RTA GoMobile 2.0

RTA GoMobile 2.0

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  • Current Version: 2.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Transdev Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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RTA GoMobile 2.0 App

With RTA GoMobile, you can easily buy your bus, streetcar and ferry passes right on your phone. No need to wonder about where your ride is or fumble with cash. Purchasing your pass is easy: select your pass type, enter payment information, and you’re ready to go. To pay your fare, all you have to do is tap to use a pass and then scan your ticket when you enter the vehicle, as a backup to the scanner you may need show your phone to the driver. You can also easily store passes for future use. In addition, with GoMobile, you can see in real-time when the next bus/streetcar will arrive so you can hop on using your mobile ticket. We are working to make the app even better so let us know what you think by emailing [email protected] GoMobile Benefits: . Buy your passes anytime, anywhere . No need to find a Jazzy Pass reseller or vending machine to pay your fare . No need to carry exact change for every trip . Store passes on your phone for future use . Never lose your pass – passes can be easily transferred if your phone is lost or stolen . Check service alerts, schedules, route maps and more

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RTA GoMobile 2.0 app reviews

  • Not for all RTA busses 1/5

    By QueenC39
    After purchasing $10 of fare and having my boys catch a bus that didn’t except their digital tickets I’m disappointed. I didn’t see a distinct difference between RTACLE app and RTAgomobile app. Waisted my time and money along with peace of mind.
  • Poor 1/5

    By Brasfieldsmith
    Not at all intuitive to use...don’t waste your time
  • I fixed struggle my debt card make not it I use lost it bec I try again fixed it 2 time 4/5

    By msmimij47
    Try fixed it
  • Error creating account 1/5

    By Samuel Cranston
    Try to create an account and reads “error” and prevents me from creating an account. So I try again and the app says “email already exists in system.” So I try to log in and the app reads “email does not exist in system.”
  • Just no 1/5

    By Boo boo cachoo
    I just watched unmarked/UNTRACKED streetcar go by me that was not marked/tracked pass by because I couldn't see it on the app. If the streetcars aren't tracked then I'm going to take Uber/lyft
  • Seems good to me 5/5

    By Arts108
    I downloaded this app a couple weeks ago and used it for the last 4 days. It’s been working well for me, only logged me off once. Purchasing a ticket using my card on file was quick and easy. Using it to board was just as easy. With most of the on board scanners being out of service, the drivers just verified tickets themselves. We ended up using the integrated pass for a couple days, which was well worth it. You get 24 hours to use in ferry/bus/trolley rides starting from the moment you first board. Keep in mind some of the routes may have delays due to common unforeseen traffic/city problems but the route tracker seemed to be pretty accurate. Trip planner and timetables are helpful and seem to be accurate and up to date. I would use this app again.
  • Inaccurate and unreliable 1/5

    By MJ_Baller_23
    This app is garbage when it comes to the bus lines. Doesn’t update in real time and will leave you stranded.
  • Helpful but Kills your battery 1/5

    By AHipster88
    Since I’ve downloaded this app my phone battery has been malfunctioning. Please fix and send me a new battery for my phone
  • Terrible 1/5

    By vkton
    App never loads which slows down wait time and holds up the driver. App also deletes saved default payment info so you have to constantly re enter it, making the driver wait even longer. It’s not that hard to make a functioning app.
  • My Go to 5/5

    By Gabby M 23
    This was my go when I took my trip to New Orleans back In April 2019
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Cabie2018
    The app feeds you lies. The buses will never show up. Give up and leave.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By 00tracy
    Came to Nola for a week and found this app to be very helpful and useful in trying to get around without a car. Liked that you could buy and track tickets from the app as well as being able to track the bus/streetcar process. Also liked the option of planning route and timing.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Mederphsn
    App is a scam. Bought two 5 day unlimited passes for my vacation and they never showed up in the app, so were unusable. $30 wasted. Do not use the app!
  • This app is a good app if it didn’t keep logging me out 1/5

    By boyfilla.7
    This is a one no star app
  • Not user friendly/undependable 2/5

    By grkyaya
    The “Trip planner” didn’t work at all. TICKETS; several times during my trip I couldn’t access my tickets (jazzy pass) due to no internet in the area. Driver said I could ride anyway. The app was not updated with alternate routes/buses/streetcars due to maintenance or construction. This is not something a visitor to Nola likes to experience. Frankly, it was frustrating. I missed a tour that was prepaid because of these issues. The app “Move it” was much more helpful for getting around with routes when walking, busing, and offers Lyft and Uber options as well. You still have to buy your tickets from RTA though.
  • What the heck? 1/5

    By thelindsaybutler
    This app used to work just fine for keeping a ferry pass. Whatever has happened recently seems to make it completely useless. I can’t load anything, meaning I can’t even buy a month ferry pass since they are only available via the app and not in paper form. Ridiculous.
  • Don’t depend on this 1/5

