Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

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  • Current Version: 9.11.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FitnessKeeper, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker App

Reach your running goals with the ASICS Runkeeper™ app. Track exercise, set measurable goals and see progress along the way—whether you’re just getting into running, training for a race or trying to PR, we can help. MOTIVATION TO MOVE • Track workouts: Record activities like running, walking, biking, hiking and more manually or with GPS. • Set goals: Maybe you want to get faster, run farther or lose a little weight. No matter your goal, we’ll coach you there. • Listen to audio: Choose from six motivating voices that you can customize to relay your pace, distance and time (English only), plus iTunes and Spotify integration. • Follow a plan: Routines lead to progress. Choose a personalized plan that will help get you out the door, day after day. • Stay motivated: Join in-app challenges, get exercise rewards, participate in virtual running groups and share achievements. • See progress: It’s what this is all about. We’ll log your stats to show you how you’re progressing against your running goals. • Get more with Runkeeper Go™: Upgrade to our premium experience to make progress toward your racing goals, from 5Ks to marathons. Take advantage of race-training plans from the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, detailed progress insights (like side-by-side workout comparisons and weather data), prescribed workouts and live tracking. SYNC WITH EASE • Apple Watch integration: Leave your phone at home and still track stats. (Named App Store Best of 2015!) • Bluetooth connectivity: Sync up with wireless headphones and heart-rate monitors. • Fitness tracker integration: Connect your Garmin, Fitbit and other styles in seconds. • Partner apps: Connect with other top health apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and more. *Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Find the full terms and conditions, and our privacy policy, at and respectively.

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Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker app reviews

  • Best free running app out there 5/5

    By sloooooow motion
    I’ve been using the free version for 5 years and have only had one issue (in 2014) that honestly was likely user error. Logs and stores everything, and good basic stats in free version. Paid version offers many more options but I’m cheap and don’t pay for these things :)
  • Trash 1/5

    By datbrownboi19
    No delayed start and voice feedback didn’t work outside of default.
  • I gave this app a five stars before but lately it’s been crashing 3/5

    By Old_man643
    It periodically crashes on the iPhone then you must recreate your route if you remember it. Don’t even try the watch version it’s likely to crash.
  • Daily use 5/5

    By Migwonderful
    It’s a great app that I use daily.
  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By Aebone2
    Should be a free app. Essentially just tracks your exercises.
  • Pausing 3/5

    By Eakathy
    It pauses and then resumes for no reason at all. Sometimes once and sometimes off and on during my activity
  • Application 5/5

    By sanrt1
    I am not happy about the runkeeper training schedule always since I’ve got a iPhone 8. Maybe it’s the phone model but the schedule always skips the days and drops the scheduled time when nothing has been selected so I end up with less days per week and completes the schedule.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Cosmo1775
    Love this app! Helpful
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Commoveo
    Dear Run Keeper: Been a long winter and nice spring yet first time in my life I have been inactive! I’m a retired Union IronWorker and this retirement reared a ugly head this past winter, called a ugly fat belly! Anyway thanks for this freebie to get me back going! My second cousin who was half my age just died of a stricken and I know he gained a lot of weight since just last fall. I’m 61 and have always been healthy from running, mountain biking before it was kool lol. I weighed 195 for 40 years. I ate way to many Rice Krispie treats and I now weigh 245! Im not going down this early and in my mourning for my handsome cousin tripled my intuition what just might not let me live long enough to bury my Bichon Frise who is 7 years old. They are known to live into their 20s and God I love her! She thanks you also! Sincerely God Bless, Veteran Howard Jackson Buskirk and of course Bridgett 🐶 lol. PS later on after the watch and a few minor choices I’ll upgrade. Mean time, stay out of the bone yard lol.
  • Not so durable 1/5

    By uber refugee
    Each device so far has made it past the 12 month warranty sometimes by mere days but never lived to 24 months - big price for disposable hardware
  • Great support 5/5

