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Salesforce App

New Look, same great product! Salesforce1 is now Salesforce. Run your business from your mobile device. Salesforce unifies your Chatter, CRM, custom apps, and business processes in a modern experience. Whether you're in the office, on an airplane, or checking in from a coffee shop, Salesforce is your key to productivity. Access all your CRM data, existing customizations, and breakthrough productivity tools from anywhere. Manage your day. Stay on top of your day, from viewing your scheduled events to getting updates on accounts on the go. Tap into conference calls, fast. Easily access and update your CRM data after meetings. And get the information you need, when you need it. Advance your deals. Sell on the go and close deals fast. Take action from anywhere on any device with contextual notifications. Get instant access to all your sales actions with the publisher, right in your feed. Log calls, create and update opportunities, and complete sales tasks. Track your performance. Get live updates and a real-time view of your business from the palm of your hand. Reports and Dashboards are available when you need them so you can make informed decisions from anywhere. Collaborate with your team. Connect with your colleagues and team members instantly, no matter where you are. Collaborate with Chatter to create, view, and manage conversations from your mobile device. Attach photos or files directly to your Chatter feed so you can keep moving and drive your business forward. With the power of the Salesforce, you can now connect to your customers in a whole new way, all from your mobile device.

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Salesforce app reviews

  • Regional Director 1/5

    By Dillsham
    The online portal for SFDC is amazing. However they have a lot of work to do on their app to make it as efficient as it should be based on the success of the program as a whole.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Andycb72
    Better functionality and friendlier interface than previous iteration.
  • Missing rep 4/5

    By TrueKen
    I’m missing a representative on my salesforce app. Name is Alexis Flores in store #2117
  • CCR 5/5

    By ReneeDuV
    SalesForce helps me organize my workload!
  • Would like access to more options 3/5

    By barbdw
    I am aware that Salesforce is very flexible however our access to some things is very limited. I could really use the option to sort my contacts by stage. I would also like to be able to see the full status of associates at the point in my mobile app. Right now it’s just an abbreviation and doesn’t allow us to see the actual status.
  • Not a productivity aid 1/5

    By JCG623
    Essentially asks for credentials every time I log in. Walks me through selecting permissions every time. Asks to set a PIN every time. Walks me through the setup of Salesforce Today every time. It’s so bad I only use it briefly and in a situation where I really need data or to provide an update and don’t have my computer nearby. If I could use the app without these steps, it would be a good tool.
  • Needs a calendar 2/5

    By 12 pillars
    It would be nice if the app had a calendar
  • Simplification 2/5

    By zxcfgtywe
    While Salesforce has many good attributes I think that simplification of use could be worked on. It often has I.T. Issues and is finicky. Training on Salesforce should focus only initially what data a Sales rep needs to enter. Practice, practice, practice with an instructor until they guarantee you have it done 100% correctly would be the wisest way to train.
  • Smoldering pile of garbage 1/5

    By thisbetterbeavailable
    Our company just switched to this program. It is horrible. You can’t assign multiple techs to the same work order. You can’t adjust hours once they’re entered. And the whole thing is counterintuitive. Our IT guys have been working on this for months and have had to delay rollout twice. After all the work and effort, it’s still horribly broken
  • This app needs to be a priority for SF in 2019 1/5

    By Kara is Yiung
    SF, This app is literally what’s in my hand everyday as I swing doors and do my thing. Why is it that it is not a functioning app? It lags so so bad. It is not user friendly AT ALL. It makes working in outside sales a nightmare. Please put this at the top of your priority list in 2019 to improve. Thanks, Extremely frustrated user
  • APP 4/5

    By Skater27765
  • Pictures 4/5

    By Cheers HD
    Love the app as it’s easy to use. Only knock I have is that you can only attach one picture per post unless someone knows how!?
  • Basic functions cannot be performed 1/5

    By ColinK77
    Basic functions cannot be performed. UX still terrible.
  • Can’t download zip file 2/5

