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  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Are you looking for a YouTube alternative? Or a place where you can grow followers faster, have a search and related videos that don't preference channels, ability monetize your videos, and watch your favorite creators? Rumble is the new home for everything video. We believe your time invested in Rumble will greatly exceed the results of our competition. Major creators like Reuters, NY Post, Page Six, Dan Bongino, Donald Trump Jr, Ben Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz, and many more already have channels set up. Rumble Features: - Livestreaming - Channel creation - Video hosting - Smooth UI - Video Monetization - Licensing Thank you for considering Rumble, the future of video!

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Rumble app reviews

  • Freedom of speech is Quite Glorious 5/5

    By Sean Q. Peters
    Well done to all the great People of Rumble!
  • Let Freedom Ring. 5/5

    By Jessesr48
    FINELY A PLATFORM WHICH COMES ACROSS AS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR! All are welcome to state their opinion and views, without eliminating free speech in the process! Now weather ones views and opinions are acceptable is decided by the majority, which is critical to a free society! That is what sets America apart from the rest of the world! She really is the CROWN JEWEL OF FREEDOM. Bar none!
  • Awesome top G 5/5

    By common W
    You know why I’m here! Because of the Top G’s
  • I want to love the app 1/5

    By ORNL member
    I love the concept, but the app is unfortunately unusable. Constantly getting errors, or unable to play. I am repeatedly forced to return to YouTube to watch content that IS on rumble, because it won’t stream. Not only does it not stream, but I have to keep track of content I’ve watched or am in the process of watching because there is no watch history. I love the feature that allows you to just listen with the screen off, but unfortunately anything you do (such as rewinding, pausing, or answering a text)makes the video freeze and then become unplayable. PLEASE improve the functionality of this app, WE NEED IT
  • Better than all the liberal echo-chambers 5/5

    By RickMackDaddy
    YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Reddit… all censor moderate viewpoints, run fake fact checks, shadowban, censor and deplatform any speech they don’t like. Drop them and come to Rumble.
  • Bring back background play 3/5

    By Scott "get off my phone!" B
    I liked the previous version better since it had background play. Also need to add feature where your place is not lost if you stop watching for some time.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    Very reliable and credible information. !! Please keep up the good work.
  • Love Rumble but NEEDS some tweaks 4/5

    By LisaO5
    I love Rumble and all it stands for, HOWEVER….I am NOT a fan of the recent update! Can you (Rumble) pls put the names back under the icons of the people we’re subscribed to? It’s not fun not knowing who is up there! Also, can u make it so WE can choose who stays on our top row? That would be awesome!
  • Keeps Getting Worse! 1/5

    By NeedzWerk
    This app has always sucked, now it’s getting worse! Many of the buttons I click on, like yo comment or reply, close the app when clicked on. I’m going back to the website version!
  • Better than the boobtube 5/5

    By spigalito
  • Home of the Top G 5/5

    By Ku"Challa Kinshasa
  • Solid 5/5

    By Inplumber
    Happy to see Rumble growing and giving a platform to voices that need to be heard.
  • Search function. 3/5

    By ector413
    The search function needs to be worked on.
  • App is only getting better 5/5

    By SuperDuperDavo
    I hope you guys continue to improve the app. Whatever you do, please don’t remove the ability to play it in the background like cucktube. It makes a world of difference and is the only reason I watch/listen to rumble exclusively now.
  • Save spot in video. 1/5

    By Christer!b!
    It would be convenient to be able to pick up where you left off without having to go back and find your place in the video you were watching.
  • Great, enable text editing and comment preservation 5/5

    By zzz97
    Hi, this is great. We need to be able to edit the title and description text of our video, it would be best if we could do it at any time, but for sure we need to be able to do it within 72 hours and up to 30 days. I can make a really long and well thought out comment and it was just a little bit too long, and this whole beautiful statement I can write would just be completely deleted and lost and it would be impossible to get it back. That’s very frustrating, to say the least. It’s very discouraging too. we need to make it so the comments will not be lost if they were too big to post. let it be saved on our phones as a draft. I think we need retroactive payouts for all total views, to be square and sure. I think the payout system is very cryptic, it’s not a simple system and does not have an easy fact understand what the CPM means and if you want it to be higher or lower. A lot of people have seen my channel and the number went down and I’m not sure why. Does that mean I’m getting less money per view now even though I am more popular?
  • Trust 5/5

    By Honey4+2
    I like that I can trust what I’m reading.
  • I like it 5/5

    By Jose Garza-Garcia
    I’m only on here because I’m not watching 5 unstoppable ads on YouTube. I’ll watch 1, even 2, but 5 is INSANE!
  • Used to work well 1/5

    By JustAnotherGuy3
    Lately videos never load and always say, “something went wrong” please fix this Rumble.
  • Still needs a view history... 2/5

    By kimbakat
    Needs a view history AND need our 10 favorite or most watched channels at the top. The feed should just show new items. We dont need a channel list at the top. its so hard to find a specific channel..especially when you pause and leave the app..and you have to find where you left off.
  • Setting menu bugged 5/5

    By ynwjayden
    I love this app but i keep running into a problem with the setting menu when i open it the whole app freezes and i have to restart it other than that the app is really amazing.
  • Why!!!! 1/5

