Safeway Deals & Delivery

Safeway Deals & Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2021.49.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Albertsons Companies, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Safeway Deals & Delivery App

Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with up to $300 in weekly discounts. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next store run, to ordering Drive Up and Go or letting us deliver for you. • Get all your deals, coupons, and rewards in one place. • Easily find items carried in your store. • Build your shopping list so you won’t forget anything. • Quick access to your online and in-store purchase history. • Use Drive Up and Go or Delivery to get your groceries in a snap.

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Safeway Deals & Delivery app reviews

  • Needs fixing 2/5

    By 2030qwest
    The old app was much better than this new up my coupons and saving just for you aren’t showing up on the app it needs to be fixed it seems it’s not an easy app to navigate I find it hard and not user friendly.
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By quarter horse girl
    The app frequently does not take the items that I put onto my card off at the register. I put them on to use and them I do not get the discount. I have caught things several times. Anywhere from a few dollars to over 15. I am so frustrated.
  • Used to be good but not now 1/5

    By FJB*
    The app used to be easy to use and saved me money. About a moth or two ago it was radically changed and hasn’t worked well since. Very hard to find “Just for U” sale items and seems to be focused on online shopping and not going into the store.
  • Review 1/5

    By app dummy
    Sitting in safeway parking lot. So far 20 mins and the app will NOT UPDATE. So off to grocery outlet I will happily go… no bossy cashier or annoying apps to deal with just to get a few groceries. Thank you
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By F E
    Not a big fan of the re-done app. The old one was easier to navigate or it might have a fancier look but I’d rather have simpler
  • This new update and format is awful 1/5

    By DenverRyRy
    I hate the new layout and navigation of this app since I was forced to update it. The functionality is awful. Can’t believe I am being forced to used this garbage. The response is even worse. Why doesn’t someone take responsibility instead of a boilerplate response. I used to shop at Safeway all the time. I won’t be going unless I have to. It won’t scan products clearly onsale at the store. I have to take a picture of the sale product to show staff and have them manually update. Garbage. Such a disappointment. I’ll be spending my hard earned money elsewhere. Feel free to chat with us on the app? Seriously? So I’m supposed to spend more time potentially exposing myself to covid while shopping to chat with someone because the app won’t properly function? More reason not to shop at your store. Look at all your comments. At what point does someone realize you made a mistake?
  • Curbside pick up 5/5

    By Margo's Way
    I love the service and the time it saves me while not having to go in and shop. Safest during this pandemic and they do a great job finding every item you request!
  • Go back to the old version! 2/5

    By enteranicknamepleasetryagain
    My list is always cut off so i can’t see the words on my screen fully! My rewards section no longer gives me the points progress either! Old version is so much more user friendly!
  • Safeway’s app is why I shop at Whole Foods now 1/5

    By dlt_99
    Since you only have one boilerplate reply to reviews: No, I do not want to chat with you through the app or “get help” that shouldn’t be necessary. The whole point of a one star review is that your app is garbage so why would I want to spend even more time using it? The whole point of an app is to make things easier, not slow you down with troubleshooting. The ONLY reason it’s still on my phone is my unused rewards balance, but no details are attached. Points to next reward? Expiration? Any helpful info at all? Nope. That tells me it’s time to waste them on something I probably don’t need and just delete the app. Kudos to the in-store employees who were patient and helpful with the unbelievable amount of price adjustments I had to request since the app redesign. I’m tired of asking (and therefore shopping elsewhere) so I can’t even imagine how burnt out they must be thanks to crap design/dev. Suggestion: Fix your app because there’s this thing called Covid-19. Maybe you’ve heard of it. A working app will keep your crew and your customers from unnecessary interactions and reduce time in store. Reminder: Not all of us can afford delivery or have a set schedule. I’m not paying for a fee or subscription when I can use that incremental cost on actual food and an easier/faster shopping trip.
  • Bring back the old site, please… 1/5

    By JSwish7
    The new site is horrible. Unable to clip coupons (just for u) or check on my rewards. Every time I try & use the site, it assumes I want a delivery. My rewards no longer show up when I buy gas at a Safeway participating gas station. So frustrating! Consider having a separate site for deliveries. This site is NOT user friendly. I have many years experience using websites, and this one gets a D- Other than your website, I like Safeway.
  • Used to be awesome 1/5

    By MattyKillpatty
    Ow it’s hard to use and confusing. Why change a good thing?
  • Messed it up again!!!! 2/5

    By beila
    A few updates ago, they finally fixed the feature that lets the user click on items in the ‘Weekly Ad’ to add them to ‘My List’. Now that feature is gone again. I like the new look and feel of the ‘Weekly Ad’, but please re-incorporate the ‘Add to List’ button as soon as possible.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By davidasdf1234
    With this version there’s absolutely no way to know what was substituted/ not available with my pickup order. I used to get the updates via email. But now the app won’t let me put in both a phone number and an email address, so now I don’t receive the email order updates. Also when I review my previous order details it says “0 items” and won’t let me review them.
  • Maybe getting better 3/5

