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Safeway App

Maximize your savings with the Safeway app and our just for U program! Register to find over $300 in weekly savings and earn fuel rewards. Easily get weekly coupons and sale information on groceries and more. Download and register to start savings now. Find your Savings: · Register to clip your digital coupons in just for U® to be used at checkout · Sort offers by aisle, category, purchase history, recently added, and about to expire · Register to Earn Gas Rewards and redeem at participating stations. See program details inside the app. · View your Weekly Ad Build your Shopping List: • Using your purchase history • Add the items you buy that may not be found in your weekly ad (Your Club Specials) • Adding your own items • Scan barcodes Other Features you will find: • Manage your account • Store Locator/Gas Locator • See your Rewards and Savings Summary *Some features not available in all areas.

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  • Safeway App = HUGE $$$ Savings! 5/5

    By JoseFromAZ
    I really enjoyed this app & SAVED A LOT OF $$$. RECOMMEND it to any shopper. Safeway has done an amazing job at making this app help their customers SAVE MONEY and a noticeable amount too. Today when I shopped I saved about $80 with an ending total of around $200. App also makes your next shopping visit easier by giving you personal savings for items that you bought on the previous visit. They now feature reward points that you can redeem for actual in store items. You can get points for just shopping there and can start redeeming with just one point.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By blahblah_blah564+564+564
    This app is easy to use and I can keep a running list of groceries until I place my order. I get coupons that I wouldn’t have seen if I were in the store and I still get my club card savings. The Safeway people pick better produce than I do and I’m saving money because now I see the prices in the app and it’s easier to compare them side by side. What could improve: 1. the default “item preferences” are “same brand different size” which no one wants, at least I don’t. Upon picking up my first order, the Safeway manager explained that it is a hard for them to get another size in the same brand because they don’t always carry it. I got a ton of chicken that I didn’t want but didn’t realize there even were item preferences. Then I said that those are the default preferences and I didn’t actually make those choices. Then she said “ohhh that makes sense because we thought everyone was choosing this option and we couldn’t figure out why.” A different default would be good like “different brand same size” every time. Or “no substitutions”. Or let us choose the default we like most for our orders in the whole with the option to change other individual item preferences on a case by case basis. 2. It would be nice to see the item preferences when looking over my list, having them be visible without opening each one up. Just small radio buttons with the options but no drop down. Use the drop down only for comments.
  • App not reliable 4/5

    By rotor97223
    The app doesn’t work inside Safeway stores.
  • It really saves 5/5

    By Allyka8t
    This app saves me on average 20% on my groceries. If you shop at Safeway you need to be using this app.
  • Digital app 1/5

    By no more loyal shopper
    I don’t like it. It is discriminatory and a waste of time. Just give people the sales price.
  • Regression in utility 2/5

    By Potomacbuddy
    Latest updates make it harder to review 'just for U' specials. App in general continues to list same item multiple times. Much less likely to use compared to only a year ago.
  • Great store! 4/5

    By Drawma Qween
    Very close to our house very friendly sales are great love the 50 percent off meat too!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By 19 Robbie45
    Convenient and helpful. Love the rewards.
  • Frequent “Just For You” shopper 3/5

    By love Just For You
    Some online weekly sale items do not show the correct images to the customer.
  • Awesome ap 5/5

    By Colliman
    Line up your list, and save money on hidden deals while doing it. Check off your list when you get to the store and watch the savings roll in the checkout line. Anyone shopping without the app is losing out!
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By Squishee27
    Easy to use, even for me!
  • Safeway App 4/5

    By paytonplace308
    Safeway has one of the better apps although it could still be improved.
  • Sync 2/5

    By Salem's Snapper
    I have been having problems with sales showing up on my bill. I have to check bill and go back to store to get the price refund because it is not on receipt.
  • Bad bad “update”. 2/5

    By rjtx2010
    Please put it back! This was a useful app but you jacked it up. The “items you buy” and “items you may like” replaced the full selection. It makes using the app take longer since all of my selection is no longer in one place. Now it’s messing with my points! Yesterday I had 60. Today I have 3 but I didn’t use any. What gives!! Bad enough there’s been yet another price increase but you can’t even get rewards right? Back to Grocery Outlet!
  • Great price 5/5