    By ThatzSoRavey
    This app would be so amazing if it actually functioned properly. I buy the month long jazzy-passes since I ride the streetcar to & from work and to the various places I frequent in the city. The mornings are TYPICALLY not an issue, but any time after 10am my pass will disappear or not load meaning I now have to either walk home or take a lyft since I don’t keep exact change for the fare on me at all times. I’ve lost weeks worth of rides keeping tickets through this app. I hoped the updates would fix it and even submitted a complaint via email but never received a response. Definitely not getting duped by this again. Also, the schedules for the St. Charles streetcar line are never close to accurate.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Eve Ashbrook
    Very organized and extremely easy to purchase and store tickets!
  • Great App but Gold bar doesn’t flash 3/5

    By MisiDS
    I’m not certain if its just my phone or any other phone but I have a fully loaded app and whenever I click on the supposed to be glowing gold flash, it’s not working. l have to constantly need to tell driver that I still have the days/hours but App doesn’t let me board. They need to manually consider it.
  • Persistent, unfixable error 1/5

    By andrewnola84
    This app worked for a while and then I started to get a error when trying to log in. Resetting my password and reinstalling the app did not work. I have been locked out of the app for months and had many calls with RTA customer support, who cannot help. The developers of this app have done a poor job and are not supporting the app.
  • The update is a waste 1/5

    By ThatTango
    Thanks to the recent update I'm losing money. I can't log in to use the tickets I've already paid for. Now I have to use Uber or Lyft for TEN TIMES the cost of my tickets! Am I going to get my money back? I'm VERY upset with this. I don't even know if they're doing anything to fix it.
  • Tracker just doesn’t work 1/5

    By Outletttttt
    If you’re trying to get anywhere late at night, don’t bother. The app shows streetcars that aren’t there and doesn’t show ones that are. Waited through multiple “due” rides too many times. You’re better off taking the cab than waiting on the corner for 30+ minutes waiting to get robbed. Absolutely never click board til you’re ON the bus or streetcar or you’ll waste money. And NEVER plan your night around the schedule it gives. You’ll end up leaving events you paid a lot of money for to catch a bus or streetcar that never shows up leaving you to pay more to get home or risk the walk home. This app is negligent.
  • You owe me $2.50 1/5

    By nkpk78
    Downloaded the app, bought a ticket, card worked fine. Ticket never showed up in my Purchases or Wallet or whatever. I even showed the bus driver my credit card statement on my Chase app showing I had bought the ticket 3 minutes ago. No dice. So I tried it again. Same thing. Purchase went thru, so no ticket appeared. No ticky, no laundry. Called tech support but it was Saturday so they were off. You owe me $2.50 and two hours of my life back. And another 5 minutes to write this dumb review. SMH
  • Jazz Pass 1/5

    By Figaling
    It worked fine until I tried to use it. The streetcar conductor told me I was supposed to hit the + sign? She let us ride but said the Jazz Pass was not valid. Next time I use cash, the App is worse than worthless
  • terrible 1/5

    By Creaxmpeaxhes
    App works when buying tickets. However it doesn’t load on time so I can’t use the tickets I buy. Also constantly logging me out of the app so I have to keep signing in. RTA App freezes very often. Would not recommend app to anyone at all!
  • don’t do it. 1/5

    By jarickamtj
    10/10 would not recommend this app, or this transportation system. It’s honestly a waste of time and you would get places faster by walking if you don’t die first on the way there. The app doesn’t update the streetcars or buses when there are delays, and the city itself is under too much construction for this to be functional.
  • Can’t activate 3 passes purchased together at once. 3/5

    By nhyork
    I love using this app for single fare tickets, but I just bundled three together and could only activate one of the three at a time. This caused a problem when my parents and I tried to board and only one ticket was active. Please fix this in your next update, or educate your drivers on how to trouble shoot this issue—if there is already a workaround.
  • Do Not Update ! 1/5

    By ImFaceless
    Update deletes user data and can not reset password or add new account.
  • FIX THIS!!! 1/5

    By 7_Michelle_7
    I just bought a month pass on my account and not I can’t even log into my account to ride the bus. Can’t even reset the password because it keeps saying error.I still have two weeks left on that month pass now I can’t even access it. The app was working fine just two weeks ago. Now it’s taking forever to load up my ticket and it keeps logging me out. This leaves me standing in front of the bus just staring at my phone waiting, looking like I’m trying to hitch a free ride. It’s embarissing. There should be a remember password option. Now I have to go back to paying cash which is something I was trying to avoid😒
  • Awful App would not download 1/5

    By Ace10293474
    This app is the reason that I’m never coming to New Orleans ever again. This app is trash. Many is the bus stops are not even on the app and don’t have an EYA. We waited 20 minutes for a streetcar that was supposed to arrive in 4 minutes. We ended up walking. The bus is also always full.
  • Worst public transit app ever 1/5

