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Rumble Stars

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  • Current Version: 1.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Frogmind
  • Compatibility: Android
6,800 Ratings
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Rumble Stars App

Explosive multiplayer game with crazy characters and easy to learn but hard to master gameplay! Assemble your epic team of Rumble Stars and rise through the leagues in this action packed real-time PvP goal-scoring game! Sling your Rumblers into perfect position, master your timing and build strategic combos to outwit your opponents and make some serious goals! Then upgrade your team and take on the world in the rankings. Features: • Make goals with friends and other players around the world in real-time • Epic characters and unique physics-based gameplay • Make clever combos and outwit your opponents • Build your perfect team & unlock new Rumblers • Progress through the divisions & leagues and rise to the top! • Join & create Clubs, chat with other players and work together to rise in the ranks • Challenge Clubmates and friends to private matches • Learn new tactics by watching the best players on Rumble Stars TV (in-game) Compatible with iPhone 5 and upwards and iPad 2 & iPad mini (2nd gen) and upwards A network connection is required. Support Are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support. PLEASE NOTE! Rumble Stars is free to download and free to play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases from your device's settings. Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you need be at least 13 years of age to play or download Rumble Stars. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Parent’s Guide: Follow us: Facebook - Twitter - Reddit -

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Rumble Stars app reviews

  • Fun to play 5/5

    By Kashmoney8282
    This is a great game. Doesn’t take up a lot of time. However, still challenging.
  • Can’t open app on my iPhone XR after update. 1/5

    By FiremarioFTW
    The app seems to crash seconds into opening so I can’t play at all after the recent update.
  • Liking it! Pre-update 4/5

    By oXDevilsHaloXo
    I’m really liking the game so far. I’ve been playing about a month. The platform is very similar to other popular games right now... I’m very interested to play the 2v2 and plow through the tournament mode! My one criticism would be to help pull me away from some of these “core cards”! A more diverse set of “striker” cards perhaps
  • Coo 5/5

    By allnamesAretakensooooooo...
    Nice game
  • It does not have a log off option 2/5

    By trejolin
    Without a log off option you can’t have other accounts
  • Amazing Game! But 2 suggestions. 5/5

    By $ë@ñ
    This game is a ton of fun and will keep you interested and engaged at all times. One suggestion: add a 2v2 mode so that you and your friends or club mates can take on 2 other players at once. Other suggestion: PLEASE make another arena after the lava pit. The second arena (dessert themed) is extremely visually pleasing and the final arena should look something like that. My suggestion add a beach themed arena for some fun in the sun, and for the final arena a rainforest theme for a real rumble in the jungle!
  • Hamster trio 2/5

    By The.dude...
    The hamster trio makes the game chaos and they don’t require any skill to use you can just put them down and they will score dumb goals. Take it out of the game.
  • Not good on the server 1/5

    By arashhpu
    So weack on the server and there is no update never ever
  • Great game 5/5

    By brodie 7033
    Just started friend said it was like soccer in clash Royale so I had to play it and it lived up to my expectations
  • New characters 5/5

    By agstubbs
    For Halloween month you should have some Halloween characters and can you have add a new character every week or day or something Happy Halloween you guys are fire one of my favorite games
  • EPIC!!!!!⚽️🦁 5/5

    By Caleb Guy
    I love this game so much and it is so much fun
  • Great game 5/5

    By ncat0523
    Great game
  • Good game now 5/5

    By xxdog1427466
    I like it because it’s fun and free
  • Went 48 hours without a win 4/5

    I usually win 60% of the time but recently I went 48 hours without a win. Super fun game with its on the go juiciness, but this game either has an algorithm problem or it’s just plain fixed.
  • Awful, unbalanced game 1/5

    By ScarfaceInti
    Where to begin, it is fun at first because you are learning the game. But once you get higher levels and higher trophies, there are only so many decks you can use because all the basic cards are the best ones. Tiger and Panda are so strong it makes it no fun. You only need to level up those things and you are good to go. It takes tol long to get Gold and level up as well. So make sure you have enough time to waste your time getting a measly 14-15 good for each win when higher level rumblers cost over five thousand Gold to level up once. Meanwhile the community is toxic just spamming stupid emotes all game. Good thing they cannot type. Back to leveling. The game wants you to put money into it just so you can catch up the wasted Gold you have used on the rumblers that are useless at higher levels. Matchmaking is awful. You can get placed against someone that is 200 trophies above you and you still lose 20 trophies. Then you will stomp someone and only get five trophies. Lag is all over this game. Servers are bad. Not sure the hype around this game. Its frustrating when the AI is completely useless and it does the complete opposite of scoring. No good balancing is done. Please don’t believe the hype or look at the ratings. So many people play and quit this game. Go look at their players everyday. They tweak their numbers.
  • Love this game but a change has to be made 4/5

    By samthegamer123
    Listen this game is like the best game ever and i love it. Has so much potential but needs to be fixed because right now the games is like 90% about luck. This has to be changed lower the prices of some of the cards that way people can use them tactically there are a bunch of cards that are really not worth there price because they dont have such a big impact on the game and its fine that they dont but they shouldnt be costing that much also chests take wayyyyyy to long to open its like not even worth the wait but other than that amazing game i hope u guys can fix card prices and jus balance out the game
  • Pay2win 1/5

    By Weeks0808
    No skill. Pay to get higher level guys. They last longer, hit harder, and gives you no chance unless you want to pay money, which the game isn’t worth $1.
  • Emmanuel 5/5

    By Niki:^)
    it is cool,good game.
  • B a d 4/5

    By TomBombee
  • Very FUN 5/5

    By Danial dastan
    That animated grafic with smooth movments make a great game to play for hours.
  • Amazing game... A few problems. 4/5

