RSA SecurID Software Token

RSA SecurID Software Token

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  • Current Version: 2.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: RSA Security
  • Compatibility: Android
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RSA SecurID Software Token App

Protect your company’s most sensitive networked information and data with RSA SecurID two-factor authentication. RSA SecurID two-factor authentication is based on something you have (a software token installed in the Token app) and something you know (an RSA SecurID PIN), providing a more reliable level of user authentication than reusable passwords. After you install the Token app, you separately import a software token. With the token installed, the app generates one-time passwords (OTPs). You use your PIN and the current OTP to access protected resources, such as your VPN client. You never need to carry a separate hardware token. RSA SecurID administrators can rapidly and securely deploy software tokens to iOS devices. Users can import a token with one tap or by scanning a QR Code. Your company must have: • RSA Authentication Manager or the RSA SecurID Authentication Engine API for software token provisioning and user authentication • RSA SecurID Software Token seeds


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RSA SecurID Software Token app reviews

  • Update crash 1/5

    By w2kbill
    The app opens once then crashes and will not open again.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By OhioN8V
    Much better than a physical token key. Would love to see an Apple Watch app though too! Any plans for that?
  • App is now crashing 3/5

    By Bear of Brad
    Up until yesterday’s update (06/05/18), this app has worked very well. But in fortunately it is now crashing. There is a triangle symbol in the upper right of screen with an exclamation mark in it. We have deleted and reinstalled the app a couple of times, so the only way I can use it is to reboot my phone each time before I open the app. I’m hoping the next update will fix this.
  • 2.4.2 crashes on second opening 1/5

    By ClifBlan
    You must reboot iPhone to get it to work, every time! This bug needs to be fixed!
  • Tokencode off center 4/5

    By Rgermain
    Latest update “improved” token display. It appears off center now. Other than that it does what it is supposed to do.
  • iPhone X Support 3/5

    By jhnwlkr
    Great app, would be even better if iPhone X support was added!
  • Does anything work? 1/5

    By Dimilo123
    This might be the worst app I've ever used. The email request feature doesn't send an email out, the qr code doesn't scan. I couldn't copy the code and send it into an email. Why the hell is this app on the market if nothing works!!!
  • Works great needs Apple Watch support 4/5

    By PuneetShivani
    The iPhone app works great! Will give 5 star once the Apple Watch support is added!!
  • App Works Well. Needs a Watch App!! 4/5

    By dascorcor
    If I could get my auth token from my watch, I would be sooo happy!!
  • Does the job 5/5

    By FrankSin7
    Works fine for me
  • Works well but no Apple Watch support 4/5

    By iBruce743
    I would give the app 5 stars if they would just support the Apple Watch. This app has the perfect use case to be on the Watch. I'm surprised it still doesn't support the Watch after 3 years.
  • aweful experience 2/5

    By fggjhn
    Use Duo instead.
  • Citrix on steroids 5/5

    By jasperspano
    Great app
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By Tig3rBeat5
    This app works well, and I’ve never had a problem using it to work remotely. I would rate 5/5 if the interference got an update and support for iPhone X to fit the full screen.
  • An update one year ago? 1/5

    By MichiganTransplant
    App is outdated. Lacks support for iPhone X. Please update and will rate 5 stars.
  • Functional, but average 3/5

    By edk012
    This app gets the job done, but there obviously hasn’t been much thought put into it. The UI looks dated and I’m meed of an update. Should be able to store my PIN so I don’t have to keep inputting it. Also, why isn’t there a watch app so I can get a code directly from my watch at any time. That is kind of a no-brainer and would make the experience so much better.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By John Obama s
    Never fails to generate a series of random numbers
  • Apple Watch Support 2/5

    By NDIrish821
    Apple Watch functionality would make this a top-rated app. Symantec has already enabled this functionality, so RSA should be able to do the same.
  • RSA secure ID token 4/5

    By Theo phot App
    Works great, easy to use but really could use a Apple Watch version...
  • Works well, needs Apple Watch support 4/5

    By theregoesthegayborhood
    This app does what it needs to and is helpful since I always have my phone on me versus my physical token. What would make this easier is an Apple Watch app or lock screen access for quicker access.
  • Works, but... 3/5

    By GP2362
    Works as designed, but would be more helpful as an Apple Watch App.
  • Apple Watch app potential! 4/5

    By Maggilis
    Would be great if this was available on Apple Watch!
  • Please add widget 4/5

    By remnant
    The app works fine and is better than carrying around a FOB I would likely lose. It would be great to have faster access to my current token via a widget if possible.
  • Works 3/5

