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Rush Limbaugh App

Exclusively from the EIB Network! Get the Rush iOS App and enjoy these great features: Transcripts: Full records of Rush's segments. Stations: A list of local radio stations where you can tune in to America's Anchorman all across the fruited plain. Save Your Favorites! Busy Now? Read it Later! Bookmark content to save it to your personal list. Never Miss my Live Show again! Notifications for live shows and new content Airplay / Casting: Stream any video content to your TV or device! Podcast Episodes: Stream your favorite episodes and segments on demand, or download to your device to listen offline! Now you can subscribe to Rush 24/7 right through your iTunes Account on your Apple device! If this is your first time signing up, your first month is free! Rush 24/7 members enjoy all of the above features plus exclusive premium access: The Dittocam: Peek into Rush's studio and watch him broadcast from behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Show Audio: Listen to the full show or hour-by-hour. Morning Update Video: Watch Rush deliver his pithy, minute-long updates in high quality, crystal clear video. Rush's Broadcast When YOU Want to Hear it: If you miss Rush live, you can listen to the entire broadcast. Plus: The exclusive, super-secret e-mail address! Reach out to the Truth Detector with a few taps of your fingers. Note: Usage of the live stream and on-demand podcast on the cellular networks may result in additional data charges. Please check with your provider for more details. Rush 24/7 Membership is available at a monthly rate of $6.99 or a yearly rate of $49.99 which will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renew within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal settings by going to the Account Settings on your Apple device after publication. Any unused portion of your free trial period will be porfeited when you cancel your subscription. The 'first month free' promotion is only available on your first sign up through Apple iTunes.

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  • Quality of Show NOT Reflected in the App 1/5

    By General P123
    There may be an explanation for the state of this app, but there’s absolutely no excuse. Being a longtime fan of Rush and 24/7 subscriber it pains me to say this, but this app is awful. It takes forever to begin a stream, then it buffers, stutters, and stops. The stream will not recover from an interruption such as a phone call or alarm. So-called tech support is about what you would expect with an app of this poor quality. All in all, I continue to be amazed that Rush lets this continue. Nothing about this app or it’s support staff reflects highly upon Rush or his organization. I can stream an affiliate radio station using I Heart Radio (which works without a hitch), but as a 24/7 subscriber it ticks me off that I have to resort to that.
  • Airport utility 4/5

    By mynicknamened
    For some reason I’m not longer able to stream the audio through my AirPort Utility.
  • Horrible. Will not work with iOS. 1/5

    By jcdoell
    Audio playback will not appear on Apple Watch, car audio or on lock screen of iPhone. You must completely open the app each time if you want to pause skip fast forward etc. Not user-friendly as far as audio playback of podcasts go. Will not be re-subscribing to Rush 24/7 until they get this problem fixed. Very frustrating to use. Disappointed. 😞
  • Virtually impossible to play in your car 1/5

    By derrickvoss
    The main reason I pay for this app is to listen to Rush’s great show. Unfortunately the app is nearly impossible to play in your car. It’s been months since the app was updated and the auto play feature that allows you to seamlessly play audio with your car was disabled. Why this feature was removed is beyond me and why it wasn’t quickly corrected is baffling. This app is primarily a podcast app, yet you can’t play the podcasts in your car without constantly overriding the auto play of your phone’s other audio apps that want to constantly play on top of the Rush app.
  • This app sets podcasting back a decade. MAGA!! 1/5

    By Rob in Puyallup
    I’m a 25 year listener, 10+ year podcast 24/7 subscriber. This podcast app is a huge step backwards. As many others have stated it is full of bugs, I listen while I drive or work and need to listen hassle free, listening to podcast with this app takes near constant fidgeting. The app doesn’t show up on the Apple Watch now playing app, doesn’t return to play after accepting a call, freezes for no apparent reason forcing a reboot of the app. If this were a free service I’d say you get what you pay for, it’s not. The poor performance of the app has me listening to more/other conservative podcasts of which there are many. As I said I’ve subscribed for many years basically for the podcasts, if they’re more hassle than they’re worth while bother continuing to subscribe?
  • Worth it!!! 5/5

    By gympgyrl
    Moved to an area at my job that has NO signal! Complete dead zone. My days are not the same without Rush so I got the year membership. I'm spoiled to the commercial free format!!
  • This is what would make the app better 4/5