    By Gaberaiyell
    I’ve been using Runkeeper for 3 years now and would highly recommend. I’ve actually only ever used the free version and haven’t explored the insights I can get from the subscription, but I’ve found the data that they already collect and allow me to access to be extremely supportive for my running. I imagine the subscription services would add that much more support for those who really want to get into tracking and analysis. Following a friend’s activity on the app has also been a prime source of inspiration and encouragement.
  • It has Spotify integration 5/5

    By bobshumski
    Great for tracking runs simply while listening to music. Exactly what I wanted
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By FigNewt12
    I absolutely love RunKeeper! It has been so helpful in my weight loss journey.
  • GPS Issues 5/5

    By Wigan59
    Been having major GPS issues last few weeks. Screwing up current pace and average pace. GPS not accurate and putting distances in places I’m not even running.
  • Training plan issues 3/5

    By Ashleynicole787
    Overall I really like the app. Recently I paid for the training plan part, but have had terrible experiences with it! 1) There have been multiple times I open one of the workout in the training plan to view the details and when I select the back button to go to the training plan list for the week, it removes the work out from the list and there is no way for me to get it back. 2) I would think there would be a way to customize your training plan after you select one, but nope. For instance, when I first started my plan I wasn’t able to to run but twice a week, now I can run 3x a week, but I can’t update the plan to reflect that without ending the plan and starting another, but if I do that it started me back like I’ve just started running again. So aggravating!
  • Motivation! 5/5

    By Corky1969
    Keeps me on track to stay in shape. I use free version and it works just fine.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By some guy 555
    I’ve lost two workouts now after using the Apple Watch Runkeeper app to track them. Timer didn’t even display but mileage and speed did. Then when I ended the workout the record was nowhere to be found. How long did I bike today? Nobody knows, certainly not Runkeeper!
  • Recommend 5/5

    By Gutta rat
    I recommend this app
  • Great app recommend recommend recommend 5/5

    By Mrjoseph
    I love this app. It tracks my distance, speed, elevation and approximate calories burned. I’ve been using this app since 2014 and I’ve never had a problem with it.
  • Runkeeper is awesome! 3/5

    By Ruckels
    This app motivates me , challenges me, and makes me accountable. I use it every time I run, walk, or bike. I love to see my progress. It’s like my running buddy!!
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Advancedoperations
    Stupid app wont let me sign up... says im ineligeble to sign up for OneAsics. Nike app works and its so much better! Plys you get huge discounts on nike running shoes direct from the app!
  • Love Runkeeper 5/5

    By Gee2292
    I always use run keeper when I’m running. It lets me know how I’m doing throughout. This way I can monitor my pace & adjust as needed. Debra
  • Splits 5/5

    By Kicking bad habits
    Love the app!!! I set it to get my time at .25 miles. It is helping me increase my time as well as tracking my splits so I can see how I’m doing through the run.
  • Direction 4/5

    By Divingpastor
    I really enjoyed the app and have used it for years. I would like to see you Runkeeper add turn by turn directions so when I’m out of town I can just run a route that I plot out.
  • Love it! Gives me all the info I need on the move!! 5/5

    By OldSchoolStraight
    I have used the free version of this app for about 4 years. This app does a great job of keeping record of all my runs and walks throughout the year. It has a lot of other options that help in achieving personal goals.
  • A better interface 1/5

    By Scott’s MacBook Air
    It’s very difficult to utilize the interface to, say, delete an activity it’s two seconds long – it’s an error.
  • Scraper of the caper 5/5

    By 8ad dad
    Just ran whoo ha got you all in check, I was running
  • Can’t add friends 1/5

    By Gordo31
    I bought a year subscription for the app to follow the marathon training with my dad so we could work together on it. However, despite us both adding each other separately we still can’t see each other’s runs or accept friendships. Very disappointed after spending a lot of money for the service. App constantly crashes and won’t let me access runs within my training plan to check them off. IT is if no help at all.
  • Use it every time I run! 5/5

    By Stcktngrl
    Great purchase. I love this app! It tracks all my runs, keeps my pace, has training modes.

