Run Sackboy! Run!

Run Sackboy! Run!

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  • Current Version: 01.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Run Sackboy! Run! App

Sackboy, the knitted hero from the multi-award winning LittleBigPlanet™ series on PlayStation® lands into the palm of your hand in this brand new endless platformer! RUN as fast as you can through an ever-changing handcrafted world DASH to ESCAPE the GOO and the clutches of the grumpy Negativitron! *Iconic worlds and characters from the LittleBigPlanet™ games *Exclusive costumes to customise your Sackboy *Collect Stickers to unlock Prizes! *Power Ups and Upgrades including the all-new Glider! *Challenge and compete with your friends Run SackBoy! Run! is free to download and can be played without making In App Purchases, however some in-game items such as Save Me Hearts can be acquired through in-app purchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases on your device. Bubbles can be purchased or can be collected in game at no extra cost. They can also be used to buy special costumes that increase your multiplier, upgrades to power ups, Save Me Hearts or Lucky Chests. Run SackBoy! Run! is free to download and uses push notifications, this feature can be turned off by disabling it on your device. A Third Party Analytics provider (Google Analytics) may collect data about how you use this app. This can be disabled within the settings menu within Run Sackboy! Run!. A valid Facebook account is required to activate Leaderboards. A third party solution (Ad Colony) is used within the game for promotional purposes.

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Run Sackboy! Run! app reviews

  • This brings me back a lot of memories 5/5

    By A praent
    I remember playing this in kindergarten or first grade and I’m now in fourth grade.
  • Really disappointed 1/5

    By BeatnikNinja
    I won prizes. Prizes I wasn’t able to collect. I contacted PS support and they told me to delete the game and log back in. I wasn’t able to log back in. I wasn’t able to collect my prizes and I lost all of my progress. I’m not playing this game again, I’m not gonna do that! I’m not gonna start over! I am entitled to prizes that I cannot collect! Now I just don’t wanna play the game anymore. So irritating.
  • Love The Game (Needs an update) 4/5

    By Cody36235
    This game is super fun too play, when I had my old iPhone 4 and when I upgraded to the 5s I stilled played this but sadly when I got the iPhone XS Max it just looked too weird and got really out of date. I would love to redownload this if it got updated and with the release of “Sackboy! A big adventure” nows the perfect time! I really hope you update this Sony!
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By Danh Fam
    I played this game as a child,but forgot about it-,but I’m starting again p.s I played ps4 and 3 for a long time-
  • Fun 3/5

    By alixsadr
    It was fun but it was too hard
  • Don’t judge me 5/5

    By goggley bear
    I’m new because I just downloaded this game and one of you thatWrote a review you’re well in the game with me and if I don’t move don’t judge me OK
  • Update game & save my success!!! 3/5

    By _bunee
    I love this game but needs to be updated
  • Lemme tell you 5/5

    By everynicknameidoistaken
    Little big planet has been my childhood I played 1,2 and 3 and then there was a running game on the phone this game is so underrated! I love it and for me there are no laggin issues
  • I LOVE IT SO MICH!!!! 5/5

    By paul henry liquou modesto ca
    I highly recommend this game I absolutely love it
  • I love it but it don’t let me make a PlayStation account. 5/5

    By la bitcha
    It don’t let me because I enjoy it and I love LBP because it’s a cool greatest game ever that people never played before that I know that I got it back. Then it’s laggy then I played before that when I was little I have a iPad to play it it was cool than I got a iPhone I’m a big fan of it.
  • Long a go 5/5

    By Mpm2109
    I used to play this game for hours and hours and I got to the canyon but I have not played it for years now but from what I remember it is awesome and thanks for reading the reviews
  • PSN Sign in for the costumes 4/5

    By Fake Ric
    Ever since I logged in to my psn account to get the costumes from Run Sackboy Run it always says “Oh no! Something went wrong! Please Try again later” and ever since that it stoped working and this game has been my child hood from my dads phone to my first tablet and to my personal phone so please fix the issue I would most appreciate it. 🙏
  • Best mobile yes even among us and Minecraft won’t do it 5/5

