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Introducing the launch of the completely reimagined and redesigned San Antonio Express-News app for your all your iOS mobile devices. Our sleek yet simple design allows for seamless consumption by topics so you can catch up on the news in a timely manner, 24/7. Express-News will continue to bring you the smart reporting, award-winning photos, trusted team of columnists and second-to-none coverage of the San Antonio region that you expect. With topic specific push alerts you can opt-in to the coverage that matters the most to you - and we won't overwhelm you with alerts that you don't want. In order to have full access to the app you must have one of the following: * Make an in-app purchase * Existing Print Subscription * Existing Digital Subscription Otherwise you can sample up to 5 free stories per month without subscribing. Subscribing to San Antonio Express-News: • Downloading the app is free. New users can receive free content on the app for 14 days. • If you would like to subscribe, you can select a monthly ($5.99) subscription. When purchasing through iTunes, your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. Any unused portion of your free period will be forfeited at time of purchase. Your subscription will auto-renew unless you turn this off 24 hours before the subscription runs out. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. For assistance you can email [email protected] or call 518-454-5454 Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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SA Express-News app reviews

  • Too bad to use 1/5

    By goidlucksucker
    So frustrating. Want to get news but don’t want the paper edition. Previous app was better. The best way now is from internet but one has to observe T.J. Henry taking up 1/3rd of the page.
  • Bad Decision 1/5

    By Unhappy Oldtimer
    The “improved” app is no improvement. The text is miniaturized to the point that I have to get a magnifying glass to read some of it. In addition, a lawyer’s ad is splashed across the top of the page banner style and if you try to move the page up, it goes behind the ad. Having to sign in several times a week is an irritation. A 4.2 rating should tell you something.
  • No Puzzles 2/5

    By HM Strauss
    I would gladly pay for digital service that also included the puzzles found in the print version.
  • Bring back the EN app 2/5

    By Texas T SA
    The digital edition of the San Antonio Express-News is now difficult to read because of the ads which cause the actual digital version of the paper to be too small to easily read. The previous EN app presented the paper full screen and it was much easier to read. The EN app is no longer supported. We pay for the digital edition of the paper, the paper contains it’s own ads, so why did you shrink the text and add more ads? Bad decision by Hearst Communications!
  • Where is the e-edition? 1/5

    By Knick ranch
    The current app is disjointed, obviates the comic and classified sections, and has no sense of flow. Please restore the e-edition. Thank you!
  • Why Bother?! 1/5

    By oldeagle1968
    The app Is not kept up to date so why bother! It’s like these folks don’t care about the quality of their product. The previous app got to where it wouldn’t load at all & this one is constantly behind the times.
  • Not an improvement 1/5

    By BotanicalSA
    We really do not like this 2020 new version of the San Antonio Express-News. What a waste of time having to scroll!! Please go back to what worked. New is not better in this case.
  • Very informative 5/5

    By Computer teacher/tech
    Excellent coverage
  • Not working...again 1/5

    By Vanillacricket
    App always asks for sign in but when I go to sign in the screen is blank.
  • Where is the weather ? 1/5

    By condontg
    Can’t find the weather, I’m hoping it’s just my ineptitude and not the Web Designer. Also can’t seem to find a search capability.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Alethea121
    We can’t take our iPad with us and enjoy the paper . We try to download the replica but it is always lost. The other app was so much better.
  • Not an improvement 1/5

    By WordyMAL
    I had to jump through hoops at the EN customer help line because my previous Ap, which I loved, was no longer working without any explanation. Never did get an explanation, so I figured how to get the new one, and that there WAS a new one, on my own. The original Ap was much better. It just came up and I could read it without signing in every single time.
  • Forced payment 1/5

    I did not request this and now I am being asked to pay for something I did not want or need. Scam.
  • Express news still can’t deliver 1/5

    By still can't deliver
    Much like the home delivery, the express news just can’t deliver. This version does not contain the same content as the print version. Most days the content cannot be accessed or requires multiple sign ins. The express news can’t get dependable delivery to paid subscribers home. Pure crap.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By DDCR
    Why do I have to pay $5.99 for the app if I already subscribe to the news paper account? I subscribe to the Washington Post and the New York Times and don’t have to pay to use the app to access the “paper.”
  • Latest Update Not an Improvement 1/5

