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Rumble App

Are you looking for a YouTube or TikTok alternative? If so, you've come to the right place. Watch your favorite video, subscribe to your favorite channels, and if you're a creator, you can generate some revenue! VIEWERS: Watch and subscribe to your favorite channels, vote on the best videos, and consume as much content as you want for free. CREATORS: By joining Rumble and uploading your best videos, you have an opportunity to challenge the world, quickly build followers, and make money at the same time. How it works: - Vote on your favorite and not so favorite videos by swiping right, or left respectively - Earn tickets with every swipe and increase your chances of winning the daily cash draw - Increase your chances of winning the daily draw by uploading your own content, and inviting your friends to play the game - Check back every day at 9 PM EST to play again and win money OR - Join the battle by uploading your own viral video - The following day, your viral video will participate in the Rumble Battle - If your video ranks as one of the top viral vidoes, you'll win real money! - Your viral video will continue to monetize on Rumble forever if it conintues to be popular REAL EARNINGS For years you've been submitting and voting on videos, and you've never been compensated for it. Rumble is changing that. MANY WAYS TO WIN CASH REWARDS You can earn tickets by voting on videos, entering the battle with your videos, and inviting friends to play the game. THE GAME THAT KEEPS YOU CRAVING MORE This unique video platform brings the world’s best viral videos to keep you entertained, while making real money. Download the app using your iOS device and play when you are connected to the Internet or Wifi. Visit for more videos and community forums. Have fun playing, and may the best viral video win!

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Rumble app reviews

  • Love the app! If it wouldn’t keep crashing!!! 4/5

    By Ernieg714
    Really enjoy using this app. If I select a video straight from the news feed it’s fine. However if I select from a channel and then select my favorite podcaster the video from that channel keeps crashing every time. It’s annoying because I will have to search the entire news feed to find the latest video or news from my favorite podcasters.
  • Love 5/5

    By Survsunshinegirl
    I only wish it was more user friendly.
  • Not so user friendly 1/5

    By RicardoJYardley
    Not very user friendly, imposible to change your username if wanted to. You’ll have to create a new account if you’d like to change your username or you can create a channel but you can’t even manage it directly from the app... they definitely need to work on some things
  • Loving it 5/5

    By goodhearr
    Rumble is fresh and has a lot of different takes on what's going on with the country. Chats are nice but sometimes they get stuck in a rut. Rumble will get you out of the rut !!
  • Finally! News is subscriptions that I can choose! 5/5

    By 321luke
    Telling everybody I know to subscribe to Rumble after finding out how much censorship is going on and how Google and YouTube is deciding what is best for you!
  • Battery Slayer 3/5

    By Kramer kramer
    Love the app, free speech, ect, but Jesus Christ why does it murder my battery? Have never seen an app do a thing like this.
  • Not landscape compatible 1/5

    By kavlito1
    IPad - Videos not playing and it is not landscape compatible. So, in other words, it is useless. Thanks for the effort though.
  • Ugh I want to like it 3/5

    By mfuse
    But I find it buggy. It’s not supporting iOS floating video. So I can’t play a video and do other things. Also if I try to select a video from my subscriptions it crashes every time.
  • If the app ever worked... 1/5

    By PhoenixRaider1076
    I have had this app for about a month now. I would rate higher if it ever worked. This app keeps crashing every time I try to play a video. I have done all the tech stuff (reboot, delete app and reinstall, etc.). No change. I would be more than happy to download again if the app devs would fix this issue.
  • Goodbye 2 YouTube’s 🇺🇳🇨🇳 MARXIST Censorship! 5/5

    By Dchamp1
    I’m following many of my favorite Pro-1st Amendment Patriots here now. IF RUMBLE compromises through Bribery, Big Tech threats or ALLOWS Communist Infiltration...Goodbye to Rumble as well. Real Patriots don’t bow 🙇 to Tyranny. Stay true. Stay the course & American Patriots will fight for you & our Constitution. Thank you all & may our resurrected Savior bless & multiply your FAITHFULNESS! JESUS CHRIST IS KING 👑 OF ALL CREATION. That includes this site. Be true, Stewards of HIS Truth & He WILL exalt you in HIS time!
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Jhc1975
    Hopefully people realize we need places like rumble to break monopolies that have one sided political agendas.
  • Won’t play videos 2/5