    By Nowzad0311
    Rush is one of the greatest thinkers in all of world history. Here is my problem with the app... Any type of interruption while listening (such as an incoming phone call or scrolling on twitter and accidentally letting a video play) can cause the audio to freeze and/or can crash the app. What is extremely frustrating is when the app freezes and I do not know where I left off (because it usually won’t display the time-bar while it is trying to load). This makes me have to manually search through the show in an attempt to find where I left off. I don’t mind hearing Rush twice, but it is an inconvenience that should be an easy fix. Whenever I close out of YouTube, their app knows exactly where I left off and I don’t have to spend extra time searching for my spot. That would be the best feature that you could add to improve this app. I use it to listen to the show every day. I would estimate that this bug costs me an extra 4 hours worth of hassle per week; it would be nice to see it fixed.
  • What happened to “now playing” connection? 1/5

    By Fixitplz
    The old app allowed for play/pause/volume connectivity from iOS control center and the “now playing” screen on Apple Watch. Now, the app plays audio but the phone doesn’t recognize it as an audio source, ie no pause/volume control in control center or Apple Watch. That, and the app is pretty awful. Sometimes I have to force quit the app multiple times just for recent show audio to show up. 24/7 members pay for the ease and connectivity to listen whenever and wherever, and the app is more of a hinderance many times than not.
  • Zero Support for Subscription Problems 1/5

    By MuseStriking
    I couldn’t get anyone to respond or to care. They would rather cancel my subscription than resolve a simple issue like needing the confirmation email resent. Very disappointed.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By R. Tom
    I can’t fast forward a downloaded show. It will go to a certain spot and then if I try to fast forward more I can’t. I cannot rewind to certain spot without using the 15 second at a time indicator. There are bugs interfacing with my car Bluetooth. It will stop if I attempt to turn up the car volume. It no longer shows up on the lock screen on my phone. I’ve tried reinstalling several times. It does not work.
  • I think Obama designed this app 1/5

    By greghull
    Rush, do you even use this app? If you did, you would know that it does not meet your high expectations.
  • Love Rush, HATE this app 1/5

    By nicknamebecauseihaveto
    I’ve been a Rush 24/7 member for over a year now. My 1 star review is not applicable to Rush or his content and only applies to this horrendous app. Rush: have you ever tried to use your own app? I think you’ll be just as disappointed as I am for the same reasons below: 1. First of all, I had to go into my iOS settings app and disable cellular usage for the Rush app. I did this because I used the download button to download the podcasts for Rush’s last few shows, however, when I played them they were all still using cellular data to play instead of the downloaded version. This ended up costing me and additional $50 on my mobile plan because I didn’t know the Rush app was using cellular data instead of the downloaded files to play until I got my mobile phone bill and saw my data usage was through the roof - looked at my data usage on my phone and 4GB of it was The Rush app. I almost uninstalled it that day out of pure rage. Honestly, i had half a mind to invoice the Rush Limbaugh organization for the $50 I was forced to pay due to this poor app. 2. When I attempt to download more than one podcast at a time, which the app appears to have no problem with you doing, only the first podcast downloads successfully. The other podcasts will show a blue cloud icon like they’re downloaded, but they are in fact not and I have to then go “delete” them from my downloaded podcast library and redownload them ONE AT A TIME. 3. Every.single.time I try to play the last podcast I had going when I closed the app, I tap the play button and nothing happens. I found the work around is to tap play on another podcast and then go back and tap play on the original podcast I want to play. Sometimes even that doesn’t work, so I resort to mashing the play button on the podcast I want to play until it finally cooperates, or I close the app and then try my best not to go cancel my Rush 24/7 subscription since I can’t listen anyway. 4. Listen here software developer(s) who make this terrible app: when I open the app, I am so so so well aware I’m not connected to WiFi or mobile data (see complaint #1 above). I don’t need your app to remind me TWICE every time I open the app that I’m not connected. At least include a “do not show me again” checkbox or something. Simple UI design 101 for a programmer, which apparently from the many other 1 star reviews I see, is not so easy for the devs of this app to comprehend. All I have to say is I’m extremely frustrated and disappointed. I’m giving this app another chance for the next couple months. If nothing changes, I’ll be cancelling my Rush 24/7 sub, deleting this app, and I’ll go ahead and just download the podcasts from other sources where Rush will never ever see the revenue or get my money. If you aren’t going to use the money I give you to produce a quality app, which we all know you have the money Rush, then I’m going to choose to not pay you. Get your app straight or say goodbye to my money.
  • Not useful 1/5

