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Royal Caribbean International App

The official Royal Caribbean International app gives our guests all the information they need to make the most of their cruises. Here’s a list of ships where the app is available: - Adventure of the Seas® - Allure of the Seas® - Brilliance of the Seas® - Enchantment of the Seas® - Harmony of the Seas® - Independence of the Seas® - Liberty of the Seas® - Majesty of the Seas® - Mariner of the Seas® - Oasis of the Seas® - Serenade of the Seas® - Symphony of the Seas® All guests can use the app for free onboard. No internet package is required. Features include: - Account sign-in to view cruises - Check-in via the app - Daily activities schedules - Complete deck plans - Dining, shore excursion, and show reservations on the ship - Activity planning and reservations with guests on linked reservations - Onboard expense accounts on the ship Please note, app functionality may vary from ship to ship. As we roll the app out to more ships, we will be adding new features and using feedback from our guests to improve the app experience. Email [email protected] and tell us what you’d like to see in the future.

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Royal Caribbean International app reviews

  • Why not support Freedom 1/5

    By why always rate
    If you’re going to publish an app why not make it complete?
  • Snag 1/5

    By Kandi884
    I have attempted several times but have been extremely unsuccessful to log in on app. Sailing on Harmony of the Seas so i was very happy to see that the ship has been added but every time i try to log on it says “ unable to locate reservation, check back later” but i have checked in on Royals website.
  • Bad App Experience 2/5

    By Uncle Halsey
    After successfully setting up my account, logging in and then clicking on my cruise, I received a pop-up saying “We found your reservation. Please check back for cruise detail closer to departure.” But we were already sailing so that message didn’t even make sense. We had already purchased the WiFi package so I knew that wasn’t the problem. I then looked at their onboard daily itinerary called the Compass and saw that there is App Support from 5-8pm on deck 5. Went to deck 5 at 5:30 but nobody was there. Asked Guest Services and they didn’t know what I was talking about. Showed them the Compass and they talked to each other and said she’d be here in ten minutes. Ten minutes came and went so we asked again and was then told the app isn’t working on this cruise. Not a great experience by any means.
  • Snag 1/5

    By jktvmjf
    I have been bumped off this site while trying to check in repeatedly!
  • Exceeded Expectations! 5/5

    By Chad Love
    The staff were friendly and informative. The evening entertainment was amazing. The ship was clean. The cabin was roomy and the bed very comfy! My wife suffers from fibromyalgia and did not wake up in pain. Highly recommend Royal Caribbean!
  • Itinerary list 3/5

    By RayMaltby
    Can not view list of our itinerary passengers on app. Can add passenger name/details one at a time, but can not verify. Why not just load app from reservation number? Passengers, selected activities, etc. Thanks
  • My ship isn’t included 1/5

    By Mtown Babs
    Useless to us. Please add Freedom of the Seas. Not sure why the entire fleet isn’t available.
  • Security Photo 1/5

    By Slyks2
    The photo for the first member of our group went perfectly. The second person was photographed at least 20 times. Retake retake retake!!!! There was never an indication as to what was wrong! AAARRRGH!
  • Missing some ships 1/5

    By BoNBull
    Very disappointed that the ship we booked wasn’t on this app. Totally useless for us. It might be nice for the people on the selected ships on the app. But for us nothing. It’s great you feel the need to update the app and put games on it for certain ships but leave other people with out maps and info for their ship. It would be nice if you got all your ships listed then add other perks.
  • Planner 3/5

    By sq1220
    I’d like to add the events I’m interested in to my daily planner but there’s no option to do so.
  • Will be better for more 4/5

    By Gualbi77vp
    Im going aboard at Freedom of the Seas next month and sadly that the app is not going to work for Freedom. I hope that soon will be available for Freedom of the Seas
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By mwyner
    Launched app for the first time to check into my Symphony cruise. No way to login just have to link a cruise. Fine. Put in last name, birthdate, and reservation, immediately get “sorry we hit a snag” error message. Super useless.
  • Anthem of the Seas! 1/5

    This would be great if you could incorporate more ships, I am going on a cruise in April and would appreciate if I could use it :)
  • Just checking on drink packages 5/5

    By Mrs Nickler
    I have been on every other cruise lines and your is the nicest
  • Not so Royal 2/5

