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Rush Limbaugh App

Exclusively from the EIB Network! Get the Rush iOS App and enjoy these great features: Transcripts: Full records of Rush's segments. Stations: A list of local radio stations where you can tune in to America's Anchorman all across the fruited plain. Save Your Favorites! Busy Now? Read it Later! Bookmark content to save it to your personal list. Never Miss my Live Show again! Notifications for live shows and new content Airplay / Casting: Stream any video content to your TV or device! Podcast Episodes: Stream your favorite episodes and segments on demand, or download to your device to listen offline! Now you can subscribe to Rush 24/7 right through your iTunes Account on your Apple device! If this is your first time signing up, your first month is free! Rush 24/7 members enjoy all of the above features plus exclusive premium access: The Dittocam: Peek into Rush's studio and watch him broadcast from behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Show Audio: Listen to the full show or hour-by-hour. Morning Update Video: Watch Rush deliver his pithy, minute-long updates in high quality, crystal clear video. Rush's Broadcast When YOU Want to Hear it: If you miss Rush live, you can listen to the entire broadcast. Plus: The exclusive, super-secret e-mail address! Reach out to the Truth Detector with a few taps of your fingers. Note: Usage of the live stream and on-demand podcast on the cellular networks may result in additional data charges. Please check with your provider for more details. Rush 24/7 Membership is available at a monthly rate of $6.99 or a yearly rate of $49.99 which will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renew within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal settings by going to the Account Settings on your Apple device after publication. Any unused portion of your free trial period will be porfeited when you cancel your subscription. The 'first month free' promotion is only available on your first sign up through Apple iTunes.

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Rush Limbaugh app reviews

  • Current version practically unusable 2/5

    By Jasony3131
    Old version worked great. The new one (for iOS13) is terrible. Spinning beach balls, slow or no loading, erases my downloaded podcasts, will only let me ffwd once before it beachballs out (while still playing the audio), doesn’t remember where I left off on a podcast, crashes, unresponsive buttons, doesn’t play well with CarPlay. On and on. I really wish I hadn’t upgraded. Devs, please fix!
  • Developers.....what am I missing? 2/5

    By wertygdkb
    I have an iPhone 10 and I have to stay “in/on the app” to listen to the Dittocam. If I go to any other app while it is playing it stops. I can’t listen while driving if I have Waze on. It stops the show if I scroll down while still in the Rush app. This can’t be. What am I missing? I find it hard to believe that I can’t listen and use other functions on my iPhone at the same time.
  • i phone app 5/5

    By gmtehuusdh
    best app in the app store
  • Add Pause & Resume! 1/5

    By rod.musselman
    Pause button doesn’t work! Closing the app means forfeiting your previous listening! Guess where you were or start over within the segment or from the beginning of the day if you weren’t paying attention. Amazon Audible app keeps track of where you were & allows return to that spot regardless! Developers, please take a lesson! Resume to the portion of the segment being last plshoikd be BOTH instantaneous & automatic! Excellent content & mediocre delivery...,
  • Total garbage 1/5

    By Fixerupperfan
    The corpulent narcissist builds an internet black hole to his voracious ego. Don’t waste your time
  • App is great - only one thing 5/5

    By _lex1028
    This app feedback only (because Rush executes his radio skills flawlessly, as we all know) that said... whenever apple does an update it can mess with the app. The app sometimes won’t roll to hour 2 or 3 automatically... and when a new update comes, when you’re playing a show (without video so you can close your screen), you won’t see it come up on your screen. You have to go back in your phone to hit pause or play. When I play it in my car, I also don’t see “Rush Limbaugh” on my car screen like I would a song. I’m speaking from a subscriber point of view as I’m not sure those who aren’t would have similar issues. Hope you get the feedback! Mega dittos Rush!
  • TJG is right 4/5

    By bholm99
    “Ditto” to TJG. I have the same issues to the letter. I’m forced to turn off my phone Bluetooth connection to my car and listen through an earbud. I have no such issues with the app from The Teaching Company.
  • There is a podcast workaround! 1/5

    By joshwinickname
    I was disappointed by the Rush Limbaugh app's podcast features, but found a great workaround. It seems to have a half dozen problems on iPhone. It'll refuse to play sometimes, it'll refuse to show you where it is on what it is playing (constant spinney wheel), it won’t update the list of casts without force closing and re-opening, the "swipe down refresh" doesn't seem to do anything that is common in all apps. However I found a great workaround. Log into your Rush 24x7 on a computer, then go to the podcasts section, at the top of that there's a link to simply add the podcast to iTunes. Copy that link, and email it to yourself, then on your phone add that link to your clipboard and download overcast, in overcast (one of the most popular podcast apps, add it manually using the link and it will ask you for your Rush 24x7 login. Once you are done doing that you are all set and can use overcast for the podcasts!
  • Horrible. So hard to listen 1/5

