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Safeway App

Maximize your savings with the Safeway app and our just for U program! Register to find over $300 in weekly savings and earn fuel rewards. Easily get weekly coupons and sale information on groceries and more. Download and register to start savings now. Find your Savings: · Register to clip your digital coupons in just for U® to be used at checkout · Sort offers by aisle, category, purchase history, recently added, and about to expire · Register to Earn Gas Rewards and redeem at participating stations. See program details inside the app. · View your Weekly Ad Build your Shopping List: • Using your purchase history • Add the items you buy that may not be found in your weekly ad (Your Club Specials) • Adding your own items • Scan barcodes Other Features you will find: • Manage your account • Store Locator/Gas Locator • See your Rewards and Savings Summary *Some features not available in all areas.

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Safeway app reviews

  • Love safeway but this app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jmmunt
    I’ve tried this on 6 separate occasions before finally deleting the app for good. I didn’t work a single time. Furthermore scanning feature doesn’t work on a lot of barcodes.
  • Starbucks 5/5

    By Nani K
    I want to acknowledge the baristas at your Twin Peaks/Silverbell Rd. Marana, Az. They are all amazing. They’re friendly, attentive, respectful and personable. They are extremely patient with those of us that are not that good at ordering. Susie and the girls were aware of my health condition and everyday asked how I was. I have to admit that at times, there were a line of people and short handed and yet they were professional and yet personable. They are an amazing team. Mary K
  • I love this app. 5/5

    By gurney420
    I live my kingman az, Safeway more. But it makes point utilization easy. Finding ads and rewards. Easy to understand and navigate. Thanks A+
  • I love my Marina Safeway 5/5

    By Phyllis Says:
    I have been going to the Marina Safeway for many years maybe 40 and I’ve always felt comfortable in there and well taken care of. As of 2019 I find it as wonderful if not better. Store is clean. The managers are available. I always feel it there R as many checkers as they Possibly can afford to have 💵💸💰👍 Plus they are well trained I don’t think I’ve ever caught anybody on their first day I’m sure it happens but I haven’t experienced it I’m always very kind when I do enough out of me. Good job Safeway✝️🌺👍😇 Phyllis

    By C.AnneWig
    I’m specifically talking about the Safeway store in LaGrande Oregon. Unfortunately in our small town we are limited to places to shop for groceries. You must choose between Walmart or Safeway for groceries. Safeway never has enough employees working to make it run efficiently during the checkout process. I go there every Friday and spend at least $200-$300 and every single time I go I look at my receipt and there are anywhere between 2 to 7 items that I have been overcharged for. So then I have to go to customer service and spend 10 to 20 minutes of my time to get it corrected and get my money back. Every time this happens I feel like Safeway is doing this on purpose and anybody that is busy or elderly or just doesn’t check their receipts are getting ripped off daily! if you don’t believe me I invite you to check I guarantee you you will get overcharged for something if you grocery shop there. I have also brought this to their attention several times and they apologized over and over again and yet nothing ever changes. If anyone from Safeway would like to contact me I will be more than happy to hear from them. I mostly wrote this as a public service announcement I know a lot of elderly people are on a budget and it makes me sick to my stomach to think of the store taking advantage of them! Camela Wiget
  • I love Safeway 5/5

    By bbhajee
    I have been shopping in Safeway for over forty yrs. they have the best service and products. Our safe way in is very clean and pleasant. Hope it stays the same. Thank you Safeway ❤️❤️🙏
  • Trash 1/5

    By Mrs Eng
    This app wasted too much of my time. I tried to get into my account and it didn’t recognize my password. Tried “forgot password” four different times and then signing on with temporary passwords. NEVER WORKED. Can’t even get into my account now. Thanks. Useless app 😡. No wonder I like Fry’s better. 😡😡😡
  • Safeway App 5/5

    By YouTube->melissamilancasi
    The Safeway app is good but I don’t like how you have to spend $100 to get 1 credit which is either $1 off or 1 free item that is around $1 food is expensive we should have more rewards. More $$ off and more savings. Safeway is expensive and don’t really pay their employees what they deserve I’m sure they can afford to give the ppl who have the app more discounts rather than just $1 when you spend $100.
  • COMPLETE SCAM of an App! 1/5

    By Lipmonger
    Discounts / coupons never sync to the register at checkout. It is a total joke. They could make it easy by having a barcode display to scan for your discounts, but they intentionally don’t do that to make it as difficult as possible for you to save. This app makes me drive out of my way to go to King Soopers. F Safeway.
  • Love SAFEWAY! 5/5

