RTA Le Pass

RTA Le Pass

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  • Current Version: 5.98.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: New Orleans Regional Transit Authority
  • Compatibility: Android
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RTA Le Pass App

With Le Pass by New Orleans RTA, you can easily buy your bus, streetcar and ferry passes right on your phone. No need to wonder about where your ride is or fumble with cash. To pay your fare, just tap to use a pass and then show your phone when you enter the vehicle. Plan • Plan your entire journey without leaving the app. • View all lines running at stops near you. • Service Alerts keep you aware of issues ahead of time. • Save your favorite locations and lines for quick access. Pay • Purchase bus & train tickets and validate your digital pass with a tap. • Just show your digital pass to the operator when you board the vehicle. No scanning required! Ride • You’ll always be informed with step-by-step navigation. Get-off alerts are offered so you never miss your stop.

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RTA Le Pass app reviews

  • Hate it 1/5

    By Optimistic Soulchild
    Every scheduled ride is 30 minutes late. At times I could have left my starting location at a later time and still arrive at my destination It’s too hot
  • Big step backwards 1/5

    By Sf22389
    This app is a big step backward. The two biggest issues are the lack of real time tracking and the inability to buy multiple tickets at once (for example if you’re traveling as a family). The GPS enhanced “next bus time” is not nearly as good or as useful as actual being able to see where the bus is in real time. As a daily RTA rider I really hope they fix this app quickly.
  • Tracking is absolute TRASH 1/5

    By Kambria T
    This app is a huge downgrade with respect to tracking. Arguably, the most important and useful feature of the RTA apps is the tracking since the posted bus schedules are suggestions, at best. Tracking on the new app is no longer “real time” - and it’s delayed, jumpy, and glitchy. You cannot track both directions of a line at the same time, which if you’re at the start, or at the end of a line, it is extremely problematic if you can’t see the upcoming buses approaching in the opposite direction. Additionally, the tracking maps themselves are difficult to read, with blue bus-stop icons obscuring the actual bus you’re tracking. RTA and whoever developed this app, opted for looks over actual functionality. It is also noted that you cannot purchase or use more than one pass at a time, which is problematic for families and groups traveling together. The previous app was absolutely fine and completely functional. I’m not sure of the impetus and reasons of the transition, but as it stands, the Le Pass app is utter garbage.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By pleasekeepOGrtaapp
    Leave it to RTA to take something that is not good(the old app) and make it 100% worse. Gps tracking is not real time(updates every few minutes). You can only see the gps on cars and buses in a small section of the map, meaning one cannot see if a bus or car they need in 40 minutes will actually be there(we all know that there is a good chance it won’t in this city so it’s nice to know we’ll in advance if you need to put on you walking shoes). It will also only show cars or buses going in one direction on the map and is not easy to figure out how to switch directions.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By boydemily7
    Go mobile was and is much more user friendly. I would rather that app over this one. I have a hard time being able to find the lines and schedule I am looking for when I am not close to or near what I’m trying to do. It makes trip planning incredibly difficult I would trade the functionality of GoMobile over Le pass’s time accuracy. GoMobile was never that off especially with the tracking feature.
  • Trash 1/5

    By DarkAngel-504
    Bring Back Old Version “RTA Go Mobile , This “ LePass App Is Hot Garbage 🗑🔥🔥
  • Big Issue 1/5

    By NOLA Jack
    You really need to make it to where you can buy multiple tickets at the same time. I use the ferry a lot with my family and should be able to buy 4 tickets at once for all of us.
  • The real-time tracker isn’t in real time 2/5

    By CaGra123
    Can’t buy multiple tickets, app is harder to read, and all that. But my main concern at this point is the real-time tracker used: It’s not real-time. In order for me to really know for certain that the times given are accurate, I have to alternate between the old app and this one because this one just isn’t all that accurate. Sure, it can give me a set time the next bus is SUPPOSED to be here, but it usually won’t even let me know it’s even five minutes away until it’s too late. More often than not, I won’t know a bus is for sure coming my way until it’s already three minutes down the road. The bus icon is hard to locate, if it’s even there at all. Other times, it will pop up out of nowhere and be two minutes away from my stop so I can’t make it in time. Or it will look like it’s further away than it is, only for the actual bus to pull up right then and there. I know the app only just came out and sone developments are in order so I’m trying to be patient but I can’t play a guessing game with my time and this app every time I have to go to work…
  • RTA is deleting bad reviews 1/5

