Route: Package Tracker

Route: Package Tracker

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  • Current Version: 2.52.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Route App LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Route: Package Tracker App

Route is the premier package tracker for all of your online orders. Join over 50 Million people who have tracked their orders with Route. Route connects with millions of online stores and over 600 shipping carriers worldwide, including Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and more. Get shipping notifications that give you real-time status updates on any delivery! NEVER MISS A DELIVERY The Route App brings package tracking and delivery to life. No more wondering where your package is—has it been shipped? Is it stuck in transit? Delivered? Now you can visually track your package’s journey from checkout to doorstep, review previous online orders and handle delivery issues (lost, stolen, damaged) all in one app. “Shopping made simpler” - HYPEBEAST “Your go-to package tracker” - NBC News WHY YOU’LL LOVE ROUTE Track all your packages in one place - Stop searching for tracking numbers in your inbox. Track every order automatically by connecting your emails to Route. Visual Tracking™- Hate searching for tracking numbers? Us too. Route seamlessly connects to every online order and makes package tracking a breeze. Real-time push notifications - Route syncs in real-time with shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS and USPS to provide shipping updates that keep you informed from the minute you checkout until your package arrives safely on your doorstep. Curated Product Discovery - Find the next brand you’ll fall in love with. No more knock-offs. Buy direct from brands you trust. Follow Your Favorite Brands - Never miss a product drop. One-click Order Resolution - Your package never showed up? Damaged? We got you. File a claim in one click from one of our 11,000+ merchant partners and let Route handle the rest. Universal order history - Gone are the days of digging through emails to find old online purchases. Route automatically stores and organizes every order (including Amazon) for quick review and reorders. Unrivaled privacy - Don’t worry, the Route Bot pulls only the necessary information to track your packages, and never shares it. WHAT OTHER SHOPPERS ARE SAYING GAME CHANGER “100% a must have for anyone who shops online” INCREDIBLE! “I love not having to sift through emails to find tracking info. This app is amazing!” PEACE OF MIND “Super convenient to have an app to track all packages from different sources. No more stress over missed deliveries.” Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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Route: Package Tracker app reviews

  • Make the switch 5/5

    By Fuzzyunicorn226
    I was using Shopify but it got over complicated, It was also notifying me of other peoples packages which is a violation of privacy . This app seems way more secure and easier to manage !
  • Love the app 5/5

    By LouieV88
    Love the app, it shows you where your package is in route to the location.
  • Package contents??? 2/5

    By 2A_Jeff
    Why can’t we add our own package contents??? It makes ZERO sense as to why this isn’t an existing feature.
  • Can only use gmail 1/5

    By Heather Bicknell
    I can’t connect my yahoo account which is my main account I use. It’s the only one I use regularly. I don’t want to connect my gmail as it’s a throwaway
  • Rechargeable DragonBar Vape 5/5

    By Unhealtyservice
    These are amazing will be ordering again. Quick delivery!
  • Seriously Suspect 1/5

    By Godeater
    Tryied to add my eMaip thinking they would search their orders for the eMail address. NOPE! They want to access YOUR eMail inbox where they will “monitor” ALL of your eMails and supposedly “ignore” any that aren’t Route related. Requiring access to all of your eMails just to “automatically” track a package is INSANE. Stay away if you value privacy/security.
  • I don’t want to download an app to track my packages 1/5

    By Rickasaur
    I also don’t want to give you my email address or connect to my gmail. This app is garbage.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ricardobrl
  • Hsppy 5/5

    By cateyegreen2
    Makes tracking my packages so much easier!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jaja24c
    Love this app, makes things easier to track.
  • My budget binders 5/5

    By Barbara Righetti
    I got my binder’s yesterday and they are beautiful so excited to get started.Fast delivery too❤️
  • If only they were accurate 1/5

    By 5616546521
    I’ve been waiting 2 days for this package of gummy bears. It keeps saying it’s coming today never comes. And I it hasn’t moved on the map since it made it into my state
  • Not simple 1/5

    By Markblah
    This process does not flow well, I do not want to give you access to my Yahoo, Gmail, or AppleID. WTH, do you my SS, Birthdate, and first born too. Too much work for what should be a quick and easy step
  • Stop forcing app downloads 🙄 1/5

