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Ruzzle App

Join over 70 million players and try Ruzzle - the fastest word game on the planet! - Top 10 word game in 145 countries - Over 70 million players - So addictive, it has been played for a total of 100,000 years - Now with Team Play! Ruzzle is a fast-paced and addictively fun word game. Challenge your friends or random players to find as many words as possible in two minutes. Swipe over the scrambled letters to form the words and use bonus tiles to collect more points than your opponent. The game is played in three rounds, each played whenever suits you. Have two minutes to spare? Challenge yourself and your friends in Ruzzle! Ruzzle can be played in 14 languages. -- Ruzzle has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously. Join a global audience of more than 100 million players and check out some of our other chart-topping hit games like WordBrain, Wordalot, or Ruzzle Adventure! We really value your feedback, go to RuzzleGame on Facebook and say what's on your mind! More about MAG Interactive at our homepage. Good Times!

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Ruzzle app reviews

  • Can’t go wrong 5/5

    By Gemmalan
    Great, fun game. Never any bugs/issues. Love it
  • Be show 5/5

    By bslim45
    Enjoy my down time from and just to relax. Great game.
  • They keep your $ 2/5

    By Casinopete
    Ruzzle was a great game, until they started messing with the formula. I purchased the game and have enjoyed it for years. I particularly liked the tournament which pits you against other players. Generally, I would watch their videos to get extra time and get an extra triple letter, then I’d score between 1,300 points and 2,000 or more points. And I wasn’t alone, and it was fun. But Ruzzle changed the formula (without a doubt)as I now struggle to get 800 points. Today’s example? A board of 16 letters had 12 vowels. Not sure if it’s greed or some other corporate decision but they’ll definitely be losing customers.
  • Keeping my mind sharp! 5/5

    By BigTiny❤️
    I love Ruzzle! I believe word games keep the mind sharp. The time allowed to play an opponent is perfect! I love the weekly tournaments, too! The only thing I would change is to make it easier to earn coins. Thanks for a great game!
  • Latest version 1/5

    You’ve taken all the fun out of this app. A grid with only one vowel? Seriously?
  • Ruzzle 3/5

    By judart
    What has happened to this game? I have played a long time and all of a sudden I am having a hard time scoring above 100. It has been weeks since I scored over 1000. Even using the bonus’s I score low. Not so much fun anymore. My level is in the 50’s. Could it be I’m getting games with only one vowel?
  • Super Fun 5/5

    By ToniMarie63
    Love the tournaments to gain levels & money to spend in the store. My favorite is playing with my regular acquaintances.
  • Always someone to play with 5/5

    By miabratgurl1962
    It’s my go to word game 😇
  • Tournament play is now rigged 1/5

    By nfarenga
    I have been playing Ruzzle for years. I paid years ago to upgrade to no ads because I love this game. I have played in tournaments for years and have always been in the top or at the top. For the last few weeks the boards I’ve been given have never had a word count over 150 and usually have under 100. I ALWAYS had a daily score of over 2000 easily and even over 3000. For weeks I have not been able to get a score over 1000. Maybe I got a 1200. To literally go from years of daily scores over 2000 to struggling board after board to get 1000 is obvious of something rigged. When I play my friends the boards have over 200 words but never in tournaments anymore. I can understand random boards with under 100 words but board after board. Over 50 in a row!!! That’s just ridiculous. This is quickly going from my favorite game to so frustrating I’m considering uninstalling.
  • Seniors mind sharpening tool 4/5

    By Yogadiet
    Fun Word Game but ads are long and super annoying
  • Greedy developers! 1/5

    By Arnold Rorschach
    All this annoyance for 6$. Why not just tell people what you’re doing?
  • Can’t even open app, it just crashes 4/5

    By Tykemom
    For over a month now the app is non-functional. It crashes upon opening it. Developers said they’d fix it, but nothing has happened. I’m switching to Boggle. Edit: latest update seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you!
  • Eh so so 2/5

    By nettenette31
    The game can be fun but it can also be trash. Playing against opponents is a good time yet can get boring seeing the same words over and over. Tournaments is fun until you get stuck in a time lapse of BS letters. Seriously. My whole bottom 2 rows were all A’s. Watch the videos or use your ink to get bonus letters and extra time and they give you the most BS combination possible. I went from scoring 3-5,000 on tournaments to quitting the game and closing the app unable to reach 200 even due to the constant repeat of the same letters. Getting sick of it.
  • Fun game! But... 3/5

