Ruler App + AR Tape Measure

Ruler App + AR Tape Measure

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  • Current Version: 1.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: GRYMALA
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ruler App + AR Tape Measure App

AR Ruler app - Powerful tape measure tool, which takes advantages of the use of Augmented Reality. AR Ruler app uses augmented reality technology (AR) to tape measure the real world with your smartphone’s camera. Target aim on the detected plane and start to use ar tape measure tool: 1) Line - allows to tape measure linear sizes in cm, m, ft, yd, apply mm ruler or inch ruler. 2) Distance meter - allows to tape measure distance from device camera to a fixed point on the detected 3D plane. 3) Angle - allows to tape measure corners on 3D planes. 4) Area and Perimeter. 5) Volume – allows to tape measure size of 3D objects. 6) Height - allows to tape measure height relative to the recognized surface. Photo Ruler app is designed to accurately tape measure the size of any object by either taking a picture of it or to measure it on the screen. Photo Ruler app allows you to measure things just as conveniently and precisely as with a traditional mm ruler or tape measure tool. How to use Ruler app: Photo Ruler app: Firstly, please ensure that the object you wish to tape measure and the object of known length (Base Item) are in the same picture. There is a predefined list of Base Items in the ruler app settings, including Debit/credit card and Quarter. Select the one you have. Use the Base Item which is closest in size to the object you wish to tape measure using Ruler app. Secondly, ensure that the Base Item and the object you wish to tape measure using Ruler app are in the same plane and the ruler app camera is (or was) parallel to them. This is necessary to avoid image distortions caused by the ruler app camera perspective. Align the Blue arrows against the Base item and Green arrows against the object you want to tape measure. The length of the measured object is shown on the Ruler app screen. Ordinary mm ruler app: Use screen as a traditional mm ruler app. You can tape measure size of a small object by placing it on the device's screen and adjusting line limiters against the object. Accuracy of mm ruler app: Given that you have accurately aligned markers, you will receive a measure that is as precise as when using a traditional mm ruler app or tape measure tool.

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Ruler App + AR Tape Measure app reviews

  • Garbage 1/5

    By Titanocene132
    Only works in the most ideal situations where there is sharp contrast between object being measured and background. Not ideal for real world applications.
  • Not exactly as advertised. 2/5

    By Ginalouwho
    Needed a quick measurement and didn’t have a ruler with me. Watched the videos and thought I was getting a simple point and measure app. Not sure exactly Howe the yellow blob is supposed to work, you can not see your starting and ending points. The room planner / designer is a whole other app for almost $20.
  • Dumb app 1/5

    By hdbggeuxhjwbdvhc
    This app is crap measurement are way off waste of time don’t download it
  • I don’t get it 1/5

    By TheLightFuryWarrior
    I don’t get it
  • No directions 1/5

    By jai1111
    Provide directions, how hard is that?
  • Good 5/5

    By hazzeeg
    Good app
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Marceloc1
    It proved itself very useful since first use!
  • So handy! 5/5

    By Mobile Surfer
    Who would have thought such a simple app could be so handy, or even possible given varying screen sizes. For smaller items you can slide the bars to each edge and the screen will show the size in inches or centimeters. Quick, easy, always with you... love it!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By terr45
    Terrible measures I could get it to measure closer to 3 inches from actual measurements would not use
  • Obnoxious 1/5

    By The Geek Pirate Roberts
    Plays video ads. With the sound at full volume. Deleted, never to return.
  • Eh 2/5

    By The_blue_shoe
    When I got this a couple years ago it was good. Now it’s bogged down with ads and they make you put up with a circus of offers, loading screen, etc to get to the ruler in hopes that you’ll pay $8 for the premium version. Idk if this is less of a hassle than just carrying a 6” ruler in your car, which would be a longer measuring tool than the phone screen.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By JenninTexas32
  • Difficult to use, and not accurate. 2/5

    By Db_767
    Wanted to like it, but could not figure out how to use it accurately.
  • Add Measure tape sizes 5/5

