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Exclusively from the EIB Network! Get the Rush iOS App and enjoy these great features: Transcripts: Full records of Rush's segments. Stations: A list of local radio stations where you can tune in to America's Anchorman all across the fruited plain. Save Your Favorites! Busy Now? Read it Later! Bookmark content to save it to your personal list. Never Miss my Live Show again! Notifications for live shows and new content Airplay / Casting: Stream any video content to your TV or device! Rush 24/7 members-only features: The Dittocam: Peek into Rush's studio and watch him broadcast from behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Show Audio: Listen to the full show or hour-by-hour. Morning Update Video: Watch Rush deliver his pithy, minute-long updates in high quality, crystal clear video. Rush's Broadcast When YOU Want to Hear it: If you miss Rush live, you can listen to the entire broadcast. Plus: The exclusive, super-secret e-mail address! Reach out to the Truth Detector with a few taps of your fingers. Note: Usage of the live stream and on-demand podcast on the cellular networks may result in additional data charges. Please check with your provider for more details.


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  • Great new features, but.... 1/5

    By Sacto Sam
    It uses 300 Mb to stream an hour of audio. That is ridiculous. 4 times what the old app used. 4 times what other podcasts use. Unnecessary waste of bandwidth. I’ve had to cut back listening to the show at lunch and may cancel my membership. Very unhappy. Fix it.
  • Playback is the worst 2/5

    By Bronzeage21
    I’ve listened to Rush since ‘89. Love the show. 24/7 subscriber for years. User interface on the new Ap is not intuitive. Audio player is SO frustrating that I no longer listen to the show in playback. Just live, and prefer the radio. I need to be able to skip parts of the show I’ve already heard live, and I need to be able to skip commercials I’ve already purchased from (simply safe, sheets, lifelock, etc.). Please!!! Bookmark, scrub forward and back, skip 15 sec forward and back, and multi speed playback if possible. Thanks.
  • Still the BEST way to hear Rush! 4/5

    By IzzDad
    This app is much improved from the previous version (before this major update). I love the highlighted stories and the transcripts that go along with those. The audio clarity from the streaming is excellent! Rush we can hear your printer in the background. One suggestion - when I listen to the hourly podcasts the slider does not always move the show along. It will just keep streaming from where it was. Sometimes it works to slide it very far then back to the point I want. Can you make the slider work more consistently? All in all I love the app!!
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By marvmax
    I’ve been a Rush listener for nearly 30 years. And I’ve been an Apple fan boy for even longer. I love it when Rush talks Apple, and love to tweak my dummy Android using conservative friends. So I immediately downloaded the app first day I heard of it. Funny thing is I usually will not download an app that has nearly as many 1 star as 5 star ratings, but since it was Rush’s I did anyway. I really like the way that Rush has integrated all of his outlets with the same look and feel. The black looks cool to me. I don’t mind streaming either. What I do mind is that you can’t save these podcasts and listen to them. On the coasts there may be coverage everywhere, but out here in fly over country there are areas where you don’t have cell coverage. I used to listen to Rush on the way home, but that was when I could download the app, but since this new app came out I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that. The iTunes download stopped working for me for some reason, the Alpha Browser download stopped working as well. What the heck. Also, the fact that you don’t have a fast forward or reverse is a crock. What’s up? Does Rush use that as a feature for advertisers. They have to listen to the stupid in podcast commercials because Rush and his developers are going to make it impossible to move forward or backwards? Well I don’t use the app for that reason. And if I didn’t love Rush I’d just stop listening because I can’t listen to it on my ride home anymore since I live in fly over country. I feel like Rush is treating us badly because he knows we love listening. I feel abused.
  • Rush is awesome, App needs work... 2/5

    By Elitehunter1
    First of all, I LOVE the program. That being said the app has several function issues. The biggest is how it sometimes restarts if you have to pause it, and the scroll feature will usually allot for one adjustment and then it won’t work. I listen at work and have to pause it frequently. I’m stuck having to remember where I was in the show, then hopefully get it right on the first scroll. Also if I try to pause it from the lock screen, it’s almost guaranteed to start over. Also, how come we can’t download the episodes??? I pass through bad service areas at work, and the show will stop causing me to restart when I resume service. Also, iPad version please!
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By TwinkalTowes
    I love this app. I am a 24/7 subscriber. Love the fact that I can catch the show any time I want in any format. The commercials are not in the audio archives so that makes things move right along.
  • Love It 5/5