    By Old Tigerbaby
    I can’t figure out how to add items to my list from anything but my preferred list.
  • New app 3/5

    By 94 duck
    I liked the old app better. The old app was easier to maneuver. You also knew how many points you had. This one feels like you’re not earning any points.
  • good app 5/5

    By ftjgrdjfth
    So far so good no problems yet with this app
  • I can’t use the app to find the hours of the store 1/5

    By Kane Kisaragi
    Pretty self explanatory The app does not tell you what your local store hours are, nor the hours of your local pharmacy.
  • Please bring back the old app! 1/5

    By Maui Jules
    I never write app reviews, but I’m hoping the Safeway app team will read theirs. The old app was sooo much better! This app never works in the store to scan products to check for coupons/deals. The rewards section is harder to find and know how many you have expiring. Please bring back the old app or make this one work in store! Thank you. :)
  • Update Broken 1/5

    By Kennichiwa
    The app had its issues, but not it’s completely useless! You have to update and it’s not working! It freezes! I only use because of its convenience for coupons, now I can’t even do that
  • I hate this new app 3/5

    By I_Salmon
    The new app has turned me from an almost exclusively Safeway shopper into a last resort Safeway shopper. The in-store personnel are helpful, but after several times of my “just4u” deals not coming through they told me you have to clip the coupon AND go to your list and select it. If it’s true you have to take this additional step (I haven’t tried it start to finish yet), that is bad UX design. And while not a big deal in the scheme of things, it’s enough to keep me out of the store. Also, I scan items at the store to check their price and sometimes they ring up differently at the register. I shop deliberately and on a budget so this is frustrating. For instance I might not have chosen to purchase a product if I’d known it was $1 more than it said when I scanned it. Etc.
  • Change it back 1/5

    By striker679
    Please change it back to how it was before
  • Horrible restroom 3/5

    By grendxr5924lz
    I think it is unimaginable to see the state of the only restroom in the store for patrons to use. There are many positives to shopping this Safeway but if you need to use the restroom while there shopping it takes away anything positive of the shopping experience. IF this review was meant to be about the app, then I also have comments…confusing and very difficult to add to your smartphone once in the store. Not very user friendly!
  • The old experience was better 1/5

    By RocketMan2016
    Can’t find anything with the new design. Coupon clipping is a joke
  • Latest version broke rewards display 2/5

    By Oliver 76
    Can no longer see how many of my awards are going to expire end of month or how close I am to earning the next award. Seems a design issue that affects both iOS and Android.
  • New Safeway app 2/5

    By Gaw9Ball
    The old Safeway app was bad enough but this takes the cake worst app on the planet
  • Miss the old app 3/5

    By HylaW
    There are several things wrong with the new Version - first, the member card no longer scans, so I have to manually you can th e keypad, which is a real bummer when trying to be contactless. Second, it’s only formatted to portrait - I miss being able to sit with my iPad and work on my weekly grocery list. Fix these 2 items and it’ll be great!
  • Substitution with inferior products 1/5

    By shurm13
    I clearly marked “No substitutions” but got almost nothing I needed but other products I did not need. It was not fair. I am not going to use Safeway delivery anymore.
  • Doesn’t even let me log in 1/5

    By RickySC01
    Can’t even log into it. Keeps loading but nothing happens. Been trying this for the past week and still unable to log in.
  • Why so many updates 1/5

    By hiker-PA
    I hate that this app forces you to update it while you’re standing in Safeway with a lousy connection, trying to check out.
  • Please 2/5

    By Sobmartin
    Just for the sake of those with iPads, please make it rotate to landscape and enable split screen. The Safeway RX app works fine this way!
  • Make it work in the store 2/5

    By Frustrated number 16489
    Great idea but needs to be accessible from within the store. Super frustrating. Safeway, please put some money into improving in-store wifi!!!
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By Ros-ma Kloma
    Every time I open the app - phone or iPad - it asks me for my zip code and to select a store. This should all remain constant based on my profile unless I need/want to change it.
  • Updates 1/5

    By htfve
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By doubled299
    Now, customers have to download multiple apps for the same chain of stores (Safeway, Vons, Albertsons, etc). Ridiculous! Half the time the app doesn’t work properly and no one has a fix except to delete app and reload it. Do that now and going on 20 minutes and app is only 25% downloaded. Again, ridiculous. Safeway IT Dept must be low bid. Ugh!
  • Safeway app update 1/5

