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Salesforce App

New Look, same great product! Salesforce1 is now Salesforce. Run your business from your mobile device. Salesforce unifies your Chatter, CRM, custom apps, and business processes in a modern experience. Whether you're in the office, on an airplane, or checking in from a coffee shop, Salesforce is your key to productivity. Access all your CRM data, existing customizations, and breakthrough productivity tools from anywhere. Manage your day. Stay on top of your day, from viewing your scheduled events to getting updates on accounts on the go. Tap into conference calls, fast. Easily access and update your CRM data after meetings. And get the information you need, when you need it. Advance your deals. Sell on the go and close deals fast. Take action from anywhere on any device with contextual notifications. Get instant access to all your sales actions with the publisher, right in your feed. Log calls, create and update opportunities, and complete sales tasks. Track your performance. Get live updates and a real-time view of your business from the palm of your hand. Reports and Dashboards are available when you need them so you can make informed decisions from anywhere. Collaborate with your team. Connect with your colleagues and team members instantly, no matter where you are. Collaborate with Chatter to create, view, and manage conversations from your mobile device. Attach photos or files directly to your Chatter feed so you can keep moving and drive your business forward. With the power of the Salesforce, you can now connect to your customers in a whole new way, all from your mobile device.


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Salesforce app reviews

  • Love the mobile feature 5/5

    By olu_chitown
    Helps me manage my work load on the go, whenever, wherever. Also further aids cross-team collaboration within my organization. #TeamTech
  • Disappointment 2/5

    By Dan D11b
    This app is ok when it works. It is extremely slow. It does not mirror the website and is not intuitive. When i click a SF link in my mobile email it rarely loads and screen is often blank. It is actually quicker to open my laptop, connect to a hotspot and go to sf on the web. For as much money spent on sf it is disappointing their app is probably the one of the 10-15 worst i have ever used.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bob The Sales Guy
    This is really a great app for a sales team on the road . Really enjoy using it Thank you
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By trevor1911
    Sales force has a great Sales team that will hook you into their product, after that they have terrible customer service that does nothing to help out their customers or respond to requests to help.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By krakathor
    Herramienta esencial para el manejo y administración de ventas
  • iPhone X busted 2/5

    By jon.barcellos
    This app, since upgrading to the iPhone X, never loads properly. I am in a way that I have to use the browser version on my phone, which really isn’t ideal for task logging on the fly or checking on reports and dashboards. Really hope that gets fixed in the near future!
  • Great interface, needs file upload 4/5

    By Orlando2517
    I can get most essential things done on the move and I love it. Ability to upload files (not just photos) from cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive would be really nice. Ability to add files right into the opportunity files screen (instead of going into the separate Files menu THEN the opportunity to link the file to it) would be amazing.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dustincole
    Buggy and twitchy. Not smooth at all. Makes my brand new iPad feel like an old android phone.
  • Manager, Membership Dev. ChenMed Senior Medical Centers 5/5

    By Miguel Gordillo
    Seamless utilization while on the road!!! As a road Warrior, the efficiency and efficacy of SF is impeccable: five stars without reservation...
  • 1/3 Glitchy, 1/3 Laggy, & 1/3 Usable 2/5

    By harnold09
    App consistently makes you scroll down the page again after it send you back to the top of the page. Takes too long to load each page. Would be very helpful to be able to download an account for offline use, even if only for that particular day.
  • Very glitchy, limited functionality 2/5

    By PShepard
    Only good for seeing and posting comments in cases. Creating cases and most functionality within cases and work orders is so glitchy or non-functional that one is better off using the mobile site or accessing site through computer web browser. Running on iPhone 6
  • Sales Force is Laggy/Bad Updates 3/5

    By Hotel Employee
    Our hotel is state of the art and brand new, which means we have top tier technology. Despite our strong Wi-Fi signals throughout the hotel, I often find myself waiting for the program to finish loading. Also, their have been some unfortunate updates. An example would be in previous versions we could see all the different statuses of cases at once. That way we could quickly take notice of cases that were potentially overlooked. In a newer update, they removed this option. Because of these issues, I give it a very GENEROUS 3 stars.
  • User interface not very friendly 2/5