    By ImMaxHeadroom
    The new app is fantastic and easy to use.
  • Took a good app and made it Obama Care. 2/5

    By Marcotoll
    Only reason I gave a two and not a one star, I like the show. I listen between teaching classes, and now it’s FOBAR. The app restarts every time I try to go back and continue where I paused the episode. Can’t fast forward worth $#+). Why can’t next hour start after finishing previous hour.(at least prompt you to start next hour and not have to exit to start next hour) I might dump the app and go with third party now. Putting the audio towards the bottom was an example of poor planning and lack of research. Promote the app if you decide, but really made it hard to justify paying for use. I use this as a case study in my class now, “proper planning and testing before implementation.” You disappointed me. Special Note: High light the hour once it has been listened to, for user reference.
  • Pains me to say this, but app fails most important task 1/5

    By AlaLorax
    Guessed I was not only one, and looking at reviews, it was confirmed: the main reason—pretty much the *only* reason—I subscribed to Limbaugh Letter and Rush 24/7 was so I could listen to the show when I had the time, i.e. not at work. This app continues to have a Windows 3.1 approach to “podcast” playback in a Windows 10 world. (And, no, not nearly slick or simple enough to even begin to compare it to anything Apple. Irony intended!) All we are asking for is a way to queue up THE WHOLE SHOW and some dadgum Fast Forward and Rewind buttons! Heck, even if we have to stream it, fine, but at least get the basics! As others have said, this is making me really regret my subscription. Even worse, bought another as a gift. Submitted feedback on all this BEFORE writing review, but the response was as generic and meaningless as a “Dear Constituent” form letter. Wanted to at least give a chance to “in private” before posting this in public. Come on, Rush, y’all can at least make this as good as the free podcast player I am listening to Savage on right now at 5am!
  • Can’t navigate easily to admin stuff 1/5

    By Frank Tinghao
    Forgot my password. Followed FAQ to request temporary password. Can’t find where on the sight to change to a password I can remember. Forgot jibberish password. Request new password. Can’t find place to change to a password I can remember. Repeat...
  • Needs major overhaul to begin to become user friendly 2/5

    By TDederick
    Updated on Feb 24th, 2018 — app was updated on App Store. Audio-slider worked initially, but not afterwards. Not clear that this was one of the “bug fixes”, but if it was — it’s still broken. I was unable to get into the app to see how Rush’s appearance went on Fox News Sunday — hangs at the main EIB logo loading page. Was not able to get into the app until the next Monday after airtime. Not clear what bugs were ever fixed. Please add +15 sec / -15 sec in the audio controls. I love Rush, love his show, love his analysis, and his decades behind the golden microphone. But I feel like the feedback messages I leave thru the app get sent right to the bit-bucket. I can’t even get in to send you a support email because the banner-page with the loading EIB logo just sits there and hangs. Whoever is charging you for these app-updates is not consistent with the quality you’ve brought behind the microphone all these years. 1) Audio scrubbing / jogging is NON-EXISTENT. The blue audio knob rarely shows the actual audio position. If you try to move it, you’re wasting your time. It slides but doesn’t do anything. More than often it resets your audio back to the beginning, incurring more cellular streaming charges, and time wasted to listen to the whole 40-minute segment again when I only wanted to go back 30 seconds in the first place. 2) App is unable to pre-load the day’s shows (after they’ve ended, packaged and are ready for listening). I cannot listen to these shows on the plane because the app only lets you live stream. You’re basically forced to live like a hermit to listen to this show using your own home WiFi instead of being a road-warrior with fully-downloaded episodes. This is KILLING my monthly data plan allotment. 3) This is KILLING my monthly data-plan because of #’s 1 and 2 combined. Additionally there appears to be nothing present to choose a lower-quality audio stream. You don’t get a choice. The audio files are maximum fidelity at a maximum bit-rate in stereo, but clobbers the living heck out of my monthly family data-plan. 4) New day’s shows are not refreshing. I have to double-home, flick-up and kill Rush’s app, then re-launch to finally get the new day’s content. 5) Even this is now a dead-hang. When you launch the app and see Rush, and the EIB logo at the bottom, the EIB logo slowly paints from left-to-right then shows the main menu. I have not been able to listen to Thursday, Feb 8th’s show because that EIB logo keeps getting hung at about 66% progress and doesn’t go any further. Even if I kill the app & try thru WiFi — same hang. 6) each segment’s summary used to be there. It disappeared after the major rewrite. It’s been obscured in a single line that’s difficult to read.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By RushIsRigt
    Since the update, it’s only getting better! Great app, wonderful features, easy to use, and worth the price-tag, free.
  • Good App, Still Needs Work 3/5

