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Sam’s Club Scan & Go

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  • Current Version: 1.6.2
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Sam’s Club Scan & Go App

Shop and scan, pay and go. Download Sam’s Club Scan and Go and save time! Shop and scan item barcodes, save money, pay easily and beat the checkout lines. Wholesale savings, deals and offers are yours when shopping at your local club, and with Sam’s Club Scan and Go app not only do you save money but you also save time. Shop, scan barcodes with the item scanner, pay fast and save money on wholesale items. Shop and pay at checkout with the app: your payment receipt will appear on your phone. Show it to the exit greeter and you’ll beat any long checkout lines. Scan and Go – How the pay fast and time saving app works: 1. Barcode scan: Scan each item’s barcode in the store with the item scanner. 2. Payment: Pay fast for wholesale items directly in the app. It’s a time saver. 3. Wholesale savings: Pay fast by showing your digital payment receipt to the exit greeter. Wholesale shopping savings – the top reasons to use Sam’s Club Scan and Go app: 1. Scan barcodes with the item scanner, pay fast and save time by skipping the club’s checkout lanes. 2. Save money with wholesale deals at Sam’s Club. 3. Wholesale item time saver: If you’ve forgotten an item, just rush back and use the barcode scan. Don’t wait in the checkout line again. 4. Savings with control: take charge of your shopping experience. Scan and Go features: Payment Made Easy: - Pay fast and easily with the Sam’s Club Scan and Go app. Scan barcodes and save time while shopping: - Scan barcodes with the app’s item scanner as you add items to your cart. - No barcodes? Quickly look up items with the "Find an Item" feature. Club’s offers Scan and Go to all members: - Free to all Sam's Club members. - Available in all U.S. clubs. Check out the app and don’t forget – you can share it with your friends and neighbors.


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Sam’s Club Scan & Go app reviews

  • TIME SAVER 5/5

    By XxpnxX
    Amazing. Saves time from waiting in those LONG lines!! Love it!

    By Shopping In San Diego
    Very convenient but not if you want to use your cash rewards. Why isn’t the app linked up with our Cash Rewards?
  • Great app 1/5

    By jschneider213
    The app is great. Why do you ask me to rate the app after every shop? Why not a survey about the store experience, etc
  • No waiting in line! 5/5

    By Cnarro
    Comes in handy on Sundays!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By girlsrock:)
    Sams checkout lines take forever. Never have to wait again! Love it

    By Nickc31086
    By far the best app a company has came out with and I would also like to give a 5 star to the employee at store 6693 in Langhorne PA for a great tour of the app by far best app ever super glad I was able to use this at my old age Thanks again
  • WOW 5/5

    By Adrell
    For a guy, I can’t believe how simple, quick n easy to pick my items, scan on the phone, bypass the cashiers and show phone to door folks. Too easy. Saweeett!!!
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By Hunnythebest
    Makes shopping at Sams so much easier!!!
  • Shopping is less stressful with this app 5/5

    By anitaporvida
    This app makes shopping so much easier, as a new mom & caring for a 3 month old. I don’t have to stress over lines when he wakes up to feed & becomes fussy. I can simply checkout when I’m done avoiding having to stand in those ridiculous lines. You can scan as you go & your past purchase history is there to check; in case you need to see whether you need that item. Or just to see what you purchased last time because my memory hasn’t been the same since my son was born lol Overall, Sam's club is winning because other wholesale stores like Costco aren’t with it or on this level yet.
  • So easy to use! 5/5

    By Choraegus
    Great app!
  • This app is awesome! You get to skip all the long lines 5/5

    By Espyetta
    This app is awesome. The scanner is quick and it scans even in low light and on wrinkled plastic. You get to skip the lines. It is amazing. My tip would be to scan the items as you put them in the buggy and then when you’re done shopping you’re ready to go. You pay using your phone right in the app. Very convenient.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By LesliePV
    This app is very nice to have when you only need to run in to the club to grab two items on a busy Sunday afternoon. Instead of waiting in the long lines to check out, I can be in and out with my two items in less than 5 minutes! And even when I'm picking up quite a few things this makes it so convenient because I can just scan my items as I put them in my cart rather than having to take all the items out for a cashier to scan. Wish more stores would offer an app like this!
  • Absolutely love this app 5/5

