Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

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  • Current Version: 8.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FitnessKeeper, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker App

Everyone. Every run. Join the community that helps people get out the door and stick with running forever! Track exercise, set goals, sweat, and see progress along the way. Whether you’re working your way up to tracking a 5K goal or deep into marathon training, use the GPS app trusted by 50 million users and counting. REVIEWS - "This multifunctional app has something for everyone, from beginning runners to those training for a marathon, and folks who prefer to hit the road on two wheels” - SELF - "Runkeeper is the granddaddy of running apps; it's one of the oldest and most popular, for plenty of good reasons." - CNET OVERVIEW - Track Workouts - Go for a run, walk, jog, bike, or any activity really. With GPS, you’ll get a clear view of your training in real time. - Set Goals - Have a race, weight, or pace in mind? We can coach you to get there. - Follow a Plan - We have personalized routines to fit into your busy schedule. And helpful reminders, just in case. - Stay Motivated - Join challenges, snag exercise rewards, and share achievements with your friends. - See Progress - This whole running thing works. You track it. We log it. You’ll see the sweat and we’ll show you the numbers to prove it! TOP FEATURES - Apple Watch - Leave your phone at home and still track stats to stay informed and motivated. Named App Store Best of 2015. - Bluetooth Connectivity - Wireless headphones and heart rate monitors make great workout companions. - Fitness Tracker Integration - Sync Pebble, Fitbit, and other styles in seconds. - Running Groups - Create a custom challenge, invite friends, track each other’s progress, and use the chat to cheer each other on. - Audio Cues - Choose from 6 motivating voices that you can customize to relay your pace, distance, and time. - Training Plans - Make major progress by following a plan. We’ll be here for you every step of the way. - Routes - Save, discover, and build new routes with GPS. - Challenges - Stay motivated with exclusive workout experiences and rewards. - Music - Keep moving with the music you love with our Spotify and iTunes integration. - Partner Apps - Connect with other top health apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and more. - Stopwatch Mode - Easily add indoor cardio (treadmill, cycling) and gym workouts to keep full exercise log all in one place. - Social Sharing - Upload your activities and more with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. RUNKEEPER GO (premium) - Prescribed Workouts - Get a weekly workout schedule tailored to you. - Progress Insights - See how your runs stack up to each other and get a full view of your fitness journey. - Live Tracking - Whether it’s training day or race day, share your location with family and friends. - Weather Data - Look back the local weather for each tracked activity. *Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Find the full terms and conditions, and our privacy policy, at and respectively.


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Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker app reviews

  • All you need 5/5

    By nicolemt121
    This app is awesome! The free version is really all you need, I trained for my first full marathon with it. It has developed and progressed a ton since I started using it 2 years ago. Keep it up RunKeeper 👍🏼
  • Problems with Apple Watch 1/5

    By Emjabar
    The watch version of this app has a horrible tendency to lose all workout information the moment you get a notification on your watch. It needs multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Used to work great, now is terrible. 1/5

    By John0478
    I’ve used Runkeeper since January 2015 and never had a problem until this month. Despite having full bars on my phone, Runkeeper doesn’t pick up the GPS. This started last month. If this continues I will switch to a different app.
  • Was working well 2/5

    By Simfan553
    It used to measure my running course accurately now its saying I'm running 12 miles when actually i ran 9.5 miles. This bug needs to be fixed.
  • I love Runkeeper! 5/5

    By Larry Joe Boy
    It is super accurate, and I like the stats that it keeps such as splits and charts.
  • Love my RunKeeper 5/5

    By ezyjules
    Have been using it for years
  • Couldn’t get past the sign up! 1/5

    By My name was taken so...
    I downloaded the app, tried signing up and I couldn’t get past the part where you input your weight. I tried deleting the app, redownloading, turning my phone off and on, still couldn’t actually use the app. Can’t imagine how well it works if signing up is this annoying.
  • Helps so much! 4/5

    By Autumn⛲️
    I absolutely LOVE this app! It helps keep track of my training so well! It’s also very good at helping anyone who is looking to simply get in shape or lose some weight. I love that you can set goals, but it is kind of aggravating that you can only have one “challenge myself” goal at a time. I wanted to have a running AND biking goal, but I can only have one at a time. That is so annoying, because it’s hard to put into my training schedule. Another complaint I have is that the app is not organized. It’s hard to tell where everything is! And every time you click something, it seems to take you back to somewhere completely irrelevant to what you wanted. It took weeks to memorize how to get to everything! In summary, this is a great app, but there is room for improvement.
  • Great app 5/5

    By bogmike123
    The app runs everything while running even music also shares and has great promotions and incentives
  • Great apps 5/5

    By sbhujel
    Made me active every week
  • Map correction 5/5

    By Sorre Toe
    Recently I had issues with my map not being showing an accurate representation of my run route. After I sent a quick note I recieved multiple possible solutions and the first one I tried worked . Thanks Runkeeper.
  • Love this App 5/5