    By Deonna30
    I have been using this app for several months. I noticed that the current speed and split speed are always the same. Should it not be the difference between the average speed and current speed???
  • Love it! 5/5

    By USA Loves Football!
    Does everything. Easy to use. Love it.
  • Not consistent 2/5

    By Expectation... low now
    I like the app for basic tracking. Everything else is “iffy”. One day my training plan works the next it doesn’t. I am disappointed.
  • GPS issue 1/5

    By JRR_1
    GPS is not working correctly. Add kms spontaneously. Not reliable app.
  • Doesn’t work well 5/5

    By jhdetyjvc
    Runkeeper is one and a half to 2 miles off my location

    By daniellesunshinee
    It would be better if she didn’t talk the ENTIRE TIME constantly interrupting my music/podcast
  • Sometimes great. Sometimes shaky. 3/5

    By RoxieToo
    In general, I really like Runkeeper. It’s easy to use. However, it tends to be unstable which makes me not trust the information it is providing. Sometimes it will suddenly jump and record mileage that there’s no way I have accomplished. Today for instance, it said I walked one mile in seven minutes! Had to throw out that workout summary because it was complete inaccurate. I also have it set to give me audible alerts for every mile. But frequently, the app will give me audio reports at random times, like .7 miles then .85 miles. When it works it’s great. But it definitely gets squirrely and that makes me want to find another tracker.
  • No Amazon Music 4/5

    By Run DMc Run
    I Would rate 5 stars but Run Keeper doesn’t have an option to integrate Amazon Music like it does for Spotify and iTunes.
  • GPS 4/5

    By dljw1
    Sometimes gps does not pick up well. Or mid estimates. Please fix this.
  • Teacherlerner 4/5

    By New old guy
    Love it but GPS occasionally doesn’t work
  • Keep on Target! 5/5

    By gjenkins75
    Runkeeper keeps me motivated to keep my pace with audio cues. It allows me to breathe as I listen to music playlist selected by me! Runkeeper shows me everything I need in results to improve my next run!!!!
  • GPS is inaccurate 1/5

    By mcknzhayes
    I have used Runkeeper since 2013, running the same routes. Within the last month, something has happened with the GPS feature. The new map shows that a road ends where it doesn’t, and takes what should be the 1 mile mark and makes it the 3 mile mark. This is very frustrating as the main reason I use Runkeeper is to track my pace. I’ve had to resort to manual entries, but that doesn’t track pace per mile, etc. Trying Nike Run Club instead.
  • Great App 5/5

    By ram uriti
    Excellent app with motivation; brings the runner out of you. Strongly recommend
  • Please bring back app to Today on lock screen 3/5

    By Sally7612
    Your app is so frustrating to use. First, you remove the feature from the home screen, which made it difficult to use when I’m doing track workouts. So once I got the Apple Watch, I thought that would resolve my complaint. But then your app kept resetting during my runs and I would lose the data. It was especially frustrating during a 16 mile run when the app reset TWICE during the same run! After that, I decided to stop using your app and use a more reliable running app. I thought I would give it a try again almost one year later and ONCE AGAIN, your app reset! I wish you would improve your app. I have had this app for almost 8 years, and it has not improved at all over this time. You are so far behind the other apps. Why don’t you have segments like Strava? It’s extremely popular. And you’re not doing anything to make it better. I once used to pay the subscription, but it’s no longer worth it.
  • Keeps me honest 5/5

    By Hope for the World
    Love this app keeps me on track and motivates me to keep going! Thanks Runkeeper!
  • Runner App for my work-out 5/5

    By Guti1977
    The app is amazing and it keeps me on track of my goals and past achievements. Highly recommend to everyone that loves to run!.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Zerj7
    It keeps you motivated
  • Great for runs! 5/5

    By v. bergstrom
    I love the announcer voice when I run. He keeps me going and the whole app is 10/10
  • Bad GPS Tracking in Recent Update 1/5

    By double_mms
    I have been using this app for years without any issues. After the most recent update the GPS tracking went significantly downhill. It now sometimes makes it look like I have gone miles off of my actual path. For example, today it said that I went 5.25 mile when my actual distance was 2.5 miles. The app more than doubled my distance. This makes the app practically worthless.
  • I just completed a run but it is not showing in my group challenge 3/5

    By Raisinghani
    I just completed a run but it is not showing in my group challenge? Why?

Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker app comments

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