    By Aclint
    I am not sure the the latest version is actually an improvement over the previous one. Main complaints are: (i) why in the world with the “Main news” section have so many articles on the Spurs? All of those belong solely in the sports section. It makes no sense for users looking for latest news to have to wade thru a Main section cluttered with Spurs articles. (ii) The “Main News” section, instead of showing stories from today’s print edition, contains a lot of really old articles (the same ones I have been seeing for weeks). For example, today (Jan 21) there is still being carried in the Main News section a Jan 2 article on the first baby born in S.A. on New Year’s Day and another old article on an old Mayor - why in the world???
  • Maybe end of subscribing 5/5

    By RKCvaluesit
    I have taken 7 day week delivery for 50+years. Although it is now a leftist publication I continue to subscribe. Only the Sports and Faith sections keep me eager to read.
  • Updated format 1/5

    By BigBob2242
    No such thing as being able to see what is happening NOW. If you go to “top news” one sees a few local news items then an ungodly number of sports, food, etc. NO national news whatsoever. A second grader could have come up with a better format. Obits are at least 2 days behind. That’s up to date for sure! These issues are on my iPhone and iPad. Sorry but I don’t walk around with a laptop in my back pocket. The sight is total rubbish.
  • Step Backward 1/5

    By xyz1
    Moving to a UI consisting of large tiles makes scanning stories to decide which ones to read much more tedious. On my iPad Pro the home page Top News section displayed the complete tile for just one story. What a waste of screen space. No longer having a split view with story titles on one side and the text of the selected article on the other side also makes using the app more of a chore. There is also no visual queue which stories have been opened. Since stories appear in multiple sections it makes it a pain to quickly spot stories that have not been opened. I’d go back to the old design if I could. Please add an option for a mode to present stories in a list format w/o the picture tiles that has a visual queue to mark stories that have been opened.
  • Bring back the crossword puzzle! 1/5

    By pjerickson
    Pretty lame to just remove a major feature and then offer no refund for a year long subscription.
  • Frustrated reader 3/5

    By Tomas hijo
    I li ke the format. It is difficult from your on line edition which because I’m going blind at 96 and can no longer control the size of the script. Tom Jr
  • No STARS for this crappy app. 1/5

    By BonnieBabs
    No STARS to this app. It crashed immediately upon opening from iPhone and then when I tried to set up an account it rejected my print subscription number. The email that popped up after it was rejected is not even valid and when I emailed it to get my "valid" print subscription number, the email was returned as invalid! Seriously? If you call the phone number you get idiots too that don't know anything. So much for that. I think I will just unsubscribe now. Such a waste. Half the time my paper is late or not delivered and when I call to report they say it will be delivered but it never is.
  • Good Reads 5/5

    By jarranda
    Thanks to SA EXPRESS news app I now know what’s going on in the city and state I live in. I read it everywhere and anytime of the day. And it’s well organized & that’s why love this app.
  • SA Express News 1/5

    By hearst123
    Some days the current edition doesn’t load. Also, the content varies considerably from the print edition. Overall, it’s disappointing.
  • Pricey and Technical Glitches 2/5

    By DLGeo
    App freezes up frequently requiring that it be closed and reopened. Search function doesn’t work 100% - can’t find articles I’ve read no matter how I search. Price seems high relative to pricing from other papers.
  • Won’t load! 1/5

    By jx1944
    For two months or more, nothing but problems! The iPad app, just says loading. Can’t you fix this problem?
  • Paper won’t load 2/5

    By Nancy Pants 2
    The paper won’t load on my iPad. This started yesterday while I was in the middle of trying to read it. Finally gave up. Today’s paper won’t load either. I have a grayed out front page and a spinning wheel.
  • Very poor search function 3/5

    By Hooah0
    This app has a very poor search function. It is difficult to find an article printed in today’s or yesterday’s paper that I want to share on social media or in email (thereby providing free advertising to Express News).
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By Sub1407
    I subscribe to other papers in Newsstand that work just fine, but this ap often will not load at all. Some stories will not open and tell you that you need Internet access when you already have Internet access. Sometimes you can't get the comics. Using it is very frustrating.
  • Deserve Better 2/5