    By pamkayks
    By far my favorite fitness app
  • Lovin it 5/5

    By kenjayy
    Accurately tracks. Like how it tells me how far I am so I don’t have to stop and check. Love it!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Level 113 bored
    I just want to plot on a map my walking and it is so damned difficult to navigate this damned app...done! Deleting app
  • Still love it for a few years 5/5

    By InsaneMisha
    I can’t remember when I first downloaded this app. Probably 4 years or less. I stopped using it in between due to lack of cellphone. Now I’ve been back with a new phone last year and started using this app this year. I’m still loving it and hooked on my daily walks. Believe me, I’ve tried other apps yet I still come back to this app because it feels right and comfortable with me. A big plus is a few months ago I won Apple Watch in the contest. Even though I’m big on wearing a watch but was never keen on Apple Watch because of bulky watch considering I have a tiny wrist. So I entered a contest just for hell of it and won. I was surprised to find RunKeeper can sync with Apple Watch. The more I love this app, it motivates me to exercise more. Thanks for this terrific app.
  • The best 1/5

    By Kiennah
    Run keeper isn't perfect, but they continually add new features and improve. Easily the best running app out there, and I have tried all of them. I have also found that the gps is more accurate than other apps as well. I have compared to both tomtom and Garmon watches and it performs to within .05 most days and has never been off by more than .1 and am convinced the discrepancy has more to do with human error that the app. Update 5/2018: there have been no training plans for more than two months now, which is the only reason I PAY for the app as opposed to using the free version. So disappointed as the app even still advertises that it has “tailor-made plans” of which there are none. I have contacted them and have only received a “we are working on them” response without a general time frame. I have used this app for years and why they would remove all current plans while working on new ones for such an extended time is beyond me.
  • Runkeeper review 4/5

    By artsy horse girl
    Love this app keeps me on my toes and gives me a record of how I’m doing.
  • just tried it ... 1/5

    By FloridaKaren
    lost the cycling activity trying to save it- totally aggravating- 10 mike bike ride LOST- cuz app was stuck!
  • Mileage issues 1/5

    By bobw128
    Last 2 weeks, something changed in the app because it now has me doing 10miles in 10 mins or more! If it isn’t fixed soon, I will be switching running apps
  • Great for inline skating! 5/5

    By JcnLc
    Great for inline skating! They have several workout types and it’s a nice option. Keeps track of my miles, my speed, with maps and everything. Lots of options even in the free version for comparing work outs. Also enjoy being able to connect with friends and compare distance and pace with them. Paid version is even better. Love it!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By majuba1961
    Runkeeper is helping me track my daily results. I haven’t run in n over 10 years, and need assistance in tracking. This is great.
  • Great options, gps a little screwy 5/5

    By Cadn24
    I’ve used this app for some time now, and for the most part, it’s a great product. My only issue is with the GPS occasionally loosing its mind. I believe though, it’s partially my fault because occasionally I forget to turn off the WiFi from work when I head out. I’m not 100% sure that’s the issue, but it just tracked me doing 2.56 miles on a .5 mile post office walk that I do daily. Great options and interface! UPDATED REVIEW - Upon watching the app closer as I was doing my normal daily walk, I noticed about a third of the way into it, I hit a dead zone. I’ve started pausing the app when going into this area and the “glitching seems to be remedied.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By MsBianca80
    Run keeper is easy to use, has a way of motivating you and was not cost to me. Return On Investment; 1000% 👍🏾👍🏾
  • Glorified stopwatch? 1/5

    By JJD Chicago
    Went for my first run and it didn’t track distance. Don’t see any way to add it. Do I need to upgrade? Who knows? All it seems to do is tell you the time. I already have a watch.
  • Does what it needs to do 4/5

    By ScoobertDoobertDoo
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By ponigal_lin
    I track my horses training rides as “other” and personal activity as biking, running as applicable. Love seeing results! Lin
  • WatchOS App syncing needs work 2/5

    By lm40328
    Starting a run on either the phone or watch seems to take forever to show up on the other.
  • Worth it. 5/5

    By dkznalfjro
    I tried to use other running apps, but couldn’t stay motivated, plus they were always glitching. I love the Runkeeper app because there are zero glitches and it is really helping me get in shape. I’ve gone from being totally exhausted and unable to run half a mile to being able to run a full mile without stopping which I have never ever done. You can also customize your own runs. I do pay for it, but honestly, it’s worth it for my health and for how well the app functions. I’d recommend this to anyone who is out of shape and wants to get into shape.
  • GPS not accurate 2/5

    By kate11015
    I like Runkeeper for tracking and storing my run data, however the GPS is extremely off, even after recalibration via “fix GPS” option. I have started and stopped the clock in tandem with my live races, and realized GPS is not in line.
  • Extremely Disappointed 1/5

