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RushCard App

Check your balance, view transactions and transfer money with the RushCard app. It’s free, secure and makes it simple to manage your money from anywhere! We know our members are never standing still, so we put the control squarely in your hands. • Check your balance • View transactions • Transfer funds • Cash checks • Pause new purchases SAFE AND SECURE • Log in securely with the same Username and Password you use on, passcode or fingerprint that you set up. Use your RushCard everywhere Visa is accepted. Load cash at thousands of retail locations, or cash checks directly from your phone. Access your hard-earned cash when you need it. Withdraw money at thousands of fee-free in-network ATMs nationwide. We are always here to help. Day or night, contact RushCard Member Service via phone or email whenever you need us. Don’t have a RushCard? Apply for one today at

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  • Can’t load check 1/5

    By chrisp21*
    I have been with rush card for over ten years and I’ve never had a problem till last 5 months. I have not been able to load my check through the app. When I press to load check, it says error your time had expired log out and log back in. I have uninstalled app and installed app many times and still the same problem. I have emailed them and I get the run around. Now when I call it an automated service. Sorry to say but I may have to switch companies. If anyone has any answers please let me know.

    By NathanIsaiah
    The whole TWO account types they offer are a rip-off. You can choose between a per-purchase fee, or a monthly fee, which is almost $7, or $5.95 with direct deposit. You will not have a REAL account and routing number, so it is not compatible with anything that asks for bank info. It is considered a prepaid card, which means anything that needs to pre-authorize will also reject your account. You will receive a super basic stone-age card (no chip, design is gaudy and ugly), and I suggest taking care of it. Not only is it quite flimsy and clearly printed off a cheap embossing machine, but if you LOSE that card, youre screwed. You will have to order a new one, which you will get free of charge. But as soon as you activate it and load money, you get charged another $5 activation fee. You will be completely, tried and true, 100% unable to have access to your funds until your new card arrives in 7 business days, unless you authorize a $30 fee to the funds you cant use, for expedited 3-day shipping. Last but not least, the fee-free ATMs are few and far between, and the mobile check-cashing service is always broken. If youve got least be it half a brain, find a better banking service.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

  • I like Rushcard 5/5

    Many other online banks do charge for things without sliiping charges in..Been with them since last 4 + yrs..Very happy..
  • RushCard=ProblemsALLtheTime 1/5

    By IneedMyMoneyplz
    RushCard has caused me heartache and pain with its outrageous policies and their representatives have been so disrespectful to me since having to deal with them on and off since 2012. They are thieves and crooked people. I have been evicted out my apartment because of RushCard HOLDING MY FUNDS. All because I moved and changed my address. One representative called me the “N” word. And if anything happens You can’t sue them at all!!! Be careful dealing with RushCard. Smh I’m in tears.
  • Worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By Jae Ellz
    Don’t get them. They’ve been stealing money out their customers accounts.
  • RushCard 5/5

    By SmlSissy
    I really got to say I’ve been a loyal customer of RushCard. They take your account very seriously and with all the bad things that are going on today. You need protection I just recently got locked out of my account. And requested a email change and phone number change. They only will take your information via fax. And I find that very secure. Thanks so much RudhCard for being my go to bank.
  • NO GOOD 1/5

    I got a card with them back in 2017-2018 and I stopped using this card for a little over a year then I goes back to use it loading money on it and I had forgot my PIN and I call them to speak to a representative and I couldn’t remember the number I had on the account because I had went through several numbers by then so they asked me to fax proof of my identity and proof of my new address and I did just that and every time I chat with someone they keep tell me give it 2 days it almost a month now and they still telling me to give it 1-2 days so I have to get a lawyer now I always keep a copy of every chat and email
  • Please Fix 3/5

    By JEBronx2019
    For the past 3 to 4 months I have not been able to load a check on to RushCard with the app. It says session ended please login in again. This happens every single time. Please fix this if possible 😫😩 Other than this I have been with RushCard for years and I love it 🥰
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Raillan
    I try my hardest to not to have to call them because their customer service is awful. First of all, I have to struggle to understand what they’re saying . I’ve been a member for 15 years and every time I log in on my work computer and my phone I have to wait for you to text me an authentication code so I can confirm I am who I am even though I entered my user name and password. And, if I mistype my password one time, I’m immediately blocked for too many failed times!
  • Worst prepaid card ever 1/5

