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Run Gun Sports

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  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Not My Jeans AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Run Gun Sports App

Are you faster than a speeding bullet? Sports are better when you have gun legs. Run faster! Jump higher! Shoot for the gold! Attaching guns to your legs has revolutionized track and field competition forever! The recoil from your gun legs will send you flying over the running track. Pulverize those world records! Experiment with using the bazooka legs and fly even higher! In RUN GUN SPORTS you travel the world competing in track and field championships. Barcelona, Atlanta, Osaka, Athens. Can you beat them all? -Several different athletic events: hurdles, high jump, horizontal bars and more -Over 250 levels -Challenge the world’s most famous sport cities -Many different guns: bazooka, shotgun, flame thrower -Represent your country in national uniforms -Get sponsored by well-known brands like BEEROOK and PURRMA -Global leaderboards on Game Center -Share crazy replays -Daily Challenges -Some explosions -Actually, a lot of explosions Run Gun Sports is track & field with gun legs!


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  • Fun 5/5

    By dat boi 13
    Pretty fun
  • Idiotic 2/5

    By noah8x..x8
    It's a shame because it could be a great game without that reload option. Imagine paying actual money for a gun to avoid that stupid feature just to find out not even USD can save you from the thing that breaks the game. Please fix this, your game is borderline unplayable.
  • Great game I thought 4/5

    By carson~8
    Yes this game is very fun but the way you half to pay game money to reload the guns is stupid also I bought the flame thrower with actual money and with the new update now it cost me game money when every I want to use it just like every other gun in the game I want my money back now because the flame thrower is just like every other gun now witch is unfair to those who bought it 😡😡
  • Fun, but theft 2/5

    By Jimtheknight
    Ads are painfully slow and bad your progress. Starting gun is fine, but being able to mix it up without sitting through ads or paying currency would improve the experience. Even if you pay real money for the shotgun/flame thrower, you still have to reload by watching ads or using currency. Fun game, terrible freemium execution
  • terrible 1/5

    By J006006
    randomly deleted my progress one day, and a super high amount of pay walls. 0/10
  • Its an almost perfect game 5/5

    By vgperson
    I love it, it really doesnt have a paywall or too many ads like a lot of people have been saying. I have completed all levels with golden trophy only using the gun. What i can really recommed to the makers is to make an option to buy unlimited ammo for the weapons, this game has a lot of potential
  • How do you play 2/5

    By Baby-face 123454321
    The game wouldn’t be bad if you told us how to play. I sat here for like 10 minuets trying to figure out the third level kept saying fail and what I was doing wrong. Directions for help.
  • #1 ! 5/5

    By ThuggersDad
    i hold the number one record in medals.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jesus geee
    Game is awesome!!!! Only 1 problem! WE NEED MORE LEVELS! I passed the game and I wanna keep playing!!!
  • It could have been a 5 star 3/5

    I want to give this game a 5 star review. It’s fun and keeps me entertained; however, the constant and random ads are annoying. The chest with a prize is a joke. One day at work I kept hitting try again due to duplicate item, but I only have half of them. I must have tried 20 times before giving up. The lottery of prizes for your 100 credits is broken. Many have also mentioned a premium version free from all ads that includes all weapons would be nice, I tend to agree with this.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Rman568923
    Talk about a change in pace for mobile games, this game is fun, always changing, everything you could want in a game. Competition, guns, and it just doesn’t stop. You may think “oh I played a few levels and got bored” KEEP PLAYING IT! It’s so much fun. Now the ONLY bad thing that I just now ran into was the slow mo.. the slow mo is being used in ways it should be being used. Like every time I get close to a blade and I know I’ll make the jump, so I have to sit through the slow mo to keep going because I don’t wanna shoot to get out of slow mo because it’ll ruin the run. But other than that it’s awesome!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Irish4Life🍀🍀🍀
    Love it just completed the game for all the continents in the game so far and it kills time. I was addicted to it every time I put my phone down I kept telling myself to not pick it back up and play this game.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By San0r
    I think a lot of thought went into this game and it shows in all of the little details, even though it can be frustrating going for the gold it’s such a satisfying and silly game. Love it!
  • Excellent concept ruined by ads 1/5

    By Kizux
    If you're going to require ads for players to make progress, then don't put forced ads after playing a couple of games, that is just annoying. The game is fun, although repetitive, and it doesn't help that you have to watch ads (wether you wanted or not), just stick with other arcade games that figured out that it's better to give the player something extra for watching an ad, instead of blocking their progress until they watch an ad.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Mr.cool821
  • Reload option is annoying 4/5

    By Old Lady Nipples
    I love the game it’s an amazing time killer with interesting and unique mechanics. My only issue is the stupid reload option because it’s either use in game currency or watch a video which just kills the feeling if anything at least make it a certain amount of time before you can use the gun again also if I do keep playing (even though the reload mechanic is frustrating) I hope you add more guns please fix the reload thing it’s just so annoying
  • worth your time 100% give a shot 5/5

    By baCoNmAn676
    I have downloaded and spent time on this game you're not wasting your time 👍
  • Remove micro transactions 3/5