    By Kiki010250
    Fun game that I love to play but sometimes, I play the same ole game like 4-5 times. Why is that? I want to play different games and won’t have to repeat!
  • Used to be great but no more 1/5

    By get it back 765389999
    I don’t know what they did to this app but it stinks now. You used to be able to compete without having to spend your coins but that’s over with. Lot fewer words in the puzzles. It’s definitely rigged.
  • Frustration 5/5

    By Geemamax4
    I used to consider this a 5 star game, but lately something has changed. I want some difficulty, but it is getting ridiculous. Even when I get a fair number of words, the point value is small. And I end up often with two or three rows of just consonants. Can’t make moves. Member of Mensa I am not. But, I used to score fairly high.
  • New update is horrible! 2/5

    By lbkay
    I have been addicted to this game for over 5 years. The update that was just done a few days ago has almost killed this game for me. In tournament play, most of the boards now have under 100 possible words. NO FUN being able to find so few words. The fun is in being able to seek out words, not sit frustrated because it is so limited. Bring back the old way!!! May be time to find a new game. 😢
  • Ruzzle review 5/5

    By dave scottie
    It’s lit frfr 🕺🏽 exercise the brain ✨
  • What happened 3/5

    By Ruzzler9010
    I have been playing this game a long time (level 60) but in the most recent update, I started getting these amazingly crappy boards in the tournament. I had a game that had only 28 words available, and only one vowel. Please fix!
  • Best use of extra time! 5/5

    By Funshine1004
  • All small word scores 1/5

    By SammyTheBigBlackDog
    Ever since the last apple update, I don’t get words even worth a 100 points, yet I see people over 3,000. All the words in my Ruzzle puzzles will not even add up tp a thousand. What gives, even my wife’s android tablet has the same crappy puzzles.
  • Problem loading app 3/5

    By cdbrown510
    Longtime user but my Ruzzle app isn’t currently loading and I don’t see a way to contact support. I start the app and then it crashes, returning me to my iPhone home screen. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app several times with success. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Suddenly stopped working 3/5

    By allnamesseemtaken
    I love this game and have been playing for years. Recently (summer 2019) it started crashing or getting stuck or taking a long time to load. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Lots of problems. Now when opening it goes to the splash screen then goes black and crashes. Very sad. I’d love to continue.
  • Game play is poor 1/5

    By GaCoffeeMom
    Game play is terrible since the latest update. The board usually consists of 2, maybe 3 vowels (often all the same letter), tucked into a cluster of impossible letters, such as 4 W’s, a 2 Z’s, and a few K’s. Then maybe a B and a Q. There may be 20 possible words to be found. All of the fun of this game has fizzled away. 👎🏻👎🏻 Please Get it back to the game it was a month ago!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  • Ruzzle Lover.. 5/5

    By mstrelle
    I love Ruzzle! Especially Team play..
  • Not fun anymore 1/5

    By Marquardt51
    Recently changed the tournament boards so you get low scores and limited words even with boosters- I spent good money on this game, no more until old board values come back, will only play free and not as much. You took the fun out of the competition now!
  • Seasoned player 4/5

    By Pinktrailer1
    I've been playing this game for over 4 years, but recently I got a new iPad and downloaded butI have no idea what my sign-in information is. Because of this, I now have to deal with a million ads! I originally bought this game but really don't want to purchase it again. It also keeps crashing!
  • Advertisement incentive based game 1/5

    By OneOf8Billion
    Been playing for a long time. It’s a nice interface with a few bugs they seem to sort out. Most bugs seem to revolve around advertisements that freeze the game. My big complaint as of late (and the reason for the low rating) is regarding tournament play. You are given random boards that vary quite a bit. If you choose to watch a couple adverts you can add 30 seconds and an extra triple word. This is important if you want to compete in the tournament. Here’s the rub - Recently they reduced the tournament boards to accept boards that contain extremely low word counts. Meaning that on one board I played had a total possible 16 words. In tournament play this board is useless. If you want to compete you need higher scoring boards. I’m assuming that marketing decided that if they expand this range you will be forced to play more games and watch more advertisements. I was willing to give up this time with a higher minimum, but if they want my eyes on their advertisers that badly they’ll need to compensate the viewer IMO. Thanks for the decade of word fun! Hopefully they can find a better formula.
  • Loading issues 2/5