    By DocKJR
    When I heard of this app on the show, it sounded like we could get the broadcast to listen to like we have done on YouTube, which has been not available easily...but NO...broadcasts only for 24/7 subscribers...why didn’t you mention that...also, the app is iPhone friendly landscape mode for iPad users...
  • App constantly freezes 1/5

    By Tcm 425
    App freezes up when watching the ditto cam. Worst app ever
  • Never Works 1/5

    By Mfoster29shifu
    I love Rush and the show but the App never works for me! The shows just shows the circling load graphic and constantly crashes if it ever chooses to load. I was excited for the app and am now very disappointed.
  • Fix the app 3/5

    By JSmoe
    Since Apple’s iOS update to 12, this app is frustrating. I must keep the app open for it to advance to the next hour of the show on its own. Listening to the audio recording of the morning (west coast) show during a long commute is a pain to set up. It sits and tries to load and finally I must reload the app. This happens with multiple car platforms, not just my main car. All settings are same as before and everything work before. I have been waiting for a fix in an update but it hasn’t happened. I probably will not renew if not fixed in the last couple of months of my subscription. I really enjoy listening but I can listen to Hannity or others on Patriot without any hassle. So please fix it. My settings are fine, fix the app.
  • App is Badly Broken! 1/5

    By Livefreeordie2
    It used to work fine. I always listen on the app because I can listen with an ear bud while shopping, get in the car and continue listening, get out of the car at home and switch back to the ear bud, etc. About 2 months ago, the ability to easily move back and forth as described above stopped working. Unlike all other apps, the “mini-player” no longer shows on the lock screen. Get in the car and the music app will start playing instead of the Rush app. Tremendous amount of manual intervention is required all the time. I sent a note 6 weeks ago and the response was “reboot your iPhone.” That p’d me off and I sent a second note and on April 10th, i got this response: Sorry for the trouble you're having! This is actually a known issue our developers are working on correcting. We hope to have it fixed in the next update to our [device] app. I can’t believe I’m the only one who finds this frustrating. And frankly, with the app being this badly broken, and they know it, I find it infuriating that there seems to be no sense of urgency to get it fixed. Rush really has nothing to brag about at this point.
  • Please fix it. This why we give u dollars 1/5

    By le25xyz
    Bluetooth and usb in car don’t work only way I can play is disable BT on phone and listen thru phone speakers. Same in rental cars I’ve tried everything I know and no difference. Everything else on phone works thru car but rush app defaults to Apple Music. It’s been many months tech support says known issue. I’m an engineer, don’t design apps but seriously why can’t it be fixed. Love Rush
  • More bugs than a roach motel 1/5

    By SuperChief05
    This app is a HUGE step backwards from even the original version. There is no integration with the apple Ios functions meaning I cannot do anything unless the app is open, even the next podcast automatically starting. Very awful since I listen primarily while driving. There used to be integration, but either the last iOS update or app update broke that feature. I reached out to the app Tech support, got a thanks and a survey, but no fix. I am seriously considering dropping my subscription.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Rjessee1
    Have been a subscriber for a LONG time. Like most people I like it because I can listen when I want to and have time ..... which is almost always in the car. It doesn’t work with Apple play in car (I have to connect via Bluetooth) and Volume control on car stereo doesn’t work durning play back. It is one static place I notified HELP months ago. Their response was that’s a known problem....... ok so 5 months later you haven’t figured it out. Clearly Rush loves technology......I would make sure the App is at least functional. A high school kid could fix it.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Herod Lowery
    Love Rush, been listening since 1989. Bought his ice tea, bought his books, 24/7 member for years. Rush is all class. Except for this app. Hate to say it but this app is a terrible pile of crap. When it works (rarely), it’s good but it hardly ever works correctly, it’s wildly inconsistent. Shows update sometimes a day or more after the broadcast, sometimes 10 minutes after each hour. I have to restart my iPhone 8 a few times each day to get the show to download. Got plenty of signal but it’s the same problem on cable WiFi at my house. Good content, rotten, terrible app. Just like the last one. Love Rush! President Bush dies and I want to hear Rush’s stories on him but nope, can’t listen to anything past November 28. Great show, great man, awful app.
  • Hate the New APP! 1/5