    By connor767
    Overall this game is fantastic and very creative. The hamster trio needs to be nerfed, no questions asked.
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By sajjadkhazaei
    عالی واقعا خوبه فقط اگه بشه به ریال الماس خرید عالی تر هم میشه
  • Arreglen el problema de la conexión 4/5

    By aczino1998
    Es un juego genial pero su gran problema es la conexión de buenas a primera estás jugando y la conexión se cae
  • Add tropical island 5/5

    By Yeah. 0000
    Add a new place after lava Pitt. Please make tropical island.
  • One of the best all time iPhone games ever 5/5

    By GrantScruggs
    This game progresses really well and is endlessly entertaining, but please please please eliminate or nerf hamster trio because almost every game I play seems to be built entirely around that unit and it makes the game less balanced.
  • Really unfair game! 1/5

    By pepito🦖🐬🦎🦅🐍🐌🦗🐌🐗🦐🦄
    This game is already boring and pathetic then you guys add hamster trio and it’s really op for new players if your a old one and have the trio it’s really op and not fair at all
  • Hey I really love the game but... 5/5

    By KingKeevo
    I Really Love The Design Of The Game, however.. The chests take too long.. gameplay for leveling is too long and the chest time frame doesnt fit how fast the game Really is. Great Game! Great Mechanic! Please shorten the Chests Time😭!
  • love this game 5/5

    By Dariush3348
    this game is awesome. i think its a game like clash royal but with a ball! so interesting . you can score goal with funny characters with different skills.and improve them step by step.also you can play it with other players all around the world and have fun
  • Great game with no ads 5/5

    By SixthPixel
    Finally a good game with no ads!!
  • Leg , leg , leg 1/5

    By sami sansilver
    why game has leg ?? week server and week processor?
  • Balancing 2/5

    By Cowler
    Decent game but you need to work on your event balancing you make it free but you can have low tier players against players in way higher arenas then them an it’s trash
  • Unfair Advantages 4/5

    By MattMan2924
    I would rate it 5 stars because it’s a great game and I love it but I don’t like that I’m going against people with cards that are like 5 levels higher than mine then they get goals I would lose and definitely lose a lot of trophies so please make the matchmaking a little more fair
  • Ball stars 1/5

    By Valdicito
    So unos cracks👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮
  • RIP OFF 👎🏽 1/5

    By FCMAURY73*
    pay to,pay,pay to win! if you wanna do yourself a favor do not download this game is nothing but a rip off scheme!!!! do not think you cant pass or play this game right... you have to empty your pockets dry to move further...coins and gems are over priced a swell as characters have a 100% mark up so youll find yourselves spending each time. they over charged me twice i have bank statement and paypal invoices also apple back up to show how they ripped me off and still they would not give me my money back. APPLE show monitor scam garbage developers like this people and kick them out of the platform so the can not keep their scheme. spread the word to others and watch your pockets because while you try to score a goal next thing you know they stole all your money bloody fools!
  • My review restore purchases please 1/5

    By coolguy997743
    Ive spent a lot on this game and I want it back probably not gunna happen 😂
  • Good game 5/5

    By West Che an rat
    It good game
  • Its not good 1/5

    By reveiew expert
    You have to wait then everyone is toxic and impossible to win feom waiting I suggest you play fifa mobile
  • Fun, but Frustrating AI. 2/5

    By • Master Control Program •
    The opponents always seem to have better AI if you ask me; and especially if they have an Asian based username. My team is running around the field like a band of drunk ice cubes and the opponent’s team is playing like it’s a championship game. I really don’t understand it. You can have higher lvl members, EVEN 5v1 or 6vs3 low level hamsters, and for some reason my overpowered mixed team can’t gain ball control? Logic? And don’t get me started on the goal keeper. USELESS! I have to use Mr. Fire or the cannon to protect my goal because the lion leaves it wide open! I watched him travel to the middle corner of the field -.- no joke. He shouldn’t be able to travel that far. But he will every once in awhile.
  • Too many ways to cheat, and another worthless pay to win game. 1/5

    By KBluetrump7
    This would be a great game. But people can mess with their connection, hit detection is inconsistent, and people cheat. And of course greedy developers make it fun for the idiots that will throw money at winning in a video game. Make sure not to hold your breath for getting anything good with the free loot boxes. It’s being saved for the people that throw money at the game just to feel good about themselves with winning a useless video game.
  • Problems 1/5

    By Jester4490
    I made two purchases and they never came through. But the money left my account that was for sure
  • Great Game More Areans 5/5

    By Albion Tyler
    I love this game please make more characters and areans😀😀
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Problem14378
    The trio card at the very beginning is impossibly difficult to counter. I hate this game. Will never play again.
  • Very little strategy 3/5

    By PlanetBob8
    Strategy is very basic. A lot of the play involves just luck. Stick with better games like Clash Royale.
  • Grandes los que crearon este juego 5/5

    By francohochkofler
  • Rumble Stars is so AWESOME 5/5

    By cdlamb7
    Such a fun game! 10/10 would recommend! The music when you score a goal is so funny!! 😂
  • Beast game 5/5

    By Cleftyd
    I love the dog panda combo great idea
  • Great 5/5

    By balance donation
    5Star for the game and if i could I’d give 10stars to the crew
  • Hands down, funnest game on iOS 5/5

    By Worldfamous72
    This game is pure joy! Makes me want to jump up and down every goal I score. Amazing graphics, best sound design of any game, and brilliant gameplay! This game is a must have!
  • I’m being nice by giving it a 4 star review it should really be 3 stars 4/5

    By Pichy Robertoes
    Fun game I just wish I would somehow be able to control the characters besides throwing them and from them on the characters fight on their own!

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