By y4hy33t
    In the case that I have multiple orders from a merchant, it’s hard to know which order is which because you can’t give a name to each order. Overall it feels lacking. I found it hard to use.
  • Pointless App - Not Worth It 1/5

    By ThePatriot1017
    I installed this app after a purchase instructed me to do so for tracking. After using it for a number of online purchases I can safely say that this app is useless. It fails to update tracking info and is often wrong. Typically it will stay stuck at “preparing” or “on the way” however that’s as far as it will go usually. It will not provide accurate information, location or arrival date. Orders that arrived weeks ago still show “on the way” in the app, others say there’s a problem with the tracking.. but if you put the tracking number into the shippers site it pops right up. Don’t waste your time with this, it isn’t accurate. 1/10 would not recommend.
  • The Best 5/5

    By Nubeinrocker
    I love this app Regardless where I purchased my packages from I can find them quickly and one place. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone everyone use this app.
  • Account required to track my order??? 1/5

    By M M P nickname!
    I was sent to download route just to track an order I placed. Then required to sign up for an account?? Total over kill and too much friction to just check my order status. Let me see it on the web with a tracking number like a normal ecommerce system. Awful.
  • Awesome sauce 5/5

    By To9 G
    Awesome sauce
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By A762776
    Slick UI, no pop up ads, free, and seems to work with all major carriers I’ve tried. The only thing that keeps it from 5 stars to me is the lack of an easy way to add a note/title to each package to identify what is actually in the shipment.
  • App keeps disconnecting 1/5

    By Jesus is my Only God
    I keep having to reconnect my emails and reconnect the app over and over. I have found it’s just easier to go the retail shop verses this app
  • good 5/5

    By piperhufff
    i rlly recommend
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Flock420
    This is really awesome. I buy everything on line and it’s very important to me to keep track of everything.
  • Not cool fam 1/5

    By wereviewshit
    Not impressed always says the package is going to come a day or to before it actually comes in always gets my hopes up for nothing
  • Don’t do it!!! 1/5

    By Stevevenetto
    It’s a waste and they want way too much info and access to your email account…. No F-ing way. And it seems like they don’t even provide a service whatsoever by all their reviews Via the Better Business Bureau website. It’s got disaster written all over it.
  • Fantastic App! 5/5

    By Chuckie4242
    Love this app!!! I know exactly when my packages will arrive at my doorstep!
  • It could be great 1/5

    By Jaybird4637
    I idea of this is awesome however the ease of use when connecting to multiple emails or other apps to get the shipping information is all over the place. I’ve had to re-enter my information several times and get multiple authentication codes before I gave up because it just keeps cycling you through the set up process. Please fix.
  • Almost called the post office! 1/5

    By 299hs
    This app made me think my package was delivered somewhere else. It showed a place new by my house saying it was “Delivered”. When i went onto the app i bought something off it didn’t show it was delivered. This app showed it was delivered right by a FedEx Drop off only when it was going my way. Very dissatisfied.
  • Route 5/5

    By kaidrake51
    W app
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By $)(123456
    I literally found myself scrolling through the privacy policies and was like absolutely no, so I went to cancel it and it takes 7 DAYS to get confirmation my account was deleted? What does that even mean? I can delete my Facebook in 12 seconds but y’all need 7 days?
  • yup 5/5

    By jsnejefnnfjrirj
    this app keeps me updated i like it
  • Fun 5/5

    By Debmemaw
    Fun way to track packages.
  • not worth the download 1/5

    By emilycrg
    this is the first time i’ve ever had a company tell me i need to download an app to track a package rather than just give a tracking number. it wants to connect to your email and makes you go through several pages of making and connecting to accounts before you can even begin to see your package. so much more unnecessarily complicated than tapping a tracking number and having it take you to a ups website to immediately see it. it’s frustrating and i won’t be ordering with any companies that use this method anymore
  • Where are the tracking numbers? 1/5

    By Tony2.0xxx
    Why would a tracking app NOT show tracking numbers without having to click on each item? How useless is that?
  • Absolutely useless 1/5

    By rvikgtii you ofdrh
    Absolutely useless
  • Hate to write a review like this 2/5

    By jeelock
    I was and still am a USPS Inquired Delivery mobile app user. For quite a long time. For some reason it just flopped on me. I no longer get the ‘out for delivery’ or ‘delivered ‘ texts that I had it set up on for so long. I would get the daily email. And most of the time it wasn’t correct. I could still log on to see what was going on. And more times than not the information there didn’t match the email at all. Have a small online business and the wife and I Both do a pretty good amount of online purchasing. It’s about 400 yards to our mailbox and due to current health conditions it was just nice to know when packages were delivered. Started looking for a replacement app and found this one. It seemed the perfect answer. But I think I may ditch it in another few days. Going to give it a fair chance. The most important thing for me is knowing if my packages are here and if a problem look to see what i need for help. Ok. This app gives me delivery notices. As I have it set for. But the closest it’s ever came was about 2 hours late. USPS app when working correct. It was instantly. Also. Lol. The maps etc are cute I guess. But serve no purpose to me at all. I mean if I have a package coming from New York well I think I have a grasp on what the travel will look like. Lol. Another thing. I can’t find an actual tracking number in there if I need it. Only a Route number. I’ve given It email permission and it’s pretty neat that it will find my orders etc. But for some reason I get dupes and sometimes triple deliveries showing for the same item. All I need is three rhings. 1) my package is out for delivery or in the system. 2) my package (s) are delivered. 3) if a problem I can see how to handle it. My USPS Right now I’m still getting the morning email And I can log in and check for if deliveries are made. Which is a pain. But it’s still a very much useful app. I’m hoping they get it fixed. This app. Well I’ll probably give it just a little more time. But so far it’s not what I expected or need.
  • Unnecessary App 1/5

    By salty like the dead sea
    I shouldn’t need an app to track a package being sent with USPS. My though echo the other 1 star reviews on this page. Terrible service, they make it impossible to actually track your package
  • Super easy and simple 5/5

    By michelle.52728
    makes tracking your packages easy and super quick! definitely give it a try.