    By HaleyH94
    This is so fast to use especially when your shopping with a 2 year old. It would be nice if sam’s club had the barcode on the sign so you can scan without having to flip or move things around to get the barcode. This app would be nice also if you can use more then one payment method. There are times I take my grandmother shopping with me and instead of having to put her stuff aside and go wait in line at the cash register, it would be really nice if you can have 2 orders going at once?
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Tgüiri
    No complaints. Welcome to the future. Can't wait to use it during the holidays when the registers a packed!
  • Nearly Perfect 5/5

    By MediaLuna
    Easy to use and convenient. Would be nice if one could buy booze, too.
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By tcwynn
    I was so excited to try out this app, everything scanned fine until checkout and then an error popped up and said go to register to checkout. It happened same thing again the 2nd time I went to sams club so I guess this doesn’t work. The employees couldn’t even explain what was the error code 01?! I’m guessing the ones that are saying it works are fake news. I really like the idea of this app but wished it actually worked.
  • Great 5/5

    By Scro Diddly
    Great stuff here. They have exchanged your wait on line for an I payed position at sams club.
  • Love love love this app 5/5

    By Ms craftsman
    I love Sam’s and their prices, but the lines are always ridiculously long at our store. I was hesitant when I first saw this app, but now I’m kicking myself due not using it sooner. We are able to get in and out so quickly without the hassle of the lines. We just scan and pay in our app while in a non busy aisle and voile! We just walk to the receipt checker at the door, they scan the bar code we get from the app after we complete payment and then we leave. Best app ever!
  • Perfect!!!! 5/5

    By Ely Sandoval
    This App is awesome! My husband and I try it today and let me tell you is easy, fast and NO LINE hey hey did I mention NOOOOOO LINEEE WAITING ANY MOREEEEEEEEE. SAMS you did it!!!! Try it
  • Add EBT as option for card payments. 2/5

    By DCAL7839
    This app is good, however, Sam’s needs to add the option to use an EBT card for payments.
  • Nice App 5/5

    By Sydneyy Mariee
    I am going to miss waiting in line.
  • Love It 5/5

    By BAB1067
    No more waiting in line, except by exit! You hardly have to scan the bar code! Now if only Costco would come up with something similar!!!!
  • Scan and go 4/5

    By KristyM70
    The app is great but the process of having your receipt scanned is not so great when the scanner doesn’t work properly or the battery isn’t charged then you wait while everyone else gets to leave
  • Best thing since sliced bread! 5/5

    By Frontierville
    Love! Why can’t every store have an app like this?? Nothing beats having a shopping cart full of stuff and walking by the long checkout lines. Makes me so happy every time. Dropped my Costco membership and joined Sams just for this lovely convenience.
  • 👍 5/5

    By Crowpappy
    Love this app!
  • Beware your Bank card info 1/5

    By MrsShaneDeH
    I would give Zero stars. The App appeared to work properly since it accepted my payment and gave me the receipt. Then I noticed that no charge appeared at my bank. My correct bank card info was entered using the camera capture portion of the App when submitting payment. I go back to the receipt and it shows a different last four digits for bank card. How is that possible? I put feedback twice in the app and have waited three days but no response. Someone out there is frustrated by a charge they didn’t make and I certainly don’t want someone else charging their purchases to my bank card!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Daddy21401
    Love this app. Had no problems using it since it was very user friendly. Will be using this from now on to do my shopping here.
  • No more waiting in line!!! 5/5

    By LettysBabyMomma
    I love this all NO MORE waiting in long lines!! Just scan and go!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Burninghalo
    I cannot say enough amazing things about this app. It saves me so much time (not to mention my back) by just scanning items in my cart and hitting the Pay button as I’m walking out. I love how I don’t have to worry about my Sam’s card or credit card either, it’s already saved on the app. I also love I can see all my receipts from previous visits. More people need to use this. You won’t regret getting this app, you’ll wish you had done it sooner. (Other stores need this too)
  • A must have for Sam's members!! 5/5

    By Buschkn
    Amazing. Greatest idea EVER. Love this app soooo much!
  • Scanning issues 1/5

    By nwildernest
    Works sporadically for scanning items. Have to wait to find product, cannot find item, then when you type in the product number, does not give you the correct item, very frustrating to say the least. Have resorted to going to a register waiting in line because app not working correctly
  • Makes shopping quick and simple 5/5

    By Zambian F
    The app is work great so far love being able to scan it as I grab it and skip the line
  • I Liked It Okay Until My Receipts Disappeared 1/5

    By Watchguy2
    My receipts disappeared and the canned response was “sorry your receipts aren’t available. If you want them, you have to go to Sam’s customer service desk and request the ones you want.” Thanks customer no service. That is total incompetence, but the good news is they forced a password reset twice in a row. Arkansas, what else is there to say! Well, how about Awful, Undependable App.
  • Mostly Flawless 3/5