    By anniuska123
    There products are always Excellent, and we always get the best deal. Love it, Mares-Hall family
  • Just fix the bugs 4/5

    By MondragonMama
    Love the app and the Just 4U deals I get, especially the free items! The only reason I gave it 4 stars, instead of 5, is because the app can be glitchy and sometimes doesn’t want to work at all when you try to save a deal. If Safeway can get the bugs worked out finally, it will be perfect!
  • One button download 2/5

    By weis4
    Would like to see one button to download ALL items downloaded at one time, just for u, specials, weekly. It is so time consuming to go through each item.
  • Unusable garbage 1/5

    By Papa pepper
    Tried multiple phone numbers and emails that weren’t previously registered, would not let me make an account. The user interface is also the worst I’ve ever seen for a grocery store app.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Melissaannemcdermott
    I was hoping this would be similar to the frys shopping app. It is so difficult to use. It would be nice if you can add anything to your shopping list but it only gives you the deals items they list. Other apps let me compare prices for different brands and check for coupons. So frustrating.
  • 💚 5/5

    By EGR13
    The best app!!
  • Terrible website 1/5

    By deadseats
    Not able to open it, after downloading the app. Been a customer for 25 years and it does not recognize my password? What a joke.
  • Great but Internet Service in Store Makes it Difficult 5/5

    By Adruenne
    We get horrible internet service in store and it’s hard to utilize the app while shopping. We have to be sure to add sale and just for you items before we get there or we miss out on the rewards.
  • Great prices and friendly staff! 5/5

    By Gram of 10♥️
    I always have a hard time downloading my digital coupons! When I’m ready to go to a cashier they are very helpful! You all rock!!!
  • Frustrating app 1/5

    I find the Safeway app so frustrating and not user friendly. Log on passwords seem to not carry over from Safeway app to Safeway shopping app. Password recovery is difficult. Linking a Safeway phone number used to shop but now apparently given to someone else is frustrating. Now for delivery - often late, sometimes cancel - no common sense used when updating an item that isn’t available.
  • Great Deals 5/5

    By SammiTrickey
    I have saved up to $60 with this app combined with the app. Very helpful ♥️
  • Thanks for the $ off 5/5

    By trueblueHI
    Excited to see I can use my rewards to get $ off of my purchases and not only selected items. This is a plus for me to get what I want and save $ too. Thanks Safeway!
  • Crashing all the time 1/5

    By JC00075
    Whatever update that was done about a month ago- it has broken it completely. App crashes on launch every time on my iPhone 7 Plus. No issues with any other apps on the same phone. Even the app update recently hasn’t fixed the issue.
  • Happy Customer 5/5

    By Rumi'sMimi
    Love my Safeway App!
  • Great app 4/5

    By zanny-k-doodle
    The only thing that would make it great is to add the pharmacy to the app. Love that when I look for an item it adds the coupons as well as the item to my list.
  • Safeway Novato 4/5

    By joe safeway
    Downtown is always good to fun. Seems to be managed well. The Hamilton one is managed horribly, too often 5 or more in line, and the quick check is almost never open. Sad, as all the cashiers are fast and accurate and pleasant. But at both stores you need some serious management intervention as it is always a long wait. You need to teach the entire deli staff to multi task
  • Takes too much time 1/5

    By snowdawg1986
    I don't have an hour each week to scroll through this nonsense and find deals I want to add. I will continue to give every version of this app 1 star until they include an "add all deals" button. They don't do this ON PURPOSE now because then you won't be looking at all the products for a whole hour which means they don't get as much ad revenue. 1 star.
  • Store email links do NOT connect to app. 2/5

    By ladybugin
    Why have an app if NONE of your advertisements redirect to the app?! It is so dumb that I get directed to a desktop website when the app is clearly installed on my phone. I use the app all the time.
  • Great 5/5

    By hrddgbuhffhhibb
    Good job
  • Too much going on in app and takes too long to use 1/5

    By Shawnaem206415
    The Safeway app is overly done and it takes too long to use it in the store just for a few coupons, but you are forced to use it if you want the sales prices. The cashiers often don’t know how it works either and Safeway is already designed so you never know how much you’re paying for stuff until everything is rung up.. So if you ask if your digital coupon went through, they have no idea.. You’ll either pay full price or hold up the line to check the prices. I really wish Safeway would just have regular sales prices and do away with the digital coupons and app all together
  • Modernize 5/5

