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Run Sackboy! Run!

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  • Current Version: 01.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Run Sackboy! Run! App

Sackboy, the knitted hero from the multi-award winning LittleBigPlanet™ series on PlayStation® lands into the palm of your hand in this brand new endless platformer! RUN as fast as you can through an ever-changing handcrafted world DASH to ESCAPE the GOO and the clutches of the grumpy Negativitron! *Iconic worlds and characters from the LittleBigPlanet™ games *Exclusive costumes to customise your Sackboy *Collect Stickers to unlock Prizes! *Power Ups and Upgrades including the all-new Glider! *Challenge and compete with your friends Run SackBoy! Run! is free to download and can be played without making In App Purchases, however some in-game items such as Save Me Hearts can be acquired through in-app purchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases on your device. Bubbles can be purchased or can be collected in game at no extra cost. They can also be used to buy special costumes that increase your multiplier, upgrades to power ups, Save Me Hearts or Lucky Chests. Run SackBoy! Run! is free to download and uses push notifications, this feature can be turned off by disabling it on your device. A Third Party Analytics provider (Google Analytics) may collect data about how you use this app. This can be disabled within the settings menu within Run Sackboy! Run!. A valid Facebook account is required to activate Leaderboards. A third party solution (Ad Colony) is used within the game for promotional purposes.

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Run Sackboy! Run! app reviews

  • Little big planet 5/5

    By Liam BOSS122818
    I Love this game it’s awesome I also think that the maker’s of this game should make Little big planet pocket edition it would be awesome 😋😁
  • Cool but add spacious with rsbr t-shirt to wear in this game 5/5

    By wyatt and ben
    I love the game but I don’t have a ps3 ps4 ps2 to play this lbp lbp2 lbp3 So I really want one for Christmas Day in 2019 so Santa I wish I had a ps4 and lbp3 too so happy game and great fun for 8 year old like me so please make a change close and create mode😁😺👾
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By wowoolsskk
    This game is pretty good I don’t lag sometimes I glitch out of the game but that’s rare for me well I given this game a five stars
  • A letter by Sega32x123 5/5

    By Sega32x123
    I played little big planet 3 and I played this before
  • Is vsauce 5/5

    By ABodSA21
    The game is vsauce
  • Omg😡 1/5

    By dggshsvuxb
    I had to delete tik tok for this game
  • Please read 4/5

    By buddy1223587
    Dear creators of run Sackboy run could u make a little big planet adventure game for mobile. Just saying if u do make little big planet game for mobile please make it for free.
  • It’s pretty good 4/5

    By Cam482
    I personally like the PS3 version instead of this, but overall it’s a pretty good game
  • My idea 4/5

    By Aido The Guy
    This game is fun but I have an idea you should make a game exactly Like on other consoles but for mobile so you can play whenever you want.
  • Loved it! 5/5

    By &/@):
    I love this game! It’s so addictive! There just needs to be a little more costumes. It would also be nice if we could create our own levels like in the console version. Other than that I give this game 5 Stars!😁
  • Voucher not working 5/5

    By ITryUwU
    I have the stickers for the rsbr shirt and every time I click it it’s saying finding Voucher and it says error try again later
  • Love it! 5/5

    By lpb karting
    As a LBP 2 and 3 player as well as a LBP carting player I always wanted to play Little Big Planet on mobile (ps I play on a ps3) I have NO complaints love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • I LOVE this game!!! 2/5

    By human1122345
    I’ve played each little big planet game 1-3 and makes me even happier to have it on mobile!
  • Laggy 4/5

    By 브랜든 나이트 71 jR
    It will only let use one save-me at a time.
  • How much I love this game 5/5

    By Jim kasama
    Hello I’m here to tell you all how much I LOVE little big planet and game of it Please make more games of it pls!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💗💞🙂
  • I cant get RSBR Shirt 5/5