    By Terib3294
    I cannot even get the new app to start! It keeps spinning and spinning. I have to listen to Rush on the Internet, which means I’m STUCK, unable to use other apps on my phone. PLEASE FIX THIS!
  • Great app - ignore the naysayers 5/5

    By Michael H M
    Don’t know why so many Rush haters feel the need to post all those negative reviews. The app works great. I can listen or watch during the live broadcast, and I can catch up later in the day to listen to a replay if I miss the live broadcast. Better yet, when I listen to the replay there is no pause between segments.
  • 2018 information shows on main page 3/5

    By SouthernFLguy
    Not very user friendly. Main page shows 2018 info.
  • Great App 5/5

    By BloopieBloopie
    Love this app. Easy to use and tons of material. Mainly use it to listen to show podcasts on 24/7. Only issue is it randomly auto erases the downloads. Easy enough to stream but not if driving in remote areas without cell coverage or in planes. Talked to support who told me to delete and reinstall app. Didn’t work but certainly not a deal breaker because of all its redeeming value. Overall an excellent app. Update: Tried everything but it still keeps erasing my downloads before listening sometimes within hours. Very annoying. Defeats one my main reasons for having app. Please fix. Thank you.
  • Two stars because I love Rush but the app is challenging 2/5

    By Crashes too
    I’ve had the app since this version was released a year or so ago. I like most of the features - when they work.... When I compare this to the native Apple podcast app, it makes this app look bad and very buggy. In both streaming mode or in the downloaded podcasts it forgets my place if I take a call do anything that interrupts playback. The previous version would play over my car’s Bluetooth. Now that no longer works. I’ve also noticed that the feed hasn’t been updated since early April. Is that a sign that support has been discontinued and we may see the app go away? I don’t recall hearing Rush mention the app lately. Whatever happens, hopefully you’ll make some updates to the app that address the issues. Otherwise I hope I’m able to find an alternative to access the pod casts for my commutes.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By adkamk
    I suspect Rush will never see this or hear about how horrible this App is because he does not read views. He said that on his show. Since the last update to this App the performance has plummeted. The App will not work with my car radioes before, will not display on my AppleWatch as before and will not automatically go to next hour on the iPhone as before the update. If it wasn’t for Rush Limbaugh’s appeal this App would be gone. However, even this poor performance may push me to find a different way to get Rush on my iPhone. Really would appreciate the technical folks getting their collective rears in gear and fix the problem or send out note to all 24/7 subscribers saying they are working the problem.
  • Fix please 1/5

    By DRBM
    App won’t run right in the background. It’s been long enough. Please fix.
  • Interface is terrible 1/5

    By Testido
    After hearing what a state of the art this app would be I became a 24/7 member. I’ve been in contact with tech support for weeks. When I went to the podcast screen I expected a list I could download (just like the other podcasts I am subscribed to ) but there’s no list. The little box comes up....I’m 99.7% sure something just went wrong. Yep so am I!!! Where’s the list? After screen shots, phone type, membership info etc. I still haven’t a clue. What’s the point? Tech pointed me to another Rush site where I have an entirely different page with “gold buttons “. Oh there’s the podcasts. Why these two platforms aren’t combined is beyond me seeing how they claim this is a state of the art app. It’s also frustrating to listen to show. While listening to music I like to go to another app, read email, and the program won’t play in the background. Also noticed that the hour one, two and three aren’t available as each hour finishes. Come on why does it take so long to edit the tape? I trust El Rushbo will get this fixed.
  • Liked old app 3/5

    By JDeMarco
    Sorry Rush but the new app is not great. Very cluttered and hard to find the audio. No fast forward or rewind for the audio which is very important. It is nice to look at but I liked the menu on the
  • Best app ever. 5/5

    By greasy caterpiller
    Best app on the App Store. Now I listen at leisure.
  • Always have to close app an reopen 1/5

