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Ruzzle Adventure

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  • Current Version: 1.8.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MAG Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ruzzle Adventure App

* * * App Store Essential & Best Games of 2014 * * * Embark on a wondrous adventure and solve hundreds of mind boggling word puzzles. From the creators of Ruzzle, one of the most popular word games ever created, Ruzzle Adventure is a different interpretation of the original idea, challenging players in a single player journey through hundreds of levels. Can you escape the rising water, unlock the locked letters? Ruzzle Adventure offers the same signature finger-swiping mechanic as Ruzzle, but presents it in a whole new way. Every puzzle you encounter is unique. Explore the magical worlds and amazing landscapes as you advance further into the deep forests of Ruzzle Adventure, while at the same time practicing your vocabulary and spelling abilities. Ruzzle Adventure features: - Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master - Hundreds of mind boggling levels - Boosters to help with those challenging levels The game is completely free to play, but some things in the game may require payment. You can turn off the payment function by disabling Buy-in-app in your device settings. -- Ruzzle Adventure has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously. Join a global audience of more than 100 million players and check out some of our other chart-topping hit games like Ruzzle, Wordbrain or Wordalot! We really value your feedback, go to Ruzzle Adventure on Facebook and say what's on your mind! More about MAG Interactive on our webpage Good Times!

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Ruzzle Adventure app reviews

  • Unplayable Broken Game 1/5

    By Hahe314
    I don’t EVER go through the effort to rate a game but this is unacceptable. It froze on level 4 which is literally part of the tutorial. The bombs don’t work. I closed the app, made no difference. I deleted it, downloaded it again, and it froze on the menu and wouldn’t let me select a level. I closed it again and it let me select level 4 but it still wouldn’t let me progress through the tutorial stage. This game is broken. Don’t waste your time.
  • Where is the booster button on level 4? 1/5

    So I just downloaded the game and it tells me to “tap the booster button” but it’s no where on my screen. I tapped all the buttons but nothing happened....
  • Stuck 3/5

    By Chickwonderful
    It freezes on level 4 I try to tap the booster it does nothing fix this
  • Level four is not working 1/5

    By debbiemaye
    Something is wrong with level four. It doesn’t respond to anything. It says to select the booster at the bottom of the screen and nothing. This used to be a good game.
  • Mad 1/5

    By Honor_MyHandsome
    I cant click the booster icon therefore i cant play the game because it wont allow me to click on anything and so im stuck on the level ..
  • The last level doesn’t open 2/5

    By MonkeyChpp123
    I enjoyed most of the game, but one level won’t open and another can’t be finished. I reported it to the developers but got no response.
  • 4th Stage Frozen 1/5

    By A.Nony
    It wasn’t that fun on stages 1-3 and then it got stuck at the beginning of stage 4. Tried to give it a chance but it didn’t even seem that fun for the hassle.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By NicRL
    Can’t get pass the 4th stage. Bomb won’t detonate
  • What happened 1/5

    By sheighly
    Can’t even get by 4th level won’t jet he detonate the bomb used to be my favorite game
  • Fun for everyone 5/5

    By jennashley0789
    My children out score me. Great for all ages
  • Rip Off - Buyer Beware 1/5

    By Urban Casey
    Paid $1.99 for coins during game play and DID NOT receive them. Contacted the game developer and got NO RESPONSE and he/she kept my money.
  • Bug 1/5

    By gamerXLG
    I’m on the 4th stage and in the tutorial I tap the bomb button and nothing happens. It needs to be fixed.
  • Not fair 1/5

    By DanHan111
    This game is not much fun and very frustrating at times. There is a wheel you can spin every 14 hours or so for extra bonuses, but when it lands on a big payoff like 10K, it doesn’t pay out. The last island does not work at all. There are many better designed games out there.
  • Problems on lvl 4 1/5

    By AlonnaT
    When it ask to click the bomb power up nothing happens and you can’t play the lvl to move on in the game
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Tpdiadc
    Stuck at level four. Tells me to click the bomb to detonate but nothing happens!!! Annoyed
  • Broken 1/5

    By Partygyrl1963
    On level 76 and I make one move and the game shuts down and takes away a life.
  • Tutorial broken 1/5

    By cruzdarren
    Can't go past the 3rd stage of tutorial
  • Glitches ruin this game completely 1/5

    By Mfmise
    I want to love this game, and I would if it would let me progress through level four, but since it glitches even after deleting and reloading the app, I cannot play. I had this game on an older phone and remembered enjoying it up to a glitch much further along in the game. Somehow it’s gotten worse.
  • Fix level 4 2/5

    By Htkpop
    Can’t get past level 4 due to me not being able to click the booster button to make it go off during the walkthrough
  • No more levels? 1/5

    By Booooomerang
    Last several updates only “bug fixers”. Last level does not even work
  • Nope 2/5

    By angryatalienisland
    Nopr nopr nopr

    By Muzik Mami
    WHY DO YOU HAVE SUPPORT WHEN NO ONE ACKNOWLEDGES OUR CONCERNS! Can’t get passed the tutorial on 151. After reviewing other comments I noticed others are having the same issue. I will have to delete this app if the issue isn’t fixed. If fixed you get 5 stars from me.
  • Ugh ! 1/5

    By ctdabalue
    There must be a glitch in the system as I can’t get pass level 4 due to the bombs not activating once I press it
  • Most glitching I've ever seen 1/5

    By JudyPea08
    I loved this game. I invested so much of my money into this game until one day out of the blue it just started glitching. I would win a round & instead of moving me forward it would send me back to the round I just completed. The next game on the next island doesn't even start, my points keep fluctuating up & down. I'm over it.
  • I love the game but.... 2/5