    By cobejones55
    A little complicated, has a little of a learning curve.
  • Sales Manager 5/5

    By Happy Sales Manager
    I love Salesforce!!!
  • Aundra’ 4/5

    By black Dra
    Not as user friendly as I thought. ie E-leads
  • Best App to Manage My Business 5/5

    By SFDCfanmatt
    I’m able to manage most of my business from one app which is incredible. The productivity this app allows me is by far the best I’ve seen.
  • Rarely works 1/5

    By dontpeonme
    Update after update this app continues to disappoint. The only functionality that always works is the chatter feature which I seriously don’t care about. I haven’t been able to search for an account for months and the scheduler feature doesn’t ever load, always says no internet connection. I’ve checked, I’m connected. Whether it’s a WiFi connection or over LTE in the field says “no internet connection tap to reload”. So I tap, it spins, I give up, open my laptop or iPad, find the record I need and move along. I keep thinking the app will work and to my dismay it never does. Salesforce mobile app, this is your precipice. Until the functionality is actually working this is a waste of time.
  • Great CRM 5/5

    By Wick1000066
    App is great
  • Loan officer 5/5

    By karla Mara
    After the ambassador training I have a 80% understanding on the step by step use Of the Mobile app
  • Spelling suggestion corrections 4/5

    By salesforeceuser
    When the text is underlined blue for suggested text correction, the suggestion comes up, but when selecting it to change, it does not apply the change. Please correct this issue
  • Super cool app 5/5

    By Nelson1987
    Helps me organize my tasks and reports.
  • It would be difficult to produce a worse SalesForce app 1/5

    By er_got
    What a horrendous, awful application. This app is bad enough that it is often touted as the reason that people in my organization are unable to do 100% of their work from an iPad Pro - “I’d love to, but I need to use SalesForce on a consistent basis”. If SalesForce is Hugh Grant, SalesForce1 is Andie MacDowell; dragging down the entire operation, forcing constant recaptures of her dialog because she’s unable to enunciate properly, and generally making the whole process feel much more like a funeral than any of the four weddings. Let’s explore a scenario: You’re looking at a case record, and you’d like to communicate this case to your coworker. You swipe up and grab your company’s chat app to split screen - but wait, SalesForce1 doesn’t support multi tasking. That’s OK. You open up the share menu in SF1. Or rather, you try to open the share menu, only to find there IS no share menu - SF1 lacks ANY way to produce a shareable link to any record, contact or entity. You look at the case number and select it in order to copy. The cursor does not appear. You tap again. Yes, SF1 has also limited your ability to grab particular blocks of text. You’re forced to type out the case record, swapping back and forth between apps a few times to make sure that the 12-digit string is faithfully recreated. You weep softly into your Smart Keyboard and move back into your parent’s basement.
  • Tremendous help to our team 5/5

    By jackieboyyyy
    The ability to communicate about accounts, tasks and buyers to teammates is very helpful. This is a valuable tool in the market.
  • Great 5/5

    By rated number 1
    Works beautifully hopefully it will stop asking me to rate it now .

    By Tone
  • Reports on mobile app need summary at top 2/5

    By Charlie5446
    What’s the point of having access to thousands of rows of data with no summary at the top? How does this make any sense? It’s on the desktop but not mobile so management can’t rapidly access this info on the go? Please correct!
  • By 5/5

    By ug. jxt cxxjuj jb
    Fin just
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By vt favorite
    Having an issue with favorite report function.
  • Works like a dream 5/5

    By Hdoiesh
    Honestly hard to believe this is an entire CRM platform embedded into an app. It has all the functionality I could want with a completely sleek and modern interface
  • Terrible User Experience 2/5