    By traveler8675
    Why would a public transit app give me driving directions when I’m trying to plan a trip? The whole point of public transit is to not drive. This is a horrible app.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Seancoffey78
    Why would you have a ‘continue as guest’ option if all it does is return you to the map? At least be honest and upfront that you will force the user to register in order to buy tickets.
  • Worked Great for a First Time Visitor to New Orleans 5/5

    By ReviewedByDoris
    We used it for 4 days to track when buses would arrive and buy passes. Sometimes the scanners on the bus didn’t work but bus drivers can check it manually.
  • Password/ID for Login 3/5

    By UrbanPeace
    Thank you for the app. Because we input financial information into this app, I think it should be touch/face ID or password protected.
  • Payment declined 1/5

    By Ted Post
    Everyone in my group got this app but all it gives us is “payment declined” when we tried to use a credit card. Our cards are fine. Unusable app.
  • Rta app is trash 1/5

    I purchase tickets and when i went to use them it said expired, this has happened to me three times this week, this app is trash, i called the customer service an the lady told me I would be getting a refund, but I guess she lied
  • Unusable 1/5

    By pigpeyn
    It won’t let me sign in because it says I don’t have an account but I can’t create an account because it says I already have one. The old app doesn’t work now. Back to cash. Edit: now it crashes at launch every time so it’s literally impossible to use Edit 2: Finally stopped crashing but single tickets immediately expire upon use. Hit the board button and they’re gone. Can’t even scan them, you have to show the driver you’re hitting the button. 24-hour passes expired in minutes. As of January 2019 it’s still a problem on iPhone 6s.
  • Not Kept Up To Date 1/5

    By southpaw_44
    My ferry pass used to work when the app first came out. It no longer works when boarding.
  • It’s a scam 1/5

    By Just a guy online shopping
    Purchased two tickets and the weren’t honored by RTA bus drivers. Fuq this app.
  • Ugh. Still haven’t fixed St Charles line 2/5

    By bfrombk
    St Charles streetcar tracking is so off. Most cars don’t even seem to show up on the tracker, the times are very inaccurate (and have been since the app was released), and the toggle between inbound and outbound reads “Carondelet and Canal” on both sides. What’s the point. I have somewhat better luck with the Canal streetcars and bus lines, but as a local who doesn’t drive, this app has been a big let-down.
  • Took away options and added nonsense. 2/5

    By Tyrin1232
    My phone hasn’t been on for awhile but using WiFi, on the old version of the app, I could buy a ticket, leave WiFi, and still access my ticket. Why take that away? Also, now we have to press “board” to start the ticket. Why? My off phone can’t reload a ticket. The old app would just show your whole month pass. What was wrong with that? Can you at least make the app work even if the phone’s not on again? Also, can you give a option to remember password? Why would you make it to where I have to keep entering info. Huge waste of time. Put a “remember password” option. It’s just a bus app.
  • Transdev doesn't care about New Orleans 1/5

    By nolastan333
    The app is full of bugs and their "listen" email address bounces in a foreign language: "Uw bericht kan niet worden bezorgd bij de volgende geadresseerden of groepen"
  • Go mobile, but not pay mobile? 1/5

    By ExPro504
    Why am I not able to use my digital wallet on your digital application? It’s about to be 2019 and I can you Apple Pay or Google Wallet to catch the public bus. This is absolutely absurd!
  • Thumbs Down!! Super Lame 1/5

    By 504Nizzy
    This app is wack!!! I could’ve just stuck with Google Navigator
  • Should Have Known 1/5

    By sunnyinthegarden
    Don’t know why I thought this app would work. Just imagine if SWBNO had an app, and that’s what you can expect with this one. Total failure. Fits right in with Nola inefficiency. Won’t even open.
  • Don’t Go Mobile 1/5

    By go Old fashion style
    The new version doesn’t have much of a difference to the old one . The bus locations are still off and the times are way different from when the bus actually shows up . I don’t what’s going on with RTA but they aren’t doing much of a good job with this app every time they do a update it gets much slower and sometimes doesn’t even load . Then let’s not add the bus times are way off from the time the bus actually arrives the app says the bus is due but the buses always sit at a stop after the time the app says it will arrive.
  • Works great for me 5/5

    By Darcy137
    Got the app last night for an adventure with my four year old. We ended up on the wrong street car on the way back and it was super handy to buy another ticket for the right one! 🤦‍♀️
  • Used to work fine 3/5

    By matt.b.c.
    App was working just fine for me. Updated it today (Sept. 7, 2018), and now it just crashes. Doesn’t even open.
  • Used to work fine 3/5

    By matt.b.c.
    App was working just fine for me. Updated it today (Sept. 7, 2018), and now it just crashes. Doesn’t even open.

RTA GoMobile 2.0 app comments

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