    By starr2hott
    I wish I didn’t have to give this one star... I had the worst experience ever with RushCard I been with this company for years and I literally had to close my account just to retrieve my remaining balance in my account because they refuse to send me a new debit card. Customer service is very rude and not polite at all... they treat you like your money is coming out of their paycheck so they decide when you will receive your funds or new debit card... I decided to take my money over to chime hopefully I’ll have a better experience. I would not recommend rushcard to anyone. I will never open another account with them the card and system is trash now. I’ll be glad when they fade the whole company out no wonder they always getting sued. Save your time and a headache and bank somewhere else. You have been warned!
  • RushCard 1/5

    By (xrocx)
    Been a member since 2004 and I’m very disappointed app has not worked in months never received any new offers or promotions
  • I put one star but RushCard Put 3 1/5

    By Ms.Nisha
    Lies RushCard tells. I for sure put one star and when I put post it put 3 stars. Wow ok
  • Battery Hog? 2/5

    By Ninotchka39
    I could be wrong, but it seems like this App is sucking up all my juice on iPhone. I just uninstalled and I can tell the difference already. Aside from that, it is very limited compared to using the website.
  • RushCard 5/5

    By Ksmooth50
    I’ve been with RushCard since 2011 and I love there service. Would recommend to anyone.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By shanterio
    I like it cuz I get it my money 2 days early but I don’t like how I can’t get to a live agent and I don’t like that they were is no bank to go to, to withdraw from plus I hate the fees
  • It’s good 4/5

    By Antoinette1121
    I’ve been with RushCard since 2011 and we use to get the funds back after 10 transactions but now we don’t. Who love to have that feature back.

    By sjdbduebfb
    Unprofessional and scammers . DO NOT GET RUSHCARD PERIOD! THEY JUST TOOK 460 PUT MY ACCOUNT
  • 5 years 4/5

    By Lovelykay2
    Been with Rush almost 6 years & I love getting paid early. Had one incident with my money being taken without my permission once. Other that that everything is cool
  • Happy customer here 5/5

    By jen lin 😉
    I’ve been with Rush for many years and no major problems. Getting my paycheck deposited a couple days earlier helps me get a head start on paying bills. I also like that I don’t have to worry about NSF’s or fees. With the amount of direct deposit and number of transactions I do each month, I would like to see my monthly fee disappear if I meet an industry standard minimum threshold. Overall, I’m happy with Rush and I do recommend it to my friends, family and co-workers.
  • Bad customer service bad company 1/5

    By deshaa'
    Do Not Get A Rush Card. They Full Of Bs. I’ve been with them 7yrs and I did a dispute in sept now it’s oct yet to receive my new card and they were supposed to expedite my money thru money gram saying I have to wait within 6 business hours to get a reference number THEY LIED. Talked to numerous of supervisors and they supervisors and no one can help they don’t know nothing. I’ve been on hold for hours just for them to say the corporate office that approves the express pay is closed and I’ll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday is straight bullshi. This the last time for me using trash card.
  • Rush great 5/5

    By Boosgirl#1
    I love the convenience of early payday
  • Ingo check load not working through app... 3/5

    By L_Free
    Not sure why you guys haven’t update ingo check load. It’s not allowing ingo to open up in app giving a invalid session warning with a code (A94)
  • Can’t load a check 1/5

    By hdbd dod djd
    Used to work fine but now it says “session invalid. Please log in and try again”
  • Worst service I’ve ever used 1/5

    By BoHeMiaNLizard
    They literally stole $200 from me through moneypak when I tried to deposit cash into my account. The customer service agents don’t speak English and were of NO HELP AT ALL. I called for a refund, they issued me a refund confirmation # and told me it would take up to two weeks to come through the mail. It’s been 4 months since and I haven’t received a single cent. Furthermore, when I tried to contact RushCard they sent me to greendot, and greendot had no idea who I was since I never used them in the first place. I feel helpless and it’s companies like these who make things harder for the same people they claim to be helping. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made by getting this card.
  • Check upload not working 1/5

    By Yannii♑️💋
    What’s the point of having a “check upload” option on the app if it doesn’t even work . This is so annoying. Then keep sending promo emails for something that doesn’t even work . Smh!
  • I’ve been with RushCard since 2010 5/5

    By juammkj
    I’ve been a RushCard membership since 2010, and I’m still with RushCard up to now, and I didn’t have no issues with this company! I get my income within 2days every time I get Direct Deposit and I haven’t got no problem with this company! I would refer my friends to sign up with this company! Thank You RushCard for being a great bank account Toward me! That you again...
  • Useless card 1/5

    By Jerome Zachery
    This rush card lies. You don’t get paid 2days early. You can’t get no customer service.. this card program is not reliable. Please don’t waste you Time an waste the money they do take for using the card
  • Bye bye 1/5

