Safeway Deals & Delivery

Safeway Deals & Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2022.24.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Albertsons Companies, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Safeway Deals & Delivery App

Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with up to $300 in weekly discounts. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next store run, to ordering Drive Up and Go or letting us deliver for you. • Get all your deals, coupons, and rewards in one place. • Easily find items carried in your store. • Build your shopping list so you won’t forget anything. • Quick access to your online and in-store purchase history. • Use Drive Up and Go or Delivery to get your groceries in a snap.

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Safeway Deals & Delivery app reviews

  • App vs prices 5/5

    By forget this nickname thing
    I like the app so I gave it 5 stars but I don’t like Safeways prices. They are out of control. I am shopping at other stores more that have better pricing.
  • Works well enough 3/5

    By Drmeiswinkel
    It works well enough. I wish I could change the name of who picks things up.
  • Slow, bugs, fells like beta version 1/5

    By MaryDallasqwwetrngjkgn
    App is very slow. Especially when you type an item in search field, it gets a bit confused. I started using this app since another Safeway delivery app was disabled and customers were forced to use this one.
  • Unnecessarily complicated 2/5

    By Pupperton
    This application is cumbersome and not user friendly. To log in you have to get a code sent to email and then enter the code even though you already have the login information in your keychain. You can’t change payment methods, corporate office has to do that for you. I help people who are disabled so that they can get the lower prices and it’s nearly impossible to sign into their account on this application because of the need for a code from their email account. This obstacle means that the disabled people that I am assisting don’t get to have lower prices that are available to able bodied people. Called customer service and they removed my phone number from my account and disconnected me. Now I have no access to my account. The email field in the create account doesn’t work. Worst application and worst customer service ever. There is literally no functionality whatsoever.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By lizhiguodong
    The stores repeatedly cancelled my confirmed and charged orders without giving any reasons. When I called them, they just apologized without doing anything. Do not trust them or this app. It’s not for serious purchases.
  • Don’t download, waste your time 1/5

    By BW3VXY
    I don’t believe there are so many 5 stars, I don’t think they are real. This is what you are going to have: 1. Download the app for deals/promotions. 2. Put your order and pay. 3. They cancel your order. 4. They blame you are the one who canceled it. 5. Deal is gone. Conclusion: DO NOT WASTE YOU TiME! There are tons of shopping apps that are honest.
  • Safeway app 1/5

    By shop safeway
    Your programmer for this app is VERY VERY POOR. I have to watch carefully every item I purchase as more often than not the price doesn’t ring up correctly. It is NOT THE CHECKERS FAULT as they certainly can not know which items are on sale each week. It is more than frustrating. After any purchase if I do not catch the issue when in the store I check my receipt and have to find a manager to show that I have been overcharged. I hate your app and use it as I try to save a little when shopping. I have taken the paper ad with me to show the checker the correct price. The checkers are very pleasant but it is not a fun time for either of us. I do tell the checker I am sorry but Safeways programmers do not do a good job.
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By Trinity Harmoney
    I live far out in the community and this makes my life easier
  • 40 year Safeway Shopper 1/5

    By Upsteam
    This version of the app is not what wanted to see. The old app verified what was in stock and what wasn’t available after I placed an order. I’d rate it lower than one star but there’s no way to make a review otherwise.
  • They Combined the 2 apps 5/5

    By 23munchkin
    Please combine your apps into one! And they did combine the apps which makes it so much easier to shop on line at Safeway!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By fezziweg
    I am very disappointed that this app will not run on iPhones with iOS versions older than 13.0. Seems a shame that an app designed to help people save money relies on their ability to purchase newer phones.
  • Better 5/5

    By CoachToddSon
  • Easy 5/5

    By savingmike
    First time using it easy
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ThicccChungus
    Absolutely worst app ever. Took my money and said they didn’t. I have proof. Absolutely would never ever recommend unless you like getting literally robbed.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Pammygrl5555
    I really like ordering from Safeway in the app, BUT! The app is way, way too slow. It takes a real long time for the typing to catch up and it is very irritating.
  • Wish it had more 3/5

    By prettymsdance
    To make this 5 stars, it should allow receipts to be automatically added and also manually scanned or typed in after each purchase when we type our club number in. Walmart seems to have the perfect app now that they fixed the discrepancies with online and in-store stock. Please take notes from them. I would also like to know what aisle numbers items are in for each store, since the technology is there. I love Safeway, but I hate ordering something that was in stock, and then all of a sudden I get to the store and it’s not in my order. Many times I have found that the item was never an item that was sold in that particular store, so I got my hopes up for nothing. Please make this app as good as the Walmart one! Thanks!
  • Scott and Brandon 5/5