    By Jerry-Tsai
    It can’t support zip file.
  • Too confusing . 1/5

    By tuiokbfg
  • Navigation 5/5

    By MissJess_
    I don’t use apple maps, I use Waze, but the app doesn’t let me navigate using it. My only negative!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Refrigeration Fox
    One of my customers forces me to use this horrendous application. This app has more bugs than the insect exhibit at my local zoo. It's difficult to navigate with no explanation in the app, or from my customer, on how they want me to use it. Even worse, it crashes after every entry. Let's say that I check in at my customer's facility. If I want to enter notes or do anything else, I have to close the app and restart it. After I've done that one particularly thing, I have to again close the app and restart it to do anything else. Repeat ad nauseum.
  • Need a Salesforce app to work with iPad Pro and all of its features 3/5

    By Good TX
    Please update the Salesforce app to work with iPad Pro and all of it’s features
  • Awesome CRM 4/5

    By KLovett2012
    I love this platform and what it has allowed me to do with my business. However, I would love if we could keep notes on a “Lead”. That would make the platform 1000x better
  • I gave it 5 stars then... 3/5

    By Killaking47
    The app handles most of my CRM needs, but I can’t check for prospects that may belong to another rep, and as soon as I gave the app 5 stars I was unable to open links from my clients/prospects account.
  • Maddening 1/5

    By SHolmes1961
    This app drives me nuts. I rarely rate things online, but this app is too slow, and it freezes many times a day. I can close it, and then reopen quickly to make it work, but I shouldn’t have to.
  • Needs iPad pro 11 optimization 2/5

    By NYCTechExec
    Still doesn't go full screen on the iPad 11. Good thing not a lot of Salespeople use iPads or anything.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Tosa's dad
    Would be good if the opportunities can be displayed in tabular form.
  • Need Improvement 1/5

    By yepyep804
    Should be able attach photos/videos to SMS or MMS and send from my phone. It’s a pain that I can’t perform this task out in the field. It would make follow up so much easier if I could take a photo attach it and text clients a few lines.
  • VP CA 5/5

    By Claudia KJ
    Friendly use app !!
  • Great app, but.... 4/5

    By gsmadrid76
    Overall the Salesforce app is not bad. I would like to see if Salesforce can add a widget for “My Tasks” in Salesforce. That way I can easily track my tasks with one swipe.
  • Wonderfull 5/5

    By Grariy
    Very helpful platform.
  • Needs copy/paste function 3/5

    By gdgsheidnden
    Please add copy paste function to work orders.
  • New user 5/5

    By Big Dan S
    I’m just learning the software, but it appears to be the most robust CRM I have ever used! I look forward to using it to increase my sales and connecting with my clients!
  • Salesforce quotes 3/5

    By SF Quoting
    It would be most beneficial to have project filter in all 3 quote channels.
  • Newest Update SLOW!!! 2/5

    By Kdhgoblue
    Ever since the latest update SF drags. Cannot hardly open any Leads or Accounts. App update needs fixed ASAP or going to another CRM. Cannot do business like this.
  • I am learning 3/5

    By rocks bob
    I see a lot of value. Just need to get more comfortable and understand. The training from Barb T is really great. Yesterday on using the Smartphone I really liked the options with drop down boxes and using Voice for notes and logging. Thanks
  • The rating is misleading 1/5

    By CJ GJ
    I feel like it must be the gajillion salesforce employees who rated this app 5 stars because it is quite sad and awfully cumbersome. The UI is terrible- it would be much better if the layout were more like the desktop site. It’s slow to load as you scroll up and virtually no way to even customize the view. Please throw this out and start over because I WOULD rate Salesforce as a whole a 5. Not this travesty.
  • Perfect. 5/5

    By Xelerator
    Gets the job done while at home or on the go.
  • Good app but wish their was a Mapquest-type visual of prospects & clients 3/5

    By Makimma99
    This would help me to better understand where my clients and prospects are in relation to my daily travels. For example, if I have a cancellation or get out of a meeting early, I can locate other prospects and clients around me and be able to review their accounts.
  • Salesforce 5/5

    By #gopack
    I love this app compared to what we used before. This app is easy and self explanatory to use. I found little things in reports that is very helpful for reports due monthly. Thank you
  • Great on IPhone! 5/5

    By Michael Paul Fernandez
    Works great on my IPhone. I have the same app on my work phone (Samsung) But was allowed to use in my personal phone(iPhone) and works much better and much easier to use.
  • It’s ok for viewing 2/5

    By JeffreyCA
    Can’t use iPhone to enter notes on the account from the app. Would be nice to take notes right in the app while in a meeting.
  • Great app but could use improvements 4/5