    By Dennis_the_menace
    Whenever you lose connection. Get a call or pause you can’t come back to the spot you left. Just took me 15 minutes to find the spot I was disconnected. Absolutely pia. Poor developers , must be using the beginner sw team or interns because a sw engineer worth anything wouldn’t write such crap. Ah. Happened again on the music commercial - can’t fast forward can move the slider. FFS Can’t even enjoy the show with this app
  • Great when works. Barely ever works 2/5

    By cyclops3590
    Where do I start. It’s like it gets worse with every version. I now have to restart my phone to get the app to work. Everything updated. Playback isn’t fixed so that I can actually listen to the show I’m cancelling my subscription. Why pay for it if I can’t even listen. If it wasn’t rush I would’ve cancelled long ago.
  • App no longer works in “Control Center “ with iPhone X 4/5

    By Scott787
    Any assistance with this would be helpful.
  • Used to work great 1/5

    By Bill F29
    The last month or so the podcasts have been messed up. Sometimes they're posted for the wrong day. Sometimes an hour is repeated instead of the hour it's supposed to be. Sometimes the podcasts aren't even posted until the next day. Used to work great but now it's just aggravating.
  • Great Content, App is Buggy 4/5

    By SweatyRedBeard
    Love the show. Sometimes have issues getting the podcasts to work properly though, and it’s a bit annoying that in order to listen to downloaded podcasts, I have to wait for the podcast page to load first. Depending on my signal, it can be challenging getting to my downloaded episodes
  • Podcast blues 2/5

    By Cglabcdtnff
    Podcast won’t update
  • Love Rush, Hate the app. It went blank today...HELP!!! 1/5

    By Rossi42
    See above.
  • Audio 3/5

    By Texas Quilter
    Apple has screwed up Notifications and your Apo audio is horrible.
  • Keep up the good work. 5/5

    By Phoenix12345
    I’ve been a subscriber for several years and rely on this app 100% like many who work and are unable to listen live. Nothing is perfect and perhaps the whiners should themselves create a better one and maybe he’d buy it from you. Or maybe it’s just easier to UNCONTRUCTIONALLY whine and complain like the liberals do. Yes we pay a lot, yes our expectations are high... remember it’s not always WHAT we say.. it’s HOW we say it. Otherwise we look like THEM. Perhaps, Maybe... you are. Anyway Rush, I appreciate the app and understand that updates and customers as well can be challenging. We know your working hard on these and know YOU want the best platform you can.
  • Will not play will not update 2/5

    By zxcuhtun
    App usually doesn’t work when downloaded. At least one of three segments don’t play, usually more. Have to download, no coverage. Finding daily podcast is hard. Usually choose one from last week. Have not been able to upgrade . Don’t see anything re rush’s instruction in App Store My updates are current per settings This morning none of Thursday podcast would play
  • Stops when I get a call and then spinning! 4/5

    By Lum corn
    Love the app but when I’m playing it in my car and get a call I can’t get my place back. I like to listen later in the day so when I’m listening to “hour 1” or the other hours in my car and I get a call it won’t come back on when I hang up. Just spins and spins and I have to start over and try to find my place again. Pretty dangerous during a commute. Also, when I fire it up on CarPlay it often starts My music and the system is confused about what to play. Super annoying. Love the content. Love Rush. But these are annoying and potentially dangerous glitches.
  • Not a fan of the new app 1/5

    By bakedude
    I like the old app as it was easier to navigate and find what I am looking for unlike the new app. To me, the new Rush 24/7 app is a very poor app. I like the old Rush 24/7 app so much more because it is very user-friendly. The menu was easy to understand and I could always find what I needed. Either make the new app easier to navigate like the old one, or bring back the old one back! I instead use the podcast app that came with my iPod for the Rush Limbaugh podcasts. I get hours 1, 2, & 3 and the morning update with no hassle like people get with the new 24/7 Rush Limbaugh app. I don’t like how the new app plays the podcasts. I listen to the podcasts when I go to bed and don’t like the screen lit up while it is playing. If I turn off the screen, then the podcast stops playing. I don’t get that hassle with the iPod podcast app. At least I can turn off the display, hook up my headphones, and play hours 1, 2, & 3 in the dark as I go to sleep listening to the podcasts play. So much better than hassling with the new Rush 24/7 app!
  • Same story as the previous reviewer! 4/5

    By GAmomma631
    I love Rush and the app for the most part... but I have the same issue whenever I get a phone call or interruption. It’s irritating. Seems like something that could be fixed. Especially with Rush's “tech savvy-ness”!
  • Top notch and a favorite 5/5