    By seashell56
    Scott and Brandon are such wonderful people at Centerplace in Greeley CO. Such kind and caring customer service. Lyn Decker Greeley CO
  • Stop slowing us down please 2/5

    By RunLevelZero
    The haptic feedback is so annoying. Please at least provide an option to turn it off. The app takes so long to use just to clip coupons. Please allow us to quickly clip coupons again and a visual indicator of what has been clipped and what hasn’t. The app is useful and I use it once a week but it’s just so frustrating to tap, wait and wait, then tap another coupon because the haptic feedback is so slow. It doesn’t change the way I clip coupons AT ALL. I don’t mind the game. It’s kinda fun and you can exit out if you just need to clip and go.
  • Orders food. Also has ads on launch. 3/5

    By DrPeril
    Apparently, safeway thinks it’s Ubisoft or something now. At app launch there are full-screen ads for a game about shopping or some junk… It’s not good. Best case, they think they’re being a “fun company” and made a kids game that probably sells all your data. Worst case, they’re selling ad space… that sells all your data. Let’s ya order groceries so… “works as advertised” I guess.
  • Safeway delivery is frustrating most of the time. 2/5

    By DivineKoneko
    For all of my delivery orders I request that there are no substitutions for items I pick. The person shopping for me will always ignore the request and pick substitutions they feel is a good enough replacement. For example, I’ll end up with pepperoni hot pockets after I ordered a specific flavor and checked the ‘no substitutions’ option. I personally cannot stand the pepperoni hot pockets, and will not eat them. So now I have to either eat the food and deal with it, or figure something else out. It’s so frustrating because normally I would go out and buy the food myself if not for this injury I am healing from. If the item I want is not there, just don’t get it if there is the ‘no substitutions’ option checked.
  • Complicated 3/5

    By nsmanc
    Sign up for one card all sales… Then web site for some sales Now App for some sales Weekly flier sales Just for you sales Monthly flier sales App only sales Rewards Manager sales unrelated Clearance sales unrelated -QR games, QR reader, second App No instructions on code stub No instructions after scan code Complicated Why not directly into App, pop up opening -Monopoly games App Should combine all sales available to me… Available rewards should pop up No new cards… Type 10 numbers with tiny numbers and tiny display during Covid… Find personal QR code in Just For U per cashier… We will see Clearly App creators aren’t in control of entire App… Must be 6 bosses with input… McDonalds is idiot proof, Safeway isn’t close
  • This app is a scam 1/5

    By Aaronshifft
    Do not download this app to play flavor adventure. It is a total scam! They just want your information so they could send you a bunch of spam emails and give your email out to other companies. The game doesn’t even actually work it’s just a blank screen so all they’re doing is scamming you be careful with apps like this people.
  • I hate shopping at Safeway now 1/5

    By Jimbles 2
    To get deal you have to use the app. The app is the worst. I now avoid our local Safeway that I have shopped at for 20 years.
  • Order is always wrong 3/5

    By AcctStar
    The app is easy to use. However, every single order is wrong. Not just stuff being replaced with similar items, but half the order just isn’t there. When we go to the same store the next day, all those items are in stock. It’s very frustrating when our order is cut in half over laziness. We are home sick trying to do the right thing and not get others sick. But now we don’t have enough food still. My order was only around 20 items. It doesn’t make sense for the store to just not add the other half.
  • Love the just for you deals 5/5

    By Beebeebanga
    It’s so amazing to get all these great deals
  • Albertsons Programmers are Morons 1/5

    By Richard Hertz
    Other retailers used the Covid-19 pandemic to expand their ordering services and increase their UI/UX performance. Albertsons however has actually gone backwards, and their family of stores (including Safeway, Jewel Osco, and Albertsons) are struggling with apps that just don’t work. Some of the problems: * Apps don’t know what stock is available in each location * Ads, coupons, and bonus products are not “linked” onto one shopping cart. So you end up with three hard to access lists instead of one * Competitors shoe shopping list arranged by store location. These do NOT Situation even worse when ordering for curbside pickup
  • Cant use in stores 2/5

    By Softballwidow
    I want to like this app and use the deals, but it never works in the stores. I also eve up needing to update it almost every time I use it.
  • My Safeway app 5/5