    By Mojo113
    App is an awesome resource that maximizes my ability to manage my accounts and Information. App could use improvements glitchy and crashes fairly often could use some more fluidity as far as going from the map to accounts. All in all great resource.
  • Salesforce is 5/5

    By Kleenupwoman
    Salesforce is number 1 according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • “Great app” 5/5

    By mrfixitz
    “Good app for my work!! Works great too!!!!/NO issues w/so-ever”
  • Ok for viewing info, terrible for adding info 1/5

    By Mruseless
    Very clunky and buggy when adding new info such as an address to an account. Sometimes the field is not visible or the keyboard obstructs the field and you are unable to scroll down. Needs work.
  • Good but slow 3/5

    By geok1101
    Useful for businesses that can immediately have a configurable mobile app without much additional effort. But it runs slower and less responsive than other common apps so not something I would launch a consumer facing service on. But overall good
  • Works good 4/5

    If I do not constantly back out of my accounts and categories within them, then my app will usually crash in a day or 2. So I try to remember to back out to home page before opening a new account . Other than that, saves me considerable amount of time from having to pop open my lab top !
  • Can’t imagine a day without it 5/5

    By Lord Imperator Pence
    Greatest app for productivity in the history of manual effort and labor. In fact, the out of the box sales automation is second class to none. Salesforce is the real deal.
  • Not very portable 3/5

    By deebird2002
    Never loads on cellular service
  • Bugs in switching records 3/5

    By RochelleW
    Generally a handy app that allows me to get deals through the approvals pipeline even when I’m not in the office. However, I’ve run into bugs that will open a prior record repeatedly when switching between screens, e.g., attachments and approval history. This means that if I view one record and then want to edit a second record, I have to be really careful not to accidentally edit the wrong record, and usually have to close and reopen the app to “force” it to flush the memory. This is a significant detriment to efficiency.
  • Change opportunity owner in App 3/5

    By Dyanezii
    This release says that this long awaited functionality is now available. I don’t see how to do it. help customer support?
  • Notifications 2/5

    By 2col4scool
    The app is Great I’m glad my company uses Salesforce for our day to day Leads the ONLY thing I wish Salesforce would do is SEND PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ALERTS on our mobile devices such iPhones and the IPad that is assigned to me from work. If Salesforce sent me notifications alerts to my iPhone phone and iPad whenever I get a new appointment on my books for example I check my Salesforce before I go to bed sometimes there is nothing scheduled for the next day then in the middle of the night or early in the morning there might be a new appointment I don’t know that got added to my books but if I got a PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to alert me to inform me that I have a 8:00 a.m. appointment 1 hour away and during early morning San Francisco’s commute time would be 2.5 hour drive in traffic it would be super nice and convenient that I got a PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to alert me so I’m Not late or notifications when there is a cancellation but MOST IMPORTANTLY my whole point for my reason why PUSH NOTIFICATIONS would better help me as a Design/Sales Consultant and Any Salesman or Saleswoman so stay and get better informed and we are informed instantly on my mobile device and I don’t see why I can get an INSTANT PUSH NOTIFICATIONS on my iPhone from Salesforce? Because When the Oakland Raiders have a game and are about to start playing Live I get a PUSH NOTIFICATION TO ALERT ME on my iPhone and when the first kickoff is about to be underway I get another PUSH NOTIFICATION TO ALERT ME and when they score a touchdown I get a PUSH NOTIFICATIONS TO ALERT ME and the score after each quarter I get PUSH NOTIFICATIONS TO ALERT ME and if I Really wanted to I just have to adjust my push notifications to get a Live Notification for play by play action during each football game and I even Notifications when there is a press conference is about to start after each game even a press conference the next day is about start and I can watch it Live on my app. Since that is already possible from the Oakland Raiders team app and every team in the NFL and SALESFORCE is TEAM PLAYER a key player in the Sales industry almost like a coach or a quarterback calling the plays for each company that RELYS on SALESFORCE to Collect & PROPERLY ORGANIZE appointments So each SALESMAN & SALESWOMAN can better serve our clients more effectively and efficiently to ultimately make & increase Sales and I believe by Salesforce sending push notifications would help and make a big difference in the way business is handled when it come to Sales and Sales Consultations.

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