    By 1o3i45
    Great price, clean store, love my Safeway or Albertsons.
  • Shopper 5/5

    By Leialohaleimakamae
    Just called customer service center for help with my Safeway app. A young lady Christian helped me get it working...hooray...five⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️to CHRISTIAN for her help.
  • Good app 5/5

    By tomoplold
  • Shopping with my phone 5/5

    By quantum dopple ganger
    Getting free stuff all the time! Free (monopoly) 8oz cream cheese today that I actually buy on the regular. Free (using points) 1 dozen large grade AA eggs last week! Also a regular purchase. Got some name brand yogurt for .37$! Scanning while shopping is super easy! Look for the digital coupon. Good deals on stuff I actually use.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By cbDejaVu
    App doesn’t work half the time. Since several offers are only available through this broken app I’m switching to King Soopers as my primary grocery store even though Safeway is closer and I’ve been a customer for years. This FORCED app experience has destroyed the shopping experience.
  • Always more expensive 2/5

    By Rubyjean2021
    Safeway is always the most expensive. They are frequently out of their “specials”. I’ll shop At Walmart thank you.
  • Safeway ad app 5/5

    By MJo41st
    The app is great, but the WiFi in my store is so weak that I have to remember to look at the app before I go to the store. I wish the store on 41st in Soquel, CA could fix that issue. More people would use it.
  • Tanks 5/5

    By Chikita Nena
    That’s my favorite store to go shopping
  • Work for your savings 5/5

    By Mymy7777
    You may have to work for your savings in effort time and communication however true all the reviews are this ap can work it’s worth it!
  • Coupons 3/5

    By alltake
    It would be nice if there was an “add all” option for the coupons instead of having to add them one by one. Way too time consuming
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Boboobobboobobobobbo
    Keep getting unable to sync or network errors. Not worth headache to shop at safeway. Heading to new seasons
  • Great savings 5/5

    By stephaniewarner0
    I coupon so I enjoyed my $10 off coupon when I downloaded the app on my new phone. It’s always fun saving Over $30 In a few minutes of your time.
  • Make the customer experience easier 2/5

    By Cookies9178
    Pros: I think I saved money, but it’s hard to tell. Conceptually has several of the right features, but needs to get their products database aligned to where to find the product (aisles). Suggested changes: 1) ensure most (80% or more) of products can be linked to their aisle location. Most of the items I opted to scan onto my list showed up as unknown aisle. 2) Link search results to product savings offers and to specific popular items. If I type in marinara sauce, show me my sales items and popular brands. 2) Provide an estimated total bill. Knowing roughly how much I’ll spend makes it easier for me to manage my budget.
  • Sinple mente la mejor 5/5

    By aumivijo
    Numero 1 en todo
  • So Disappointed 1/5

    By Lovely Turtle
    I don’t know what they’re done with this app, however it’s nearly impossible to get it to work properly anymore. I receive “special deals“ in emails and when I try to add one of the specials to my card, the link takes me to a webpage instead of the app now. The app consistently tries to change my location; I’m in Colorado yet it will change my location to California, or Idaho. That’s something I have to check each time. Since the email links do not go to the app, I have to open the app, which isn’t any big deal, then I have to scroll through all of the different “Coupons“ in order to find the one I’m looking for. It’s such a waste of time that I rarely ever do it anymore. I have better things to do with my time then to search through hundreds of “coupons“ to find the one I’m looking for. My time is too valuable to waste it this way. If you’re going to send me coupons, at least link them easily up to the app. Otherwise, what good is having the emails sent directly to me, and why bother having the app?
  • App 5/5

    By AZRes
    So easy, organized and great deals. Loved Just for You. Congrats!!!
  • Nice people 5/5

    By JDeFord
    I love the Safeway ap and the store in Bend. Such nice people. And there is a girl, Suni in the Starbuckd who is duper nice
  • Print aid 3/5

    By twinkly_1
    I really wish I could just pull up the print aid sometimes as the listed one does not always show all the things covered at the sale price or deal. And aren’t in the correct sections to find.
  • Great app, could be better 4/5