    By Roshonne
    Doesn’t work when I go out of town
  • Going downhill 1/5

    By edub shopper
    App used to be quick and easy to use. Now, they have really slowed down the speed at which you can click coupons. Additionally, they have removed the “red” color of the items you have not yet added. I assume both the slow down and change in color are attempts to make the user slow down and review every item - it makes me want to shop elsewhere.
  • Great grocery store! 5/5

    By WeAV8
    Use it all the time.
  • They want to keep my credit card on file permanently!!!!!! 1/5

    By Revised Nickname
    Nope … privacy matters! I spent nearly 45 minutes on this buggy app that crashed five times then when i went to check out (hundreds of dollars in groceries) it tells me its going to keep my credit card on file for future purchases. No it isn’t … deleted app
  • Elhamy Kamel 5/5

    By Zambulu
    Excellent app, thanks for doing a good job.
  • App is good, but… 3/5

    By Talisola
    I like the app, but it has never allowed me to open the weekly ad. The only shopping option is to search for items and browse. If I’m lucky I run across ad items. I feel like I’m missing out on some bargains. Am I just doing something wrong?
  • Excellent deals 5/5

    Good app for tracking coupons s
  • Service 5/5

    By pamelena53
    Love this app!
  • Please fix this app 3/5

    By smsdelta
    Please go back to red buttons on the just for you until they are added and trim of the sound/ vibration when you add items to just for you deals, also fix that it takes 2 or 3 taps to add it! This app is painful to use. Better yet, get rid of just for you and just charge less for everything for everyone. Groceries shouldn’t be gamified!
  • Flavor adventure 3/5

    By jayee66
    Flavor adventure isn’t working. I was really hoping it would :’(
  • Forced to update 1/5

    By Terrysan11
    6/12/22: hate it. Slow, cumbersome…WTH did they do? It’s like people that don’t use it designed it. Fail. I thought it worked well on my iPad but hated the updates so stopped using it on my iPhone. Now forced to update on the iPad. Too many unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • Confusing app and random substitutions 1/5

    By Keepinglettinggo
    It’s impossible to synch your Safeway rewards with this app which is made by Albertsons. Also, I used the app to order food for pick and go. It wasn’t until I got home that I saw they made a substitution for spring water to purified water. Disgusting.
  • This is a terrible app.. 2/5

    By ddanievanss
    Bad at accepting what is written in the search. You can’t even view your orders before it crashes. Everything you need to do with this is just broken. Terrible. Won’t be shopping at Safeway because the app is too terrible to allow it..
  • Ok 4/5

    By dtcyvno
    The app never lets me click on the order details once the order is placed. It just loads and keeps telling me there’s a network error but I’m on wifi
  • Digital Coupons 1/5

    By Aisawesome1
    This app makes it very difficult to use the digital coupons. The barcode scan option rarely works. Most of the time you can’t scan anything, and then if you do, it still doesn’t give you the discount when you check out. This is because you have to click “My List” and select the coupon again. Why make everyone select the coupon twice?? It’s very clunky and difficult to use.
  • My local Safeway/Albertsons 5/5

    By Patricktill
    Unparalleled store associates and values. I practicality feel like I’m stealing from them every time I shop at them at the checkout with these bogo’s and other deals
  • Why is it so complicated to buy? 1/5

    By M3 addicts
    Download digital coupons? I already have to enter my store code to get my savings. I’m not sure who has time for this, but I certainly don’t. You would think that retailers would understand that Amazon made it easy for people to buy more not harder… And that’s been one of the keys to their success
  • Best grocery store app yet 5/5

    By Brooke Lapham
    Very impressed with the ease, discounts, and recipes.
  • Soooooo sloooooooow!!! 1/5

    By KJ 94301
    Incredibly incredibly slow!!!
  • Developed for everybody 5/5

    By Senator Jam
    The meal plan section makes this app one of the best. I use the giant app too and I’m pretty sure they don’t have a meal plan section where you can SAVE meal plans with the INSTRUCTIONS on how to prep and cook the meal. Outstanding.
  • Save Money 5/5

    By Kiniwong
    Love the DEALS AND $5.00 FRIDAY!
  • Was good until latest update 1/5

    By lawmeander
    If you click on a deal, the item now disappears. I can't find any list of my clipped deals- they're just gone. I have used the app happily for years and now I will need to write down each deal. The deal terms are often complex and it was nice to have the terms and eligible items shown while shopping. Now, that's all gone and there is little reason to click on the deals except for the ones I always buy. Goodbye to trying new items. Safeway, why screw up a decent app this way? I anticipate that I will now purchase many items elsewhere. Very disappointed.