    By SparksCVEN
    I am very much a fan of integrating technology with business, but this application is wretched. I cannot believe this is not an app in Beta. The load times are horrible, I find myself clicking 100 buttons to get to something that should be readily available. The menus are confusing and not helpful. Links to projects do not work, and I am constantly having to reload the app because it will not load images. I should be able to log calls easier. I need this to actually help me not make me work harder. I have no reason to use this other than my work is requiring me to use it. Otherwise I would be managing things from another CRM. ridiculous.
  • Stop Spamming Me For Reviews!!!! 1/5

    By EandV
    Please quit it!
  • Intelligence above and beyond 5/5

    By Basheer Janjua
    It is a true pleasure to use SFDC, truly intelligent user experience and brilliant design.
  • Convenient and easy 5/5

    By Patty Kaye
    Thank goodness our company is now using Salesforce. This system is convenient, fast and easy to understand.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By manderz323
    Salesforce has helped our company so much! Its great to see everything right away.
  • Amazing interaction with mobile devices 5/5

    By LM motion man
    So far so good and just amazing the way I can interact between my google agenda and Sales force appointment + having contacts load direct to Sales force ... 👍🏻👍🏻
  • Extreme Lags on IPhone X 2/5

    By jgavette
    Very laggy on IPhone X. Makes app unusable.
  • Review 5/5

    By pfolger
    I’m new to this but enjoying this app!
  • Sales Lead 3/5

    By BR2LPM
    When searching my sales sales leads, other employees are appearing on my stats. The employees showing are Coby Lynch, Donald Kalmus and Kevin Wenske. How do I get this corrected. Thanks In Advance Lonnie McQurter.
  • Money maker 5/5

    I often joke that I’m not the amazing salesperson I’ve received kudos for so often- rather I’m skilled at timing. Salesforce makes “right place right time” a far more loaded deck and it’s SO easy to use. Do yourself a favor and use it!
  • Not impressed 2/5

    By PugwashMI
    No so much of an app as a browser without a navigation bar. Doesn’t look anything like the screen shot, logging in to saleforce with my phones web browser give more functionality as you can rotate your phone and the screen follows. The Salesforce “app” doesn’t. A very poor effort
  • Cases 2/5

    By FUZZY!!!
    I am unable to find the cases under the menu tab. How do I get them back on the app. Everything looks good on the desktop side. In the mobile app I am having to type in the case number to find it instead of how I normally would open the case tab and all my cases were there. Now I no longer can find cases.
  • Basic but needs to be enhanced 3/5

    By MackPA
    Some things that need to be added or fixed: 1. Need widget to alert on tasks due 2. Should not have to pull down to to see overdue tasks the should appear automatically. 3. The off line line functionality should be automatic. 4. Should be able to select default view, I don’t need or want chatter. Should be able to go directly to “Today”
  • Can never load content 1/5

    By Mthome2295
    It would be great if the app could actually load contact and opportunity pages instead of timing out constantly. Been a problem for weeks and SalesForce still has not addressed the issue.
  • Good but.... 4/5

    By Jackster711
    Really wish there was a way to show VisualForce Pages in the app.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By b stuart
    Few issues just from today.... searched for a leads name, pulls up and I tap the name, then forwards me to a page titled “California leads”. Trying to see my notes on the actual lead, not go to a leads page. Tried to look up notes on another lead that thankfully pulls up. Click on the notes and says I do not have access to the notes. Salesforce is great on the desktop. Not so great on iPad.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By reviewer2800
    I am shocked at how bad this app is. Literally, do the people who write this stuff look at themselves in the mirror each day??
  • Best program ever 5/5

    By cotogolf
    I have been an ACT user for over two decades and then I switch to Salesforce about three years ago and my profit ability has jumped up dramatically. I will never switch back.
  • Crashing 3/5

    By gimbroni
    App keeps crashing when attempting to open. This started today. I power cycled my iPhone X and it keeps happening.
  • Salesforce 4/5

    By first five minutes
    The chatter portion of the salesforce application has been helpful and informative.
  • Server Errors right from the start... 1/5

    By You only get one chance
    Can’t even log in since I get a “server error” as soon as I download it. I literally can do NOTHING, as there is no place to change settings, log out, or restart. Attempted to uninstall and reinstall, but same issue

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