    By Steve Raker
    In general an improvement over the old disgronifying App, but features that are lost that I’d like to see brought back are the hourly show synopsis blurbs versus the long scrolling synopsis that currently exists in the new App so I can more easily pick up where I left off in the car or whatever. Currently, users only see the slow scrolling synopsis crawl once a file is playing...doesn’t help me scan for the content I haven’t yet heard. I’d also like to see a more obviously placed direct link to the daily Stack o’ Stuff...and please fix the useless player only works a fraction of the time
  • Audio player is WEAK 3/5

    By ChasingEquilibrium
    This app is not a good audio player at all. The playback interface has fewer features than a 1970s portable cassette player. I was dismayed when the podcast stopped working in my podcast app and I thought the only way to listen on the go was through this app, but it appears that the URL of the podcast just changed. If you're under the impression, as I was, that the show was no longer available to play in your own podcast app, you'll just need the "new" (as of November 2017) podcast URL, which can be found on the Rush site's Podcast page (the address on the "Get it on iTunes" link). Whew. I thought they had done away with the podcast in third party apps, and I was planning to not renew my subscription. Like I said, the audio player in this app is just bad.
  • Cart before the horse 1/5

    By grauwulfaz
    Boiling it down to one word to describe this new app from the initial release to the current one: unacceptable.
  • It’s About the Show, please 2/5

    By Brad McNeal
    I agree with “its about the show stupid”. You’ve got to fix the slider. It works better on my pos Trek 2 tablet than iPhone. Cmon Rush is an Apple fanboy, fix that! Infuriating to take a call and my place isn’t saved on the Audio podcast playback and THEN THE SLIDER DOESN'TWORK PROPERLY ! Don’t care about the live commercials, agnostic about that one.Kinda sneaky how he will weave the latest Experian or whatever hack in the news into a lifelock bit, but, c’est la shameless profit opportunity.
  • Mostly love the app 5/5

    By Suzy Q Beth
    Cannot figure out how I can turn off the music that plays during commericals—it is the same music over and over again. Would like to have quiet during commercials but still keep the volume up so I know when the program is back on the air
  • Really really bad update 1/5

    By Talkradiolover113
    If all you care about is the audio, this update made it almost impossible to find what you were looking for. It seems obvious that most people would come to the app looking for the show. Not the transcripts. Not the video. The show that's what made you popular, that's why people come to the app. Make the audio front and center. Disappointed that you still have not addressed any of the audio issues. This is next to useless for audio now and I'll have to cancel my subscription because you effectively removed podcasts - the most important feature.
  • A great app! 5/5

    By periskope
    Don’t pay any attention to the reviews that say that this app is poorly made. In fact, just the opposite is true! This app is one of the best-designed apps you can have on your phone. Not only is the free side of this app extensive, it also offers better offers better audio and video streaming than previous versions of this app did. This app is a pleasure to use, and the learning curve is so low that even liberals can learn how to use it!
  • Still no Twitter icon link 1/5

    By Charles3:16
    The Broken Twitter link was ‘fixed’ by removing it!
  • I still use mobile website 2/5

    By Ty-boo
    App is still unusable for audio playback. Trying to rewind and fast forward in the app is so frustrating. The mobile website has the 15 sec forward/backward button. Shorten the in show ads for Boll and Branch, Simply Safe, etc.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Shoeinhorse
    I bought a subscription thinking I could listen to the program on my time frame since I don’t have a lot of time, but now instead of skipping some of the commercials (not all like I thought) I have to listen to music, come on Rush, fix this crap, I paid to hear you, not a bunch of crap, I am just as well off listening to the radio for free!
  • Admit app looks sharp but functionality for audio only is lost 2/5

    By Epanimindas76
    I prefer the older app. I just want access to audio and I loved the written summaries of each hour’s audio which is now gone. As other reviewers have stated, stopping and starting in this new app is troublesome and advancement is even worse than it was before. The app looks sharp and if I was using it for website content that would be fine but I only want an audio app and this is not delivering as well as the prior version. Please improve the audio only portion (do not make it so hard to navigate to for starters) and also consider an audio only app.
  • Splash screen.... 5/5

