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  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Rumble Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Are you looking for a YouTube alternative? Or a place where you can grow followers faster, have a search and related videos that don't preference channels, ability monetize your videos, and watch your favorite creators? Rumble is the new home for everything video. We believe your time invested in Rumble will greatly exceed the results of our competition. Major creators like Reuters, NY Post, Page Six, Dan Bongino, Donald Trump Jr, Ben Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz, and many more already have channels set up. Rumble Features: - Livestreaming - Channel creation - Video hosting - Smooth UI - Video Monetization - Licensing Thank you for considering Rumble, the future of video!

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Rumble app reviews

  • Look over there; there the enemy 5/5

    By The Wadman
    Don’t ever slow down
  • So much better than YouTube 5/5

    By LiberalJane
    Not ran by Communists is a great start.
  • Good to see the REAL President in Arizona! 5/5

    By Drawgirl
    Great quality!!!
  • Truth 5/5

    By RossNaturalized
    Sick of watching You tube, cutting out speech, hiding footage of real newscasts, putting our dear President trump speaking to the people, not showing true images of the Border, it’s a disgrace, if I want unfettered footage that is not doctored I watch Rumble
  • Ohio Free Bird 5/5

    By ohio free bird
    Great tobuse Rumble where truth is not erased! Thanks
  • Video platform MUST IMPROVE 3/5

    By Mia the Siamese Cat
    TY for your free-speech platform, it boggles the mind how a video player & navigation of Rumble cannot be seamless, it really is stunning (& yes I bought stock ❤️)…
  • Freedom, not censorship. 5/5

    By Uscollins
    We need more of Rumble.
  • Love it 5/5

    By cuti$
    Let’s go Brandon

    By Blustamove
    I appreciate what you’re doing with this app but it needs some serious bug fixes. The most annoying aspect of this app is how it keeps randomly requiring you to log in, even though it clearly says you’re already logged in. You get this pop up which interrupts your experience on the site, and there is no way to dismiss it other than clicking the “log out with X website” button. I’ve had this popup randomly appear right in the middle of me watching a video, interrupting the video! Highly irritating.
  • Way better then utube!!! 5/5

    By Dogg chiffon
    Love rumble!!
  • Trump won Jesus is King 5/5

    By katherine handy
    Trump won Jesus is King!!!
  • Rumble 5/5

    By duece2112
    Rumble is better than YouTube
  • How do you get support & fixes for Rumble????? 1/5

    By Katyminco
    Worst app ever. It rarely plays a video all the way through, stopping 1/3 of the way & done. I can watch the videos successfully when I get an email notice from Rumble subscribed accounts but try to watch directly in thr app - forget it. I still follow everyone on Youtube because I can actually wafch those, or Brighteon or Gab with out any problems - but Rumble has real issues. Garbage
  • No easy to use 1/5

    By shellybella100
    I don’t like how hard this app is to use. They need to make it seamless plug and play like YouTube. I can’t find the people I follow on YouTube.
  • Tickets 2/5

    By Mapletree in the Oaks
    How come my version of rumble doesn’t let me collect tickets? It doesn’t look like your sample version.
  • Ok 4/5

    By jascharl
    This app needs a playlist function.
  • Hoping for some tweaks… 4/5

    By Robwithakick
    I’m very happy to see an alternative video platform. I know things are still being built, and updated ads occurring regularly. Small suggestion: how about a “Dark mode”. I’ve yet to see this in the settings and the white backdrop is a little bright for night viewing.
  • Rumble is the best 5/5

    By Ash4567
    YouTube sensors free thought and is supported by the Marxist at google this is the new YouTube

    By Johnso81
    I really appreciate that Rumble has an open platform that allows open dialogue and debate. The freedom of counter opinions allows the free flow of knowledge that intelligent people can consume to make informed decisions.
  • Really thankful to have a free speech alternative 5/5

    By hoytster88
    If there is one thing I could wish for, it’s more producers to get on this platform so I can ditch the Ottis other annoying app on my phone that hates me and everything I believe in.
  • Can’t login into Apple TV for Rumble 1/5