    By SmokeypHd™
    I have 200 apps on my iPhone an this is undoubtably the worst of them all! Cmon Rush fix this crap. My favorite person to listen to by far but man please fix this. Why do u break it up into 3 separate hours? It never goes to the next episode when I’ve downloaded all 3 hours. I can’t control it at all from the lock screen. All my other music/podcast apps let me rewind/ff/pause. It’s sad that the #1 talk show host in the country can’t have a functional app. I pay the 7$ a month so I don’t have to listen to 1.6hours of commercials. Please fix it sometime in the next decade
  • Last update broke ability to autoplay next hour 3/5

    By Dr bikey
    As others mentioned, the scrub feature doesn’t work more than once and doesn’t always update. But more importantly, I used to play all 3 hours by starting hour 1 and then lock the screen. But since the last update this no longer works. You have to unlock AND bring the app to the foreground for each hour change. This should be fixed fast.
  • Love ya Rush! 5/5

    By Kay1951
    Listening to you since Sept 1988!! Thank you for what you do and how you do it! I am retired now so listen in every day. God bless you and your family Rush. Our Country needs your voice and your words of wisdom!
  • Not Worthy of America’s Anchorman 1/5

    By rushfan2000
    I love Rush but not this app. I think the interface is way too “busy” and needs to be simplified. Would love to see his podcast on iTunes instead. That way it can be heard and controlled via CarPlay. As it stands now the Rush app will not continue to play while using another app such as GPS.
  • Great app...if you’re using the OLD version 1/5

    By thenightscribe
    I have not been able to use this app since the black app was introduced. I had a theory and just tested it. The old, colorful version of the app was still on my old iPod Touch. I plugged it into my car and voilà, it worked like a charm. On my iPhone and iPad, however, which had the new version, it wouldn’t work. Guys, get this app fixed. It’s prettier, but useless with Bluetooth.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Gaffer1000
    I thought that maybe at 65 I was just not hip and techno enough for the app. Glad to see that many others are having the same problems and frustration as myself. The old version of the app was much better. By this new version, Rush is trying to be all things to all people. There is a lot of conflict within the app. Rush is cutting edge but not on apps. The days play backwards, after one segment, the app quits playing and I must manually start the next hour. When using Ford Sync to play the app the music open start, then stops. Sometime for good, other times I have to press play again to get it going. It takes an awful lot of work to play a simple podcast.
  • Scrubbing still broken 1/5

    By Akvavit82
    Listening to audio in the On Demand section, scrubbing to a different time only works once. Then it’s impossible to advance or rewind the show. It also completely fails when switching back after another app takes playback control. Very weak app overall.
  • Embarrassing 1/5

    By cptnapples
    You charge money for a subscription in a completely broken app. ANRs are constant. Crashes. Things barely ever load the first attempt. WiFi/LTE both affected. This app is trash and reasons like this make people like me debate cancelling altogether. Back to mark levin for free with a fully functioning podcast player (it’s hard is it, guys?)
  • Needs work bad 2/5

    By Longhornssuck
    Can’t believe I spent money on this app. When I’m listening to the podcast on the phone and it rings, I have to quit the app completely and restart it even if I don’t answer the call. I have to close and restart the app if I’m using a Bluetooth device and the device disconnects. These are major issues that need to be fixed. Having to close and restart the app is unacceptable. I’ve used free apps before that don’t have these problems but I paid a lot for this one. One plus so far is the podcast does restart where it was when I restart the app.
  • Beautiful UI, great content, HORRIBLE usability 2/5

    By Aerial Vision Productions
    New app is beautiful, love the layout and content, but the reasons I use the app (Dittocam and podcast stream) just don't work right at all. 1. Podcast doesn't remember your spot if you pause and leave the app for more than a few seconds (this is the biggest problem of all). 2. You cannot easily navigate while in the podcast. It is extraordinarily difficult to get back to the place I was when the app inevitably forgets my spot and I have to come back to it. 3. 15 second fast forward and rewind would be EXTREMELY useful. Please add this. 4. Being able to keep the Dittocam going while I'm doing other things on my phone would also be great. At this point, I'm actually longing for the old app because podcast navigation was easier than it is now. Update: they fixed some of these issues, but when some updated iOS most recently, it took a step backwards. You can no longer pause/play from your watch or the lock screen. It basically no longer works like a normal podcast player. Please fix.
  • Data leak or spyware? Buggy as hell. 1/5