    By DarthMcChicken
    Not actually sure what the point of this app was. It just seems like a lot of wasted money. You can no longer contact the RTA in case you have a problem and you can no longer track the buses. Which if you live here you are aware that the schedule is completely ignored and you have to track the bus and estimate how far away they are. So this app is now completely useless and has made the RTA obsolete. And they’re deleting reviews about this and refusing to respond to emails. I will NOT be using the service ever again and I’m going to my state representative in order to get them shut down and if you delete this review I will take Screenshots to my state representative and file a federal lawsuit for violation of my first amendment right.
  • Why?! 1/5

    By Jofusbiscotti
    The old app wasn’t perfect but this is a nightmare. The inability to see where a bus is and only see it’s scheduled time is so frustrating when the “schedule” is barely a suggestion. Maybe instead of paying someone to make a new app pay your drivers/hire more so people aren’t waiting for hours in New Orleans heat
  • Street car not accurate 2/5

    By Crime Clyde
    There is a schedule posted but it’s never correct, even with GPS. Old app let you see live updates where the car was and what direction it was going which was way more useful than the schedule. This app needs to bring that feature back. I write this as I have waiting for both the 8:31 and 8:51 St Charles and Jackson car both have not showed up.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By lyricalaxis
    There is no way to track when the bus is coming unless you click on each individual stop. We’ve missed the bus multiple times now. This is a huge step back. Give us live in-app GPS tracking back.
  • App horrible 1/5

    By JohnDeaux057
    App horrible regarding live tracking. FIX IT!!
  • Live visual 1/5

    By RD1015
    This app does not allow a live visual of a bus on the line as in the previous app.
  • Easy & Accurate 5/5

    By willowbean
    This made it so easy for me to find my way around New Orleans! It also gave me alerts when my destination was coming up so I could be ready to get off rail. I was able to show my Pass to driver. I love this app!
  • Non-Functional 1/5

    By Nellynel84838
    Besides the paying (shocking how that works) they took the only functional part of GoMobile and got rid of the real time tracking. Fantastic. Really doing a great job. Update: Got a response talking about the times in green being the ETA. That doesn’t work either! Payments don’t always work and multiple tickets can’t be purchased. All too these features should be added… you know… before you roll out the app and sunset the other one. Absolute clown show.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By argentum.cavea
    True to NORTA’s history, this app takes a huge step backwards. Gone are the ability to purchase more than one ticket at a time and the real-time tracking of busses and streetcars. The graphics are grossly over complicated and confusing, with a pointless, redundant split window, one showing all the stops, one on a map, the other on a line.The old app certainly had its problems, but this new one is really no better than just standing there with change in your hand wondering when the streetcar is going to get there (as you watch five going the other direction, each 10 minutes apart.)
  • How to ruin an app. 1/5

    By JeezyFBabyV47
    There was nothing wrong with the old one. This one is more complicated and clunky. It takes longer to get to relevant information that you need rather quickly when using public transit. Can no longer see live location of the bus. Favorites are broken and just massive clutter all around. Huge leap backwards.
  • Big upgrade 4/5

    By SteveUrkel4President
    Arrival times are mostly accurate (+- a minute). That was my biggest issue with the old app that seems to be fixed here. I don’t like not being able to buy multiple tickets at once but they are apparently working on adding that feature. I will update my review to 5* when they do.
  • Missing Features…hopefully you’ll add this to this app 3/5

    By steviie_oh
    First, the new app is….ok. Not bad, just different. However. In the RTA GoMobile 2.0, we had the option to view ALL the buses on any given rideline(instead of only showing the bus located 5 minutes from closest stop), as well as click the bus shown in the map and a pop up would show the bus number, and the direction the bus is driving. If at all possible, I would like to suggest bringing those options back and adding to the new app. These features were especially helpful to me and other riders when planning/routing our trips, tasks and errands throughout the city. These features also made it easier for riders to adjust travel routes when certain lines have delays and buses are randomly removed from the routes, and will allow for adjustments sooner…versus having to scramble at the last minute to find another way home because the bus shows up as “to station”, or doesn’t show up at all.
  • Why? 2/5

    By donotunderstand
    You can only buy one pass at a time….. The other app is more user friendly and has the convenience of purchasing multiple passes at one time.
  • Really? Can only pay for one person? I have my family with me 1/5

    By GatorGirl901
    Can't pay for more than one person? So explain how I pay for the rest of my family in the car with me to get on the ferry? Did anyone think this through?
  • Looks better, but huge technical downgrade 1/5

    By M90765
    Somehow they made a worse application than the previous one. You can’t purchase more than one ticket at a time which is huge QoL downgrade from what it was previously. Huge inconvenience in a lot of different situations and they obviously didn’t test it or just did it on purpose.
  • It’s Okay… 3/5

    By KayOTE00E
    Relatively good app only thing is you can’t buy passes ahead of time and save them for other days.They all seem to get an expiration date a few hours after purchase.
  • Why I can only join using my number? 2/5