    By Cls82782
    I used to love this app. Suddenly it wouldn't let me use it without signing in. I tried with Facebook and by trying to create an account. Both failed. I deleted the app and I will no longer use it. I've used the app for years and will miss it, but I will use my activity tracker on my Apple Watch moving forward.
  • Lady Meme 5/5

    By MemePerk
    I love this app!!
  • A very great app with plenty of options 5/5

    By Darkness Weaver
    I hadn’t ran in 10 years but the continued to call me even after several severe ankle injuries, reconstructive surgery on my ankle, and a meniscus repair. All injuries were after I stopped running. We received a local 5k flyer in the mail and my daughter and I decided we were doing this together. Since I had not ran or worked out in many years I needed a way to motivate myself, track my progress, and allow me to customize my workout regime in preparation for this 5k. I found this app recommended through a blog on the None to Run plan. Since my training plan was based off the None to Run plan I needed to customize a series of weekly workouts. This app allowed me to do just that and allow me to still track my progress on the treadmill until I am ready for running on the road. The stopwatch option is great for this and the audible reminders of what is coming up next in my intervals is great. I do wish that you could indicate if the interval was a walk or run, but that is a minor item. I really love it.
  • Great app. 4/5

    By strong recommends
    The only feature I’d like to see changed is on the watch app when you hit a new mile the screen stays on too long and there needs to be a way to dismiss it or else you can’t stop the timer. It makes my time inaccurate. Otherwise, this app is very helpful and has been an instrumental part of me getting back into shape. Thank the makers!
  • Good luck getting your in-app purchases to work 1/5

    By spcummings
    This app seems to lack reliable functionality to recognize the upgrade to Runkeeper Go. I’ve gotten no help from either Apple or Runkeeper. I’ve been using this app for years but I’m ditching it for something more reliable.
  • Love the app, wish they’d work on the iWatch app 4/5

    By Sek0321
    Love everything about this app! Training programs are great, just wish I could use them without my phone and just use the iWatch app for verbal cues.
  • Great overall app 5/5

    By LaKerm
    I’ve been using this app for years now and I really like it. Lots of choices of activity and goal setting.
  • Get it 4/5

    By TheDoberDude
    I am a cheapskate so I only use free apps This one gives you plenty of info without that paid add-on's, and if massive data is your thing then I bet the paid version is even more awesome.
  • Not worth it any longer 1/5

    By Zack1237590
    I have used Runkeeper since 2009. Possibly one of your first users. For years the GPS tracking was spot on. I have noticed the past 6 months that it is way off. I run the same routes and know the miles down to .01. Though I was losing it until I came and read the latest reviews. I’m not the only one. That is a platform issue my friends. The other issue? No more free plans? Guess your new owners don’t want the advert. revenue model. Your business plan will suffer not being agnostic any longer. Back to Map My Run.
  • GPS unreliable 2/5

    By Aennen11
    GPS has been unreliable this past 3 weeks , tried resets and power but no change
  • Good and bad 3/5

    By agenericnickname
    First of all, I love the website. I also really like the phone app. With the watch app, if I run untethered I cannot see elevation information, and also it does not save to a GPX file when I look at the workout on the website. This is different from both Strava and MapMyRun, both of which provide these features.
  • Not for me 1/5

    By nicknameisalreadyraken
    Seriously? It was making me share my best run with friends via text or otherwise “share” would not disappear from the screen. I also did not like that it would announce the time (every 5 min) versus let’s say half or one mile. There was something else annoying that I do not remember at this time. Just happy I deleted it
  • Thank you 5/5

    By peonyandlee
    Thank you for making me feel accomplished, for giving me a tool to implement easily into my life, for making me feel and look good.
  • Goal Setting 4/5

    By Dani8301
    I’m just now getting back into running and I’ve noticed some updates that I don’t like. 1. You used to be able to use the goal setter to help to train and now u have to buy a subscription for it :/ 2. Runkeeper has teamed up with Spotify. I’m a Pandora girl and I used to be able to stream Pandora through this app but no longer :( This won’t stop me from using Runkeeper it’s jus sad.
  • Love 5/5

    By Kdog778
    Love this! Use it for all my weekly runs.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Bug lips
    I like this app because it isn’t so optimistic about how many calories are consumed during exercise. However, it does seem to have some difficulty hooking up to locations once in awhile.
  • Flexibel 5/5

    By Chasie70
    Gillar att man kan variera om man joggar, vandrar, cyklar etc. Roligt att kolla på bilder i anslutning till varje träningstillfälle.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By BillsQB12
    I'm a huge gamer and numbers nerd! All the metrics this app tracks pushes me Everytime I run to get better stats! In turn making me better and healthier!!
  • Love it 4/5

    By Stash & Megan
    Love it. But can I ask for a weather record so I can also track the current conditions of my runs?
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By jay_flee_doee
    Best app ever I've been using this app for two years now.. I never got tired of it
  • Send request to friend 5/5

    By magwmf
    Hi I am using runkeeper. For long time But there is problem with send request to a friend . When I send request to a friend I can’t cancel it

Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker app comments


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