    By dmsher11
    The app itself is insanely buggy, crashes often, fails to download shows, downloads corrupted shows, etc. I took a road trip and used the app to stream 6 days of shows and saw over 2.3 GB of data use? The podcasts themselves are like 22-25MB each hour so how does 1/2 gig of shows use five times the data? More worrisome is I was on WiFi with the app open doing nothing in the background and saw a tremendous amount of data being transferred to the point where it was disrupting video streaming. Further analysis revealed it was sending over a gig an hour over WiFi. Something is extremely wrong here. I like Rush and have listened his entire career but he’s clearly sold out and is data mining us idiots stupid enough to use this app. It’s gone now. I’ll either get podcasts to work or move on from his show (which is 55% advertising anyway).
  • Buggy Podcast Player 2/5

    By Reviewerof-iOS-OS X
    Excellent content. I love rush Limbaugh I just do not like the app. Buggy when rewinding a podcast after it has finished playing. Also, should add a feature to track listening progress in on demand audio even after leaving the app. Also, the help/feedback button forces you to use the stock apple email app.
  • Lots of bugs. 2/5

    By _Rfm
    Lots of bugs. The biggest is that the Bluetooth is broken after recent updates. Rush has mentioned how much it costs to develop apps like these. He’s not getting his monies worth. I also would not expect these bugs to get by him considering he’s such a “techy”.
  • App not working right. 1/5

    By CZ-SP-01
    Since the last iOS update. Show is not automatic anymore meaning once One hour finishes it doesn’t automatically start another hour. Also player does not show up on wake up screen like it used to. Now I have to go into the app to stop the program. Also program doesn’t restart after starting vehicle now like it used to. Now my iTunes just starts playing. I hope someone reads this because you sure don’t respond to the emails. Help help.
  • Aggressively Shadow-Banned 5/5

    By Klandath23
    Apple hates this app.

    By Brian's Gal
    I started listening to Rush about 25 years ago, when my husband drove truck up and down ‘Kalifornia’ and heard him in Sacramento. He came home and was VERY EXCITED to tell me about this NEW GUY he’d heard on the radio. Well I didn’t have time to listen every day, I worked too and raised two kids. Over those years I listened here and there, and on tv, more and more over time. When I retired in 1994 disabled and unable to work, it became full time, and Rush was in NY City. I use to love the way he would talk about Reagan (my hope for America) after JC! Then Rush moved to Florida and he became more and more FUNNY, more and more my ‘coffee in the morning’! Now that I approach the end of my days at 72, I pray for your health, you continued tenacity and your continued support of America! Never give up on Kalifornia and Rio Linda, we are HERE, THANK YOU FOR 24/7! I can’t get you on the radio anymore! I’ve moved to Temecula CA. and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get you on the radio here! Without 24/7......I don’t know what I would do without my BEST FRIEND! ♥️🤷‍♂️😊
  • Works pretty much as expected 4/5

    By Suddenrush
    However it would be great if the app worked on Apple TV and CarPlay.
  • Less is more 1/5

    By noooop$
    For years I was a 24/7 subscriber and listened using Downcast, a podcast player that is simple and extremely functional. Rush’s old app was ok, but not worth having because it wasn’t nearly as good as Downcast. I replaced my phone and now am forced to use the AWFUL new app because all the trash they added has made the feed unplayable in Downcast. Interestingly, the morning updates work fine- which seems to indicate (I’m talking to you here, Skyler) that it isn’t user error. It’s the crummy app. Thanks. Like other reviewers, I am frustrated about the weird interface. The whole point of subscribing is that I’m busy. I want automatic refresh when shows are published, a brief description, and the ability to listen to the whole show in two clicks. If you want to listen to the latest show you’re just screwed. I guess it now takes them a couple of days to prepare the content, so your only option is to WATCH the live show, complete with dead air/commercial breaks and without any way to easily navigate. Want to rewind a few minutes of the program? Nooooope. It will start over. Think you’re playing today’s show? Nah. One of the 15 buttons in the app was triggered by your pocket and you’ve been listening to ten minutes of a commercial break from last week. Makes me want to cancel my subscription.

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