    By Jinyoung Kim
    Please make an Apple Watch app.
  • Agree 3/5

    By Rj323
    I agree with most of what you read here. The set up isn't easy. Poor instructions to follow. Once the app is running it's pretty good. Easier than carrying a FoB everywhere.
  • Doesn't Tell You When You Type the Wrong Token 2/5

    By Likes playing games
    Once you get the app setup it works fine but don't forget your pin! It doesn't tell you if you enter it incorrectly, you get a passcode that doesn't work.
  • Apple Watch App PLEASE!!!!!!! 2/5

    By VTNH
    How hard can it be!?!?
  • Watch support 3/5

    By lindodemaisjr
    Please add Watch support, it would be highly useful to always have it with me.
  • Works fine 3/5

    By ashill
    The software token works fine and is much nicer than a hard token. Setup is a bit of a pain, but I only have to do that once a year when my token expires (or when I get a new phone) so no big deal. The lack of Touch ID support is annoying. I don't have an Apple Watch, so that doesn't directly affect me, but the lack of Apple Watch support is also odd.
  • Apple Watch Support Please 4/5

    By Dinger_42
    Works fine but Apple Watch support would be extremely useful. I walk around the office all day and have to run back to my desk every time I leave my phone. Watch support would be awesome.
  • User Interface awkwardness 4/5

    By JNC23x
    I like the app but the user interface for displaying the tokencode is not obvious. If a user touches the > button to get the next minutes code, when it changes, it is not obvious that the way to get back is to swipe left. There is plenty space on the screen for a little hint for the user. Once users get used to swiping, the app is much friendlier.
  • Rudimentary 3/5

    By acdha
    The good news is that it works The setup process is so clunky you know it was designed by an enterprise software vendor. The app UI makes no effort to be user friendly: it uncontrollably auto-locks after a short time and doesn't support things like TouchID.
  • Stunning 5/5

    By RSAHasChangedMe
    One of a kind. This app allows me to access my work's intranet from any crevice on the face of this planet. I've spent a lot of my life seeking enlightenment and to be honest, the generated numbers I've seen have not only allowed me to check my work email from home - they have evoked a feeling that perhaps we're truly not alone in this universe.
  • Greatest app ever made 5/5

    By RSA meister
    This is truly the greatest app ever made. I use it everyday and am made better by its existence. Without this app I literally couldn't do my job. I hope those using this app find the peace I have when obtaining my number.
  • Needs a widget 3/5

    By Zoldor it can be accessed from the Control Center for easy use.
  • Works fine 4/5

    By F_macdo
    Make sure to go to settings and give access to camera if you're trying to scan a QR code.
  • Apple Watch support! 3/5

    By Accordsport6589
    Needs Apple Watch support!
  • Lacks so much.... 1/5

    By TeeDub1976
    Needs TouchID and Apple Watch support BADLY!
  • Works great 5/5

    By Kevinarunskinw
    Set up with scanning the QR code to provision the token was super easy and worked perfectly first time.
  • Needs to be on Apple Watch 1/5

    By Sphk8821
    Would be a lot easier to use if I could open on my watch.
  • Needs an Apple Watch app 4/5

    By R Kenny
    Works fine but would be so useful to have an app for the Watch.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Lennymd
    And never did
  • App's fine, but needs Apple Watch support 3/5

    By ATLkeith
    Not much to say: if your company makes you use RSA, then you need this app. But the company seems behind the curve here, since virtually every other authentication app these days has Apple Watch support. Get on it RSA!
  • Getting started is terrible 2/5

    By Falkor879
    When you first launch the app, you essentially get a blank screen with a few weird icons that mean nothing to a regular person. Poor instructions for getting started.
  • Other token apps have Apple Watch Support 3/5

    By MattbookPr0
    Would love to see this functionality soon as I have to pull my phone out a dozen times a day to get to this app
  • App works fine 5/5

    By Sm4532
    App works fine for me but I would love to have this on my apple watch - it would be so so much more useful that way. And the new icon reminds me of a thermometer too. =)
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By Mantony G
    It doesn't work on my phone. Clicking on .stdid file opens random app and not this one. On the phone with tech support can't get into my VPN without being issued a temporary token every 2 weeks. They can't help me. Total crap!!!
  • Apple Watch?!?!? 3/5

    By ND?
    I only have 1 ID and it seems to work pretty well for that. It would awesome if I could get this on my Apple Watch though and have immediate access to it without having to open my phone
  • Still bad UX 1/5

    By essenceofchill
    The user experience in this app is pretty terrible. How about apple watch support? Or 3D touch to open up a specific token? Or just an over all nicer way of switching tokens? At least it works.
  • Pls support apple watch! 3/5

    By gizmoruf
    Ikno its a nice to have feature, but would make it much nicer to isr!

RSA SecurID Software Token app comments


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