    By Still a big believer fan
    Wouldn’t know what to do without this app. Loaded with truth and facts. You can listen to past episode while you exercise and can share with anyone your finding. Everything Rush does is top notch and above everyone else. That’s why he’s the king of talk radio.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Clld48
    Every few months I open the Rush Limbaugh app because Rush keeps touting it as the best possible app ever. Every time I open it, (on a fully updated iPad Pro) I find nothing good and frustrating user experience. Today I opened the app and the app lands on the ditto cam - no visible controls to get out of this or go to a menu. Minutes later, I find podcast directory and think - yea, this is what I need the app for - only to find that the most recent podcast available is one week ago! If you can’t make the podcasts readily available, what is the point? If I could give no stars, I would because this app is worthless to me. I suggested this before- make an app dedicated to subscribers for podcasts only - please! Meanwhile I will download the podcasts the old fashioned, reliable way with an RSS feed. Just wish Rush would stop saying this app is so wonderful - it isn’t and nit worth the time or space.
  • Yay - the issue is fixed!! 5/5

    By Supersonicpuppy
    This app works so much better now that it has been updated! THANK YOU!! You are able to download episodes and listen live. Easy to navigate as well.
  • Some things fixed. New things broken 3/5

    By Aerial Vision Productions
    Running the latest update that just came out September 2019. Finally the media player works on the home screen for pausing. However, now the podcast streaming no longer remembers the spot you left off. This was not an issue before, but now I've seen it several times where it shows I haven't listened to something that I did listen to.
  • Using app via Bluetooth in the car 4/5

    By TJG.
    The app is very good overall, but one thing that could be fixed is while listening to the recap of Hour 1, 2, 3 on the way home while I’m in the car while hooked up to my car via direct iPod plug-in or via Bluetooth, I sometimes lose the spot where I left off when I happen to get a phone call while in the middle of listening. After the phone call, the Bluetooth or Direct iPod connection in the car should continue where I left off of the Rush Limbaugh Show, but a lot of times it will either continue to play in the background and I have to rewind back to where I left off before the call or the show will just spin in the area where the play and pause button is without playing, which forces me to ‘x’ out and start hour 1, 2, 3 over again. Also, sometimes when I’m playing the show on my iPhone as I’m walking to my car, I then plug-in the iPod charging cord to play through my car speakers, but instead of the Rush show playing once I plug-in, my iPod connection in the car automatically starts playing songs from my iPod music playlist instead of the Rush show — and that is frustrating because I have to pause or stop my iPod until the Rush show starts playing through my car speakers. Other then that, AllGood.
  • It’s ok but needs work 3/5

    By Jazzersize61
    I downloaded podcast so it will play in the non connected area to cell service, but it checks into the server before it will play the next segment. I have to close the app or wait till I come down out of the hills and get cell service again. They should fix this so we can keep listening to it even when we do not have data service in the mountains. That’s why I gave it 3 stars.
  • Love the content but the app still needs work 4/5

    By PAC852497538063
    The iPad app still is a frustrating experience if you use it on landscape mode. For some inane reason it only works properly if you hold your device in portrait mode. This can be quite annoying. Also many times if you try to play audio bites you get what the developer probably thinks is a clever message saying “I’m 99% sure something went wrong”. This is a takeaway from one of Rushes sayings. It may be cute but what the heck is the issue and why do we keep seeing that message? The devs need to actually debug this app on the iPad a little more. They’ve had years to get it right and it should be much better by now. But I still love Rush do his app will always be 4 stars even if it didn’t work at all because Rush is one of the lone voices trying to keep this country great. 🙂
  • Hands down best designed media related app 5/5

    By Jim from Wellesley
    And the content/host ain’t too bad either.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By Spudy Bug
    Nothing compares to you.
  • Rush Rocks 5/5

    By Truth Moose
    I enjoy the app and I love listening to America’s truth detector, Rush Limbaugh! I bought the Rush 24/7. It’s a great value. No more fake news!
  • Now playing date 5/5

    By Squintin Clinton
    Loving the new update, but as I listen today (09/18/19) why does it display “Now Playing” Nov 08, 2012.
  • Update 5/5

    By Ciwoksor
    Tried to update. Will not load
  • Not Excellent 2/5

    When I use this app, I am frustrated by the steps I have to go through to listen to a previous broadcast. The interface is not user friendly. I have hundreds of apps, and this is one of the most irritating. Sometimes “less is more” applies, and this is one of those times.
  • Finally a working update 5/5

    By JSmoe
    New update for September 2019 finally brings the app back to the same great working conditions as it was when I first subscribed. Today it worked flawlessly when switching between listening options, getting in and out of my car for instance. We will see how it works when iOS 13 drops Thursday and we update. Thanks for the update, I was about to cancel my renewal this week.
  • App fixed!! 5/5