    By SherlockHommie
    Love the content but rarely get videos in feed to play. I can hear audio but no video plays. Rumble videos play but can’t full screen and if you click the rumble button it disappears and I can’t finish the video. Too much here unexplained or nonfunctional.
  • Good to have an alternate to liberal media 5/5

    By & you lie
    I’m glad to have another venue besides YouTube but there are a lot of bugs to work out. For one, there’s no link to contact customer support if you have issues. Two, trying to leave a comment for a video is difficult via the app. When the keyboard pops up, you don’t see what you’re typing and you can’t close the keyboard to post the comment. Also it won’t let me post stating that I’ve not verified when I really have. Please fix your bugs!
  • I want to love it, but needs major improvement! 2/5

    I love the no censorship platform, but it is almost not useable for me. It crashes, freezes, does not hold your place within a video and there is no history of what I watched so I can easily return to a video I didn’t finish. It also drives me crazy that I can not alphabetize my subscribed channels, and it needs a playlist feature to categorize and save videos. I spend more time fighting this app than I do listening. Another feature that is absolutely necessary for us podcast listeners is background play. I subscribe to Youtube Red so I can listen to a video while using another app like playing a game. Since Rumble vids stop playing when I exit the app, I tried to download it on my Fire tablet so I could listen and still use my phone. The Amazon Appstore version is literally useless. There isn’t even a place to log in to my account! I hope improvements are made to this app since a lot of the people I listen to have left Youtube.
  • No very impressed 2/5

    By Dedicated Chevy Customer
    Very slow. Not phone screen friendly for resizing. Needs the kinks worked out.
  • I really wanted to like this add 1/5

    By Civ333
    Such a disappointment especially that there is so few outlets that allow free speech in this failed experiment we call the United States of America. Poorly executed, buggy, unusable are just a few words I would use to describe Rumble. I don’t even know we’re to start. Poor search algorithms Looping videos instead of progressing to another video Absolutely useless settings No way to view “rumbles” -whatever that is.. Can’t reply to messages Can type a comment because you can’t see what you are typing. (When you start to comment the keyboard on your screen covers the dialog box and there is no way to fix it) Requires way too much personal information Just stop. Tear the whole thing down and start over from scratch. This app is a JOKE.
  • Glad for the alternative 5/5

    By webkrakenblog
  • Free Speech 5/5

    By Hellkell001
    It’s nice to have a site that is objective and not censored like YouTube. Wonder how long this will last.
  • Auto play 1/5

    By TresMachado
    Build in auto play within the app ! Only issue but huge enough
  • Replay 4/5

    By 4grace.spike
    Great app! Videos are on repeat. Please play once & stop. Not restart.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By veryclever53
    I have high hopes for rumble. However there are several things you need to do to make it better. Just copy YouTube. It’s simple, YouTube’s problem is obvious. Censorship. So just be YouTube without censorship. When you do this you will draw in content that is entertaining as well as informative. An example of something that is annoying is this. I follow Newsmax, great right? Well, not so much. They publish so much content, all I see is Newsmax. I’d like to see a better mix of accounts that I follow.
  • Glad to have rumble even when I have a lot of buffering 4/5

    By Yo Simmany
    Glad to have rumble even when I have a lot of buffering
  • Subpar 1/5

    By leontheartist
    Very glitchy app. Video sometime plays audio only on a video. I get it it’s the last place to post free speech. It needs a redesign. The green has got to go. The swiping of videos feels like OkCupid. What’s rumbling? Needs a new name.
  • Why I like rumble 5/5

    By KaySea12
    This site is a welcomed site it allows points of view. No matter who or what you are posting. All that it needs to be is respectful, polite, and most of all do not promote violence. It’s refreshing to be able to debate our ideas and not be silenced by people that have no right to infringe on freedom of speech. Thank you Rumble
  • Great alternative 5/5

    By rglaue
    I like that there is an up and coming alternate to YouTube. Thank you and keep it up!!
  • How to upload videos 4/5

    By Pilatesgirl123
    I’m made a video with my IPhone camera. How do Upload it to Rumble without using the Rumble camera?
  • It’s not good 1/5