    By mbMick57
    ...freezes on brand new iPhoneX. Worked fine two or three days now nothing. Unusable app. Love Rush. App...not so much. Please fix. .....edit..... The app is working flawlessly again tonight for first time in a few days. Fingers crossed it stays this way. .....................
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Rotilla
    This App hangs up and will not open. I have deleted it and reloaded it several times and it still fails. No need to have an app that does not work. Rush is great but the App is maddening!
  • App hangs up routinely 2/5

    By BloopieBloopie
    Original app worked great. Now can’t get logged in. Updated app won’t work. Only used it for show replay but useless now. Was able to go to website and listen to podcasts but that is a hassle. PLEASE FIX so I can get my Rush fix.
  • App freezes 1/5

    By some1's mom
    It often does not open. Also, it’s very difficult to find a way to email the support team.
  • Dead in arrival 1/5

    By Ron LFP
    It is a frozen screen. It ran an intro then nothing. Restarted my phone. Still dead. I can’t rate it zero stars.
  • App freezes on splash screen 1/5

    By F Barbosa
    Since the new update the App does not work, it loads the splash screen and it freezes there. I have closed the App, restated the phone, reset the phone and to no avail... what happened? I have access to absolutely nothing, how am I supposed to listen to the podcast? And also, please add a 15 sec forward and rewind, this is standard on any other podcast app. And fix this quick!
  • Frozen 2/5

    By jspringer84
    This app constantly freezes and won’t open. This is really frustrating being that I pay a lot for 24/7 access and can’t get it 24/7. This app is terrible PLEASE go back to the original app. This also doesn’t give you summaries and the button to move trough audio and video is tiny!!! Why!?!? Really thinking about no longer being a 24/7 subscriber being I can never get caught up on the show... a few more weeks of this and I’m gone.
  • Please, please fix 1/5

    By mdw609
    This pains me - I listen every day and don't like complaining. This app, however, is so frustrating - when it works. - Today I've turned my iPhone off/on and reinstalled the app several times. The app crashed, stayed stuck on the splash page or wouldn't move past the login page. So, it's unusable. - It's great the app now matches the website, but I don't find it more streamlined or user-friendly than the old one. Show audio should be front and center. - Gone are the show summaries that were available without having to start listening to an archived hour, which isn't helpful if you've heard part of a show live and are trying to figure out where you left off. - The slider doesn't work well. It should be much easier to fast forward to where you left off live if you're returning to part of an hour. - I suspect this is a data hog. I've never gone over data until last month, and the only difference is this app. I listened to the old app daily for years without ever busting data.
  • Horrible App - Rush is Great 1/5

    By Rookiesdad 2
    24/7 subscriber for years. Loved the old app but the new one is Truelove a step back in time. Splash screen often freezes and can’t listen. Really hard to find the podcast especially while trying to drive and a real data hog. When I am able to listen to podcast and not ditto am I use much more data than I used to. I greet off work at 5pm and looked forward to hearing the days show on the way home. Now it’s not even loaded until that night or next morning. Sliders often don’t work. Love you Rush but your app is a great disappointment. Rookiesdad
  • Love the radio show hate the app. Fire these people and hire a new app designer. 1/5

    By Liberty_for_all
    This app is almost as bad as the previous version. The audio controls do not work properly, there are no fast forward or rewind buttons and no advance or rewind by 10 sec. why can I not adjust the playback speed. I am a busy professional and do not want to waste time listening st 1x speed. Please slow me to adjust playback speed. Moreover, the time line in the audio is screwed up once you touch it. Sliding the audio timeline will not work half the time. This is not an app that the best radio guy in the country deserves. Rush please hire a new group to make you the app you and your listeners deserve.
  • Fun while it it doesn't load 1/5

    Worked for a while. Now it doesn't load anymore. Tried uninstalling, restarting...nothing works. iPad 4
  • App simply won’t work 1/5

    By Angainor
    I’m at the point now where the app simply won’t load anymore. It gets 75-90% through the load screen and stops and then eventually crashes. Over and over and over again. This app may be prettier (to some) than the last app, but at least the old app worked every time. I’ve tried reinstalling, using only cellular, using only WiFi, and nothing works now on my iPhone X. Now I can no longer listen to Rush via the app. Who built this app? The Federal Government?
  • App won’t move past the loading screen 1/5

