Roxsyn Guitar Synthesizer

Roxsyn Guitar Synthesizer

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Yonac Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
33 Ratings
$ 19.99

Roxsyn Guitar Synthesizer App

Introducing a revolutionary new way to turn your guitar or bass into a fully featured polyphonic synth: Roxsyn, the world’s first metamorphic guitar synthesizer. Expressive, fast and responsive to every nuance, it is a league apart from all other guitar synths to date. Unhappy with cold and temperamental guitar-to-MIDI synths that dominate the market, we developed a completely new approach to guitar synthesis. Our all-original technology synthesizes your guitar directly, without the use of MIDI notes. Rescued from being a poor keyboard substitute, your guitar suddenly becomes an integral part of the synth. It's alive! There is no pitch tracking involved. There are no pitch estimation errors, octave glitches, or garbled chords. There is no over-complicated G2M between your guitar and synth to destroy everything human about your playing. Instead, Roxsyn’s metamorphic sound generation technology retains all the personality of your sound: vibrato, slides, bends, dynamics, even extended technique. The result is a polyphonic synthesizer that is as fast and accurate as it is richly expressive. No need for special MIDI pickups or hardware, either: just plug into your favorite Lightning/USB audio interface, and start synthing! ::Powerful Synth Engine:: Roxsyn’s big synth heart is its three metamorphic signal generators (AKA oscillators). Each generator offers 5 unique waveforms, and has a 4+ octave range to cover a wide spectrum of frequencies. They also feature stereo panning, and can route into either of Roxsyn’s dual filter banks. You can even dial in your guitar directly into the synth engine for even bigger sounds. ::Dual Filter Banks:: Each containing four custom virtual-analog filter types and dedicated envelopes, the filter banks help sculpt the synth generators in countless new ways. The envelopes are specially designed for the guitar, and are driven by a fully adjustable automatic trigger generator controlled by your playing dynamics. Envelopes offer original features like finite-duration sustain stages, as well as the ability to receive or ignore trigger-off messages. They can also be triggered externally via MIDI controllers like an expression pedal. An additonal envelope controls the amplitude of the signal, giving you even more options in creating synth sounds. ::Arpeggiator:: Instantly transform sustained guitar notes into fast (or slow), complex patterns with Roxsyn’s powerful yet easy to use arp. There are 8 stepping algorithms to choose from, as well as settable note value, swing, and note repeats. You can even route the arp to any combination of the 3 voice generators — enabling you to layer a non-arpeggiated sound with an arp pattern. What's more, the arp can send trigger signals into any of Roxsyn’s 4 envelopes, and even reset the LFOs. So it’s also a handy rhythmic / trance tool as well! ::Modulation & FX:: Roxsyn’s user friendly modulation matrix lets you manipulate parameters (pitch, amplitude, filters, etc) using its two LFOs and mod envelope. Add subtle vibrato, even glide simulation, or go full-on berserk. LFOs each have 9 waveforms, and feature beat syncing. Each matrix row can take LFOs or the mod envelope as a modulator or control, and can even use external control sources. And if you like your synths on the spicy side, Roxsyn comes with top-notch stereo FX specially developed to evoke extra synthiness: Powerful algorithmic reverb with the sound of countless rooms, phasing, modulating, 2-channel delay, and graphic EQ. ::Pro Features:: 500+ factory presets with bass, lead, pad, arp sounds & more. Easily create & share your own presets. Audio Unit v3, IAA, Audiobus, Ableton Link. 64-bit processing at up to 96kHz. 160+ MIDI controllable parameters; MIDI learn & map save/share. Tapedeck (in the app), so you can record, loop & share your ideas on the go. Just some of Roxsyn’s professional features that make life and music a little bit easier.

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Roxsyn Guitar Synthesizer app reviews

  • Better than a $200 pedal 5/5

    By sneJ
    This sounds better than Boss’s much-hyped new $200 synth pedal. The Boss demos/videos I’ve seen all have cheesy ‘80s synth sounds; if I wanted to play those, I’d just use a synth. The special sauce here is that Roxsyn produces more complex, interesting sounds (though it can still sound like Miami Vice if you want that.) The tracking and polyphony are quite good. Not perfect, but once you tweak the tracking it’s quite easy to play. It does glitch sometimes, but I embrace that as part of the sound. (20 years from now that’ll be “retro” and everyone will be emulating tracking glitches...)
  • Awesome synth for guitar very responsive 5/5

    By Musacman2
    I had some problems getting it to work on my IPad Pro but the problem is on my end somewhere it works awesome on my iPad Air, well worth the money.
  • I like what I’m hearing and seeing 4/5

    By Neumuzik
    Having said that, there are dozens and dozens of presets which sound identical to each other and some with the volume so low I’m not even sure there is anything there. I’d be OK with fewer initial presets if there were more which were distinctively different sounding. Adding more sounds or functions later would be OK with me also. I don’t regret the purchase, just to be clear!
  • It’s Great! 4/5

    By Macdtune
    I own a Roland guitar synth setup and Roxsyn puts the Roland to shame. This synth has great possibilities. It’s just about perfect. It’s probably me just learning the system. I’m really happy and impressed. Hope they continue to tweak everything and make more presets. Seriously buy it! you will not be disappointed. Update. Not all of the presets work. Is this happening to anyone else? The presets that work are very good, but... not all work properly.
  • Superb App 5/5

    By Joe Salyers
    Yonac is changing the game with Roxsyn. Hopefully we will see even more quote (waveforms) in the future. Maybe a phase distortion or a bit crusher/sample rate reducer added to the 5 current offerings. 5 Stars to Yonac for thinking outside of the midi pitch tracking paradigm that has plagued guitar synthesis for over 3 decades. It’s crazy to think this is the first usable guitar synthesizer that has made it to market since the idea of synthesized guitar came to market in 1984. BRAVO!
  • Great, great, great! 5/5