    By derrickvoss
    The auto play feature is finally working properly! Everything is good now with the latest update! Thank you!!
  • App Not Being Recognized as an Audio Player 2/5

    By CCorson214
    Another user got it right. Ever since the iOS update to 12.x it’s like the app is not being treated as an audio player. Before the iOS update, the app would be recognized and would automatically advance to the next hour. My vehicle would display the title and information. Now, iTunes wants to override the app. I will start playing the particular hour and start my car. The car will then cancel out the app and play my music. When I go to switch back, I get the “spiral of death” and need to reload the app. Also, as I am driving, when the hour ends, you have to open the phone and the app in order to advance to the next hour. Very dangerous while driving. It’s really a shame because everything was perfect for my purposes, but now it’s like switching CDs. Annoying. El Rushbo, you are a techie. Kindly put people on this.
  • Embarrassing 1/5

    By cptnapples
    You charge money for a subscription in a completely broken app. ANRs are constant. Crashes. Things barely ever load the first attempt. WiFi/LTE both affected. This app is trash and reasons like this make people like me debate cancelling altogether. Back to mark levin for free with a fully functioning podcast player (it’s hard is it, guys?) Update: Now the app uses gigbabytes of data despite downloading podcasts on WiFi. Ran my data plan over for the month in a week! Great job dev team!
  • Cannot be canceled! 1/5

    By Ladyetex
    I was not using the app and after being charged the first full month, I was told it was canceled but then come the first of September there is yet another charge to my Apple account. Apple will not refund the money because they have already collected their money and don't care whether or not I had previously canceled. Be very careful before you decide you want this app!!!
  • Can’t play it through you car stereo 2/5

    By Carl Donoho
    It’s not bad for watching the live dittocam, but it you want to play it through your car speakers forget it. I connect my iPhone with USB. I can play Hannity, Bongino, Levin - no problem. Rush? Nope.
  • Phone call recovery 4/5

    By oldschool 1970
    Has a hard time recovering from a phone call. When I end the call it should go right back to playing but it can take several minutes to buffer and start playing again.
  • Love but... 4/5

    By GinaDet
    I love this app but there’s still some frustrations. Whenever it’s hooked up to the car Bluetooth it shuts off if you try to change the volume. It’s very touchy And has to be restarted a lot.When I click on one of the highlight videos especially if it’s fairly new it won’t play. Otherwise I love the content.
  • Cancel 1/5

    By Sullyandy12
    How do I cancel my subscription?
  • 167.76 is what I have paid for this app 1/5

    By RochelleS83
    I have been double billed for the monthly service for nearly an entire year! The only reason It hasn’t been an entire year is the three months I cancelled my service AND had to cancel my credit card. Super disappointed!!! I love your soul Rush but I simply can’t afford to stick around. Not to mention I can listen for free.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Smitty7456
    Love rush, Hate the App. Too much trouble !
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Txipadguy
    What a huge disappointment
  • Needs work bad 1/5

    By Longhornssuck
    Who are the incompetent people doing this app? Besides all of the other problems that haven’t been fixed, now I go to listen to the third hour of August 20, 2019 and it’s the wrong playback. He’s talking about Smollet and Chicago. I think it might be from August 20, 2018. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Rush must not take time out of his busy day to check on an app with his name on it to make sure it’s being done right. Can’t believe I spent money on this app. When I’m listening to the podcast on the phone and it rings, I have to quit the app completely and restart it even if I don’t answer the call. I have to close and restart the app if I’m using a Bluetooth device and the device disconnects. These are major issues that need to be fixed. Having to close and restart the app is unacceptable. I’ve used free apps before that don’t have these problems but I paid a lot for this one. One plus so far is the podcast does restart where it was when I restart the app.
  • Limited audio access 2/5

    By Kimburs
    There is no access to audio functions when the iPhone is in locked screen mode. It is very inconvenient to have to open the phone to fast-forward/start/stop either podcasts or other audio. Contacted Customer Service, was told they’re aware of the issue but have no timetable for correcting it...
  • Podcast Feature Doesn’t Work 2/5

    I signed up a month ago. I can listen and watch the “latest dittocam”. Frustratingly, I cannot access the podcasts (Hour X, Morning Update, etc.) from my iPhone or iPad. I opened a ticket and have had some slow communication back and forth. It appears that the podcast functionality is completely broken and tech support seems at a loss. When I hit “play” on a podcast, it just shows an endless loading circle. It never plays. I’ve reinstalled the app (both iPad and iPhone), cleared safari cache (per tech support), it still doesn’t work. I’ll probably cancel after my first month. The website podcast streaming works, but the site doesn’t work well on mobile. The app kind of works but fails in the podcast department. Too frustrating and YouTube already has his shows online after broadcast.

Rush Limbaugh app comments

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