    By shanny7.0
    I tried to open my Safeway app and it said I need to update the app so I tapped on it to take me too App Store and it won’t update. The little circle thing just keeps going round and round. So now I can’t use my Safeway app. Very mad right now!!!!!!
  • Not everyone uses their mobile number 1/5

    By AnchorFan!
    My Safeway account has been around since before mobile phones were popular. As a result my associated phone number is actually my home phone. When attempting to login with the phone number I use at checkout I cannot gain access. Not a very well thought out plan. The email address associated is also over 20 years old. Since I checkout with my phone number it has never been an issue. Maybe a more realistic login option would be of use. Besides that the app looks clean and easy to use. I’m frustrated about being locked out logging in to my actual account.
  • The old app was not an issue - the new one is!! 1/5

    By Lady O SNIPER
    Safeway…. You need to go back to the drawing board with this new app. It’s no good! There is A L W A Y S some kind of issue! Today it won’t bring up the print copy of the weekly ad…. Last week it was something else… The old version of the app worked perfectly fine! I never experienced a single issue with it! Now I’m so turned off by this new app that I don’t even go to ur store now because I can’t use the app the way that I need to in order to prepare for my trip to the store to do my big shopping. I just go to giant now… Lesson: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! You had a great app… then u went and messed with it…. And now you have a messed up app! Smh!
  • They made it worse 1/5

    By DirtTrackWidow
    After you have a reward, you can’t see any progress toward the next one. In the past version it would show you the numerical value and now it only shows a progress bar so you don’t know how much more money you need to spend to earn that next reward. Right now I have one reward and no idea if I need to spend one more dollar or 99 more dollars to earn another reward. The only way to know is by saving my receipts which defeats the whole purpose of having the app.
  • Help 1/5

    By jkthornton
    App getting better BUT my phone number isn’t my Safeway card number. Use to be able to update number but no more. Would like to be to use the deals but can’t.
  • difficult navigation 4/5

    By goatneb
    I find this new app to difficult to navigate. Each time I use it,I have to hunt for the Just For You categories. Usually, I end up putting items in the basket instead of clipping the coupon. Then having to back them out of the basket. I don’t follow the logic of the person who redesigned this app.
  • Miss the old app 1/5

    By SnoqRE
    The new app is very difficult to use, often doesn’t update or work properly. I used to love the old app because it made finding deals and items quickly. Now I go to QFC because their app is more user friendly.
  • No way to remove categories that I don’t use 1/5

    By Sea Snag
    Sure don't need baby products and a few other categories that I do not use. No way to remove them and no way to delete an item I selected by mistake on J4U. Needs improvement
  • Terrible app! 1/5

    By unkl weirdy
    I loved the previous Safeway app. The bar code scan feature worked like a dream. But ever since they released the redesigned version, it never works. EVER! I used the app on my Android phone and spent 15 minutes with customer support to see about getting it fixed, but they weren’t at all helpful. So I downloaded it onto my iPad, but the scan feature doesn’t work in this version either. It’s just absolute crap! Safeway, you NEED to fix this feature so it’s bug free and just as easy to use as it used to be.
  • Shopping at Safeway 5/5

    By Grandma Andros
    I love the excellent customer service, help finding a product, bagging my groceries & taking them to my car. Also using my Safeway app to get good deals on many things & even free items!
  • Can't you make an actual iPad app? 1/5

    By jaroth46
    In this day and age it's amazing that you can't make an app that works properly on an iPad, that is, in "landscape" orientation! The iPad is not a huge phone. We always use the app at home first, on an iPad before going to the store, to find and organize our prospective purchases. Using the iPad in "portrait" (phone) orientation is a pain, especially when the iPad is in a case. PLEASE spend a few dollars and hire a high school student to make your app iPad friendly! It's really not very difficult...
  • Apple Wallet Pass 1/5

    By user7496
    Excellent app. I really love the changes that you have made to the UI. I use this app often. Normally when I’m checking out, I manually enter my Safeway Club number to receive my savings. I know there is an option to scan a QR code within the app for savings. However, I would like to be able to bypass this step by adding my Safeway Club card to my Apple Wallet. Apps like Walgreens have a wallet pass that automatically appears when using Apple Wallet in their stores. I would like Safeway to add the same feature to their app. I love Safeway because I get more discounts there than any other grocery store, and I love using Apple Pay and Apple Wallet to make my purchases. Please make this a possibility for me, and again, your team is doing an excellent job with this app. Thank you!
  • Bring back the old app 1/5

    By Ref C.
    Please bring back the old version of the app. This new design decently is absolutely horrible. I’m always so confused on what is where. Old app was plain and simple.
  • Produce 1/5

    By Ace in the pocket
    I recently purchased a bag of broccoli, carrots, snap peas and they were rotten. I just threw them away and didn’t want to deal with the hassle to return them.
  • Just for you 1/5

    By cirus girl
    Difficult for seniors please eliminate, could not agree more