    By Senior mom
    This is a great game- addicting. My only complaint is that since I've loaded the new version my current games take for ever to load. Update in August 2019; So they got the games to load quickly. However the latest version is so ridiculously hard I don’t know what happened. I’m a level 49 and since the update I’m scoring between 200-600 points w/o buying cheating boosters. I’ve taken screen shots of some of them. One had TWO vowels in total. Another one had a dozen letter E’s all bunched together with lots of other vowels. I still enjoy playing against friends but have lost interest in just playing random games alone.
  • Becoming skewed 2/5

    By Mishael53
    This app is increasingly becoming skewed. It used to be fun to play but now the tournaments won't give you good boosts. I'll be deleting this game. Thanks for taking something fun and ruining it.
  • Love It..Love Ruzzle!!!!! 5/5

    By Child Of The King👆🏼👑
    I’ve played Ruzzle for at least four years...It doesn’t get old!!!!!!
  • Agree with Fun Play’s comment 2/5

    By Upset with game
    What has happened recently? The daily tournament has very few points and words. Even when you have the additional seconds and bonus, the points are very low. Bring back the previous version please! Thank you!
  • Can’t play 1/5

    By Traviesasoy
    It force closes every time! It will load intially once I log in it force closes.
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Lovetoplay16
    I love this game. I’ve been playing it for a long time and never tire of it. Did you recently change the grids on the weekly tournaments? They have become much more difficult and lower scoring. Please bring back your regular grids.
  • Ruzzle 1/5

    By aaaabbbb11112222
    Help the game keeps cutting off. Tried deleting and started over to no avail. I did the last update and that’s when the trouble started. I still cannot play.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By BusbyC
    Every time I go to play this game the app crashes before it downloads anything and kicks me out of the app. I have deleted the app and redownloaded it and it still won’t let me in to play. It says there was an update for bug fixes 3 days ago but it still isn’t fixed.

    By Grandma Butch
    I have been playing RUZZLE for years. Now no one in my family will play BOGGLE with me at our annual Thanksgiving reunions because I always beat the pants off them—-that’s what Ruzzle has done! My 87 year old mother comes close because she plays RUZZLE, too. The only bad thing about RUZZLE is the advertisements,but obviously I have learned to live with them. I refuse to pay to get out of them, and there are still occasional “bugs” as far as the ads are concerned. My fave part of RUZZLE is the team playing.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Mikeylikeslemons
    Well designed game that you can play in multiple languages!
  • What did you do to this game? 1/5

    By ChiTJ25
    just had a game with fewer than 50 possible words. What is going on with this? Lights out if this stays.
  • Great for the brain! 5/5

    By ThomRobb
    The more you play, the better you get. A real skill. Like the ‘Hi!’ feature.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By VictoriaCR
    Love this game. Join a team. It's fun!
  • Greatest word game, greatest game ever period. 5/5

    By Woodsy_
    By far the best word game ever conceived. Sorry Scrabble. Seems the crashes are fixed.
  • Really needs a way to play without an internet connection 3/5

    By Billypea
    Great game - if only I could play during the 8 hour flight, or 45 minute subway ride!
  • Keeps on challenging 5/5

    By Corsnoopy
    I have played this game for years. I play when I need to relax or to even energize; continues challenge me on many levels from competition to my personal goals never disappoints
  • Good, but limiting 3/5

    By bobshelt
    Stop limiting my rematches.
  • Puzzle difficulty 1/5

    By Thunder_Mother
    The difficulty of the puzzles in Tournaments is ridiculous. It used to be fun! I’m not sure how some people are obtaining a score over 1,000 unless they aren’t having to solve the same puzzle I do. Ready to drop this game. Why have you made it so hard to play now? Takes away the fun!!! Forget relieving stress. It’s giving it to me! 😬
  • What in the world? 1/5

    By bjclay804
    I haven’t played Ruzzle in a while and logged in to my account. Since I had purchased “premium” previously for no ad, I pressed restore. Now the app loads for 1 second (literally) and disappears. What is going on? I have tried setting up a new account and it does the same.
  • Too Glitchy 1/5

    By thisisunbelievablyfrustrating
    The game is continually crashing on me and customer support is nonexistent. I am very disappointed.
  • Game isn’t playable if it crashes 1/5

    By Dave_Cat
    Game crashes every time I open it. I played for years and now it’s a pathetic joke.

Ruzzle app comments

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