    By Kubman007
    Works well for the most part, and is very convenient. However, the app is not optimized for the iPhone X. The scan button lives behind the switcher bar at the bottom of the screen, so it is hard to tap on.
  • Sam's Roanoke 5/5

    By ChrisBradd
  • Took a couple tries but now I love it! 5/5

    By GirlScoutGrammy
    First time or two didn't work so well, error messages, wouldn't let me check out, but on the third try it was perfect, so maybe part of the problem was on user end? Scanner picks up items very easily, no waving your phone around, checkout worked just fine and I love having info on past purchases!
  • Review 5/5

    By Tmoney21212
    Excellent app smooth and user friendly. Had no problems scanning and able to save time by checking out quickly. Thank you Sam’s!
  • Consistently does not work in store 1/5

    By ExLonghorn
    Frustrating when you scan a cart load of items and go to pay and it says the app isn’t working and you have to go to a register.
  • Akhmadjon 5/5

    By Nojdamha
  • Insecure payment 1/5

    By Cyber Smart
    The makers of the app clearly no nothing of security. Don't store your credit cards with this app!!!!! I would love to use it, but wont until it does to Apple Pay. And looking at what the app accessed, I would NEVER use it on an Android phone. Worst than Facebook
  • Wow! 5/5

    By ExecGlenn
    This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. So convenient to skip the line and you can track expenses as you go. One suggestion: Allow consumers to add account nicknames on payment methods so they can easily identify the payment method they are selecting.
  • Great app and speeds up the process! 5/5

    By Clinktd
    The only thing that would make it better is if they would add a ‘List’ feature. If I could just put the things I need there it would round out the app.
  • Scan & Go is not ready for prime time. 🤨 1/5

    By Mark Crim
    Sams Clubs management are not committed to have complete inventory data ready for this scanning app. I’ve had several items when the app doesn’t recognize my scanned product, and if I really need the product, I’m left to go through the Express Service lane which defeats the purpose of the Scan & Go concept. The app doesn’t recognized “Instant Savings” marked items yet, so forget that. Good concept, released too soon. As of 3–28–18, the club where I shopped, the parent company cancelled my bank card, but not my renewed (@ $45) Club card because I sent another complaint email. A new US FOODS STORE JUST OPENED – “Chef’s Store”. Wholesale food and NO MEMBERSHIP FEES!!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Sc aly
    Why is it that after months of complaints they can’t fix the code 01 problem. I haven’t changed phones, addresses, accounts or credit cards so the excuses from management and corporate are ridiculous. Fix the app or get rid of it.
  • Hate it! 1/5

    By J Silvers
    Don’t like this app. Took me 15 mins to check out. Scanners would not work had to be rebooted. Then had to find another scanner when the rebooted scanner failed again. Plus it’ll put people out of work and I bit Sams will not lower their prices. DONT GET APP!!!!!
  • Bug says validation error appinstalldate must be an integer 1/5

    By abo sherif
    Been using that app for years since it come up but now after the new update wont work there Bug says validation error appinstalldate must be an integer on my iPhonex please fix and reconstruct
  • Shopping Mamma 4/5

    By TeeBea
    Absolutely love this app except for some minor issues ... the check out button should be moved to the top part of the page. If you move the phone while window is open and just scan your hand across the check out button .. that’s exactly what it does and you cannot finish your shopping because you have to go get the bar code scanned and then resume shopping. How about an option button of “ will this complete your purchase” and if not ... then the continue shopping button should be allowed for use Everything and everyone can be improved during the course of their lifetime..
  • Double charged! 1/5

    By Simpson fan 7777
    I had absolutely lived this app. I Used it every week and even got friends and family to try it out. Now, for the second time, the app charges me and instead of getting a receipt I am asked to go to a register to pay again. I had ti wait 10 days for the money to be returned the first time and have yet to receive the money back from the second issue. I will not be using this app ever again.
  • AWESOME!!!!!! 5/5

    By Eroll&$21
    Omgosh!! I’m usually in sams for like, and hour, but I was in under 10 minutes. And it was cheaper!!😛
  • Sheryl 1/5

    Tried for first time yesterday in Sam’s - though all areas filled in, kept getting message that a highlighted area was not filled in. Wasted time, customer behind me got checked out first, and total experience very disappointing. The clerk kept saying that WiFi probably wasn’t working. Useless app.

Sam’s Club Scan & Go app comments


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