    By King Jenkins 1111
    waaaaa i cant get it
  • Stuff doesn’t work 2/5

    By FanOfTheShow77
    I played this game to get the rsbr shirt. I cant get it. Why do you have to sign in. Why not just a code and then you type it in your PS3
  • Good game! 5/5

    By melmitchi
    I personally love LittleBigPlanet and this is a good way to help me when I’m bored!
  • Please fix 3/5

    By kotaqueen
    For no reason when trying to get the shirt code it’s not working! It’s saying something went wrong please fix this!
  • Lacking Potential Features 2/5

    By No Soul Anymore
    Wish this game came with checkpoints and the ability for the player to manipulate sack-man’s speed. Maybe that’s the point of the game, but the more I play (and this game is addicting to me now), the more I notice all the things the game is lacking. I’d never expect a full game the way the PS console can provide on a phone; however, it would be cool to be able to provide checkpoints and access different levels by choice like super Mario. Hopefully the creators will take this into consideration and provide more in the next update.
  • Just one thing... 5/5

    By mjstucky
    I just wish that I could have the whole game on my device! Otherwise, I really love this game😍!
  • I love this game!! 5/5

    By Nicolebraddy
    I love this game!!!
  • Best game ever!!! 5/5

    By Roses2000
    Best game ever created! Beautiful! Divine! Love what i am seeing!!! I have been playing this game off and on for five years off and on continuously! I will probably be the first eleven-year-old playing until the day i die! Thank you creators!!!!!!!!!
  • Good app tho 5/5

    By bsnznzj
    U have to be connected to internet to download 🙄
  • I didn’t receive my RSBR shirt’s voucher 4/5

    By Flappydj
    Please, I love LBP and know you wouldn’t scam us, but every time I try to get my voucher it hits with the “OH NO something went wrong please try again later” it’s really annoying, so if it’s on my end then tell me what I should do, but if it’s on your end, then fix it, please.
  • Make it link the game to PS accounts 5/5

    By mhnndo
    The game is so cool but I wish if I can link my ps account, and I also wish if there was PS trophies because I like collecting them.
  • Cool but... 4/5

    By si coco
    I want a full litte big planet game on mobile not this
  • Why???? 3/5

    By Irish 4646 cat lover
    I’ve personally played through all of the little big planet games myself and loved them all. Let’s be honest. Who hasn’t? Unless your an Xbox player. The game goes to the second one but has the third characters in it? And you can not customize your own character. All of the characters you can choose from are already made for you and they look really dumb. Having the actual game on mobile would be GREAT and I would pay some good money for it. I’m sure a lot of other people think this too. The game is great and I am sure others can relate. It just lacks some of the feelings that the actual game has!
  • Back up 1/5

    By Jenkinsrb2002
    Do they still offer support for this game? I am unable to save data to transfer progress to a new device. Please help!
  • Cool game. 5/5

    By Jpowpow
    I’ts a fun game.
  • Restore Purchases 3/5

    By Headdurrrrrrr
    This is my favorite game to play on my phone. However, twice now I have gotten a new iPhone. The first time I did and my apps carried over it did not carry over my purchase history or my bubbles or anything. THEN I saved all of my bubbles for an eternity and finally got the unicorn costume. But then my phone crashed and I got a new one.. That WILL NOT update my purchase history or anything. I have not played since I noticed it won’t let me have my costume or the stickers I’ve collected or anything. I’m disappointed that I have to start all over again, and I don’t want to play knowing my accomplishments have been deleted. I wish to see a change to this, if possible. Thanks
  • Fun Great game 5/5

    You know I’ve been Playing LBP 1 when it was out but you know it’s extremely great The platform Looks Extremely like the gardens in Lbp1 Not the Fact that there’s a LBP2 Level in there and the nivvativatron from lbp 2 Sorry for the spelling errors It’s just I’m so ready to play this game again!