    By Develop12367
    Can you please add tape measure sizes like you can use a 3m,5m and 10m to measure your height
  • Utterly broken 1/5

    By elmenaito
    Doesn't work
  • Ruler measurements are gibberish 1/5

    By Jmfx
    I downloaded this for a ruler function (with AR measurements as a bonus), but the “ruler” feature is complete nonsense garbage. It doesn’t matter what unit you select, the numbers make no sense whatsoever when you adjust the orange slider or box for 2d. The video shows you accurately measuring a US quarter, but when I stick a quarter on my screen, it measures “-16 x -16” in inches??? Switched to a different ruler app (that actually displays a ruler) and it’s very precise. ALSO, I LOVE THE 5 STAR REVIEWS SAYING HOW HORRIBLE THE APP IS! People aren’t realizing that the in-app feedback option only gives you a 5 stars option....
  • first use 1/5

    By lgXktamsmzmn
    can not write a review until i have used it successfully. operation isn't simply obvious.
  • Novel, Accurate, Easy, Free w/adds, and not broken 5/5

    By JBS-1
    Waisted so much time with promises of ruler apps for 6 plus (no built in AR). They are either broken, totally inaccurate, ad crazed, limited to 21” tape or less (come on, I can eye ball 21”s, who needs an app for that. Finally a free tape measure app that actually works, super accurate, and so intuitive. Several methods for measuring in this app. I was so impressed, just had to take time to do a review. Also love the auto-magnification when you are setting the object’s end points - great idea. Only weird thing is, when the app downloads, it called PrimeRuler - so not sure it’s exactly the same as the advertised and previously review app show here, but similar.
  • Great app but 3/5

    By hiyatracer
    I love the app but was unable to save a changed project. Would always create a new one. Even if I used the same name.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    A ruler is easier
  • Most Intrusive Ads EVER 1/5

    By b_s_l
    Used it twice - or at least I tried to. The app won’t do anything until I log into my Apple account, then makes me wait while it checks my download status, then asks me if I want to pay or continue with ads. Answering “with ads” takes me out into Safari to see an “ad” on an unknown website... EVERY time. Has been deleted, will not be reinstalled.
  • Units aren’t right size! 1/5

    By Sugasugaki
    Units are smaller than actual size, so completely pointless app.
  • Keep let user log in with Apple ID 1/5

    By never pay for this app
    If there is 0 star, I with give it 0!
  • Couldn’t get to the ruler 1/5

    By Llamapolitics
    Needed a ruler, downloaded ruler, tried to use it and was forced to watch an ad. Ended up deleting the app without being able to use a ruler? Is it just me?
  • Trash DO NOT BUY 1/5

    By Anxuon
    Worst app I’ve ever invested in
  • Ruler for what? 1/5

    By geeker2
    It’s useless as a basic comparative ruler or conversions.... useless.
  • Inaccurate measurements on iPhone XR 1/5

    By TylerCr
    I was just looking to use the on-screen ruler to make some rough measurements of a few small items, and the values are pretty far off from accurate. Measuring a 70mm object gave me a result of -79.6mm, which is off by almost an entire centimeter. Didn’t even bother with the AR features if the on-screen doesn’t work.
  • Worst app of all time 1/5

    By St. Regis
    This is hands down the worst app I’ve ever downloaded. Ads on a ruler app? Are you serious? And every single time I open it I have to sit through multiple loading screens and be prompted to purchase the full version? Incredible. On top of that, I was utterly unable to figure out what measurement it was giving me. The numbers did not make any sense despite triple checking my units. Maybe I was missing something but I have a bachelors in engineering and plenty of experience taking measurements. I gave up trying to measure something after a couple minutes.
  • Not optimized? 3/5

    By Merpston
    This app was flawless on my 6s. Not so much for my Xr. Can’t even read fractions.
  • Not accurate! 1/5

    By 9999999986536
    The ruler doesn’t match any other ruler! Not accurate at all!
  • Bad 1/5