    By LadieKadie
    I’ve had major issues with this App since day one, but at least it would airplay and cast well. The small things that glitch are beginning to add up to major issues! Constantly crashes while trying to find my comments, the live chat on Apple USED to work, and now I get double postings despite everything I’ve tried, notifications are a MESS and there is no way to rewind to the beginning during a live stream. Come on Rumble. You needed to be well prepared for midterms as most of us are IP banned now on YT and Twitter unless we’re a somebody!
  • Rumble review 5/5

    By fortnite issues
    Andrew Tate is in here it’s confusing at first but easy to catch onto let’s go🤙🏼
  • Review 2/5

    By ace8832
    I don’t like how every time I close out the app it makes me restart a whole video instead of playing from where I left off
  • Verified Accounts 5/5

    By Juan Williman
    I love the concept of the app, some stuff are rough around the edges and it’s missing some features I like about YouTube, but that’s minor stuff. The thing that troubles me the most is unverified accounts, how do I know that I’m following the real creator instead of somebody re uploading their content? Besides that, Rumble rocks!
  • Has almost what I want 5/5

    By Hdksnbsb
    I have tried so many times to be able to comment. However t says I need to verify my email first. Which I have done. I have even deleted my account and started over. However, I still cannot comment. It looks like I can listen to my favorite folks, but am not allowed to ever comment. Too bad. I won’t be here 100%.
  • Free speech 5/5

    By fatbabygold
    It’s great knowing that if you like a content creator they will still be around tomorrow and not get band for dumb reasons
  • Uncensored voices that matter 5/5

    By 2022tom
    It’s a breath of fresh air to hear knowledgeable, informed, educated people speak on a public platform who’s opinions, and facts that they discover, may occasionally differ to what the government and MSM would like you to believe. Long may it last
  • I like rumble but 2/5

    By dre7295
    Yo the flipping videos keep freaking skipping and stopping for no reason pls update your app.. I can’t watch the video bro unless I close my phone and listen, what’s going on??

    By Adrian_34_
    App Crashes every comment and makes me sign back in!! Very annoying
  • Changed format 1/5

    By 5959rh
    Can not select the episode I wish to view. Hard to understand.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By megamanjay
    Easy to use interface. I haven’t tried to upload anything yet so I haven’t experienced that part of it.
  • Need mini player 3/5

    By IOS7575
    Trying to replace youtube with rumble but not being able to explore app while playing a video is so 2010. The UX needs help.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lyakaitis
    One of the greatest apps for REAL news!!!
  • Videos won’t load 2/5

    By Gov45M1911
    My videos won’t load…
  • A alternative to YouTube’s censorship 5/5

    By kimbers and paul
    5 stars alone for just that
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Tapped out and under
    Today I opened the app and it evidently updated. Now when I go to my subscriptions, I can only view the last video they uploaded. It will not take me to their page. The videos start instantly whether you want them to or not. I still can’t get to their pages. There is no feedback link or anyway to contact rumble. The only way is to come to the App Store and write a review. This version is truly horrid. Fix it
  • Love it 5/5

    By update multiplayer ❤️
    Better then YouTube
  • iPad UI needs TLC - update 9/22 2/5

    By Karbs
    The feed needs to be reworked, huge tiles so it takes forever to scroll through them, haven’t found a way to reduce so more can be on the screen. Search engine/filter could also be better to find content easier. Side note: it will be great when creators can start making money via ads; I can see a mass transfer from one platform to this one when/if that’s announced! 09/22 - Guys, we all want to like and support you but you’re not making it easy. The UI is just hard. Simply make it work/function like YouTube, you don’t have to change it for the sake of changing it. We don’t come for a WOW UI, we come for the content, but if we can’t find it… what’s the point? IPad:The layout is bad, search is bad, I can’t shrink the video and search, if I find a channel I can’t follow it by pressing the big green follow, I have to watch a video and then press follow, can’t clear search’s, no history of watched content.
  • Better than YouTube 5/5

    By lollarluke
    Way better than YouTube. Actual free speech.
  • Support Against Censorship! 5/5

    By Andrew Tate Fan #13
    Continue the good fight! I put my money where my mouth is
  • I like it 5/5

    By EbolaPatientZero
    Works good. Doesn’t charge you extra to listen with the screen locked.
  • What happen 2/5

    By rory perrodin sr
    Everything was good till last update now if i’m lucky i might be able to watch one video a day. Takes forever to play if it even plays the video
  • I never thought I would care so much about free speech. Until it was taken away 5/5

    By mandyfreakinh
    You guys give me hope for the world
  • Account required 2/5

    By Thefirelion
    You shouldn’t require people to create an account to even try your site. I deleted the app.
  • Rumble won’t open 2/5

    By Hippy chick59
    I have had Rumble since it came out. The last two days it won’t let me sign in. Username and password are correct. I miss Rumble‼️‼️Help please
  • This is much superior to YouTube 5/5

    By Zack hedare
    I recommend it to everyone, especially people that have their channels banned by YouTube thugs start it now and you’re not gonna regret later.
  • No pip? 3/5

    By slartibarphast
    Why no pip? Also can’t minimize while playing and browse other videos like YouTube app.
  • Go back 1/5

    By Cdhtiejk45
    Last update made app useless to me. I like to go to some one I’m following and see what they have said in past 3 or 4 days. This is gone!!! I will probably delete app and look for something else.

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