    By Staying/Sain
    They tell you get this app and you and all in your group can text on board the ship, NOT TRUE. Only works on the very large ships( ours was the Independence of The Sea) I’m on a SHIP not a dingy boat!!!! Don’t bother getting it. Not very user friendly either. Everything is under my husbands email ( you can only have one email linked to your account) so we hand to wait in the dreaded long line with A lot of in happy people complaining about this App. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING
  • Excellent Cruise! 5/5

    By Sean Q. Peters
    This ship is Amazing! We are currently on our second full day at sea! The entertainment is great, the food is delicious, the staff are first class!
  • App issues... 2/5

    By tn-0904
    I used this app on my first cruise back in August and it worked fine. Leaves a lot to be desired, but it was ok. Now I'm trying to access my next cruise in March and it continues to give me a "Sorry, we've got a snag" error. Please fix this! I know my info is right, I'm copying it straight from my email...
  • Chat 4/5

    By cmp2113
    I’m excited to use the app - but is there a chat function for the Symphony of the Seas? Sailing in a few weeks
  • Good app 4/5

    By IndianRepublican
    We found the app very useful during our most recent cruise. A few suggestions to make it even more useful - customizable calendar view - 1 day, 3 day or, 7 days. This will allow the passengers to get a quick glance. - color the calendar days differently based on cruise day or docked port day or land day. - show the gangway up/down times in calendar view - show ship time and local time, currently it shows ship time only - quickly filter included/free restaurants while looking at dining places.
  • Nice App 5/5

    By Stores 597
    This App is great on the ship. You have all the information in your hand.
  • Not greatest 3/5

    By royalcaryn
    Very difficult to navigate. Won’t let you filter more than one category. Can’t see itinerary of upcoming places.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By LiviFamily
    This app is not user friendly & is frustrating to use. The RC app available on some of the newer/larger ships is a MUCH better app.
  • User friendly 5/5

    By 210cruz'r
    Excellent for a first time cruiser.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By muy bien 13
    Takes forever to load reservations, then says they aren’t available even tho I’m on the ship using its wifi during my cruise
  • My calendar is incorrect 2/5

    By LauriQV
    My Calendar is not correct. I also would like to add ship activities to my calendar from here and it does not allow this
  • Will not stay connected, needs texting feature 2/5

    By L6309T
    Needs improvement.
  • Good start, but falls short 3/5

    By DerekJ0571
    Decent start to a good app, there are quite a few areas that could use some improvements. Areas where I can sort by venue ability to delete calendar items from calendar instead of finding the event in a list to remove. Search by name would be nice across all activities, events and etc. Reason this is a three stars. There is a REAL challenge with the data behind the app. This app is really only as good as the content. Content is either missing, wrong or incomplete. Royal Caribbean provides a touch panel on boat that should have features on both apps. Search for bathroom, location finder via WiFi. Way finder. Pushing drink specials, event specials, excursion specials and advertisements via app would help the user find stuff. Built in alerts and reminders for calendar scheduled items. And the worst part of this app. BATTERY. Have to address this problem. Killing a IP8+ in 4 hours is too much.
  • Add more ships 1/5

    By Ronnie79
    I can’t use the app for my cruise because Freedom of the Seas isn’t supported. When are you going to support more ships?!
  • Much work needed 1/5

    By cruisin'life
    This app is downright embarrassing. With all the technology they have on their ships, you would think that their app would amazing, but that is not the case here. Not only did they mess up on the times for activities and entertainment almost every day, but this app also lacks an integrated messaging feature, something that Carnival has had for years! Plus when cruising on a ship as big as the oasis, messaging your fellow friends and family on the ship is a must, or else you could spend countless hours looking for them!
  • Great App 5/5

    By gj0709
    Great App to help you navigate your cruise adventure.
  • Add to Calendar? 4/5

    By Iraqisandman
    Informative but not intuitive on how to add to my calendar
  • Big upgrade, but missing obvious and easy features 4/5