    By pizzelle lady
    Hi, the Safeway in Lafayette Ca. Is somewhat dark. It’s hard to get used to when I’ve come from the Von’s in San Luis Obispo. It just seems like a very old store. There are other places to grocery shop near by like Diablo Foods, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Lunardi’s etc. these are nice and bright stores. Diablo Foods is as old as Safeway but so much brighter. Just an idea.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By magicpunkmcfly
    Always says there’s no internet connection
  • Just for U 5/5

    By crabby tree
    This app is the best
  • Nothings wrong with the app it’s the people who work for Safeway 1/5

    By Nickol3_
    The app works fine for placing orders however 95% of the time when I order I am overcharged for items because either I didn’t receive what I ordered (on final receipt ) or because Safeway did not honor their prices online. I can say that I will not be using Safeway for any of my future orders because they’ve failed me time and time again. I’m so over it !
  • Bad update 5/5

    By cheermom
    The latest update has made it so the app will not open on my phone, however it works on my iPad. Looks like another update is needed...
  • App is nice ... but 4/5

    By Bravo111
    The app does a nice job organizing and tracking items. My only problem is the app never works in the store... Douglas’s Safeway is horrible to use the app... if it is not preloaded forget adding it in the store.
  • Safeway Kihei, Maui 4/5

    By gippy4life
    Very disappointing that this store does not have WiFi. This makes it impossible to scan certain Just 4 U barcodes. It is even more disappointing when told we don’t have WiFi because the homeless come in and use it. This needs to be addressed on many levels.
  • Scan Coupon Feature won’t work on iPhone 5/5

    By Big Head Doraemon
    Scan Coupon Feature won’t work on iPhone. Other than that I use the app every time I shop at Safeway.
  • Now I use coupons! 5/5

    By Denverjo5280
    This app makes saving money so easy- I always have my phone with me, and I can scroll deals before I go to store and save the deals I want to use in my cart. This approach to coupon clipping is SO MUCH BETTER than paper coupons. Convenient and easy to use. I also know how many points I have for gas rewards when I am out and about in order to use my points before they expire- love the app!
  • Recent update still "dead in the water" 1/5

    By Mziesk
    Freshly d/l'd updated app 6-6 - still immediately crashes on an iPad2 running iOS 9.3.5. Perhaps it's not really compatible with that version of the OS. Zero stars as of today!
  • $ave time and money!!! 5/5

    By Jon Rom 505
    The old days of clipping coupons are WAY done and I’m glad that they keep updating this app to make it work correctly. Who wants to use an app that doesn’t work? Plus, my wife now can give me a list without having to read her mind on which products to purchase. Love $aving time and money.
  • Great savings 5/5

    By mezzo25
    I enjoy so much more than old way of couponing.
  • Love Safeway but.... 4/5

    By Skidmark01
    I wish the Safeway app had the print view of the weekly ad in it, like Kroger does.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Mommajls49
    Great savings, great tools - use it all the time!
  • Coupons 2/5

    By dhdnxjucfncjc
    Would be nice to select all coupons at once
  • Time consuming app. 1/5

    By distressedover
    I find this ad very tedious and difficult to navigate. Never really know what I’m buying. The simplest way to upgrade the app is to make it so you can select all of the items that are available on you save with one button. The onus should not be on the customer. You can find out what the customer bought rather than letting the customer pick ahead and hope to find something that she can save on. Making it so will actually promote the product more.
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By Blue Sno Cone
    I buy all large quantities of food for the food pantry in Needles, CA. I manage the pantry and have received such excellent service from the Ft Mohave store that I buy there as often as I can. Danny and Monica are awesome to deal with as are all the other clerks up front who have helped me. They always make me a priority even when they are obviously busy. I do my personal shopping there as well and use my Safeway app and my “just for you” coupons. They all do a tremendous job and your service there is excellent.
  • Local 5/5

    By Pam's Safeway
    I am a full time resident of Show Low and we Love our local store.
  • Safeway coupons 3/5

    By Strubli
    The only thing I dislike is having to click every one of the coupons. I really wish there was an easier way.
  • No coupons mark down prices 3/5

    By spot999
    I wish you would just mark stuff down and not have to do coupons. Half the time when I’m the store and you need a coupon the service or app won’t let you download. Frustrating. Also older people who don’t use internet don’t get the savings.

Safeway app comments

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