Safeway Deals & Delivery

Safeway Deals & Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2022.38.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Albertsons Companies, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Safeway Deals & Delivery App

Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with up to $300 in weekly discounts. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next store run, to ordering Drive Up and Go or letting us deliver for you. • Get all your deals, coupons, and rewards in one place. • Easily find items carried in your store. • Build your shopping list so you won’t forget anything. • Quick access to your online and in-store purchase history. • Use Drive Up and Go or Delivery to get your groceries in a snap.

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Safeway Deals & Delivery app reviews

  • Love it 5/5

    By pottide
    Picking up My groceries saves me so much time.
  • Delivery order shortages 3/5

    By Complaint Delphi
    Not happy with shortages and substitutions you shorted me 1 doz eggs and changed and shorted my Ill husbands Ensure by 6, changed spaghetti sauce to marinara. Looks like my wine order was shorted by one. If you’re going to offer the much needed service then you need to have the ordered products in stock.
  • Can’t sign in 2/5

    By Atkt9800
    Went to get on my app and had been signed out. Now I can not sign back in. I just keep getting a technical error. Go figure there are some really good digital only deals and I can’t access them 😒
  • Not working like it used to 3/5

    By mike8722
    It used to work flawlessly, but for a few weeks now the “for u” scans in store aren’t working and my “clipped” coupons aren’t showing up when checking out and paying. I’ve tried both scanning my member QR code and entering my phone number, and those work, but the coupons and point redemption don’t! I can’t figure out if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s a bug, and store employees don’t know what to do either.
  • Safeway app 5/5

    By Clydedavis1947
    I love this app. I have to wait till the mail comes to get the sales papers. This app allows me to see the sales long before the paper comes, thereby I can plan my shopping earlier. Thank you I do not like them always wanting me to give them a credit card not happening no more
  • Best grocery app ever! 5/5

    By tmil24
    Easy to use and great product display. The homepage has a nice flow and products have nice big pictures along with pricing. Create a shopping list and know how much you’ll spend before you go. Highly recommend and Safeway has great prices.
  • Catch 22 4/5

    By FailClasses
    The area where I usually pick up groceries is in an underground garage, where there is no reception or WiFi. I always have to get out of my car and tell the attendant that I’m there. Other than that, this is a great way to get grocery shopping down, especially when you have a car full of kids in car seats.
  • Workers 5/5

    By Beniciachris
    They are very helpful Also when items not in seem very apologetic
  • Safeway apps is hard to use. 2/5

    By it's hard to use
  • Easy to use app 5/5

    By JustFJB
    Thank you for your app being user-friendly
  • Safeway 80226 3/5

    By 89226 safeway
    I asked for my locality card number? How do I get electronic deals
  • Safeway app shows me deals and rewards 5/5

    By HoneyBadgerSue
    The Safeway app is easy to use and right on my phone when I need it. It is my go to after I write my shopping list. I can easily load coupons from my phone without having to remember to bring them to the store and is tied to my phone number such that they automatically apply at checkout. It has deals beyond items to load which give bonus rewards points or more savings. I can also check my rewards points before I need to buy gas. Great app to have on the phone.
  • App never loads in store 1/5

    By JM Outdoors
    Don’t bother. Every time I try to use this app in the store it never works. Keep getting error message. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still doesn’t work.
  • Safeway app 3/5

    By robinrob coop
    I wish my rewards would not expire without notifying me I just lost five rewards ughhh
  • Appreciate the ease of finding what I want, 5/5

    By talllegs
    It’s just so easy and getting around on the app just makes sense. Thank you
  • Easy to clip deals always fast pick up 5/5

    By pixell22
    Safeway almost always has my order ready early, I love it! I rarely get substitutions and I absolutely love the ability to search deals and clip the coupons digitally! I really love the Safeway app and ordering my groceries from here! :)
  • Recommend Safeway to all 5/5

    By Amj Syed
    I was Giant customer for long time , now love to shop in Safe way with rewards points option attract me to go more often to buy all my household needs. 👍
  • Meal Plan Feature is Amazing 5/5

    By Binkytime
    Better organized than the Fredmeyer app.
  • Modifying my previous review 5/5

    By ReadingDecibels
    Wow, the new update is AWESOME! I can’t believe how much better it is. I love this app now, and use it daily! A must-have for Safeway shoppers.
  • Confusing but works sometimes 2/5