    By Sherrystofle
    Love Rush. Been listening since 1991. Loved the old app. This one frustrates me. Cannot fast forward to where I left off and today the app won’t load beyond the opening page. Stays stuck on fetching excellence. All my other apps and podcasts work so I know it is not my phone that is the problem.
  • Crashes too much 2/5

    By Kojakius
    Crashed while playing. Search option doesn’t work. Dittocam and audio archive must be scrolled through manually to find ANYTHING
  • I expected better 1/5

    By Bereanone
    Rush is such an Apple fan, I am simply stunned by the poor quality of this App. In my wildest dreams I would NEVER have expected Rush to settle for an app that does not take advantage of the iPad. I went looking for one but so far, nothing. REALLY Rush??? You have got to be kidding me. And the quality of this one is very ho hum.
  • Liked old app 1/5

    By JDeMarco
    Sorry Rush but the new app is not great. Very cluttered and hard to find the audio. No fast forward or rewind for the audio which is very important. It is nice to look at but I liked the menu on the old app.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Bill525
    Much easier to listen on iHeart radio. This app is just a jumbled bunch of prompts asking for subscribers.
  • Why can’t I download the show as a podcast!?? 1/5

    I loved it when I could listen when I had time but now it’s eating up my data so I can only listen when I’m on WiFi. Please make it so we can download the show to our iPhones and listen as a podcast. I don’t want to pay for 24/7 AND pay so much extra to use the cellular data!
  • Not nearly as good as prior version 1/5

    By 256853257agu34
    Listening to the show is the main reason I pay for this. And I used to be able to reverse it to hear good points I’d partially missed. The new slider bar is less than worthless. It rejoins the show wherever it wants to; not where the user slides it. So frustrating.
  • Renewed but still locked out 4/5

    By frustud
    Update remains glitchy. I renewed my subscription and got a receipt. The app still asks me to renew. Please fix.
  • Great show, great content, but the new app is a cellular data pig!!! 1/5

    By Mr. Harrier
    I used the old Rush 24/7 app every day for four or five years and listened to nearly eight hours is content a week using streaming while walking at lunch, driving home each day, and walking the dog at night. There was never a problem with the old app being a data pig. With the content rich new app (which is great for WiFi ONLY), I blew my cellular data plan apart just three days into the new billing cycle by merely launching the app at lunch, and then again when leaving the office. I had to buy 3 extra GB of data then skimp for the rest of the month to keep from getting hammered on my data charges. They block access to Rush where I work, so I can’t preload the content before leaving the office. Am a 24/7 Lifer (I’ll keep my subscription), but I’ve deleted it for the second time now and will never use the app on cellular data until they figure out how to be efficient for users that are primarily streaming users.
  • Audio 4/5

    By ConsultDavidW
    I prefer being able to listen to each individually- thanks for putting that in the On Demand section.
  • Works well now 4/5

    By gergleason
    Update. Works well now. I'm happy App crashes before I can play audio on my iPhone 5. App was good before last update. My subscription has no value now. I'm not happy
  • Love El Rushbo 3/5

    By Hawkdoc82
    This app looks great but has started crashing.
  • So sorry I updated 1/5

    By mpudi
    What used to be a simple app has turned into an app that won’t load and won’t open. FIX THIS THING... UPDATE: for some reason the app loads and opens today. I retract my previous rating...
  • Needs lots of improvement 1/5

    By Cashtalks
    Have been a Rush 24x7 member for 10 years and may stop. Cannot do anything else while using the ap. Can’t turn off the screen and continue to listen. Horrible. Many times I cannot listen until 1 and used to be able to just go to the first hour and start there. No more. Now the podcasts are not even up until 30 to 60 minutes after the show ends. And the music between segments is horrible. Sounds like a high school marching band. I expect so much more.
  • Not working Feb 8, 2018 2/5

    By Arkansas Grandma
    Update 02/09/18: app runs on all devices today. Not perfectly but better. Changed from 1 to 2 stars. Starting in January we could listen live. It has been a bit of a challenge to listen to the show later in the day since January. Starting today it is a total "no go" on 4 iOs devices. We have two iPhones and one iPad running the latest iOs 11.2.5 and an older iPad running 9.3.5. All could at least run the app until today. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling multiple times. Tried turning off WiFi and only running with cellular data. Nothing has worked. At least our Mac computers can log onto his website and access content. Hope the app gets fixed soon.

Rush Limbaugh app comments


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