    By jenn90
    I love all the savings I’ve been able to accumulate thus far. It’s exciting to see how much I save during checkout with the app offers in addition to the club prices. I also really appreciate the personalized deals I receive for the items I purchase frequently or have purchased before. Sometime I pay less than I would if I were shopping at big box stores. However, the app isn’t perfect. It is time consuming to add all the deals into my account. Couldn’t the app developers just automatically apply the deals? The deals could be better streamlined as the app UI feels a bit “clunky.” All in all, the app works for me.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Brie1007
    I love all the savings!
  • Safeway deals 5/5

    By Az4528
    Great deals
  • Awesome application, really saves you money 5/5

    By PayPal lover/hater
    Saves you money recommend to download it.
  • Very limited 1/5

    By Hamish56
    I find this particular app useless for me. It’s great for coupons and such, but it does absolutely nothing for the rest of the shopping experience. With other stores apps (Fred Meyer/Kroger, Walmart, even Target), I can look up a specific item in the store and it tells me not only if it’s in stock but where to find it in the store. I can compare prices with other grocers and organize my list to maximize efficiency. This app gives me none of that, so it’s just taking up space on my phone and will be deleted. Broaden your focus, Safeway!
  • Help 5/5

    By save 5
    The Safeway app helps me save money.
  • Good but... 4/5

    By Mommybrain2015
    I have two gripes: 1) sometimes the app doesn’t register a coupon clipped on the app so I have to go back to select it a few times (J4U ones) 2)Rewards need to refresh. Sounds small but, since I’m super close to a Safeway, we go A LOT I’ve clipped all the big rewards and now I’m down to clipping free things I don’t care about as much or at all. Let’s be honest, people want options to get $$ back or free butter but $ usually wins.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Chinadina
    Been shopping at Safeway many years, love the store-hate the app! Most of the time this app does not work, when I try to add an item in Just For You, it says we're sorry but having trouble adding... the savings should be automatic for members we should not have to add items from the app. The savings should come off when we login at the register like normal stores. I noticed there’s a lot of people that gave high star grades but if you read the post it’s about the store very few are about loving the app!
  • Worst system ever 1/5

    By Multi Balled Flipper Baby
    Why can't I just get the same deals from my Safeway card or putting in my phone number like before. Finally broke down and tried this app. Tried to scan a bar code on a tag and it would not work. I feel like a lameo trying to scan a tag in a busy store to save 50¢ on some yogurt. Go to hell Safeway!!!!
  • Save so much money! 5/5

    By jlynn656
    I love the Safeway app, I save a lot of money on just for you and paper coupons that are digital!
  • Employees 5/5

    By Simon Says Shop
    The employees are so helpful!
  • Item Locator PLEASE 2/5

    By JazzleB
    Coupons are cool, but FOR THE LOVE OF TIME SAVING, PLEASE ADD AN IN-STORE ITEM LOCATOR TO THIS APP. Target does it. Thats why I would choose Target over Safeway. Get on it, Safeway. This is 2019 for crying out loud.
  • Coupons 4/5

    By bow_tex
    I wish that the WiFi in the store worked, so that I could scan the coupons.
  • Coupons don’t work 2/5

    By jenoz82
    I download the coupons and use my balance rewards but when I go to pay it doesn’t take the coupons when I use my phone number. This has happened almost every time I have gone. I also ask the cashier and they sorry there is nothing they can do on there end. Why even bother with this as even the people before and after me have the same problem.
  • Authentication errors constantly 1/5

    By Summerpig
    Apart from just not updating from the shopping to checkout, this app locks up frequently. In addition, the phone on my account is linked to my email but when I try to access it, it errors on the password. I’ve reset my password probably a dozen times and it won’t let me in. There’s no way to relink to a different email account to get out of authentication jail.
  • Truly flawless! 5/5

    By jgmj2857
    I’ve been using this app since the beginning and I find its performance to be flawless. If I’ve had any problems, they were too few to mention and easily resolved. I’ve tried apps for other major food stores, but none come close. Well done Safeway!
  • Register error $ time delay 5/5

    By club luv
    love the values & savings just4U really saves.Store is clean & well stocked,employees are helpful & knowledgable.Consistant Quality

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