    By 7Elessar7
    Now when I try to get on Run!Sackboy!Run it will just glitch me out of the game. So I deleted it and tried to download it again and it won’t download.
  • Run Sackboy review 4/5

    By #ghostpeppersaregood👻🌶
    I love this game! However, it gets a little laggy and I am temporarily mad at it, because I must have collected 5,000 bubbles and every time I press the home button and go back to the app, it deletes all my progress!😡 other than that, I thinks this is an awesome game! I also agreed with the previous review saying that they wished it had more creative costumes and themes, but, I have Played Little Big planet since I was four years old, and I think it’s nice to have all the world combined. Anyways, this is awesome. ( But is it still weird that I want my bubbles back?🙃) Anyway, I have also more recently had a problem with the game loading. For a good minute the gardens wouldn’t work right and I was just running on bricks and blackness, but it eventually loaded. But I still do like this game
  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 5/5

    By a to the o fan
    Sackboy is my number one game on my iPad he jumps high he will dash very fast I goo gum
  • RSBR Shirt Error 2/5

    By Ivan Cp
    I got the game a week ago and got all the speacial stickers on Tuesday I did my psn I’d but for some reason to this day it still says an error has occurred I just want to get this cool shirt please fix it or either this game was shut down...
  • But 1 More Thing 5/5

    By WarRobotsFan23
    It won’t allow me to log into Facebook 😩

    By CupCakezXD
    I'm always ALWAYS getting them I don't even like the costume they're useless to me. I want the wolf so if you can make them less rare or give the option to refuse to take what you got in lucky chests or do both it would really help and if you could trade some things for others I'd love it and please save LBP I grew up playing it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Good game but there’s a problem 3/5

    By fan of aphmau
    I played this game and got a 2 sets of stickers one for toogle and one for sackboy but I tried to get them and it seems it works but when I tried it said that I have to have a prepaid card then I got on accident and came back and then it says I already have it but I don’t please help me
  • Great game👍💝 but there is a reason for free ur stars 4/5

    By DasboSchitt2
    Ok I love LBP and this is what I was looking for because I can't play it now but there is a problem sometimes when I'm gonna jump it wouldn't jump and I want to know if you could fix that please From the mysterious person who loves the game
  • Amazingly fun 5/5

    By The weird reviewer
    This game is just amazing along with all of the other mobile games that you guys make its super fun and so addictive and i recommend this to lbp fans
  • I don’t want to put the title but I have to 5/5

    By Rose Santos! 🌹
    This game is good and all but can’t we just watch an ad to get a sticker instead of having to get it manually?
  • Can’t get oddsocks Frog Costume 3/5

    By dopelord72
    It’s a good game but the code for oddsock is not working and it is very frustrating that I cannot get his costume. He is the fastest Creature in the pack! PleaSe update this game and figure what is wrong with oddsocks code!
  • Yay but 5/5

    By sackboy 2.0
    This game is amazing but every time I try to get my little big planet3 character and shirt it doesn’t let me have it please fix
  • Beware - lose all progress on restore 1/5

    By rhw-
    If your iPad or iPhone ever breaks & you restore from an iTunes or iCloud backup, all of your costumes, stickers, hearts, & bubbles are wiped out.
  • For an old game.. 5/5

    It’s really good, especially since I can’t even play the real LBP because it won’t update, this is my favorite PS related game
  • Really cool, but could use a couple of things. 4/5

    By Lil_shortie45
    This game is really fun having sackboy on an iPad or a iPhone, but overall, the costumes, the upgrades, the worlds, are super duper cool! You should be able to switch modes, like this: Switch between the other characters in LBP3, you can add a power to make you race like in LBPK, Sackboy should be able to go in his pod, and decorate it, and another thing, there should be more places, going through the same places everytime seems kinda boring. Daytime, Nighttime, etc. but overall, this game is really awesome!
  • Can we customemize our self? 4/5

    By ZachPRO🦅
    I will be like pixel gun 3D add maps and fort run yeah so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do it.
  • Finally Sony 5/5

    By Aleissa, R
    LBP IN APP Store !!! I have LBP3

Run Sackboy! Run! app comments

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