    By CitaVD
    No, thank you! I don’t want to give this app my number. Why not having the option to sign in or buy a pass using the email? Just like the other app? Am I missing something? Because I couldn’t find how to pay for a ticket without giving this app my phone number.
  • Multiple passes 1/5

    By ejdab
    There is no option to buy multiple passes. When I am with my wife I want to buy two passes and board. I was able to do this with the old app. You may call me to discuss. 8503243565
  • Unnecessary and unfortunate change 1/5

    By Myadav
    With this “upgrade”, they took away the ability of tracking the real time location of buses on the map and buying multiple tickets. Without these two most important features, this app is totally useless
  • Purchase options 2/5

    By Bofadeez87
    There is no option to buy multiple of the same passes like on the GoMobile RTA app. You have to keep going back to the previous screens to purchase more. Might be nice to have a Active duty or retired veteran option for military members who have to take the ferry to work.
  • Difficult to set up 3/5

    By rokjok
    Confusing and difficult to add payment methods. No apparent way to set a default payment method
  • A facelift isn't a fix 2/5

    By Boo boo cachoo
    It's a fair attempt to build on the GoMobile app but the map function is much harder to use and understand than the old one. Adding the ability to see walking times and getting stop notifications is great and all but the UI is so jumbled that you get tripped up every time you try to set a streetcar stop as going Uptown or Downtown Please take this as constructive criticism to build off of. I would love for an app that could make public transportation in this city more accessible for locals and tourists alike
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Stinaaaaaaaa
    The app is glitchy, does not track the streetcars well, only allows single purchases at a time, and worst of all, most of the time it doesn’t allow you to even buy a pass. I’ve been trying to purchase a streetcar ticket for a week now…it just keeps sending me in a loop and never confirms my purchase. I need these tickets to commute to work and I don’t keep cash on me. This needs to get fixed immediately.
  • Many More Options 5/5

    By Carbonellous
    Le Pass makes more sense to me. I start with actually planning where I want to go. The trip plans also seem to be more direct. Ticketing is easy. I do miss seeing where the bus is, but supposedly that's coming soon. Looking forward to seeing where the app goes from here!
  • Plenty More Options 5/5

    By Carbonellous
    Le Pass makes more sense to me. I start with actually planning where I want to go. The trip plans also seem to be more direct. Ticketing is easy. I do miss seeing where the bus is, but supposedly that's coming soon. Looking forward to seeing where the app goes from here!
  • Huge step backward in convenience 2/5

    By v hi kgg G fdghj
    You have to purchase one ticket at a time. The old RTA app let you purchase any number you wanted in a single purchase. You could use multiple ones at once if you were paying for a group. No more. Not building in the ability to buy multiple tickets at one time is an oversight so severe you have to wonder about the people who built it, the people who designed it, and the people who tested it. Just another waste of money at the taxpayer and travelers’ expense to replace something that worked well.
  • Good initial effort in New Orleans 4/5

    By Busless in NO
    But now the Apple Pay does not seem to working at all when I go to confirm purchase.
  • No useful map 1/5

    By Auspend
    The lack of a gps map showing the real-time location of buses and streetcars makes this infinitely less useful than the previous app.
  • Why the change? 1/5

    By Where's the spooky stuff?
    This new RTA app is ugly and removing real time tracking (there’s times but no busses/streetcars on the map) was an odd choice. Also not being able to buy multiple passes at once is annoying
  • NO GPS 1/5

    By sventrippy
    The most important thing is being able to see where my bus is at if it’s running late and now I can’t??? The old app was perfectly fine
  • They’re listening! 5/5

    By Kid from Chicago
    I was frustrated that I couldn’t find real time arrival info but there’s a message that shows up in the app explaining how to do it. It works great!
  • Ehh 4/5

    By ItsYaBoiYoungMegaphone
    It works. I can see that it has more stuff than the gomobile app, but this makes it a little more complicated to navigate about the app.
  • Significant Downgrade 1/5

    By Uptown Vard
    The old app you could compare the live location of various routes. When traveling uptown this is ideal. We all know planned arrivals do not always equate to actual arrivals. I will be using RTA less frequently due to this downgrade and unreliability.
  • Was this necessary? 2/5

    By Sweet Rue
    Needs work. New route recommendations don’t seem as efficient as previous RTA bus app Plain, not seeing much of an improvement yet.
  • Bit of a downgrade 2/5

    By Lynnlynn25
    The old app allowed us to track the buses with GPS , this app doesn’t, which is not great considering how inconsistent Nola RTA service is ! The 32 bus doesn’t always show up but at least with the tracker I’m not wasting time at the bus stop when there is no driver or the bus breaks down ! This is very disappointing, this is something that needs to be addressed asap!

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