    By flubippy
    This app is just OK- There should be a way to add the discounts all at once. Sometimes finding the item is difficult too. It usually works when I add the item but there are too many categories- just for U, digital coupons etc. Why not just put everything in one place? Also, even tho my Safeway has wifi, it doesn't usually work in the store with that- go figure. Why does this app want to be updated every time I use it??? So frustrating
  • I don’t usually write reviews but 5/5

    By Ti_1920
    Omg this is the best grocery store app I’ve used in my life
  • Background location activity eating 20% of my battery 2/5

    By Sports fan guy 27
    My phone had started dying much faster and I looked into the settings to see which apps were draining my juice. Lo and behold, Safeway was running 23.5 hrs of location tracking in the background and using between 15 and 20% of my entire battery every day. This was very confusing to me, since I had “background app refresh” disabled and location set to “only while using”. I have since disabled location activity for the app, hopefully this makes a difference because the app is solid otherwise.
  • Better than other apps in many ways 4/5

    By NatashaAlyse
    I prefer to use the Safeway app over other apps (shipt etc) because the Safeway employees actually are the ones the shop for the groceries and I find there are less substitutions/mistakes. Maybe because they know the store + products better? The only thing I don’t love about the app is you can’t put in custom items/there are missing items that I know my store carries but don’t populate as an option. Other than that… I do prefer it over the other apps and it’s free and you can use your Safeway points for money off etc.
  • Never works and always on loading 1/5

    By RickySC01
    Downloaded so many times to try and get the deals or use the clip and save but it never even loads to the screen. I can’t even sign in either.
  • Finally fixed tracking issue 3/5

    By Misguidedone
    Yesterday’s update fixed the LOCKED ON, BATTERY SUCKING TRACKING ISSUE. I wasn’t the only one having an issue with tracking, obvious by other comments. Tech support has a problem listening and just wanted to copy & paste the same old story about why they track. Your lock on and never let go app appears to be working correctly now and does not lock on when set to ‘Only While Using’
  • Great job ! 5/5

    By bluehonyak
    Right on time, the right products and a very lovely lady delivered it. To put it mildly, we’re really pleased. thank you.
  • Super Savings 5/5

    By JaneMcShane
    Love Safeway and the super savings. I love all the staff at 51st and Broadway in Oakland. Especially the contract Security who advised me I had dropped my credit card. Thank goodness for your help.
  • Updated iPad Review 3/5

    By Zyggy19
    App is working after turning off VPN temporarily on iPad. Don't quite understand as app works on iPhone. Searching for deals could use improvements as some “Deals” do not immediately show up, even when selecting item on the Weekly Ad.
  • Used to be great, before location service updates 2/5

    By astroNik13
    Used to love this app. Saved me so much time to add to my list when I thought of things and pick it up later. But a recent update now means that location services is on 100% of the time. I thought something was wrong with my battery until I figured out it was the Safeway app that was eating up my battery so much my phone was hot to the touch every time I picked it up. I noticed the blue icon that indicates your location has been recently used was actually indicating that my location services were constantly being used instead of simply having been accessed when the app was actively open and in use, or just when I clicked on the “locate a store near you” thing. I’ve stopped using the app completely and all my battery problems went away. Last two updates haven’t fixed the problem. I haven’t gone to Safeway since the app became a problem because I just can’t justify going there anymore when the convenience of adding to my shopping list whenever I think of something is completely negated by the location services creating a battery problem. Honestly very likely to just delete the app and stop going to Safeway at this point, getting pretty annoyed with the way it uses up my battery so fast.
  • Worked Great Until Now 3/5

    By PorquiWeezl
    The coupons and the app itself were wonderful until September 14th. Ever since then I’ve gotten the message “service error” any time I’ve tried to log in to my Safeway account. This wouldn’t be an issue if I were still able to have access to clipping coupons, but they don’t show up. None. I’ve tried uninstalling the app several times and I even tried installing it on my tablet to no avail. I went on Safeway’s website and still the same problem. Even my mother, who has an Android phone has been encountering this issue but it seems to have finally gone away for her. If I could get any help on how I can resolve this issue, it would be greatly appreciated because I actually do enjoy this app and the savings I earn from it
  • Love the Just4u 5/5

    By TerribleEstudiante
    And the Friday Deals.
  • Love the savings 5/5

    By jwill6777
    I love the app, I’ve used it to save a LOT of money!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Maylin70
    Easy to use! Appears to work when I’m in the store now! Yay’
  • Too much location tracking 2/5