    By cpsaxer
    Slow loading and locks up occasionally.
  • Better; but still insufficient 1/5

    By Livmel
    Still slow; freezes; and lacks content refresh. I can’t believe I pay for an app that is more ineffective than ones that are free. My job requires I stay abreast locally; just barely accomplishing that goal
  • Gave it 1 Star.... 3/5

    By Raven-mj
    In September I gave a very negative review because of constant freezes and crashes. See below. It has since gotten better at least for me. I still find it somewhat difficult to navigate. I also the Wall Street Journal digitally and find it much easier to use. So I pushed it up to 3 stars from only 1. Gave it one star because you cannot give anything lower. It crashes and freezes repeatedly. And, let's face it, it is not a great newspaper to begin with.
  • Much better 4/5

    By Henry O Parker
    Thanks for the update and improvements. Have been working like a charm since this last update. Gave it four stars since it’s worked with no problem for few weeks.
  • App version of the San Antonio Express and News iPad ed. 1/5

    By Gypsy116
    2017 version of the e-edition of the San Antonio Express and News is terrible when you get the App. Version. If it would be identical to the email version replica in the landscape version it is much better. The app version is to distractive, freezes up, and hard to navigate. Please leave it like the e-mail replica much better.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By PhilBenvo
    Slow, constantly freezes and needs to be restarted and this is in an iPad pro. Disappointing
  • Freezes 1/5

    By Dreamertexas
    Almost given up on Express-News. Pages freeze and articles will not open. I subscribe to both NYT and Washington Post with easy reading.
  • Continues to be Aweful 1/5

    By Chassil
    Crashing issues are NOT fixed - I have to restart the app after every section just to continue reading. Just not getting any better. How hard is it these days to find good app programmers? This app is an embarrassment.
  • Review LP 1/5

    By Reviewer1231
    This app is bad! Each update makes it worse. Only subscribed to follow the Spurs which have been dropped.
  • App is a useless joke 1/5

    By DaviatorSF
    As an online-only subscriber to the Express-News, I am asking myself why I bother. This app is useless, I usually have to relaunch it ten or more times just to read one article. It freezes up constantly. It wastes far more of my time than the subscription is worth. And these problems have existed for years and not been fixed or markedly improved. For shame, Hearst.
  • Poor 2/5

    By Stuck with EN
    Won’t refresh automatically 50% of the time. Locks up and have to exit/restart, often with no success. Already notified help - they said to ensure I was running latest update. I was! They do not inspire confidence. Wish there was an alternative for San Antonio centric news.
  • This is a terrible app 1/5

    By Red yucca
    Worst app I have ever had. Don't waste your money!!
  • What a disappointment 1/5

    By Arando29
    Such a sorry excuse for a news outlet. Outdated content featured. Every heard of archives? Navigation is sluggish & incomplete. No help from Hearst? Waste of time.
  • Express-News 1/5

    By Mo Mc
    Never opens up on first try. Extremely slow navigating.
  • Needs to get better 1/5

    By Dog whistle sucker
    Same headlines for days at a time, nothing new in their news. Local info is lacking, I can find national news faster anywhere. Needs a ton of work.
  • Ditto Texas Slam 1/5

    By Wasted dinero
    Slow, when it works at all.
  • Erratic 3/5

    By T_Ingram
    A new iPad helped, but it remains unreliable. It may be a bit better than in earlier versions but it still needs work.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Liamboy03
    Always difficult to manage, closes automatically Content stays the same for weeks
  • Very frustrating app 1/5

    By Texas Slam
    I want to use and like this app. It would be the most convenient way for me to keep up with local news while traveling. But it is the most unstable app I've tried to use. Constant crashes and hang ups make it almost useless. A newspaper app is no longer novel stuff - plenty of companies have a perfectly serviceable product. This one is embarrassingly buggy.
  • No to this App, Yes to Digital Version on website 1/5

    By Moeman99
    This app is very slow and isn't updated nearly enough for a pay service. On the other hand, the digital subscription to the E-N is great. Recommend going with that option instead as it mirrors the actual newspaper

SA Express-News app comments

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