    By s h a z i a
    We’ve moved beyond the era of having an app on your phone for every tiny thing. Route, please get a mobile site and let people track their packages from their browser. Terrible user experience, imo, unless you’re an personal assistant or something and happen to ALWAYS order from places that use Route. 🙄🙄
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By tori hufford
    I’ve placed several orders with a specific company, and they always have me track the package with this pointless app. I have packages from months ago that still claim to be “in transit” or “shipped” when they were delivered months ago. Doesn’t update, it’s pointless.
  • I don’t like the comments about what I buy. 1/5

    By jcolerose
    I don’t like the comments about what I buy. “The word on the street,” etc.
  • Very simple, but very useful 5/5

    By ArtSchoolBully
    As someone who orders a lot of items, it’s hard to keep track. This app does it for me. Highly recommend
  • Good gram 5/5

    By cindylue2u
  • (Update) Forced to get this app 5/5

    By JayAngerer
    Update: ok, I broke the 9th Commandment and bore false witness against this app. Seriously. I changed my rating to 5 stars and I apologize to the company. It was not the app that had the issue, it was the company shipping. They were back ordered and finally shipped. I left my original review below so there would be evidence of my mistake. This app tracks all my orders and does it well. I have not received any bizarre emails or texts or phone calls, so it doesn’t seem that they sell info (which they promise they don’t). I can see how an app like this could be useful. -Jay I ordered a sweatshirt and the company I ordered it through, instead of just sending me the tracking number, made me go through the process of getting this app. Here’s the problem: the app can’t find my package. For 3 days it says “waiting for ETA” And every time I log in it desperately asks me for my Amazon log in so it can “help me” track my orders…no thank you, Amazon does that for me on the app, I don’t need this company tracking what I buy too.
  • Did the Job 5/5

    By Lovable85
    Love it
  • Wow. No good 1/5

    By milehigherik
    You don’t need all the access your request. Relax
  • What ever happened to old fashioned tracking numbers? 1/5

    By OrvGull
    I don't understand why I can't just get an old-fashioned tracking number. I shouldn't have to create an account and give up personal information just to track a package.
  • Microsoft outlook sign in issues 2/5

    By SkeeterEMT
    I have two email address with Microsoft outlook. One is a school address and the other is a personal email. Somehow the school email was used at one point and now I am unable to remove or sign out from that and use my PERSONAL email for the route tracking. All of my order receipts go to my personal email. Shop’s app has this Microsoft issue fixed so for now, I will continue to use Shop as I have no way of logging in to my personal email for package tracking. This is a big error.
  • Bugs? Or just a bad app? 2/5

    By I'm not a pirate
    When I installed this app the first thing I noticed was half the content was cut off on the side of the screen so you couldn't read it. I was then forced to allow this strange app access to my Gmail account, then when I actually got into the app it detected my order but showed me no details at all about the progress of the order like a normal tracking website does so this app was useless. I went to my email to find a link to track a package and instead was asked to download this, initially I said no because downloading apps for everything is dumb but there was no actual tracking link so I gave in. I will be uninstalling this and removing it's permissions on my email account and from now on I will be avoiding any online store that uses a service like this.
  • Why do I have to download to track my package 1/5

    By Lewiskl
    Useless app, when I click link to track package it led me to a broken for me to then download this app. Makes absolutely no sense, I’ll just till I get my item in the mail.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By uhrosemary
    Literally the best app ever! I order a lot online and would hate having to check the different carriers for shipping and now its all in one place which is super convenient
  • good 3/5

    By minezReviewz
    delivery is off with mine but overall a great app
  • This app is useless now. 1/5

    By Trae2Mae
    I use to use this app all the time. Loved it! Now it doesn’t get updates on packages. It just continues says “getting info”. Don’t waste your time.
  • Meh. 1/5

    By AshLilyNeko
    App has potential but could be a lot better. If you get a package with protection from them it works flawlessly. But for every other package there is no way to update the tracking number and it gives you multiple “shipments” per each order as it sees the emails - creates an order when you place one, another when you are notified of anything else, so most of my orders end up with 2-3 “shipments” despite there only being one. No way to visually refresh, no button no pull down refresh. No way to update ANY information on a shipment all you can do is manually add an order which is really frustrating. Only options are to mark as delivered or delete. App definitely has potential but falls short on a lot of basic stuff.
  • The reason I have this app 5/5