    By Jakahra
    I have had a rush card for a few years now. I can no longer load checks continuously get an error message that know one knows what to do about. My payday is Thursday’s I normally get pay out on Tuesdays and recently on my actual payday and still have not received my deposit. To call customer service and get a person who English is not there first language and frustrates me to the fullest. I am going to cancel my card and just let my money deposit into a bank that can answer my questions or yet I am more comfortable knowing my money is there.
  • 2006 5/5

    By Favored Blessed victory
    Been with very long time. Satisfied
  • 👎🏽 1/5

    By lucylulu2u
    Trying to recover my account. I have to request a validation code to be sent to my email, it expires after 5 min. I don’t get the email sent back til after 5 min 🤣 Did this a couple of times til I exceeded the max number of attempts. Once you do that they give you a number to call “immediately” well I did that and there are no prompts to speak with a live person nor could I recover my account. So I got the card only for it not to be used. Lol!
  • Excellent card 5/5

    By toyato12you
    I have had this card for 10+ years and love it I think it’s the best prepaid card out there haven’t had any issues since I got it and I use it for everything
  • Thieves 1/5

    By iamsolo21
    They’re thieves and liars. I have been wait for a card replacement for over a month after being told it was sent off after my fraud claim they then blocked me from calling so I just cancelled the account I hate liars
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By A M Young
    I’ve been use Rush for years and never had any issues. It’s great. I recommend everyone should have one.
  • Mad as hell 1/5

    By this is some bull sh?$
    I’ve been trying to load checks to Indigo for the past month. It saying log in again. So I called RushCard and also Indigo to have this problem resolved. Not w a month later still having the same problem 🤬🤬🤬🤬!!!!
  • Need help 2/5

    By fosterfab5
    The app isn’t letting me log in. I’ve typed the correct password. It keeps saying verify email. When I’ve already done that.
  • Rush card is very sad 1/5

    By nikkifoster1976
    They have a history of losing people’s money or not knowing where it is. And unfortunately I have become a victim of this.
  • Crashed app 3/5

    By Jariese
    This app crashed at a very bad time....while I was trying to use it!
  • ATM fees 1/5

    By coleeoni
    I live in a city where the atm does not recognize rush card where there is no fee so I get stuck at using an out of network atm rush fees plus atm fees costing me $5 per transaction
  • Never get a rush card 1/5

    By chaebbydoll
    I’ve been with rushcard 12 years and I lost my card not only did they give me a hard time changing my address but it’s been 12 business day 2 weeks to recieve a card that never came I end up having to pay $35 for 2 days shipping after waiting for my card for 2 weeks and this how they treat there customer of 12 years after I get my card I’m taking every dollar off and cutting the card into a million pieces if I ever recieve it. DONT GET A RUSHCARD!!!!!! They don’t deserve one star
  • False Advertising 2/5

    By Fchnkkb
    Rush card always says “fund your account” to win $1000. They are only trying to get you to fund your account so they can take from it monthly! Who really win those drawings?? The company itself?? Please explain. I’ve been with Rush card since 2011 and never won. Some loyalty to loyal customers.
  • Load check with indigo not working 5/5

    By tee44332211
    I have been trying to load my check since yesterday and all it keeps saying is for me to sign in again but I’m already signed in
  • App not working 1/5

    By Booksmartyshawty
    The app is not working with my print. So annoying!!!😡🤬😡
  • Dissatisfied Customer 4/5

    By Majestick's Queen
    The application started out great but over the years it has begun to fall off. You can’t get your notifications, it doesn’t update, it freezes frequently and it’s becoming a headache. Almost ready to give it up and go somewhere else!!!!!
  • This account isn’t worth it! 1/5

    By Shankisthename
    I will be discontinuing use of the Rushcard. I’m constantly getting charges for something, you get charged more to load your check than if you did it through Walmart. I will do all my banking through Capital One.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By angrynikka
    Direct deposit comes in at different times and i can’t load a check through the app when i call i get the runaround and nobody knows the problem worst customer service ever
  • Change email address 5/5

    By lol big gates
    How to change my email address
  • When is the app going to work again? 1/5

    By QueenRuby_
    When is the app going to work again!
  • Terrible just awful 1/5

    By LexussNexus
    The Ingo check cashing does not work it says invalid session. Sometimes your card will not work with cash in it because it is down for days at a time. Stay away!!! The customer service will give you run around and you won’t be able to access your hard earned money. If you have a card burn it. Don’t get card. Don’t get app.

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