    By Tucson Rick
    I have a Rumble account. Logged in on my iPhone. But there is no way to login on the Apple TV version of the app.
  • To complete rumble 3/5

    By RealTripleV
    The only it need more music and dark mode!
  • Love it 5/5

    By onetimearound
    The best place to watch videos and stay updated on current events. What I love about rumble, it you can find a true diverse collection of individuals and companies giving you not only there opinions, but actual real news!
  • Review 5/5

    By short-n-sweet reviewer
    Good site! Enjoy it!
  • Enough with all the ads 1/5

    By steve's funny
    I really want to use this app more but videos on it are completely unwatchable when an ad pops up every 20 seconds.
  • Best video steaming platform. 5/5

    By ba ba bach peep
    They features are getting better. I love that I can keep listening while doing other things on my phone. YouTube makes you pay to be able to do that.
  • Love the show👍🏻❤️🇺🇸 5/5

    By Clarienda Mae
    Love hearing the unfiltered truth!! Thanks Dan! God Bless👍🏻❤️🇺🇸
  • No History? 2/5

    By gvalliath
    Very limited user experience. One would expect to be able to return to previously watched videos. Watch history does not seem to a convenience. If this this the conservative alternative to YouTube, we have a long way to go.
  • Wow is this app buggy! 2/5

    By ForceFour
    First … I love the idea of a YouTube alternative without some mysterious banning team behind the scenes deciding what people can and cannot see. I thought Rumble might be that alternative so I downloaded and created a login. That’s when I saw just how ‘not ready for primetime’ this app is. Functionality issues that make the app unusable… 1. The ability to search disappears periodically. After following one person … the hourglass was gone and the only thing I could see were videos posted by that one person. I had no way to find or follow anyone else. I had to close and re-open the app multiple times before finally seeing the hourglass again. Search is the basic of needed functions for an app like this. It should be front and center, easily found on any page… typically with a swipe down. I’ve been doing a lot of swiping down… nothing. 2. The ‘follow’ button rarely works. It took about a dozen tries to follow my first person. Two dozen tries to follow my second. Since that time … I have been unable to follow anyone else because now it seems that no matter how many times I tap the follow button … nothing happens. 3. Same with the ‘notification’ button… except that it hasn’t worked from the start. It just doesn’t react at all. Usability issues that make using the app unfriendly… 1. The ability to follow a poster should be on or next to the video itself. I have to actually click into the poster label just to get the the follow button (which, as noted in #2 above… doesn’t work anyway) 2. Where is the share button? Is there one? If so… shouldn’t it be obvious? 3. My following number sits at 0 … not reflecting the 2 people I am following. Maybe ‘2’ will show up someday … it should be immediately. 4. Seems like there should be an easy way to find other channels to follow… of interest. Doesn’t seem there is… or, if there is… it doesn’t seem to work well. I really want to use an alternative but that alternative has to work… has to be user friendly. I will revisit and take a look at Rumble in a couple of weeks. If it is still like this … I will move on to await an alternative that is truly serious about providing a clean, fully functional and user friendly option. Oh… side note… I’ve seen no responses from Rumble to reported issues here in the App Store. That is typically not a good sign. In my experience, developers that do not respond to issues often do not support their product… and that product eventually becomes Abandonware.
  • Invest some money in this app before it’s TOO LATE 1/5

    By Hreniuk
    You cannot and shouldn’t rely on “we’re not YouTube” as your main strategy. This app is a DOG. Both visually and functionally. I suggest 90% of your users want to just watch videos and make playlists. Even if not … there should be an option to do so. The layout of EVERY page in this app looks like it was done by my 13 year old. Can you not just have a look at YouTube and take some pointers? Maybe improve on it? What you have now is awful… and hasn’t changed since the beginning. I’d start making a list but …. It’s ALL wrong.
  • Great platform! 5/5