    By Zero_Oner
    To look at where my stuffs at
  • Package Delivered Safely 5/5

    By Big norm aka storm
    Thank you -
  • Worst tracking app!! 1/5

    By stephen_fast
    It takes too long to get my packages and it's the worst app to track I knew I shouldn't have downloaded it
  • It simply doesn’t work, at least not for me. 1/5

    By EtienneAs
    I usually use Parcel app for my tracking needs, however after purchase at certain retailer I got an option to track my order in Route app. Well, it didn’t work, the order was automatically imported, but the tracking did not update for several days (it worked great in Parcel) and it went invalid after shipment was already delivered.
  • Very very good 5/5

    By bgotf
    I could watch everything what is going on with my order and this is the very very best thank you
  • Nice UI, spammy notifications 2/5

    By Drome McKauliff
    I like the look and functionality of the app but I deleted it and rely on Shop instead. The only reason is that even after turning off all notifications other than critical ones linked to the location and delivery of my packages, I’d still get frequent spammy “hook” notifications with cutesy little phrases and attempts to engage the user. Super annoying.
  • Crap 1/5

    By NK Scorpion
    This is crap
  • Bianca 5/5

    I Love This App so Easy to Use and Track all my orders at Once definitely 5 Stars
  • this app has a scammy data-scraping model 1/5

    By Squishylive
    As far as I am concerned this app is designed to support a personal-data scraping business. The tracking information is (it seems intentionally) completely inaccessible via the instructions email you get containing your “route number”, unless you want to give them access to EVERYTHING IN YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT (as the “track online” link is broken, and seems it has been that way a long time considering other reviews). The only way to find information on the order is to go directly to their website and find the (not easily findable) “track your order” page, and give them not only your “route ID” but also your email. This is clearly not a tracking service designed with consumers in mind. Applying Occam’s razor, it is designed to get your email data.
  • Here’s your free consulting: 2/5

    By Buc_Nasty19
    Needed desperately: - view/edit tracking # after it’s entered - add note to shipment - add title to shipment so merchant logo + custom title shows I assume you’re intentionally not developing these festures so that more people sign up to share all their data from all their logins with you so you can sell their data for profit.
  • I dislike it. 2/5

    By trutit
    You might enjoy the app, which would be great. So try it out for yourself first. Don’t listen to me. The problem I had with this app is it’s functionality. It’s glitchy, shows me orders that I’ve never even placed, I can’t track anything on the map, etc. It literally just did not work at all for me. Lol. I’d rather track my order on the website I placed the order (i.e. Amazon), or use the app Shop (which I don’t like very much, either). I dislike it, but you should try it for yourself. :)
  • The best tracking app for packages 5/5

    By usernameyeye
    Was so helpful and so easy to use, and it does remind you of your package but doesn’t spam you with a lot of notifications or messages
  • Bug? 1/5

    By onlinedatingisoverrated
    Please, fix your login credential page. I keep trying to log in, multiple times with my Apple ID but it keeps asking me to connect endlessly.
  • Always behind schedule 1/5

    By Yoloswagbillybob
    Gotta love it when the app wants you to review it but never actually does a good job at what it’s actually suppose to do. If you are constantly buying things online from 20 different fenders then this app could help you organize your orders. But it is not accurate on arrival dates. The entire shipping process is delayed in this app and is more accurate on the ups/FedX/etc. Why do people like this app is beyond my understanding. Only people who haven’t a clue on how to keep track of things then yea, this app will help anyone with an IQ of 70.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Minerva-Fatima
    This app does not work. I received package and the app says that it is shipping.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By kingebonye
    The company i ordered from and the people at route were so nice. Not to mention quick with helping me in resolving this issue. Someone stole my package from my door step. First time to is has ever happened to me and they helped right away to get the products replaced. That really means a lot. We all work for what we want and wish no one had to go through this. I appreciate routes help.
  • Hair Stylist 5/5

    By Lover of Kim
    Great way to watch your packages
  • Terrible and pointless 1/5

    By EatingTrash
    Don’t use this app it’s terrible.
  • Useless 1/5

    By FanofPlants2
    The company I pry from uses this app. I was hesitant to use it because you have to give it all kinds of access to your personal information including access to all your emails but had no other way to track my package. When I clicked on my order all it can tell me is that it is in transit. Not even where it is no tracking number or method of shipment. This app is useless and 9 days later still no package.
  • Milo 1/5

    By hshgrvdjdisjwjebd
    Those reviews are fake. Go read reviews and You will see