    By epmgoblue7
    On the calendar portion of the app, you should be able to swipe an event onto your personal calendar so it becomes a custom schedule of the things you plan to do. Also need group sharing of calendars so groups (who often are on cruises) can easily collaborate on plans. Some usability issues too: not obvious how to access the over all itinerary. Should have some free entry options in the calendar too so that you can easily plan pool time or shopping time or whatever people like to do that isn’t a planned event. Should also incorporate more access to things across modes. For example, when clicking on the dinner on the calendar it should access the menu directly for that evening.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By doctor dmk
    Easy to use even for grandmas and pas -fun to know at your fingertips what’s going on.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By giorgian01
    Continues to “hit a snag” with every attempt to check in .
  • Buggy App 1/5

    By Tennisgirl3211
    This app won’t even allow me to link a cruise. Anytime I click “continue” from the “link a cruise” screen, It gives me the message “sorry, we hit a snag. We’re unable to complete your request please try again later”
  • Wrong information 1/5

    By girlscruise
    Mariner of the Seas January 7-11, 2019. This trip is happening in less than 2 weeks and the app info is still messed up!
  • Best Cruise Line 5/5

    By CHVCO
    We did a 12 day 6 island cruise over Christmas in the Caribbean. It was amazing. Food, service cleanliness etc. top notch!
  • Not comparable to competitors apps 1/5

    By cruiser792926
    This app was not useful at all on both of our royal Caribbean cruises. It wasn’t even supported on the ovation of the seas (a newer ship) and its features are useless. As frequent cruisers we’ve found all other cruise apps to be helpful for setting up reservations, seeing ship activities, and communicating with friends on board the ship. The carnival app allows for in app communication with family members without paying for an internet subscription which was extremely useful. This app was by far the least useful out of all the cruise apps we’ve used.
  • Device not compatible 1/5

    By Spydoc!!!!!!
    I’m running iOS 11.3 on iPhone 7 and I get an error message whenever I open the app
  • FM 5/5

    By تقريباً أنا
    The best thing about this app is that you can organize manage and plan your day on Cruise and attend all activities shows and more التطبيق يوفر عليك سالفة انك تسال عن اي شي كل شي موجود فيه واضح و يرتب مواعيدك و تعرف شلي يناسبك
  • Myself 4/5

    Jill hobokjhim Hey l
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By Yountmama
    Not able to add anything to daily calendar, getting a lot of “There’s been a snag” error messages.
  • Device not compatible with app! 1/5

    By SGT2020
    I’m using an iPhone 6s Plus, running iOS 12.1.2
  • Guest Jen 1/5

    By guest jen
    Can’t print luggage tags from app Can’t complete checkin Got hung up many times Took me over an hour to check in my family between the app and the website Can’t submit this feedback bc all the nicknames are taken
  • No support 1/5

    By W sn
    No support for iPhone X “this device is no compatible” huge issue! Get it fixed ASAP Royal!
  • Nice But Lacking 4/5

    By Ryon
    Nicely put together app. Some of the animations are annoyingly long, and the view of the schedule resets if you leave the app even for a second. It would be really helpful to be able to add non-reserved activities to your personal schedule for easier reference.
  • App not working 2/5

    By fhhyjbcdt
    The app doesn’t work. Trying to make reservations for my time dining and having all kinds of trouble
  • Calendar 4/5

    By OBPea
    It doesn’t allow addition of personalized activity
  • Harmony of the Seas issues 3/5

    By JustinCodes
    I just got on a sailing on Harmony of the Seas and unfortunately I’ve had the app giving me bad information. It is telling me my dining room is on the wrong floor. It’s also missing some reservations even though the front desk and the cruise planner show them. My wife’s phone (while she’s logged into the same account as my phone) doesn’t show any of our reservations on day 2. And day 4,5 and 7 don’t even show on the calendar even though they do on my phone. I’ve force quit and restarted the app multiple times and the problem persists. The app may have a race condition or is locally caching bad data. I understand the app just added support for Harmony of the Seas but the data inconsistency between phones is weird. Small UI feedback: Opening the calendar is hard to do, it would be nicer to have a button to just open the full calendar instead of having to do a swipe up most of the screen. Additionally closing the calendar is a pain. Clicking the down chevron doesn’t close it, and half the time when swiping it down with my finger on the chevron I open the Notification Center on my phone so I have to mentally remember to put my finger lower. I appreciate all the Royal Caribbean development teams are doing, the app makes it nice to find upcoming events and makes making reservations easier. I just want to be able to trust the data I see and have all the correct information.

Royal Caribbean International app comments

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