    By Andrew Vexter
    They have this incredible thing called a downvote button. Not even youtube has this! Now you can be warned whenever your instructional video is going to show you how to accidentally make an expensive paperweight.
  • Everyone. Should. Download. 5/5

    By amb220022
    Instead of YouTube!!
  • More! 5/5

    By Granster4
    Would love to see more documentaries and DIY videos so I can drop YouTube forever!
  • Great for Replays 5/5

    By dannyrock1
    Rumble first
  • Finally, A chance to be heard. 5/5

    By Nathanderthal
    I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been promoting my band on traditional social media for a decade, falling on deaf ears. One week on Rumble and the visibility is already markedly better than some other platforms.
  • Still get notifications when turned off 1/5

    By abcdefggfedcba
    Still get notifications when turned off.
  • Would get 4 stars but there are glitches 3/5

    By K_a_s_p_e_r
    1. Unable to edit banner image in profile. 2. Unable to swipe down to refresh videos in My Videos 3. When trying to edit the banner image, it leads to a dead end page that can’t be exited from without closing the app altogether
  • Thank 5/5

    By 13Bud13
    Keep up the good work. Find other conservative talk show hosts!
  • Ruined the Player 1/5

    By TheDjangoman
    One star because you’ve ruined the player by not using the standard iOS player. It’s awful.
  • I love it, but y’all need to fix the lagging. 4/5

    By Increduously Optimistic
    Great alternative to YouTube but you need to seriously get more servers or something. The videos lag and force me to return to YouTube to enjoy content I’d rather enjoy on rumble. Especially when screen mirroring.
  • Good concept but Needs some refinement but great potential 4/5

    By Feras S.
    Application is great because it presents users with videos they can’t be found on YouTube or censored right viewpoints are also visible which is good. But, the app needs to be easier to find similar videos, search function needs some work and has some glitches, but great potential.
  • Upload 3/5

    By 13Gutpile
    Uploading a video I want to post
  • Problems posting 3/5

    By Troyv66
    I don’t know what I did or how, but when I first started posting I was getting some views. I’m not sure if I messed up a setting, but I’m getting Zero views now, and no one even accidentally looks at any of my videos now. It’s weird. I mean you would think someone would at least click on one to see what it’s about. But nothing! Nada! Zero! I haven’t been able to even figure out why or what after watching several videos about Rumble and setting it up. It says “No Channel” also when I post things now? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You! Sincerely, Ivan Troy Vincent
  • Dark Mode 4/5

    By Cajun_80
    Please come out with a dark mode. It hurts my eyes to read the information. Thank you much!
  • No search button 2/5

    By Cycle jockey
    Can’t use the search function. Type something in but no button to generate search.
  • Horrible app (Rumble) 1/5

    By Anita_Baltimore
    It takes more than 5 minutes to start playing and then it’s choppy and it stops playing and then when I minimize it on my phone, it will start playing. As soon as I bring it back up so I can watch it, it stops again!!!!!! I’m only giving it 1 star because I can’t give it NO stars!
  • Jan 5/5

    By jan sak
    Rumble is da bomb. Free speech free America!!!!! Rumble
  • Thank you for uncensored option! 5/5

    By BKD33BKD
    Glad that I can view/hear what I want and not have someone deciding for me what I should and should not be consuming.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By FightorFlight87
    I love it I really do I also love your love for freedom so much to where you give us this opportunity to abandon the liberal mainstream!! That being said my only constructive criticism would be expand in order for you to get the rest of the fan base you need. Your gonna need to step up the next level by contesting YouTube with bringing in more music and artist!! There are a lot of conservative musicians out there battling YouTube’s censorship!!! If you could find a way to lure them to Rumble making it more artist friendly!! As well as audio books !! NFT or self development businesses .. that is only thing I really see that Rumble is missing it’s more geared towards just information and news funny clips nature clips .. This would expand your audience and plummet screw tube guaranteed!! As well as maybe more options or easier options for longer videos!! Thank you for all that you do god bless you and god bless America we will not give up or give in to the evil shrouding this country and planet!!I would love to some day work with yous !! Thank you again
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