    By splatoon warrior at yt
    So addicting and fun and you can go to anywhere and still play it and unlike among us there is only a add if you want a free chest and minecraft is not so good for mobile if anything this is best
  • GREAT for LBP fan 5/5

    I will keep this short but this game is good in your free time, and good if you love LBP it’s a spin off which still has a lot of normal LBP physics, this is GREAT!!!
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By dcddvt
    Best game this is the best game ever this is the best game ever this is the best game ever is the best game I ever seen
  • I LOVE THIS BUT... 5/5

    By flubber heels mcgee
    This is a great mobile game no ads unless you click something that gives you ads and you can unlock skins for lbp3 but the Facebook connection doesn’t work
  • This is the best game! 5/5

    By Williams930
    I think this has to be the best game ever! Honestly it is just a very creative idea that they came up with. This is a really fun game. Every time you go into a different level, It goes faster! Make more games and I’ll make sure you guys make better games in the future!

    By Dnr1997
    Don’t need to add new stuff, just adjust screen size for new iphones please !!!!
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By CrazyCreeper3272
    I really like how simple the game is, the concept is fun too, especially if you have a PlayStation 3 and up to play LittleBigPlanet 1/2/3 on. It is a very simple game; however; sometimes parts of a run will not load, but that is rare to occur. Otherwise, the game is literally the best app on the App Store ever. 😁
  • Used to play it but G R E A T ! 5/5

    By great!!! 😍
    I used to play this game and I will download it again, but I also wanna play Little Big Planet 3 on my IPad. So if you made that game, is it ok if you put it on IPads please because I would like that? If you do then tsym!
  • The game 5/5

    By thegeko101
    I love this game a lot and the lbp series as a whole and I just feel like they should make lbp on the phone also this was sent in 2020.
  • I’m down (in a good way) 5/5

    By socool bo
    So like I don’t have a pc I’m on mobile so I’m glad they made this hopefully I can do it
  • 5 stars for actual game 5/5

    By Visiatoure
    Love it have some issues tho. Absolutely no sound on my iPhone, comes on randomly and doesn’t last long. One time it lasted for a couple days then last time it only lasted the time I played. All settings are on so who knows! Also please give it some updates? I’m almost positive tons of people dump lots of money into this app which can easily amount to more than an actual hard copy of LBP. Give us something exciting to keep us going
  • I love the game only thing I could ask for 5/5

    By red.2Wavy
    Please fix the reward system it’s been like 2 and a half years common don’t tempt us users if your not gonna give it to us:(
  • Fun game but has no support 3/5

    By Jere850
    This is a fun game but isn’t supported anymore. A glitch doesn’t allow users to connect with Facebook to achieve the maximum multiplier bonus. That is fairly annoying if your trying for a super high score and since this game isn’t supported anymore (which is sad), no one will probably ever read this review.
  • Lbp3 problem 5/5

    By markchev74
    I loved when lbp3 came out but they need to fix the lag online issue and profile corrupted and more plz contact sumo digital !
  • Why do people keep complaining about bugs? It’s been 5 years since they last updated... 5/5

    By SOAD6221
    They stopped supporting this app years ago
  • I unlocked all of the special stickers 1/5

    I played this game for a long time and unlocked all of the special stickers... and now when I try to redeem the costumes that I’ve earned it says there is an error? Please help!
  • I’m not sure what to think 3/5

    By LivingOrganel
    It’s been a bit since an update and there’s a lot of things that needs to be fixed such as links like logging into Facebook. I do wish to see more of this gamer in the later future. A bit outdated
  • Cute😭!!!! 5/5

    By D123d1234
    Are used to play this game when I was young and I liked it me and my friends like this game and used to play it a lot so I download it again and I played it in 2020😝😂😭
  • It’s a fun game, annoying that you can’t fully turn off sound 3/5

    By RedRabbit917
    The game itself is super fun. But even after turning off both the music and sound effects options, there is still sound that plays in game, and I am unable to listen to podcasts or other media using my same device while playing.
  • Good game but there is a glitch 4/5