    By Icec01d
    Level 76 restarts every time I make a word. So I’m stalemated!
  • Stuck 1/5

    By Shayates3
    I just downloaded the game and it gets stuck on level 4. It introduces the bomb and then when it highlights it, it doesn’t do anything when I press it. Deleting the game.
  • Pam the Pirate 1/5

    By Blank Blank Blank Blanks
    I’m so confused. On the Pam the Pirate level you are suppose to hit the pirate with bombs.....but there is no pirate!!!!!!!! I’ve played 100 times trying to guess where there is a pirate and of all the times I have never hit the pirate. FIX THIS NOW!!! EMAILING WONT HELP THEY NEVER ANSWER
  • Broken 1/5

    By Happy Momma 08
    So, the first twenty or thirty levels are easy/possible, but then chaos erupts. The final island doesn't work at all. Some levels are incredibly easy, except that you're not awarded 3 stars for finishing well under the allotted number of moves, even if only long, high-pointage words are used. Sometimes you're given 3 stars when you only finish the level by the skin of your teeth. Many other times, the levels are impossible without using helps (bombs, rearranging the board, swapping letters). The trouble is, the company charges for extra helps, unless you win some with a daily wheel spin. I have never spent money on helps, so I've gone weeks without being able to advance to the next level. The app also badly needs an undo button for accidental touches. And why do you only get a limited number of lives? I like that there's usually no time limit and that there are more tiles than regular Ruzzle, but sometimes the letters are so random that there is no possible way to solve the board within the moves limit without using extensive cheats/helps. No response from using the customer support link in the app. several times over a few months.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Aggie400
    Graphics after you complete a level go on for far too long. Just set up the next board, please.
  • FIX LEVEL 151 1/5

    By Tiffyness
    how was this put through testing and troubleshooting BEFORE it was released???
  • Ruzzle 5/5

    By u fart
  • Glitch on level 151 2/5

    By wagner232
    Love this game but I’m on the last island and level 151 has a glitch. I can not select the word. I even email to tried and get this resolved but no response. I usually don’t give a review but it would have five stars if I could move pass level 151.
  • Addictive! 5/5

    Hard to put down! I just want to keep moving up on the levels. I was helping my mom beat the levels on her IPad and decided I wanted to catch up with her....I'm on her heels! She's level 60 and I just added the game to my iPad I'm on level 25! I love this Ruzzle Adventure!
  • Fun Game but...... 2/5

    By byheniah
    Level 151 has a glitch, cannot select words. Unable to get past level 151. Please fix
  • Adventure 3/5

    By Zelove731
    This game is ok for now, I have just started playing. Once I get a bit more into the game I will update my review.
  • Fantastic game! 5/5

    By Jamco20
    I’m really enjoying this game. It’s very well done and helps exercise the brain. Great job!
  • Fun 5/5

    By Capeman919
    Makes you really think
  • Ads Ads & More Ads 1/5

    By KatrinatheKat
    Ads come up after every game
  • Special items gone 1/5

    By hamira
    The layout of the game is such that I have “accidentally” (accident for me, intentional by developers, I’m guessing) deployed all the bombs I’ve purchased. That special item button is placed where your thumb would naturally rest on the screen. So I accidentally brush against it all the time wasting my purchases. This would not happen if LIKE FOR EVERY OTHER GAME ON THE MARKET you had to confirm that you want to deploy the special item. As it is, any accidental tap and it’s gone. I’ve canceled in app purchases for this app specifically for that reason. Fix it.
  • Nice challenge but needs more instructions & levels 4/5

    By NWbound
    This game has right amount of challenge, reward-satisfaction, variety, and speed (“in your own time” for most phases). However, developers need to include more explanations. You definitely have to figure out the point system as you go. I’ve completed all available levels and scored 601/600 stars, but I still don’t understand the point system for those speed rounds (“climb out of the well” or stay out of the lava). And what is the “600” star goal for? Also, now waiting for more levels/scenes to be added, so I can continue playing. (I could try go back and get all the stars for each scene, but what for?) All in all, thanks for nice alternative to the original Ruzzle game; the speed and “players-waiting system” (felt like I always had appointments I needed to keep up with) wore me out!
  • The daily Spin The Wheel option is a fraud! 2/5

    By DoblerMeyer
    I just did the daily “Spin The Wheel!” thing that awards coins and power ups. Plain as day, that thing landed on $100k, but it awarded me a bomb Instead. One single bomb!! I’ve always liked this game, but that was pretty weak. Am I to assume that it’s actually impossible to win the huge prize, and it’s just there for show?!
  • No updates! 1/5

    By falkfamily
    They haven’t updated forever. I mean as much as you charge for everything. I mean it’s pitiful! Emailed company no response. Customer service. You make people pay for everything.
  • Loving it 5/5

    By Meanolelady166
    I love the game. The games are short but fun and challenging
  • Good game - poor language 4/5

    By JameskaW
    I really enjoy this game, but I would like it better without the curse words.
  • Rate 5/5

    By Harakiri85
    I like this game alot
  • Really fun; no ads! 5/5

    By Bumpkin2003
    I’m new to game apps and I’ve tried quite a few and they have all had constant ads which I found really frustrating. This one doesn’t and is super fun!
  • Used to like it 2/5

    By NicoleHNYC
    ... until I realized this app was responsible for the spam that was popping up when I used Safari. After much troubleshooting, I uninstalled it and the “you’re a winner” junk stopped and I was able to continue surfing the web.
  • Ruzzle 5/5

    By lamboots
    Love playing the game
  • coin loss annoying 2/5

    By how many?
    If I play while online most of my coins disappear for no reason, super lame! 👎😡😒

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