    By dunneldeen
    Useful app that I want to be able to use, but I won’t run it because it won’t stop tracking my location while it is in the background. Easily - 2 stars with this behavior.
  • Unfulfilled items without notification 3/5

    By unicolern1
    One would think, because this is a direct to consumer from store application that the inventory would be correct. One would be wrong. One would also think that should an item be out of stock, one would be notified of the items unfulfilled before pickup or delivery. Also incorrect. It is highly inconvenient to receive an incomplete order without notification of missing items.
  • Angry 1/5

    By pgyvl
    I don’t want to add my credit card info!!!!!
  • Life saver 5/5

    By WeM&M
    Love this app so easy to use & great to use when You are in a rush & need a few things
  • So far, so good 5/5

    By The Sheeptrist
    I’ve used Safeway pick up only about 10 times. So far, they’ve had everything I’ve ordered. No substitution's we’re needed. I’m happy to get my first choice in items ordered.
  • Useless after recent update 2/5

    I can’t clip the deals anymore, perhaps after the recent update. I get a message popping up that says “Service Problem - We are having trouble completing your request. Please try again later.” The digital deals I see on the shelves aren’t showing up in the app. I have to ask the attendants to manually override to get the deals. I have deleted the app and reloaded. I have power cycled my phone. I have used the app in the past to clip coupons so I know how to do it. It just doesn’t work for me.
  • Tags on shelf never match app deals 5/5

    By WA Mom of 2
    App is smart but the pricing is always so annoying. The tag on the shelf will say there’s a deal, and then I scan the item to add the coupon and the app says “sorry, no deal for this item”. Shouldn’t be so confusing. Either I need to add each coupon for the deals, or I shouldn’t have to add any. Why can’t we just get the deal advertised??
  • Forced updates 1/5

    By Kas1370
    Forced updates....that cripple working apps
  • Much Easier 5/5

    By Nykeec
    Improved and easy to use. Much better!
  • Love it, but.. 4/5

    By Andross.87
    I absolutely love this app! I do have a few issue with the meal plan section, however: You can’t save recipes You can’t edit recipes Recipes aren’t rated/ you can’t rate them
  • Great App 4/5

    By HeyWeGottaEat
    I find the app to be great and very user friendly👍🏽I love how you get free groceries and rewards❤️I just hate the price of the groceries 😩Safeway is very expensive in comparison to other markets, but it’s convenient. I get a little comfort in knowing that they’ll shop my groceries and deliver them to me for free 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Love SW Delivery 5/5

    By Villalta Interiors
    Safeway delivery is awesome and SO convenient! I hate going into the SW store to shop ‘cause all I see is people stealing right in front of me and 10xs out of 10, that person are mad and sometimes combative at me for even looking their way— and I have to stop shopping to walk over to Security (who 10xs out of 10) looking at their personal phones NOT doing the job!!! Don’t get me started on that frustrating Subject! Anyway, I’m appreciate SW delivery and don’t mind paying for the delivery fee. 🥹
  • Worked once 1/5

    By KariBenn
    Worked one time and it was great! Saved a good amount of money never again did it apply any coupons even when scanning the code from the app instead of putting my number. HIGHLY disappointing and MAJORLY inconvenient to be at the register complaining about my coupons not applying for the already over priced groceries. This made me want to stop going to Safeway all together I will be shopping at savemart and using their app! I would suggest everyone to as well I don’t recommend this app at all.
  • Poopy service 1/5

    By hehhehznKsndkshsejdjsbd
    I’ve ordered on this app before and EVERY time i have it either didn’t come on time or just didn’t come at all, and the times it didn’t come i never got a refund.
  • Killing my battery 1/5

    By Chris in Wash, DC
    I updated to iOS 16 and the Safeway app is killing my battery. It is the largest power consumer as per the battery app running in the background nonstop. Deleted and reinstalled and have the same issue. Fix this issue.
  • Poor Customer Service and Feedback 1/5

    By zman466920
    On the surface the app looks good. However, address entry for groceries is broken and often refuses to accept entry. The delivery people do not call. I’ve had groceries marked as ‘delivered’ that never showed up. There’s no one to contact on the app. Mostly, there is a chat-bot that also refuses to accept that perhaps I want to talk to a real person. Such a shame the app-delivery system is so bad.