    By AML10021
    The Glitch is every time I am about to beat Sackboy’s Highscore It turns off!
  • Laggy 2/5

    By ente nicknama
    When I try to jump it doesn’t jump and also my progress gats deleted😭
  • Lbp all the best 5/5

    By WePuffTuff
    I played every lbp game ever I love this game take all my money lbp my fav tho
  • Amazing 4/5

    By tenguSamurai
    I feel like this game is so cool, everything is right and I want to play more to collect and earn things, but I feel like an online mode would be an amazing experience, racing with friends and winning prizes in the process, and if possible, maybe more control over the characters could be an option like adding a joystick or just keeping auto run. Other than that it’s a great game👍🏽
  • Bull 2/5

    By Kitex_98
    This is a fun game. However, I got a pop-up saying I could get 3 mega chests and a multiplayer if I logged into Facebook and when I did I didn’t get the chests. Also I got all four stickers for the T-shirt and once I clicked it said ”oops, something went wrong. Try again later.” It kept saying this again and again. Don't dangle prizes in front of people if you're not going to give them out.
  • A bunch of bugs! 2/5

    By Tenacityy
    I got all of the stickers for the special shirt but it won’t work for me!!! I’ve been trying to get the voucher code but nothing works! All I wanted was the special shirt for my collection but it says error whenever I try
  • Amazing, but.. 5/5

    By Abbs👗👸🏼
    I know this probably isn't a good idea but I recently had a PS3, but then I got an XBox. We decided to sell the PS3, and i really miss it. I wish that you could play it on a Macbook, an iPad, and an iPhone. I really wish that the game could be a little more like the PS3/PS4. Thank you for listening to my rant, this is probably impossible to do, but try to make this game a little big like the Playstation version.
  • Very good game 5/5

    By C penguin21
    I love your game you can get so many different costumes
  • Hmm 1/5

    By cvmbros
    When I first get on it the screen turns black
  • Thanks. 5/5

    By xXpawXx
    We didn’t ask for it, but sure did we like it. I like this game. It’s fun, addictive, and overall just awesome! Something else I’d like to see is an actual LBP game for the phone. Like one of the 3 main games could be ported over! I’d LOVE THAT.
  • Confused confusion 3/5

    By Yeet7858(848(
    I recently upgraded my phone and reinstalled this app. Only problem is it didn’t transfer my data. I couldn’t find anything that helped me transfer my data. Please help.
  • This Game is Amazing 5/5

    By IHotDoggo___
    Hello I wanted to tell you this game is Amazing😝😝😃😃😃 And because of this game I could have a chance of getting the DLC I always wanted The “RSBR T-Shirt” For my Fav game LBP2 and 3 Thank you so much you’re the best!🤘👍🏽 PSN:IHotDoggo___
  • Best runner ever 5/5

    By Kochi77
    this is the best runner it also the best mobile PlayStation game. I highly recommend this to any PlayStation gamer who wants to play a PlayStation game on the go. Tho I wish that Sony would add more console LittleBigPlanet content
  • Please add more new things 5/5

    By Lord refus
    -please add this costumes(tundra-elephant-cat)and 2new mega lucky chests and 1new land(lava)land more new stickers and more new levels and more purchases
  • Awesome game, one thing… 4/5

    By barrison15
    I LOVE this game but I have one thing… you know how in the real LBP games you can make you own level? Well I would love to see that in this game! But overall, this is a great game.
  • Muy buen juego 4/5

    By puky🤣
    Pero lo único malo que cada vez que uno pierde tiene que comenzar desde el principio no lo dejan en el mismo nivel que estan
  • The best lbp mobile game ever 5/5

    By dennis the shiny eevee
    The game was really fun on the ps but now it is so much better with this the physics are amazing the graphics are outstanding but sometimes the game might bully you but that’s not bad at all sack boy is a good boy nothing can kill him he comes back he was even in PlayStation all star battle royal!
  • Everything! 5/5

    By sophie brue
    I enjoy playing this game!! I love it! My cousin and I used to play this. I forgot about this game..But I found it! I give the game a 5 star ratings!! ♥️♥️