    By GhostKlown
    Not impressed at all with this app.. censorship worse than tiktok and extremely long process before your videos even get seen by the public.. Had big expectations for this app but what a disappointment!!
  • Battery drain 1/5

    By south central ky
    Major battery drain issues when using. I love the app but cannot stay on it long. Watch mainly on Roku
  • The der show 5/5

    By __var
    Tired of listening MSNBC and CNN with hosts who have lost all journalistic integrity. Watch the Der Show, it literally stimulates your mind by presenting arguments on both sides. The professor also tries to be least biased, when ever he thinks he was biased, he admits it. Would highly recommend
  • Better than YouTube! 5/5

    By Letiwheeler201"
    Better place to find alternative news that the main stream media or other platforms that only censor information!
  • Free speech 5/5

    By T. Albert
    So far, free speech lives on Rumble. You tube bans shows they don’t agree to politically. Why use You Tube when Rumble is for We The People.
  • Hard to understand how to navigate 3/5

    By AgathaDiBellaGinther
    Finding it hard to navigate. Looking for a better tutorial as I cannot comment on some videos.
  • Let’s Rumble 5/5

    By Sjpzme1
    Rumble is he best! Much better than YouTube
  • BETTER 5/5

    By dLynneH
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Yeah123456789yeahyeah
    Please fix the crashing. Every time I search for something and then flick on the h Channel or video it crashes. I can never watch something I’m looking for. Thank you
  • Most useless app ever 1/5

    By Raybo34
    Nothing works right in the app. Have to use the website.
  • Free speech at it’s best 5/5

    By gijoemp127
    I love rumble because as an adult American citizen, I have the right to watch/read anything that I choose. I don’t need anyone to tell me what I can or cannot do. It gives me what I need when all the other outlets are censoring Maga and telling me lies.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By m.r.turner
    Can’t get latest version on iPad. Only 12.5 IOS. So I can’t install the app on Ipad;-/
  • Bad Programming 2/5

    By Dk45566
    While Rumble is not censoring free speech, that’s the big bonus, the underlying programing is terrible. It is unresponsive at times, doesn’t open to full screen when pressing that button, and the interface is simply not very user friendly.
  • Finally 5/5

    By Woodrascal
    Thank you for a reasonable source of informatation. Not fake propaganda.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Rodgerunner
    I am watching on an iPhone using the latest iOS. Very buggy! When I tap on a video to comment and watch it the video shows up and then disappears. Also my app immediately close it out and I can’t watch it. I tried completely removing the app and then reinstalling and that did not work. This is no doubt partially due to the influx of conservatives to these types of sites that do not sensor. Still I would like to see this text
  • The New YurTurb. Git Rumble ASAP 5/5

    By PlexinTexan
    Great news and reporting without the fake news trash swamp.
  • Love rumble 5/5

    By Gypsy.dom
    Everyone wake up rumble is great
  • DHutson 5/5

    By B I B L E book 4 me
    Pleased to have an alternative site!!
  • QA issue 4/5

    By FromNickname1
    Hello Rumble team, I use an iphone and when watching a video in car mode and go to a different app, the sounds stops after a minute or 2. Also the video is lost if I go back to Rumble, so I have to search for the video. Regards
  • Rumble is great but... 5/5

    By Toonarly
    The ONLY thing I have against rumble is that they don’t allow you the curtesy to be able to remove a policy violation video before giving you a strike! This is unfair because I haven’t a clue as to any of my videos being DMCA compliant or if any could possibly be offensive. I have NO problem removing any that do violate but would appreciate the option of removing it myself so I DONT get a strike. This is the ONLY issue. Other than that great service. Please fix this so we all can enjoy the ap without the possible of being cancelled unknowingly. Thanks
  • BEST. 5/5

    By Pro Rule of Law
    Rumble is great. None of the stupid power hungry idiot lefts censoring of CONSERVATIVES. Conservatives built this Country. Not retarded leftist.
  • App access 4/5

    By virginkat
    Why isn’t there an option to open in app? If you open a video it opens in web browser not the app ? I’m I just not seeing the option for it? Frustrating.
  • Reference 5/5

    By rDarryl
    Still learning my way around the referrals but sure like what I see.