    By shotpaxk
    This game is cool and all but the only skin you unlock is starter pack and that’s all please remove the micro transactions so I can unlock some skins the game would be better good game still and also remove the micro transactions for the guns as well.
  • Background Glitch 1/5

    By LOLmonkeyboy
    I installed this app and the background of the game are so glitched it makes me lag out
  • This Game is a big Lie 2/5

    By JackTheGlorious
    I’d like like to start out by saying that this is a fun game. But it has so many paywalls and ads it is no fun. Paywalls: In the games levels you pick a gun to run a course with. All the guns have different advantages. A cool idea but it is so poorly executed you will feel betrayed. The games guns only have 1! Free use. After that you have to either watch a 30 second ad or pay 30 in game currency. A currency which by the way, is only effectively gotten through the 6 hour sponsorship thing and the daily challenges(which are impossible without said guns). All this considers the game makes an effective pay wall where the only way around to beat a level is to wait 12 hours until you can hopefully pick the right gun to beat the level. But wait! A level consists of 3 courses meaning 36 hours to beat one level. Ads This is much more simple. There are a lot of ads. When entering a level, when beating a level, and etc. granted they are skippable. It’s just super annoying and data taxing to have all these ads pop up. Conclusion Cool and fun game but super bad execution.
  • To laggy and glitchy 1/5

    By French drum
    It won’t stop lagging and glitching you need to fix this
  • Really fun game in the start. Also way too many ads 2/5

    By Destinyskullbro
    This is a really fun game when I just got it. There were a few ads later on but eventually I got so tired of the ads. You almost always have to use the basic pistol unless you want to watch even more ads. Not only are there too many ads, the game gets EXTREMELY repetitive after a day. Deleted this within 2 days.
  • love it! 5/5

    By Milotuckercody
  • No Ad Removal with Microtransaction? 1/5

    By NYC Singer/Songwriter
    The title says it all. I really liked the unique gameplay, but the ads killed it for me.
  • Yee 5/5

    By Lorencesays
    Yee man dis is real goot
  • The Audience 5/5

    By Toni86
    I don't know if it's my phone or the game. But when I look into the crowd all I see is some green purple and pink patches just lagging around
  • Good! But how do I play? 4/5

    By DisneyLover 123
    This is a good game, but they don’t tell you how to play the game? I’ve searched stuff up for how to do some of the events but nothing comes up? A tutorial would be nice!
  • Really good unusual game 5/5

    By Gdhdtgdd
    It is well made too
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Herotwin
    Incredibly polished, fun, and funny!! The characters are so cute and I love the variety in the different events. Blown away. Would pay to remove ads
  • Fun but add more customization like gun skins and add more game modes like maybe a combat mode 4/5

    By Pandap0ppr04
    Plz read
  • A real gem 5/5

    By deluxeroyale
    With all the pixelnintendowannabe crap out there this unique game really stands out. A mix of ADD, fun and random challenge it offers something different and refreshing. For everyone complaining about ads, seriously if it cost money you probably would have complained.
  • Would Be Great if it Was Premium 2/5

    By Joshua D.
    If this game was premium with no in-app purchases, I would have paid upwards of ten bucks for it and easily would have given it five stars. But, since it's another freemium game trying to con you into paying lots of money every time you open the game. Well, two stars is generous for another predictable ruse of this type that is so disgustingly common on the App Store today. I refuse to lease my games and I wish customers would stop throwing away good money on these rigged, mobile gambling machines.
  • Ads 4/5

    By IsaacR987
    Make an IAP to possibly get rid off the ads and unlock the weapons because the ads are really annoying and I’d like to be able to use all the weapons but they’re locked behind a paywall possibly allow for a way to unlock the with the gold currency you collect in game or unlocked as you play
  • The best 5/5

    By بوووم مان
    I’m crying this is sooooooooooooo *£&,*#${ good
  • Learn to be challenging not punishing 1/5

    By Pikachu13.0
    They way the menus are to continue and start a round take too long causing me to lose interest. The saw blades have no real way to be determined or predicted to where they are. Honestly would have more fun playing dark souls 2 on the hardest difficulty with no armor and a stick.
  • Great Game! 4/5

    By Ethan Loureiro
    I love the unique idea and creative concept, with a challenging mechanic. Such unique mechanics as Getting Over It, or The Stanly Parable. Well done!
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By Reewats
    To be honest . Just the description of this game sold me . After playing it . It was as awesome as I imagined . Thanks for making such an awesome game !
  • Wonderfull game!! 5/5

    By Womkon1
    This game is lots and lots of fun.It kills time and its one of my to go games if im bored.All needs is fewer ads and it will be a work of art!
  • Surprising 4/5

    By JMiller2016
    This game is surprisingly well polished and captivating.
  • Sfin 5/5

    By My name le jeff
    I guess I'm the first review good game looking forward to seeing more
  • Ads + micro transactions 3/5

    By workmam
    Decent base game but having both constant ads and micro transactions ruins it
  • A masterpiece 5/5

    By Foxer gaming
    This is a true masterpiece of a game.
  • Great game killed by ads 3/5

    By pointzeroeight
    Gameplay is fun, but there are far too many ads, just gets obnoxious.

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