Route Planner, Delivery, MyWay

Route Planner, Delivery, MyWay

By Proalab Limited

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MyWay Route Planner is an app that builds the most efficient routes. MyWay app helps you save up to 30% of your time and money on fuel by providing an optimized stop sequence. MyWay Route Planner solves all your routing problems and uses the best route optimization algorithms. The app combines the most up-to-date maps, addresses, and places databases from Google Maps, Mapbox, Here, TomTom, Apple Maps, ArcGis, and OpenStreetMap into one route planner. MyWay Route Planner works for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises with features that will work for every industry. MyWay app can work as a delivery route planner, sales route planner, property management route planner, telco route planner, and work for every industry. MyWay Route Planner features: - Optimise routes up to 200 stops. - Optimise routes up to 10000 miles. - Easy to import your addresses (by Photo, Voice, Excel, CSV, from Phonebook, by Web-Link, from other MyWay users, etc.) - Every Stop has Priority, Time Window, Time at Stop, Tracking ID, Color, Stop Type, and many other parameters that help you manage and prioritize them. - Routes sharing and tracking. - Support car, van, small truck (lorry), truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and walking routes. - Live traffic and historic traffic. Other route conditions (like weather) are also taken into account. - Circuit routes, one-way routes, pickup/delivery routes, and all route scenarios. - Delivery-specific features like proof of delivery (photo, signature, notes, etc.). - Sales-specific features like favourites and connection to your Phonebook. - Route history with all information about every route (routes export and reports). - Route building settings (allow u-turns, side of the road, access points, etc.) - One-click navigation to every stop with your favourite navigation app like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, MapsMe, Here WeGo, Organic Maps, etc. - Forever Ad-free. MyWay Route Planner app optimizes every aspect of route planning, from address input to navigation. Our app is optimized for user experience and simplicity. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: If you have a support query, please get in touch with us by email: [email protected] MyWay Route Planner is the Route Planner you have always been looking for. Install it today!