    By الثبيتي س س
    Bad not able to understand
  • No idea what is this 1/5

    By Dr_Morphing
    Not a ruler
  • Basically useless unless the surface is flat and uninterrupted. 2/5

    By Lysander Spooner 2
    The system won’t register the plane of a door frame, so I can’t measure the space, even along the top edge. It identifies the plane of the surface quickly when I point the camera at the floor, so if you want to measure things like that t works fine. Unfortunately for me, yet another AR measuring app that falls short and is being uninstalled.
  • ARKit on iPhone XS Max 3/5

    By AppleII+
    This app does not seem to be able to use ARKit on the latest iPhone XS Max with iOS 12.1. please fix it.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By MazeOfEncryption
    Completely broken, more or less. Around 1cm on my phone shows up as 2 inches? And negative numbers so often? Waste of time.
  • 3 Ads Before I even start using app 2/5

    By G.Ghatchava
    so I rate with 3 stars less...other than that, it’s pretty accurate on SE screen. useful app when u need it.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Rishi Kasliwal
    Completely useless
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    It’s not very intuitive. All the numbers are displayed as a negative. When it shows me 1.0 using inches, the actual measurement appears to be about 1 mm. When I measure device I know that is about 1 1/2 inches it displays the reading of -30.
  • Not impressed ditching it after one hour. 1/5

    By khcaver
    Couldn’t figure out how to use this app. It couldn’t recognize things I wanted to measure. I had to practically stand on my head to get whatever angle my phone wanted me to have. Getting the perfect measuring point to show up where you intended it to be was difficult because I needed to hold the phone dead still, level, parallel, all while trying to see where the spot is. I hope you have better luck with it than I did.🍀
  • Almost there 2/5

    By Eli787
    This could have been a great app however the scale of the ruler is incorrect. The cm or inch is about 5% shorter on my iPhone 7 Plus than actual. I wish there was a calibration option or they have just made it right for my phone.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Chi Golfer
    Just displays “planes detection...” and keeps spinning. Too bad.
  • To difficult 1/5

    By femmist123
    Don’t buy if you are looking for easy
  • Now it is a great App-revised review 5/5

    By Js2000a
    The developer had updated the app removing some of the great functionality of the previous version. I complained and maybe some others did too. The developer must have listened and restored the functionality that I missed having. Thank you!!! This app is now the best measuring/ruler/AR app on the market! So many great features . Great app!!! A+++
  • So disappointing - Ruler is off 1/4” every inch 1/5

    By VIPJW
    The ruler is off by a 1/4 inch every inch... worthless
  • $20 for one use??? 1/5

    By NCBassist
    I bought the ad free version of this app and it worked one time. Now it closes itself every time it is opened. I have cleared cache, updated the OS, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and shut the phone down. Still no app. Stay clear of this app unless there is an update.
  • This app suks! 1/5

    By Claudia Michaud 843327
    I really did not enjoy this app I believe it was hacking me I feel like it was just really not good and it said something but that was not for filled by my comment was not for filled and so that is why am giving it a terrible review and I am also writing this long paragraph essay about how much I do not enjoy this app this app was a ruler app trying I was trying to measure how tall I am but instead he didn’t he just asked me how tall I was but that’s what I was asking it so therefore I do not do this app and I feel feel like and I believe that it should be removed from the App Store and not be accessible to anybody else.
  • AR doesn't work 1/5

    By 0780cj
    AR measure just shows "plane detection" message and never works
  • These reviews are for different apps? 3/5

    By Cbuell88
    The reviews all seem to be for an app that is NOT this app...not sure if you’re just copy/pasting reviews or if this is a problem on Apple’s side. Strange.
  • It’s Off (iPhone 8 Plus) 2/5

    By MarcusJohnKing
    The measurements are off when I put a ruler next to my phone screen...this app isn’t optimized for iPhone 8 Plus.

Ruler App + AR Tape Measure app comments

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