    By Solomon of Kleptolia
    Awesome app. It does have some note dropout here and there, but it’s rare. Giving 5 stars in good faith that details will be corrected. As for what it does, it’s amazing. Seems to be filters applied over the guitar sound. Not quite true synthesis, but like stomp box emulators arranged to sound like a synth. Don’t know if that’s how they did it, just seems like it might be. The sounds are great, though. Using your guitar to control a bass synth sound is incredibly freeing. Used a Korg microSampler to make some backing beats, put some synth lines in with Roxsyn. It was very easy to get ideas and play the kind of weird stuff in my head. $9.99 is a bit pricey for some, but for a quality music app, this is an exception you want to make, ESPECIALLY if you play guitar. Besides they are indicating the price will go up, not down. Grab it.
  • The Shizzle! 5/5

    By Shivascreams
    OMG this thing is sssssoooooo awesome! It’s gonna put Roland out of business. I’ve been playing for over 40 years , spent at least $50,000 on equipment and this is best and funnest effect I’ve ever used. The best $10- I’ve ever spent in my life. I think people(Roland) get greedy and they don’t realize that the more affordable you keep things, the more money you’ll make in the long run if you have a good product. Success leaves clues. Would you rather sell a million hamburgers for $20- or be like Mc Donald’s and make billions... duhhhh
  • Disappointed...until I read the manual 5/5

    By Antsdad1967
    I am a guitar synth nut. I have a Fishman Midi pickup, I’ve tried multiple synth apps and this looked like it was a perfect addition to my IPad. I plugged my guitar into my iRig 2 interface, fired up the app and thought I had bought a dud. Tracking was slow, half the sounds didn’t work. What are these people that like this app doing that I’m not? Then I looked at the manual. Set the sample size to “smaller” and my tracking problem was solved.Set the Processing Quality to “better” instead of “best” and suddenly presets were working. (I have a second generation iPad mini and I guess the processor was struggling)Adjusted the auto trigger threshold and dynamics and and wow, what a difference! I’m just starting to scratch the surface of what this thing can do. If your into guitar synths, you should definitely get this one. Just do yourself a favor and do what I should have done first. Read the manual.
  • This developer never disappoints! 5/5

    By Ravenwolf35
    I think I started with ToneStack (which is now up to version 3) awhile ago and in my opinion it has some of the best guitar amp sounds out there for the ipad. Then I bought all of the Yonac synths, organs, etc... Now? Anytime I see that Yonac has a new app, I literally don’t even hesitate or look at it... I just buy it LOL. Honestly, I can’t name another developer who’s apps are just all around awesomesauce! Not buggy, sound great, good sounding and good number of presets, packed with features, well thought out, etc. Like I said, I see Yonac has something new... I purchase it. Period. I was literally just messing in Cubasis, with my guitar strapped on through my apogee jam+ into tonestack and tonestack notified me that this app came available. I clicked to the App Store immediately, saw the price was reasonable and boom, bought it... I can’t say this about any other developer (and I’ve bought a LOT of apps over the years!) and I always research and read, and check YouTube videos before spending my money.. Yonac?... ok you get the point LOL on to my review of the new app. Like the other reviewer I can see here... Mind Blown! This thing is cool. I mean I have had hardware (Godin Xtsa to Roland gi-20), and I have had other apps (midi guitar 2). This tracks as good if not better in my opinion. But the purpose of this is different as it is a synth. But the tracking is also different than anything I have ever experienced. What is different you may ask? Well, for one, every other guitar to midi app or hardware I’ve tried, you bend a note and it “steps” through the notes more often than not. You try heavy vibrato on a note? And you guessed it, it “steps” through the notes and gives the guitar to midi conversion the same “feel” as a keyboard midi input with pitch bend and modulation wheels, etc. The Yonac app... different beast... just like playing the guitar!!! Bends and vibrato just like normal playing! What feeling! What expressiveness you can achieve. Finally! As a guitarist I can get more feel than a keyboard player through synthesized sound due to said bending and vibrato of actual guitar playing! :) And the sounds that you get! I love the pads! 7th fret 4th through 1st strings I ring out a little chord on “sleep no more pad” or whatever it was called. And then switched to a lead synth and solo over that on another track in Cubasis. What fun :). And the plethora of arpeggios are fun as well. Just started using it, but also found a nice little tape deck like recorder in there! Makes it really easy to set the length to a number of bars, and record your own loops for GarageBand, Cubasis, or whatever. I just started messing with the app and I’m sure I’ll learn of a ton more features that I’ll stumble upon over time (yeah, I’m that idiot that refuses to read instructions :P). Sorry for the long review, but I just love this developer and I wanted to take a few moments of my time to acknowledge the history of great apps I’ve purchased from Yonac. Yonac, thank you for this really cool app and for the great work that you do. I will be enjoying this app for a long time. A very happy customer :).
  • Nearly perfect! 5/5

    By Fretless33
    Seamless tracking, incredible patches to select from, easy to tweak...what more can I say! I play bass and this app has no key limit like other similar apps...every step further I take into this app is completely inspiring! However, in the stand alone version it chooses the left channel from my audio interface so my guitar mix only plays out of the left side and I can’t find a way to change the input channel, but in AUM I am able to select the proper channel from my interface which bypasses that issue. Keep up the great work Yonac! 🙌🏻🔥‼️💖
  • Magic! Mind blown. 5/5

    By Bumble769
    Wait...What magic is going on here? Perfect tracking midi seemed impossible & guitar processing like this seemed just as impossible. brain! All I know is I got lost in the tones I was playing through for hours tonight.

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